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Nathan's Neighbors -- The Bussey Family

1790 Edgefield, SC Census
Joshua Bussey, 1 male age 16 and over, 2 males under age 16, 1 female.
George Bussey, 2 males age 16 and over, 2 males under age 16, 2 females, 3 slaves.
Charles Bussey, 2 males age 16 and over, 2 males under age 16, 5 females.

Joshua Bussey was born 1745 in Calvert, Maryland and died 5 Aug 1843 in Lincoln, Georgia.
He is the father of Pamela Bussey 1805-1843 who married Ansel Fortner 1805-1886, son of Nathan Fortner.

Charles Bussey is Joshua’s brother. He was born 1743 in Maryland and died 11 Jan 1801 in Edgefield, SC.

George Bussey is also a brother of Joshua. He was born 1757 in Edgefield, SC and died 1807 in Bedford, TN.

1810 U.S. Census, Edgefield, SC
Dempsey Bussey, 3 males under age 10, 1 male age 10-15, 1 male age 26-44, 3 males age 45+, 3 females under age 10, 2 males age 10-15, 1 female age 26-44, 9 slaves.
Joshua Bussey, 1 male under age 10, 2 males age 10-15, 2 males age 16-25, 1 male age 26-44, 2 females under age 10, 2 males age 10-15, 1 female age 26-44, 4 slaves.

Dempsey Lyon Bussey is a brother of Joshua Bussey. Dempsey was born 21 Jun 1767 in Edgefield, SC and died 26 Nov 1854 in Edgefield, SC.

1830 U.S. Census, Lincoln, GA
Ansel Fortner, 1 male under age 5, 1 male age 20-29, 1 female age 20-29.
Wade Bussey, 2 males under age 5, 1 male age 5-9, 1 male age 10-14, 1 male age 30-39, 1 female under age 5, 1 female age 10-14, 1 female age 30-39.
Joshua Bussey, 1 male age 60-69, 1 female age 60-69.

Wade is the son of Joshua Bussey. He was born 2 Nov 1791 in Edgefield, SC and died 9 Aug 1880 in El Paso, TX.

Ansel Fortner married Joshua’s daughter, Pamela Bussey.

William Fortner/Faulkner/Falkner/Fortener

From Tennessee War of 1812 service records:

#2787, William Fortner, 39th US Infantry, Col. J. Williams, 5 ft 4 in tall, age 17, Born in South Carolina, enlisted on 12 Nov 1813, at Greenville, TN, by Capt. H. Henegar, R. R. Greenville, TN, Nov 15, 21, and 28 1813, M. R. Capt. H. Henegar's Co., 31 Dec 1813, Sergeant, Present.
I do not know what R. R. and M. R. stand for. This William was 17 in 1813 so he was born about 1796 in South Carolina.

William Falkner from Maryland served in Wright's Regiment.
William Falkner from Maryland served in the 19th Regiment (Porter's).
William Falkner from Maryland served in the 4th Regiment.
William Falkner from Maryland served in Capt. Willis' Co.

William Faulkner was a private in Freeman's Squadron Cavalry, Georgia Militia.

William Fortner is a War of 1812 soldier from Virginia.

From Family Search genealogy trees:
William L. Fortner 1767-1841, married Lela Smith 1767-1810. Their son was Timothy Fortner 1785 in NC-29 Aug 1850 Pickens, SC. Timothy Fortner is found on the non-population schedule which probably means he is a farmer. I have looked for Timothy Fortner on findagrave and cannot find him there. In 1810, Timothy is in Old Pendleton District, which is now Pickens County, SC.

William Fortner from Knox, TN married Caroline Hancock

From the 1800 Census, Morgan, Rutherford, NC:
William Fortner, age 45+, wife age 26-44, a daughter under 10.

From 1800 Census, Burke, NC:
William Fortner age 45+, wife age 45+, daughter age 10-15, daughter age 16-25, son age 10-15. (Born 1755 or earlier.)

