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MCNAB marriages (males) 1895-1920 Victoria Australia

MCNAB marriages (males) 1895-1920 Victoria Australia.

MCNAB (males)

William Henry Duncan
married: 1896 Mary Elizabeth Maud MILLER.
Six Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Donald married Henrietta ROBERTSON 1855

married: 1897 Alice TANNER.

Angus Campbell
married: 1898 Sarah JOHNSON.
Three Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Donald married Hentietta ROBERTSON 1855

Donald Campbell
married: 1898 Annie LOVE.

George David
married: 1898 Ellen OCONNELL.

married: 1899 Agnes MCCOSKER.
Two Issues located.
1. John Cameron, Born 1900 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Jessie, born 1901 Ballarat, Victoria.

married: 1900 Mary Ann PIKE.
One Issue located.
1. Cecil Alexander, born 1903 Fitzroy North, Victoria.

married: 1901 Annie COUSIN.

Finlay Robertson
married: 1901 Emma May INNES.
Two Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Angus and Mary CAMPBELL

married: 1902 Ada CABE.
One Issue located.
1. Elsie, born 1903 Fitzroy South, Victoria.

James Alexander
married: 1903 Jeanie Laing NAVIN.

married: 1903 Mary Ellen Maude HILL.

married: 1904 Evelyn CALDER.

Victor Richard
married: 1904 Annie TURNBULL.
Five Issues located.
1. Elsie Lillian, born 1904 Brighton, Victoria.
2. Herbert Victor, born 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
3. Phyllis May, born 1911 Caulfield, Victoria.
4. Dorothy, born 1915 Armadale, Victoria.
5. Vivienne Muriel, Born 1918 Armadale, Victoria.

married: 1905 Louisa Ann CROFTS.

James Alexander
married: 1905 Jessie Janet FIELD.
Two Issues located.
1. Norman Duncan, born 1907 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Emile Maud, born 1911 Footscray, Victoria.

Angus Stewart
married: 1906 Isabella MCKENZIE.
One Issue located.
See Post: MCNAB Finlay married Ann STEWART 1872

married: 1906 Mary Christina TOWNSEND.

Norman Duncan
married: 1907 Maude Annie BURKE.

Walter Donald
married: 1907 Elizabeth Mary SNEDDEN.
Two Issues located.
1. Walter Alexander Snedden, born 1908 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Beryl Marloo Emily, born 1913 Footscray, Victoria.

John Finlay
married: 1910 Francis Anna BIDSTRUP.
One Issue located.
See Post: MCNAB Finlay married Ann STEWART 1872

William John
married: 1910 Flora Cameron Georgina Ina Marrow MCNEIL.
One Issue located.
1. Kenneth James Hamilton, born 1914 Nagambier, Victoria.

Rupert Francis
married: 1911 Gwendolyn Beatrice EDWARDS.

Alexander Ginwell
married: 1912 Mary HEYWOOD.
One Issue located.
See Post: MCNAB Finlay married Ann STEWART 1872

Finlay Duncan
married: 1912 Annie Woodhouse ROSS.

married: 1913 Agnes Josephine BROWN.
Two Issues located.
1. Harriet Joy, born 1914 South Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Roma Glen, born 1916 South Melbourne, Victoria.

Duncan Donald
married: 1914 Christina MCKENZIE.
One Issue located.
See Post: MCNAB Finlay married Ann STEWART 1872

John Henry
married: 1914 Florence Martha GUERIN.
Two Issues located.
1. John Walter, born 1915 Northcote, Victoria.
2. Ronald Frederick, born 1920 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Norman Sinclair
married: 1914 Ada Blodwin HASTINGS (nee DAVIES).
One Issue located.
1. Bruce Sinclair, born 1919 Brighton, Victoria.

married: 1914 Agnes Emma JOHNSON.

James Sinclair
married: 1919 Ada BARCLAY.

married: 1919 Edith MALONE.

Alexander Stewart
married: 1920 Margaret Anderson MCINTOSH.

Donald Alexander
married: 1920 Loraine Orielle ADAMS.

