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MURRELL marriages (males) 1910-1930 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages (males) 1910-1930 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (males)

married: 1910 Annie Alma BILSTON.

Sydney Byron
married: 1910 Rebecca Elizabeth Ellen TERRY.

William Henry
married: 1910 Olive Ruby Pearl JACKSON.

John Francis
married: 1911 Helena Maud GARTNER.

married: 1911 Alice Maria CHASEMORE.

Arthur Canless
married: 1912 Hannah Agnes PITMAN.

married: 1912 Mildred WHITE.

married: 1913 Catherine Christina GULL.

Robert John
married: 1913 Ruby Ann SCOTT.

James Grenville
married: 1914 Valetta Muriel CAMERON.

Joseph William
married: 1914 Lilian Margaret Jane FOSTER.

Ambrose Lynn
married: 1915 Emily BARROW.

John Preston
married: 1916 Beatrice MCKENZIE.

James Joseph
married: 1917 Minnie Matilda TATT.

married: 1917 Esther Daphne CASEY.

married: 1917 Florence May CAMPELL.

George Leslie
married: 1919 Jane Ann TOUZEL.

James Arthur
married: 1920 Mary Elizabeth URCH.

William Dixon
married: 1920 Charlotte SCOTT.

Ambrose Leslie
married: 1922 Jean Montgomery BROWN.

William Barrett
married: 1922 Elsa Gus HAUFF.

Harold Henry
married: 1923 Flora Elsie URCH.

George Campbell
married: 1923 Gladys Adelaide MAXTED.

George Leslie
married: 1923 Edith Florence HAND.

Warren James
married: 1924 Daisy NANKERVIS.

Arthur James
married: 1924 Thelma Robena May SAYWELL.

Raymond Theodore
married: 1925 Alma Doris DENT.

married: 1925 Dora Alice SLADE.

Frederick Clyde
married: 1925 Anne HEDLEY.

married: 1926 Ellen Freda MCCALMAN.

Harry James
married: 1927 Ethel Leighton MARRISON.

William Peter
married: 1927 Ethel violet FARMER.

married: 1929 Ruth Priscilla BULLMAN.

James Ashworth
married: 1930 Elizabeth Atalanta MULLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 62339

MURRELL marriages (females) 1910-1924 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages (females) 1910-1924 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (females)

married: 1910 William Ochiltree LEWERS.

married: 1910 Hugh OCALLAGHAN.

Rose Mary
married: 1910 James Fenwick MCEVOY.

Emily Martha
married: 1911 Adolph Thomas PERTZEL.

Maud Barbara
married: 1911 James Rymymede PERRY.

Olive Gertrude Beatrice
married: 1911 William Philip NEESON.

married: 1911 Phillip Robert CATIONS.

Marjorie Winifred
married: 1912 Thomas Henry STEPHENS.

Isabel Maud
married: 1913 Edward HUGHES.

married: 1913 Osborne BOUNEY.

married: 1913 John HICKEY.

married: 1914 Henry Robert HUMPHREY.

Dora Myrtle
married: 1914 John MARONEY.

Elizabeth Todd
married: 1914 Frank Francis BARKER.

Ethel Maude
married: 1914 Albert George JENKINS.

Dorothy Irma
married: 1916 John Thomas HUMPHREY.

Edith Marion
married: 1916 Henry William Campbell GILLINGHAM.

Myrtle Irene
married: 1917 Robert Archibald HOWARD.

Josephine Eveline
married: 1918 Alexander Charles SHEATHER.

Nellie Rose
married: 1919 Edward Charles HITCHINGS.

Edith Lucy
married: 1920 Allen James Gordon PROCTOR.

Elsie May
married: 1920 James BARRY.

married: 1920 Hector Edward DOBSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1920 Richard Frederick WILLIAMS.

Lottie Victoria
married: 1921 Herbert Reginald CONBOY.

Flora Thurza
married: 1921 Alfred Eugene HARVEY.

Alicia Dorris
married: 1921 Thomas Ballantine DUNCAN.

married: 1921 William DAVIDSON.

Eliza Gladstone
married: 1921 Leslie Milton JENKINS.

Esta Violet
married: 1922 Keith Stuart HEMPENSTALL.

married: 1922 Augustine Gregory JACKMAN.

married: 1923 James Robert HOGGAN.

married: 1923 George DAVIDSON.

Annie Jane
married: 1923 Herbert Edwin PARKINSON.