From 1800 Census, Salisbury, Surry, NC:
William Fortner age 45+, son under 10, 3 sons 10-15, son 16-25, son 26-44, daughter under 10, daughter 10-15, daughter or wife age 26-44. (Born 1755 or earlier.)
Lewis Fortner age 45+, wife age 45+, son under 10, 3 sons 10-15, son 16-25, son 26-44, daughter under 10, daughter 10-15, daughter 16-25, daughter 26-44.
Joseph Folkner, Isaac Folkner, and John Folkner are listed below Lewis Fortner. This could be another family or a misspelling of Fortner.

Plezant Fortner age 45+, wife 45+, son under 10, 3 sons 10-15, son 16-25, son 26-44, 2 daughters under 10, 2 daughters age 10-15, daughter 16-25, daughter 26-44.

From 1790 Census, Dobbs, North Carolina:
William Fortner over age 16, 2 sons under 16, no females, 2 other free persons.

From 1790 Census, Lincoln, North Carolina:
William Fortner, over 16 years old, son under age 16, 4 females (perhaps 1 wife and 3 daughters or maybe 4 daughters). Born 1774 or earlier.

From 1810 Edgefield, South Carolina Census:
page 96, William Fortner. Others on this same census: pg 94 Benjamin, pg 98 Gilbert, page 101 Nathan Fortner and Reuben Carpenter. This is definitely our Nathan Fortner and Reuben Carpenter. Are Benjamin, Gilbert, and William kin to Nathan or is this just coincidence. In 1830 Benjamin has land in Clay, Randolph, Alabama. Randolph County, AL is on the Georgia/Alabama line and is near St. Clair where Nathan has moved. Benjamin is 26-44 years old. William is 45+ years old. Gilbert is 26-44 years old. Nathan is 26-44 years old. Benjamin, Gilbert, and Nathan are the right age to be brothers with William as their father, but that's just a guess, there is no proof yet.

From 1830 Census, Edgefield, South Carolina:
William Fortner age 25-29, wife or daughter age 15-19. (Born 1801-1805.)
James Fortnon is above William. This may be a misspelling of Fortner or it could be another family.

From Edgefield County Wills:
William Fortner, Sr., Vol. I, 1836-1853, Section D, page 273, Box 49, Package 2078.
This Will is on microfilm at the Memphis Library. I have read the will and I do not believe it is our family.

I believe this is the family of William Forkner/Faulkner born 1590 England - died 1638. He married Elizabeth Filmer, daughter of Sir Edward Filmer. Their son, John, married Elizabeth Filmer (This is another Elizabeth Filmer, not his mother.) John and Elizabeth brought their sons, Thomas (b. abt 1655- d. abt 1709 Talbot, Maryland), Francis (b. abt 1648), and John, Jr. (1653 Wales - 1726 Maryland) to America on the "Agreement". They paid for their passage with 300# of tobacco. They also had 2 servants with them. They arrived at Hog Pen Neck, Maryland on 22 Jan 1665. They settled in Kent County, Maryland.

***John, Jr. married Sarah Ford. Their sons were William, Sr. (born about 1720) and Emmanuel. (This family is on

Sons of William, Sr.:
1. William, Jr. (born about 1752 - died abt 1807) -- he married Susannah Wells (died 1848) and settled on Forkner's Creek.
2. Lewis b. abt 1754 d. abt 1818
3. Joseph -- (b. abt 1766) he moved to Tennessee and was a forefather of William Faulkner, author of Oxford, Mississippi.
4. Henry b. abt 1769 d. abt 1842
5. Jonas b. abt 1765 d. abt 1826
6. John -- (b abt 1767 - d. abt 1845) he moved to South Carolina and then to Alabama.
7. Thomas
8. Winford "Whinny" Hawks
9. Jane born abt 1771

Children of William, Jr. and Susannah Wells:
1. Pleasant
2. Isaac -- he fought in the War of 1812
3. Lewis -- he fought in the War of 1812
4. Martin -- he fought in the War of 1812
5. James -- he married Millie Harris
6. Micajah
7. Samuel
8. William
9. Kary
10. Violet
11. Lucy

Children of James (died 1858) and Millie Harris:
1. Melinda
2. Susan
3. Lucy
4. Martha
5. Edward
6. Dalton
7. Sarah
8. Samuel (died 1896)

This information can be found in The Heritage of Surry County, North Carolina, Vol. I, 1983.

