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SPOKES marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

SPOKES marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

SPOKES (females)

Florence Edna
married: 1922 John Alexander MCDONALD.

Linda Ethel
married: 1925 Dalhousie Bruce RAMSAY.

Nellie Louisa
married: 1926 Thomas William Greenwell STEWART.

Rosina Elsie
married: 1926 Sydney Reed HUGGINS.

married: 1926 George Hugh EMMITT.

Dorothy Quinn
married: 1927 Eylau Stanley NELSON.

married: 1928 Claude MCCARTHY.

Hilda Mary
married: 1929 Harold Edward LEE.

Sibbella Marjory
married: 1930 George TAYLOR.

married: 1930 William PAGE.

Liln Rubee
married: 1931 William John PHILLIPS.

Florence Winchester
married: 1933 George Thomas REEVE.

Nancy Lillie
married: 1934 John HUMPHREY.

Ada Jean
married: 1934 Raymond George JAMES.

Constance Loretta
married: 1934 Allan Roy WALDRON.

Hazel Jean
married: 1936 Walter Stewart MILNE.

Alvie Jean
married: 1937 Barney James REYNOLDS.

Hilda Boyd
married: 1937 William Rowan PEARCE.

Ellen May
married: 1937 Albert Edney Leonard CARR.

Mary Louisa
married: 1938 Archibald SPOKES.

Edna May
married: 1938 Kenneth Henry HUTCHINS.

Beryl Doreen
married: 1938 Stanley Percy SPEARING.

married: 1939 John Edward MCCORKELL.

Daisy Merle
married: 1939 Lindsay Gordon STEPHENS.

married: 1940 Charles Andrew WILSON.

Margaret Rita
married: 1941 Leslie George PARKER.

Margaret Elsie
married: 1942 Nathan CLARK.

Isabella Jean
married: 1942 Allan Stuart JACKSON.

Thelma Ann
married: 1942 Lindsay Joseph FRYERS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOKES lines.

JN 60501

SPOKES marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

SPOKES marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

SPOKES (males)

Robert Henry
married: 1921 Margaret Spence EDNIE.

Lawrence Stephen
married: 1924 Rose KELLY.

Norman abel
married: 1926 Ella Margaret YEOMAN.

Alan Rawson
married: 1927 Phyllis Grant TURNER.

Wilfred Ernest
married: 1928 Ada Isabel SCANLON.

married: 1928 Laura Frances Mary CAIN.

married: 1929 Mary NOONAN.

Francis Walter
married: 1929 Florence Maida CUMMINS.

William Harold
married: 1929 Ellen NEVETT.

John Stephen
married: 1931 Edith Ellen MCDONALD.

married: 1935 Eileen WILKINSON.

William Ambrose
married: 1935 Dorothy Jean WARREN.

Ronald Alexander Joseph
married: 1937 Muriel RILEY.

married: 1938 Mary Louisa SPOKES.

Colin Henry
married: 1939 Emma Jane LAWRENCE.

Arthur Harold
married: 1941 Alice Crowley SWEETEN.

Allen James
married: 1941 Thelma Martha MURPHY.

William John Henry
married: 1941 Jessie Katherine EDEN.

Raymond Harold
married: 1942 Phyllis Alma STANDERING.

Keith Manifold Sunray
married: 1942 Florence Maude SMITH.

Abel James
married: 1942 Gweneth Margaret MCKENZIE.

Clarence Joseph
married: 1942 Gladys POTTS.

Leonard George
married: 1942 Hilda Myrtle FRY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOKES lines.

JN 60504

SPOKES marriages 1853-1920 Victoria Australia

SPOKES marriages 1853-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPOKES (males)

Joseph (Indexed under SPEKES)
married: 1865 Louisa MILLS.

married: 1875 Helen WINCHESTER.

Frederick Joseph
married: 1892 Margaret Teresa MURRAY.

James William
married: 1892 Elizabeth PEARCE.

William Henry
married: 1893 Alice Emily JONES.

married: 1900 Rosina Mabel GAYLARD.

married: 1906 Bessie KEMP.

Joseph Henry
married: 1909 Mary Jane HEARN.

married: 1911 Elizabeth Margaret BARNETT.

married: 1911 Elizabeth Margaret Alicia ELLIOTT.

Lawrence Stephen
married: 1911 Lillian Cecilia ABBOTT.

William Henry
married: 1911 Sibella Williams SECOMBE.

Arthur Robert
married: 1913 Mary Ann HAGGIS.

Arthur George
married: 1914 Mary TREZISE.

Cyril James
married: 1914 Hettie Blanche GOODGE.

Harold Alexander
married: 1914 Rose Evelyn Mcarthy SUMMER.

