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Carpenter Family Chronology

11. Richard CARPENTAR. C1675. married 4/6/1699 St Austell to Elizabeth NANCARROE C1682, dau of John Nancarre (bpt. Mar 1640) (son
of John Nancarre and Jane RETSON,) and Alice COODE (Bpt Oct 1644) Grandaughter of Thomas Coode and Jullian LAWRENCE.

10. John Carpentar (bpt 14/8/1708 in Illogan) married on 12/4/1740 to Sarah VIVYAN (Bpt 21/12/1724 in Camborne) dau of Francis VIVIAN
and Christian THOMAS who were married on 10/2/1682, and granddaughter of Peter Vivian.

9. John CARPENTER Bpt. 21/5/1758. d.14/5/1836. married in Illogan on 13/8/1785 to Araminta TANGYE Bpt. 1764 in Redruth d. 6/3/1835.

8. John Carpenter Bpt 25/2/1787 d. 13/4/1833. married in Illogan on 23/1/1808 to Susan(na) JELBERT (Gilbert) Bpt 30/11/1788 in Illogan
dau of Andrew Gilbert (Jelbard) Bpt 6/3/1757. married on 27/10/1787 to his second wife Mary GEORGE (his first wife Christian
Secombe whom he married on 31/8/1782, having died) and granddaughter of John GILBERD and Amy DORMAN who were married on
7. John Carpenter born 1812 in Illogan and married firstly to Ann PRIDEAUX b.8/6/1815 dau of James and Ann Prideaux, and thereafter to
Keturah POOLEY b. 28/6/1823 in Crowan, dau of Thomas Pooley b.1787 in Crowan, and Jenefer BENNETTS b.1788 in Camborne

6. William Carpenter b. in Illogan in 1846, married in Redruth in 1868 to Grace MOORE born in Redruth in 1851.

5. Frederick Martin Carpenter. b. Mar 1888 in Langyfelach, d. 1942 in St Agnes, married in Redruth to Mary Ann PRYOR b. 6/4/1870 in
Illogan, d. 1919, dau of Henry Evans Pryor and Caroline SPARNON

4. Frederick Martin Carpenter. b 9/9/1918 in Tuckingmill, d. 14/4/1997 in Oxford, married in St Stephens Moston on 6/9/1941 to Mary SMITH
b.29/5/1919 in Moston, Manchester d. 11/6/2006 in Oxford, dau of John Smith of Manchester d. 29/4/1941 and Agnes KENNA b. Sept 1897
in Manchester, d. 21/7/1968 in Perranporth, who were married in March 1919. Agnes Kenna was the dau of Andrew Kenna b. 1859 in
Ancoats ,d. 17/4/1935, and Mary Ellen Holden b. 1865 d. 19/6/1917 who were married in Manchester in June 1883. Andrew Kenna was the
son of Andrew Kenna b in Ireland in 1821 d. Chorlton 1893 and his wife Ellen McCORMACK born in Ireland in 1831.

Sparnon of Breage links to Carpenter of Illogan


18. Thomas SPARNON. C1488 included in the Royal Muster of 1522 and Tinners Muster of 1535

17. Simon Sparnon of Sparnon. C1508 included in the Lay subsidies of 1524 and Tinners Muster of 1535

16. John Sparnon of Sparnon. C1525 Muster Roll of 1569 married to Margaret, dau of John MARTYN of Breage

15. Edward Sparnon. C1548 Muster Roll of 1569. married to Elizabeth, dau of John TOULE of Dalverton in Somerset

14. Thomas Sparnon of Sparnon. C1588 d. 5/12/1607 married (17/6/1588) Jane Trefulyan, d.17/6/1596 dau of Pasco KERNE of Tresilian & Mary POLMENTER. 2nd Marraige(5/7/1598)to Thamsen dau of William GODOLPHIN Esq

13. Edvardi Sparnon (gent) C1590 d.1666 Armiger 1620, married 1612 Annae (d 19/10/1634), dau of Edward and Janne (d.23/8/1582) BUGGES of Harlow, Essex

12. Willus Sparnon. C Feb 1628 married Jane GOODE of Illogan in 1648

11. Philip Sparnon Bpt.1650 d.19/8/1707 married (28/7/1669)Thomasin (d 1679 vita matris), Elizabeth (?)(23/11/1682) and Maray (26/12/1691)

10. Philip Sparnon Bpt 31/1/1685 d. 6/10/1759 Married (1710) Jane TRERROS (bpt 1684 d.1/9/1773) dau of John Trerres of Carnkie

9. Richard Sparnon Bpt 18/9/1715 d.26/11/1793, Illogan, married Mary LUKE, dau of John Luke

8. Henry Sparnon (carp.) b.28/12/1767, d. 11/5/1828, married Illogan (5/4/1790) Mary RICHARDS dau of John Richards (b.26/12/1747) (son of Thomas Richards and Anne Jeffrey, (marr.24/2/734)grandson of Charles Richards and Anne (?)) and Mary GEORGE(b. 30/7/1746) dau of Jacob George (b.21/4/1726) and Elizabeth Edwards (b. 10/11/1725)

7. Philip Sparnon. (b.5/6/1797. d.10/12/1860) married (13/9/1829 in Camborne) Mary BENNETTS (b.23/2/1800 d.24/1/1883) dau of James Bennetts and Mary OSBORNE.

6. Caroline Sparnon (b.26/10/1833 d.1/6/1917) married at All Saints Tuckingmill, 21/6/1857 Henry Evans PRYOR of Mawgan in Meneage
(b.30/12/1827 d.9/10/1891) son of Edward Pryor (b.14/5/1797 d.9/5/1837) and Mary EVANS (b.15/6/1799 d.28/2/1833). Edward Pryor was the illegitimate son of Edward Pyor of Budock (b.c1775) and Rachel WILLIAMS born in St Ives in 1773) and living in Constantine.

5. Mary Ann Pryor (b.6/4/1870 d 1919) in Illogan, married in Redruth to Frederick Martin CARPENTER (b. Llangyfelach March 1888. d. St Agnes 1942)

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