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CROSBIE marriages 1895-1909 Victoria Australia

CROSBIE marriages 1895-1909 Victoria Australia.

CROSBIE (males)

married: 1895 Mary Hannah HENSON.

John Thomas
married: 1896 Annie Jane TREMBATH.

James Walker
married: 1897 Margaret Ann STRATFORD.

married: 1897 Ellen Maud TUPPER.

Charles Wilson
married: 1898 Elizabeth BAKER.

married: 1900 Mary MCDONALD.

William Barry
married: 1900 Wilamena DUFF.

William Gordon
married: 1901 Nettie OATS.

Arthur John
married: 1903 Elsie Myra NEALE.

married: 1905 Agnes Mary ROSE.

Philip Henry
married: 1906 Agatha Katherine OBRYAN.

Thomas William
married: 1906 Margaret Jane MCKENNA.

married: 1907 Jane Ann FEATHERBY.

Walter Edward
married: 1907 Mary Alice ROBINSON.

William Robert
married: 1907 Lillie BROUGHTON.

Matthew Robert
married: 1908 Agnes Maxwell DOWEY.

married: 1901 Rosetta May CROCKER.

CROSBIE (females)

married: 1895 Joseph MORDECAI.

Ellen Jane
married: 1895 Joseph John COOPER.

married: 1897 Thomas Henry CLARKE.

Elizabeth Hay Halliday
married: 1901 William Edward PEVERILL.

married: 1903 Patrick John OFARRELL.

married: 1904 Joseph Thomas CARROLL.

Ethel Eglentine
married: 1904 Percival Charles WAITE.

Margaret Jane
married: 1905 Albert BUGGE.

Sarah Jane
married: 1905 Edward BENNETTS.

Amy Jane
married: 1907 William WILSON.

Catherine Susan
married: 1907 John Charles HAWLEY.

Elsie Mary
married: 1907 George Herbert MILLEDGE.

married: 1907 John Urquhart MCDONALD.

Elizabeth Alexandra
married: 1908 Albert Ormond FELSTEAD.

married: 1909 James REID.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROSBIE lines.

JN 58417

CROW marriages 1879-1900 Victoria Australia

CROW marriages 1879-1900 Victoria Australia.

CROW (males)

Lewis William
married: 1883 Charlotte Jane CLARK.

married: 1883 Jemima PENNINGTON.

William Henry
married: 1884 Hannah Jane LANCASTER.

married: 1885 Emma Julia COLES.

John Patrick
married: 1888 Jane Florence MIDDLETON.

Edmund Nugent
married: 1888 Rosina Frances FRENCH.

George Woodworth
married: 1889 Emma Cecilia CATTACH.

John Alexander
married: 1889 Mary Ann DAVIES.

married: 1890 Kate OSHANNESSY.

married: 1891 Alice OAKLEY.

Robert Turner
married: 1892 Minnie Hermine MIHAN.

John Seywell
married: 1893 Susan Mead CROW.

married: 1897 Alice ROGERS.

Charles Valentine
married: 1898 Christina KENNEDY.

William Hill
married: 1898 Blanche Alice FARMILO.

George Alfred
married: 1899 Catherine NEAL.

married: 1899 Charlotte Mary CLARK.

CROW (females)

Caroline Mary
married: 1879 George Henry PEARCE.

Mary Ann
married: 1880 Alexander CAMPBELL.

Jane Woodworth
married: 1883 John Still HAINES.

married: 1885 John Kolar GIBB.

married: 1886 James Creighton BEDDOE.

married: 1887 Thomas DAVIES.

married: 1887 James MCGEROGE.

Frances Charlotte
married: 1888 John GOUGE.

married: 1889 Thomas WOODS.

Anna Maria
married: 1891 John MULLENS.

married: 1892 Robert LAW.

married: 1893 Thomas Henry NEAL.

Susan Mead
married: 1893 John Seywell CROW.

Annie Louisa
married: 1894 John Thomas TIPPETT.

married: 1896 Ernest Albert KELSON.

married: 1897 Arthur Easton PENGELLY.

Florence Margaret
married: 1897 Arthur Clark DOWN.

married: 1898 Charles Henry PARKER.

married: 1899 Paul MITCHELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROW lines.

