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DART marriages 1919-1930 Victoria Australia

DART marriages 1919-1930 Victoria Australia.

DART (males)

Lawrence Lyall
married: 1919 Ruby LADLOW.

married: 1919 Vi May KING.

Edward James Royden
married: 1921 Catherine Mary Jane PILMORE.

Frederick Hartley
married: 1921 Ruby Ethel WEIR.

Edward Herbert
married: 1922 Daisy Elizabeth GREGORY.

Frederick Ryall
married: 1922 Katherine Alberta Ruth JACOBSON.

Norman Edgar
married: 1922 Helena Louise DUNPHY.

William Isaac
married: 1922 Mary MCEWAN.

William Douglas
married: 1925 Ann Farley KNIGHTS.

Stuart Alan
married: 1927 Maisie Elizabeth THOMPSON.

Alexander Edward Paton
married: 1927 Annie MCNEIL.

George Samuel
married: 1927 Christina FOSKET.

Victor Arrott
married: 1927 Gwendoline Rose MEIRS.

Alvin Elias Washington
married: 1927 Maysie Jean WILLIAMS.

William Ralph
married: 1929 Ruby Margaret HYNES.

Lindsay Gordon
married: 1929 Nellie May EARL.

Lynton Anderson
married: 1929 Florence Liln Fairlea OGILVIE.

Alfred Oscar
married: 1930 Margaret HILL.

DART (females)

married: 1919 Samuel Robert LILLEY.

Caroline Daisy
married: 1919 Percival Charles MCHUTCHISON.

Pheaby Fairies Evelyn
married: 1919 William Francis MCGINNISKEN.

Ivy Victoria Maud
married: 1920 Lloyd Maurice GEYER.

Lena Catherine
married: 1920 David Robert MICOLL.

Louisa Elizabeth
married: 1920 Cornelius LOXTON.

Ivy Olive
married: 1921 Alfred Thomas MASKELL.

Isabel Penelope
married: 1924 Alexander Robert WARREN.

Annie May
married: 1924 Reginald Charles CROCKER.

Eva Johanna
married: 1924 Alfred George GREED.

Caroline Annie
married: 1928 James Frederick WALTON.

Grace Elizabeth
married: 1928 Gordon Maurice LEVY.

Esther Elizabeth
married: 1928 John Henry GILL.

Olive May
married: 1929 Orlando Rupert JUDD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DART lines.

JN 62822

DREDGE marriages 1843-1900 Victoria Australia

DREDGE marriages 1843-1900 Victoria Australia.

DREDGE (males)

married: 1843 Louisa WILKINSON.

William Gilpin
married: 1847 Eleanor EDWARDS.

Denis Radford
married: 1861 Jane GILBERT.

married: 1866 Mary STARBUCK.

married: 1866 Adelaide Ellen WOODFIELD.

Samuel William
married: 1868 Ellen FLANNAGAN.

Theopilus James
married: 1872 Susannah Victoria BOWMAN.

William Thomas John
married: 1875 Elizabeth Edwards GRAHAM.

Felix Richard Wooff
married: 1880 Mary WILD.

Felix Peter Wooff
married: 1885 Elizabeth NANKERVIS.

Theopilus Gilbert
married: 1886 Martha Lavinia HARVEY.

Albert Ernest Woodfield
married: 1887 Elizabeth Elsie TURNER.

Louis Kenrick
married: 1890 Alice Ann BROWN.

married: 1891 Emily PAYNE.

Charles Alfred
married: 1892 Catherine Pennycook BLAIR.

Francis Walter
married: 1892 Mary Jane GEORGE.

Joseph Ernest
married: 1898 Ada Mary TROTTER.

Arthur Robert Hutcheson
married: 1899 Annie Florence LEONARD.

Frank Vivian
married: 1899 Mary Doughty STRACHAN.

DREDGE (females)

Sarah Truckle
married: 1848 William Jackson THOMAS.

married: 1854 John WILLIAMS.

Mary Ann Truckle
married: 1855 Edward John ENSOR.

Sarah Jane
married: 1866 Wilhelm Carl FISCHER.

Ann Mary Forder
married: 1867 Richard TYLER.

Charlotte Eleanor
married: 1878 William WATTS.

