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TREWEEK marriages 1856-1910 Victoria Australia

TREWEEK marriages 1856-1910 Victoria Australia.

TREWEEK (males)

married: 1856 Elizabeth FLANNING.

married: 1862 Emily Jane WHITBURN.

married: 1871 Elizabeth ROSEWALL.

William Henry
married: 1871 Anna Maria WHITFORD.

married: 1875 Jane ALLEN.

married: 1881 Emma Jane STEPHENS.

Nicholas John
married: 1881 Mary Jane WALLIS.

Joseph William
married: 1882 Mary TULK.

married: 1887 Mary ROBINSON.

married: 1888 Margaret Jane DAVIDSON.

Joseph Stephen
married: 1891 Agnes Montgomery MCLEAN.

Edmund John
married: 1892 Elizabeth GULLOCK.

married: 1896 Annie Louise BURSTON.

married: 1899 Mary Ann BRADY.

Joseph Henry
married: 1905 Mabel Zelig Alice Maude BURSTON.

William Thomas
married: 1908 May MIDDLETON.

married: 1909 Beatrice ARCHER.

John William
married: 1909 Annie MCVEIGH.

TREWEEK (females)

Sophia Anne
married: 1858 John Henry HOLMAN.

Harriet Ann
married: 1863 John HUTCHENS.

married: 1871 John ANDREW.

Emma Revel
married: 1873 Thomas Isaac NORRIS.

married: 1875 Isaac ROBINSON.

Elizabeth Grace
married: 1883 George William CLARKE.

married: 1886 Arthur Guildford WALLACE.

married: 1891 Frederick William HALLS.

married: 1895 Clarence ADENEY.

married: 1895 Hudson SCOTT.

Emily Jane
married: 1903 Alfred Bendell OSBORNE.

Mabel beatrice Emily
married: 1906 Alfred Ernest BENNETT.

Elsie Louise
married: 1910 Frederick Redmond COLLUR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TREWEEK lines.

JN 60165

SPILLER marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

SPILLER marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPILLER (males)

Frederick Walter
married: 1901 Mary Jane WALSH.

Herbert John
married: 1901 Minnie Elizabeth STUBBLETY.

married: 1904 Charlotte SMITH.

Herbert James
married: 1907 Emily Jane RUSSELL.

Arthur James
married: 1910 Veda Laurel BRANFORD.

Willis Price Conley
married: 1912 Eveline Louisa COOK.

Percy Charles
married: 1913 Susan Violet YOUNG.

Thomas Constantine Henry
married: 1913 Ada Grace HARRISON.

William Garfield
married: 1914 Ruby Elizabeth Ramsay SMITH.

Frank Cecil
married: 1915 Irene Eden GEORGE.

Henry Cecil
married: 1915 Florence Annie DORE.

Albert Edward
married: 1917 Lillie MARGETTS.

Harold Christopher
married: 1917 Ruby Katherine BUTLER.

married: 1917 Agnes WALKER.

Sydney Ronald
married: 1918 Elsie PRETTY.

Edward Leslie
married: 1919 Annie Vaughan KENNEDY.

married: 1919 Dilys Marion JOHN.

William Edward
married: 1920 Annie Frances Georgina PINNIGER.

SPILLER (females)

married: 1901 William MASON.

Bessie Julia
married: 1901 Gustavus Nesbitt MCNAMARA.

married: 1902 Jerermiah John DOWNES.

married: 1902 Alexander Robert Thomas DONALDSON.

Dorothea Maria
married: 1905 Samuel James STOCKTON.

Ruby Donald
married: 1907 Herbert Francis Peter CHANDLER.

married: 1910 James BUTTERWORTH.

married: 1913 James Henry CORNELL.

Nellie Estella Olive
married: 1914 George Gilbert CAMPBELL.

Edith Marion
married: 1915 Arthur James STREET.

Isabell Frances
married: 1916 Francis William TOLRA.

Hylda Florence
married: 1919 Gordon Guthrie KNIGHT.

Doris Sarah
married: 1920 William Edward FILER.

Vera Veronica
married: 1920 Lindsay George WILLIAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPILLER lines.

JN 60160

PENBERTHY marriages 1908-1942 Victoria Australia

PENBERTHY marriages 1908-1942 Victoria Australia.