JN 58413

CROWTHER marriages 1850-1882 Victoria Australia

CROWTHER marriages 1850-1882 Victoria Australia.

CROWTHER (males)

married: 1850 Sophia Jane Heard BRAY.

Thomas Haig
married: 1854 Elizabeth BELL.

married: 1854 Jane COLLINGE.

married: 1856 Elizabeth BOWLER.

married: 1856 Clarinda Agnes HERINGTON.

married: 1856 Catherine DUGGAN.

married: 1858 Caroline EDMUNDSON.

John Edward
married: 1860 Henrietta BALCH.

married: 1869 Mary MORAN.

Francis Vivian
married: 1869 Constance Jane Mariarty GREEN.

married: 1871 Christina HART.

Edward William Ormerod
married: 1874 Clorinda Annie CORDER.

Horace William
married: 1875 Sophia Matilda BENNETT.

married: 1877 Maria PARKER.

married: 1880 Margery BAIN.

married: 1880 Alexina Ann WHYTE.

Thomas Earl
married: 1881 Ellen Stirling WHITEHEAD.

Samuel Joseph Alfred
married: 1882 Ann GRIMES.

George Henry
married: 1882 Alice Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.

John Henry
married: 1882 Louisa Maria SHERIDAN.

CROWTHER (females)

married: 1852 James MAGILTON.

Mary Ann
married: 1861 William BLAIR.

married: 1867 Horatio PHILLIPS.

Emma Susanah
married: 1868 Daniel SUTTON.

Eliza Ann
married: 1873 David OKEEFFE.

married: 1874 John WATSON.

Mary Alice
married: 1874 Fenton Walker HILL.

Clara Schofield
married: 1878 Charles SCHLUE.

Mary Jane
married: 1878 Bunting WILSON.

Annie Amelia
married: 1878 Richard Shuttleworth HOLT.

married: 1879 William Thomas ROSEWARNE.

married: 1881 John August Conroy NEVENDT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROWTHER lines.

JN 58405

CRIMMINS marriages 1850-1915 Victoria Australia

CRIMMINS marriages 1850-1915 Victoria Australia.

CRIMMINS (males)

married: 1870 Ellen SLOWEY.

John J
married: 1886 Annabella MCDONALD.
J for Joseph.

married: 1892 Rose KEEGAN.

married: 1896 Phoebe Alice FEARNLEY.

married: 1898 Catherine ODONNELL.

John Dennis
married: 1899 Catherine HOURIGAN.

John Patrick
married: 1902 Margaret KELLY.

married: 1902 Ellen YOUNG.

married: 1909 Teresa HOULIHAN.

William Thomas
married: 1909 Lily LEWIS.

Daniel Joseph
married: 1912 Olivia PARKINSON.

CRIMMINS (females)

married: 1850 James CONNIN.

married: 1854 James CARMODY.

married: 1859 Dennis QUILTY.

married: 1867 Daniel CONDON.

married: 1872 Joseph FOLERIO.

married: 1873 James DALY.

married: 1878 Thomas FINNANE.

married: 1879 Hugh Joseph FEGAN.

married: 1886 James Thomas MCGILL.

married: 1889 James CARROLL.

married: 1891 Walter MURTAGH.

Margaret Maud
married: 1892 John Thomas ODONNELL.

married: 1893 Michael MCDONALD.

married: 1897 James PROUSE.

married: 1901 Michael HANAGAN.

Elizabeth Ellen
married: 1901 Edward Francis MCEWAN.

married: 1901 Edward MCINERY.

married: 1906 James CUMMINS.

Ethel May
married: 1906 Corns KELLY.

Ellen Alicia
married: 1909 John DRANE.

Eileen Rose Veronica
married: 1915 Douglas Stanley TOWT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CRIMMINS lines.

JN 58371

CATER marriages 1845-1920 Victoria Australia

CATER marriages 1845-1920 Victoria Australia.

CATER (males)

married: 1845 Joanna CARPENTER.

Frederick William
married: 1849 Selina CARBIS.

married: 1853 Maria CHADLEIGH.

married: 1858 Jane GILBERTSON.