Norah May
married: 1924 Edward John Eames SALMON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 62338

MIDDLEDITCH marriages 1850-1933 Victoria Australia

MIDDLEDITCH marriages 1850-1933 Victoria Australia.


married: 1850 Margaret SUTHERLAND.

Woolfrey Honeywood
married: 1855 Susannah Eliza BURRELL.

married: 1864 Anne FITZPATRICK.

married: 1867 Jane SMITH.

Alexander James
married: 1878 Mary Anne HARVEY.

married: 1878 Amy PIERCE.

married: 1883 Margaret WILSON.

Charles George
married: 1889 Adelaide BLACK.

Ernest Henry
married: 1899 Elizabeth KNOX.

Albert Walton
married: 1900 Mary Anna Tregenza CLEMENCE.

Frederick Hugh
married: 1912 Alice Beatrice GADSBY.

Patrick Albert
married: 1914 Kate Elizabeth GADSBY.

Keith Manton
married: 1923 Ivy Beatrice ROWLAND.

married: 1925 Lillian Louise KING.

Albert Walton
married: 1928 Edith Wilhelmina Maud FARMER.

Leslie Francis
married: 1933 Laura Marian GIBBS.


married: 1883 Joseph Augustus BURRITT.

married: 1888 Richard PULLEN.

married: 1889 James Edward CAREY.

Mary Anne
married: 1890 John BRUTON.

Maud Mary
married: 1893 John KERRIGAN.

married: 1901 Charles William MURRAY.

Christina Ann
married: 1905 Joseph PIKE.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1905 John Bettor BLITZ.

Mary Ethel
married: 1907 Percy Laugham DALE.

Frances Margaret
married: 1909 Frank Merson DAY.

Amy Florence
married: 1910 Edward Llewellyn HOLLY.

married: 1913 Sidney Richard TREVAN.

Christina Annie
married: 1913 Charles Adolphus FRANDSEN.

Adelaide Catherine
married: 1914 Peter HARVEY.

married: 1917 Reginald Samuel CLARK.

married: 1918 Albert Percy FISHER.

Inez Margaret
married: 1918 George Hodgson BURGDORF.

Mavis Clemence
married: 1922 Vere Locksley REEVE.

Adelaide Catherine
married: 1927 Thomas Harrie SINGLETON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MIDDLEDITCH lines.

JN 62226

MELROSE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

MELROSE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

MELROSE (males)

Bryden Stewart
married: 1921 Florence Emily REVILLE.

Roy Malcolm
married: 1922 Mercia Elizabeth FREESTONE.

married: 1923 Alvina Grace GILL.

Archibald Thomson
married: 1925 Iris Allen

Victor James
married: 1926 Alina Maria Blanche Pedrix GLUYAS.

married: 1933 Alice Dolenina THOMSON.

Francis Peter
married: 1933 Murial Veronica SPROUL.

Herbert Dudley
married: 1933 Eleanor Julia PHILLIPS.

married: 1934 Ruby Mavis BURROWS.

Victor James
married: 1935 Doris Wilma TOMLINSON.

Andrew Keith
married: 1936 Nancy Della BARTLETT.

married: 1937 Erina HAYES.

married: 1938 Marjorie Edith DOWER.

Andrew Burt
married: 1939 Isla Louise LUFF.

William Harold
married: 1939 Gweladys Aeileen MCCALLUM.

married: 1935 Marjorie Irene STRINGER. (Registered 1944)

MELROSE (females)

married: 1921 Wilfred Ernest BRADLEY.

Mary Ethel
married: 1922 Arthur Harold HUDSON.

Marcella Christine
married: 1924 John Harrower BRODRICK.

married: 1925 Raymond Richard MORGAN.

Nina Mary
married: 1926 George Albert STEVENSON.

married: 1934 Edward TURLEY.

Edna Rosalind
married: 1934 Henry Markland ROBINSON.

Leonore Florence
married: 1938 Henry Sydney LUBRANSKY.

Catherine Elder
married: 1938 Richard Turnbull KEMP.

Jean Isabel
married: 1938 Donald REID.

married: 1938 George Henry DAVIDSON.

Wilhelmina Lydia
married: 1940 Graham Lindley RICHARDSON.

married: 1941 Alfred John WILLIAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MELROSE lines.

JN 61870

MURRELL marriages 1886-1909 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages 1886-1909 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (males)

married: 1886 Helen Harriet CUTHBERTSON.

married: 1886 Mary Ann FLETCHER.

married: 1886 Mary FOWLER.

married: 1888 Annie BROWN.

married: 1895 Mary FERNANDES. (Registered 1896)

married: 1896 Eliza TRUSCOTT.

married: 1897 Mary Anne SMYTHE.