Henry Martin Thomas
married: 1908 Margaret Ann Edith CLARK.

married: 1908 Jessie Lewis MORTON.

William James
married: 1908 Minnie GLADSTONE.

Peter Richard
married: 1915 Alice CONNELLY.

Richard Henry
married: 1916 Annie MCGREGOR.

Ernest Richard
married: 1917 Alice Myrtle May SEDGMEN.

Nicholas Pascoe
married: 1917 Victoria Vera SHADDOCK.

John George
married: 1924 Eva Elsie Batt HIGGINS.

Ronald Frederick
married: 1925 Caroline Bainbridge THOMPSON.

Leslie Arthur
married: 1926 Margaret Souter ROBERTSON.

Albert William henry John
married: 1926 Bessie Annette GRIFFITHS.

Victor James
married: 1928 Kathleen Maud GREEN.

William Norman
married: 1929 Norma Augusta SCHEELE.

John Harris
married: 1932 Gladys Margaret BEAMES.

Cyril Thomas
married: 1932 Verna Liln CANDY.

Harold John
married: 1933 Amy Beryl THOMAS.

James Charles
married: 1934 Lucie Ellen ADAMS.

Cecil Luke
married: 1937 Elsie Jean HARRIS.

married: 1938 Lorna Veronica OAKE. (Also recorded as OKE)

Victor James
married: 1938 Perlorse Alvina HILL.

Albert James
married: 1940 Dorothy KERIN.

married: 1941 Violet POTTER.

PENBERTHY (females)

married: 1912 James BRYANT.

married: 1914 Edward Charles STONE.

Lucy Ann
married: 1917 Michael REGAN.

Gladys Nellie
married: 1918 John Charles HOWARD.

Gladys May
married: 1919 Lees Victor STEWART.

married: 1925 Charles SAVILLE.

Beryl Zoe Marguerite
married: 1930 Sydney George Nisbet COLE.

Catherine May
married: 1930 Thomas Henderson HUME.

Winifred Farquharson
married: 1930 Lancelot William WILSON.

Dory Gwendolyn
married: 1932 Victor Clarene SIMMONS.

married: 1932 William Charles SEDDON.

Liln Margaret Victoria
married: 1934 Clarence James RAPKINS.

married: 1935 James RAYMOND.

Doreen Maud
married: 1936 William Richard NANCARROW.

Eleanor Lily
married: 1939 Allan Thomas TICKNER.

Edna May Josephine
married: 1939 John Francis DOYLE.

Agnes Doreen
married: 1940 Ernest Charles WOODS.

Nancy Evelyn
married: 1942 Harold Frederick SCOTT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENBERTHY lines.

JN 60154

ROSEWALL marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

ROSEWALL marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

ROSEWALL (males)

married: 1902 Malda RETALLICK.

Thomas Edward
married: 1903 Nellie HIGMAN.

James Charles
married: 1906 Ethel May TOZER.

William Alfred
married: 1906 Alice Lydia REED.

married: 1908 Mary THEOBOLD.

Hamlet Russell Washington
married: 1910 Agnes Alice JACKSON.

Arthur Stanley
married: 1911 Stella May MILLAR.

Abel Edwin
married: 1915 Emma Martha FINDLAY.

John Henry
married: 1915 Ellen ARNOLD.

Frederick Leslie
married: 1916 Veronica MCCORMACK.

Archibald Earl
married: 1918 Barbara Foster MOORE.

married: 1920 Myra Victoria ALLEN.

ROSEWALL (females)

married: 1902 John MARSHALL.

Maud Ethel
married: 1902 Thomas Brown KENNEDY.

Elizabeth Harriet Elsie
married: 1909 Albert John ORMOND.

Mary Hilda
married: 1909 Albert Percival COULTER.

Elizabeth Lavina
married: 1910 Edward STIRTON.

Hilda Winifred Norma
married: 1910 James HALL.

Gladys May
married: 1913 William Leslie Norman JEWELL.

married: 1915 William Wilson WALKER.

married: 1916 Harry SMITHIAM.

Elizabeth Harriet
married: 1917 Charles Henry ALLEN.

Gertrude Emily
married: 1917 Albert Stephen KNIGHT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROSEWALL lines.

JN 60145

BARAGWANATH marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

BARAGWANATH marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


Clifford George
married: 1923 Irene May HARVEY.