William Wood
married: 1863 Eliza BOWRING.

James Wills
married: 1865 Ann Emily EDWARDS.

married: 1888 Agnes HORTON.

married: 1900 Mary BRADLEY.

Arnold Frederick
married: 1902 Elizabeth MCDONNELL.

Sydney Charles
married: 1905 Ethel May CORWILL.

married: 1920 Liln Millicent WISE.

CATER (females)

married: 1853 Arthur NEWNHAM.

Catherine Caroline
married: 1854 Owen KEMP.

married: 1855 John BRENT.

married: 1856 Thomas WITTON.

married: 1858 William PULLING.

married: 1858 John MIDDLEMISS.

married: 1860 James Daniel GIBSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1869 William Julian DILLON.

Jane Priscilla
married: 1873 David Taylor ALLAN.

Fanny Maria
married: 1876 Thomas Augustus RUSSELL.

Mary Amelia
married: 1883 Henry LUXFORD.

married: 1884 William LITTLEJOHNS.

married: 1886 Henry HOOLEY.

married: 1887 Edward James LUXFORD.

married: 1888 Frederick WILSON.

married: 1899 Henry HALL.

Edith Liln
married: 1918 Richard Friend HOBBS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CATER lines.

JN 58225

CAIRNS marriages (males) 1935-1942 Victoria Australia

CAIRNS marriages (males) 1935-1942 Victoria Australia.

CAIRNES (males)

Roy Franklin
married: 1935 Clarice Jean HISCOCK.

Edward Bramwell
married: 1935 Isabel Jean WILSON.

Charles Vivian
married: 1935 Doris May SHERWELL.

William Charles Alexander
married: 1935 Alice BENNETT.

married: 1935 Catherine WILLIAMS.

Clifford Ernest
married: 1935 Martha Dunham BROOKS.

Leslie Taylor
married: 1935 Iris Rita EARL.

William Frederick
married: 1936 Mary Ann RUTTER.

Eiric Morris
married: 1936 Gwendoline May EMERSON.

Phillip Duncan
married: 1936 Nellie BLISS.

Allan James
married: 1936 Phyllis Jean WATERSON.

Clarence Vernon
married: 1937 Ruby Constance D THORNTON.

John Gordon
married: 1937 Henrietta Mariam WHATELEY.

Charles Thomas
married: 1937 Elsie May BROWN.

Leslie Edward
married: 1937 Margaret Catherine CONNOP.

Russell Kenneth Robert
married: 1938 Merle Dorothy Beryl ARCHER.

Alan Godfrey
married: 1938 Isabella Alice BROWN.

James Gelly
married: 1938 Jean Millicent PORTER.

Robert Duncan
married: 1938 Margaret Mary MILLER.

James Douglas
married: 1939 Anne Patricia BLACK.

David Archibald Ernest
married: 1939 Stella Margaret SUTHERLAND.

James Ford
married: 1939 Gwendolyn Olga ROBB.

Wallis Carr
married: 1940 Dory Elsa GILLIN.

married: 1940 Ann Adeline Margaret ANSTEE.

George Stewart
married: 1940 Stella May CUTTING.

Leonard Edward John
married: 1940 Jean CROTON.

Ivon Douglas
married: 1940 Roma Jean LITTLEJOHN.

Albert Leslie
married: 1940 Daphne MCKENZIE.

Arthur Lloyd
married: 1941 Beryl Jean LOREY.

Alan James
married: 1941 Helen WHEELER.

Archibald Francis
married: 1941 Edna May BATEMAN.

Raymond Andrew
married: 1941 Gladys Ruth MCLARTY.

Donald Andrew
married: 1942 Mary Theresa PURCELL.

Edward Hugh
married: 1942 Oloive May TAYLOR.

William Thomas
married: 1942 Minnie LANGDON.

Henry George
married: 1942 Hilda May HIGGINS.

James Elvery
married: 1942 Eva Lavinia PILCHER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAIRNS lines.

JN 58027

CAIRNS marriages (females) 1939-1942 Victoria Australia

CAIRNS marriages (females) 1939-1942 Victoria Australia.

