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TWOMEY marriages 1915-1934 Victoria Australia

TWOMEY marriages 1915-1934 Victoria Australia.

TWOMEY (males)

married: 1916 Rose BANSTON.

John Charles
married: 1916 Mary Ann BARBER.

Michael Francis
married: 1919 Mary Adeline BROMLEY.

married: 1920 Nellie SHACKLETON.

William Ignatius
married: 1922 Edith Clara BERESFORD.

married: 1922 Johanna Mary VAUGHAN.

Reginald Langulac
married: 1923 Lalla Mary NAPTHINE.

Francis Patrick
married: 1925 Eliza Mary DEACON.

William Patrick
married: 1926 Rose Ellen LOVETT.

Richard George
married: 1926 Marie BRAEMAR.

married: 1927 Millicent Christina CARY.

Allan Noel
married: 1928 Eileen Mary HOGAN.

James Lawrence
married: 1932 Ellen AMES.

Robert John
married: 1933 Hilda May VAUGHAN.

Conrad Alexander Joseph
married: 1933 Hazel Mavis ARMSTRONG.

TWOMEY (females)

Bridget Honora
married: 1916 Patrick Francis VIGARS.

married: 1917 Michael Patrick MCKENNA.

Barbara Elizabeth
married: 1918 Thomas Joseph DALTON.

Emily Margaret
married: 1919 Daniel Patrick CLYDESDALE.

married: 1920 Francis SHERRIN.

Mary Catherine
married: 1921 Frederick John OBRIEN.

Lilly May
married: 1922 Ernest Charles Frederick ANSELL.

Ada Maria
married: 1922 Percival Lawrence William COLLINS.

Margaret Mary
married: 1922 Charles Samson DEBNAM.

Mary Veronica
married: 1923 William MORAN.

married: 1923 Robert Stewart ROLPH.

Alice May
married: 1925 Michael Alexander Ivan WOOLARD.

Adeline Irene Mary
married: 1925 David Francis John HOPKINS.

Winifred Mary
married: 1925 Lawrence Martin HENRY.

Rose Louise
married: 1926 Ernest BASSETT.

Bessie Kathleen
married: 1927 Hugh Rupert DONELLY.

Dorothy May
married: 1928 Lawrence William FRISBY.

married: 1931 John Vincent De HIGHDEN.

Gertrude Kent
married: 1933 Ernest Stanley VARCOE.

Alma Elizabeth
married: 1934 Robert Joseph GUY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TWOMEY lines.

JN 62776

FRISBY marriages 1873-1938 Victoria Australia

FRISBY marriages 1873-1938 Victoria Australia.

FRISBY (males)

married: 1878 Katherine MCDONALD.

married: 1881 Maria HOGAN.

married: 1883 Ellen ROCHFORD.

married: 1888 Alice LAITY.

Thomas Edward
married: 1894 Louisa FARR.

Augustus Henry
married: 1901 Rosina McIntosh WYBAR.

Lawrence William
married: 1928 Dorothy May TWOMEY.

Charles Jacob
married: 1928 Georgina Edna MOYES.

FRISBY (females)

married: 1873 Denis LYNCH.

married: 1875 James SHEEDY.

married: 1885 Walter Charles KING.

Eleanor Theresa
married: 1888 Henry Andrew BALL.

married: 1890 John OBRIEN.

married: 1915 Harold EINSIEDEL.

married: 1917 Daniel MCGRATH.

married: 1918 Les CRUMP.

married: 1920 Victor COLLINS.

Mary Monica
married: 1923 Westoll LAWSON.

married: 1938 Alan Edwin MCGONIGAL.

Please note.
The first FRISBY marriage located in Victoria was 1873.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the FRISBY lines.

JN 62766

CRUMP marriages 1905-1924 Victoria Australia

CRUMP marriages 1905-1924 Victoria Australia.

CRUMP (males)

Edward Samuel James
married: 1905 Florence Victoria HUNNAN.

William James
married: 1907 Ethel May GRANT.

Walter Thomas
married: 1908 Jane Gilbert BROWN.

Henry Isaac
married: 1912 Gertrude Florence NEVILLE.

married: 1913 Helen JOHNSTON.

Albert Henry
married: 1913 Hazel May ORDISH.

married: 1914 Edith May BELL.

