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OXLEY marriages 1932-1942 Victoria Australia

OXLEY marriages 1932-1942 Victoria Australia.

OXLEY (males)

married: 1932 Mabel Silby SPENCER.

George Henry John
married: 1932 Freda Nellie WELLER.

Albert Ernest
married: 1933 Mabel Isabel BRAY.

Leslie James
married: 1933 Daphne Elizabeth MARRIOTT.

William Clifton
married: 1933 Annie Irene SARTORI.

Reginald William Ward
married: 1933 Irene OSBORNE.

Horace John
married: 1933 Marion BYRNES.

Edward George
married: 1934 Rita Joyce MANION.

married: 1934 Lorna Winifred CHITTS.

Lawrence William
married: 1935 Mignonette Kathleen FLEMING.

Ernest Alexander
married: 1936 Rita May MCLEAN.

Joseph Shields
married: 1939 Thelma Maud NEIWAND.

Harold Knight
married: 1939 Nancy Ruth MCCALLUM.

Reynold John James Collins
married: 1939 Gwenneth Ruth HAWTHORNE.

John Robert
married: 1939 Ernestine TRANTER.

John Everard Guthrie
married: 1939 Kathleen Spencer ASPINALL.

Alan Arthur Dewis
married: 1940 Eleanor Elizabeth YOUNG.

John Edward
married: 1941 Vera Evelyn ZADOW.

Frederick Ernest
married: 1941 Eunice Maud PRICE.

Albert Owen
married: 1941 Nishua Evelyn PETERSON.

Henry Ollison
married: 1941 Ida Nellie CORNEY.

Keith Richard
married: 1941 Kathleen Ellen MAHER.

Allan George
married: 1942 Gladys Mary SIMONS.

Edwin Hugh
married: 1942 Hilary Mavis GREENLAND.

OXLEY (females)

married: 1932 Thomas STANDING.

Doris Eileen
married: 1936 John Wesley ALLEN.

Ivy Beatrice
married: 1936 Cecil William JACKEL.

Iris Emma Jemima
married: 1937 Francis George GROSE.

Alice May
married: 1937 Edward Carr CORDELL.

married: 1937 Thomas William Haines OWEN.

Margaret Braithwaite
married: 1939 Wilfred Grenfell CLERGY.

Jean Katherine
married: 1939 Reginald Ernest HENDERSON.

Victoria Emely
married: 1940 Archibald Robert WHITE.

Beryl Yvone
married: 1940 Gordon John William CLARKE.

Enid Josephine
married: 1941 Donald Charles WYNACK.

Mary Victoria
married: 1942 Wilfred SHADFORTH.

married: 1942 Albert WRIGHT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the OXLEY lines.

JN 60939

PACKARD marriages 1857-1915 South Australia

PACKARD marriages 1857-1915 South Australia.

Compiled from the South Australian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PACKARD lines.

PACKARD (males)

Harrison Daniel
married: 1863 Mary BELL.

Frederick Joseph
married: 1870 Jane DAVISON.

John Harrison
married: 1874 Mary WHINHAM.

Daniel Spencer
married: 1879 Florence Suzanne RANDALL.

John Whinham
married: 1905 Rita Gay CHAMBERS.

Cyril Frederick
married: 1906 Mary Alice Jane LUKE.

PACKARD (females)

Jane Augusta
married: 1857 Fitzwilliam EVANS.

Emily Esther
married: 1867 Frederick Fisher UNWIN.

Alice Jane
married: 1874 William Frederick MARSHALL.

Ada Elizabeth
married: 1879 Alfred PERCY.

Mary Sarah
married: 1881 Robert Kendray ARCHER.

Eleanor Devereux
married: 1885 Frederick John MAYNE.

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1892 Albert Levi SHAW.

Rose Annie
married: 1898 David HOWELL.

Eveline Ellen
married: 1906 Norman Samuel STUCKEY.

Maud Spencer
married: 1915 Norman Randolph Palleser HECTOR.

Leslie Spencer
married: 1915 Lancelot Alford Kerby EATON.

PACKER Deaths Victoria Australia 1853-1920

Victoria Australia 1853-1920.


John Walter.
Born: New South Wales.
Died: 1855 Victoria.
Age: 11 years.
Parents: William PACKER & unknown.

