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VENABLES marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

VENABLES marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


William Joseph
Married: Mary BENNETT 1923.

Francis William
Married: Margaret Turnbull DOUGLAS 1923.

Clarence George
Married: Jean Elizabeth OBERG 1923.

Leonard James
Married: Jessie Elizabeth BRADSHAW 1926.

Herbert James
Married: Georgina Helen BELL 1930.

John Robert Leontine
Married: Myrtle Hannah LANE 1930.

Charles Alfred
Married: Annie Isobel FOSTER 1942.


Hannah Dorothea
Married: William James HEALY 1923.

Jane Caroline
Married: William Cameron MCDONALD 1925.

Married: William Kirk ROBERTSON 1929.

Married Carl Friedrich Gustav WEDDING 1931.

Ada Violet
Married: Kenneth Palmer COLLINS 1933.

Muriel Opal
Married: Stephen George ROGERS 1934.

Nellie Maud
Married: John PATTERSON 1938.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VENABLES lines.

JN 68639

VICKERS marriages Victoria Australia 1855-1875

VICKERS marriages Victoria Australia 1855-1875.


Married Mary Ann Brown LEE 1855.
Two issues located.
1. William McCreely, born 1857 Kyneton, Victoria.
2. George, born 1868 Kyneton, Victoria.

... LEE recorded as BROWNLEE birth records.

Christopher Simpson
Married: Emily DENNY 1861.
One issue located.
1. Georgina Maria, born 1862 Melbourne, Victoria.

... DENNY recorded as HUDSON birth records.

Married: Elizabeth ROSE 1861.
Four issues located.
1. Sarah Elizabeth Frances, born 1862 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Florence Rose, born 1864 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Herbert Theo, born 1866 Sebastopol, Victoria.
4. Ernest Leslie, born 1871 Sebastopol, Victoria.

Married: Catherine OGILVIE 1862.
Six issues located.
1. Ada, born 1862 Richmond, Victoria.
2. William, born 1865 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Mary, born 1868 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Benjamin, born 1871 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Joseph, born 1871 Collingwood, Victoria.
6. David Henry, born 1881 Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ann WILLIAMSON 1864.
Twelve issues located.
1. James, born 1865 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Sarah, born 1866 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Edith, born 1868 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Hannah, born 1870 Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Esther, born 1872 Ballarat, Victoria.
6. Fanny, born 1873 Clunes, Victoria.
7. Elizabeth, born 1875 Clunes, Victoria.
8. Margaret, born 1877 Clunes, Victoria.
9. Jonathan, born 1879 Clunes, Victoria.
10. Ann, born 1881 Clunes, Victoria.
11. Maria Jane, born 1883 Clunes, Victoria.
12. Esther Williamson, born 1888 Clunes, Victoria.

Robert Leslie
Married: Jemima OVERTON 1864.
One issue located.
1. Emma Amelia, born 1865 Avoca, Victoria.

Married: Sarah CARMICHAEL 1866.
Ten issues located.
1. Catherine Mary, born 1867 Panmure, Victoria.
2. Thomas, born 1869 Panmure, Victoria.
3. William, born 1871 Panmure, Victoria.
4.Sarah, born 1873 Panmure, Victoria.
5. John, born 1874 Panmure, Victoria.
6. Robert, born 1876 Panmure, Victoria.
7. Alexander McCallum, born 1878 Panmure, Victoria.
8. Elizabeth, born 1881 Panmure, Victoria.
9. Donald, born 1883 Panmure, Victoria.
10. Annie Elizabeth, born 1886 Panmure, Victoria.

William Edward
Married: Charlotte HEWITT 1866.
Six issues located.
1. George Herbert, born 1867 Lucknow, Victoria.
2. William Edward Pilkington, born 1869 Lucknow, Victoria.
3. Unnamed Female, born 1871 Lucknow, Victoria.
4. Agnes Lily Caroline, born 1873 Lucknow, Victoria.
5. Charlotte Margaret Mary, born 1875 Lucknow, Victoria.
6. Henrietta Violet Jane, born 1877 Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Married: Bridget SHARP 1869.
No issues located.

Married: Elizabeth MARTIN 1870.
One issue located.
1. Charlotte Elizabeth, born 1873 Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: Alice THORP 1871.
No issues located.

Married: Elizabeth PICKEN 1872.
No issues located.

