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CRUMP marriages 1905-1924 Victoria Australia

CRUMP marriages 1905-1924 Victoria Australia.

CRUMP (males)

Edward Samuel James
married: 1905 Florence Victoria HUNNAN.

William James
married: 1907 Ethel May GRANT.

Walter Thomas
married: 1908 Jane Gilbert BROWN.

Henry Isaac
married: 1912 Gertrude Florence NEVILLE.

married: 1913 Helen JOHNSTON.

Albert Henry
married: 1913 Hazel May ORDISH.

married: 1914 Edith May BELL.

William Herbert
married: 1914 Edith BOYLE.

married: 1915 Margaret Edith PAVEY.

married: 1918 Ellen FRISBY.

Walter Joseph
married: 1918 Bridget Florence LEWIS.

George Heaton
married: 1920 Ruth Eleana EDGLEY.

married: 1921 Gwladys Valmai WILLIAMS.

George Ernest
married: 1922 Cora Ida JONES.

Sandell Robert
married: 1923 Eva May HENDRA.

married: 1923 Stella Evelyn COLLINS.

Stanley Ernest
married: 1923 Cora Jane LEAMAN.

married: 1924 Elsie Mary GARDINER.

CRUMP (females)

Edith Jane
married: 1905 Edward CASSON.

Edith Maude
married: 1907 Thomas William Harris PHILLIPS.

married: 1907 Albert HICKS.

Ruby Maud
married: 1910 Edward WARD.

Georgina Helen
married: 1911 James KIRWIN.

Mabel Mary
married: 1912 William Joseph FLANAGAN.

Mary Amelia
married: 1912 John Harold Leonard TYRRELL.

Alice Gertrude
married: 1914 Joseph BEDFORD.

Annie Florence
married: 914 Henry William HEGARTY.

Elsie Olive Marion
married: 1914 Joseph John JOHNSON.

Beatrice Grace
married: 1915 William George Walton WHIPP.

Gertrude Mary
married: 1918 William Henry BUTTERWORTH.

Ethel Maud
married: 1919 James Allan SMITH.

Kate Henrietta
married: 1919 Robert Forrester JAMIESON.

Ann Angela
married: 1921 James Joseph DUFFUS.

Ada Josephine
married: 1921 Stanley Charles ROBINSON.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1922 Cecil ERIKSSON.

Josephine Mary
married: 1923 Cornelius James GODFREY.

Dorothy Irene
married: 1923 Oswald James SWORD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CRUMP lines.

JN 62753

CHISLETT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

CHISLETT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

CHISLETT (males)

Frederick Arthur
married: 1921 Vera May ROBB.

John Henry
married: 1921 Mary Ethel HALSALL.

married: 1921 Josephine HORAN.

Stanley Henry
married: 1922 Ruby Pearl HOLLOWAY.

John Charles
married: 1922 Vera Sarah Jane MURFITT.

Albert William
married: 1926 Inez Jean BOYLE.

married: 1927 Jean STRUTH.

Ernest George
married: 1933 Gladys Daisy Melba TUCKER.

Arthur Keith
married: 1936 Lorna Eliza SQUIRES.

William Gordon
married: 1940 Clarice Victoria SQUIRES.

Robert Lindsay
married: 1941 Eunice Alberta BROWN.

Edwin George
married: 1942 Ethel Elizabeth MAIN.

CHISLETT (females)

Alma Beatrice
married: 1921 Richard Digby BROCK.

Florence Hope
married: 1921 Percy Woodlands BEARD.

Edith Muriel Wilson
married: 1923 James Blunt DICKINSON.

Hilda Jane
married: 1924 Herbert Walter HUNT.

Margaret Bertha
married: 1927 Henry James PASSMORE.

Edna Pearl
married: 1928 William Henry HUNTON.

Lillian Emily
married: 1928 John Michael BOYLE.

Muriel Grace
married: 1932 Rexford Joseph HEAZLEWOOD.

Beatrice Amy
married: 1937 Alfred William ADAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CHISLETT lines.

JN 62744

JUDGE marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia

JUDGE marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia.

JUDGE (males)

Ernest Calvin
married: 1923 Edith Adrian MCKINNON.

George Earnshaw
married: 1923 Dorothy Yuile MOORE.

Arthur George
married: 1923 Evelyn Matilda BENNETT.

Albert Hilary
married: 1926 Annie CHAPPEL.

Charles Saunders
married: 1930 Venie Gladys PENTLAND.

Keith Stanley
married: 1931 Kathleen Teresa MCMAHON.

