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VEAR marriages 1846-1941 Victortia Australia

VEAR marriages 1846-1941 Victoria Australia.


William Marfleet.
Married: Jane SMITH 1867.

Married: Ellen Jane MORRISON 1868.

Frederick William.
Married: Gertrude HURREY 1887.

Arthur George.
Married: Rebecca Edith GRIBBLE 1900.

Ernest Leslie.
Married: Mary Pringle WILSON 1904.

Frederick Steadman.
Married: Ada Evelyn QUITTENTON 1914.

Leslie Hawkins.
Married: Emma Raney HILL 1914.

Charles Samuel.
Married: Alice Isabel SHARP 1929.

Reginald Edward.
Married: Annie Harriet BREAYLEY 1935.

John Samuel Arthur.
Married: Mary MILLS 1936.

Kenneth George.
Married: Dulcie Doreen CASEY 1941.

Kenneth Frederick.
Married: Hilda Marian PURNELL 1941.


Married: William LILLEY 1846.

Married: William LAITHWAITE 1860.

Elizabeth Mary.
Married: Samuel Loxley NEEDHAM 1861.

Annie Sophia.
Married: Malcolm MUIR 1872.

Annie Jane.
Married: Arthur Haddon MORRISON 1880.

Louisa Madeline.
Married: John Henry GRIBBLE 1895.

Ellen May.
Married: Thomas Arthur GAWNE 1903.

Married: William Davidson RUSSELL 1904.

Maude Isabel Gribble.
Married: William Roy JACKSON 1927.

Rose Alice Dora.
Married: James Albert Turnbull ANDERSON 1930.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VEAR lines.

JN 66008

VENDY marriages 1862-1940 Victoria Australia

VENDY marriages 1862-1940 Victoria Australia.

VENDY (males)

married: 1862 Louisa SWANSON. (Nee MORGAN)

Albert Edward
married: 1893 Mary FRIEND.

Alfred Norman Morgan
married: 1902 Alice PERRY.

married: 1905 Johanna MULCAHY.

Gerald Linton
married: 1923 Doris Esther STEVENSON.

Lindsay Robert
married: 1931 Katherine Constance FFRENCH.

Reginald Alfred
married: 1931 Dorothy Agnes FFRENCH.

Frederick James
married: 1936 Irene MEDWELL.

Norman Llewellyn
married: 1936 Stella Moyne GREED.

Phillip Joseph
married: 1940 Margaret Jean TULLY.

VENDY (females)

Alice Marian
married: 1885 Richard BRAIN.

Octavia Ellen
married: 1887 William Alexander GUNN.

Victoria Mary
married: 1890 Walter Joseph HODGETTS.

Constance Emma
married: 1899 James Foggs STRATON.

Gladys Amelia
married: 1928 John Augustine HANLEY.

Beryl Mildred
married: 1929 Walter Henry SCAMMELL.

Mary Beatrice
married: 1934 Ernest Bowers JOHNSON.

Thelma Warne
married: 1935 Donald George KINLOCH.

Marjory Alice
married: 1938 Alfred Donald BRYAN.

Evelyn Mary
married: 1939 Thomas Joseph BRICK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VENDY lines.

JN 63329

VIRTUE marriages 1930-1942 Victoria Australia

VIRTUE marriages 1930-1942 Victoria Australia.

VIRTUE (males)

married: 1930 Nita WATSON.

Alfred Lionel
married: 1930 Elvie Eileen THOMAS.

Leslie James
married: 1931 Emily May JENNER.

Alexander Keith
married: 1932 Muriel Idella CUTMORE.

John Frederick George
married: 1932 Ruby Eleanor JAMES.

John Pascal
married: 1934 Dorothea Teresa MONK.

Ronald Raymond
married: 1937 Beryl Theresa DRYSDALE.

Henry Arthur
married: 1939 Winifred WATSON.

married: 1939 Lottie SMITH.