Married: Fanny CRIBB 1872.
Ten issues located.
1. George, born 1872 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Alfred Henry, born 1874 Footscray, Victoria.
3. William Arthur, born 1875 Footscray, Victoria.
4. Benjamin Albert, born 1877 Footscray, Victoria.
5. Caroline Jane, born 1880 Footscray, Victoria.
6. Harry, born 1882 Footscray, Victoria.
7. Charles Herbert, born 1884 Footscray, Victoria.
8. Albert John, born 1886 Footscray, Victoria.
9. Emily Inez, born 1888 Footscray, Victoria.
10. Ada Amelia, born 1891 Footscray, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth STERLING 1872.
No issues located.

Edward John.
Married: Jessie PERRIN 1874.
One issue located.
1. Margaret Jessie, born 1884 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: Hannah SHANNON 1875.
Seven issues located.
1. Hannah, born 1876 Nagambie, Victoria.
2. Elizabeth, born 1877 Nagambie, Victoria.
3. Mark, born 1879 Nagambie, Victoria.
4. Sarah Elizabeth, born 1884 Nagambie, Victoria.
5. Edward Thomas, born 1886 Nagambie, Victoria.
6. John Shannon, born 1889 Nagambie, Victoria.
7. Margaret Ellen, born 1891 Nagambie, Victoria.

Married: Marion WRIGHT 1875.
Four issues located.
1. Harry Arthur, born 1876 Corop, Victoria.
2. James, born 1878 Elmore, Victoria.
3. William, born 1880 Elmore, Victoria.
4. George, born 1882 Elmore, Victoria.


Married: Andrew SWANSTON 1860.
Six issues located.
1. Helen, born 1860 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. William Henry, born 1861 Carlton, Victoria.
3. Laurina, born 1863 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Marion, born 1864 Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Clara, born 1866 Melbourne, Victoria.
6. Isabella, born 1871 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Cornelius GRANT 1865.
No issues located.

Sarah Ann
Married: James WELSH 1871.
One issue located.
1. Alice, born 1874 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VICKERS lines.

JN 67873

VEAR marriages 1846-1941 Victortia Australia

VEAR marriages 1846-1941 Victoria Australia.


William Marfleet.
Married: Jane SMITH 1867.

Married: Ellen Jane MORRISON 1868.

Frederick William.
Married: Gertrude HURREY 1887.

Arthur George.
Married: Rebecca Edith GRIBBLE 1900.

Ernest Leslie.
Married: Mary Pringle WILSON 1904.

Frederick Steadman.
Married: Ada Evelyn QUITTENTON 1914.

Leslie Hawkins.
Married: Emma Raney HILL 1914.

Charles Samuel.
Married: Alice Isabel SHARP 1929.

Reginald Edward.
Married: Annie Harriet BREAYLEY 1935.

John Samuel Arthur.
Married: Mary MILLS 1936.

Kenneth George.
Married: Dulcie Doreen CASEY 1941.

Kenneth Frederick.
Married: Hilda Marian PURNELL 1941.


Married: William LILLEY 1846.

Married: William LAITHWAITE 1860.

Elizabeth Mary.
Married: Samuel Loxley NEEDHAM 1861.

Annie Sophia.
Married: Malcolm MUIR 1872.

Annie Jane.
Married: Arthur Haddon MORRISON 1880.

Louisa Madeline.
Married: John Henry GRIBBLE 1895.

Ellen May.
Married: Thomas Arthur GAWNE 1903.

Married: William Davidson RUSSELL 1904.

Maude Isabel Gribble.
Married: William Roy JACKSON 1927.

Rose Alice Dora.
Married: James Albert Turnbull ANDERSON 1930.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VEAR lines.

JN 66008

VENDY marriages 1862-1940 Victoria Australia

VENDY marriages 1862-1940 Victoria Australia.

VENDY (males)

married: 1862 Louisa SWANSON. (Nee MORGAN)

Albert Edward
married: 1893 Mary FRIEND.

Alfred Norman Morgan
married: 1902 Alice PERRY.

married: 1905 Johanna MULCAHY.

Gerald Linton
married: 1923 Doris Esther STEVENSON.

Lindsay Robert
married: 1931 Katherine Constance FFRENCH.

Reginald Alfred
married: 1931 Dorothy Agnes FFRENCH.

Frederick James
married: 1936 Irene MEDWELL.

Norman Llewellyn
married: 1936 Stella Moyne GREED.