Edwin Henry Earnshaw
married: 1931 Doris LAMB.

married: 1938 Violet Cecelia CLARK.

Arthur Calvin
married: 1939 Sinclair Amelia BRUMBY.

John Wesley Boyd
married: 1939 Mary Margaret NESBITT.

John Henry
married: 1940 Violet May SPARGO.

Robert Poyntz
married: 1942 Flora Anne PHILLIPS.

Geoffrey Thomas
married: 1942 Joyce Marie BLAMEY.

JUDGE (females)

Elsie Vera
married: 1923 Kenneth Gibbons HOOPER.

Louisa Anne Earnshaw
married: 1924 Charles Caldwell HAM.

Winifred Alice Maude
married: 1924 Alfred ROBINSON.

Mary Patricia
married: 1925 Thomas Gregory WILLIAMS.

married: 1925 George Harvey ROULSTON.

Florence Linda
married: 1928 John Clarkson DONOHUE.

Merle Earnshaw
married: 1929 Herbert Ernest JACKS.

Christina Florence
married: 1932 Robert Dick ANDERSON.

Annie Catherine
married: 1932 Leo PLUMMER.

Miriam Clara May
married: 1933 Harold Ernest LUCAS.

Myra Beryl
married: 1935 George Colin Collinson MAXIELD.

Rosalie Myrtle
married: 1935 John Francis Herbert PARSONS.

Doris Jean Linda
married: 1935 Bertie Roy ATHERTON.

Kathleen Joyce
married: 1936 Ronald Ivan HOPCROFT.

Jean Linda
married: 1937 Burton Alexander TERRY.

Esme Hilda Florence
married: 1938 Wesley Colin MAYALL.

Ruby Jean
married: 1940 Gifford Gordon CARTER.

Mary Eva
married: 1941 Allan John RAMSAY.

Gwendoline Grace
married: 1941 Eric William HOLLAND.

Alma Louise Frances
married: 1942 Mervyn Alexander MATHESON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JUDGE lines.

JN 62729

PENFOLD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

PENFOLD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

PENFOLD (males)

Herbert Charles
married: 1922 Florence Irene BURMEISTER.

William James
married: 1923 Irene Mary SEEDSMAN.

William Charles
married: 1925 Edna Adelaide VOND.

Charles William
married: 1928 Ellen Louisa DUNSTONE.

Laurence George
married: 1932 Catherine Hope COAD.

John Blake
married: 1933 Ellen Bridget MAGUIRE.

married: 1933 Bessie Atkins BETTS.

Norman John
married: 1933 Daisy May BOND.

Henry Boyd
married: 1934 Mary Aotea CAMPBELL.

married: 1936 Jessie PETHEBRIDGE.

Marchant Eric Harvey
married: 1937 Vi Clare Adele ETHRIDGE.

Alexander Rex
married: 1940 Hazel ELLWOOD.

John Alfred
married: 1940 Millicent May HEFFERNAN.

PENFOLD (females)

Ida Alice
married: 1921 Clarence Arthur Wesley SMETHURST.

Phoebe Una
married: 1921 Athol Gordon STEWART.

married: 1921 James KELLY.

Jessie Annette
married: 1922 Ellis Day REID.

Louisa Moubray
married: 1924 Arthur Howard ARNOLDT.

Alice Maude
married: 1925 Philip Charles FERMINO.

married: 1926 Harold Edward FLEER.

Gwenda Rita
married: 1929 Rupert Richard Stephen GANES.

married: 1936 Alfred William TIERNEY.

married: 1942 Charles RALPH.

Edna Muriel
married: 1942 Leonard Clive LOUGOON.

Irene Mavis
married: 1942 Prescott Vivian DYASON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENFOLD lines.

JN 62711

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia.

MARLOW (males)

married: 1847 Mary SULLIVAN.

married: 1853 Emma PARSONS.

married: 1861 Catherine Dunn SUTHERLAND.

Charles Henry
married: 1881 Elizabeth Charlotte JACKSON.

Henry Thomas Wellington
married: 1886 Emily HOOPER.

married: 1888 Sarah MAHONEY.

married: 1891 Jeanie MADDEN.

married: 1909 Annie MCKENRY.

Albert Augustus
married: 1912 Madge Margareta CARROLL.

Charles Edward
married: 1916 Ellen Turpin CLEE.

James Thomas
married: 1916 Mary Theodore EMMETT.

married: 1918 Ruth Devine BROWN.

Percy Albert
married: 1919 Edith Katherine CASTLEY.

George Herbert
married: 1920 Louisa WELSH.

married: 1920 Ethel Eleanor TUCKER.