Ernest Albert
married: 1920 Gertrude Millicent DAVIDSON.

married: 1920 Catherine SPOKES.

married: 1920 Edith PARSONAGE.

SPOKES (females)

married: 1853 Henry KINGON.

married: 1859 William RAPER.

married: 1867 William OBRIEN.

Elizabeth Victoria
married: 1870 Charles John RYMER.

married: 1873 William Ezekiel COLLINS.

Elizabeth Cooper
married: 1891 James Edwin CORBETT.

married: 1897 Robert James GAYLARD.

Alice Mary
married: 1898 Thomas Ebenezer STEWART.

married: 1898 Francis John SIMPKIN.

Elsie Louisa
married: 1903 John ARLOW.

married: 1920 Arthur FRITH.

married: 1920 Norman SPOKES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOKES lines.

JN 60411

SPOONER marriages 1851-1888 Victoria Australia

SPOONER marriages 1851-1888 Victoria Australia.

SPOONER (males)

married: 1851 Dorothea MORRIS.

George Edward
married: 1861 Emma Augusta WILLIAMS.

Thomas Clinton
married: 1863 Emma BROADHEAD.

married: 1863 Mary SMITH.

married: 1864 Agnes WILSON.

John Henery
married: 1874 Mary COXON.

married: 1875 Emily GARDNER.

married: 1878 Sarah Charlotte CROSS.

William Wilberforce
married: 1880 Emma Mills BROMFIELD.

Alfred James
married: 1880 Mary Ann KING.

William Matthew
married: 1882 Jemima WHITTINGSLOW.

married: 1886 Emma Elizabeth MARRS.

John Richard
married: 1886 Ellen Margaret LANE.

married: 1887 Martha Fanny ROSS.

William Mason
married: 1888 Emily ANDERSON.

George Frederick Percy
married: 1888 Annie Elizabeth TODD.

Edward Mason
married: 1888 Rebecca Sarah DODD.

SPOONER (females)

Margaret Eleanor
married: 1855 Jeremiah LANE.

Ann Elizabeth
married: 1855 Thomas COPLEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1863 Alfred Thomas ROBOTTOM.

married: 1866 William James EBDALE.

Barbara Jenison Morriss
married: 1872 Jacob Francis PRICE.

Elizabeth Catherine Maria
married: 1878 Thomas HARDING.

Sarah Agnes
married: 1881 John Patrick FELTHAM.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1882 John GIBSON.

Martha Elizabeth
married: 1883 Joseph CRANWELL.

Dora Ann
married: 1883 Oliver Goldsmith GREEN.

married: 1887 Peter Martin HANSEN.

married: 1887 Thomas Charles VILLIERS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOONER lines.

JN 39172

SPOONER marriages 1889-1910 Victoria Australia

SPOONER marriages 1889-1910 Victoria Australia.

SPOONER (males)

married: 1889 Emma Whittacker STANNARD.

William Leonard
married: 1890 Mary Isabella MORTON.

Benjamin Aldridge
married: 1891 Carol WITTINGSLOW.

Charles Joseph
married: 1891 Hannah Isabel COX.

married: 1891 Mary Jane NICHOLAN.

James Samuel
married: 1892 Annie DAWSON.

married: 1893 Sarah DOHERTY.

Matthew Robert
married: 1895 Mary Jane WATSON.

Henry George
married: 1897 Annie MCNULTY.

married: 1897 Jessie LEWIS.

Thomas Hampton
married: 1898 Annie Marion FOSTER.

Arthur Murray
married: 1900 Josephine REVIE.

Charles Henry
married: 1902 Emily Blanche BENNET.

Arthur Richard
married: 1903 Florence EDWARDS.

married: 1903 Jean Chandler PITKETHLY.

married: 1903 Mary CRAWLEY.

John Henry
married: 1904 Annie RUNDELL.

Arthur Robert
married: 1905 Mary Rose TURNER.

married: 1908 Mary Louisa ABRAHAM.

John Alfred
married: 1908 Lucy BLACKMAN.

married: 1908 Sarah Cecilia JOHANSEN.

William Virgo Joseph
married: 1908 Annie BRAY.

Lucius William Harold
married: 1909 Olvette Amy DEERING.

SPOONER (females)

married: 1889 Howard Arthur LAKEMAN.

married: 1890 Francis Melville TULLOCH.

married: 1890 Charles Joseph MONK.

married: 1891 Christian SCEGER.

married: 1894 James WOOTTON.

Blanche Edmonds
married: 1896 Alexander Todd BAYNE.

Susannah Elliott
married: 1898 Frederick John CANNING.

Harriet ada
married: 1900 Henry Allen FLITTON.

Amelia Elizabeth Beatrice
married: 1903 Charles George KENSHOLE.

married: 1905 Octavius Meredyth BOYS.

married: 1908 James Russell PARTRIDGE.