William Herbert
married: 1914 Edith BOYLE.

married: 1915 Margaret Edith PAVEY.

married: 1918 Ellen FRISBY.

Walter Joseph
married: 1918 Bridget Florence LEWIS.

George Heaton
married: 1920 Ruth Eleana EDGLEY.

married: 1921 Gwladys Valmai WILLIAMS.

George Ernest
married: 1922 Cora Ida JONES.

Sandell Robert
married: 1923 Eva May HENDRA.

married: 1923 Stella Evelyn COLLINS.

Stanley Ernest
married: 1923 Cora Jane LEAMAN.

married: 1924 Elsie Mary GARDINER.

CRUMP (females)

Edith Jane
married: 1905 Edward CASSON.

Edith Maude
married: 1907 Thomas William Harris PHILLIPS.

married: 1907 Albert HICKS.

Ruby Maud
married: 1910 Edward WARD.

Georgina Helen
married: 1911 James KIRWIN.

Mabel Mary
married: 1912 William Joseph FLANAGAN.

Mary Amelia
married: 1912 John Harold Leonard TYRRELL.

Alice Gertrude
married: 1914 Joseph BEDFORD.

Annie Florence
married: 914 Henry William HEGARTY.

Elsie Olive Marion
married: 1914 Joseph John JOHNSON.

Beatrice Grace
married: 1915 William George Walton WHIPP.

Gertrude Mary
married: 1918 William Henry BUTTERWORTH.

Ethel Maud
married: 1919 James Allan SMITH.

Kate Henrietta
married: 1919 Robert Forrester JAMIESON.

Ann Angela
married: 1921 James Joseph DUFFUS.

Ada Josephine
married: 1921 Stanley Charles ROBINSON.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1922 Cecil ERIKSSON.

Josephine Mary
married: 1923 Cornelius James GODFREY.

Dorothy Irene
married: 1923 Oswald James SWORD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CRUMP lines.

JN 62753

CHISLETT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

CHISLETT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

CHISLETT (males)

Frederick Arthur
married: 1921 Vera May ROBB.

John Henry
married: 1921 Mary Ethel HALSALL.

married: 1921 Josephine HORAN.

Stanley Henry
married: 1922 Ruby Pearl HOLLOWAY.

John Charles
married: 1922 Vera Sarah Jane MURFITT.

Albert William
married: 1926 Inez Jean BOYLE.

married: 1927 Jean STRUTH.

Ernest George
married: 1933 Gladys Daisy Melba TUCKER.

Arthur Keith
married: 1936 Lorna Eliza SQUIRES.

William Gordon
married: 1940 Clarice Victoria SQUIRES.

Robert Lindsay
married: 1941 Eunice Alberta BROWN.

Edwin George
married: 1942 Ethel Elizabeth MAIN.

CHISLETT (females)

Alma Beatrice
married: 1921 Richard Digby BROCK.

Florence Hope
married: 1921 Percy Woodlands BEARD.

Edith Muriel Wilson
married: 1923 James Blunt DICKINSON.

Hilda Jane
married: 1924 Herbert Walter HUNT.

Margaret Bertha
married: 1927 Henry James PASSMORE.

Edna Pearl
married: 1928 William Henry HUNTON.

Lillian Emily
married: 1928 John Michael BOYLE.

Muriel Grace
married: 1932 Rexford Joseph HEAZLEWOOD.

Beatrice Amy
married: 1937 Alfred William ADAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CHISLETT lines.

JN 62744

JUDGE marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia

JUDGE marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia.

JUDGE (males)

Ernest Calvin
married: 1923 Edith Adrian MCKINNON.

George Earnshaw
married: 1923 Dorothy Yuile MOORE.

Arthur George
married: 1923 Evelyn Matilda BENNETT.

Albert Hilary
married: 1926 Annie CHAPPEL.

Charles Saunders
married: 1930 Venie Gladys PENTLAND.

Keith Stanley
married: 1931 Kathleen Teresa MCMAHON.

Edwin Henry Earnshaw
married: 1931 Doris LAMB.

married: 1938 Violet Cecelia CLARK.

Arthur Calvin
married: 1939 Sinclair Amelia BRUMBY.

John Wesley Boyd
married: 1939 Mary Margaret NESBITT.