Born: London.
Died: 1868 Victoria.
Age: 38 years.
Parents: Joseph PACKER & Anne unknown.

Born: 1877 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1878 Victoria.
Age: 06 months.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda Ann PACKER.

Alfred Thomas.
Born: 1876 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1878 Victoria.
Age: 02 years.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda PACKER.

Born: -
Died: 1887 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 40 years.
Parents: David PACKER & unknown.

Born: -
Died: 1889 Armadale, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents: unknown.

Charles Henry.
Born: 1879 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1890 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 10 years.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda PACKER.

Born: -
Died: 1891 Mordialloc, Victoria.
Age: 49 years.
Parents: Job PACKER & Mary Ann HOLLY.

Born: -
Died: 1892 Majorca, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.
Parents: unknown.

Born: -
Died: 1896 Wangaratta Hospital, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.
Parents: Thomas PACKER & Annie unknown.

Born: -
Died: 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
Age: 36 years.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda Ann PACKER.

Born: -
Died: 1907 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 49 years.
Parents: unknown.

Born: -
Died: 1911 Beechworth, Victoria.
Age: 75 years.
Parents: unknown.

Thomas Johnson.
Born: -
Died: 1911 Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.
Parents: Thomas PACKER & Mary GARDNER.

Horace William.
Born: 1912 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Melbourne South, Victoria.
Age: Months.
Parents: Horace PACKER & Lillian PEAKE.

Charles Edward.
Born: -
Died: 1917 Brighton, Victoria.
Age: 62 years.
Parents: John PACKER & Martha ROGERS.

Edmond Ernest Suffolk.
Born: -
Died: 1919 Sunbury, Victoria.
Age: 41 years.
Parents: unknown.


Anna Rosina.
Born: -
Died: 1853 at sea. (Registered Victoria)
Age: 31 years.
Parents: unknown.

Born: New South Wales.
Died: 1869 Victoria.
Age: 02 years.
Parents: Thomas Herbert PACKER & Ann EDWARDS.

Born: 1870 Morialta, South Australia.
Birth: Recorded as Ada Louisa PACKER.
Mother: Named as Mary Jane COIL.
Died: 1872 Victoria.
Age: 02 years.
Parents: Thomas PACKER & Mary Jane COYLE.

Born: 1873 Dromana, Victoria.
Died: 1874 Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: Thomas PACKER & Mary Jane COYLE.

Born: -
Died: 1875 Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda Ann PACKER.

Matilda Jane.
Born: 1880 Prahran, Victoria.
Died: 1881 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 06 months.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda Ann PACKER.

Catherine Mary.
Born: 1890 Wodonga, Victoria.
Died: 1890 Wodonga, Victoria.
Age: 07 days.
Parents: Joseph Henry PACKER & Margaret TOOHEY.

Rose Frankston.
Born: 1887 Prahran, Victoria.
Died: 1890 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Parents: William PACKER & Matilda PACKER.

Elsie May.
Born: 1893 Prahran, Victoria.
Died: 1894 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: William PACKER & Martha KNIGHT.

Born: -
Died: 1903 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.
Parents: unknown.

Gertrude Mary.
Born: 1901 Tallangatta, Victoria.
Mother: Named as Margaret Jane ROYALL.
Died: 1904 Tallangatta, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Parents: John PACKER & Margaret Jane RYALL.

Born: 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
Died: 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
Age: Days.
Parents: William PACKER & Martha KNIGHT.

Born: 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
Died: 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
Age: Days.
Parents: William PACKER & Martha KNIGHT.

Born: 1914 Mordialloc, Victoria.
Died: 1914 Mordialloc, Victoria.
Age: Not recorded.
Parents: Arthur PACKER & Annie Victoria Regina RODGERSON.

Matilda Anne.
Born: -
Died: 1914 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents: Thomas PACKER & unknown.

Mary Ann Elizabeth.
Born: -
Died: 1918 Melbourne South, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.
Parents: John THOMPSON & Lydia unknown.

Mary Jane.
Born: Lancashire.
Died: 1919 St Kilda, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.
Parents: Daniel COYLE & Jane WETHERALL.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Deaths Indexes to assist others researching the PACKER lines.

Please remember.
Information supplied by informants was not always correct.
Errors may include the wrong given names, age at death
and parents names of the deceased.