Albert Edward
married: 1923 Marjory Christina SAUNDERS.

Allen Sharp
married: 1924 Eva Lillian JONES.

married: 1926 Charlotte Annie HILL.

Henry Edward Wellington
married: 1927 Alice Louisa GREY.

Roger Bede
married: 1928 Annie Blanche CURTIES.

Vernon Reginald
married: 1934 Eva May FORREST.

Robert William Arthur
married: 1939 Mavis Emily BARTLETT.

James Ernest
married: 1940 Thelma Joy CLARKE.

Arthur Percy Oswald
married: 1940 Ada Cornelius Ellen Nelson WYATT.

MARLOW (females)

married: 1856 Robert SANDY.

married: 1859 Richard LANGRIDGE.

married: 1860 Thomas WAGHORN.

married: 1861 Henry LANE.

Charlotte Jane
married: 1867 Charles Michael QUIRK.

married: 1877 George MIALL.

married: 1879 Permewan CHENHALLS.

Eliza Jane
married: 1891 Timothy John WALSH.

Eva Isabel
married: 1910 Thomas HUTTON.

Hilda Alice
married: 1912 William Arthur ROSS.

married: 1912 William John COLLYER.

married: Ronald Roy HAYLES.

Charlotte Louisa Mary
married: 1916 Frederick BULL.

married: 1917 Arthur METLARS.

Mabel Grace
married: 1920 George Andrew COCHRAN.

Annie Margaret
married: 1923 Robert George BROWN.

Pearl Eileen Turpin
married: 1929 Dick HARRIS.

Eva Brice
married: 1937 Gordon Harold MASON.

Alma Emilie
married: 1939 Arthur Noel LANE.

Maisie Ruty
married: 1940 Edward Charles DOWDELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MARLOW lines.

JN 62704

LANGRIDGE marriages 1859-1920 Victoria Australia

LANGRIDGE marriages 1859-1920 Victoria Australia.


married: 1859 Anne WITCOMB.

married: 1859 Elizabeth MARLOW.

married: 1861 Anney CUMMINGS.

John William
married: 1873 Emma BURROWS.

George Thomas
married: 1884 Ellen Annie DARLING.

Samuel Robert
married: 1890 Mary Margaret TIPPING.

Alfred George Henry
married: 1891 Mary Ann ALDER.

Arthur David
married: 1892 Mary Anna CHURCHES.

George Witcomb
married: 1892 Alice MACKWELL.

married: 1893 Nancy TURPENY.

Arthur David
married: 1901 Ethel STEELE.

Robert David
married: 1903 Mary Mears Jackson VICKERY.

Arthur George
married: 1908 Nellie VICKERY.

Charles George
married: 1914 Helen BURNS.

Gordon David
married: 1914 Kathleen Eileen Elizabeth DODDS.

Joseph Bernard
married: 1919 Claire Josephine DUNN.

LANGRIDGE (females)

Mary Anne
married: 1878 Dougald MCCOLL.

married: 1878 John COFFEY.

Jane Carol
married: 1891 Robert Wallace BEST.

Emma Louise
married: 1882 George Golding WOOD.

Jane Susannah Louisa
married: 1884 William CADMAN.

Elizabeth Lucy Ann
married: 1888 James HIGGINSON.

Blanch Meige Florence
married: 1892 James Charles TIGHE.

Elizabeth Maria
married: 1895 Jacob TORNEY.

Hannah Amelia
married: 1896 Edwin DELLAN.

Emma Jane
married: 1902 William Arthur HAY.

Annie Christina
married: 1912 Charles William BATH.

Dorothy Ellen
married: 1916 Charles Gerald HACK.

Ivy Llewellyn
married: 1918 Leslie Clarence GRAYSON.

married: 1919 Harry Albert David MCKENZIE.

Daisy Elizabeth
married: 1920 John Samuel TOOHEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LANGRIDGE lines.

JN 26700

TRANTER marriages 1852-1896 Victoria Australia

TRANTER marriages 1852-1896 Victoria Australia.

TRANTER (males)

married: 1952 Rose WHITE.

Edwin Kirk
married: 1855 Wyndham Julia Mary DENNIS.

married: 1857 Anne DEVITT.

married: 1861 Margaret Anne OBRIEN.

married: 1865 Hannah Houldcroft EDWARDS.

Charles Evendon
married: 1867 Mary Anne ROBERTS.

married: 1868 Caroline ANSTEE.

Edwin Thomas Bracey
married: 1871 Sarah Ann BASSETT.

married: 1875 Ann Maria BROWN.

married: 1876 Ellen BLAKLEY.