Phillip Joseph
married: 1940 Margaret Jean TULLY.

VENDY (females)

Alice Marian
married: 1885 Richard BRAIN.

Octavia Ellen
married: 1887 William Alexander GUNN.

Victoria Mary
married: 1890 Walter Joseph HODGETTS.

Constance Emma
married: 1899 James Foggs STRATON.

Gladys Amelia
married: 1928 John Augustine HANLEY.

Beryl Mildred
married: 1929 Walter Henry SCAMMELL.

Mary Beatrice
married: 1934 Ernest Bowers JOHNSON.

Thelma Warne
married: 1935 Donald George KINLOCH.

Marjory Alice
married: 1938 Alfred Donald BRYAN.

Evelyn Mary
married: 1939 Thomas Joseph BRICK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VENDY lines.

JN 63329

VIRTUE marriages 1930-1942 Victoria Australia

VIRTUE marriages 1930-1942 Victoria Australia.

VIRTUE (males)

married: 1930 Nita WATSON.

Alfred Lionel
married: 1930 Elvie Eileen THOMAS.

Leslie James
married: 1931 Emily May JENNER.

Alexander Keith
married: 1932 Muriel Idella CUTMORE.

John Frederick George
married: 1932 Ruby Eleanor JAMES.

John Pascal
married: 1934 Dorothea Teresa MONK.

Ronald Raymond
married: 1937 Beryl Theresa DRYSDALE.

Henry Arthur
married: 1939 Winifred WATSON.

married: 1939 Lottie SMITH.

Robert James Hamer
married: 1939 Ellen Joyce HAWKEY.

Kenneth Letcher
married: 1939 Winifred GLASGOW.

Colin Vivian Edward
married: 1940 Mary Elizabeth May ARTHUR.

married: 1942 Marjorie Agnes NECK.

VIRTUE (females)

married: 1932 John Henry COOKE.

Muriel May
married: 1933 Leonard Charles BUCK.

Esmie Kathleen Lording
married: 1935 John GRAHAM.

Chloris Chrisa
married: 1939 John CRANG.

Dory Vi
married: 1936 Leslie Allen CROCKFORD.

Mavis Pearl
married: 1936 Charles ELLIS.

Mary Ellen
married: 1938 Norman Francis SAULT.

Madge Irene
married: 1938 Alfred Allan DAVEY.

married: 1940 Alan Maxwell Charles THOMAS.

married: 1940 Albert Edward KEMSLEY.

Margaret Emma
married: 1940 Walter George Edward TICKNER.

Florence Leslie
married: 1942 John Clifford KAISER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIRTUE lines.

JN 62477

VAUGHAN marriages (males) 1877-1891 Victoria Australia

VAUGHAN marriages (males) 1877-1891 Victoria Australia.

VAUGHAN (males)

married: 1877 Maria GARBUTT.

married: 1878 Mary Frances GUTHRIE.

married: 1878 Anne Jackson FAIRBAIRN.

married: 1879 Hanoria DONOVAN.

John Thomas
married: 1880 Eva ALLPORT.

married: 1880 Amelia Selina RICHTER.

married: 1881 Frances BEHN.

William John
married: 1881 Charlotte BROWN.

William George
married: 1881 Mary Jane SMITH.

married: 1881 Charlotte MIDDLECOAT.

William Edward
married: 1882 Eleanor Rebecca MORRISS.

married: 1882 Caroline BAKER.

Thomas Bartlett
married: 1883 Agnes MILLER.

married: 1884 Mary BRENNAN.

John Thomas Benjamin
married: 1885 Helen PICKETT.

John Tudor
married: 1885 Agnes TROTTER.

married: 1885 Louisa MASON.

married: 1886 Emma HINCHCLIFFE.

William Jackson
married: 1886 Esther HUMPHREY.

Alfred Edwin
married: 1887 Emma Louisa BREWER.

Henry Samuel
married: 1887 Ada Helena Marriott PERKINS.

married: 1887 Jane Mary Louisa PASCALL.

married: 1887 Teresa OCONNELL.

married: 1888 Frances Sarah BYRON.

Albert Purdie
married: 1889 Rebecca Alison SHIERLAW.

Arthur Chichele Chambre
married: 1889 Isabella TIERNEY.

married: 1889 Alice McNab STEWART.

