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WAINWRIGHT marriages 1840-1875 Victoria Australia

WAINWRIGHT marriages 1840-1875 Victoria Australia.


Married Mary CROW 1841.
No issues located.

Married: Elizabeth BARKLEY 1853.
No issues located.

Abraham Mason
Married: Jane GRIFFITHS 1855.
Two issues located.
1. Mary Caroline, born 1856 Buninyong, Victoria.
2. Eliza Jane, born 1860 Smythsdale, Victoria.

Married: Jane HALL 1856.
No issues located.

Married: Mary PRICE 1857.
No issues located.

Married: Johanna MOLLOWNEY 1860.
Two issues located.
1. John, born 1861 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
2. Catherine, born 1863 Nerring, Victoria.

... Johanna named as MOLONEY & MALONEY birth records.

Married: Bridget NEILAN 1861.
No issues located.

Married: Margaret QUINLAN 1861.
Two issues located.
1. Harriet, born 1866 Emerald Hill, Victoria.
2. Peter, born 1867 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth SACHEVERELL 1862.
No issues located.

Married: Jane MITCHELL 1863.
Three issues located.
1. Henry, born 1864 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. William, born 1870 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. Albert, born 1874 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Frederick Steden
Married: Jane Elizabeth PRESTAGE 1870.
Seven issues located.
1. Ada Emily, born 1871 Hotham, Victoria.
2. Laura Jane, born 1872 Fitzroy, Victoria.
3. Florence Mary, born 1875 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Florence Isabella, born 1878 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Frederick Walter, born 1880 Hotham, Victoria.
6. Ernest Edward, born 1882 Richmond, Victoria.
7. Sydney Phillip, born 1885 Fitzroy, Victoria.

Married: Marianne CURRY 1871.
Two issues located.
1. Luke, born 1872 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Adeline, born 1876 Sandhurst, Victoria.

Alfred Howe
Married: Charlotte BROGDEN 1874.
Two issues located.
1. Frederick, born 1872 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Daisy, born 1887 Ballarat, Victoria.

... Charlotte also recorded as BRODGER birth records.

Francis Henry
Married: Elizabeth BORAMAN 1874.
Three issues located.
1. Agnes Maud, born 1876 Hotham, Victoria.
2. Caroline, born 1878 Hotham, Victoria.
3. Charles Henry, born 1881 Hotham, Victoria.

... Elizabeth also recorded as BORROMAN birth records.

George Alfred
Married: Sarah POPE 1875.
Seven issues located.
1. Alfred Sidney, born 1875 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Emily, born 1876 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Ethel Eldridge, born 1878 Richmond, Victoria.
4. Susan, born 1880 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Mabel, born 1880 Richmond, Victoria.
6. Henry George, born 1882 Richmond, Victoria.
7. Sarah, born 1883 Richmond, Victoria.

Walter Henry
Married: Jessie MILNE 1875.
One issue located.
1. Jessie Emma, born 1876 Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Marian WEBSTER 1875.
No issues located.

Sidney Jessop
Married: Eliza POWELL 1875.
Two issues located.
1. Henry Alfred, born 1877 Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Herbert James, born 1883 Warrnambool, Victoria.


Married: William WATT 1840.

Married: Denny John LANE 1860.

Married: William Thomas QUAYLE 1861.

Married: Henry BROUGHTON 1862.

Susanna Adelaide
Married: Job HANSON 1865.

Married: William Browne FOX 1871.

Married: Charles Balcarass DAVIS 1872.

Betsy Ann
Married: George HIGGINS 1872.

Eliza Madeline
Married: George Donaldson KENNEDY 1873.

Married: John BARRETT 1875.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WAINWRIGHT lines.

JN 67663

WILDING marriages 1855-1920 Victoria Australia

WILDING marriages 1855-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Ellen BOWLES 1855.
Six issues located.
See Post:
WILDING William married Ellen BOWLES 1855

James Balding
Married: Emma CURLING 1858.
Five issues located.
1. Alice Ann, born 1859 Wangaratta, Victoria.
2. Percy, born 1865 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
3. Emma, born 1866 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
4. John, born 1870 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
5. Roderick, born 1873 Rutherglen, Victoria.