Robert James Hamer
married: 1939 Ellen Joyce HAWKEY.

Kenneth Letcher
married: 1939 Winifred GLASGOW.

Colin Vivian Edward
married: 1940 Mary Elizabeth May ARTHUR.

married: 1942 Marjorie Agnes NECK.

VIRTUE (females)

married: 1932 John Henry COOKE.

Muriel May
married: 1933 Leonard Charles BUCK.

Esmie Kathleen Lording
married: 1935 John GRAHAM.

Chloris Chrisa
married: 1939 John CRANG.

Dory Vi
married: 1936 Leslie Allen CROCKFORD.

Mavis Pearl
married: 1936 Charles ELLIS.

Mary Ellen
married: 1938 Norman Francis SAULT.

Madge Irene
married: 1938 Alfred Allan DAVEY.

married: 1940 Alan Maxwell Charles THOMAS.

married: 1940 Albert Edward KEMSLEY.

Margaret Emma
married: 1940 Walter George Edward TICKNER.

Florence Leslie
married: 1942 John Clifford KAISER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIRTUE lines.

JN 62477

VAUGHAN marriages (males) 1877-1891 Victoria Australia

VAUGHAN marriages (males) 1877-1891 Victoria Australia.

VAUGHAN (males)

married: 1877 Maria GARBUTT.

married: 1878 Mary Frances GUTHRIE.

married: 1878 Anne Jackson FAIRBAIRN.

married: 1879 Hanoria DONOVAN.

John Thomas
married: 1880 Eva ALLPORT.

married: 1880 Amelia Selina RICHTER.

married: 1881 Frances BEHN.

William John
married: 1881 Charlotte BROWN.

William George
married: 1881 Mary Jane SMITH.

married: 1881 Charlotte MIDDLECOAT.

William Edward
married: 1882 Eleanor Rebecca MORRISS.

married: 1882 Caroline BAKER.

Thomas Bartlett
married: 1883 Agnes MILLER.

married: 1884 Mary BRENNAN.

John Thomas Benjamin
married: 1885 Helen PICKETT.

John Tudor
married: 1885 Agnes TROTTER.

married: 1885 Louisa MASON.

married: 1886 Emma HINCHCLIFFE.

William Jackson
married: 1886 Esther HUMPHREY.

Alfred Edwin
married: 1887 Emma Louisa BREWER.

Henry Samuel
married: 1887 Ada Helena Marriott PERKINS.

married: 1887 Jane Mary Louisa PASCALL.

married: 1887 Teresa OCONNELL.

married: 1888 Frances Sarah BYRON.

Albert Purdie
married: 1889 Rebecca Alison SHIERLAW.

Arthur Chichele Chambre
married: 1889 Isabella TIERNEY.

married: 1889 Alice McNab STEWART.

George Henry Ralph
married: 1889 Adelaide LIDDLE.

married: 1889 Ann Salmon COX.

married: 1889 Violet CROCKER.

married: 1889 Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

married: 1890 Mary PHILLIPS.

Thomas Valentine
married: 1890 Mary Elizabeth MCGARVIE.

Daniel Griffith
married: 1891 Mary Ann LETCHER.

Edward Jackson
married: 1891 Isabel Elizabeth MARTIN.

John Arthur Cyril
married: 1891 Mary IRVING.

married: 1891 Susan COCHLAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAUGHAN lines.

JN 62330

VAUGHAN marriages (females) 1869-1885 Victoria Australia

VAUGHAN marriages (females) 1869-1885 Victoria Australia.

VAUGHAN (females)

married: 1869 Michael KENNEY.

married: 1870 John Antonio TOGNAZZINI.

Eliza Ann Elizabeth
married: 1870 Frederick John READ.

Mary Theresa
married: 1870 Andrew John DUFFY.

married: 1871 Edmond CAHILL.

Alice Elizabeth
married: 1872 John Angus MCDIARMID.

married: 1872 Joseph PITCHER.