Marian Elizabeth
married: 1880 Thomas BYERS.

Marianne Louise
married: 1886 Charles Graham LOCKE.

Laura Jane
married: 1890 Samuel John GLUYAS.

Carol Eliza
married: 1891 Thomas DONOVAN.

married: 1892 Magnus ZEBBSEN.

Alice Edith
married: 1894 Richard GLUYAS.

married: 1896 William Ripley WRIGHT.

Ethel Jane
married: 1899 William Henry EDWARDS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DREDGE lines.

JN 62812

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia

DEVITT marriages 1911-1932 Victoria Australia.

DEVITT (males)

John Edward
married: 1912 Lily Mabel Florence HOOPER.

married: 1913 Elizabeth ODONNELL.

married: 1913 Ellen BUCKLEY.

married: 1915 Johanna MCKEW.

married: 1918 Hilda Mary DUFFY.

William George
married: 1918 Catherine WELSH.

Clarence Alan William
married: 1919 Constance TANCOE.

William James
married: 1920 Johanna COLLINS.

John Leslie
married: 1921 Gladys Muriel HAYES.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1921 Christina Veronica ARCHER.

James Thomas
married: 1922 Lucy Mary GOODGER.

William James
married: 1924 Margaret Joan TODD.

James Douglas
married: 1925 Melville BROWN.

Augustine Ignatius
married: 1926 Violet May WEICKHART.

John Bernard
married: 1926 Myrtle May MURPHY.

Daniel Augustine
married: 1929 Annie Bindon WELSH.

Julian Vincent
married: 1931 Lila Marion GEERING.

DEVITT (females)

Eden Elizabeth
married: 1912 Percy Vincent LEONARD.

married: 1913 John HILL.

married: 1914 Albert GERAGHTY.

Catherine Evis
married: 1914 William FELDT.

Victoria Grace
married: 1917 Herbert Bouchier KIRSCH.

Bridget Agnes
married: 1919 James MCGRATH.

Elizabeth Ellen
married: 1921 Alfred Chanter MITCHELL.

Muriel May
married: 1922 Thomas Robert LOWES.

Adelaide Sarah
married: 1922 Stanislaus Francis HYRONS.

married: 1923 Timothy Michael OBRIEN.

Mary Jane
married: 1924 Richard HEFFORD.

Ethel May
married: 1924 William Herbert RICKETTS.

Eileen Maud
married: 1925 George Philip RYAN.

Evelyn Ethel
married: 1925 Philip Roger Bede GILBERT.

Edna Louise
married: 1925 Leslie Charles FANNING.

Julia Noel
married: 1926 Alan Vernon Ambrose ORR.

Ellen Monica
married: 1929 Augustus Walter SMITH.

Lily Elizabeth
married: 1931 John Hubert ODONOHUE.

Florence Price
married: 1931 Albert Edward LANGRIDGE.

Catherine Eileen
married: 1932 Walter John PESCUD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DEVITT lines.

JN 62682

DENHOLM marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

DENHOLM marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

DENHOLM (males)

William Percy
married: 1922 Lucie NAYLOR.

David Barrie
married: 1923 Orient Ethelwyn Seaspray DALLY.

Robert Aubrey Wilson
married: 1924 Margaret COOPER.

married: 1926 Lorna LEITCH.

married: 1932 Sylvia Mary HOLMES.

David Barrie
married: 1932 Leah SCURR.

Malcolm Henry James
married: 1933 Gladys Kathleen DONELLY.

Ivo Hart
married: 1933 Elsie May BALLANTYNE.

Ezekiel Duncan
married: 1934 Linda Alice HANSFORD.

married: 1935 Hazel MALONEY.

Raymond Wilbur
married: 1936 Phyllis DILLON.

Trevor George
married: 1936 Liln Florence May FRY.

Wilfred Allen
married: 1937 Jean Mary DOWBLE.

Keith Laidlaw
married: 1940 Dorothy DRAKE.

John Land
married: 1940 Rita Maude LANGDON.

married: 1941 Emma Constance Irene HANHAN.

DENHOLM (females)

Robina Allanby
married: 1925 Harold Joseph MORCOM.

Catherine Mary
married: 1927 Edgar Ernest TOLL.