Married: Ellen OROURKE 1870.
Eight issues located.
See Post:
WILDING Frederick married Ellen OROURKE 1870

John William
Married: Harriet RICE 1870.
Two issues located.
1. William John, born 1871 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Henry Hector, born 1873 Emerald Hill, Victoria.

Henry Hector
Married: Alice Clara CORMICK 1897.
Four issues located.
1. Victor Henry, born 1898 Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. William Baden Powell, born 1900 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Florence Vera, born 1906 Melbourne South, Victoria.
4. Myra Winifred, born 1913 Melbourne South, Victoria.

William James
Married: Mary WELDON 1897.
Two issues located.
1. Viola Nellie, born 1898 Balwyn, Victoria.
2. Mary Thelma Loralei, born 1899 Echuca, Victoria.

George Lonworth
Married: Elizabeth Susan LITTLE 1900.
Four issues located.
1. Helen Alice, born 1901 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. William Henry Joseph, born 1904 Echuca, Victoria.
3. Robert Little, born 1908 Echuca, Victoria.
4. Mary Catherine, born 1912 Echuca, Victoria.

Charles Henry
Married: Helen TREEBY 1902.
Three issues located.
1. Charles Ernest, born 1909 Rokewood, Victoria.
2. Frederick William, born 1913 Rokewood, Victoria.
3. Violet Helen, born 1916 Rokewood, Victoria.

Married: Agnes REDMAN 1904.
No issues located.

Married: Mary Ann CARROLL 1907.
Five issues located.
1. Alice More, born 1907 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
2. Dorothy May, born 1910 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
3. Roderick Balwin, born 1912 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
4. Mary Olive, born 1914 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
5. Harry Kevin, born 1919 Wahgunyah, Victoria.

Married: Constance Eva BEESTON 1907.
No issues located.

Robert Daniel
Married: Grace ANDERSON 1911.
Three issues located.
1. Ellen Grace, born 1911 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Mary Doris, born 1912 Flemington, Victoria.
3. Isabella Ross, born 1914 Flemington, Victoria.

Albert Victor
Married: May Beatrice QUINN 1912.
Three issues located.
1. Ronald James Henry, born 1913 Carlton, Victoria.
2. William Albert, born 1914 Carlton, Victoria.
3. Constance, born 1920 Hotham East, Victoria.

Married: Susanna Alice NORTON 1915.
No issues located.

Albert John
Married: Ruby Florence DAVEY 1917.
One issue located.
1. Richard Leonard Keith, born 1919 Eaglehawk, Victoria.

Leslie Edward
Married: Ida May AYLETT 1917.
No issues located.

Robert Daniel
Married: Kathleen May DENKEL 1918.
Two issues located.
1. Ivan Robert, born 1918 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Joy Helena, born 1920 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Frederick William
Married: Margaret KING 1919.
One issue located.
1. Jean Dorothy, born 1920 Carlton North, Victoria.

Victor Henry
Married: Helena May WAITE 1920.
No issues located.


Helen Maria
Married: John DIX 1861.

Married: John BOATMAN 1864.

Mary Elizabeth
Married: Thomas NEVILLE 1869.

Married: John Alfred MCALLISTER 1880.

Alice Annie
Married: William James BROWN 1897.

Hannah Rebecca
Married: Robert Scotland ARBUCKLE 1899.

Ann Matilda
Married: Charles Frederick Henry STEEL 1907.

Married: Walter DITE 1909.

Mary Alice
Married: Alfred King GIBSON 1910.

Mary Emma
Married: Thomas Blanchard GREENWAY 1913.

Married: Edwin John ALLEY 1919.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WILDING lines.

JN 66682

WELDON marriages 1847-1890 Victoria Australia

WELDON marriages 1847-1890 Victoria Australia.


Married: Elizabeth WILLIAMS 1854.
No issues located.

Married: Sarah MAGUIRE 1854.
Seven issues located.
1. Sarah Jane, born 1855 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Joseph James, born 1869 Winters Flat, Victoria.
3. ElizabethAnn, born 1863 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Ellen Theresda, born 1865 Daylesford, Victoria.
5. William John, born 1867 Daylesford, Victoria.
6. Emily Louisa, born 1869 Daylesford, Victoria.
7. Violet, born 1883 Yackandandah, Victoria.

Married: Eliza SIMMONS 1857.
Two issues located.
1. Ada Flora, born 1860 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Unnamed Male, born 1861 Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Ellen SKELLEY 1875.
No issues located.