William Robert
married: 1923 Beatrice CONSIDINE.

Alexander Burns Haigh
married: 1929 Alma Elizabeth FLOYD.

Victor Kent
married: 1929 Thelma Josephine DALDY.

Thurlow Chesleigh
married: 1934 Carmen May GREEN.


Violet Scotland
married: 1921 Lyle MCLAUGHLIN.

Catherine Maria
married: 1922 Duncan BAXTER.

Vera Minnie
married: 1922 John Ernest RICHARDSON.

Grace Melbourne
married: 1925 William John CORMICK.

Hilda Alice
married: 1925 Eldred John SMITH.

Eunice Beryl
married: 1933 Stanley Percy GRIFFITHS.

Blanche Clara
married: 1935 Norman Henry COLLINS.

Mary Silith
married: 1937 Robert Harle MOSSMAN.

Myra Ann
married: 1938 Wilfred David LUCAS.

Ruby Violet Scotland
married: 1938 Milton Harold Young THOMAS.

Irene Beseler
married: 1941 John Nelson BURFORD.

Beryl Catherine
married: 1942 John Martin NEVILL.

Matilda Muriel
married: 1942 George Albert LANDT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BARAGWANATH lines.

JN 60139

SHARKEY marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia

SHARKEY marriages 1889-1920 Victoria Australia.

SHARKEY (males)

married: 1890 Elizabeth MADDEN.

married: 1892 Elizabeth KENNEDY.

William Thomas
married: 1894 Phoebe Catherine DICKSON.

married: 1895 Jane CASHEN.

Francis James
married: 1898 Ellen Maria MCMAHON.

Raymond John
married: 1899 Florence Edith RAY.

John Edward
married: 1900 Ethel Ellen TITE.

Thomas Henry
married: 1900 Annie Cecelia ONEILL.

Ernest John
married: 1906 Margaret MADIGAN.

John Alexander
married: 1906 Annie SHEPPARD.

John James
married: 1906 Mabel TURNBULL.

Joseph Patrick
married: 1906 Mary MCMAHON.

Albert Reginald
married: 1907 Lillian Clara BOWES.

married: 1909 Margaret Ellen WALL.

Leo Parnell
married: 1915 Marie Elizabeth POULTNEY.

George Hewitt
married: 1916 Mabel Tonkin RUSSELL.

John James
married: 1916 Leoline Hannah Elizabeth JULIAN.

John Edward
married: 1917 Agnes PATTERSON.

William Rupert
married: 1917 Lillian May MCDONALD.

Harold Montrose
married: 1918 Gertrude LIVINGSTON.

married: 1919 Evelyn Winifred BARRY.

SHARKEY (females)

married: 1889 Philip MOORE.

married: 1891 Michael FITZGERALD.

married: 1895 Michael Francis ODONNELL.

Mary Jane
married: 1902 John William RICHARDS.

Mary Catherine
married: 1908 Joseph IRVING.

Mary Jane
married: 1908 John MCDONALD.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1910 Edward Richard JOHNSON.

Gertrude Minnie
married: 1911 Philip Augustus BRADY.

Mary Anne
married: 1911 Philip Clark THORNTON.

Florence May
married: 1913 William WALL.

Lillian May
married: 1913 Alfred Joseph BAURMANN.

Bridget Agnes
married: 1919 John Francis TAFFE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SHARKEY lines.

JN 60134

ROBSON marriages (males) 1876-1894 Victoria Australia

ROBSON marriages (males) 1876-1894 Victoria Australia.

ROBSON (males)

married: 1876 Annie WALKER.

married: 1877 Mary drew STEVENSON.

married: 1878 Bessie ROBINSON.

married: 1879 Louisa DUMENY.

married: 1880 Jemima BROWN.

married: 1880 Sarah Ann FISHER.

married: 1881 Amelia SMITH.

married: 1881 Mary Ann MCPHADION.

married: 1884 Johanna HALLISSEY.

William George
married: 1884 Lilian MORRIS.

married: 1885 Elizabeth FINDLAY.

married: 1885 Isabella Frances NICHOLLS.

married: 1886 Harriet MILLER.

William Hutchinson
married: 1886 Annie Teresa CHITTENDEN.

married: 1888 Rachel BUSSELL.

married: 1888 Harriet MURRAY.

