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REVERAND ALWYN ALFRED EDWIN BINNS, b. 09 Apr 1904, Lahore, Pakistan; d. 21 Sep 1982, Torteval, Gernsey, Channel Islands; .

Married HELENE BAPTISTE, 12 Mar 1966, Torteval Gernsey; b. Abt. 1905, Guernsey.


Degree: 1927, B.A. University of Punjab
Ordination: 1928, Ripley Hall Oxford
Deacon: 1929, In Southwark, living at 29 Foyle Road Blackheath SE3

1932 - 1947 Principal of Sherwood College Naini Tal
Sherwood College Web site

Years of Dynasmism: Allwyn Binns:

1932 marked the end of an era with the departure of the great Mr. Dixon so much a part of Sherwood that, in the fitness of things, the senior wing came to be known as Dixon wing. So intense was his devotion to the school the rumours were afloat that the school would have to close down with his departure, but the Rev. Allwyn Binns proved a worthy successor. Under his youthful and dynamic leadership, the reputation of the school was maintained. He introduced the Cock-House system, the Marathon run and prohibited 'lupping' of the juniors, thereby earning their undying gratitude. When he discovered the frequent skirmishes between the school and St. Joseph's, the result of too intense a rivalry, he turned to other school - Oak Grove and Bishop Cotton's and the two La Martinieres - to bring things back to a more healthy perspective.
The school is re-christened: In 1937, the name of the school was changed from the Diocesan Boys' School to Sherwood College, although to this day it is known to the coolies as 'Malla Di-shen' which being translated, is presumably 'Upper Diocesan'. The shower popularly known as 'the dry-cleaning center' had hot and cold water laid on in 1934. The system was automatic for the seniors who got in first, it was hot, whilst for the rest it was cold ! The Binns block was built on the northern side of the back 'quad' and in the following year, a noble edifice, named Milman Hall after the founder, replaced the old tin-shed which gloried in the name of 'The Pavilion'. The new building which cost the unbelievable sum of Rs. 60,000/- was formally opened by Sir Harry Haig Governor of the U.P. It now accommodates a beautiful school Hall above with a seating capacity of 600 and a well equipped gymnasium below.

1947 - 1966 Retirement

Chaplain, Housemaster, Chaplain and Mathematics Teacher At Bancrofts School Woodford Green Essex, (from memory, still checking Brian Binns)

1966 Rector of Torteval Guernsey

Marriage: 12 Mar 1966, Torteval Guernsey

link to Alwyn on the Binns Web site

Richard E Binns 1875

RICHARD E BINNS was born Mar 1875 in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

He married MABEL ANGAS 06 Jun 1900 in St Thomas'Dehra Dun, daughter of CHARLES ANGAS and AMELIA MATTHEWS. She was born 1875 in India.

British Library
India Office Records Reference:

N/1/282 f.217

Military service: Lce-Corp., 22nd Oxfordshire Lt-Inf.
Residence: 1881, Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England

Marriage: 06 Jun 1900, St Thomas'Dehra Dun

Children of RICHARD BINNS and MABEL ANGAS are:

i. LESLIE VERNON BINNS, b. 26 Dec 1904, Lahore, Pakistan;

ii. ANGAS RICHARD BINNS, b. 31 Mar 1901, Lahore, Pakistan;

iii. CECIL ARTHUR BINNS, b. 29 Jul 1902, Lahore, Pakistan.

iv. REVERAND ALWYN ALFRED EDWIN BINNS, b. 09 Apr 1904, Lahore, Pakistan;

v. BRYAN EDWARD BINNS, b. 1907, Lahore, Pakistan; d. 1908, Lahore, Pakistan.

Link to Richard on the Binns Family webb site


JOSEPH ARMSTRONG ANGUS (http://sites.google.com/site/josephaangustrektovictoriaau/)
was born in Winlaton, Durham, a small village five miles upstream from Newcastle- On- Tyne in Northumberland, England.
He married SARAH ANN SCOTT in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 25 December 1840.
SARAH was born in Gateshead, Durham on the 15 January 1822.