John Henry
married: 1940 Violet May SPARGO.

Robert Poyntz
married: 1942 Flora Anne PHILLIPS.

Geoffrey Thomas
married: 1942 Joyce Marie BLAMEY.

JUDGE (females)

Elsie Vera
married: 1923 Kenneth Gibbons HOOPER.

Louisa Anne Earnshaw
married: 1924 Charles Caldwell HAM.

Winifred Alice Maude
married: 1924 Alfred ROBINSON.

Mary Patricia
married: 1925 Thomas Gregory WILLIAMS.

married: 1925 George Harvey ROULSTON.

Florence Linda
married: 1928 John Clarkson DONOHUE.

Merle Earnshaw
married: 1929 Herbert Ernest JACKS.

Christina Florence
married: 1932 Robert Dick ANDERSON.

Annie Catherine
married: 1932 Leo PLUMMER.

Miriam Clara May
married: 1933 Harold Ernest LUCAS.

Myra Beryl
married: 1935 George Colin Collinson MAXIELD.

Rosalie Myrtle
married: 1935 John Francis Herbert PARSONS.

Doris Jean Linda
married: 1935 Bertie Roy ATHERTON.

Kathleen Joyce
married: 1936 Ronald Ivan HOPCROFT.

Jean Linda
married: 1937 Burton Alexander TERRY.

Esme Hilda Florence
married: 1938 Wesley Colin MAYALL.

Ruby Jean
married: 1940 Gifford Gordon CARTER.

Mary Eva
married: 1941 Allan John RAMSAY.

Gwendoline Grace
married: 1941 Eric William HOLLAND.

Alma Louise Frances
married: 1942 Mervyn Alexander MATHESON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JUDGE lines.

JN 62729

PENFOLD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

PENFOLD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

PENFOLD (males)

Herbert Charles
married: 1922 Florence Irene BURMEISTER.

William James
married: 1923 Irene Mary SEEDSMAN.

William Charles
married: 1925 Edna Adelaide VOND.

Charles William
married: 1928 Ellen Louisa DUNSTONE.

Laurence George
married: 1932 Catherine Hope COAD.

John Blake
married: 1933 Ellen Bridget MAGUIRE.

married: 1933 Bessie Atkins BETTS.

Norman John
married: 1933 Daisy May BOND.

Henry Boyd
married: 1934 Mary Aotea CAMPBELL.

married: 1936 Jessie PETHEBRIDGE.

Marchant Eric Harvey
married: 1937 Vi Clare Adele ETHRIDGE.

Alexander Rex
married: 1940 Hazel ELLWOOD.

John Alfred
married: 1940 Millicent May HEFFERNAN.

PENFOLD (females)

Ida Alice
married: 1921 Clarence Arthur Wesley SMETHURST.

Phoebe Una
married: 1921 Athol Gordon STEWART.

married: 1921 James KELLY.

Jessie Annette
married: 1922 Ellis Day REID.

Louisa Moubray
married: 1924 Arthur Howard ARNOLDT.

Alice Maude
married: 1925 Philip Charles FERMINO.

married: 1926 Harold Edward FLEER.

Gwenda Rita
married: 1929 Rupert Richard Stephen GANES.

married: 1936 Alfred William TIERNEY.

married: 1942 Charles RALPH.

Edna Muriel
married: 1942 Leonard Clive LOUGOON.

Irene Mavis
married: 1942 Prescott Vivian DYASON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENFOLD lines.

JN 62711

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia.

MARLOW (males)

married: 1847 Mary SULLIVAN.

married: 1853 Emma PARSONS.

married: 1861 Catherine Dunn SUTHERLAND.

Charles Henry
married: 1881 Elizabeth Charlotte JACKSON.

Henry Thomas Wellington
married: 1886 Emily HOOPER.

married: 1888 Sarah MAHONEY.

married: 1891 Jeanie MADDEN.

married: 1909 Annie MCKENRY.

Albert Augustus
married: 1912 Madge Margareta CARROLL.

Charles Edward
married: 1916 Ellen Turpin CLEE.

James Thomas
married: 1916 Mary Theodore EMMETT.

married: 1918 Ruth Devine BROWN.

Percy Albert
married: 1919 Edith Katherine CASTLEY.