Herbert Angus James
married: 1920 Ivy Gladys GILBURY.
One Issue located.
1. Herbert Desmond, born 1920 Brunswick North, Victoria.

Leslie Murdoch
married: 1920 Emma IIma NICHOLSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth & Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MCNAB lines.

JN 63504

MCNAB marriages (males) 1855-1894 Victoria Australia

MCNAB marriages (males) 1855-1894 Victoria Australia.

MCNAB (males)

married: 1855 Henrietta ROBERTSON.
Twelve Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Donald married Henrietta ROBERTSON 1855

married: 1857 Harriet MARTIN.

married: 1857 Mary GRANT.
Five Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Angus and Mary CAMPBELL

married: 1858 Anne MCPHERSON.
Six Issues located.
1. Donald, born 1860 Crowlands, Victoria.
2. Christina, born 1862 Crowlands, Victoria.
3. Mary Ann, born 1863 Eversleigh, Victoria.
4. Flora, born 1865 Eversleigh, Victoria.
5. John, born 1866 Ararat, Victoria.
6. Jessie, born 1870 Ararat, Victoria.

married: 1859 Mary JACKSON.
Eight Issues located.
1. Isabella Sinclair, born 1860 Geelong, Victoria.
2. William, born 1862 Geelong, Victoria.
3. Ellen, born 1864 Ashby, Victoria.
4. Mary Ann, born 1869 Geelong, Victoria.
5. Louisa, born 1872 Geelong, Victoria.
6. George David, born 1875 Geelong, Victoria.
7. Robinia, born 1877 Geelong, Victoria.
8. James, born 1880 Melbourne West, Victoria.

married: 1860 Jessie MORTON.
One Issue located.
1. Lillie Christina, born 1861 Castlemaine, Victoria.

married: 1860 Mary MCDONALD.
Six Issues located.
1. Alexina, born 1867 Avenel, Victoria.
2. Malcolm James, born 1869 Avenel, Victoria.
3. Jessie, born 1871 Tabilk, Victoria.
4. Christina, born 1874 Nagambie, Victoria.
5. William John, born 1876 Tabilk, Victoria.
6. Malina, born 1877 Tabilk, Victoria.

married: 1860 Ellen LYNCH.
Two Issues located.
1. Mary, born 1860 Forest Creek, Victoria.
2. Margaret, born 1861 Forest Creek, Victoria.

married: 1861 Isabella MCINTOSH.
Five Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Angus and Mary CAMPBELL

married: 1863 Anne ROACHFORD.

married: 1865 Anne RATTEN.

Richard Borrowman
married: 1867 Jane ATTFIELD.
Two Issues located.
1. Archibald, Born 1868 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Edward Robert, born 1868 Prahran, Victoria.

married: 1867 Mary MCNAB.

married: 1870 Christina MITCHELL.
One Issue located.
Ellen Elizabeth, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.

married: 1871 Elizabeth TOYNE.

married: 1872 Mary Ann FISHER.

married: 1872 Ann STEWART.
Seven Issues located.
See Post: MCNAB Finlay married Ann STEWART 1872

married: 1872 Elizabeth COLLIER.

married: 1872 Bridget QUIGLEY.

married: 1874 Margaret LIDDELL.

Louis Kossuth
married: 1875 Mary Jane FAULKNER.
Seven Issues located.
1. Louis Albert William, born 1876 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Victor Richard, born 1879 Geelong, Victoria.
3. Rupert Francis, boen 2882 Geelong, Victoria.
4. Norman Sinclair, born 1883 Rutherglen, Victoria.
5. Elsie Frances Mary, born 1885 Rutherglen, Victoria.
6. Muriel Isabel, born 1887 Melbourne, Victoria.
7. Leslie Murdoch, born 1890 South Yarra, Victoria.

married: 1878 Charlotte MCKAY.

married: 1880 Emily PETER.
Four Issues located.
1. Henry Thomas, born 1880 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Walter Donald, born 1884 Footscray, Victoria.
3. Josephine Carol, born 1888 Footscray, Victoria.
4. Emily Pomeroy, born 1891 Footscray, Victoria.

