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Woodcox & Bandy Family Reunion

Well we are here ! June 24 2011, Four out of six of the chilrden made it in today. My favorite Uncle and his beautifull wife are hosting the event this year. many nieces & nephews are here more cousins are expected tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone, talking over old times and sharing new famiy stories. I will add more to this latter.

Bring the family back together, the Grandchildren of Coetta Eveline CHRISTIAN-NORTH-JACKSON-BANDY-DONHER.

We have been searching for our family links to the past and have found an untold wealth of information. Now we need to look to the furture, help us reunite our family and fill in the blanks. We are looking to find the Grandchildren of Coetta Eveline CHRISTIAN-NORTH-JACKSON-BANDY-DONHER, We have all the information on Grandma Coetta's daughter's, Marita Jackson-Bandy-Woodcox, children and that of Grandma Coetta's youngest son. We are looking to find the children of Grandma Coetta's oldest son, Ronny Kay JACKSON, of Beggs, Oklahoma. Ronny married living HENDERSON. They had two boys that would be in their 40's now and one daughter who was very young when Uncle Ronny past. Mom (Marita) and Uncle Ronny were raised by their Great Aunt Mary North. Who they belived was their Grandmother, in Gage Oklahoma. Mom(Marita) was born in 1942 and Uncle Ronny was born in 1937. One of Mom's favorite stories to tell was of going to the swimming hole on hot summer days, and catching toads. We have many memories of going to Uncle Ronny's home in Beggs and getting to see the cattle and eating Google peanut butter and jelly for the first time. Uncle Ronny and the boys made a trip to visit us once in Indiana at Grandma Coetta's house, we still have a few family photo's . If any of this brings back a memory or if you know any of the names in this jounarl please pass this information along, we would love to hear from the rest of our family. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are having our family get-to-gether this month the weekend of the 23-26. We well be looking forward to any information we can get and would love to share our ever growing family history with you.

Eldringhoff, Bandy

Still looking for anyone who might have information on the BANDY- ELDRINGHOFF family. Anyone with family records or even family stories would be of help. We know little about our Mother side of our family and would enjoy hearing from anyone in this family line. Lucinda Eldringhoff married Herman Bandy 02 Nov 1904 in Howell Co. Mo., Herman may hav been 19, born in Nov of 1885. To this union they had seven children, Helen, Chole, Stella, George, Guy, Henry, Irvin. What information we have been able to retrive has been very thin. We have some information on places this family may have lived like, White Church, Mo., West Plains, Mo., Deer Trail, Co., Gaga, Ok., We came across an obituary for Helen Bandy Barnes ( our Great Aunt ) who married Francis C.( Frank ) Barnes, our Grandfathers stepson, from his first marriage to Ruby Melissa Barnes-Bandy. If any of this information sounds like a family story that you have heard, Please feel free to contact us at any time. We would to share what little information we have to fill in the blanks. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please pass it along.

Bandy-Eldringhoff family

We are looking for any information on Herman C. (Charles?) Bandy and his wife Lucinda Eldringhoff. The information we have is very limited. They had 7 children and lived in a number of places, White Church Mo., West Plains Mo., Deer Trail Co., Gage Ok. Only A few that we have found. Our Grandfather is unable to assist us in this due to his health. His daughter's family (that would be us) only learned last year that our Grandfather even had siblings. In our research we have had trouble finding any thing out about our mother's side of our family tree. We are hoping that someone will read one of our post and make connect with our family Looking forward to meeting new members of the family. If in your family tree you have grandparents by the name of HERMAN & LUCINDA ELDRINGHOFF-BANDY please contact us, we would love to share what information we have.

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Missing family from Oklahoma, JACKSON

Looking for missing family members of Ronald K. Jackson of Beggs oklahoma. Aunt Marita Woodcox's family would
love to hear from you! Most of us are now residing in Kansas. It's has been many years and many lives past. If any one can pass this message along we would be truely greatful.


