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GANGELL marriages 1859-1942 Victoria Australia

GANGELL marriages 1859-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Mary Ann RUSSELL 1859.
See Post: GANGELL Isaac married Mary RUSSELL 1859

Married: Matilda ROBERTS 1864.
See Post: GANGELL David married Matilda ROBERTS 1864

William John
Married: Emam ALLEN 1881.

Married: Mary Ann BASS 1889.
See Post: GANGELL Henry married Mary BASS 1889

Charles Edward
Married: Mary Margaret FITZGEALD 1898.

Married: Elizabeth COZENS 1906.

Married: Daisy CLARKE 1912.

William Henry Herbert
Married: Nancy May NEWTON 1920.

William Arthur
Married: Elicia Hannah SQUIRES 1928.

Francis Jacob
Married: Veronica Mary LANDERS 1931.

Frederick William
Married: Nellie Liln WARREN 1932.

Married: Ella Beatrice BRYANS 1935.

David Arthur
Married: Valis Irene MATTHEWS 1936.

Charles Edward
Married: Catherine WHITE 1936.


Married: John MACDONALD 1877.

Married: George William NUZUM 1885.

Susan Alice
Married: George COZENS 1885.

Married: John JARVIS 1890.
See Post: JARVIS John married Annie GANGELL 1890

Married: David JARVIS 1890.
See Post: JARVIS David married Margaret GANGELL 1890

Married: Henry DALEY 1897.

Jane Elizabeth.
Married: Thomas Bradley SYKES 1904.

Married: John CHALMERS 1906.

Henrietta Florence
Married: Samuel Russell Brown WALLACE 1915.

Married: Ernest COX 1921.

Ruby May
Married: Duncan Grant MARTELL 1922.

Gertrude Agnes
Married: William John HUGHES 1929.

Married: John Boriston DAVENPORT 1930.

Married: Thomas Leo MCINERNY 1931.

Married: Braemer DOUGLAS 1936.

Married: William Alexander PEOPLES 1937.

Helena Mary
Married: George SCULLION 1938.

Edna May
Married: Clement Thomas WILLIAMS 1939.

Beryl Edna
Married: Alan Charles JONES 1941.

Marjory Gertrude
Married: Edward Phillip BRONK 1942.

Compiled from the Victoria Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GANGELL lines.

JN 69565

GUGGER marriages 1865-1920 Victoria Australia

GUGGER marriages 1865-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Mary MASTERSON 1864.
See Post: GUGGER Abraham married Mary MASTERSON 1865

Married: Fanny BELPERROUND 1870.
See Post: GUGGER Samuel married Fanny BELPERROUND 1870

Married: Fanny GUGGER (nee BELPERROUND) 1879.
See Post: GUGGER Rudolph married Fanny GUGGER 1879

Married: Ceusrina BELPERROND 1879.

Louis Albert
Married: Mary Margaret GUGGER 1894.

Samuel John
Married: Annie Maria HALE 1895.

Albert Adolph
Married: Janet Mary MCEACHERN 1917.


Married: Friedrich (Frederick) HAMMERLY 1868.

Married: Matthies SHEURER 1871.

Married: Rudolph GUGGER 1879.
See Post: GUGGER Rudolph married Fanny GUGGER 1879

Married: Frederick HAWKINS 1897.
See Post: GUGGER Abraham married Mary MASTERSON 1865

Bertha Rosina
Married: John Michael CURLEY 1911.

Frances Catherine
Married: Richard Henry CLINNICK 1908.

Frances Maud
Married: John Henry COOMBS 1913.

Married: John STEWART 1902.

Alice Elizabeth
Married: Stewart BOYD 1915.

Celia May
Married: Thomas James BRIERS 1916.

Florence Louisa
Married: Cyril Samuel George COOKE 1916.

Mary Margaret
Married: James MCCUROY 1920.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GUGGER lines.

JN 68544

GATELY marriages 1860-1941 Victoria Australia

GATELY marriages 1860-1941 Victoria Australia.