Mary Martinnel
married: 1908 John Leslie NIELD.

Eleane Skottowe Barbara
married: 1909 David John STERN.

Julia Isabel
married: 1909 Richard Owen OWENS.

May russell
married: 1909 Walter Edwin ANDERSON.

Hilda Blanche
married: 1910 Ernest Norman Basil BELLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOONER lines.

JN 60042

SPRINKS marriages 1886-1910 Victoria Australia

SPRINKS marriages 1886-1910 Victoria Australia.

SPINKS (males)

Frederick Charles
married: 1886 Amy Augusta GOLDSMITH.

married: 1886 Sarah MCFEETERS.

married: 1886 Margaret WOODCROFT.

Charles Edward
married: 1886 Louisa Ann DAWSON.

married: 1889 Mary Jane PENNINGTON.

William Henry
married: 1889 Elizabeth Margaret BRADY.

George Arnold
married: 1891 Mary Selina ASHMORE.

married: 1891 Alice JAMES.

Frederick Thomas
married: 1895 Jane Helen LAURENS.

married: 1895 Jane LEWIS.

Arthur Ernest
married: 1897 Mabel Harriet EDWICK.

James Edward
married: 1900 Martha WILLIAMS.

married: 1902 Carol TAYLOR.

married: 1902 Emma WILLS.

William John
married: 1904 Jessie Christina MCGREGOR.

William Henry
married: 1905 Alice Zillah CROUCHER.

SPINKS (females)

married: 1887 Henry Lorenzo DE LONGVILLE.

Kate Jane
married: 1887 William John BROWN.

Alice E
married: 1888 Joseph FITZPATRICK.

married: 1889 James LYDIATE.

married: 1889 William Frederick BOWEN.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1891 William Charles SCOTTING.

married: 1891 John Edward BRADY.

married: 1897 Thomas METCALF.

Helen Dunlop
married: 1900 Robert Ernest DAWSON.

Frances Ann
married: 1901 William PECK.

Frances Ann Sarah
married: 1904 William Thomas BETTERridge.

Charlotte Maria
married: 1908 Albert Fosberry STILWELL.

Emma Mary
married: 1908 Albert Ernest HERMAN.

Jane Amelia
married: 1910 William WHITE.

Kathleen Helen
married: 1910 Valentine George CHARLWOOD.

married: 1910 Benjamin EDWARDS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPINKS lines.

JN 58227

SPROTT marriages 1859-1940 Victoria Australia

SPROTT marriages 1859-1940 Victoria Australia.

SPROTT (males)

married: 1867 Marion EDWARDS.

John Cecil
married: 1902 Emily SMALL.

married: 1904 Frances Emily Louisa FILER.

William Albert Edward
married: 1926 Clarice MOLLARD.

Norman Gordon Edward
married: 1932 Jean RENFREE.

Gordon Harrington
married: 1937 Ruby Isabel FRONCISCO.

David Alexander
married: 1940 Hazel Emma SMITH.

SPROTT (females)

married: 1859 Thomas RUTLEDGE.

married: 1868 Thomas DIXON.

married: 1909 Charles Elliott Ormsby VANDELEUR.

Henrietta Mary
married: 1915 William Newton FISHER.

Ruby Henrietta
married: 1918 Victor George COOK.

Florence Mignonetta
married: 1921 James TARNOWSKI.

married: 1936 George Edward WARNER.

Daisy Frances Marion
married: 1940 Vernon Frederick CRABB.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPROTT lines.

JN 62976

SPRY marriages (females) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia

SPRY marriages (females) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPRY (females)

Emily Jane
married: 1888 John VINCENT.

Annie Emily Georgina
married: 1889 Herbert Gill HOWGATE.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1893 Edwin James NEWSON.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1895 George Henry DUNN.

Annie Amelia Alberta
married: 1899 William Thomas AHERN.

Emily Jane
married: 1899 William John HUNTER.

Euphemia Georgina
married: 1899 John LITTLE.

Ella Marion
married: 1901 Julius Henry Carl KOPMANN.

Annie Alice Ada Victoria
married: 1904 James Augustin Langan BARRETT.

Edith Alice May
married: 1905 Alfred Percival SLEAP.

Eliza Carol
married: 1908 James HEALEY.

Gladys Lilian
married: 1909 Arthur Edward PETERSON.

Ruby Victoria
married: 1909 Clifford PEACOCK.

Frederico Maude
married: 1911 Walter Leslie MICHAM.

Alice May
married: 1912 Archibald Walter TAYLOR.

Beatrice Emily
married: 1912 Horace CROUCH.

Jessie Cunningham
married: 1914 William George STEPHENSON.

