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BIKE of NW Ohio

Harriet Bike, b. 1834 Pennsylvania is my 3rd great-grandmother. She married John McKean and had 5 children with him. Harriet had two known siblings, John and Amy, and also a niece (presumably John's) named Adelford Bike. Harriet's parents were John Matthias Bike Jr and Catharine E Curtis. John's second wife was named Phoebe O'Daniel. John was one of 6 children born to John Matthias Bike Sr and Christina Moser.
Christina Moser was one of 6 known children born to Johann Moser and Maria Krangelich. Johann and his 5 siblings were not first generation Americans, born in the time before the American Revolution, but nonetheless in Pennsylvania. His mother Margaretha Kungel was of Germany and his father Hans Moser b. 1699 in Bavaria. He was the son of Adam Moser and Maria Strobel.
Any information that can be provided about any members of these families is appreciated!


My 2nd great grandmother was Lucy McKean, b. 1859 Ohio. She married (Deitrich) Henry Wiegman and had children Ida and Frank. Lucy was the daughter of John McKean and Harriet Bike. Her siblings were Elsie, John, and William.
John McKean was one of 8 children from his father Hugh's first marriage to Elizabeth Whitmore. His siblings included Elizabeth, Hugh, Johnathan, Mary, Melinda, Robert, and William.
Hugh McKean remarried after Elizabeth's death to Margaret Stuart, whom he had another 6 children with. Those included Alice, Elizabeth, Hugh, Margaret, Upton, and Hiram.
There is a family story that we are related to Thomas McKean, signer of the Declaration of Independence. I am unsure though if we are related to one of Thomas' uncles though or rather his grandmother, an Irish immigrant herself.
Any information on Lucy, her brother Frank, their parents, and their parents families is appreciated.

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ESOEK of Brielle and Netherlands

My family has some ties to the brothers Jan and Jan Eskoek. They were the sons of Johannes Esoek (b. 1767) and Angelina Gerrits (b. 1767).
The elder Jan, b. 1792, married Maria Van Der Veer b. 1779, my 5th great-grandmother. They had daughters Hadweij (Van Der Weij) and Naatje (Van Der Brug). However, I am descended from a child she had with her first husband, Hendrikus Wiegman.
The younger Jan, b. 1799, married Pieternella Tiel b. 1798, my 4th great-grandmother. He died shortly after their marriage and she went on to marry my 4th great-grandfather.
Any information on the Brothers Eskoek and their marriages into my family would be appreciated!

WIEGMAN of NW Ohio and Germany

Ida Wiegman, b. 1898 Ohio, is my great-grandmother. She is the daughter of (Deitrich) Henry Wiegman and Lucy McKean.
Henry is first generation American, as well as his siblings Karl, Frederick, William, Mary, Anna, and John. Thier parents were Franz (Frank) Wiegman and Meta Sander, German immigrants.
Franz had a brother named Deitrich, and they were the sons of Johann Fried Wiegman and Pieternella Tiel. Pieternella was from the Netherlands, daughter of Jacob Tiel and Adriana Van Soest. Johann was the son of Hendrikus Wiegman and Maria Van Der Veer. His siblings included Bernardus, Hendrina, and Cornelis.
Maria Van Der Veer had a brother named Balt and was the daughter of Jan Van Der Veer and Hadaweij Goudaswaard. Hadaweij had four siblings; Frans, Balthen, Jill, and Hendrik. They were the children of Cornelia Looij and Balten Franz Goudaswaard. Balten was the son of Frans Goudaswaard and Annetje Schoordjik.
If you can provide any information on any of these family members, it would be much appreciated!


Alvin Johnston, b. 1883 Ohio, is my great-grandfather. His parents were Warren and Frances, and his siblings were Walter, Ethel, Warren, and Edna. Alvin married Ida Weigman and had 4 children with her; Harold, Karlyn, Margaret, and Paul (my grandfather). I'm looking for any information regarding Alvin, his parents, and his family.

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RUTKAI of NW Ohio and Hungary

Stephen Rutkai, b. 1885 Hungary, is my great-great grandfather. He and his wife Margaret immigrated to America and stayed with a cousin, Albert Tomko for a time in New Jersey. Their children include Mary, Emory, John, two infants who died, and my great-grandfather Stephen Joseph II, who later married Else Knudsen. Any information you have regarding Stephen and his wife, his cousin, and their families would be appreciated.

KNUDSEN of NW Ohio and Denmark

Anton Christian Knudsen, b. 1873 Denmark, is my great-great grandfather. His wife, Else, and he immigrated to America, where they had 7 children; Andrew (died in infancy), Sina (Schulick), Evert, twins Johannah (Hulburt) and Minna (died as a child), and twins Andis and Else (Rutkai). Any information on Anton, his wife, or any of their children would be appreciated.

LONG of NW Ohio

Blanche Long is my great-great grandmother, b. 1889 Ohio. She married a man by the last name of Lembke and had 3 daughters; Marvel, Gladys, and Doris. Blanche also had several siblings, those being Fred, Elmer, and Alice (Zitzelberger). I also know Blanche was a widow by 1940 and deceased on 4 April 1948 in Toledo, OH. Any information on Blanche, her parents, her siblings, or her husband would be appreciated.


My great-grandmother was Doris Lembke, b. 1907 Ohio. She had 2 sisters, Gladys and Marvel. Doris would eventually marry Thomas Foley and together they had one child named Patricia. Doris' mother was named Blanche, surname believe to be Long. I do not know Doris' father's name or any information on Blanche; other than the names of her siblings, those being Fred, Elmer, and Alice and that Blanche was a widow by 1940. Any information on Doris, her siblings, her father, or her mother would be appreciated.

FOLEY of NW Ohio

Thomas J Foley is my great-grandfather, b. 1898 in either New York or Pennsylvania. I know he also worked for the railroad. He's the son of Irish immigrant Michael Foley and his wife Anna born in Ohio. Thomas was one of 5 children; his siblings were John, Frank, Charles, and Margaret. Thomas had several children before he married my great-grandmother Doris Lembke and they had only one child, my grandmother Patricia Foley, b. 1929. Any information on Thomas' parents, his self, his siblings, his wife's family, and his children and their mothers would be appreciated.