Passenger List:
William Falkner, age n.a., place of arrival America, year of arrival n.a., resource book 702, page #61.
William Falkner, age n.a., place of arrival America, year of arrival 1801-1802, resource book 9151, page #477.
Willm Falkner, age 21, place of arrival Maryland, year of arrival 1774, resource book 2128, page 20.
Willm Falkner, age 21, place of arrival Maryland, year of arrival 1774, resource book 9151, page 238.
These all appear to be the same man. There are no other passengers with him.

From South Carolina Records Vol. I:
Lexington District, SC: *William Fortener of Edgefield District, for $200 pd. by William Fortener of Lexington District ...(headed in deed book as William Faulkner) 100 A on a branch of Rocky Creek waters of Saluda River, part of 363 A granted to Charles Harrison...22 Dec 1835,,,William Fortner (LS), Wit: John Crout, Thomas A. Green (X). Proven by Thomas Green, 28 Mar 1836, Rec. 5 Jan 1843. Delivered to Geo. Roberts 3 Apr 1843. (see below)

From 1850 Census, Chickasaw, Mississippi
William Fortner, age 21, farmer, born in Georgia. William was born about 1829.
Matilda Fortner, age 18, born in Alabama.
William and Matilda are living in the household of Hiram I. Hague, age 59, born in North Carolina and Sarah Hague, age 62, born in Georgia.

William M. Fortner, age 20, farmer, born in Georgia.
Matilda Fortner, age 19, born in Alabama.
Joel R. Fortner, age 2 months, born in Mississippi.
Could these two be the same William and Matilda.

From 1850 Census, Pontotoc, Mississippi:
William Fautner, age 30, farmer, born in North Carolina, property value $350.
Nancy Fautner, age 27, born in South Carolina.
John Fortner, age 9, born South Carolina.
Nathaniel Fortner, age 7, born in South Carolina.
Sarah, age 5, born in South Carolina.
Joshua Fortner, age 3, born in Mississippi.
Dicey Fortner, 11 months old, born in Mississippi.

From Ancestry family trees:
*William Joseph Faulkner, Jr. 1752-1807. He married **Susannah Wells and their children were:
1. Pleasant Fortner 1773-1782
2. Isaac born 1775
3. Lewis born 1777
4. Micajah born 1786
5. William Joseph 1796-1842
6. Samuel 17969-1894
7. Martin
8. James
Isaac, Lewis, and Martin were soldiers in the War of 1812.

*From Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. I, 1976:
pp. 676-678: Lexington District, SC, Wheras **Susannah Falkner, one of the Heirs and distributees of *William Falkner decd, filed a petition in the Court of Ordinary of Lex. Dist., against Caroline Falkner, William W. Falkner, and Lawrence Falkner on 6 Oct 1842, stating that ed. Wiliam Falkner died intestate, leaving a tract which has not been partitioned...100 A sold to George Roberts, for $ on Rocky Creek, water of Saluda, adj. John Fortner Sr., Benj. Snelgrave, & Derrick...15 Feb 1843...Wm. L. Miller (LS), Wit. f. S. Fox, Jno. Hook, Proven by F. S. Fox, 15 Feb 1843. Rec. 15 Feb 1843. Delivered to George Roberts, 3 Apr 1845.

*Lexington Co. S. C. Deed Book M page 676
Feb 15 1843. *William Falkner died intestate leaving a tract of land. On Oct 6 1842, **Susannah Falkner, one of the heirs of William Falkner, filed suit against Caroline Falkner, William Falkner, and Lawrence Falkner and petitioned the court to partition the land. Land sold to highest bidder George Roberts. Land on Rocky Creek waters of Saluda River adjoining John Fortner, Sr. (This could be the ***John, Sr. that married Sarah Ford.)