George Herbert
married: 1920 Louisa WELSH.

married: 1920 Ethel Eleanor TUCKER.

Albert Edward
married: 1923 Marjory Christina SAUNDERS.

Allen Sharp
married: 1924 Eva Lillian JONES.

married: 1926 Charlotte Annie HILL.

Henry Edward Wellington
married: 1927 Alice Louisa GREY.

Roger Bede
married: 1928 Annie Blanche CURTIES.

Vernon Reginald
married: 1934 Eva May FORREST.

Robert William Arthur
married: 1939 Mavis Emily BARTLETT.

James Ernest
married: 1940 Thelma Joy CLARKE.

Arthur Percy Oswald
married: 1940 Ada Cornelius Ellen Nelson WYATT.

MARLOW (females)

married: 1856 Robert SANDY.

married: 1859 Richard LANGRIDGE.

married: 1860 Thomas WAGHORN.

married: 1861 Henry LANE.

Charlotte Jane
married: 1867 Charles Michael QUIRK.

married: 1877 George MIALL.

married: 1879 Permewan CHENHALLS.

Eliza Jane
married: 1891 Timothy John WALSH.

Eva Isabel
married: 1910 Thomas HUTTON.

Hilda Alice
married: 1912 William Arthur ROSS.

married: 1912 William John COLLYER.

married: Ronald Roy HAYLES.

Charlotte Louisa Mary
married: 1916 Frederick BULL.

married: 1917 Arthur METLARS.

Mabel Grace
married: 1920 George Andrew COCHRAN.

Annie Margaret
married: 1923 Robert George BROWN.

Pearl Eileen Turpin
married: 1929 Dick HARRIS.

Eva Brice
married: 1937 Gordon Harold MASON.

Alma Emilie
married: 1939 Arthur Noel LANE.

Maisie Ruty
married: 1940 Edward Charles DOWDELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MARLOW lines.

JN 62704

LANGRIDGE marriages 1859-1920 Victoria Australia

LANGRIDGE marriages 1859-1920 Victoria Australia.


married: 1859 Anne WITCOMB.

married: 1859 Elizabeth MARLOW.

married: 1861 Anney CUMMINGS.

John William
married: 1873 Emma BURROWS.

George Thomas
married: 1884 Ellen Annie DARLING.

Samuel Robert
married: 1890 Mary Margaret TIPPING.

Alfred George Henry
married: 1891 Mary Ann ALDER.

Arthur David
married: 1892 Mary Anna CHURCHES.

George Witcomb
married: 1892 Alice MACKWELL.

married: 1893 Nancy TURPENY.

Arthur David
married: 1901 Ethel STEELE.

Robert David
married: 1903 Mary Mears Jackson VICKERY.

Arthur George
married: 1908 Nellie VICKERY.

Charles George
married: 1914 Helen BURNS.

Gordon David
married: 1914 Kathleen Eileen Elizabeth DODDS.

Joseph Bernard
married: 1919 Claire Josephine DUNN.

LANGRIDGE (females)

Mary Anne
married: 1878 Dougald MCCOLL.

married: 1878 John COFFEY.

Jane Carol
married: 1891 Robert Wallace BEST.

Emma Louise
married: 1882 George Golding WOOD.

Jane Susannah Louisa
married: 1884 William CADMAN.

Elizabeth Lucy Ann
married: 1888 James HIGGINSON.

Blanch Meige Florence
married: 1892 James Charles TIGHE.

Elizabeth Maria
married: 1895 Jacob TORNEY.

Hannah Amelia
married: 1896 Edwin DELLAN.

Emma Jane
married: 1902 William Arthur HAY.

Annie Christina
married: 1912 Charles William BATH.

Dorothy Ellen
married: 1916 Charles Gerald HACK.

Ivy Llewellyn
married: 1918 Leslie Clarence GRAYSON.

married: 1919 Harry Albert David MCKENZIE.

Daisy Elizabeth
married: 1920 John Samuel TOOHEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LANGRIDGE lines.

JN 26700

TRANTER marriages 1852-1896 Victoria Australia

TRANTER marriages 1852-1896 Victoria Australia.

TRANTER (males)

married: 1952 Rose WHITE.

Edwin Kirk
married: 1855 Wyndham Julia Mary DENNIS.

married: 1857 Anne DEVITT.

married: 1861 Margaret Anne OBRIEN.

married: 1865 Hannah Houldcroft EDWARDS.