Married: Mary QUINN 1860.

Married: Ellen LANDRIGAN 1870.

Married: Mary Jane PARSONS 1876.

Married: Mary SHEEHY 1883.

Married: Mary Ann BYRNE 1886.

William Joseph
Married: Annie BATES 1892.

Married: Margaret REA 1900.

Married: Catherine CLARKE 1902.

George Percival
Married: Amanda Honour BIRTHWRITH 1911.

Matthew Edward
Married: Margaret Ann GRAY 1914.

Albert Norman
Married: Hannah JOHNSON 1919.

John Alphonses
Married: Esther MILLS 1922.


Married: James COLE 1861.

Married: Charles Francis BERMINGHAM 1865.

Married: Patrick FEENY 1865.

Married: John STOCKS 1867.

Married: John SCHULZ 1895.

Married: John KENNALY 1900.

Lillian Hannah
Married: John George PAYNE 1909.

Married: Richard Henry JELLEFF 1915.

Ruby Agnes
Married: John Joseph GARVEY 1915.

Married: George HOSE 1919.

Married: Richard NUGENT 1921.

Married: Frederick William Goldie YOUNGBERG 1925.

Married: Arthur Daniel HOCKEY 1928.

Muriel Evelyn
Married: Francis James Manderson ORGAN.

Mary Adelaide
Married: Andrew Sproule HODGE 1940.

Married: Robert Benjamin JACKMAN 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GATELY lines.

JN 68511

GEDDES marriages 1871-1890 Victoria Australia

GEDDES marriages 1871-1890 Victoria Australia.


Married: Charlotte THOMPSON 1871.

Married: Alice CARTLEDGE 1871.

Fletcher Pearson
Married: Elizabeth COLEMAN 1872.

Married: Agnes GLEN 1873.

Daniel Frederick
Married: Isabella HYLAND 1878.

Married: Ann McLean STEVENSON 1878.

Married: Christina MCKINNON 1879.

Married: Sarah GOLDING 1884.

Married: Eliza Jane FIELDIG 1886.

John McGregor
Married: Annie DAWSON 1887.

Married: Mary Ann HOULISTON 1887.

George Scott
Married: Eleanor Dora HERSCHELL 1889.

Married: Ellen GALLAGHER 1890.


Married: James Adam DONALD 1873.

Margaret Lilburne
Married: James PLUMMER 1874.

Caroline Louisa
Married: Samuel Law GOUDY 1878.

Married: George NUGENT 1878.

Mary Jane
Married: Walter COOP 1878.

Margaret Telfor
Married: David Alexander SOUTER 1878.

Married: William MCDONALD 1880.

Married: James Edward SULLIVAN 1880.

married: Duncan BROWN 1881.

Married: Charles Henry HUTCHINSON 1881.

Celia Emily
Married: Edwin Thomas EARL 1881.

Married: William James TAYLOR 1884.

Agnes Ann
Married: Thomas HOLMES 1884.

Cassandra Carol
Married: William Lawrence DANIEL 1885.

Jessie Ann
Married: Archibald Frances Armstrong MATTHEWS 1885.

Married: William STEVENS 1886.

Lillian Ann
Married: Hugh STEWART 1887.

Married: Thomas ANGUS 1887.

Married: John Collin WILLIAMSON 1888.

Married: William MELDRUM 1888.

Agnes Jessie
Married: John STEWART 1888.

Hannah Westall
Married: George Martin JOHNSTON 1888.

Annie Carol
Married: Harry Arthur PEARCE 1890.

Elizabeth McBride
Married: Alexander TAYLOR 1890.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GEDDES lines.

JN 68288

GEDDES marriages Victoria Australia 1854-1870

GEDDES marriages 1854-1870 Victoria Australia.


Married: Catherine MCINTOSH 1854.

Hugh Montgomery
Married: Henrietta Cameron FLETCHER 1855.

Married: Mary Ann GREEN 1857.

Married: Helen LILLICO 1857.