CAIRNES (females)

Edith Mary
married: 1939 John Wakeling ROBERTS.

Leila May
married: 1939 Albert Britton SPILLER.

Ada Nancy Steel
married: 1939 Reginald Charles RAVEN.

Christina Grace
married: 1940 Wilfred Leslie ELDER.

Verna Frances
married: 1940 George Philip MCBAIN.

married: 1940 Gerald Edmund MULLINS.

Ellen Margaret
married: 1940 John James LAWLER.

married: 1940 Robert Harvie ALEXANDER.

Joan Marion
married: 1941 Alan Rix REEVES.

married: 1941 Alan Lazenby DUNN.

Lillian Isabel
married: 1941 Denis Chester RYAN.

married: 1941 Edwards William DOUGALL.

Lillian Isabel Susan
married: 1941 James BOLAND.

Dorothy Grace
married: 1941 Edmond Anthony FAKHRY.

Eleanor Lucy
married: 1941 John CAHIR.

Hilda Olive May
married: 1941 William Charles ANGUS.

Peggy Grace
married: 1942 Ivan COLLINS.

Evelyn Alice
married: 1942 Ernest William PRICE.

Evelyn Sarah
married: 1942 Albert John HOLT.

Sybil Jean
married: 1942 Philip Ackland BISHOP.

Doris Mary
married: 1942 Allan Dudley NEILSON.

Gwen May
married: 1942 Ivan Clelland MORRIS.

married: 1942 francis John ALCOCK.

married: 1942 Ellis Charles Trevethan BURNS.

Florence Pearl
married: 1942 Thomas george WALSH.

Gweneth Edith
married: 1942 Albert John BOLAND.

Joan Eileen
married: 1942 Lionel Joseph KIRKLEY.

Ida Catherine
married: 1942 Norman Garner HODGSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to asist others researching the CAIRNS lines.

JN 58025

CAIRNS marriages (females) 1930-1938 Victoria Australia

CAIRNS marriages (females) 1930-1938 Victoria Australia.

CAIRNS (females)

Jean Mary
married: 1930 Philip George SCOTT.

Muriel Ruby May
married: 1930 Arthur BRANT.

Suan Wylie
married: 1930 Charles Edward HUTCHINGS.

Alice Mary
married: 1930 Norman Charles Ernest SAYWELL.

Violet May
married: 1931 Hugh Wallace COOK.

married: 1931 George Francis Joseph LUBBY.

Maisie Beryl
married: 1931 John Douglas PICKETT.

Mary Catherine
married: 1932 William HOLT.

Eva Vi
married: 1932 Ormond Whittley West PRITCHARD.

Margaret Phyllis
married: 1933 James Patrick DELAHEY.

Joyce Ingles
married: 1933 Clifford John MCDONALD.

Lila Mary
married: 1934 Albert Francis GREAD.

Hilda Annie
married: 1935 David Keith MCINNES.

Ivy Evelyn
married: 1935 William Rossmore PATTERSON.

Beatrice Alice
married: 1935 Thomas William ROBINSON.

married: 1935 William Henry GUNST.

Mary Ada
married: 1936 Henry PEARSON.

Gladys Mary Ethel
married: 1936 Frank Edward GRAY.

Hazel Evelyn
married: 1936 Leslie MAWSON.

Lorna Jessie
married: 1936 Vincent Alexander CONDON.

Doris May
married: 1937 William Arthur THOMPSON.

Olive Lillian
married: 1937 Lawrence LIGHT.

Margaret Sarah
married: 1937 Francis Douglas MCPHERSON.

Olive Millicent
married: 1938 George Anthony JOHNSTONE.

Alice Mary
married: 1938 Raymond Mary WADE.

Daisie Francis Valerie
married: 1938 Frank Arthur WHEATLEY.

Mary Catherine
married: 1938 Leo James DELAHEY.

Catherine Mary
married: 1938 Thomas John CONNOR.

Gladys Mary
married: 1938 Lindsay Gordon MANLEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAIRNS lines.

JN 58021

CAIRNS marriages (males) 1926-1934 Victoria Australia

CAIRNS marriages (males) 1926-1934 Victoria Australia.