George Henry Ralph
married: 1889 Adelaide LIDDLE.

married: 1889 Ann Salmon COX.

married: 1889 Violet CROCKER.

married: 1889 Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

married: 1890 Mary PHILLIPS.

Thomas Valentine
married: 1890 Mary Elizabeth MCGARVIE.

Daniel Griffith
married: 1891 Mary Ann LETCHER.

Edward Jackson
married: 1891 Isabel Elizabeth MARTIN.

John Arthur Cyril
married: 1891 Mary IRVING.

married: 1891 Susan COCHLAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAUGHAN lines.

JN 62330

VAUGHAN marriages (females) 1869-1885 Victoria Australia

VAUGHAN marriages (females) 1869-1885 Victoria Australia.

VAUGHAN (females)

married: 1869 Michael KENNEY.

married: 1870 John Antonio TOGNAZZINI.

Eliza Ann Elizabeth
married: 1870 Frederick John READ.

Mary Theresa
married: 1870 Andrew John DUFFY.

married: 1871 Edmond CAHILL.

Alice Elizabeth
married: 1872 John Angus MCDIARMID.

married: 1872 Joseph PITCHER.

Maria Green
married: 1872 John Godfrey REEVES.

Annie Julia
married: 1872 George William TORRANCE.

married: 1873 Thomas MCCLINTOCK.

married: 1873 George STEELE.

Mary Ann
married: 1874 Michael RYAN.

married: 1874 John LAWRY. (Registered 1907)

Harriet Robertson
married: 1875 Hopson Pinckney WALKER.

married: 1875 Thomas YOUNG.

married: 1876 Edward BROPHY.

Kate Mary
married: 1877 John REILLY.

Mary Ann Cecilia
married: 1877 Thomas CLINCH.

married: 1877 James CONNOLLY.

married: 1877 James QUEGAN.

Sarah Jane
married: 1878 Frederick BUCHECKER.

married: 1878 John Clifford SHUTTLEWORTH.

Margaret Julia
married: 1878 Samuel Henry KEY.

Lucy Ellen
married: 1878 James Edward CARROLL.

married: 1879 George STYLES.

married: 1880 Edward Elliott WALTERS.

married: 1881 John HINCHCLIFFE.

married: 1882 Joseph STANLEY.

Lucy Anne
married: 1883 James Williamson NICOL.

Margaret Ann
married: 1884 John Donald CANDY.

married: 1884 Samuel Lamont LOWRY.

married: 1885 John MACAULAY.

Mary Anne
married: 1885 Daniel LANDRIGAN.

married: 1885 James WILLIAMS.

married: 1885 George BARNETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAUGHAN lines.

JN 62329

VIRTUE marriages 1901-1929 Victoria Australia

VIRTUE marriages 1901-1929 Victoria Australia.

VIRTUE (males)

married: 1905 Jean LUMSDEN.

married: 1907 Mary RISK.

married: 1909 Frances Maria HEIGHT.

married: 1911 Margaret MURPHY.

married: 1911 Florence Gladys Gertrude MCJANNET.

married: 1912 Una Elizabeth TURNER.

William Phibbs
married: 1913 Martha Lloyd Wicks LEEDS.

Samuel Henry Gordon
married: 1915 Ida Ellen PEARSON.

married: 1916 Gleeson RINTOULE.

married: 1917 Vera DALTON.

Harold Prescott
married: 1919 Jessie Lawson MARTIN.

Arnold Vaughan
married: 1920 Alice Ellen HILL.

Victor William
married: 1922 Ivy May BURTON.

married: 1922 Ellen Elizabeth MAULDON.

married: 1922 Florence WRIGHT.

married: 1925 Harriet PHILP.

Reginald Arthur
married: 1927 Olive Kathleen OREILLY.

Lionel Escott
married: 1929 Pearl Agnes LUTON.

VIRTUE (females)

Violet Florence Philomena
married: 1903 Horace Cecil HIBBERT.

Gwendoline Lenore
married: 1906 Ernest William SCOTT.

Elizabeth Melba
married: 1909 James ward DAVIE.

married: 1910 William THOMSON.

Ethel Irene
married: 1912 William Charles COLE.

Mabel Lois
married: 1913 Francis Jewel Stanley BAKER.

married: 1914 John HARWOOD.

Alice Boxshall
married: 1915 William James Mulgrave KEARLEY.

Lily Jane
married: 1915 Harry ELLISON.