Married: Mary DEVEREUX 1878.
One issue located.
1. Mary Antionella, born 1879 Carlton, Victoria.

Henry Banks
Married: Elizabeth THURLOWAY 1882.
Five issues located.
1. Robert James Max, born 18882 Landsborough, Victoria.
2. Aileen Eulalie, born 1884 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Vera Iris Elizabeth, born 1885 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Una Harriet, born 1889 Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Olga Dorothy Margaret, born 1892 Lal Lal, Victoria.

Married: Tereanda SMITH 1884.
Nine issues located.
Tereanda also recorded as Treamba, Trinda, Trianda, Trenda and Tremba in the birth records
1. Mabel Mary, born 1885 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Ethel Jane, born 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria.
3. William John, born 1889 Yackandandah, Victoria.
4. Stephen Edwin, born 1891 Yackandandah, Victoria.
5. Alice Rose, born 1894 Yackandandah, Victoria.
6. Richard Seymour, born 1897 Dederang, Victoria
7. Myrtle May, born 1899 Dederang, Victoria.
8. Thomas Henry, born 1901 Dederang, Victoria.
9. Edna Florence, born 1910 Dederang, Victoria.

Married: Tabitha Ann HUTCHINSON 1884.
No issues located.

Joseph James
Married: Johanna EGAN 1886.
Four issues located.
1. Sarah Maguire, born 1887 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Joseph John, born 1888 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. William James, born 1897 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Annie Vera, born 1898 Daylesford, Victoria.


Married: Charles JARY 1847.
No issues located.

Mary Ann
Married: Edwin James LEACH 1854.
No issues located.

Married: John HARCOMBE 1855.
Six issues located.
1. Alice, born 1859 Alma, Victoria.
2. Robert, born 1863 Alma, Victoria.
3. Thomas, born 1864 Alma, Victoria.
4. Emily, born 1866 Alma, Victoria.
5. Annie, born 1870 Alma, Victoria.
6. Charles, born 1872 Alma, Victoria.

Married: James RUDMAN 1856.
No issues located.

Married: Robert SCATCHARD 1860.
Six issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1863 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Robert, born 1865 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Rose, born 1867 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. John, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Mary, born 1873 Melbourne North, Victoria.
6. Sarah, born 1877 Hotham, Victoria.

Married: James CONNELLY 1861. (Registered 1907)
Five issues located.
1. James Patrick, born 1865 Fitzroy, Victoria.
2. Mary Ann, born 1867 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. John, born 1868 Carlton, Victoria.
4. Catherine, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
5. William, born 1872 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Timothy MCCARTHY 1863.
One issue located.
1. John, born 1864 Melbourne, Victoria.

Mary Ann
Married: Isaiah TAYLOR 1864.
Four issues located.
1. Joseph Edward, born 1865 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Kate Susannah, born 1869 St Kilda, Vivtoria.
3. Arthur Cyrus, born 1873 St Kilda, Victoria.
4. David Ernest, born 1876 St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: John Christian ROMETSH 1866.
Four issues located.
1. Catherine May, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Julia, born 1871 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Christian George, born 1876 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Annie Theresa, born 1879 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Joseph SMITH 1868.
Six issues located.
1. Ellen, born 1869 Eldorado, Victoria.
2. Joseph Stephen, born 1874 Hillsborough, Victoria.
3. John Thomas, born 1878 Wangaratta, Victoria.
4. Adelaide Ann, born 1881 Wangaratta, Victoria.
5. Maud Martha, born 1883 Wangaratta, Victoria.
6. Charlotte May, born 1887 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Mary Ann
Married: John KIELY 1874.
Four issues located.
1. Mary Jane, born 1865 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Margaret Theresa, born 1868 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Anna Maria, born 1873 West Melbourne, Victoria.
4. John James, born 1874 Melbourne North, Victoria.

Married: Martin Ferdinand SCHRAPE 1875.
Two issues located.
1. William Theodore, born 1876 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Ferdinand Joseph, born 1880 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Frederick DANIEL 1876.
No issues located.

Sarah Jane
Married: Charles Henry SWINDLE 1878.
Five issues located.
1. Mary, born 1879 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Ellen Elizabeth, born 1880 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Charles James, born 1882 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Joseph Henry, born 1883 Daylesford, Victoria.
5. Albert Norman, born 1888 Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: John WOODCOCK 1880.
One issue located.
1. Pattie Elizabeth, born 1882 Carlton, Victoria.