Selina Hilda
married: 1914 Robert Arthur COOKE.

Irene Florence Everest
married: 1915 Louis Archibald Bell HUSTON.

Annie Maud
married: 1916 Thomas HENWOOD.

Florence Lilian
married: 1916 Leslie PEARMAN.

Ruby May
married: 1916 Ernest Jacob PEMBROKE.

Hazel Victoria
married: 1918 Herman Wilkins BRENDEL.

married: 1918 Herman Alexander KLAWS.

married: 1919 George Percy SPRY.

Idina Grace
married: 1919 William Arthur TAYLOR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPRY lines.

JN 62257

SPRY marriages (males) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia

SPRY marriages (males) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPRY (males)

Samuel Edwin
married: 1887 Victoria Annie Elizabeth FOX.

Francis Joseph
married: 1887 Jessie Cunningham MARSHALL.

married: 1890 Mary Jane COTTON.

Thomas Walter Hooper
married: 1892 Everest Maud MURRAY.

John Edward
married: 1893 Anne EVANS.

Walter Edenhope
married: 1893 Ursula Ada ORFORD.

Samuel Richard
married: 1895 Lucy WILSON.

William Dingle
married: 1896 Euphemia Georgina PHILLIPS.

married: 1897 Eliza GASH.

Alfred James
married: 1898 Lillian May DOWLING.

Joseph John
married: 1898 Elizabeth HOOPER.

Frank William
married: 1901 Mary COLLINS.

married: 1902 Bessie PRESTON.

John Edwin
married: 1903 Lily Edith Amy BENNETT.

married: 1903 Sarah Ann HORE.

James Henry
married: 1905 Frances Alexandra MCDONALD.

married: Ada BOWTELL.

married: 1906 Winifred Jane ANDREWS.

married: 1907 Isabel JOHNSTON.

married: 1908 Eleanor Taylor CURRAN.

married: 1909 Lily ROBOTHAM.

Frederick William
married: 1911 Kate Laura WHITNEY.

John Leslie
married: 1911 Mabel Harriet CATMULL.

married: 1913 Cecelia Florence Maud WOODWARD.

Albert Augustus
married: 1914 Violet Eveline DANCEY.

Herbert Edwin
married: 1915 Margaret Lamont ASHFORD.

married: 1916 Doris MCCARTHY.

Thomas Walter Hooper
married: 1916 Margaret MCDONALD.

Percival Stanley
married: 1917 Evelyn Jane NANKERVIS.

John Edwin
married: 1918 Henrietta BALL.

Ernest John Thomas
married: 1919 Bertha Horler MOORE.

George Percy
married: 1919 Brenda SPRY.

Ernest Albert
married: 1920 Olive Mary DRINAN.

James Francis
married: 1920 Elizabeth Anne WALSH.

William Paterson
married: 1920 Essie Inglewood JENKIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPRY lines.

JN 62258

SPRY marriages 1853-1885 Victoria Australia

SPRY marriages 1853-1885 Victoria Australia.

SPRY (males)

married: 1853 Catherine TIMMINS.

married: 1855 Grace LARK.

married: 1869 Abigail GAMERON.

married: 1870 Emaline Matilda Florence DONNELLY.

married: 1874 Sophia GASH.

Alfred James
married: 1877 Ada Morgan BROMAGE.

William Henry
married: 1878 Catherine RILEY.

married: 1880 Amelia Marion HOWE.

Samuel Richard
married: 1881 Emma Jane RAYERS.

John Dingle
married: 1881 Elizabeth Anne ARCHDEACON.

Frank Palmer
married: 1883 Alice Maude MACHAN.

Samuel Richard
married: 1883 Elizabeth Ann NORRIS.

married: 1885 Charlotte MOORE.

married: 1885 Mary Elizabeth LANSBURY.

SPRY (females)

married: 1857 William AXFORD.

Mary Grace
married: 1861 John MCLEAN.

Elizabeth Catherine
married: 1862 William GARDNER.

married: 1864 Thomas DAVEY.

Mary Hannah
married: 1874 Thomas William REEVES.

married: 1877 Banks NUGENT.

Louisa Ann
married: 1877 John Robert ATKINSON.

Charlotte Elizabeth
married: 1879 John KELLEY.

married: 1879 Daniel LACE.

Jane Ann
married: 1880 Joseph MEDLYN.

Clara Ann
married: 1880 William Edward VINCENT.

Grace Ella
married: 1881 William Edward OLDFIELD.

Selena Elizabeth
married: 1881 Richard RAINSFORD.

Phillipa Ellen
married: 1883 John ENGLISH.

married: 1884 Edwin Thomas QUAYLE.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1885 James TUCKERMAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPRY lines.

JN 22300