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My claim to a hero in the family: no. 1

Here is the first 'hero' I heard about in my bunch of famlies. I know little about him. His name was Lewis Richars. He lived in Virginia and I don't know just where. He joined the Virginia Militia and fought in the Revolutionary War. He was sent west and fought the Indians mostly in Ohio, being part of an effort to destroy several 'Indian cities.' I suspect the reason was that they were aiding the British. He then was moved into Kentucky where he fought in The Bttle of Blue Licks, after which he was attached to George Rogers Clark who led him on his long march to Vincennes where they beseiged the fort. When the war ended, Lewis Richards returned to Virginia, where he apparently had a wife. He took advantage of an offer of the new government to get land in the frontier and so he returned to Kentucky, this time the western side of it and had a farm near Morganfield and/or Strugis. I do not know if his wife remained living or if he married a second time. The only wife I have heard of was a Nancy Richards, who married on Alexander Henry, who lived in what was more central Kentucky. Mr. Henry was probably a farmer but he became an ordained minister not long before he died. They had a very large family, many with patriotic names: America, George Washington, Benjamine Franklin, and their youngest daughter was Henrietta Summerfiled Henry, who married a young man of German descent, William Hieronymus whose family lived at the time near Frankfort, but who had moved to the western end of KY and also lived ner Morganfield KY in a small but lively town at that time, Caseyville, KY. Wm. Hieronymus had been married before but his first wife die and he married Henrietta Summerfield Henry and they lived in Caseyville, but were in easy riding distance from her grandfather's farm. Lewis Richards died known as the 'Oldest Revolutionary Soldier in Kentucky.' Wm. and Henrietta Hieronymus owned a mill, a farm and a general store in Caseyville. They had a large family. I have their Family bible which holds the names of their children and their marriage and deaths. Unfortunately I do not know much about their children, other than their daughter, Mary Virginia Hieronymus, once named The Belle of Union Country. She first married an older man but divorced him and later married a young German who was working at the time as a cook on a river boat. He was ordinarily a coal miner in Evansville, IN and my great-grandfahther. He had run away from his parents when he was nine to join the Confederal Army, the only one that neutral Kentucky would produce. His parents however went to Lousville where the Brigade was forming and found him. He had enlisted as a drummer boy and had been accepted. They told his captitan that they had never given permission for him to leave home at such an early age, and they were permitted to take him back home to Evansville, where his father put him to work in the coal mines, saying that the age of nine was old enough to be a soldier, it was old enough to be a miner. He died at 88, having been a miner the rest of his life.

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Alexander Bowe, a 'town fonder'

That begins what I now of Alexander Bowe. His birthdate is given as about 1630, but I don't know whether he was born on this or the other side of the Atlantic. He was in the Boston area for sure in 1650. He seemed to move around a bit, which made me suppose he either was selling something or his services. He eventually settled in a new place, Middletown, Middlesex, Conn. He is named online in a genealogy site as one of the founding fathers. He was married before he moved them, but his wife died and I know little about her. He married again. He had a son and a daughter by his first wife, Joseph and Mary. His second wife must have been much younger than he. She produced a child or two and was sexpecting one when he died. His will said he left about 45-49 lbs in his estate. Other property is not mentioned that I recall. His widow married again. Middletown, Middlesex Conn. kept a ledger of the births, marriages, and deaths of its inhabitants that somebody put online. I mostly want to know, if anyone knows, what Alexander did. One of his grandchildren was a cooper; maybe all the Bowes were -- or not. One was a hunter/trapped, and built the first tavern in a small town in Ohio.
His son moved to westeren Tennessee and one of his daughters married my grandfather in a tiny place called Cumberland Furnace. That's pretty much all I know of my part of the Bowe family, excepting that which is written down in that ledger that can be found online. It is fascinating.

The earliest ancestor of my father's family was a man named John Wall. His...

The earliest ancestor of my father's family was a man named John Wall. His birth date was 1680, his death 1757, and he was buried and apparently lived most of his life in Brunswick Co. VA. His burial is in St. Andrew's Parish in Brunswick Co. But Brunswick Co. as searchers will not be surprised to hear, was made of another country which was made of another country, etc. My problem with John Wall is that there were apparently several other men named John Wall who lived in that county or in the counties that had other names before pieces of them were lopped off to become (one) Brunswick. John Wall must have been a tobacco farmer in the time when that was the cash crop. He had a large family and the catchy name among his sons is the name Burgess. His son, Burgess had brothers who when they married named each of them a son name Burgess. In that next generation and the one to follow the name Burgess took me to my father's grandfather, and I found out a few things about his family that he haad never mentioned. But I would like to know which of the John Walls was the one who served in the House of Burgesses in the middle 18th century, because I found a place that indicated he only made his mark on legal papers. I have no idea if my John Wall came from England or Ireland, and don't know how to go about finding out. I am not an expert in the field of genealogy. Marilyn Wall Durham

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