My McCafferty-McAfferty family line. I am not sure how you figure what part McAfferty we, but here we go. On our farher's side of the family his Mother was born Cleo Amanda McAfferty born 06 May 1909, in Normal, McLean Co., Ill. Died 09 JAN 1984. Gascity, Grant Co., Ind. She married: George Roy Woodcox, 04 FEB 1927 and they had nine children, 1. Marjorie May 2. Betty Jane 3. Living Woodocx- F. 4. Anna Lorene 5. Living Woodcox- M 6. James Ray (our Father) 7.William Franklin 8. Russel Dean 9. Living Woodcox- M. She had two sisters, Leta McAfferty was the oldest born ABT 1904 ( we have little information on her ) and the middle sister was Gladys McAfferty-Vandegraft, married: William Elzie Vandegraft and they had three children. 1. Ina Mae 2. Melvin 3. Marilyn Ellen. GGrandfather was Benjamin Franklin Mcafferty b. 07 Mar 1858 d. 13 Dec 1922, he married: 07 Feb 1893 Minnie M. Bodger b.1870-d. 1895. He married a second time, abt 1903 Maggie May Dean b. Abt 1880 d. 28 Mar 1919. Benjamin's parents, Jonathan McAfferty b. 07 Mar 1819 d. 11 Dec 1863, he married: Amanda Ogden and they had seven children, Sarah B., John M., Mariah L., Mary J., Millard, Laura, Benjamin (our GGrandfather). Jonathan's parents, James McAfferty b. 24 Nov 1779 d. 30 Nov 1853, he married: 26 JAN 1804, Elizabeth Richardson b. Sep 1783. And his parents, John McCafferty Sr. b. 1751 and Elenor Watts. And John Sr's parents John McCafferty b. ABT 1724-d. ABT 1810 he married: Nellie Watts. And John' parents, Neal McCafferty b. 1695-d. 1761, he married: ? And here is where you come in, I have lots of dates and names, but would like to have more family history. Or if you can add to the information I have or would like to have what I have,feel free to contact me at any time. Hope to meet new family.


Heven has another angle, the Lord called home our Step-Gramdmother. Emma Margaret (Margie) Enslen- Pearson- BANDY, b. 08 June 1918, she passed from our earthly hold on 01 May 2011 @ 3:00am in Marion, Indiand. She leaves behind her husband, Irvin C, Bandy and two sons and their spouses, many grandchildren and great- grandchildren. From many parts of the United States. Grandma Margie will be missed by many family and friends.
If you would like more information on our BANDY family, I will be posting our family data here in the next few days.

BANDY-ELDRINGHOFF from White Church, West Plains Mo. or Deer Trail, Co.

Looking for my Mother's side of our family! We know very little about our mother's family. So here is what We have to share, Our mother was born in Woodward, Oklahoma, 27 OCT. 1942 and raised in the little town of Gage, Ok. she died - 13 Dec 2007 Concordia, Ks. She was the daughter of Coetta E. Christian & Living BANDY. We have been looking for information on our grandfather's family for about a year now and we keep comming back to the same place. We know our Great- Grandparents names and the names of their children, we keep hitting a wall with census and marriage records. So if there is any one out there with any or even a little help, we would be more than glad to share what little information we have. So here is the bit's we have-
Herman C. (Charles ?) BANDY- 1885 ? Married: Lucinda Eldringhoff to this union they were blessed with 7- Children, not sure of the order, most of our information comes from an obituary we found on line of one of their children, due to the fact that we had no clue that our Grandfather even had any siblings.
1. Chole Mary Bandy-1906 ?
2.Stella Cecelia Bandy
3.Helen Marie Bandy Barnes 1923- obit we found, she married the step-son(Francis C. Barnes) of our Grandfather's first wife, Ruby Melissa Ballard Barnes Bandy 1901-1943.
4.George Bandy
5. Guy Bandy, Servied in WWII
6.Henry Bandy
7. Living Bandy, Served in WWII- navy.
We have found some records of them living in Gage, OK., Deer Trail, Co., White Church & West Plains, Mo. Coetta E. Christian was our Grandfathers second wife. He married for a third time in 1963 to Living Enslin Pearson Bandy.
Please help if you can, every little bit of information will be most welcomed. Pease fell free to co
ntact us. Thanks for you time.

Looking for the missing links!