married: 1883 Isabella KELSO.
Two Issues located.
1. Margaret Leonard, born 1884 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Alexander James, born 1885 Fitzroy, Victoria.

married: 1883 Jocobina WILSON.

married: 1886 Annie RICHARDSON.
Four Issues located.
1. Annie Margaret, born 1886 Kensington, Victoria.
2. Ethel May, born 1888 Flenington, Victoria.
3. Doris Earl, born 1894 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
4. Alexander Roy, born 1900 Kensington Hill, Victoria.

married: 1887 Louisa HUTCHINSON.
Five Issue located.
1. Nellie Louisa, born 1888 Coburg, Victoria.
2. Ida Muriel, born 1890 Coburg, Victoria.
3. Stanley Gordon, born 1892 Coburg, Victoria.
4. John Edgar, born 1897 Coburg, Victoria.
5. William George, born 1899 Coburg, Victoria.

married: 1887 Fanny Isabella CARMICHAEL.

married: 1889 Ambrosine GALT.

John Henry
married: 1890 Mary Ann HALL.
Five Issues located.
1. John Henry, born 1891 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Myrtle May Elizabeth, born 1899 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Janet, born 1904 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Jean Nellie, born 1908 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Ronald, born 1912 Collingwood, Victoria.

married: 1891 Isabella GALBRAITH.

James (Alexander)
married: 1891 Carol Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Six Issues located.
1. Alice Beatrice, born 1891 Drouin, Victoria.
2. Donald Campbell, born 1893 Droun, Victoria.
3. James Alexander, born 1895 Drouin, Victoria.
4. Angus Campbell, born 1897 Drouin, Victoria.
5. Charles Leslie, born 1900 Druin, Victoria.
6. Henri Robertson, born 1903 Drouin, Victoria.

See Post: MCNAB Donald married Henrietta ROBERTSON 1855

married: 1894 Elizabeth MCMILLAN.
Three Issues located.
1. Duncan James, born 1895 Keilor, Victoria.
2. Mary Victoria Sharpe, born 1897 Keilor, Victoria.
3. Margaret Campbell, born 1903 Essendon, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth & Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MCNAB lines.

JN 63458

MEALMAKER marriages 1852-1942 Victoria Australia

MEALMAKER marriages 1852-1942 Victoria Australia.


married: 1852 Anna MOSELEY.
Seven Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Ellen, born 1859 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. William, born 1860 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Hannah, born 1862 Fitzroy, Victoria.
4. Duncan, born 1864 Fitzroy, Victoria.
5. Samuel, born 1865 Fitzroy, Victoria.
6. Charles, born 1867 Collingwood, Victoria.
7. Ada Mary, born 1868 Collingwood, Victoria.

Henry (aka Henry Duncan)
married: 1881 Sarah Jane DOWSING.
Nine Issues located.
1. William Duncan, born 1882 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Henry Reginald, born 1884 Fitzroy, Victoria.
3. Charles John, born 1886 Fitzroy, Victoria.
4. Alick, born 1888 Fitzroy, Victoria.
5. Albert Leslie, born 1890 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
6. Sarah Florence, born 1892 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
7. Harold James, born 1895 Melbourne South, Victoria.
8. Hector Samuel, born 1900 Melbourne South, Victoria.
9. Hannah Lucy Violet, born 1901 South Melbourne, Victoria.

Charles Joseph
married: 1897 Emma WILSON.

William Duncan
married: 1906 Anne Theresa ROMETSCH. (Also recorded as ROMAGE)
Three Issues located.
1. Sarah Ann, born 1906 Melbourne, South.
2. William John Henry, born 1909 Brunswick East, Victoria.
3. Florence Lilian, born 1911 Carlton, Victoria.

married: 1912 Catherine Bond Jamieson MATTHEWS.
Three Issues located.
1. Ruby Mavis, born 1914 Kew, Victoria.
2. Joyce Violet, born 1917 Kew, Victoria.
3. Grace Norma, born 1919 Kew, Victoria.