From 7500 Marriages from the 96th and Abbeville Districts, South Carolina, 1774-1890, compiled by Larry E. Pursley:

J. W. Faulkner married Sallie C. Cox.
John Faulkner married Molly McDonald. (From Abbeville County Probate Court Records-1825)
John Faulkner married Mary Spencer. (From Abbeville County Probate Court Records-1839)

From Edgefield Marriage Records, Carlee T. McClendon:

Amanda Faulkner, daughter of A. R. Faulkner, married G. W. Durst on 21 Sep 1851. Marriage performed by Rev. John Trapp.

Assenith Faulkner married Densley Whatley on 2 Mar 1856. Marriage performed by A. Hollingsworth, Esq.

Blount county, Alabama Earliest Marriages, 1820-1838, compiled and published by Juanita Cato Askew:

Lucinda Fortner married Andrew Allred on 6 Aug 1833.

Samuel Fortner married Polly Allred on 3 Jan 1833.

Squire Fortner married Statia Prather on 16 Feb 1832.

South Carolina Marriages, 1709-1913:

Sidney Fortner married Danill Williamson on 9 Jan 1784 at St. John Lutheran, Charleston, South Carolina.

John Fawkner married Anne Bint on 18 Mar 1745 at St. Philip, Charleston, South Carolina.

The Heritage of Surry County, NC, Vol I, published 1983 by the Surry County Genealogical Association:

West Mosley (1807-1854), son of Martha East and Henry Mosley married Melinda Fortner, daughter of Millie Harris and James Fortner, on 27 Nov 1831.

Frost Snow, Jr. came to from Virginia to Surry county, NC in 1769. He married Elizabeh Faulkner/Fortner.

Joseph Benjamin Sykes, II (27 Mar 1850-30 May 1937) married Mary Fortner (8 April 1838-22 Nov 1890). Mary was the widow of Mr. Thorpe.

Thomas Daniel Callaway (1877-1961) married Laura Faulkner (1877-1966) in 1896.

Romulus Samuel Folger (1903-1976) married Mary Embrey Faulkner.

Mary Slawter/Slaughter, daughter of Edna E. Smith and J. N. Slawter married Ira Faulkner.

Bessie M. Simpson Voss was the daughter of Mary Alice Faulkner and Banner Simpson.

Pearl Belle Forkner, daughter of Sallie Ann and Joseph Robert Forkner married John William Beasley (1889-1959) in 1910.

Robert Forkner was a Railway Agent in Ararat, NC.

William Abner Sutphin (1863-1932) owned a large tract of land on both sides of Falkner Creek.

John Harrison and Amanda Fortner

John Harrison, 1838-1893, married Amanda Fortner, 1843-1908, about 1859. Amanda Fortner is the daughter of Nathan Fortner, Jr.

John and Amanda Harrison are listed on the death certificate of their daughter, Leona Harrison Miller. Amanda's maiden name is mistakingly spelled Portner.

In the 1870 Chickasaw county, MS census, In the 1870 Chickasaw county, MS census, John and Amanda are listed with their first 3 children: Nathan, Allie and Lena. Also listed in their household is John H. Steward, age 8. No relationship is given. Who was John H. Steward?

Revolutionary War

From Index to Revolutionary War Service Records:

Charles Faulkner, Private, 3rd Regiment South Carolina

Edward Falknar, Private, 3rd Regiment South Carolina
alternate spellings Falkner, Faulkner

Francis Faulknor, Private 1st North Carolina Regiment
alternate spellings Fordener, Fortner

Jacob Falkner, Scout in South Carolina Militia, enlisted 1781, re-enlisted 1782

John Falkner, Marshell's Regiment of South Carolina Troops

John Falkner, 3rd Regiment South Carolina, enlisted 4 Jun 1777, re-enlisted 1 Feb 1780.