Gladys Maud
married: 1919 David Archibald BERTRAM.

married: 1919 Edward Albert WHITE.

married: 1920 Thomas CANTY.

married: 1922 Magnum Roy Arthurson CARSON.

Sylvia Veronica
married: 1922 Francis Martin CONROY.

Selina May
married: 1923 Vincent Patrick MCCARTHY.

Mabel Lena Rosalie
married: 1924 James ROBERTS.

Dorothy Violet
married: 1929 William Murray GREGG.

Lorraine Ellersley
married: 1929 Claude ANGELO.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIRTUE lines.

JN 62308

VARCOE marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia

VARCOE marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia.

VARCOE (males)

Albert Ernest
married: 1890 Kezia Elizabeth UTTING.

married: 1890 Kate HOSKING.

John Baily
married: 1892 Jane NIXON.

Herbert John
married: 1897 Mary Jane Elizabeth MCLENNAN.

William Henry
married: 1898 Harriet Matilda COISH.

Alfred Ernest
married: 1899 Mary Elizabeth BENNETTS.

married: 1899 Isabella ROSS.

Arthur William
married: 1903 Grace Winifred FOOTE.

married: 1904 Johanna BROWN.

Edward Kimpton
married: 1907 Alice Bondina LEIGHTON.

married: 1913 Ada DIXON.

Alfred Royal
married: 1914 Elwyn Jean SHIELDS.

George Henry
married: 1915 Margaret Evelyn GOATES.

Arthur James Maudsley
married: 1920 Edith Louisa Pierre HUMBERT.

Ernest Stanley
married: 1920 Elsie Jean YOUNG.

VARCOE (females)

Mary Jane
married: 1891 Robert CHISHOLM.

Georgina Sarah
married: 1893 Henry HANCOCK.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1893 Frederick J SCOTT.

Alice Louisa
married: 1896 Howard Mostyn Ashington OSBORNE.

Elizabeth Ackerley
married: 1896 John Rhys BODYCOMB.

Olga Louise
married: 1900 Edwin Curwin SERVICE.

married: 1903 John Percy PETERSON.

married: 1904 Henry Dawson HOLLINGSHEAD.

married: 1907 William Stephen WILLIAMS.

Emily Jane
married: 1908 Hector Clarence MARSHALL.

Liln Ann
married: 1908 Samuel Robert PHILLIPS.

Sarah Jane
married: 1910 Lewis Philip Belton CULLODEN.

married: 1912 Howell MORGAN.

Alice Maude
married: 1913 William BEATTY.

Carol Laving
married: 1914 Leslie Morton ADAMS.

married: 1918 Hector Fraser PATTERSON.

married: 1918 Ernest SEMPLE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VARCOE lines.

JN 63202

VIZARD marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia

VIZARD marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia.

VIZARD (males)

Reuben George
married: 1922 Leila Violet MATSON.

Albert Ernest
married: 1922 Elvia May SHILLINGLAW.

William Joseph
married: 1923 Annie MCDOWALL.

Richard Alfred
married: 1923 Helen Dorothy WAITE.

Terence Robert
married: 1927 Annie Adelaide ARTHUR.

Alexander William
married: 1928 Alice May MCGREGOR.

John Lancelot
married: 1928 Mirian Liln PITT.

Albert EWdward James
married: 1929 Nancy May WILLIAMS.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1937 Mary Margaret MURPHY.

Charles Horace
married: 1939 Eileen KIMM.

VIZARD (females)

Florence Myrtle
married: 1922 Michael James HARDIMAN.

Alma Campbell
married: 1923 Francis Joseph HYLAND.

Catherine Jane
married: 1924 Ferdinand BULLEN.

Sarah Kathleen
married: 1925 Alfred Redvers HALES.

Rebecca Margaret
married: 1928 Walter Keith GRIERSON.

Elvia Margaret
married: 1929 Keith SCANLON.

Alma Campbell Hyland
married: 1934 Thomas William CLARK.

Eve Emma
married: 1934 Ernest Alfred PRICE.

Myra Freda Walker
married: 1935 John Thomas OROISH.

Olive Millicent
married: 1938 Alfred EVANS.

Rita Mary
married: 1938 Nio BALZER.

Florence Emily Margaret
married: 1940 Allan William ANDERSON.

Wimsome Patricia
married: 1941 Allan Joseph ROBERTS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIZARD lines.

JN 59576