Ellen Theresa
Married: Charles GILBERT 1883.
Three issues located.
1. Elsie Ethel May Gibb, born 1884 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Evelyn Mary, born 1885 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. John Weldon Earl, born 1887 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: William Henry HUGHES 1884.
Four issues located.
1. William Herbert, born 1885 Myrtleford, Victoria.
2. Alice Maud Mary, born 1886 Myrtleford, Victoria.
3. Mary Myrtle, born 1888 Wangaratta, Victoria.
4. Frances Vane, born 1894 Myrtleford, Victoria.

Married: Antonio CORTESI 1884.
No issues located.

Married: James Robert PAYNE 1884.
Six issues located.
Father named as John Robert PAYNE in the birth records
1. Frank John Thomas, corn 1886 Richmond, Victoria.
2. William George, born 1889 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Thomas Weldon, born 1900 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Thomas, born 1901 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Tasman Ernest, born 1902 Collingwood, Victoria.
6. Thomas Sutton, born 1904 Collingwood, Victoria.

Florence Roselle
Married: Frances Theodore PAGET 1884.
No issues located.

Married: John WRIGHT 1888.
Nine issues located.
1. James Patrick, born 1889 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Margaret Ann, born 1890 Richmond, Victoria.
3. William Alexander, born 1892 Richmond, Victoria.
4. John Thomas, born 1893 Cannu Creek, Victoria.
5. Wilfred, born 1897 Werracknabeal, Victoria.
6. Ivy Jane, born 1899 Werracknabeal, Victoria.
7. Archibald Norman, born 1900 Werracknabel, Victoria.
8. Alfred Victor John, born 1902 Mount William, Victoria.
9. Bessie Lavinia Rose, born 1906 Mount William, Victoria.

Married: Patrick MAHONY 1889.
Six issues located.
1. Daniel, born West Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Geraldine James, born 1891 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
3. Julia Mary, born 1894 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
4. Margaret Josephine, born 1895 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
5. Patrick Michael, born 1897 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
6. John Joseph, born 1900 Kensington Hill, Victoria.

Emily Laura
Married: Habib KHYAT 1889.
No issues located.

Sarah Ann
Married: George Henry ELLIS 1889.
Ten issues located.
1. Alfred, born 1890 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Pearl, born 1892 Dederang, Victoria.
3. William George, born 1893 Dederang, Victoria.
4. Gertrude Elsie, born 1895 Dederang, Victoria.
5. Edith Rose, Born 1896 Dederang, Victoria.
6. John, born 1898 Dederang, Victoria.
7. Florence May, born 1899 Dederang, Victoria.
8. Jessie Sybil, born 1902 Dederang, Victoria.
9. Charles, born 1905 Dedering, Victoria.
10. Henry Stephen, born 1907 Dederang, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WELDON lines.

JN 66670

WEAVER marriages 1911-1920 Victoria Australia

WEAVER marriages 1911-1920 Victoria Australia.


Albert Edward May.
Married: Clarice Lillian BAIRD 1911.

George William.
Married: Elizabeth Jane Sarah JOHNSON 1911.

Edwin Samuel.
Married: Alice STOKES 1912.

Thomas Mathieson Allen.
Married: Dora May Montiford OBRIEN 1912.

Victor Alfred.
Married: Isabella HICKEY 1912.

William Victor.
Married: Florence ANDREWS 1912.

Married: Maria Stella MULLER 1914.

Walter Theo.
Married: Vivien Genevive WALSH 1915.

John Ludney.
Married: Elsie YOUNG 1916.

Reginald Richard Robert.
Married: Mary FOX 1916.

Arthur William.
Married: Ada Vera NICHOLLS 1917.

Ivo Southerton.
Married: Rosa Annie SHARP 1917.

John Charles Francis.
Married: Grace MARTIN 1917.

Charles Edward Ernest.
Married: Jean MILLER 1919.

Harold Edward Joseph.
Married: Ada Frances NEILSON 1920.

Horace Martin.
Married: Florence NICHOLLS 1920.

Henry James.
Married: Florence Patience JENNINGS 1920.

James George.
Married: Edna May ASHTON 1920.