Maria Green
married: 1872 John Godfrey REEVES.

Annie Julia
married: 1872 George William TORRANCE.

married: 1873 Thomas MCCLINTOCK.

married: 1873 George STEELE.

Mary Ann
married: 1874 Michael RYAN.

married: 1874 John LAWRY. (Registered 1907)

Harriet Robertson
married: 1875 Hopson Pinckney WALKER.

married: 1875 Thomas YOUNG.

married: 1876 Edward BROPHY.

Kate Mary
married: 1877 John REILLY.

Mary Ann Cecilia
married: 1877 Thomas CLINCH.

married: 1877 James CONNOLLY.

married: 1877 James QUEGAN.

Sarah Jane
married: 1878 Frederick BUCHECKER.

married: 1878 John Clifford SHUTTLEWORTH.

Margaret Julia
married: 1878 Samuel Henry KEY.

Lucy Ellen
married: 1878 James Edward CARROLL.

married: 1879 George STYLES.

married: 1880 Edward Elliott WALTERS.

married: 1881 John HINCHCLIFFE.

married: 1882 Joseph STANLEY.

Lucy Anne
married: 1883 James Williamson NICOL.

Margaret Ann
married: 1884 John Donald CANDY.

married: 1884 Samuel Lamont LOWRY.

married: 1885 John MACAULAY.

Mary Anne
married: 1885 Daniel LANDRIGAN.

married: 1885 James WILLIAMS.

married: 1885 George BARNETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAUGHAN lines.

JN 62329

VIRTUE marriages 1901-1929 Victoria Australia

VIRTUE marriages 1901-1929 Victoria Australia.

VIRTUE (males)

married: 1905 Jean LUMSDEN.

married: 1907 Mary RISK.

married: 1909 Frances Maria HEIGHT.

married: 1911 Margaret MURPHY.

married: 1911 Florence Gladys Gertrude MCJANNET.

married: 1912 Una Elizabeth TURNER.

William Phibbs
married: 1913 Martha Lloyd Wicks LEEDS.

Samuel Henry Gordon
married: 1915 Ida Ellen PEARSON.

married: 1916 Gleeson RINTOULE.

married: 1917 Vera DALTON.

Harold Prescott
married: 1919 Jessie Lawson MARTIN.

Arnold Vaughan
married: 1920 Alice Ellen HILL.

Victor William
married: 1922 Ivy May BURTON.

married: 1922 Ellen Elizabeth MAULDON.

married: 1922 Florence WRIGHT.

married: 1925 Harriet PHILP.

Reginald Arthur
married: 1927 Olive Kathleen OREILLY.

Lionel Escott
married: 1929 Pearl Agnes LUTON.

VIRTUE (females)

Violet Florence Philomena
married: 1903 Horace Cecil HIBBERT.

Gwendoline Lenore
married: 1906 Ernest William SCOTT.

Elizabeth Melba
married: 1909 James ward DAVIE.

married: 1910 William THOMSON.

Ethel Irene
married: 1912 William Charles COLE.

Mabel Lois
married: 1913 Francis Jewel Stanley BAKER.

married: 1914 John HARWOOD.

Alice Boxshall
married: 1915 William James Mulgrave KEARLEY.

Lily Jane
married: 1915 Harry ELLISON.

Gladys Maud
married: 1919 David Archibald BERTRAM.

married: 1919 Edward Albert WHITE.

married: 1920 Thomas CANTY.

married: 1922 Magnum Roy Arthurson CARSON.

Sylvia Veronica
married: 1922 Francis Martin CONROY.

Selina May
married: 1923 Vincent Patrick MCCARTHY.

Mabel Lena Rosalie
married: 1924 James ROBERTS.

Dorothy Violet
married: 1929 William Murray GREGG.

Lorraine Ellersley
married: 1929 Claude ANGELO.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIRTUE lines.

JN 62308

VARCOE marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia

VARCOE marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia.