Nathaniel Faulkner, Acton, Massachusetts

Peter Fortner, Fifer, German Battalion of Continental Troops

William Falkner, Marshell's Regiment of South Carolina Troops

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants awarded by state governments:

Francis Falkner, North Carolina, Private, 22 Dec 1796, 640 acres

Peter Faulkner, Virginia, Sergeant, 21 May 1823, 400 acres

Ralph Faulkner, Virginia, Lt. Col., 30 Dec 1840, 1555 7/9 acres

Ralph Faulkner, Virginia, Lt. Col., 30 Dec 1840, 777 2/9 acres

Ralph Falkner, Virginia, Major, 23 Jan 1808, 2666 2/3 acres

From Fold3 records search:

George Faulkner, born Pitt County, NC, service 1779-1781, Lt. 1779-1781. Capt under Col John Simpson, 1779. 1779, attached to Col John Pugh Williams (Bertie County Regiment). 1780 at Seige of Charleston, SC. attached to Col John Sheppard (Wayne County Regiment). 1781, under Col James Gorham. also known as George Fortner, George Falconer, and George Folkner. Battles: Briar Creek, GA and Seige of Charleston, SC.

John Faulkner, Northern Orange County Regiment, 1776-1781. 1776, Capt. under Lt. Col. William Moore. attached to Col. Ambrose Ramsey for the Cherokee Expedition, but was forced to turn back due to lack of wagons and pack horses. 1777, in Caswell County. 1777-1781, Capt. under Col. William Moore. Battles: Shallow Ford, Rugeley's Militia #2, South Carolina.

War of 1812

From Index to War of 1812 Pension Files:
SO stands for survivor's original record

John Fortner, Rowe's Regiment, South Carolina Militia.

John Fortner, served in Captain J. Quattlebom's Co. South Carolina Militia, SO-24380.
alternate name: Jonas Faulkner

Obadiah Falkner, married Sarah B. Stanfield on 4 June 1817, Person county, NC. died 5 March 1875, Halifax county, VA. Served in Isaac Medley's Virginia militia. He lived in both Person county, NC and Halifax county, Va. SC-20679
(Nathan Fortner who was a cousin of Benjamin Fortner was friends with the Stanfields in North Carolina.)

Samuel Faulkner, 9th Regiment, McWillie's, South Carolina Militia.

Sampson Fortner, Johan's Battalion, South Carolina Militia.

Willis Falkner, served in Captain Bryan Marsh's Co. South Carolina Militia, SO-17403

Willis Fortner, Austin's Regiment, South Carolina Militia.

Willis Falkner, private, Capt. Millers Co., South Carolina Militia, War of 1812. Alabama Land Records, MW-0941-278. Patience Falkner is his widow.

Conrad Fortner, 2nd Reg. W. TN Militia -- original filed under Conrad Farmer.

John Fortner, 3rd Reg. (Johnson's) E TN Militia

Nathan (Nathaniel) Fortner, 2nd Reg. W. TN Militia (Col. Lowry/Lt. Col. Hammonds). This Nathan was married to Nancy and received a land patent in Alabama for his service.

From Fold3 search:
Virginia Militia

Kemp Faulkner, Stapleton, Crutchfield's Detachment
John Faulkner, Detachment of Cavalry
Thomas Faulkner
Cemp Faulkner (this may be the same as Kemp)
Hugh Faulkoner
William Faulkoner
Richard Fortner, 36th US Infantry, 5 ft 6 in, age 21, born Loudon, VA, enlisted Oct 1814 at Manchester, R. R. Oct 1814.