Married: Janet CUNNINGHAM 1858.

George Grant
Married: Agnes MCMASTER 1860.

Married: Jane ROY 1860.

Married: Agnes LINDSAY 1861.

Married: Elizabeth BLACK 1861.

Married: Elizabeth LENNOX 1861.

Married: Anne PATTERSON 1863.

Married: Sarah Ann ROSE 1865.

Married: Susanah BAKER 1856.

Married: Anne MCINNES 1866.

Henry Albert
Married: Jane OSBORNE 1867.

John Haining
Married: Martha MIRK 1867.

Married: Caroline Louisa TAUSCHKE 1868.

James William
Married: Eliza WELLS 1868.

Married: Margery GILLANDERS 1868.

Married: Janet THOMSON 1869.

Henry Edward
Married: Georgina MACNAMARA 1869.

Married: Ellen DUNLOP 1869.

Alexander James
Married: Frances Mary HAYDEN 1870.


Married: James HAY 1855.

Married: James MANSON 1857.

Married: John Wilson FERGUSSON 1857.

Elizabeth Sarah
Married: Thomas Henry GILES 1859.

Ann Harriet
Married: William Charles HAMMOND 1860.

Mary Ann
Married: Henry CARTER 1861.

Married: James CONLEY 1862.

Married: Joseph Robert BANKS 1863.

Agnes Anderson
Married: Robert WHITE 1863.

Isabella McPherson
Married: Charles John MOWER 1863.

Helen Yule
Married: Alexander DEWAR 1864.

Married: William WADE 1864.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GEDDES lines.

JN 68265

GRIMES marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

GRIMES marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Jane LIBBIS 1902.
Eight issues located.
1. Winifred, born 1902 Hotham East, Victoria.
2. Daphne Eileen, born 1903 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Eileen, born 1906 Melbourne South, Victoria.
4. Annie May, born 1909 Melbourne South, Victoria.
5. Pearlie, born 1911 Melbourne South, Victoria.
6. Mary, born 1914 South Melbourne, Victoria.
7. Doris, born 1916 South Melbourne, Victoria.
8. Rita, born 1919 South Melbourne, Victoria.

William Herbert
Married: Mary Isabel ORR 1904.
Seven issues located.
1. Ivy Myrtle, born 1905 Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Olly Sylvia Margaret, 1907 Cohuna, Victoria.
3. Violet Elizabeth, born 1908 Cohuna, Victoria.
4. Irene May, born 1909 Cohuna, Victoria.
5. Thelina Evelyn, born 1911 Cohuna, Victoria.
6. William Herbert, born 1912 Cohuna, Victoria.
7. William Orr, born 1913 Kerang, Victoria.

Married: Katherine LAWSON 1905.
Four issues located.
1. Ruby Pearl, born 1906 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Thomas William, born 1907 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. William Thomas, born 1909 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Vera May, born 1911 Collingwood, Victoria.

Thomas Edward
Married: Elizabeth CAFFREY 1905.
CAFFREY also recorded as CAFFRY and COFFEY birth records.
Three issues located.
1. Veronica May, born 1911 Hotham West, Victoria.
2. Kathleen Theresa, born 1912 Brighton, Victoria.
3. Sheila Elizabeth, born 1915 Brighton, Victoria.

John Charles
Married: Ethel Ester REECE 1907.
No issues located.

John Thomas
Married: Josephine Catherine ALLEN 1909.
Two issues located.
1. George Henry Allen, born 1912 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Lorna Mary Elizabeth, born 1917 St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: Valentina YOUNG 1910.
Three issues located.
1. Vivian Manley Thomas, born 1911 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
2. Reginald Arthur, born 1912 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
3. John, born 1916 Coburg, Victoria.

Married: Laura Margaret KERWIN 1912.
One issue located.
1. Jean Winifred, born 1918 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Harry Reginald
Married: Annie Yeadon SMITH 1915.
No issues located.

Married: Ruth TREGASKIS 1915.
No issues located.