Henry Vincent
married: 1876 Martha WILLIAMS.

William Allan
married: 1879 Sarah USAHER.

married: 1880 Maria WEBB.

married: 1881 Elizabeth Ann EATWELL.

William Joseph
married: 1881 Eliza Jane STODDART.

Edward Walford
married: 1885 Mary Ann EATWELL.

Joseph Henry
married: 1886 Harriet Manola SHUGG.

Alfred Edward Stephen
married: 1888 Mary Elizabeth GARDINER.

William George Herbert
married: 1889 Ellen BROADBENT.

Edwin Thomas Bracey
married: 1892 Rosetta Helena BARRETT.

Charles Herbert
married: 1893 Ada Alice CARY.

married: 1895 Catherine FORD.

married: 1895 Emily Eva YOUNG.

Joseph Henry
married: 1896 Mary Ann Maud MOWRANT.

TRANTER (females)

married: 1855 David BOWERS.

Sarah Ann
married: 1856 John ELDERFIELD.

Frances Agnes
married: 1860 William CLISBY.

Mary Jane
married: 1874 Evan BONA.

married: 1875 John SHEPPARD.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1878 James Thomas Warren EDGERTON.

Susanna Maria
married: 1882 William Shakespeare HOOK.

Mary Jane
married: 1885 Fitzroy Herbert Mundy SLOCOMBE.

Agnes Annie
married: 1890 George Trestain BUDGE.

married: 1891 Charles BARNETT.

married: 1892 Francis Henry LACEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TRANTER lines.

JN 62688

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia.

DEVITT (males)

John Edward
married: 1912 Lily Mabel Florence HOOPER.

married: 1913 Elizabeth ODONNELL.

married: 1913 Ellen BUCKLEY.

married: 1915 Johanna MCKEW.

married: 1918 Hilda Mary DUFFY.

William George
married: 1918 Catherine WELSH.

Clarence Alan William
married: 1919 Constance TANCOE.

William James
married: 1920 Johanna COLLINS.

John Leslie
married: 1921 Gladys Muriel HAYES.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1921 Christina Veronica ARCHER.

James Thomas
married: 1922 Lucy Mary GOODGER.

William James
married: 1924 Margaret Joan TODD.

James Douglas
married: 1925 Melville BROWN.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1926 Violet May WEICKHART.

John Bernard
married: 1926 Myrtle May MURPHY.

Daniel Augustine
married: 1929 Annie Bindon WELSH.

Julian Vincent
married: 1931 Lila Marion GEERING.

DEVITT (females)

Eden Elizabeth
married: 1912 Percy Vincent LEONARD.

married: 1913 John HILL.

married: 1914 Albert GERAGHTY.

Catherine Evis
married: 1914 William FELDT.

Victoria Grace
married: 1917 Herbert Bouchier KIRSCH.

Bridget Agnes
married: 1919 James MCGRATH.

Elizabeth Ellen
married: 1921 Alfred Chanter MITCHELL.

Muriel May
married: 1922 Thomas Robert LOWES.

Adelaide Sarah
married: 1922 Stanislaus Francis HYRONS.

married: 1923 Timothy Michael OBRIEN.

Mary Jane
married: 1924 Richard HEFFORD.

Ethel May
married: 1924 William Herbert RICKETTS.

Eileen Maud
married: 1925 George Philip RYAN.

Evelyn Ethel
married: 1925 Philip Roger Bede GILBERT.

Edna Louise
married: 1925 Leslie Charles FANNING.

Julia Noel
married: 1926 Alan Vernon Ambrose ORR.

Ellen Monica
married: 1929 Augustus Walter SMITH.

Lily Elizabeth
married: 1931 John Hubert ODONOHUE.

Florence Price
married: 1931 Albert Edward LANGRIDGE.

Catherine Eileen
married: 1932 Walter John PESCUD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DEVITT lines.

JN 62682

WILBY marriages 1851-1920 Victoria Australia

WILBY marriages 1851-1920 Victoria Australia.

WILBY (males)

married: 1851 Martha WHITE.

married: 1873 Catherine DOWNES.

married: 1876 Mary DAVIES.

married: 1878 Elizabeth RAMSEY.

John Charles
married: 1883 Louisa LIPPELGOES.

Francis James
married: 1884 Margaret MCSWEENEY.

married: 1888 Elizabeth HUMPHRIES.

married: 1889 Katie MURRAY.

James Ebenezer
married: 1892 Miriam BENTON.

Charles Edward
married: 1903 Louisa TAYLOR.