Albert Leslie
married: 1922 Eva Marie KENNEDY.

Charles John
married: 1924 Nellie Viola SMITH.

William John Henry
married: 1932 Sylvia Florence FORD.

MEALMAKER (females)

Hannah Florence
married: 1890 John JENKINS.

Ada Mary
married: 1891 Henry James Jellett MARTIN.

married: 1903 Robert KIDD.

Sarah Ann
married: 1925 George Henry DIBBS.

Florence Liln
married: 1928 Edwin HAMILTON.

Ruby Mavis
married: 1933 Rupert Noel EDWARDS.

Jane Malvena
married: 1937 James HILL.

Joyce Violet
married: 1938 Arthur William WHARTON.

Dorothy Catherine
married: 1942 Alfred George IMPEY.

Grace Norma
married: 1942 Alexander George FOWLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth & Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MEALMAKER lines.

JN 63352

MARTINDALE marriages 1853-1941 Victoria Australia

MARTINDALE marriages 1853-1941 Victoria Australia.


Edward Thomas
married: 1856 Eliza Jane Harriet LUN.

married: 1859 Anna Maria BROWNE.

married: 1884 Bridget MCKENZIE.

married: 1884 Helen Jordan WHITEHOUSE.

James Jackson
married: 1897 Ethel May MCMAHON.

Joseph George
married: 1908 Lily Elizabeth Ann WHITE.

married: 1908 Martha Liston GREENWOOD.

Robert Hanley
married: 1915 Ivy Maud HIRTH.

Henry William
married: 1920 Marjorie Florence GRAVE.

Joshua John
married: 1936 Wilga Evelyn JENNINGS.

Gavin William
married: 1937 Olive Adele JEWELL.

MARTINDALE (females)

married: 1853 George B KERFORD.

married: 1857 Robert Harrobin SHANNON.

married: 1868 William Sherwood VERNON.

Harriet Eva
married: 1874 Henry Alexander TREGURTHA.

Annie Jane
married: 1883 Roland SMITH.

Florence Eliza
married: 1891 Alfred SMITH.

Romola Carmen
married: 1904 Charles Thomas STEPHENS.

married: 1915 William Stephen Leslie Warrack FISHER.

Doris Jackson
married: 1923 Leonard William MASON.

Thelma Hallam
married: 1924 Francis George HOSKING.

Ethel Elizabeth Renwick
married: 1925 Allan HARRIS.

Margaret Esther
married: 1940 Leonard John PRYOR.

Marjorie Ellen
married: 1941 Jack Reginald BARKER.

Nellie Isabell
married: 1941 John Verdun HOWLETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MARTINDALE lines.

JN 63091

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia

MARLOW marriages 1847-1940 Victoria Australia.

MARLOW (males)

married: 1847 Mary SULLIVAN.

married: 1853 Emma PARSONS.

married: 1861 Catherine Dunn SUTHERLAND.

Charles Henry
married: 1881 Elizabeth Charlotte JACKSON.

Henry Thomas Wellington
married: 1886 Emily HOOPER.

married: 1888 Sarah MAHONEY.

married: 1891 Jeanie MADDEN.

married: 1909 Annie MCKENRY.

Albert Augustus
married: 1912 Madge Margareta CARROLL.

Charles Edward
married: 1916 Ellen Turpin CLEE.

James Thomas
married: 1916 Mary Theodore EMMETT.

married: 1918 Ruth Devine BROWN.

Percy Albert
married: 1919 Edith Katherine CASTLEY.

George Herbert
married: 1920 Louisa WELSH.

married: 1920 Ethel Eleanor TUCKER.

Albert Edward
married: 1923 Marjory Christina SAUNDERS.

Allen Sharp
married: 1924 Eva Lillian JONES.

married: 1926 Charlotte Annie HILL.

Henry Edward Wellington
married: 1927 Alice Louisa GREY.

Roger Bede
married: 1928 Annie Blanche CURTIES.

Vernon Reginald
married: 1934 Eva May FORREST.

Robert William Arthur
married: 1939 Mavis Emily BARTLETT.

