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need help with looking up my family tree ritter is my last name william ritter

ive had problems looking my family tree up if any body can help me that would be great i want to know what my famly done or any thing thier fames for and what not so any ifo would be nice or somthing

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how far does my name go back

hi my name is william l ritter and im wanting to learn about my family history what i can tell you is my
surname back then was changed from vonritter to ritter im 17 and here part of my family story my dad dad
is william louis ritter I he build foundations for biuldings and drive way for people he been doing that for
a long time my dad william louis ritter II he work with him as a boy tell he got older and got anoter job
he was the only boy on his block to owne and know how to run his owne trowling mechine later on he got a job for the city he fixt water leaks and runs heavy equipment he was on the new for fixing spiro water line for when the hole town had no water he also go by a nick name chuck my papa go's by jake and there also my uncle
vern i call him uncle v he work with my papa he helps makeing the foundations also. they starded their own besness and they have their owne crew the tell them what to do and some time help them their not as young as the use to be but dont put it past them their tuff men and i wouldnt dare cross them and there me my names william louis ritter III i go by the name willy a little name i pick't up over the years im stell in school Im in the 11 grade my goal in life is to make my name fames if my famely names not already realy fames and i love to live life to the fullist i love skate bording parquor bmxing and boxing and stunt driveing one of the things i want to do is be a stunt driver i love art it my favorite hobby i love anime i plan on going to college i want to be a game and chariter disgner and be a stunt man and do motion caption for vido games were im in this suit that animemate my moves and basicly i have a life full of dream i want to forfill and if my readers are reading sorry im not good with gramer or spelling so sorry and this is my story that is all i know about my family