VARCOE (males)

Albert Ernest
married: 1890 Kezia Elizabeth UTTING.

married: 1890 Kate HOSKING.

John Baily
married: 1892 Jane NIXON.

Herbert John
married: 1897 Mary Jane Elizabeth MCLENNAN.

William Henry
married: 1898 Harriet Matilda COISH.

Alfred Ernest
married: 1899 Mary Elizabeth BENNETTS.

married: 1899 Isabella ROSS.

Arthur William
married: 1903 Grace Winifred FOOTE.

married: 1904 Johanna BROWN.

Edward Kimpton
married: 1907 Alice Bondina LEIGHTON.

married: 1913 Ada DIXON.

Alfred Royal
married: 1914 Elwyn Jean SHIELDS.

George Henry
married: 1915 Margaret Evelyn GOATES.

Arthur James Maudsley
married: 1920 Edith Louisa Pierre HUMBERT.

Ernest Stanley
married: 1920 Elsie Jean YOUNG.

VARCOE (females)

Mary Jane
married: 1891 Robert CHISHOLM.

Georgina Sarah
married: 1893 Henry HANCOCK.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1893 Frederick J SCOTT.

Alice Louisa
married: 1896 Howard Mostyn Ashington OSBORNE.

Elizabeth Ackerley
married: 1896 John Rhys BODYCOMB.

Olga Louise
married: 1900 Edwin Curwin SERVICE.

married: 1903 John Percy PETERSON.

married: 1904 Henry Dawson HOLLINGSHEAD.

married: 1907 William Stephen WILLIAMS.

Emily Jane
married: 1908 Hector Clarence MARSHALL.

Liln Ann
married: 1908 Samuel Robert PHILLIPS.

Sarah Jane
married: 1910 Lewis Philip Belton CULLODEN.

married: 1912 Howell MORGAN.

Alice Maude
married: 1913 William BEATTY.

Carol Laving
married: 1914 Leslie Morton ADAMS.

married: 1918 Hector Fraser PATTERSON.

married: 1918 Ernest SEMPLE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VARCOE lines.

JN 63202

VIZARD marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia

VIZARD marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia.

VIZARD (males)

Reuben George
married: 1922 Leila Violet MATSON.

Albert Ernest
married: 1922 Elvia May SHILLINGLAW.

William Joseph
married: 1923 Annie MCDOWALL.

Richard Alfred
married: 1923 Helen Dorothy WAITE.

Terence Robert
married: 1927 Annie Adelaide ARTHUR.

Alexander William
married: 1928 Alice May MCGREGOR.

John Lancelot
married: 1928 Mirian Liln PITT.

Albert EWdward James
married: 1929 Nancy May WILLIAMS.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1937 Mary Margaret MURPHY.

Charles Horace
married: 1939 Eileen KIMM.

VIZARD (females)

Florence Myrtle
married: 1922 Michael James HARDIMAN.

Alma Campbell
married: 1923 Francis Joseph HYLAND.

Catherine Jane
married: 1924 Ferdinand BULLEN.

Sarah Kathleen
married: 1925 Alfred Redvers HALES.

Rebecca Margaret
married: 1928 Walter Keith GRIERSON.

Elvia Margaret
married: 1929 Keith SCANLON.

Alma Campbell Hyland
married: 1934 Thomas William CLARK.

Eve Emma
married: 1934 Ernest Alfred PRICE.

Myra Freda Walker
married: 1935 John Thomas OROISH.

Olive Millicent
married: 1938 Alfred EVANS.

Rita Mary
married: 1938 Nio BALZER.

Florence Emily Margaret
married: 1940 Allan William ANDERSON.

Wimsome Patricia
married: 1941 Allan Joseph ROBERTS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VIZARD lines.

JN 59576

VAIL marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia

VAIL marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia.

VAIL (males)

Herbert Harold
married: 1902 Mary Brennan Fotheringham FULTON.