JN 66808

PACKER marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

PACKER marriages Victoria Australia 1921-1942.


Thomas Leo
Married: Mary Adelaide TOOHEY 1921.

John Arthur
Married: Hester Frances MOON 1924.

Reginald William
Married: Gladys BROWN 1925.

Married: Doris May PAYNE 1929.

Married: Maida Helen CRAWFORD 1929.

Thomas Gordon
Married: Mary Jane BRODY 1929.

Joseph Michael
Married: Mary Ann WOOD 1929.

Married: Dora PAGE 1929.

William Raymond
Married: Mary Margaret SEATON 1931.

Tralford Edward Horace
Married: Mary Mccalley GALLIE 1934.

George James
Married: Ruby Laura GORDON 1934.

Joseph Stanley
Married: Angela GRANT 1935.

Frederick Bolingbroke
Married: Ellen Dorothy CARROLL 1935.

Arthur William
Married: Christina McMillan SCOTT 1935.

George Thomas
Married: Elsie Joy ROBERTSON 1935.

Charles Arthur
Married: Bessie Aileen BREWER 1935.

Jack Hector
Married: Ann Boyne CORFIELD 1936.

Walter James Keith
Married: Winifred Amelia STEPHENSON 1938.

Married: Florence Joyce CHIFFEY 1939.

Leonard Charles
Married: Winifred FERGUSON 1939.

Harold William
Married: Hazel Yvonne JACKSON 1939.

Alan Edgar
Married: Peggy Desterre ATKINS 1940.

Mervyn George
Married: Mary Cecilia MURRAY 1941.

Albert Henry
Married: Helena May SMITH 1942.

Maxwell George
Married: Mavis Lavenia GREENWOOD 1942.


Zilpha Isabella
Married: Charles William STEPHENS 1922.

Cissie Sarah Elizabeth
Married: Alfred David DUNSTAN 1922.

Married: Alfred CRANHAM 1923.

Dorothy Annie
Married: Hubert Alfred ROBINSON 1924.

May Ellen
Married: Hughie WRIGHT 1924.

Alice Thelma
Married: Alfred Stanley BROWN 1927.

Cissie Amanda
Married: William Thomas JOHNSON 1931.

Violet Shirley
Married: Charles Frederick KERR 1931.

Edith Florence
Married: Ernest MASON 1935.

Irene Lilian
Married: Leslie George ALLEN 1937.

Dorothy Lilian
Married: Howard John TURNER 1939.

Ivy Jean
Married: Alexander John Middleton WHITE 1941.

Ellen Margaret
Married: James Charles MURRAY 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PACKER lines.

JN 66895

PACKER marriages Victoria Australia 1868-1920

PACKER marriages Victoria Australia 1868-1920.


Married: Mary Jane COYLE 1868.
Four issues located.
1. Florence Annie, born 1869 Alexandra, Victoria.
2. Emily, born 1873 Dromana, Victoria.
3. George Henry, born 1874 Dromana, Victoria.
4. Arthur, born 1876 Dromana, Victoria.

Married: Lucy LATHAM 1873.
No issues located.

Thomas William
Married: Ellen WILLIAMS 1886.
No issues located.

Married: Margaret TOOHEY 1887.
Four issues located.
1. Joseph Michael, born 1888 Bethanga, Victoria.
2. Catherine Mary, born 1890 Wodonga, Victoria.
3. Martin Francis, born 1891 Bethanga, Victoria.
4. Thomas Leo, born 1893 Bethanga, Victoria.

Married: Emma Jane BAKER 1891.
Five issues located.
1. Emma Jane, born 1891 Harrow, Victoria.
2. Adeline Elizabeth, born 1893 Harrow, Victoria.
3. Thomas Gordon, born 1898 Harrow, Victoria.
4. Joseph Stanley, born 1904 Harrow, Victoria.
5. Lindsay Gordon Glenelg, born 1906 Harrow, Victoria.

Married: Martha KNIGHT 1892.
Six issues located.
1. Elsie May, born 1893 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Emily Gertrude, born 1895 Armadale, Victoria.
3. William Reginald, born 1898 Armadale, Victoria.
4. Alice Thelma, born 1903 Armadale, Victoria.
5. Rose, born 1906 Armadale, Victoria.
6. Violet, born 1906 Armadale, Victoria.

