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Craig - Scotland to Warwick QLD and Glen Innes NSW

Our Craig line is large.
It includes William Craig (1802-1869) and Isabella Falla (1802-1869). Both are buried in Warwick QLD. William was a blacksmith and an alderman. William was a son of Thomas Craig (1775-1819 and Jean Hunter (1776-post 1841)and Isabella was a daughter of William Falla (1774-1847)and Helen Robson (b. 1778)
William and Isabella had 6 children including:
Thomas Craig (1830-1889) married Bridget Ryan (1832-1908)Both are buried in Warwick QLD They had 10 children including:
William Craig (1856-1935) and married Eliza Stiles (1857-1957)This family moved to Glen Innes NSW and were involved with the Salvation Army.

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Croskell - Thurnham Lancashire area

We are looking for anyone researching the Croskell name in the Lancashire area.
My Grandmother was Margaret Croskell and her parents Alfred Croskell and Winifred Hornby emigrated to Australia in 1911, with their young family and settled at Wellingrove (Near Glen Innes NSW).
We have done a lot of research on this line.

Alfred's parents were John Croskell (1932-1910) and Margaret Ann Pennington (1835-1916). Some female ancestors names who married Croskell's include Ellen Harrison (married Joseph Croskell in 1817),and Hannah Hathornthwaite (married George Croskell in 1783)

Winifred Hornby's parents were Thomas Hornby (1843-1903) and Grace Parker (1842-1882) We go back way further. Some other female ancestors names include Bamber, Gornall, Brewer (all married Hornby's).
James Parker married Isabella Parkinson in 1835 and his father Roger Parker married Grace Cookson in 1803

It is proving difficult to find anyone researching these lines, so we would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may have a connection.
Wayne & Di Hoppe

Donnelly - Glen Innes NSW

We have been researching James and Jane Donnelly's family who settled on a property they named "Virginia" at Glen Innes NSW.
James (1826-1888) married Jane McCauley (1827c. - 1920)
Their children were:
John (1853-1924) marr. Ann Jane Allen
James (1855-1943) marr. Mary Ann Shannon
Francis (1857-1929) marr. Helen Tremble
Mary Jane (1860-1935) marr. Cornelius O'Leary
Ellen (1862-1952) marr. Michael Cahill
Edward (1865-1933) marr. 1890 to Hannah Elizabeth Krauss (1867-1947)

Edward Donnelly and Hannah Krauss's children were
James (b.1892)
Elizabeth Jane (b.1896) marr. John Cooke
Edward (b.1899) marr. Thelma Kitty Johanson
Margaret (b.1901) marr. James Bray
William (b.1904) marr. Caroline Irene Grob
Ellen (b.1908) marr. William John Wright
Francis (b. 1910)
We have a lot of information, including land records of Virginia. We hope to hear from others with an interest in this line. In 2013 we were given the care of a vase owned by Jane Donnelly, and an original baby photo of William Donnelly (b1904). We are happy to share a photo of these and other items.


We are researching Michael ERHART and Christiana Wilhelmine HAIDLE family of Allora Qld. The name is spelt a lot of different ways including ERHARDT.We would enjoy talking to anyone interested in this pioneer family of Allora.

BORN: 11.01.1833 Baden Germany
DIED: 25.02.1889 Allora Cemetery
PARENTS: ERHART Joseph & WEIS Elizabeth

SPOUSE: HAIDLE Christiane Wilhelmine
BORN: 25.10.1835 Stetten Wurtenburg Germany
DIED: 15.02.1915 Allora Cemetery

MARRIED: 02.08.1858 St Andrews Lutheran Church Wickham Terrace Brisbane

Michael left Germany aboard the 364 ton Johann Caesar departing Hamburg 18.09.1852 arrived Sydney 12.01.1853. He was listed as a Shepherd from Kferthal.
Michael and Christiana built Roseneath, one of the first houses in Allora, in 1862, and the family name was well known in Allora until the passing of my grandmother Edna Erhardt nee Hansen in 1987