James Joseph
Married: Myrtle Violet SINGLETON 1916.
Two issues located.
1. Mavis Lilian Rowena, born 1916 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Coral Audrey Mary, born 1920 Fitzroy, Victoria.

Married: Ethel May SMYTH 1916.
Three issues located.
1. Ronald Mccormack, born 1917 Northcote, Victoria.
2. Alan Robert, born 1919 Cohuna, Victoria.
3. Gordon Keith, born 1920 Cohuna, Victoria.

Married: Mary MANNIX 1918.
One issue located.
1. Albert Edward, born 1919 Footscray, Victoria.

Married: Eileen Blanche MILLER 1919.
No issues located.

Married: Nellie JOYCE 1919.
One issue located.
1. Joseph Vincent, born 1920 Brunswick North, Victoria.


Anne Frances
Married: Thomas Holliday LUGTON 1902.

Married: Francis KEOGH 1904.

Fanny Rita
Married: John Edward JOYCE 1905.

Elizabeth Amy
Married: Edward James WITNEY 1906.

Married: William JONES 1906.

Married: John James BROADWAY 1908.

Emily Mary
Married: Robert MARTIN 1910.

Hannah Frances
Married: Ernest Edmond FRANCIS 1912.

Married: William Wallace ADAMS 1912.

Ada Estella
Married: James NANKERVIS 1913.

Married: Arthur William KNOTT 1914.

Married: Olven Gladstone LONGSTAFF 1914.

Married: James DARCY 1916.

Ruby May
Married: Hugh Francis SECCULL 1920.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GRIMES lines.

JN 67107

GENT marriages 1853-1902 Victoria Australia

GENT marriages 1853-1902 Victoria Australia.


James Richard
Married: Christina WILLIAMSON 1854.
Nine issues located.
1. Jane, born 1855 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Frances, born 1857 St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Margaret, born 1860 St Kilda, Victoria.
4. Annie, born 1861 St Kilda, Victoria.
5. Christina, born 1865 St Kilda, Victoria.
6. John, born 1867 St Kilda, Victoria.
7. Elizabeth, born 1869 St Kilda, Victoria.
8. Thomas burnett, born 1872 St Kilda, Victoria.
9. Thomas West Burnett, born 1873 St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: Hannah LOCKWOOD 1862.
No issues located.

Married: Matilda NEILL 1885.
Ten issues located.
See Post:
GENT Robert married Matilda NEILL 1885

Married: Mary Ann ORWOOD 1865.
ORWOOD recorded HORWOOD marriage records.
Ten issues located.
1. John Thomas, born 1867 Kilmore, Victoria.
2. Robert, born 1868 Kilmore, Victoria.
3. Thomas, born 1868 Kilmore, Victoria.
4. William, born 1870 Kilmore, Victoria.
5. Eliza, born 1871 Kilmore, Victoria.
6. Thomas, born 1873 Kilmore, Victoria.
7. John, born 1875 Kilmore, Victoria.
8. Francis, born 1878 Kilmore, Victoria.
9. Samuel, born 1880 Kilmore, Victoria.
10. Annie, born 1883 Kilmore, Victoria.

Married: 1871 Mary Ann PITMAN 1871.
Five issues located.
1. Andrew George, born 1872 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Fanny Jane, born 1874 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Thomas Edward, born 1877 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Henry Washington, born 1880 Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Elsie May, born 1884 Footscray, Victoria.

Married: Anne HENDERSON 1877.
No issues located.

Married: Emily Maria GORDON 1882.
Seven issues located.
Emily recorded as Eleanor Maria GORDON birth records
1. Claud Augustus Gordon, born 1883 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Percy Reginald Selden, born 1883 Beechworth, Victoria.
3. Harold Robert Victor, born 1886 Shepparton, Victoria.
4. Muriel Olive Pearl, Born 1889 Shepparton, Victoria.
5. Clarence Mortlock Lindsay, born 1891 Shepparton, Victoria.
6. Eric Ronald Samuel, born 1896 Shepparton, Victoria.
7. Lionel Leonard Vivian, born 1900 Shepparton, Victoria.