... Rose and Violet were twins.

William James
Married: Mary Dorothea PRENDERGAST 1896.
No issues located.

Charles Edward
Married: Rose Isabel WARRY 1899.
No issues located.

John William
Married: Linda Amy Yates WOOLCOTT 1899.
Three issues located.
1. Gerald, born 1900 Brighton, Victoria.
2. Vincent, born 1903 Brighton, Victoria.
3. Violet Shirley, born 1903 Brighton, Victoria.

... Vincent and Violet were twins.

Married: Margaret RYALL 1900.
Two issues located.
1. Gertrude Mary, born 1901 Tallangatta, Victoria.
2. Neville James, born 1917 Tallangatta, Victoria.

Married: Minnie Louisa GESSNER 1906.
Two issues located.
1. Frederick Bolingbroke, born 1906 Mordialloc, Victoria.
2. George Thomas, born 1907 Mordialloc, Victoria.
3. Clarice Lilian Jane, born 1910 Mordialloc, Victoria.

John Stanley
Married: Elsie Eugenia COOKE 1908.
No issues located.

John Thomas
Married: Elizabeth Scott GREENLAW 1909.
Three issues located.
1. Dorothy Lilian, born 1910 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Hector Jack, born 1912 Malvern, Victoria.
3. Alan Edgar, born 1914 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: Annie Victoria Regina RODGERSON 1910.
Four issues located.
1. Charles Arthur, born 1911 Mordialloc, Victoria.
2. Edna, born 1914 Mordialloc, Victoria.
3. David William, born 1915 Mordialloc, Victoria.
4. Maxwell George, born 1917 Mordialloc, Victoria.

Married: Lillian PEAKE 1910.
Five issues located.
1. Horace William, born 1912 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Talford Edward Horace, born 1913 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Walter James keith, born 1915 South Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Raymond Charles, born 1916 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Irene Lilian, born 1918 Mordialloc, Victoria.

Joseph Michael
Married: Jessie Maud ANDREWS 1914.
No issues located.

Married: Florence Maud RICHARDS 1917.
No issues located.

Neil Heathcote
Married: Dorothy MAXWELL 1919.
No issues located.

Martin Francis
Married: Mary Kathleen HERTZIOG 1920.
No issues located.


Esther Ann
Married: Martin KELLY 1872.

Mary Jane
Married: William PASCOE 1886.

Julia Ann
Married: Frederick Charles PHILLIPS 1887.

Florence Annie
Married: Donald MCQUEEN 1890.

Married: Daniel BETTINELLI 1890.

Married: Robert KEWISH 1892.

Married: William SAUNDERS 1896.

Married: Richard MCCORMICK 1899.

Married: Percy Langford WEIGHT 1905.

Amy Elizabeth
Married: Ernest George LACEY 1905.

Married: Frederick WATMUTT 1910.

Clarice Alma
Married: James Richard ANDERSON 1911.

Emma Jane
Married: Herbert Lemuel BRANT 1912.

Married: John DAVIDSON 1912.

Olive Jane
Married: Eustace Everton GREEN 1912.

Ruby Amelia
Married: George Thomas STEPHENS 1912.

Margaret Harriet
Married: Henry Charles HANSEN 1913.

Married: William John PEPLOW 1914.

Adeline Elizabeth
Married: John Beaton BACLAY 1919.

Annie Rosina Elizabeth
Married: George Alexander BEECH 1920.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PACKER lines.

JN 66859

PACKHAM marriages 1861-1910 Victoria Australia

PACKHAM marriages 1861-1910 Victoria Australia.

PACKHAM (males)

married: 1861 Elizabeth CLARKE.

married: 1870 Jane Jamieson KAY.

married: 1879 Emily NANKWELL.

married: 1879 Margaret Jane CLARK.

married: 1880 Selina NANKIVELL.

married: 1884 Ellen FLAVIN.

married: 1892 Annie BATH.

married: 1894 Janet Allan KAY.

Charles William Henry
married: 1903 Alice Maud Mary ELLIS.

Albert John
married: 1909 Laura Elizabeth TOWATHEN.

John Henry Nankivell
married: 1910 Alice Ruby HORRELL.

PACKHAM (females)

married: 1874 Edmund MCCRACKEN.

married: 1894 Robert ANQUETIL.