Veneta Olive
married: 1930 William Alfred Penney HOWE.

Edith Jane
married: 1931 Stanley William CASTLES.

Kathleen Jean
married: 1933 Louis Cecil MERRINGTON.

Florence May
married: 1933 William GILLIES.

Elsie Mabel
married: 1933 Frederick HOFFMAN.

Annie Teresa
married: 1935 Gerald AGELINK.

Una Ayton
married: 1936 George Thomas DAVIES.

Ruth Elizabeth Anthony
married: 1936 Charles Arthur MORPHETT.

Myra Banner
married: 1937 Frederick Victor WEBSTER.

Mary Alice
married: 1938 William Ernest Bruce DALTON.

Alma Joyce
married: 1939 Clinton Hilton SANDIFORD.

Nell Thomasina
married: 1939 Douglas BROWN.

Ethel Mary
married: 1940 William Fraser LANG.

Lily Esther
married: 1940 Harry William DENCH.

Mary Rhyma
married: 1941 Gerald Edward MCCONVILL.

married: 1942 Laurence Stanley OATES.

Margaret Jane
married: 1942 John Noel TODD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DENHOLM lines.

JN 62505

DYSON marriages (females) 1905-1920 Victoria Australia

DYSON marriages (females) 1905-1920 Victoria Australia.

DYSON (females)

Ada Sarah Maloina
married: 1905 Archie Seymour MAITLAND.

married: 1905 Stephen LEONG.

Fanny Elizabeth
married: 1905 Henry READ.

Martha Lillian Nellie
married: 1906 Andrew Patullo Stuart LENNIE.

married: 1907 Thomas FITZGERALD.

Lilian Ruth
married: 1909 Arthur ROWBOTTOM.

Mary Ann
married: 1909 Leslie William Alfred NELDER.

married: 1910 David MURPHY.

married: 1911 Samuel HASELL.

Ann Beatrice
married: 1911 Donald MCINNES.

Elsie Emma
married: 1911 George William CURTAIN.

Doris May
married: 1912 Walter Isaac Charles FARLEY.

Letitia Alice
married: 1912 John William MURRAY.

married: 1914 Martin James KINNANE.

Elsie May
married: 1914 Alexander MORRISON.

married: 1914 Albert Edwin WATTS.

married: 1914 Daniel DWYER.

Esther Annie
married: 1915 Albert John OWEN.

Susan Elizabeth
married: 1915 Ralph RANKIN.

married: 1916 Francis BUCKLE.

Ivy Mabel
married: 1916 Thomas CROW.

married: 1917 Noel Smith SHARROCK.

Elsie Mary
married: 1917 Francis James ROWBOTTOM.

Mabel Nora
married: 1918 James Alfred MURPHY.

Martha Jane
married: 1918 Arthur Thomas THORNELL.

Elizabeth Emily Eva
married: 1919 John Gayford THROWER.

Annie Victoria May
married: 1920 Charles William HUMPHREY.

Ella Linda
married: 1920 William Richard JAMES.

Florence May
married: 1920 Alexander Francis SPARROW.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DYSON lines.

JN 62112

DYSON marriages (males) 1905-1920 Victoria Australia

DYSON marriages (males) 1905-1920 Victoria Australia.

DYSON (males)

Albert Hector
married: 1905 Ethel Maud FELGATE.

Arthur Egbert
married: 1905 Lily May YORK.

married: 1905 Charlotte Amelia STABELL.

Henry Walter
married: 1905 Elizabeth Emily Eva PINCHIN.

William James
married: 1905 Ruby Victoria Lallah BURGESS.

married: 1906 Dulcie DUNCAN.

Charles Frederick
married: 1907 Isabella Margaret LOGAN.

George Swinburn
married: 1907 Jessie Griffiths REID.

married: 1908 Ellen Catherine SHARROCK.

married: 1908 Hilda Ellen ROBERTS.

married: 1908 Maude WALLACE.

William Henry
married: 1908 Violet Alice May SHARROCK.

Percy Harold
married: 1909 Lillian Barbara CHICKEN.

William Henry
married: 1909 Ruby LINDSAY.

married: 1910 Winifred Jane COULSON.

Ambrose Arthur
married: 1912 Mabel Norah FRASER.

married: 1912 Nellie MCDONALD.