James Ernest
married: 1940 Thelma Joy CLARKE.

Arthur Percy Oswald
married: 1940 Ada Cornelius Ellen Nelson WYATT.

MARLOW (females)

married: 1856 Robert SANDY.

married: 1859 Richard LANGRIDGE.

married: 1860 Thomas WAGHORN.

married: 1861 Henry LANE.

Charlotte Jane
married: 1867 Charles Michael QUIRK.

married: 1877 George MIALL.

married: 1879 Permewan CHENHALLS.

Eliza Jane
married: 1891 Timothy John WALSH.

Eva Isabel
married: 1910 Thomas HUTTON.

Hilda Alice
married: 1912 William Arthur ROSS.

married: 1912 William John COLLYER.

married: Ronald Roy HAYLES.

Charlotte Louisa Mary
married: 1916 Frederick BULL.

married: 1917 Arthur METLARS.

Mabel Grace
married: 1920 George Andrew COCHRAN.

Annie Margaret
married: 1923 Robert George BROWN.

Pearl Eileen Turpin
married: 1929 Dick HARRIS.

Eva Brice
married: 1937 Gordon Harold MASON.

Alma Emilie
married: 1939 Arthur Noel LANE.

Maisie Ruty
married: 1940 Edward Charles DOWDELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MARLOW lines.

JN 62704

MURRELL marriages (males) 1910-1930 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages (males) 1910-1930 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (males)

married: 1910 Annie Alma BILSTON.

Sydney Byron
married: 1910 Rebecca Elizabeth Ellen TERRY.

William Henry
married: 1910 Olive Ruby Pearl JACKSON.

John Francis
married: 1911 Helena Maud GARTNER.

married: 1911 Alice Maria CHASEMORE.

Arthur Canless
married: 1912 Hannah Agnes PITMAN.

married: 1912 Mildred WHITE.

married: 1913 Catherine Christina GULL.

Robert John
married: 1913 Ruby Ann SCOTT.

James Grenville
married: 1914 Valetta Muriel CAMERON.

Joseph William
married: 1914 Lilian Margaret Jane FOSTER.

Ambrose Lynn
married: 1915 Emily BARROW.

John Preston
married: 1916 Beatrice MCKENZIE.

James Joseph
married: 1917 Minnie Matilda TATT.

married: 1917 Esther Daphne CASEY.

married: 1917 Florence May CAMPELL.

George Leslie
married: 1919 Jane Ann TOUZEL.

James Arthur
married: 1920 Mary Elizabeth URCH.

William Dixon
married: 1920 Charlotte SCOTT.

Ambrose Leslie
married: 1922 Jean Montgomery BROWN.

William Barrett
married: 1922 Elsa Gus HAUFF.

Harold Henry
married: 1923 Flora Elsie URCH.

George Campbell
married: 1923 Gladys Adelaide MAXTED.

George Leslie
married: 1923 Edith Florence HAND.

Warren James
married: 1924 Daisy NANKERVIS.

Arthur James
married: 1924 Thelma Robena May SAYWELL.

Raymond Theodore
married: 1925 Alma Doris DENT.

married: 1925 Dora Alice SLADE.

Frederick Clyde
married: 1925 Anne HEDLEY.

married: 1926 Ellen Freda MCCALMAN.

Harry James
married: 1927 Ethel Leighton MARRISON.

William Peter
married: 1927 Ethel violet FARMER.

married: 1929 Ruth Priscilla BULLMAN.

James Ashworth
married: 1930 Elizabeth Atalanta MULLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 62339

MURRELL marriages (females) 1910-1924 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages (females) 1910-1924 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (females)

married: 1910 William Ochiltree LEWERS.

married: 1910 Hugh OCALLAGHAN.

Rose Mary
married: 1910 James Fenwick MCEVOY.

Emily Martha
married: 1911 Adolph Thomas PERTZEL.

Maud Barbara
married: 1911 James Rymymede PERRY.

Olive Gertrude Beatrice
married: 1911 William Philip NEESON.

married: 1911 Phillip Robert CATIONS.