Henry George Theodore
married: 1906 Ruby Christina DAVIES.

married: 1907 Alexandria WARKE.

married: 1908 Ethel Linda RICHARDS.

Francis George
married: 1910 Mary Jane TAYLOR.

married: 1912 Ruby SWEETMAN.

David Maurice
married: 1913 Millie Gage SIMPSON.

George Henry Theodore
married: 1914 Catherine Josephine COLLINS.

Horace Gordon
married: 1915 Ida DUMONT.

William George
married: 1915 Eva BRENNAN.

William Franklin
married: 1917 Ellen Frances Cecilia GALVIN.

married: 1919 Lillie Ann SMITH.

WILBY (females)

married: 1889 Alfred Frederick Benjamin WILSON.

Emily Jane
married: 1892 William BEAMENT.

married: 1893 Andrew TUBAT.

married: 1894 Hans Christian LIND.

married: 1902 Albert John ABEL.

Jessie Josephine Maud
married: 1912 Albert Elphinstone SOUTH.

married: 1916 Robert Leslie DEANS.

married: 1917 William John LAIRD.

Christina May
married: 1918 Percival PINDER.

married: 1919 Christopher James ANDERSON.

Alma Christian
married: 1920 Harold Milne MOYES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WILBY lines.

JN 62677

BRERETON marriages 1911-1941 Victoria Australia

BRERETON marriages 1911-1941 Victoria Australia.

BRERETON (males)

Thomas Edward
married: 1912 Florence Elizabeth CORDY.

married: 1913 Margaret MOONEY.

Alfred Ernest
married: 1914 Kathleen DENHAM.

James Reginald
married: 1914 Annie Eliza SHEEHAN.

Henry Evan
married: 1915 Ruby Mabel BILSTON.

James Victor
married: 1915 Mary Ellen WALSH.

James Stanley
married: 1916 Nance Mildred ELLIOTT.

married: 1917 Florence RAMSAY.

William George
married: 1918 Annie MORRIS.

Harold Reuben
married: 1920 Annie Agnes RIMMINGTON.

Herbert Bruce
married: 1920 Eva BOUNDS.

John Henry
married: 1920 Beatrice Maud HARRAP.

married: 1921 Emily WALKER.

Walter Theodore
married: 1921 Olive Ruth WILLIAMS.

Roland Francis
married: 1921 Susannah BARKER.

Thomas William
married: 1921 Hilda Clarissa ROSEWARNE.

Charles David
married: 1921 Stella Marguerite WILKINSON.

John Milne
married: 1922 Agnes Veronica ARMSTRONG.

Alwyn John
married: 1924 Phyllis TUCKER.

married: 1925 Vera Magdaline PELL.

John Milne
married: 1927 Ethel May DENNIS.

married: 1928 Viola Millie HOGG.

John Milne
married: 1930 Vera Eugenie GARDNER.

Kenneth John
married: 1935 Gweneth Rose PUTNAM.

John Gibson
married: 1935 Vera Elizabeth DEGARIS.

John Henry
married: 1937 Ivy Ellen BYRON.

John Gilchrist
married: 1938 Gertrude Ethel DOWNIN.

Robert John
married: 1939 Janet Thelma SAWERS.

Alexander Louis John
married: 1940 Irene Mabel BROOKS.

William John
married: 1941 Mary Clair MARENGO.

BRERETON (females)

Beatrice May
married: 1912 William John HARDY.

Frances Adele
married: 1913 William Ceaphas WARD.

Mary Ann Sarah Jane
married: 1913 Joseph Henry TONKIN.

Liln Emily
married: 1914 Alexander BARRETT.

Myrtle Evelyn
married: 1914 Ernest Arthur OCONNOR.

married: 1915 Frederick William James CARRINGTON.

Rachel Priscilla
married: 1915 Frederick Claude SCRIVEN.

Ruby Isabel
married: 1916 Thomas Frederick LEARED.

married: 1917 Sidney Walter HORROCKS.

married: 1917 James WALL.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1918 Daniel SAWYER.

Gladys Mary Victoria
married: 1918 John Oscar RYAN.

married: 1919 Albert George HORNER.

married: 1919 Thomas YORSTON.

Catherine Agnes
married: 1920 William John IRWIN.

Florence Mary Ruth
married: 1920 Harry Ivan Stanley BAWDEN.

Myrtle Frances
married: 1920 James John PEARCE.

Fardyce Mary
married: 1921 John Barker FINDLAY.

Gertrude Elizabeth
married: 1921 James John CHARITY.

Emily Leila
married: 1921 Kenneth George MCCUBBIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BRERETON lines.

JN 62665