Harold Victor
married: 1913 Martha Jan HANNAH.

Leslie Albert
married: 1913 Violet Ella SWINBURNE.

Edward George
married: 1914 Dorothy BOYES.

John Stanley
married: 1914 Alice HEYWOOD.

Albert Edward
married: 1915 Elizabeth Ann COLLINS.

Benjamin Ernest
married: 1915 Margaret ROBERTS.

George Roberts
married: 1916 Elizabeth Grace TALLENT.

Robert Horsfall
married: 1916 Christina Adelaide ERGELHARDT,

married: 1917 Grace Elizabeth SINNATT.

Alfred Herbert
married: 1917 Olga Mary BROADWOOD.

George Ernest
married: 1917 Ruby WYTHE.

William Embassy
married: 1917 Maud Violet LEESON.

Godfrey Joseph
married: 1918 Currie JEFFREY.

Valentine William
married: 1918 Letitia WHITFIELD.

William Frederick John
married: 1918 Dora Ellen WELLS.

William Henry
married: 1918 Helen Caroline WILSON.

Alfred James
married: 1919 Bridget HOWARTH.

married: 1919 Robina FITZGERALD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DYSON lines.

JN 62106

DYSON marriages 1889-1904 Victoria Australia

DYSON marriages 1889-1904 Victoria Australia.

DYSON (males)

married: 1889 Elizabeth Robertina PARKINSON.

Thomas Edward
married: 1889 Margaret Mary LEIGH.

Thomas Watson
married: 1889 Mary Jane MUNRO.

married: 1890 Rebecca STYLES.

John Charles
married: 1890 Mary Margaret HENDERSON.

married: 1891 Elizabeth WOOD.

William Henry
married: 1891 Annie Ethel WILLIAMS.

married: 1892 Lillian SHARROCK.

George Robert
married: 1892 Mary SINGLETON.

married: 1893 Alice FINDLOW.

George Fielding
married: 1894 Elizabeth Agnes ATTENBOROUGH.

married: 1894 Catherine Mary CHAPMAN.

Arthur Egbert
married: 1895 Mary Ann DOWLING.

Charles Richard
married: 1895 Edith Amy Fleetwood VARLEY.

Archibald James
married: 1898 Louisa RITTMAN.

John Francis
married: 1899 Edith Maggie HENLEY.

Thomas James
married: 1899 Eliza GODDARD.

married: 1900 Elizabeth GRANT.

married: 1900 Hilda May LEE.

married: 1902 Joanne (aka Jeannie) McGlashan HUNT.

Richard Parkinson
married: 1902 Ethel Amelia ALDRIDGE.

married: 1902 Isabelle FLETCHER.

Thomas James
married: 1903 Henrietta Ellen CONEY.

DYSON (females)

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1890 George Thomas OVENDEN.

married: 1890 Albert MORTON.

married: 1891 Solomon Nicolia SYVERTSEN.

Christina Isabella
married: 1892 Thomas TOWNSEND.

married: 1892 Fergus Austin BECK.

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1894 Michael SHERLOCK.

Florence Gertrude
married: 1897 Conrad ROSBOROUGH.

Sarah Annie
married: 1900 Harry LUEYPANG.

Letitia Edith
married: 1902 Thomas Evans HANNON.

married: 1902 Arthur Henry RAINSBURY.

Jessie May
married: 1904 Harry Francis BLAKE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DYSON lines.

JN 61968

DIMELOW marriages 1875-1932 Victoria Australia

DIMELOW marriages 1875-1932 Victoria Australia.

DIMELOW (males)

William Rigby
married: 1884 Agnes Law RITCHIE.

married: 1891 Margaret ILES.

married: 1915 Vera Alice DAVIS.

Ritchie Orville
married: 1920 Alix Heywood LISTON.

Horace Valentine
married: 1924 Enid Claire BLYTH.

DIMELOW (females)

Mary Ellen
married: 1875 Thaddeus Osullivan GREEN.

married: 1884 Samuel Henry BEST.

married: 1892 Joseph DANIEL.

married: 1899 William RUFFIN.

Mary Ellen
married: 1907 John BAGLIN.