Marjorie Winifred
married: 1912 Thomas Henry STEPHENS.

Isabel Maud
married: 1913 Edward HUGHES.

married: 1913 Osborne BOUNEY.

married: 1913 John HICKEY.

married: 1914 Henry Robert HUMPHREY.

Dora Myrtle
married: 1914 John MARONEY.

Elizabeth Todd
married: 1914 Frank Francis BARKER.

Ethel Maude
married: 1914 Albert George JENKINS.

Dorothy Irma
married: 1916 John Thomas HUMPHREY.

Edith Marion
married: 1916 Henry William Campbell GILLINGHAM.

Myrtle Irene
married: 1917 Robert Archibald HOWARD.

Josephine Eveline
married: 1918 Alexander Charles SHEATHER.

Nellie Rose
married: 1919 Edward Charles HITCHINGS.

Edith Lucy
married: 1920 Allen James Gordon PROCTOR.

Elsie May
married: 1920 James BARRY.

married: 1920 Hector Edward DOBSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1920 Richard Frederick WILLIAMS.

Lottie Victoria
married: 1921 Herbert Reginald CONBOY.

Flora Thurza
married: 1921 Alfred Eugene HARVEY.

Alicia Dorris
married: 1921 Thomas Ballantine DUNCAN.

married: 1921 William DAVIDSON.

Eliza Gladstone
married: 1921 Leslie Milton JENKINS.

Esta Violet
married: 1922 Keith Stuart HEMPENSTALL.

married: 1922 Augustine Gregory JACKMAN.

married: 1923 James Robert HOGGAN.

married: 1923 George DAVIDSON.

Annie Jane
married: 1923 Herbert Edwin PARKINSON.

Norah May
married: 1924 Edward John Eames SALMON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 62338

MIDDLEDITCH marriages 1850-1933 Victoria Australia

MIDDLEDITCH marriages 1850-1933 Victoria Australia.


married: 1850 Margaret SUTHERLAND.

Woolfrey Honeywood
married: 1855 Susannah Eliza BURRELL.

married: 1864 Anne FITZPATRICK.

married: 1867 Jane SMITH.

Alexander James
married: 1878 Mary Anne HARVEY.

married: 1878 Amy PIERCE.

married: 1883 Margaret WILSON.

Charles George
married: 1889 Adelaide BLACK.

Ernest Henry
married: 1899 Elizabeth KNOX.

Albert Walton
married: 1900 Mary Anna Tregenza CLEMENCE.

Frederick Hugh
married: 1912 Alice Beatrice GADSBY.

Patrick Albert
married: 1914 Kate Elizabeth GADSBY.

Keith Manton
married: 1923 Ivy Beatrice ROWLAND.

married: 1925 Lillian Louise KING.

Albert Walton
married: 1928 Edith Wilhelmina Maud FARMER.

Leslie Francis
married: 1933 Laura Marian GIBBS.


married: 1883 Joseph Augustus BURRITT.

married: 1888 Richard PULLEN.

married: 1889 James Edward CAREY.

Mary Anne
married: 1890 John BRUTON.

Maud Mary
married: 1893 John KERRIGAN.

married: 1901 Charles William MURRAY.

Christina Ann
married: 1905 Joseph PIKE.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1905 John Bettor BLITZ.

Mary Ethel
married: 1907 Percy Laugham DALE.

Frances Margaret
married: 1909 Frank Merson DAY.

Amy Florence
married: 1910 Edward Llewellyn HOLLY.

married: 1913 Sidney Richard TREVAN.

Christina Annie
married: 1913 Charles Adolphus FRANDSEN.

Adelaide Catherine
married: 1914 Peter HARVEY.

married: 1917 Reginald Samuel CLARK.

married: 1918 Albert Percy FISHER.

Inez Margaret
married: 1918 George Hodgson BURGDORF.

Mavis Clemence
married: 1922 Vere Locksley REEVE.

Adelaide Catherine
married: 1927 Thomas Harrie SINGLETON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MIDDLEDITCH lines.

