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Rugg: Many Generations to Me. vol. 2

During our research trip to Ursina, we met Dorothy Rugg, who was married to Mayor Kenneth Rugg. Had a lovely visit and was pleased to meet so many of her family while there. During our conversation, we discovered that a logging company bought the clearing rights to the land above the Rugg Farm, and during excavation of root systems, and many logging trucks, the Rugg Cemetery will never be found again. I was invited to go up on a four-wheeler and see the disruption of land, but declined as there really was nothing for me to gain from viewing tilled land.
Took many photos of the area and visited many Cemeteries that have known Rugg Family members buried there. Even drove up to Hexebarger Hill to see where Prissy roams at night... beautiful country there.
Next stop was to Somerset to the County Historical Society. The Ladies who worked there were very helpful with our searching. Read many accounts of the family and made copies of everything pertinent to our research. One bit of information that proved helpful was a pedigree chart showing finally who Samuel Ruggs parents were. He was the son of John Rugg and Sarah Holladay. John was the son of Jonathan Rugg and his second wife Hannah Singletary, and Jonathan being the son of John Rugg and Hannah Prescott, of Lancaster Massachusetts.
It stands to reason that holding the traditional laws of Primogeniture from the old country, if you were lower born, the best thing for you to do was to set out on your own for your chance at success. So must have been the ideas of Samuel Rugg. Don't know when he left for Pennsylvania or how he met Priscilla (who was from Virginia), but they ended up in the area that was being offered by William Penn to settle the western territories. A man could claim for his family all the land that he could circumnavigate in the course of One Days walk - usually about 200 acres.
Here they started their homestead. It is recorded that they had twins who died at birth, and the next born was Curtis. According to the 1790 Census: Males in household 10 years and younger were 3, 10-16 years of age -1, and over 45 -1 Samuel. Females in household 10-16 years of age -2, 26-45 years of age 1 Priscilla. By the 1810 Census, Curtis moved out to his own homestead and listed on the rolls by himself. Priscilla was now over 45 and had also had a new child since previous Census. Children residing with Samuel and Priscilla were now Samuel Jr.; John; Lydia; Mary; and David.
Descendents of Samuel Rugg
Samuel Jr. married Elizabeth Sarah Hunter and they had, from records discovered so far, two daughters: Elizabeth Betsy Rugg and Jemimah Rugg.
Betsy married Peter Growall and they had seven children: Mehalia Jane, Daniel, Johanna, David W., Hibah, Sarah Catherine and Mary.
Jemimah married John Klink.

John married Elizabeth McNatt

Lydia married John Miksell (who is listed as attestant to Samuel Ruggs Will)

Mary married Jesse King

David married Elizabeth Case., and later remarried Jane Imel.
They had five children: Elizabeth Elsie (1824-1902), Hugh (1830-1903), David (1833- ), Alonzo (moved to Wisconsin and served in Civil War for town of Delafield, 6th WI Infantry) and Chalfant

Moving on towards ME:
Hugh married Mary Ann Phillia and had two known children: Albert, and
Laura Ellen (Aug 11, 1852 Nov. 26, 1926)
Laura Ellen married Adam Herman and had two known children: Margaret (Herman) Mohr, and Joseph C. Herman.

Joseph Herman married Agnes Thieman and had several children, one of which was Clarence W. Herman who married Eleanor Fellman. They had three daughters: Mary, Helen and Ann.
Mary married Edward Peters
Helen married Adrian E. Brummer
Ann married Lowell Richardson

Helen and Adrian Brummer had two Sons:
Lawrence Lynn Brummer (1942 1992)
Russel A. Brummer (1946 Now)

Relating to Samuel and Priscilla Rugg

My searching has led me to Lower Turkeyfoot Twp, PA. where I found Samuel and Priscilla Rugg owning a small farm just north of Ursina, PA.
They had eight Children that I have been able to identify, Twins who died at birth, Curtis, Samuel Jr., Mary, John, Lydia and David.

1. Samuel Jr. married Elizabeth "Sarah" Case and had two children; Jemimah and Elizabeth "Betsy" Rugg.

Betsy married Peter Growall and together they had seven children:
Mehalia Jane, Daniel, Johanna, David W., Hebah,Sarah Catherine, and Mary.
Mehalia Jane married Jacob Isaac Firestone and had a son
Curtis Rugg Firestone who married Anna Belle Williams and they had daughter Gladys Leora Firestone.
2. John married Elizabeth McNatt - research required.

3. Lydia married John Miksell - research required.

4. Mary married William Jesse King - research required.

5. David married Elizabeth Case and together they had five children;
Elizabeth, Hugh, David, Alonzo and Chalfant or perhaps Chaffin,

Hugh Rugg married Mary Ann Phillia and thier daughter Laura Ellen Rugg married Adam Herman. Adam married Agnes Thieman and thier son was my grandfather Clarence W. Herman. He married Eleanor Fellman and had three daughters Mary, Helen and Ann.

Helen married Edward Adrian Brummer and they had two children;
Lawrence Lynn Brummer
Russel Adrian Brummer.... That is where I fit in to all this mess.

If anyone has any information that would fill in the many blanks, please email me and help in any way possible.