Irene Euphemia
married: 1910 Hugh COOKE.

married: 1920 Percy George SAMPSON.

married: 1932 Harold Ivan SLATER.

The first DIMELOW marriage located in Victoria was 1875.
No marriages located 1933-1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DIMELOW lines.

JN 61801

DRIVER marriages (males) 1843-1916 Victoria Australia

DRIVER marriages (males) 1843-1916 Victoria Australia.

DRIVER (males)

married: 1843 Ellen RAYCRAFT.

married: 1846 Elizabeth WRATTEN.

Albert John
married: 1860 Margaret Wright BELL.

John Haywood
married: 1861 Amelia POWELL.

married: 1862 Amelia BONE.

married: 1864 Margaret QUINLAN.

John Jacob
married: 1865 Rosetta GRAY.

married: 1868 Mary Ann OAKLEY.

married: 1875 Louisa BOWMAN.

George Henry
married: 1876 Annie Eliza THORNE.

married: 1876 Catherine Alice HINCHCLIFFE.

married: 1877 Mary TAYLOR.

married: 1882 Margaret Ann GRAHAM.

Joe Walter Lewis
married: 1884 Mary Harriet DUNCAN.

married: 1885 Elizabeth Jane GOSS.

married: 1887 Clara Elizabeth HEWET.

married: 1888 Mary Josephine MADIGAN.

William Henry
married: 1888 Catherine LANGSTON.

Cgarles Byron
married: 1890 Jean Elizabeth FRASER.

William John
married: 1890 Eliza BLACKBURN.

George Otto
married: 1898 Alice CLOKE.

Arthur Reginald
married: 1902 Florence Mary MERCHANT.

married: 1902 Clarissa Catherine LEACH.

Stanley Vivian
married: 1903 Jessie Napier MCKELLAR.

Edmond Richard
married: 1905 Florence Ada COOK.

John Jacob
married: 1905 Florence Isabel MORTON.

William Henry
married: 1907 Ada Elizabeth CHAPPELL.

Frank David
married: 1910 Eleanor KIRKBRIDE.

Robert Howard
married: 1911 Annie May SKETCHLEY.

married: 1913 Emily Adelaide BREW.

Anthony Charles Frederick
married: 1913 Clarenda HEARD.

married: 1913 Margaret FITZGERALD.

Albert George
married: 1915 Alice STEWART.

married: 1915 Jessie COLEMAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRIVER lines.

JN 61310

DRIVER marriages (females) 1852-1910 Victoria Australia

DRIVER marriages (females) 1852-1910 Victoria Australia.

DRIVER (females)

married: 1852 William Walter CLEAVE.

married: 1954 Henry SPRUCE.

married: 1858 John Lishman POTTER.

married: 1869 Thomas NORTH.

married: 1873 Thomas CARTER.

married: 1882 William HUMPHRIES.

married: 1883 Alfred Charles HEMLEY.

Elizabeth Sophia
married: 1885 Walter Watkins WADDLE.

married: 1887 Michael SANDOW.

married: 1888 James David SKETCHLEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1888 Lewis David JONES.

married: 1889 James JOHNSON.

Jane Rosetta
married: 1889 Robert Fulton ADAMS.

Louisa Fanny
married: 1891 Albert Edward LYONS.

Jessie Harriet
married: 1894 Frederick Thomas SWAINE.

married: 1895 Francis Joseph NICHOLSON.

Rebecca Ann
married: 1896 Alfred COLE.

married: 1897 Ernest John YOUDAN.

married: 1898 Arthur Lewis COMBES.

married: 1899 George Henry WALKER.

married: 1899 Sydney Gifford LOVE.

Amy Elizabeth
married: 1902 Reginald Robert PARK.

Elizabeth May
married: 1902 Arthur Robert HEATON.

married: 1903 Thomas Alexander BREW.

Edith Kate
married: 1904 Alexander George KINLOCH.

Mary Ann
married: 1904 William MCKAY.

married: 1906 William Charles BEAVIS.

married: 1906 Matthew Andrew HAMILTON.

married: 1907 Thomas BRESNAHAN.

Ada May
married: 1908 Horace George Thomas GREEN.

Evelyn Frances
married: 1908 John KEY.

married: 1910 William Hugh MCCONNELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRIVER lines.

JN 61296