Katrina Sarah b. 07.04.1860
Joseph b. 04.07.1862 d.19.12.1944 m. LENEY Ellen E
Sara Louise b. 26.03.1864
Christiana b. 17.02.1866 d. 16.03.1866
Susan b. 14.04.1868 d. 16.09.1915 m. LOWE Francis W
Frederick Arthur b. 26.05.1870 d. 03.08.1957 m. ERNST Lilian C (Dis great grandparents)
Christiana Wilhelmina b. 09.07.1873 d. 04.03.1958

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ERNST Family of Clifton Qld

Carl Ernst, his wife Christine and their three boys emigrated from Prussia where they settled in the Clifton district near Allora Qld. Their son William married Caroline Streeb and these are my great grandparents. Contact us for more on these families.
BORN: 20.09.1819 Lampersdorf, Prussia (shipping record)
DIED: 14.08.1903 Clifton QLD


BORN: . .1824
DIED: 09.08.1890 Allora QLD

MARRIED: . .1844 (c) Germany.

Wilhelm (William) b. 15.04.1850 d. 10.02.1916 m. STREEP Caroline
Hermann (Henry) b. 19.11.1856 d. 18.06.1926 m. PACHOLKE Minna E
Robert b. 1861 d. 11.11.1917 m. FIELDER Elizabeth

Grob family of Glen Innes NSW

The Grob family is of great interest to us. Most Grob's in the early years seem to descend from Phillip Grob (1806-1893) and Theckla Rotger (1809-1875).

Their children included
Joseph Martin (see below)
Heinrich (1843-1942) marr. Eva Harriet Fletcher
Christian (d. 1895)

Joseph Martin 1836-1910) marr. Carolina Josephina Schwed (1849-1916)
They had 11 children that we know of including:
Arthur William (1881-1962) who marr. Eva Isabella Craig (1885-1961).
Arthur and Eva had 7 children including Caroline Irene (1908-1974) who married William Donnelly (1904-1991)
We hold information on all of these families

HANSEN - Hans Peter and Rhoda SPRINGATE

We dont know a great deal about Peter and his family, but know a lot about Rhodas line. We had the pleasure of meeting several of Edna's siblings in the 1990's.
The Springate family is our most interesting line and we encourage people to find out more by contacting us..

BORN: 27.07.1873 Hillsend (?) Denmark
DIED: 29.01.1945 (1946 recorded on headstone), buried at Allora
PARENTS: HANSEN Jorgen Peter & JENSEN Johanna

BORN: 07.11.1886 Pratten Qld
DIED: 16.03.1966 buried at Allora
PARENTS: SPRINGATE William Henry & STEEL Elizabeth

MARRIED: 07.11.1906 St James Anglican Pratten


Florence May b. 22.08.1907
Harold Peter b. 10.03.1909 (?)
Irene Elizabeth b. 28.07.1910
Doris Evelyn b. 24.08.1912
Agnes Johanna b. 08.08.1914
Edna Mabel b. 05.12.1915 d. 12.06.1987 m. Arthur William Erhardt (Di's grandparents)
Eric John b. 02.02.1918
Hazel Mary b. d. aged 5
Mervyn Charles b. 29.05.1920
Lorna Jean b. 29. .1922
Alan Keith b. 16.07.1924
Aubrey Milton b. 1925/26
Dulcie Merle b.
Iris b. d. at birth

HARTWIG - Pastor August Daniel Hartwig of Douglas Qld

Wayne and I have been researching Pastor August Daniel Hartwig for a lot of years, and have a lot of information on this family. Pastor AD Hartwig was a lutheran minister around Qld. . Please contact us to talk about this very interesting family.

