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Remembering Pa Skipper, W.J.M. Skipper 1849-1938

"Pa Skipper was a strong man. But like the rest of us Skipper men, he became weak in his knees and legs as he got older but his upper body remained strong as a mule. And he was that strong until Pneumonia got him. He was 88 years old. I remember the funeral and everything. Daddy bought me a pair of little knee "britches" and a white shirt. One thing I remember about Pa Skipper (great grandfather) was he grew a great big long beard. It was white just like Santa Clause. About twice a year he would ask Jimmy (his son) to trim it for him. Boy, if Jimmy cut off to much, Pa would give him "what for"!!! He would say, "Jimmy !! Now you know you not supposed to cut off that much " !! But yes, we lived in the house with Ma and Pa and Momma took care of all of us". Quote: William Everett "Bill" Skipper, son of Roy Everett Skipper, Grandson of William J. "Jimmy" Skipper, Great Grandson of W.J.M. Skipper Recorded: July, 2012 in Delhi, La. By Ann Skipper Boykin

W J M SKIPPER was born 1849 in Henry Co. Alabama. He married Martha A. Lucas 1-30-1871. Bondsman was William Lucas. Lizzie was born 12-13-1871 in Henry County Alabama. The little Skipper family headed West and are found in Overton Texas in the 1880 Census. Lizzie has a sister, Maggie and brother William J. There were 12 children born to William J M and Martha Lucas Skipper but only 8 survived. 5 children were born in Texas and the last 2 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.