Charles Evendon
married: 1867 Mary Anne ROBERTS.

married: 1868 Caroline ANSTEE.

Edwin Thomas Bracey
married: 1871 Sarah Ann BASSETT.

married: 1875 Ann Maria BROWN.

married: 1876 Ellen BLAKLEY.

Henry Vincent
married: 1876 Martha WILLIAMS.

William Allan
married: 1879 Sarah USAHER.

married: 1880 Maria WEBB.

married: 1881 Elizabeth Ann EATWELL.

William Joseph
married: 1881 Eliza Jane STODDART.

Edward Walford
married: 1885 Mary Ann EATWELL.

Joseph Henry
married: 1886 Harriet Manola SHUGG.

Alfred Edward Stephen
married: 1888 Mary Elizabeth GARDINER.

William George Herbert
married: 1889 Ellen BROADBENT.

Edwin Thomas Bracey
married: 1892 Rosetta Helena BARRETT.

Charles Herbert
married: 1893 Ada Alice CARY.

married: 1895 Catherine FORD.

married: 1895 Emily Eva YOUNG.

Joseph Henry
married: 1896 Mary Ann Maud MOWRANT.

TRANTER (females)

married: 1855 David BOWERS.

Sarah Ann
married: 1856 John ELDERFIELD.

Frances Agnes
married: 1860 William CLISBY.

Mary Jane
married: 1874 Evan BONA.

married: 1875 John SHEPPARD.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1878 James Thomas Warren EDGERTON.

Susanna Maria
married: 1882 William Shakespeare HOOK.

Mary Jane
married: 1885 Fitzroy Herbert Mundy SLOCOMBE.

Agnes Annie
married: 1890 George Trestain BUDGE.

married: 1891 Charles BARNETT.

married: 1892 Francis Henry LACEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TRANTER lines.

JN 62688

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia.

DEVITT (males)

John Edward
married: 1912 Lily Mabel Florence HOOPER.

married: 1913 Elizabeth ODONNELL.

married: 1913 Ellen BUCKLEY.

married: 1915 Johanna MCKEW.

married: 1918 Hilda Mary DUFFY.

William George
married: 1918 Catherine WELSH.

Clarence Alan William
married: 1919 Constance TANCOE.

William James
married: 1920 Johanna COLLINS.

John Leslie
married: 1921 Gladys Muriel HAYES.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1921 Christina Veronica ARCHER.

James Thomas
married: 1922 Lucy Mary GOODGER.

William James
married: 1924 Margaret Joan TODD.

James Douglas
married: 1925 Melville BROWN.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1926 Violet May WEICKHART.

John Bernard
married: 1926 Myrtle May MURPHY.

Daniel Augustine
married: 1929 Annie Bindon WELSH.

Julian Vincent
married: 1931 Lila Marion GEERING.

DEVITT (females)

Eden Elizabeth
married: 1912 Percy Vincent LEONARD.

married: 1913 John HILL.

married: 1914 Albert GERAGHTY.

Catherine Evis
married: 1914 William FELDT.

Victoria Grace
married: 1917 Herbert Bouchier KIRSCH.

Bridget Agnes
married: 1919 James MCGRATH.

Elizabeth Ellen
married: 1921 Alfred Chanter MITCHELL.

Muriel May
married: 1922 Thomas Robert LOWES.

Adelaide Sarah
married: 1922 Stanislaus Francis HYRONS.

married: 1923 Timothy Michael OBRIEN.

Mary Jane
married: 1924 Richard HEFFORD.

Ethel May
married: 1924 William Herbert RICKETTS.

Eileen Maud
married: 1925 George Philip RYAN.

Evelyn Ethel
married: 1925 Philip Roger Bede GILBERT.

Edna Louise
married: 1925 Leslie Charles FANNING.

Julia Noel
married: 1926 Alan Vernon Ambrose ORR.

Ellen Monica
married: 1929 Augustus Walter SMITH.

Lily Elizabeth
married: 1931 John Hubert ODONOHUE.

Florence Price
married: 1931 Albert Edward LANGRIDGE.

Catherine Eileen
married: 1932 Walter John PESCUD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DEVITT lines.

JN 62682