Emily Jane
married: 1903 William JOYNER.

Sarah Ann
married: 1907 Alfred Edi William PRESTON.

Isabella Elizabeth
married: 1908 William OBRIEN.

Margaret Jane
married: 1908 Joseph Henry PRESTON.

Sophia Jane
married: 1909 William Laidlaw BLACK.

Delina Jane
married: 1910 Archibald David MURDOCK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PACKHAM lines.

JN 41723

PAGE marriages (females) 1850-1868 Victoria Australia

PAGE marriages (females) 1850-1868 Victoria Australia.

PAGE (females)

Mary Ann
married: 1850 Elijah CLAY.

married: 1852 Charles BONE.

Betsey Susan
married: 1853 William MOORE.

married: 1853 William HEARDON.

married: 1853 George Alliem MANN.

married: 1853 Edmund JAMES.

married: 1853 Michael MALONY.

married: 1854 Isaac FAWCETT.

married: 1854 Charles HOLDER.

Mary Ann
married: 1855 John BLACKIE.

married: 1855 John SHARP.

Mary Anne
married: 1855 William Francis DUCKER.

married: 1856 Charles FAUSSET.

married: 1856 Tilden ELDRIDGE.

married: 1856 George SWAN.

married: 1856 John HEASMAN.

Mary Jane
married: 1858 George Thomas TREW.

Sarah Catherine
married: 1858 Frederick BENSON.

married: 1858 Joseph COAKLEY.

Mary Amelia
married: 1858 Charles Augustus PIESSE.

married: 1859 Robert Rowland MORGAN.

married: 1860 John MACAULEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1862 Arthur George PAGE.

Mary Tate
married: 1864 John Mamius FERGUSON.

married: 1864 Anton KLUTSCH.

married: 1864 Thomas HAYNES.

married: 1865 Daniel TUNNCLIFF.

Charlotte Mary
married: 1865 Edward Benners RYALL.

married: 1865 Daniel HATHAWAY.

married: 1865 Henry BINEHAM.

Harriett Caroline
married: 1867 John COMMINGS.
Correct spelling is CUMMINGS.

married: 1868 Charles WATSON.

married: 1868 Nathaniel Thomas BUTTERFIELD.

married: 1868 Thomas STAINBANK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PAGE lines.

JN 57411

PAGE marriages (males) 1843-1860 Victoria Australia

PAGE marriages 1843-1860 Victoria Australia.

PAGE (males)

married: 1843 Catherine TRAYNOR.

married: 1847 Mary LEDGERWOOD.

married: 1848 Amelia WOODMAN.

George Jones Sagan
married: 1849 Prudens DELAFONTAINE.

married: 1850 Ellen MONAGHAN.

John William
married: 1851 Mary Ann LAMBARD.

married: 1852 Nancy BRADHURST.

married: 1853 Bridget GILDAY.

married: 1853 Agnes RUTHERFORD.

William Robert
married: 1853 Elizabeth SHERBORN.

married: 1854 Bridget CANE.

married: 1854 Jean HENDRY.

William Edmund
married: 1854 Christina WATSON.

married: 1854 Catherine MATHESON.

married: 1854 Mary FOREMAN.

married: 1855 Catherine MANGAN.

married: 1855 Augusta Anne Gilbert MOYLE.

married: 1855 Bridget FRAWLEY.

married: 1855 Ann BURGE.

married: 1855 Eliza BURGESS.

William Graham
married: 1856 Mary Anne HEFFERNAN.

Edward Thomas
married: 1856 Elizabeth MARSHALL.

married: 1856 Elizabeth ERSKINE.

married: 1857 Adeline Jane ANTHONY.

married: 1857 Rosanna JACKSON.

married: 1858 Anna Amelia WARREN.

married: 1858 Margaret LYONS.

married: 1858 Mary Hine PORTER.

married: 1858 Hanora ONEIL.

married: 1859 Maria Jane GOULDING.

George Amos
married: 1860 Mary MACMAHON.

married: 1860 Eliza MILLS.

married: 1860 Ellen HASSETT.

married: 1860 Jane MCDUFF.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PAGE lines.

JN 57420

PAHL John married Annie BURNS 1883

Information Journal.

Groom: John PAHL.
Birth place: Given as Adelaide.

