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Janes,, Jeans , Jaynes

I am looking for my family members.My great grandfather, Valentine (Jeans, Janes, Jaynes)was born about 1823 in Floyd County, Kentucky and died Feb 24, j1878 in Massac County, Illinois. He was the son of Joathen, (Janes, Jeans, Janes)who was born about 1785. His father was Joseph (jeans, Janes, Jaynes), who died in Floyd County, Kentucky about 1809. His father is unknown. Joseph(Jeans, Janes, Jaynes) had two brothers, William and Thomas. Joseph (Jeans, Janes, Jaynes) had three children, Joathen, Thomas and Rachel.

Joathen fathered 14 children. Clarissa, born about 1815 in Kentucky and was married to John Nelson, abt June, 1839 in Kentucky. Amanda was born abt. 1816 in Kentucky and married William Faught qabt. December 18, 1830. Elizabeth was born abt 1818 in Kentucky and married Enoch Plummer abt. March 20, 1842. Amander was born about April 6, 1820 in Kentucky and died abt March 20, 1875 in Jefferson County, Indiana. He married Matilda Davis abt November 7, 1844. Valentine was born about 1823 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He died abt February 24, 1878 in Massac County Illinois. There is no record of who his wife was. Laura was born abt 1825 and married William Jones abt November 12, 1842. Rachel was born abt 1827 and married Caleb Purdeau February 2, 1849. Josephine was born abt 1827. John was born abt 1827 in Kentucky and married Mahala Hyatt May 12,1858. Edward was born abt 1827 and married Barbara V. Murray, abt October 21. 1851.
Benjamine was born about 1833. He married Anna A Milhouse, September 13, 1853. He die February 10, 1868. Nicholas was born abt December 25, 1839 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. He married Phoebe Ellen Taggert abt December 25, 1870. He died in Lunsford, Arkansas.

My great grandfather, Valentine, (Jeans, Janes, Jaynes) was born about 1823 in Floyd County, Kentucky and died February 24, 1879. He died February 24, 1879 in Massac County, Illinois. He married Caroline (last name unknown) abt August 2, 1864 in Massac County, Illinois. He was first married to a Smith. He shows one child. Ulysses Sampson Grant, was born about 1870 and was married to Mary Elizabeth Finley abt May 17, 1891. Mary was the daughter of Loven Finley and Sara Baccus.
Ulysses Sampson Grant and Mary Finley had 10 children.Sarah Caroline (Carrie) was born February 28, 1892 in Pulaski County, Illinois. Died October 21, 1989. Alva (Alvie) was born October 16, 1894 and died August 12, 1069 in Gideon, MO. Clara was born January 18, 1896 and died abt 1914. she was married to a Hancock. Maude Blnche was born June 9, 1898 and died November 12, 1980. She was married to a Tidwell, Minehert and Gillahan. Leslie was born December 29, 1900 and died June 16, 1974. He was married to a Ruby Smith and Helen Jones.
Pearl was born March 19, 1903 and died June 26, 1967. Vivian Alice was born April 13, 1906 in Gideon, Missouri and died January 20, 1980 in Malden, Missouri. Bertha Mary was born January 19, 1909 and died July 22, 1983 in Vernonia, Oregon. She was married to John Brown and Forrest Case. Oscar Sampson was born April 7, 1912 and died November 20, 1994 in Mountain View, Arkanas. Marion Ralph was born 7, 1914 in Gideon, Missouri. Opal Violet was born December 10, 1916 and died May 29, 1978 in Portland, Oregon. She was married to a Ray Pagni and James Crain.
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