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need help to prove that everyone is related therfore war is stupid.

hey. i need help proving that everyone in the world is related. cause people always help family right? therfore if were al related, everyone (in theroy, but it wont really happen) will be nice to each other. heres what i have so far.

im Kate Simpson, i live in Goulburn NSW Australia. my mums name is Karen and my dads name is Greame. i have a sister, Jodi(goulburn) and a half-sister ELysha Sargent (sp?)(living in warric farm with husband mark.(HELP)). her dad is karl (not sure of last name) hes married to gorgia(?) and they have a daughter alexandra.(dont really know where they live.) (HELP ME FIND THE REST OF THAT LINE!)my mum has a sister sue(cobbity), and there mum is Win Moffet(cobitty), there dad is joe but hes dead.(heart attack. i think the rest of joes family live in england (HELP) and the rest of wins live in england and liverpool(HELP ME FIND). my dads sister is dissowned. shes been really bad to here mother. she has had three husbands(NEED HELP FINDING THEIR LINES) and we think she has divorced all of them. she has three children (my cousins) but i dont even know there names.(dont know where any of them live.) (HELP ME FIND!) my dads dad i dont even know the name of. he walked out on my grandma joan ages ago, before i was born.(HELP) my grandma lives in wollengong. near city beach. her family lives in england. (HELP)

theres also a gay guy with some relation to my grandma joan(simpson) living in singapore.(HELP)

if you can help please comment here or if you have a gaiaonline account pm me. (ZarialAmeraise)or email me at my spam account [email protected]

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