Bride: Annie BURNS.
Birth place: Given as Lake Wallace. (aka Edenhope)

Year married: 1883.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

John died 1908 in Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.
Parents named as Frederick PAHL and Wmine PALLOCK.

Annie died 1943 in Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Death recorded as Ann Wright PAHL.
Parents named as Henry BURNS and Helen Bell MAY.

Birth note.
Annie's birth not located at time of posting.
See Post: BURNS Henry married Helen MAY 1857

Fourteen children located Victorian records for John and Annie.


Frederick PAHL.
Born: 1883 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: -


John William PAHL.
Born: 1886 Apsley, Victoria.
Birth recorded under POHL.
Died: 1915 Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 29 years.


James May PAHL.
Born: 1888 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1959 Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Married: Hannah Mickleborough WILSON.
Year: 1915.
Place: Victoria.

Hannah died 1976 in Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Parents named as John WILSON and Jane BLACKWOOD.

Birth note.
Hannah was born 1889 in Myamyn, Victoria.
Parents named as John WILSON and Mary Jane BLACKWOOD.


Ellen May PAHL.
Born: 1890 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1967 Edenhope, Victoria.
Death recorded as Helen May SIMPSON.
Age: 76 years.

Married: William Peter SIMPSON.
Year: 1912.
Place: Victoria.

Marriage notes.
Ellen recorded as Helen May PAHL.
William's birth place given as Apsley in the marriage records.
He was born in Penola, South Australia.

William died 1960 in Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as William SIMPSON and Henrietta RITTMAN.

Birth note.
William was born 09 September 1884 in Penola, South Australia.
Parents named as William SIMPSON and Johanna RITTMANN.


Jack PAHL.
Born: 1892 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1970 Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.

Married: Emily Theresa LAMPARD.
Year: 1917.
Place: Victoria.

Emily died 1958 in Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents named as James LAMPARD and Elizabeth CLARK.

Birth note.
Emily was born 1894 in Edenhope, Victoria.
Parents named as James Nelson LAMPARD and Elizabeth DIXON.


Robert PAHL.
Born: 1894 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1968 Ballarat, Victoria.
Death recorded as Robert May PAHL.
Age: 73 years.


Dora PAHL.
Born: 1894 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1896 Apsley, Victoria.
Age: Months.


Henry PAHL.
Born: 1895 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1912 Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 16 years.


David PAHL.
Born: 1896 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1966 Edenhope, Victoria.
Death recorded as David May PAHL.
Age: 69 years.


Claude PAHL.
Born: 1899 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: -


Cecilia Ann PAHL.
Born: 1901 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1980 Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: Donald McLean CALDOW.
Year: 1919.
Place: Victoria.

Donald died 1968 in Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.
Parents named as Thomas CALDOW and Flora MCLEAN.

Birth note.
Donald was born 1880 in Harrow, Victoria.
Parents named as Thomas CALDOW and Flora MCLEAN.


Emily PAHL.
Born: 1903 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: -


Wilhelmina PAHL.
Born: 1904 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: 1983 Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: unknown FOSTER.
Year: -
Place: -


Carl Colin PAHL.
Born: 1906 Apsley, Victoria.
Died: -

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Registry of Births, South Australia.

This family record compiled to assist Gambier researching the family lines of Henry BURNS and Helen MAY married in 1857.

JN 61511

PALAMOUNTAIN John married Annie STRANGER 1897

Information Journal.

Groom: John Richard PALAMOUNTAIN.
Birth place: Given as Ballarat.

Bride: Annie Matilda STRANGER.
Birth place: Given as Coburg.

Year married: 1897.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

John remarried 1927 Victoria to Helen Margaret STRANGER.
Sister to first wife Annie.

Birth note.
John was born 1866 in Ballarat, Victoria.
Parents named as William PALAMOUNTAIN and Jane WATERSON.
See Post: PALAMOUNTAIN William married Jane WATTERSON 1859

Birth note.
Annie was born 1868 in Pentridge, Victoria.
Parents named as Elijah James STRANGER and Annie MATTHEMAN.

Two children located Victorian records for John and Annie.


Born: 1898 Melbourne West, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1900 Melbourne West, Victoria.
Died: 1959 Greensborough, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.

Cremated: Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 16 April 1959.
Cremated remains were scattered.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Springvale Botanical Cemetery Records, Victoria.

JN 48608

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