Married: Alison Isabel COUTTS 1891.
Three issue located.
1. Alice Ruby, born 1892 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Elsie Dorothy, born 1903 Carlton North, Victoria.
3. Gladys Ruth Winifred, born 1912 Brunswick North, Victoria.

Married: Jane Henrietta MURFITT.
Two issue located.
1. Robert Harold, born 1896 Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. Doris Lena, born 1902 Ballarat East, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: Mary Ann COLBOURNE 1897.
Two issues located.
1. Horace, born 1899 Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. William, born 1901 Ballarat East, Victoria.

George Andrew
Married: Laura Miriam ELLIOTT 1899.
Five issues located.
1. Albert George Washington, born 1900 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Laura Eveline May, born 1902 Footscray, Victoria.
3. Ernest Andrew, born 1905 Footscray, Victoria.
4. Allan Edward, born 1908 Footscray, Victoria.
5. Beryl Constance, born 1914 Footscray, Victoria.

William John
Married: Johanna Maria CHRISTIAN 1902.
Four issues located.
1. Leslie James, born 1903 Benalla, Victoria.
2. Alfred William, born 1907 Benalla, Victoria.
3. Francis George, born 1908 Benalla, Victoria.
4. Alma, born 1910 Benalla, Victoria.


Married: Joseph GRIFFITHS 1853.

Married: Henry Thomas GARDNER 1863.

Mary Ann
Married: James TREMBATH 1864.

Martha Amelia
Married: Charles Campbell LINDSAY 1869.

Ann Rebecca
Married: Joseph DAWSON 1871.

Married: William MOORE 1871.

Sarah Jane
Married: Joseph DEAN 1877.

Married: Robert REARDON 1881.

Married: James MCWALTER 1884.

Married: John HORTIP 1886.

Married: Richard BELL 1888.

Married: George John GRIERSON 1891.

Married: Alfred Ernest HEAL 1893.

Fanny Jane
Married: Joseph Henry SHAW 1895.

Mary Ann
Married: James MCGREGOR 1898.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GENT lines.

JN 66763

GENT Robert and Mary MORTLOCK

Information Journal.

Robert GENT and Mary Ann MORTLOCK.
Marriage details not located at time of posting.

Robert died 1885 in Mount Moriac, Victoria, Australia.
Age: 66 years.
Parents named as Samuel GENT and Ann LEWIS.

Buried: Mount Moriac Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 05 May 1885.

Mary died 1908 in Worrion, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Father named as Thomas MORRECK. Mother unknown.

Buried: Mount Moriac Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 19 August 1908.

Eleven children located Victoria for Robert and Mary.


Robert GENT
Born: circa 1844 England.
Died: 1902 Ballarat East, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.

Buried: New Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Presbyterian A.
Section: 16.
Grave number: 33.
Service date: 27 July 1902.

Married: Matilda NEILL.
Year: 1865.
Place: Victoria.
Matilda recorded as Matilda NEIL marriage records.

Matilda died 1925 in Ballarat East, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.
Parents named as John NEIL and Ann STEWART.

Buried: New Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Presbyterian.
Section: 16.
Grave number: 33.
Service date: 23 November 1923.

Ten children located for Robert and Matilda.
See Post:
GENT Robert married Matilda NEILL 1865


Mary Ann GENT
Born: circa 1847 England.
Died: 1925 Maryborough, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.

Married: James TREMBATH.
Year: 1864.
Place: Victoria.


Ann Rebecca GENT
Born: circa 1852 England.
Died: 1937 Avoca, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.

Married: Joseph DAWSON.
Year: 1871.
Place: Victoria.


Samuel GENT
Born: 1858 Barrabool, Victoria.
Died: 1923 Balwyn, Victoria.
Age: 66 years.

Married: Eleanor Maria GORDON.
Year: 1882.
Place: Victoria.
Eleanor recorded as Emily Maria GORDON marriage records.

