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Botten & Record Family Tree

Hello, who ever you are. I am new to this site and I am really just trying it out for now.

You can find my family tree either at Tribal Pages (http://bottenrecord.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=bottenrecord&view=9&ver=405)or on the Ancestry website

My intention is to work on all the main family lines out as far as the Grandparents of myself and my wife. Am I being ambitious with eight family lines to trace and follow. Yes, I expect I am biting off a lot more than I can chew, but it will keep me busy, and then some. As you will see when you look at the tree in detail, some of the main family lines are fairly well populated, and others have one or two generations and that's it.

Please don't forget that as with any genealogical effort, this is a continual
work-in-progress and includes information from many various sources, as well as various remote
family members or contacts. While every attempt to document all sources has been made, there are
many opportunities for errors to happen and even conflicts within the sources themselves, and
sometimes I just get carried away and forget to put them in, I souldn't, but I do. What can I say, I
am only human, and it may just be me making a mistake in the transcribing of data into this tree, I
try not to, but it happens. Also, a word of warning. As a lot of this tree is compiled from various
internet based sources and contacts, there is likely to be a greater propensity of mistakes in this
tree. Just to compound the issue, I am unable to invest in certificates as much as I would like,
which I really need to, but that's life. Warning over.

Anyway, the aim is to provide a resource for all of the family to dip in to as much or as little as
they want, and provide something visible of our past, as the past determines who and what we are
today. It is also meant to help other family historians who have family members that we share in
common, an ancestor who is in both of our individual trees.

If you have any information on:-

1) Any missing relatives
2) Any facts I don't have or have wrong
3) People who I think are part of our tree but you know shouldn't be there
4) Family stories and anecdotes (Not to go on the website, but for family only)
5) Family history
6) Photographs (Let me know if they are for the website or family only)
(I am sure that you get the idea now of what I am after)

that you are willing to share, please get in contact with me. New information, or
corrections will only make this a better resource for all of us. But even just an e-mail saying
"hello" would be appreciated.

If you have any suggestions, notice a spelling mistale, or even have a correction to
some fact or other, please contact me.