William James
married: 1901 Lily YOUNG.

married: 1903 Florence May CANNON.

Charles Tealing
married: 1906 Emily Josephine PERRY.

married: 1906 Emma Jane HOOPER.

Charles Guy
married: 1908 Mary Agnes FLEMING.

married: 1908 Lillian SURMAN.

Ambrose Henry Edward
married: 1909 Gertrude May LITTLE.

MURRELL (females)

married: 1887 John COOK.

Ada Mary
married: 1887 William Henry Algern PYE.

Sarah Ann
married: 1889 Samuel DEVY.

married: 1891 Joseph HUMPHREY.

married: 1894 William Joseph Hamilton Michael Colin BROWNLESS.

Mary Jane
married: 1894 Dougald MCDONALD.

married: 1896 Joseph BALL.

married: 1898 William JONES.

Mary Ellen
married: 1898 John Joseph MASHADO.

Florence Irene Alice
married: 1900 William Joseph HUMPHREY.

Hette Elizabeth
married: 1901 James Albert WRIGHT.

married: 1903 James Richard HOKIN.

Martha Mary Ann
married: 1904 Herbert Edward ORGILL.

married: 1905 Frederick William JARRAD.

Annie Isabella
married: 1906 John Alfred BAUGH.

Edith Eleanor
married: 1907 Albert Ernest TRIGG.

Ethel Ann
married: 1907 Clyde McLean MOFFATT.

Hilda Salome Alice
married: 1907 George Alfred WILKINSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1907 Frederick Henry PERRY.

Mary May
married: 1907 Nicholos George ANDREWS.

Jane Emma
married: 1909 Samuel George TEASDALE.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1909 James William George FISHER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 61820

MELROSE marriages 1844-1920 Victoria Australia

MELROSE marriages 1844-1900 Victoria Australia.

MELROSE (males)

married: 1844 Elizabeth WILSON.

married: 1856 Janet BINNIE.

James Bryden
married: 1859 Tracy Martha WHITTLE.

married: 1861 Jessie Hunter OLIVER.

married: 1870 Susan Green SKINNER.

married: 1876 Mary MCKENNEY.

married: 1878 Mary GRANT.

married: 1883 Sarah CROFT.

married: 1884 Mary HOLCOMBE.

Thomas Stirling
married: 1893 Margaret BAILLIE.

William Bryden
married: 1894 Isabella STEWART.

Colville Oblair Graham
married: 1895 Minnie Belinda Adelia WAGHORN.

married: 1898 Mary MCKAY.

John Skinner
married: 1899 Martha Josephine DYETT.

James Hunter
married: 1900 Martha Scott HOUSTON.

married: 1902 Martha MULLARNEY.

Andrew Wood
married: 1907 Effie Davis KECK.

James Alexander
married: 1907 Louisa Jane NORTH.

William Harold
married: 1907 Edith Beatrice HUGHES.

Charles David
married: 1908 Dora COX.

married: 1914 Marigold Heatherbell MURRIE.

married: 1917 Mattie TOLBERG.

MELROSE (females)

married: 1857 David Cumming CHRISTIE.

married: 1857 John HORNE.

Helen Elizabeth
married: 1862 James Henry DICKINSON.

married: 1871 William WEBSTER.

Tracey Martha
married: 1874 Alexander Johnstone BENNETT.

Annie Hannah Moncrieff
married: 1878 Hans Lestrange HAMILTON.

Marion Moncrieff
married: 1882 John Henry MARSDEN.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1884 Henry CROFT.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1889 Evan JONES.

Jessie Stuart
married: 1893 Sydney John BROOMFIELD.

Lydia Elizabeth
married: 1900 Frederick William FIELD.

married: 1904 George ILES.

Minnie Josephine
married: 1905 Thomas Michael COGHLAN.

Ellen Christina
married: 1908 Arthur Henry PAIN.

Mary Ethel
married: 1909 Percy George KEAST.

Susan Amelia
married: 1909 Horace Charles CRICKMER.

Helen Carol
married: 1910 Robert Wilson MCKELLAR.

married: 1911 Joseph Ledner MOSS.

Florence Ann
married: 1913 Henry HENNINGSEN.

married: 1915 William STIGLICH.

Martha Josephine
married: 1919 Sydney George BARRETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MELROSE lines.