John Rufus.
Married: Elsie ENNOR 1920.

Joseph Henry.
Married: Jessie May FRY 1920.

Lewis Edward.
Married: Emma Isabella DAVIES 1920.

Robert Redvers Powell.
Married: Daisy Florence Pretoria CORNWELL 1920.


Agnes Ellen.
Married: Louis Henry ABRAHAMS 1911.

Eva Gladys.
Married: William Frank GLOVER 1911.

Amy Elizabeth.
Married: Frederick George PLEDGER 1912.

Alice Maud.
Married: Albert Herbert KEATING 1914.

Annie Cristaff.
Married: Leslie Cecil SMITH 1914.

Charlotte Hannah Victoria.
Married: Arthur William BROWN 1914.

Clarinda Elizabeth.
Married: William Barclay STEVENSON 1914.

Ethel Dorothy.
Married: William Ernest SMITH 1914.

Florence Amelia.
Married: Joseph Albert HIPPISLEY 1914.

Gertrude Elsie Grace.
Married: George Herbert GRATTIDGE 1914.

Ethel Ada Heloisa.
Married: Leslie Albert Hibberman BLACHFORD 1916.

Florence Grace.
Married: Walter Cowan MCINNES 1917.

Olive Ruth.
Married: George Thomas PATTERSON 1917.

Dorothy Valentine.
Married: Ralph Simon Johnson KNIGHT 1919.

Doris Eva.
Married: Hubert John MEADOWS 1920.

Mabel Lusia
Married: Charles Samuel James AINSWORTH 1920.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WEAVER lines.

JN 66353

WARDROP marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia

WARDROP marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Cecelia Kate GREIG 1905.

Married: Essie Claire Johnstone FERGUSON 1907.

John Clarke.
Married: Mary Ann GRACE 1909.

William Corvie Kean.
Married: Maude Ernestine KELLY 1915.

Daniel Wardonnell.
Married: Dorothy Millar HALBERT 1923.

Thomas Leishman.
Married: Edith MCKENZIE 1925.

Clifton George Lamont.
Married: Edna Ellen OLDHAM 1926.

Frank James.
Married: Olinda Edith COOPER 1926.

Arthur Robert.
Married: Reita Marie OWENS 1929.

Married: Amy STEPHENSON 1931.

Alexander James.
Married: Margaret MAXWELL 1938.

Keith Archibald.
Married: Alma Charlotte WILLIAMSON 1940.

Peter Browett.
Married: Mary McDonald STIRLING 1942.


Jean Young.
Married: Edward JOHNSON 1904.

Married: Frederick HORTON 1904.

Christina Anne.
Married: Walter William DAWSON 1915.

Hilda Miriam.
Married: Roy John MARTIN 1918.

Constance Morris.
Married: Walter Stanley MATTHEWS 1921.

Millicent Mary.
Married: John Eddy RICHARDS 1921.

Harriet Morris.
Married: Dudley Vickers BUTCHER 1926.

Married: James William KAVANAGH 1927.

Catherine Reid.
Married: Peter HILL 1929.

Mary Grace.
Married: Reginald Olive JONES 1914.

Esma May.
Married: Albert Edward BARTLETT 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WARDROP lines.

JN 66342

WEAVER marriages 1901-1910 Victoria Australia

WEAVER marriages 1901-1910 Victoria Australia.


Joseph Russell.
Married: Eliza Ada CHAPMAN 1901.

William Henry.
Married: Annie Jane MEEHAN 1902.

Robert George.
Married: Minnie Ethel Lillian Lewis RICHARDSON 1903.

Married: Emily Eliza MCGILL 1904.

William John.
Married: Frances marie DAVIES 1905.

Alfred Ambrose Mantel.
Married: Bertha DICKENS 1906.

Percy Garnet.
Married: Annie Violet LANYON 1908.

Thomas Francis Sydney.
Married: Johanna MANNIX 1908.

Married: Lucy Jane GREER 1909.

Stafford Henry.
Married: Alice Louisa CLARKE 1909.

Lindsay Edward Herbert.
Married: Ruby Annie RUDD 1910.

Walter Thomas.
Married: Lilian Mary OLIVER 1910.


Elizabeth Annie.
Married: Frederick LOESER 1901.

Married: William HEWITH 1901.