Joseph and his brother Henry were the first members of this line of the Angus family to arrive in Australia. They arrived in South Australia, aboard the 'Navarino; in Adelaide on the 10th of November 1848. Joseph's wife and two sons, one born on the way to Australia, accompanied them.
Sadly Henry died a scant five days after arriving in Australia from tuberculosis.
Joseph and Sarah stayed with Joseph's cousin John Howard Angas at Lindsay Park, near Angaston and stayed in one of the cottages on the property. They stayed for three years, Joe working in a lime quarry for a time but with news of gold filtering up from Victoria, the family decided to leave South Australia in January 1852.
They loaded three covered bullock wagons and accompanied by two other couples, set off through virgin bush land along the Murray River, bound for Victoria. They did not meet another white man until they reached the Darling River junction. They left the Murray near where Nyah now stands and headed for Sandhurst (Bendigo), arriving in mid 1852 when gold fever was nearing its peak.
Joseph found that he earned more money contracting work with his bullock teams than fossicking for gold.
In 1855, Joe and Sarah decided to leave the ;roguery and harshness' of the goldfields, intending to take up land and the farm life they much preferred. They moved to FreshwaterCreek, 15 km south-west of Geelong and bought 76 acres of land on the NSW corner of Dickens and Ghazepore Roads which included a hill known to this day as Angus' Hill.
It was here that Joseph Armstrong Angus jnr was born in 1860.
In 1874, the Angus' moved to Mincha West, selecting land close to that of Daniel Thorpe (Emma's brother).
Joseph died whilst living at this property on the 25th of February 1879 from inflammation of the kidneys. An inquest was held into his death (Ref no.214).
He was buried at the Kerang cemetery on the 25th of February 1879. Aged 61.
Probate on the will of Joseph was granted on the 24th of November 1881 to Sarah and Thomas Angus, Sarah being his wife and Thomas his son.
Sarah died at Fitzroy, Victoria on the 18th of October 1909. Aged 87 She was buried at the Booroondara Cemetery in Kew, Victoria



ii. THOMAS ANGUS b 24 July 1843

iii.JAMES SCOTT ANGUS b 14 October 1848

iv.SARAH ANN ANGUS b 12 June 1853

v. ELIZABETH ANGUS b 22 March 1856

vi.MARGARET ANGUS b 16 July 1859

vii. JOSEPH ARMSTRONG ANGUS b 7 October 1860

viii. DOROTHY ANGUS b 27 May 1862

ix. HENRY ANGUS b 16 February 1865

Posting trees on the web for techno dummies

Do you want to publish your tree on the web but, like me you are unversed in the arts of html?

Google have the answer for dummies like you and me, and it is a free service.

The address is Google Sites

You need to open a Google account, that is free too, think of a name for the site an then start,

The option on Google sites to store pages hierarchically, as in a tree, is an advantage when the tree like mine is mainly descendants of one person. However there is an option to create further sites and link them to the main tree so you can organize a main trunk. Then have the branches on separate sites but linked to the correct place and a return link. If, as in my tree cousins married it is easy to link pages together.

When I first started the tree it became difficult to find individuals that had the same name, I could see that there seemed to be two ways to view the site.
1.Each page has the ascending links at the top and the descending or children's links at the bottom
2.The site map link in the navigation pane allows you to expand all and view the whole tree, or expand one family at a time
I wanted a way of searching the site so for weeks I trawled through the Google products list looking for a mini search engine that I could upload and use in the site. Then one day I found the very thing it was in the top right corner of the site all along. I would have felt an idiot but my wife was out at the time.

You have the option to invite others to either own or collaborate with the tree building. At the moment I have two other co-owners who like me are descendants. The tree then grows quickly and the advantage is we are pooling data. As you co-opt new owners it ensures the tree will continue to grow as us oldies become just entries on the tree.

Have a look at my tree and see what you think about taking up Google's offer

My site is Richard Angus

The main error that I and the new owners made when we first started entering pages was to get then in the wrong place IE not attached to their parents, the solution was to be on the parents page when entering the children and remember to click the option to attach the page to the parent. However pages can be moved but as the tree grows it takes time to find the correct place especially if the same names are used in different families. To make it easier I put generation numbers in each page heading, a date if birth if known or birth place if known on ad many as I could.

Even if you don't take up the Google site option, Google Earth is worth a look, see your house from a satellites viewpoint or zoom around a 3-D Grand canyon or Everest, I was surprised to see the boat I am building in my garden.

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