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Calber/ Caleb/C.L. Davis Family History B.1821 S.C. Died 1875-1880 TN. Married Sarah F. ( Sallie)B. 1823 Georgia d. before 1910 Dyer County, TN Looking for Marriage and Parents of Both.

Our record history begins in Alabama, in the 1850 census report. family 211, C.L. Davis(26) shows to be a farmer and is shown to have been born in Alabama,. His wife Sarah (25) is shown as being from Georgia, and she cannot read or write, all the children show Alabama as place of birth. Daughter, Martha (7) Son, John C. (5) daughter, Elizabeth (3) and daughter, Mary A. (2)

In the 1860 census of Cherry Creek, Pontotoc, Mississippi, family 655, Caleb Davis, shows to be a farmer and having land valued at 2,000 and 1,500 in personal value. He is shown as being from Mississippi, his wife Sarah and his children Martha, John, Elizabeth, Mary A., Marinda, Caroline, Susan, and William.

On April 16, 1863 at Ellistown, Mississippi. C.L. Davis enlisted as a Private in Company E 2nd Regiment of Mississippi State Calvary for 12 months. He apparently re-enlisted on January 16, 1864 at Bigby Fork, Mississippi. On February 10, 1864, he is described as 45 years old; 6 tall, grey eyes and light hair and complexion and a farmer.

John C. Davis, son of Calber appears to have served in the same unit as his father, as records reflect he enlisted as a Private in Company E 2nd Regiment of Mississippi State Calvary. He is described as 59 tall, grey eyes and light hair and complexion. Both C.L. and John were Musters on May 15, 1864 at Tupelo, Mississippi for the duration of the war.

In the late 1860s the Davis family moved from Cherry Creek, Pontotoc County, Mississippi into Chestnut Bluff, Dyer County, TN. Civil District 3 as family 151, in the 1870, District 3, Dyer County, Tennessee. In this census it shows Calber Davis age 49 as head of house and a farmer having 2,000 in property and 600 in personal. his birth place shows South Carolina. His wife known as (Sallie) is 46 and shows here place of birth as Georgia. The census in 1870 shows 10 children the earliest born in Alabama and the 2 younger sons born in Mississippi and the baby, the children are:

Martha (27), Mary (23), Mandy (20), Caroline (19) Lucy (13), James (11), Duella (7), Geo (7), Luis (4), and Jo (1).

My grandfather, Joseph Franklin Davis was born in Chestnut Bluff, Tn., in 1869. His siblings born in Alabama are Martha (27), Mary (23), Mandy (20), Caroline (19), Lucy (13), James (11) and Duella (9), Geo (7) and Luis (4) were born in Mississippi.

In the Dyer County Land Records, page 485 book 0, On December 9, 1869 W.C. Vail to C.L. Davis a Title Bond for $5000 for 50 Acres of land.

There is no further information on Calber since the census on 1870 except he is listed in The Star Gazette Newspaper on July 18, 1974, as being selected to serve as a juror in the next Circuit Court as juror #4.

His wife Sarah and the children are found in the 1880 Census, Friendship, Crockett County, and Tennessee.12th Civil Division as Family 152 on page 268D. They are the same family group with the Craig Family. Sarah is S.F. in this census she shows being 55 and a widow. she is shown as having the birth state of Georgia, along with both of her parents being from Georgia. Her oldest daughter M.J. is 35 and shows being divorced, in this census we find living with the family a grandchild Lila age 10 along with Siblings of M.J. These siblings are Susan 19, S.L. 16, George 13, Lewis 12 and my grandfather Joseph who is now 10.

The 1880 Census in the 12th Civil Division, I find the Davis in family 152 on page 268D. First W.H. Craig (63) and his Wife, M.J. (53), with 4 sons W.P.(18), R.F. (16), J.L (14), and T.H. (11), Mary Normand, niece, (9). In the same family number 152, S.F. Davis is (55), M.J. is (35), Susan is (19), S.L. (16), George is (13), Lewis is (12) and Joseph is (10) along with grandchild Lila whom is (10).

I often wondered how the two family of Davis-Campbell came together and after I really paid close attention to the 1900 Census from Dyer County is started to make sense. I looked at family 33 in District 3 and found John Davis, (55) born in 1845 in Alabama and his wife Martha L. Lay (44) married in June 1855 and had children Rosa L. (18), Finie S. (10) and Simon F. (8). This seems to be John C. Davis first son born of Calber and Sarah Davis.

The next family 34 of the same District is William Davis (32) and his wife Susan H. Jones (20) married April 11,1897 in Dyer County, TN, The have one son William L. Davis that is just a year old.

In the search for the identity and marriage of Calber and Sarah Davis, we have learned that John C. married Martha L. Lay, Elizabeth Frances married Martin Franklin Carely and Wm. Carroll Patterson, Mary A.(aka Mollie) married a Moore, Mandy married John Smith Wiley and G.H. Sanders, Lucy Married Dave Meadows, James H. married Nancy J. Freeman, James W. married Anne? And Betty Saunders, Susan(Duella) married Sam Davis, George married Mollie Kirk, William L.(Louis) married Susie H. Jones and Joseph married Etta and Maggie Campbell. We are looking for the spouses for Martha A., Caroline, and S.L. and M.J.