Married: Reginald HARRISON 1902.

Linda Lavinia.
Married: George Vivian MCGANN 1902.

Minnie Emily Victoria.
Married: Richard SWIFT 1905.

Married: Carl STEINMEYER 1906.

Alice Evelyn.
Married: Thomas Joseph GRIFFITHS 1906.

Ethel Amelia.
Married: Francis MARTIN 1906.

Helen Eliza.
Married: Frank BLAMEY 1906.

Married: Herbert Edward MILLARD 1907.

Maggie May.
Married: Alfred George DOWDLE 1908.

Minnie May Carol.
Married: Albert Edward WILLIAMS 1908.

Married: Thomas Richard RATCLIFFE 1908.

Married: Charles SUTCLIFFE 1909.

Married: Edward John HUNT 1910.

Florence May.
Married: Benjamin RETALLACK 1910.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WEAVER lines.

JN 66255

WHITEOAK marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia

WHITEOAK marriages 1920-1942 Victoria Australia.


William Charles.
Married: Rose Elizabeth COOPER 1924.

Married: Valmai Clair WRIGHT 1931.

Married: Ena POTTER 1932.

Edwin Harold.
Married: Edith Mary DELL 1934.

Leonard George.
Married: Greta Grace BARTLETT 1934.

Edward Albert.
Married: Joyce Florence ANDREW 1940.

George Francis.
Married: Thelma Millicent MARTIN 1942.


Jessie Amelia.
Married: Percival BOGGON 1921.

Married: John Edward CONDON 1922.

Ruby Elizabeth.
Married: Leslie Henry BROMLEY 1931.

Married: Thomas Alexander MCNEIL 1931.

Liln Evelyn.
Married: Leslie James CORBEN 1932.

Rachel May.
Married: Alexander FERGUSON 1933.

Florence Edna.
Married: Clifford Robert SIMCOX 1934.

Daphne Jean.
Married: Arthur Harry BROWN 1940.

Joy Lillian.
Married: Ronald Henry DAVIES 1942.

Lorna May.
Married: Eric Archibald MAY 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WHITEOAK lines.

JN 66213

WEBBER marriages 1894-1902 Victoria Australia

WEBBER marriages 1894-1902 Victoria Australia.


Married: Elizabeth MCGEE 1895.

Henry Francis.
Married: Isabella ATKINSON 1896.

William Henry.
Married: May Anne CHAPMAN 1896.

Married: Margaret FENNELL 1897.

Married: Mary BYRNE 1898.

Frederick John.
Married: Elizabeth FIRTH 1898.

Frederick Lawrence.
Married: Emma RICHARDSON 1898.

Herbert Philip.
Married: Alice Ellen CLARK 1898.

Joseph John.
Married: Phoebe THOMAS 1898.

Arthur John.
Married: Helena Maria COLLINS 1899.

Benjamin Arthur.
Married: Jessie Ann ROBERTSON 1899.

Edward Nicholas.
Married: Jessie ARMSTRONG 1899.

Married: Mary Ann Emily COOK 1901.

William Henry.
Married: Elizabeth Sarah HODGSON 1901.

Married: Violet May FRANZI 1902.

Richard James.
Married: Ellen FARRAR 1902.


Marion Emily.
Married: William Patrick BRITT 1894.

Married: James MEARNS 1895.

Ada Charlotte.
Married: Arthur Beaumont OHARA 1895.

Clara Margaret.
Married: Ernest JACKSON 1896.

Jane Elizabeth.
Married: David Grant Crawford HUMPHREYS 1896.

Married: John James STOTT 1897.

Married: Benjamin GARNET 1898.

Married: Benjamin JOHNSON 1898.

Elizabeth Ann.
Married: William Richard MASON 1898.

Gertrude Frances.
Married: John RITCHIE 1898.

Lucy Mary.
Married: Ernest Graham ASHTON 1898.

Malinda Cecelia.
Married: James William CURRIE 1898.

Married: Alfred MOYLE 1899.

Elizabeth Ann.
Married: Harry Chris WOOD 1899.

Married: Percy Frederick TURNHAM 1899.

Married: William James OLIVER 1899.

Married: George Ernest Albert MCLEAN 1900.

Ann Philp.
Married: Alfred LEAN 1900.

Annie Jemima.
Married: Patrick MANNIX 1900.