JN 61773

MOUNTFORD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

MOUNTFORD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


William George
married: 1923 Kathleen Elsie BENNETT.

Harold John
married: 1925 Agnes COOTE.

married: 1925 Mary Jane BUCHANAN.

married: 1926 Nellie FERRABY.

married: 1927 Mary Elizabeth HAVERFIELD.

married: 1927 Hanora CONNELL.

Ronald Edward
married: 1935 Iris May SAVAGE.

married: 1936 Vi Emily Mary MARSHALL.

John Stephen Evelyn
married: 1936 Fay Victoria BURNS.

Albert Edward
married: 1940 Phyllis Veronica GRATION.

married: 1941 Hazel May BESANT.

married: 1942 Gwendoline Vera DOYLE.

Albert Ernest
married: 1942 Lorna Ethel ROBERTSON.

MOUNTFORD (females)

married: 1922 Henry Frank RIBAUX.

Mary Amelia
married: 1922 George Royce ORR.

married: 1922 Thomas Henry ELLIS.

Evelyn Blanche
married: 1923 Douglas John GRIFFIN.

Margaret Rachel
married: 1923 Albert Ernest CHRISTENSEN.

Gertrude Olive
married: 1925 Alfred Walter WOOLLEY.

married: 1925 Robert James LEES.

Alice Kathleen
married: 1927 Ernest HUTCHINSON.

married: 1929 Richard Henry MALKIN.

Ruby May
married: 1929 Clifford TARRANT.

Eileen Rachel
married: 1932 Joseph Charles GIBSON.

Nellie Evelyn
married: 1933 Colin Anthony PARKER.

Veronica Mary
married: 1936 William Charles DENNETT.

Amelia Blanche
married: 1936 Henry LEAN.

Edna May
married: 1936 William Edgar John SLATER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MOUNTFORD lines.

JN 61702

MUDFORD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

MUDFORD marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

MUDFORD (males)

Arthur James
married: 1923 Alice Maude DOWNING.

Archibald Clement
married: 1923 Sylvia Rennice Frances CURRY.

married: 1926 Maria WATSON.

George Thomas
married: 1926 Lilian Alice SCHOLES.

Alexander Henry
married: 1928 Mary Catherine FOLEY.

Herbert James
married: 1931 Mayne JONES.

Horace Alfred
married: 1932 Alice Stewart WATSON.

married: 1933 Ruby May PHELPS.

George Thomas
married: 1937 Winifred May BAKER.

George Leslie
married: 1937 Gladys Laurie ANDERSON.

Sydney Avenal
married: 1939 Lois SQUIRE.

Mark Ernest
married: 1939 Jean Isabel TUCK.

Clarence William
married: 1940 Agnes Elizabeth TASFE.

Laurence William
married: 1940 Floreen Veronica CASHEN.

Stanley Ralph
married: 1941 vIrene Elsie DOWSEY.

Clement George
married: 1941 Ethel Irene HUME.

Albert Thomas
married: 1941 Norma Alice Jessie BOOTHMAN.

Joseph Talbot
married: 1941 Nancy Jean HOMEWOOD.

MUDFORD (females)

Ruth Adeline
married: 1921 Patrick Charles HOURIGAN.

Hilda Bernice
married: 1927 Albert CORN.

married: 1931 Thomas Percival HATELEY.

married: 1931 Gordon Alexander PITCHER.

Veronica Christine
married: 1934 Edward Clive HARPER.

Phyllis Elizabeth
married: 1934 Herbert James HARRIS.

Gladys Irene
married: 1935 Cecil Henry WILD.

Ivy Edith
married: 1935 Frank Roy HIXSON.

Alma Elsie
married: 1937 Stanley Valentine MITCHELL.

Emily Mary
married: 1938 Colin Rodger HULETT.

Kathleen May
married: 1939 George MAIN.

married: 1941 John James MARSHALL.

married: 1941 John Owen Meirion HUMPHREYS.

Dulcie Beryl
married: 1942 Peter Quentin SCROWN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MUDFORD lines.

JN 61012

MUDFORD marriages 1855-1920 Victoria Australia

MUDFORD marriages 1855-1914 Victoria Australia.

MUDFORD (males)

married: 1855 Agnes MORRIS.

married: 1870 Frederica Louisa EICKE.

married: 1874 Anora BIRTLES.

married: 1876 Jane STEPHENSON.

William James
married: 1882 Elizabeth Alice HOGAN.