JN 62226

MELROSE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

MELROSE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

MELROSE (males)

Bryden Stewart
married: 1921 Florence Emily REVILLE.

Roy Malcolm
married: 1922 Mercia Elizabeth FREESTONE.

married: 1923 Alvina Grace GILL.

Archibald Thomson
married: 1925 Iris Allen

Victor James
married: 1926 Alina Maria Blanche Pedrix GLUYAS.

married: 1933 Alice Dolenina THOMSON.

Francis Peter
married: 1933 Murial Veronica SPROUL.

Herbert Dudley
married: 1933 Eleanor Julia PHILLIPS.

married: 1934 Ruby Mavis BURROWS.

Victor James
married: 1935 Doris Wilma TOMLINSON.

Andrew Keith
married: 1936 Nancy Della BARTLETT.

married: 1937 Erina HAYES.

married: 1938 Marjorie Edith DOWER.

Andrew Burt
married: 1939 Isla Louise LUFF.

William Harold
married: 1939 Gweladys Aeileen MCCALLUM.

married: 1935 Marjorie Irene STRINGER. (Registered 1944)

MELROSE (females)

married: 1921 Wilfred Ernest BRADLEY.

Mary Ethel
married: 1922 Arthur Harold HUDSON.

Marcella Christine
married: 1924 John Harrower BRODRICK.

married: 1925 Raymond Richard MORGAN.

Nina Mary
married: 1926 George Albert STEVENSON.

married: 1934 Edward TURLEY.

Edna Rosalind
married: 1934 Henry Markland ROBINSON.

Leonore Florence
married: 1938 Henry Sydney LUBRANSKY.

Catherine Elder
married: 1938 Richard Turnbull KEMP.

Jean Isabel
married: 1938 Donald REID.

married: 1938 George Henry DAVIDSON.

Wilhelmina Lydia
married: 1940 Graham Lindley RICHARDSON.

married: 1941 Alfred John WILLIAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MELROSE lines.

JN 61870

MURRELL marriages 1886-1909 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages 1886-1909 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (males)

married: 1886 Helen Harriet CUTHBERTSON.

married: 1886 Mary Ann FLETCHER.

married: 1886 Mary FOWLER.

married: 1888 Annie BROWN.

married: 1895 Mary FERNANDES. (Registered 1896)

married: 1896 Eliza TRUSCOTT.

married: 1897 Mary Anne SMYTHE.

William James
married: 1901 Lily YOUNG.

married: 1903 Florence May CANNON.

Charles Tealing
married: 1906 Emily Josephine PERRY.

married: 1906 Emma Jane HOOPER.

Charles Guy
married: 1908 Mary Agnes FLEMING.

married: 1908 Lillian SURMAN.

Ambrose Henry Edward
married: 1909 Gertrude May LITTLE.

MURRELL (females)

married: 1887 John COOK.

Ada Mary
married: 1887 William Henry Algern PYE.

Sarah Ann
married: 1889 Samuel DEVY.

married: 1891 Joseph HUMPHREY.

married: 1894 William Joseph Hamilton Michael Colin BROWNLESS.

Mary Jane
married: 1894 Dougald MCDONALD.

married: 1896 Joseph BALL.

married: 1898 William JONES.

Mary Ellen
married: 1898 John Joseph MASHADO.

Florence Irene Alice
married: 1900 William Joseph HUMPHREY.

Hette Elizabeth
married: 1901 James Albert WRIGHT.

married: 1903 James Richard HOKIN.

Martha Mary Ann
married: 1904 Herbert Edward ORGILL.

married: 1905 Frederick William JARRAD.

Annie Isabella
married: 1906 John Alfred BAUGH.

Edith Eleanor
married: 1907 Albert Ernest TRIGG.

Ethel Ann
married: 1907 Clyde McLean MOFFATT.

Hilda Salome Alice
married: 1907 George Alfred WILKINSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1907 Frederick Henry PERRY.

Mary May
married: 1907 Nicholos George ANDREWS.

Jane Emma
married: 1909 Samuel George TEASDALE.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1909 James William George FISHER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 61820