CAIRNS (males)

James Lawrence
married: 1926 Olive Eileen TIMMINS.

Cyril Gyatt
married: 1926 Muriel Ethel DALE.

married: 1926 Doris Ivy MOYSES.

Esmond Keith
married: 1926 Catherine Mary JAMES.

Donald Eric Niel
married: 1927 Myrtle Rose HYSLOP.

Rex Eddy
married: 1928 Doris Ellen HINDS.

married: 1928 Georgina Lyle WILKIE.

Allan Dreghorn
married: 1929 Norah Sutherland WILKS.

Samuel Redfern
married: 1929 Isabel Rita PAULL.

John Willie
married: 1929 Florence Ada THURROWGOOD.

married: 1929 Agnes Mary HILL.

Leslie William
married: 1929 Minnie Josephine ROGERS.

Thomas George
married: 1930 Eleanor May LOVERODGE.

William Frederick
married: 1930 Rose Victoria BOURKE.

married: 1931 Annie Louise CLARK.

Leslie Robert
married: 1932 Inez May PEARSON.

John Tylerton
married: 1932 Winnifred HILDERBRAND.

Oscar Edward
married: 1932 Eileen Veronica HILL.

James Percival
married: 1932 Ada Eileen MILLER.

Thomas Hugh
married: 1933 Mary Kathleen CHRISTENSEN.

Henry Maitland Dent
married: 1933 Mavis Dorothea POULTON.

married: 1933 Ivy Maud HENDERSON.

Andrew Allan
married: 1933 Helen Paton HUME.

Eric Alexander Charles
married: 1933 Adelaide Victoria SCHMIDT.

married: 1934 Mavis Dory BORBRIDGE.

married: 1934 Olive Selina HUTCHINSON.

Norman William
married: 1934 Maria McLellen KERR.

Colin James
married: 1934 Grace Maud PYE.

Gordon Robert
married: 1934 Nellie LEVER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAIRNS lines.

JN 58013

CAIRNS marriages (females) 1923-1929 Victoria Australia

CAIRNES marriages (females) 1923-1929 Victoria Australia.

CAIRNES (females)

Emily Margaret
married: 1923 Henry Wilfred STENNING.

Mabel Helen
married: 1923 George Alfred SYKES.

Clarice Cassie
married: 1923 Bernard John Roy TURNER.

Zoe Livingstone
married: 1923 Wilfred Ernest PAINTER.

Mary Margaret
married: 1923 William Francis VICKERY.

Florence Ruby Pearl
married: 1924 Leslie Harold SHARP.

Edna Janet Dalgleish
married: 1924 Edward John EDMONDS.

married: 1925 James Joseph HANSON.

Doris Marian
married: 1925 Maynard Melville Stanley BECK.

married: 1925 Thomas Henry FRANCIS.

Ruth Baines
married: 1926 Joseph Roy HARVEY.

Elizabeth Myrtle Mary
married: 1926 Arthur Wesley Alexander HAYSEY.

Doris Jean
married: 1926 Leslie Joseph RIZZOLI.

Jessie Madeline
married: 1926 Andrew PAINTA.

Mary Victoria
married: 1926 David John WILKIE.

Elizabeth Shearer
married: 1927 Edward Patrick BROGAN.

Jane Honeyman Lumsden
married: 1927 Peter Brown NEWELL.

Ethel Georgina
married: 1927 Herbert Henry MARR.

Jane Brown
married: 1927 Randolph Henry William EVERETT.

married: 1927 John Richard MCFARLANE.

Florence May
married: 1927 George Albert BRITNELL.

married: 1927 Leonard ASLING.

Alva Margaret
married: 1928 Harry HASLAM.

Helen Moir
married: 1928 George Frederick HARRIS.

married: 1928 William Edward Thomas EVITT.

Dalgleish Janet
married: 1928 Sydney William Ivan WHITE.

married: 1929 William Norman WILSON.

Jessie Adsamson
married: 1929 Harold KINNIST.

married: 1929 William Henry DELAHEY.

Mary Ellen
married: 1929 Arthur Cameron HUNTER.

married: 1929 David Bryson LUMSDEN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAIRNS lines.

JN 58004