Maryland Militia

Benjamin Faulkner, 38th Regiment (Wright's)
Harry B. Faulkner
Jacob Faulkner
John Faulkner
Reuben Faulkner
Samuel Faulkner
Seth Faulkner
Thomas Faulkner
Tristan Faulkner

Tennessee Militia

Jonathan Faulkner, 38th Regiment
Nathan Faulkner, Capt Thomas Simpson's Detachment of TN Militia
Nathaniel Fortner, 2nd Regiment of TN Militia, Col. Lowrey and Lt. Col. Hammons. He is also known as Nathan Fortner.
Conrad Fortner, 2nd Regiment of TN Militia
John Fortner, 3rd Regiment (Johnson's) West TN Militia

South Carolina Militia

Samuel Faulkner, 2nd Regiment (McWillie's)
Willis Fortner, Austin's Regiment
John Fortner, Rowe's Regiment
Sampson Fortner, Juhan's Battalion

Georgia Militia

Benjamin Faulkner, 4th Regiment (Booth's)
John Faulkner, 1st Regiment (Harris')


Peter Faulkner immigrated in 1849 on the ship "Maine". He was born in 1824, making him 25 when he came to America. He was Irish.

From American Immigrations loyal to British crown before, during and after the war, 1765-1799:

Alexander Falconer

John Falconer was a merchant.

John Falconer was a cabinet maker who came to America on the ship "Sally". His master was Thomas Potts and Alexander Falconer. He bore arms at Staten Island, Long Island, and Jamacia, NY.

Ralph Falkner of Old England District, Tyron County.

William Falkner of Susquehanna River, Tryon County. He was imprisoned during the war for 2 years at his own expense.

From Bonded Passengers to America:

Alice Faulkener, 1739, sentenced to transportation at Sessions of Gaol Delivery, Oct-Dec 1739. Embarcation, Jan 1940 on the ship, "York" to Maryland.

James Faulkner, sentenced to transportation at Sessions of Gaol Delivery, July 1764. Embarcation: Sep 1765 on "Justitia".

Faulkner, alias Jane Howard. This alias could be her maiden name. Sentenced to transportation at Sessions of Gaol Delivery, Oct-Dec 1750.

Mary Falkner, sentenced to transportation at Sessions of Gaol Delivery, Dec 1766. Embarcation, Jan 1767 on "Tryal".

Richard Faulkner, sentenced to transportation at Middlesex Quarter Sessions, April 1751. Embarcation, Sep 1751 on "Greyhound".

William Faulkner, sentenced to transportation at Sessions of Gaol Delivery, Jan 1724. Embarcation, Feb 1724 on "Anne" to Carolina.

Passenger List:
Wiliam Falkner, no age, arrived in America, no date of arrival, resource book 720, page 61.
William Falkner, no age, arrived in America, 1801-1802 (date of arrival), resource book 9151, page 477.
Willm Falkner, age 21, arrived in Maryland, arrived 1774, resource book 2128, page 20.
Willm Falkner, age 21, arrived in Maryland, arrived 1774, resource book 9151, page 238.

From The Early Settlers of Maryland: (transported indicates that someone paid for their passage and that they may have been servants.)

Edward Falkner, Book 17, Page 608, transported in 1673

Elizabeth Faulkener, Book 9, Page 190, transported in 1665
Francis Faulkener, Book 9, Page 190, transported in 1665
John Faulkener, Sr., Book 9, Page 190, transported in 1665--Hog Pen Neck, Kent county
John Faulkener, Jr., Book 9, Page 190, transported in 1665
Thomas Faulkener, Book 9, Page 190, transported in 1665

William Faulkener, Book 9, Page 175, transported in 1665

Elizabeth Faulkner, Book 10, page 306, transported in January 1665

Elizabeth Faulkner, Book 15, page 413, transported in 1677


23 December 1829, Edgefield, SC
Jonn Fortner purchased Edna, a slave.

19 January 1832, Edgefield, SC
John Fortner purchased Dick, Eliza, and Joycy, slaves.

4 December 1840, Edgefield, SC
John Fortner purchased Eliza, a slave.

12 December 1843, Edgefield, SC
John Faulkner purchased Peggy, a slave.

24 September 1852, Edgefield, SC
John Fortner purchased Cealy, a slave.

Nancy Fortner shows a land record #37972 dated 10 Jun 1856, Washington County, Alabama with the names William Banks, Nancy Fortner and Nathan Fortner. This record shows that Nancy is the widow of Nathan Fortner. This land was given to the widows and minor children of War of 1812 soldiers.