Alfred Ernest
married: 1885 Emily Jane ROOKS.

married: 1885 Elizabeth Ann MORRISON.

married: 1890 Priscilla BRAINE.

Alfred Jacov
married: 1907 Christina TYGUIN.

Percy Edward
married: 1909 Mary Ann WOODHEAD.

John Isaac
married: 1911 Christina Burnet MOFFAT.

Mark Ernest
married: 1911 Jane SUTHERLAND.

Samuel James
married: 1911 Gwendolyn COOK.

Albert George
married: 1912 Emily Ann SCOBLE.

George Joseph Edward
married: 1914 Emily Louisa PATTEN.

Herbert James
married: 1915 Phillippa Chapel Curnow HOPKINSON.

William James
married: 1915 Sadie Pearl THOMAS.

Frederick Ernest
married: 1919 Doris Evelyn GILBERT.

MUDFORD (females)

married: 1857 Samuel JAMES.

married: 1871 Thomas POOK.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1877 Thomas Slade Edmonds ROWSE.

married: 1888 Alfred James BIRTLES.

married: 1891 Christian Albert RADEMACHER.

Margaret Jane
married: 1897 William ANDREWS.

Amy Elizabeth
married: 1899 Ezra JACKSON.

Sarah Alice
married: 1900 Archibald Notman SCHOLES.

married: 1901 Henry Philip WEBB.

Clara Ella
married: 1904 William Alfred SCOBLE.

Emily May
married: 1905 John Thomas Floyd DIXON.

Emily Ethel
married: 1906 Henry Thomas DEVINE.

Marion Elizabeth
married: 1907 Denis THOMAS.

Ida Rose
married: 1911 Robert Reid BLEAZBY.

Margaret Ruby May
married: 1911 John FERRIS.

Mary Alice
married: 1911 Norman Harold WHITE.

Elsie Alice
married: 1912 James Henry EYLES.

Effie Louisa
married: 1914 William BEVERIDGE.

Mabel Agnes
married: 1914 Frank Marshall SMALLEY.

Ethel May
married: 1916 George Russell CLARK.

Grace Myrtle
married: 1916 John PARKINSON.

Mary Isabel
married: 1916 Herbert David MAIN.

Lucy Agnes
married: 1919 Michael Francis HOURIGAN.

Jessie Emily
married: 1920 Stephen Clifford HOILES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MUDFORD lines.

JN 60757

MUMBY marriages 1851-1942 Victoria Australia

MUMBY marriages 1851-1942 Victoria Australia.

MUMBY (males)

married: 1851 Frances PATRICK.

William Cashwell
married: 1857 Mary BROWN.

married: 1862 Elizabeth SKINNER.

James Edmund
married: 1862 Hannah WOODSTOCK.

John Thomas
married: 1872 Celia LORIOT.

George Humble
married: 1876 Eliza MANN.

William Cashwell
married: 1882 Sophia BROWNE.

Frederick John
married: 1886 Emily BOWMAN.

married: 1889 Jane Hannah HADFIELD.

married: 1896 Louisa TRUSCOTT.

married: 1897 Mary Ann THRESEN.

Bertie Victor
married: 1914 Esther May CONNOR.

Charles Francis
married: 1915 Eliza Evelyn Price GREEN.

married: 1928 Isabella Jane JONES.

Gerald Charles Ross
married: 1930 Kathleen Eliza Saddler HIRSCHFIELD.

Aubrey John Cashwell
married: 1932 Mona Sybil COOPER.

married: 1934 Marguerite HUGHES.

William Frederick
married: 1937 Edith Minniw MAUDEL.

MUMBY (females)

married: 1888 George GOVER.

Alice Maude
married: 1901 Reginald Frank SHOLL.

Clara Christina
married: 1905 William Martin STOREY.

Mary Ann
married: 1915 Henry James DOWD.

Celia Lillian
married: 1918 Herbert Richard GALLOWAY.

Ellen Jane
married: 1925 Alexander SPEERS.

Ilma Maud
married: 1927 Clarence William CROSSKELL.

Ilma Sophia De Boie
married: 1927 Gordon Prebble MAUSER.

Annie May Maud
married: 1931 John Charles Worrall BROOMHEAD.

Katherine Elizabeth Saddler
married: 1936 Hugh Noel Murray PUCKLE.

Annie May Maud
married: 1937 Thomas SCHAEFFER.

Una Nattalie Anketell
married: 1940 Henry David MALKIN.

Mabel Frances
married: 1942 Paul Bartels SMITH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MUMBY lines.

JN 60395