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I went to House of proctor ,found many people.John,robert,Richard,George of England.John "hung"in Salem. Zeke'
dicey Downing/William proctor...I wanto make sure of which proctor Im connected to..Ira R Proctor/Harriet e Butler...Way b4 them.../she from Ca..William Butler/Elizabeth Coltman... I also ran into Tecumseh,born Ohio river..His dau Lydia/Moses Downing..Harriet ,ca. the French & indian war.????

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Keawah(not sure if this is speled right) Feather 12/25/1905

Conn. 048-03-5919..He mar Leda V cobb,they lived in Almira NY,for some time..I saw pic of him with his outfit..Headress and all. I don't know what type indian.???Leda was aunt,my dad sister.Maurice R Cobb,born Rawesonvill,Vt. 1909/mar Oliv Herrick 1931/Pawlet Vt. Then 1949/Pearl B Slade....


Ill post couple to grab people eyes???lol mite get hold of some who have more brains then get some where...Tecumseh//dicey downing//William proctor//zeke////nothing on William....
do u have all ur info on ur Slades???Scott..


Hi ,,Im stuck.Im searching for info on Proctor line.. I have Harriet EButler & Ira r Proctor..Im working to see if any indian heritage there.??Tecumseh is the one ne I found.Ohio....I wanto make sure of connection....
also ,since Im here, did u get my message Soctt??On ur Slade & mine.???I found Williams & Bensons of Windhall are connected..Wow..I need someone with brains/sorry I just have
Hope someone can get thru.....HELP Janet


Im not sure if I sent this in already.??I found my gramp Slade parents..Benson & Slade...I ran into robby who is my 4th cousin..Hes also connected with Capen..My slade is connected to benson of Windhall,vt. You have slade in ur line???what part do they come from??NOT windahll.???Im just seeing if any were connected..Im still working on all my lines..Im also searching for any native .As im told Abenaki were in vt. way back.i have no clue..I have only uncle kewah .....I have piture with him & headdress.Also Hattie B Slade is to be 1/4 blackfoot..??Ive searched ,got no where.HELP!!!!!


Not sure how to speel or how it sounds?? My aunt Leda vCobb mar uncle Keawah Feather.They lived NY..
He born 1905/1937-she born 1904..Her parents Burton J Cobb/ Ethel E Knight...They lived in Mich...I casnt find anything on him.???In my quest ive found couple researchers who mite be connected to me..awesome...

indian /native american ??

Im searching for info on my uncle Keewah Feather ,he mar Leada Cobb..They lived Almira NY..
Her parents Burton J Cobb/Ethel E Knight of Mich..Im not good at searching myself ,as I don't know where to go & no credit card..I feel others are much better at this..I have a couple people helping me on some of my lines..I have many to search thru..I thank anyone for giving me a hand.....I have nothing on him only he was full indian.Cherokee?Shawnee???No idea..I go where ever I can to get a little inf & work on it to find answer...
Thanks Janet

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Hi, YES, Im still searching for these people.Have found alot of info& still adding. Gramp Nelson French was married to Lydia Styles-she passed,he was 48-he then married Viola Knight of chester vt.they lived in Wardsboro.Married Greenfield Mass.Her dad Moses H.Knight/Emmaline L Skinner. I aslso found a cousin-Laurie from BellowsFalls,vt. Also Steven Slade from my home town,bondville,vt. I go in different directions,as it gets tiresome ,so try work from different name.anyhow or way to gather info.Nice to locate info.I enjoy finding documents on anyone.


Sometime ago,I was on here & ran into Steven Slade from Bondville,vt. Hes my uncles son-Carroll Slade/Maude.
This is what I was asking of you Scott?If there was some sort of connection thru ur line of Slade??It mite be a slimne chance of connection??Id like to give it a shot??I dont have any names to search for. I found Jeremiah Styles/Malantha Moon ,lived in Stratton-my gram HattieBelle French parents.I found gramp Nelson French/Lydia French -Hattie parents.I also ahve Nelson parents.So Im still moving forward,searching in any area I can. I come back here to search also-just havent gotten any word as yet on anyone. I appreciate any help..SierraLee

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Thanks for contacting me. Ive been busy tring to find more info on the people from different web sites. I have more info on some ancestors. However Im NOT geting out of this one.Ur has been helpful.Id like to see if Im able to collect more info from u if possible-on ur Slade side??If you would/could send me names/dates, etc.
whatever u can send mite be helpful.?I plan to get a book & put in the names Im working on ,so itsd easier for me. Id really appreciate it alot. Thanks Janet

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