Eleanor was born 1854 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Parents named as George Augustus GORDON and Martha Maria SELDEN.

Eleanor died 1921 in Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 66 years.
Parents named as George Augustus GORDON and Martha Maria SELDEN.


Thomas GENT
Born: 1859 Barrabool, Victoria.
Died: 1859 Barrabool, Victoria.
Age: 07 days.

Buried: Barrabool Hills Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Church of England.
Service date: 24 August 1859.


Susanna GENT
Born: 1860 Barrabool, Victoria.
Died: 1936 Mount Moriac, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Buried: Mount Moriac Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Church of England.
Row: 01.
Grave number: Z 143.
Service date: 16 August 1936.

Married: John HORTIP.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.

John died 1934 in Mount Moriac, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.
Parents named as William HORTIP and Sarah BAGLAW.

Buried: Mount Moriac Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Church of England.
Row: 01.
Grave number: Z 142.
Service date: 23 February 1934.


William GENT
Born: 1862 Barrabool, Victoria.
Died: 07 September 1940, Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.

Buried: Colac Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Methodist.
Row: 11.
Grave number: 17.
Service date: 09 September 1940.

Married: Mary Jessie DOUGLAS.
Year: 1908.
Place: Victoria.

Mary was born 1876 in Little River, Victoria.
Parents named as Alexander DOUGLAS and Effie MCDONALD.

Mary died 15 May 1932, Beeac, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.
Parents named as Alexander DOUGLAS and Euphemia MCDONALD.

Buried: Colac Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Methodist.
Row: 11.
Grave number: 17.
Service date: 17 May 1932.


Thomas GENT
Born: 1864 Modewarre, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Brunswick, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Buried: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Church of Christ.
Section: C.
Grave number: 1325.
Service date: 18 October 1935.

Married: Alison Isabel COUTTS.
Year: 1891.
Place: Victoria.

Alison was born 1869 in Ballarat, Victoria.
Parents named as George Keith COUTTS and Alice FRASER.

Alison died 1945 in Parkville, Victoria.
Age: 75 years.
Parents named as George Keith COUTTS and Alice FRASER.

Buried: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Church of Christ.
Section: C.
Grave number: 1325.
Service date: 12 February 1945.


Elizabeth Jane GENT
Born: 1867 Mount Moriac, Victoria.
Died: -


Annie GENT
Born: 1869 Mount Moriac, Victoria.
Died: 1950 Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 20 June 1950.
Cremated remains location: Not recorded.

Married 1: Alfred Ernest HEAL.
Year: 1893.
Place: Victoria.

Alfred was born 1869 in Ceres, Victoria.
Parents named as Amos HEAL and Emma SHERWOOD.

Alfred died 1899 in Ceres, Victoria.
Age: 31 years.
Parents named as Amos HEAL and Emma SHERWOOD.

Buried: Mount Moriac Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 03 October 1899.

Married 2: Stephen Dale BEAN.
Year: 1910.
Place: Victoria.
Stephen's birth place given as England.

Stephen died 1945 in Wattle Glen, Victoria.
Age: 63 years.
Parents named as Valentine BEAN and Lucy unknown.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 14 August 1944.
Cremated remains location: Not recorded.

Note different year of death and cremation for Stephen.


Henry Mortlock GENT
Born: 1875 Mount Moriac, Victoria.
Died: 1953 Ballarat, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.

Buried: New Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Private F.
Section: 14.
Row: 01.
Grave number: 03.
Service date: 08 December 1953.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Barrabool Hills Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Ballarat Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Colac Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Mount Moriac Cemetery Records, Victoria.

JN 66665

GRISDALE marriages 1864-1940 Victoria Australia

GRISDALE marriages 1864-1940 Victoria Australia.


Married: Elizabeth GRIFFITHS 1867.

Married: Eliza CORFIELD 1878.

Married: Mary Jane HILL 1890.

Married: Ada Theresa SPARROW.

Married: Frances Ellen TICE 1895.


