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robert and ada frazier lived in benninton, oklahoma.

robert and ada frazier were full blood choctaw indians ,they lived in benninton okla .and they had six children ,josefine frazier ,gilbert frazier ,sunny frazier ,flodale ,frazier ,charlie frazier,and emma fraizier ,and bobby frazier all from benninton okla, they are my grandparents and aunts and unchles .i am looking for information about thier lives .

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jessie camerons life.

jessie cameron ,was married to emma, marie frazier, cameron .they had 12 children ,and lived in olney ,okla,clarita okla ,wapanuka okla,i can remember these places ,ever since i was 6 years old .we lived in mr ,daneils old rent house,we had a big silver leaf maple tree in the front yard i loved that tree i climbed in that tree a many of times .mr,olen daniels sold my parents a acker of land to have a indian home built ,we moved in the indian home when i was 14 on my forteeth birthday it was differant than what we was use to we had a inside bathroom ,running water inside the house and a bath tub .before we had out house and took a bath in a big tin tub .we were so happy untill everyone started fighting mainly my mother ,she was staying upset at me and ginger and wished bad on us so we ran away from home .i lived with my aunt in texas .then i married at age 14 and a half years old .jessie went to prison for melestation charges on all his children .and that is when everyone started fighting among each other .so now i am looking for other ancesters to see what thier lives were like.signed sharlot.

looking for jim cameron of okla.

jim cameron ,was frederick camerons brother .jim would come visit my grandparents of and on jim had a wife named catherine cameron and they had some daughters ,opal,cameron,anamay cameron ,betty cameron edna cameron . jimand his wife drank alot when they would visit both would be almost drunk .i dont know much about the daughters i know when us girls would do something bad my mother would say , you girls are just like the cameron girls .i did here that opal and edna were fighting and adna i belive was mad and jumped in her car and was leaveing in a hurry and stopped when she felt a bump it was opals baby adna had ran over the baby and i heard the baby died .i never saw any of them after i left home last i heard they lived in oklahoma,city.and unchle jim died . signed sharlot baird.

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frederick jefferson,cameron

frederick ,cameron also used the name jessie cameron as well as my dad did .the storey my grandmother told me before she died was,there was a cameron who lived in a castle as a servant and when the owners of the castle died they inherited it to the cameron servant and it was called the cameron castle. my grandmother said that they lived on the bank of red river my grandfather frederick cameron loved to drink and have many people around during his partys ,i heard that frederic cameron went to prison for some reason ,and my grandmother had her two babies and did not have a place to go she couldnt drive so she sat out side the jail house ,and then one officer took her and helped get her a place to stay untill frederick got out of jail .my grandmother was the sweetest women all of us grandchildren loved her ,she had a sister that lived in california and we never meet her because she never came to visit grandma .when grandma died she went to see my dad jesse and she gave him a picture of her self and she looked just like my grandma .and that is all today .signed sharlot baird.

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frederick cameron, and jessie cameron family tree

frederick cameron ,was my grandfather .he lived in clarita ,okla and died there i am trying to find out about his life when he was alive ,he had a brother named jim cameron ,a brother clifford cameron and jessie cameron was his son .i do know that my grandfather was scottish and i heard that he was as mean as the devil .he also had a brother that was the mayer of haworth but i dont know his name .my grandfather married nancy coreen rains she was 13 when they married and because nancy was a left on her own for some reason .they had a daughter also her name was marie cameron she lived on the side of red river and had a cafe called the fish net .my grandmother also had a nother baby but he died as a baby his name was clifford .jessie cameron had 12 children with emma marie frazier ,and he also had other children by other wemon .a james cameron,david cameron ,a paul cameron and i am sure there are more we dont know about .my father loved playing around and he has had his happy days jessie cameron is dead now .and his wife emma was the meanest mother alive . written by sharlot cameron baird as a journal.

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