Looking for family links.
My father was James Ray Woodcox b. 23 Feb. 1937, in Fairmount, Indiana, USA. He died 12 Feb. 2005 in Republic, Kansas. He married: Marita Janelle Jackson Bandy, 14 Jan. 1958, and they had six children. That is another story, for another day.
Here is what I have so far and where I need the help. My Grandfather , George Roy Woodcox Sr. changed the spelling of our last name in 1925, no one in the family knows why or just wont say.
George Roy Woodcock-Woodcox b.12 Aug 1902 d.28 Oct 1986 in GasCity, Ind. He married: Cleo Amanda McAfferty(McCafferty, another spelling change)04 Feb 1927. She died 1984, GasCity, Ind.
They had nine(9) children
1. Marjorie May Woodcox b.15 Sept 1927 d.09 Jan 1930
2. Betty Jane Woodcox b. 02 Mar 1929 d. 20 Sept 1929
3. Living- Woodcox f.
4. Anna Lorene Woodcox b. 25 May 1932 d. 17 Dec 1933
5. Living -Woodcox m.
6. James Ray Woodcox b.23 Feb. 1937 d. 12 Feb 2005
7. William Franklin Woodcox b.12 Dec 1939 d. ?
8. Russle Dean Woodcox b. 06 Mar 1944 d. 09 Mar 1944
9. Living- Woodcox ( my favorite uncle )
George Roy Woodcock-Woodcox Sr. his parents:
Greenville Woodcock & Julia Ann Barbara Nash-Woodcock, Married 21 July 1884. They had six (6) children, Minnie Dallas Woodcock-Dockery, Ernest Lonzo Woodcock, Della Jane Woodcock-Willis, George Roy Woodcock-Woodcox, (Granddad had a twin that only lived a few days),Emmit Jewell Woodcock, Laura Pearl Woodcock-Morgan.
Greenville Woodcock's Parents: Robert Lee Woodcock b. 1 Nov1835, Smith Co.,Tn. d.21 Jan 1913, Grayson Co.,Ky. He married: Martha A. Jones on 10 Aug 1855. Martha was b.1837 Arkansasshe d. 01 Aug 1858. they had two son's, Henry William(Hugh Billy) Woodcock & William T. Woodcock. Robert Lee Woodcock also married: (Lucianna) Anna Woosley on 05 Feb.1859. She was b. 07 Jun 1831 _; Butler Co.,Ky. they had 10 children, Martha Woodcock, (she died in a fire when a cow she was milking kicked over a lantern on to some hay.), Greenville Woodcock, Tearl Woodcock, John Morgan Woodcock, Rhoda Jane Woodcock-Lashley, William Joshua(jw) Woodcock,Mary Elizabeth Woodcock, Robert E. Lee Woodcock, Joseph Franklin Woodcock, & James Curtis Woodcock. Robert Lee Woodcock's Parents are: William Woodcock & Rhoda Elmore. william was b. 1817 in Bedford Co., Va. d. 14 Aug 1852. They married 01 Mar 1837. Rhoda was b.?, they had the following children: Robert Lee Woodock, Francis Marion Woodcock-Key, John Woodcock, Mary Woodcock- Key, Elizabeth Woodcock. Williams' Parents: John B. Woodcock & Lucy Hawkins: Married 20 Aug 1793, Franklin Co. Va. John B. Woodcock b. 1771 d. AFT 1850, smith Co., Tn. Lucy Nell Younger-(widow of Hawkins)-Woodcock b. ca 177? Smith Co., Tn. d.AFT 1840. They had 10 childern: Chesley Woodcock- 1796,Lucy Nell Woodcock-1798, Joseph Woodcock-1800, Eleanor Woodcock-1803, John Woodcock-1806,Cynthia Woodcock-1810,Louisa Maybelle Woodcock-24-Apr-1811,William Woodcock-1817,Andrew Jackson Woodcock-1818, Paris H. Woodcock-1825/26. John B. Woodcock's Parents: Henry Woodcock & Eleanor(Nelley)(maiden name unknown). Henry Woodcock b.1745 d. 1819 Smith Co., Tn. Eleanor- unknown. They had 9 children. Elizbeth ( Betsy ) Woodcock, Mary (Polly) Woodcock, Sarah Woodcock-BET1765-1775, catherine Woodcock- b. ABT 1768. Thomas Woodcock b. bef 1765, John Woodcock-b. 1771,Robert Woodcock b. bef 1775, William Woodcock b. bef 1775,Marquis(Mark)Woodcock b.
abt 1780. Henry Woodcock's Parents: Thomas Woodcock b. 1725 d. 1777. Spouse unknown. thet had 3children. Henry Woodcock b. ?, John Woodcock b.? d.1828, Robert Woodcock b.? d.1782?. I still have more dates and other information to add. Would love
to share.