NAME: HARTWIG August Daniel
BORN: 25.10.1850 Fuerstensee in Pommern, GERMANY
DIED: 16.12.1921 Buried Douglas Qld Cemetery

SPOUSE: STABE Wilhelmine Amalie
BORN: 18.04.1855 Alplacht Brandenburg (Now Berlin)
DIED: 10.09.1930 Buried Douglas Qld Cemetery
PARENTS: Carl Wilhelm Rudolph STABE & Marie Louisa HESS

MARRIED: 11.05.1876 Zillmere Qld # 0055

1. John Carl Ferdinand b. 25.12.1876 d. 03.01.1942 m. Geitz Sophia (Wayne's ancestor)
2. David Daniel b. 29.03.1878 d. 02.03.1961 m. Hartwig Martha Maria
3. Maria Caroline b. 19.10.1879 d. m. Pukullus Herman
4. Samuel Simeon b. 17.10.1881 d. 06.11.1963 m. Polzin Lucia
5. Paulus Petrus b. 10.12.1883 d. 09.08.1950 m. Pukullus Helena
6. Jacob Joshua b. 12.04.1886 d. 24.02.1955 m. Pukullus Annie
7. Ruth Lydia b. 15.03.1888 d. 08.03.1974 m. Abraham Bill
8. Benjamin b. 19.06.1891 d. 29.05.1971 m. Pukullus Bertha
9. Miriam Martha b. 05.08.1893 d. m. Pukullus Edward

Heffernan Henry and Catherine Gurrundah to Deepwater/Glen Innes NSW

Henry Heffernan (1864-1955) and Catherine ne ONeill formerly OKeefe (1855-1947) relocated with some of their family from the Gurrundah district to Morven Deepwater in 1908. Both are buried in Glen Innes NSW cemetery. Henry and Catherine had 7 children. (details held)
Theresa Hannah married Thomas J OBrien
Johanna married William Robert OBrien
Honora Anna married Sydney J Barnett
Mary Magdeline married Thomas W Storrier
Ethel Matilda married Joseph Hembrow
Henry married Florence Muriel Moule

Catherine was previously married to Francis OKeefe (1836-1881)
They had 5 children
Timothy John married Matilda C Kennedy
John Thomas married Margaret Archer
Owen married Mary McCabe
Francis Patrick Phillipina J McCabe
Anne Mary

Henry Heffernans was the only known child of Thomas Heffernan (1839-1923) and Hannah Clancy. Thomas traveled to Northern Tablelands with Henrys party, and is buried in Glen Innes cemetery.
Tom is of great interest to us. The are so many family stories, and inconsistent records that we are compiling a spreadsheet on all the Heffernans of the Southern Highlands area to sort out families. Tom settled in a small area with other Heffernan families, and we have photos of some of these family members in our original photo collection, and a lot of family stories tell us there is a connection and a rift, but we have not yet found a connection, if there is one.

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HOPPE - Hugo Paul Hoppe and Johanna Minge of Qld

Wayne and I have been researching Hugo Paul Hoppe and Johanna Minge for a long time and have a lot of information on them. We would enjoy hearing from anyone with an interest in this family.
NAME: HOPPE Hugo Paul (Known as Paul)
BORN: 10.03.1867 Hamburg Germany
DIED: 20.06.1906 Buried at Cabarlah Qld
PARENTS: HOPPE Carl Ernst & MULLER Susanne Pauline

SPOUSE: MINGE Johanna Emilie
BORN: 24.04.1876 Sterbenin Lavenberg Germany
DIED: 06.06.1955
PARENTS: MINGE Ferdinand & LIELKE Emilie

MARRIED: 07.10.1896 . Lutheran Church, Highfields, QLD

1. George Frederick MINGE b. 03.07.1896
2. Olga Wilhelmina b. 27.04.1899
3. Alexis Wilhelm Ferdinand b. 20.05.1901 m. Esther Louise Hartwig (Waynes grandparents)
4. Emilie Alwina Natalie b. 22.01.1904
5. Edward Rudolf Frederick b. 21.04.1906

2nd Marriage Of Johanna
NAME: ERB Wilhelm Heinrich
BORN: 21.01.1880
DIED: 04.12.1979
MARRIED: 05.03.1908 At Brides house, Geham, QLD.

CHILDREN 2nd Marriage
6. Fredericke Augusta b. 12.09.1908
7. Sarah Jane b. 24.01.1911
8. Alice Marjorie b. 02.05.1912
9. Mary Ellen b. 09.10.1915