Mary Ann
Married: Henry BROOK 1864.

Married: Joseph Williams ALI 1870.

Married: Alfred James FAWCETT 1875.

Married: John ONEIL 1877.

Married: William HOWETH 1878.

Mary Ann
Married: John Edwin ACKERLY 1881.

Married: James BRODERICK 1882.

Married: John Thomas KEATING 1884.

Married: Joseph John MELANO 1890.

Mary Jane
Married: Vernon Sedric Kenneth KERSLAKE 1918.

Iris Amy
Married: Francis Major WILKINSON 1923.

Ada Theresa
Married: Andrew SUTTIE 1929.

Mary Teresa
Married: Leslie Henry SCHRADER 1937.

Mona Noreen
Married: Harold Alexander SCOBLE 1939.

Ellen Christina
Married: Harry HERAUD 1940.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GRISDALE lines.

JN 66520

GOFF marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia

GOFF marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia.

GOFF (males)

Married: Violet MASON 1907.

Married: Henrietta ANDERSON 1913.

William Charles
Married: Mary Jane BERRY 1915.

Henry Clement
Married: Pearl Marguerite VAINS 1917.

Joseph William
Married: Mabel Rhubina POLKINGHORNE 1919.

Albert George
Married: Alice Jane MCCULLOUGH 1920.

Alfred Norman
Married: Alison Irene BATE 1920.

John Baxter
Married: Katherine Iris COLEMAN 1922.

James George
Married: Olive Audrey CARSON 1923.

Married: Muriel Wallbank RICHARDSON 1924.

Lawrence Eric
Married: Jean SHIMMIN 1924.

Married: Mary Agnes COLEMAN 1924.

Albert George
Married: Elizabeth Meaden TOWERS 1926.

Henry Clement
Married: Helen HORLER 1927.

William John
Married: Dorothy CALCUTT 1929.

Married: Agnes CAMPBELL 1932.

George Henry Freeman
Married: Ida Sturges CHENHALL 1933.

Leonard James
Married: Ethel May BARCLAY 1935.

Leonard James
Married: Annie Alice SCOTT 1939.

Married: Margaret Francis HAMILTON 1940.

Robert James
Married: Melva Beatrice GRENFELL 1940.

William Howard
Married: Edith Maude Lorraine BREARLEY 1941.

James George
Married: Anne Elizabeth PARNALL 1941.

Edward Dennis
Married: Hazel Mary SHORE 1941.

Thomas Edmund
Married: Annie MCGAVIN 1942.

Norman Keith
Married: Gwenneth BURGE 1942.

GOFF (Females)

Alice Victoria
Married: Leslie Arthur John ADAMS 1907.

Rose Ellen
Married: William WAUGH 1908.

Married: Albert SCATCHARD 1911.

Emma Esther
Married: Herbert Walter PAMPHILON 1912.

Married: Nathan ARMSTRONG 1914.

Married: Frederick HEALY 1916.

Married: Oliver Frederick Henry DANBY 1916.

Mary Ellen
Married: Martin George TUOHY 1916.

Married: Leslie Wilfred Charles ILES 1920.

Mary Connell
Married: Thomas Russell JOHNSON 1920.

Lillian May
Married: Charles Leslie BADGE 1924.

Married: Thomas Alexander MILL 1924.

Jessie Maude
Married: William Arthur BUCKLEIGH 1925.

Florence Emma
Married: Stephen John STANBRIDGE 1927.

Edna Mary
Married: James CAMPBELL 1928.

Esther Rose
Married: Raymond Horace FETRIDGE 1932.

Winifred Mary
Married: Arthur Alfred LANSDOWN 1938.

Helen Susan
Married: Wilfred CORNETT 1939.

Nora Mabel
Married: Richard William GRANT 1940.

Vera Jane
Married: Andrew BELL 1940.

Edna May
Married: Allan Samuel MCPHERSON 1940.

Kathleen Mabel
Married: George MAHONEY 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GOFF lines.

JN 65050