I have found Nathan Fortner in a West Tennessee Militia unit. In 1812, our Nathan (born 1770 SC) would have been 42 years old so he was definitely not a minor. Nathan's father could have been named Nathan also. I have found Nathan in 1790 in the North Carolina census. But, why would a man from North Carolina sign up for a militia unit made up of soldiers from counties in Tennessee? Western North Carolina was given to Congress in 1790 and was known as the Southwest Territory. Tennessee became a state in 1796 so we know West Tennesse was not part of North Carolina.

The Nathan found in the 1790 North Carolina seems to be older than our Nathan. He appears to be Nathan (1745-1827) son of Caroline Huntley and Francis Faulkner of Massachusettes and brother of Asa Falkner who is listed on the same page as Nathan.

If Nathan (born 1770) is the son of Nathan and Nancy and the older Nathan served in the war of 1812, then where is he in the 1790 and 1810 Edgefield, SC census. We don't really know Nancy's age, but if Nathan (born 1770) was Nancy's child, then let's assume she was 15 years old when she had Nathan. That would put her birth year around 1755. She would be 101 years old when the land deal was made in 1856.

In 1790 Edgefield, SC census we have James, Thomas, Nancy and John all living near each other. John and Thomas appear to be the older than James. James has just him and a wife. Thomas has himself, his wife and 2 girls. John has himself, a wife and 2 boys. Nancy has herself, another female, 1 boy under age 16, and 2 males over 16. I can't find Nathan anywhere else so he must be one of the 2 males over 16. He would be 20 years old in 1770. The others were probably born in the mid to late 1760's. If Nancy is Nathan's mother then it seems that Nathan's father has already died by 1790 and could not have served in the War of 1812.

I don't think we can just assume that Nancy is Nathan's mother or even his sister. William Banks seems to have been a land buyer because he is on several land records in Alabama. I don't think we can assume that this is our Nathan. There are many Nathan's living around the same time as our Nathan. There are Nathans in Massachusettes, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Maybe Nathan (born 1770) served in the War of 1812 and was married to Nancy ? rather than Mildred Stewart. In that case, Nathan should be head of household in 1790 instead of Nancy.

Conclusion: I still have more questions than answers so I will keep on looking.

John, Thomas and Nancy Fortner

Deed Book 30, 9 Feb 1806, Edgefield, SC
Deed Book 30, 9 Feb 1811, Edgefield, SC
page 301: Indenture from John Fortner to Nathan Fortner. $30 and 150 acres.

There must be some relationship between John and Nathan if they knew each other well enough to lend money.

10 June 1856, Alabama Land Patent #37972: William Banks, Nancy Fortner, and Nathan Fortner are all listed.

1790 Edgefield, SC
Page 511--James Fortner (over 16), Thomas Fortner (over 16), Nancy Fortner (2 males over 16, 1 under 16) and John Fortner (over 16). Nathan could be living with Nancy

1800 Edgefield, SC
Thomas Fortner (page 184--same page as Nathan) -- 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45 (Thomas), 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-26, 2 females 26-45.
John Fortner is listed on page 183 -- 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-45 (John), 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-26.
Thomas and Nathan are living next door to one another.

1810 Edgefield, SC
page 94--Benjamin Fortner
page 96--William Fortner
page 98--Gilbert Faulkner
page 101--Nathan Fortner and Reuben Carpenter, husband of Nathan's daughter, Sarah Letha.

1820 Edgefield, SC
page 24--John Fortner and James Fortner--both are over 45 years of age.

1830 Edgefield, SC
Willis Fortner, age 30-39
James Fortner, age 50-59
John Fortner, age 30-40
Mary Stewart, age 50-59, living right next door to John Fortner.
Could Mary be related to Mildred?