Married: Henry Edwin GARDNER 1900.

Gloria Eva.
Married: Francis William Horace KENT 1900.

Elizabeth Ann.
Married: Adolph PLUNKETT 1901.

Elizabeth Ellen.
Married: Henry Ernest BEAUGLEHOLE 1902.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WEBBER lines.

JN 66182

WILDMAN marriages 1851-1942 Victoria Australia

WILDMAN marriages 1851-1942 Victoria Australia.


Charles James.
Married: Eliza Jane JOYNSON 1854.
See Post: WILDMAN Charles married Eliza JOYNSON 1854

Thomas Coote.
Married: Annie ABBERLEY 1878.
See Post: WILDMAN Thomas married Annie ABBERLEY 1878

John Chappell.
Married: Mary Ann ABBERLEY 1883.

William Henry.
Married: Catherine HECKER 1890.

Philip Charles.
Married: Edith Emily MCALPINE 1893.

Charles James.
Married: Josefina Maria MONTI 1897.

Married: Edith Clara BURROWS 1899.

Philip Charles.
Married: Annie LAWTHER 1907.

Leslie Chappell.
Married: Clara Ellen ANDREWS 1913.

Philip Charles.
Married: Maude Erin CAVANAGH 1920.

Victor George.
Married: Margaret Alice DONALDSON 1920.

Howard James.
Married: Elizabeth Olive LANGDON 1923.

Cyril George.
Married: Vera Gladys MCCLELLAND 1926.

Norman Charles.
Married: Frances Alice PINNER 1927.

Adrian Cecil.
Married: Gladys Emily MCFADZEAN 1936.

Aubrey George.
Married: Grace Olive PEACHEY 1937.

Stanley Frederick.
Married: Sarah Louisa HUTT 1942.


Married: Edward GROVE 1851.

Married: Richard Charles CANTLON 1856.

Bella Ann.
Married: William Henry GREENWOOD 1856.

Sarah Nodes.
Married: William George HORT 1862.

Married: Theophilus Henry PARKER 1867.

Married: Francis DOW 1867.

Married: John MARROWS 1872.

Married: William SHAW 1883.

Married: George ROWE 1883.

Married: John George CHARLES 1885.

Eliza Jane.
Married: William Frederick BLOOMCAMP 1889.

Married: Eugene SULLIVAN 1891.

Married: Joseph Samuel SIMMS 1894.

Married: Andrew William SMITH 1899.

Mary Hannah.
Married: John Kennith MCLENNAN 1905.

Blanche Alice.
Married: John Bathurst SWAN 1907.

Elsie May.
Married: Martin GAVIN 1914.

Married: John Patrick SMITH 1914.

Eliza Jane.
Married: Ralph GIBSON 1915.

Lucy Ethel.
Married: William Gordon DANES 1916.

Married: William Alfred STANLEY 1922.

Maude May.
Married: Herbert Leslie VINE 1922.

Hilda Maude.
Married: Alfred Charles SMOOKER 1925.

Dora Selina.
Married: George Alfred Beaumont MANN 1925.

Bertha Lutzia.
Married: Gerald Stokey DOORLY 1934.

Emile Isabel.
Married: Frank Craze PEIRCE 1935.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WILDMAN lines.

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WUST marriages 1869-1942 Victoria Australia

WUST marriages 1869-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Selina TUCKERMAN 1869.
See Post: WUST Gottlob married Selina TUCKERMAN 1869

Married: Emily BLANDTHORN 1891.
See Post: WUST Frederick married Emily BLANDTHORN 1891

Christian Gottlob.
Married: Elizabeth BUESCHEN 1895.

Alfred Ernest.
Married: Ellen Avona LODINGTON 1904.
See Post: WUST Alfred married Ellen LODINGTON 1904

Vernon Gilbert.
Married: Ada WATERS 1908.

Leslie Edward.
Married: Elizabeth Elsie IVES 1912.

Reuben Henry.
Married: Florence Elizabeth ANDERSON 1917.

Kenneth Edward George.
Married: Eileen Agatha MORRISSEY 1942.


Emily Amelia.
Married: Edward Emmanuel WINWARD 1910.

Sylvia Rubena.
Married: John Cyril LINDREA 1932.

Merle Lavena.
Married: Andrew John GRAINGER 1937.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WUST lines.

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