Leslie Arthur
married: 1904 Rachel FINLAY.

Edwin Luke Knight
married: 1907 Lucy Mary SHEEHAN.

married: 1908 Delia Mabel ABBOTT.

married: 1908 Jane Mowat DAWSON.

Edwin Luke Knight
married: 1909 Teresa Agnes SHEEHAN.

Bert Luke Knight
married: 1912 Grace Ann CARRUTHERS.

William Edward
married: 1912 Francis May MIDDLEBOROUGH.

Leslie Albert
married: 1913 Nellie Irene OLDIS.

Joseph Francis
married: 1915 Ada CLIFTON.

William Knight
married: 1915 Gerte Alice TUGNETT.

Herbert Eugene
married: 1921 Adelaide Veronica DIAMOND.

Leslie Ernest
married: 1925 Muriel Hilary Vera Burdett YEOMANS.

Arthur Henry
married: 1939 Minnie COYLE.

George William
married: 1942 Phyllis Dorothy WOODFORD.

Maurice Hector
married: 1942 Dorothy Margurite BEET.

VAIL (females)

Mabel Hope
married: 1902 Arthur William PRIDMORE.

Frances Margaret
married: 1907 William Gordon RUSSELL.

Edith Matilda
married: 1909 Cecil Henry HOBBS.

Elizabeth Alice Knight
married: 1912 Frank WELLINGTON.

Bernice Eliza
married: 1917 John CARDWELL.

Amy Rubina Knight
married: 1918 Wilmot Charles STAMPS.

Grace Ann
married: 1919 Norman Roy CLEMENTS.

married: 1919 Frederick David Henry COCKFIELD.

Ellen Isabel
married: 1925 Arthur Edward JACKMAN.

married: 1927 Thomas COUSINS.

Freda Lesley
married: 1930 Henry Pearce DAVEY.

Beryl Irene
married: 1932 Harold Ernest ROBINSON.

Olivia Dartnell
married: 1936 John Keith OSMOND.

May Violet North
married: 1938 Jack Arthington JOWETT.

Dorothy Louisa
married: 1938 Albert Henry LLOYD.

Jean Melva
married: 1940 Alfred Edward ORCHARD.

Melva Isabel
married: 1940 Albert Charles WILLIAMS.

Alice Mary Powys
married: 1942 Leonard Edgar ALLAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAIL lines.

JN 58327

VICARY marriages 1859-1915 South Australia

VICARY marriages 1859-1915 South Australia.

VICARY (males)

married: 1859 Sophia PECKHAM.

married: 1859 Ann CROCKER.

married: 1868 Jane BENNETT.

married: 1872 Elizabeth BULL.

married: 1873 Sarah COLLINGS.

William Crocker
married: 1882 Elizabeth SMITH.

married: 1891 Eliza MCLEAN.

Frederick William
married: 1891 Emmeline Williams JONES.

married: 1902 Madge MCKAY.

married: 1904 Emily VICARY.

Alick Sydney
married: 1905 Lilian Maud KEYNES.

married: 1915 Susan MARKS.

VICARY (females)

Mary Ann
married: 1863 George MARSHMAN.

Sarah Ann
married: 1873 Thomas Henry ORSMOND.

married: 1873 William OLPIN.

Mary Ann Roberts
married: 1875 Thomas WARNE.

married: 1876 David PEDDER.

Rose Lane
married: 1889 John WALSH.

Mary Annie
married: 1890 Frederick Stephen FINCH.

married: 1904 Percival VICARY.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1904 Thomas Richard GILBERTSON.

married: 1905 Albert Charles Alexander GROVERMAN.

married: 1909 Alfred Charles MALEY.

Jessie Dellbridge
married: 1909 Henry Arthur STANLEY.

Emmeline Vera
married: 1912 Albert Ernest PALMER.

Compiled from the South Australian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VICARY lines.

JN 43792