John Mark
married: 1889 Mary Elizabeth LACE.

married: 1889 Mary Jane CLOUGH.

William Thomas
married: 1889 Amelia WICKS.

married: 1890 Elizabeth HIGGINS.

John William
married: 1890 Sophy FRASER.

Joseph Neilson
married: 1890 Augusta MITCHELL.

William James
married: 1890 Margaret ADDISON.

William Thomas
married: 1890 Annie Amelia Kirby VARLEY.

married: 1891 Janet Ann COOK.

Charles Edward
married: 1891 Agnes Maud SAYER.

married: 1891 Ada Margaret HURRELL.

married: 1892 Mary MOORE.

married: 1892 Florence Hisbell KENNEL.

married: 1892 Johanna MASSON.

married: 1892 Harriet Ada SHARP.

William Dyson
married: 1892 Sarah Gertrude STEPHENSON.

George Henry
married: 1893 Edith ROBINSON.

William Campbell
married: 1893 Sarah ann WHITE.

married: 1894 Sarah MCQUEEN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROBSON lines.

JN 60133

ROBSON marriages (females) 1880-1892 Victoria Australia

ROBSON marriages (females) 1880-1892 Victoria Australia.

ROBSON (females)

married: 1880 Robert FARRELL.

married: 1880 Thomas NAYLER.

Mary Ann
married: 1880 Henry MCCASHNEY.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1880 Henry CLARK.

married: 1881 William BARRATT.

Alice Maud
married: 1881 George THOMAS.

married: 1881 Frederick BARTLETT.

married: 1881 August John Charles WHITE.

married: 1882 William Joseph REES.

married: 1883 George Franklin MCDONALD.

married: 1883 John BOYD.

Emma Isabella Amelia
married: 1884 John MAYNARD.

married: 1884 John Robert HIGGS.

married: 1885 Maximilion Eugene WALL.

married: 1886 John HEWITT.

Hannah Thomasine
married: 1886 Hjalmar Napolion WOLLIN.

married: 1886 Hugh GRIFFITH.

Ameth Clara
married: 1887 Alfred HUTTON.

married: 1887 John Charles SMYTH.

Jane Hudson
married: 1887 John George BENNETT.

married: 1887 Thomas William FLEMING.

married: 1887 William Henry SMITH.

Jessie Jane
married: 1888 Walter BROWN.

Martha Ann
married: 1888 Charles Albert DEAN.

Marion Wilhelmina
married: 1888 John Denison BARROW.

married: 1890 Thomas Walter BROOKS.

Beatrice Maud
married: 1890 James CONRY.

married: 1890 Ernest Alexander POTTS.

Elizabeth Sarah
married: 1890 Daniel Martin PORTER.

Emma Maria
married: 1890 Henry RIEDLE.

Georgina Margaret
married: 1890 George BRENNAN.

married: 1890 Andrew BREWSTER.

married: 1891 Henry FREEMAN.

married: 1891 Edmond RYAN.

Margaret Alice
married: 1891 Thomas Richard DALY.

Margaret Sarah
married: 1891 Henry GRIFFITH.

Mary Jane
married: 1891 John HYNT.

Annie Ellen
married: 1892 Francis George CUMMING.

Jane Elizabeth
married: 1892 Phil HECKSCHER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROBSON lines.

JN 60131

BURGOYNE marriages (males) 1921-1941 Victoria Australia

BURGOYNE marriages (males) 1921-1941 Victoria Australia.

BURGOYNE (males)

James Carbery
married: 1921 Violet Maude WALKER.

Harry Curtis
married: 1922 Annie Vera COUSINS.

Cyril Roy
married: 1925 Freida May BERG.

Alfred Douglas
married: 1928 Marcella Feare MARSTON.

Lionel William
married: 1930 Eileen WHELAN.

married: 1931 Alma Mary TROTTER.

Charles William
married: 1936 Florence Robertson JOHNSTON.

Lionel Edward
married: 1937 Kathleen WATKINS.

Cyril James
married: 1937 Clarisse Irene LYNCH.

married: 1938 Annie Elizabeth CARROLL.

Joseph Henry
married: 1938 Marjorie Jean BARBER.

Francis Neville
married: 1938 Eileen Josephine CRESP.

Stanley Marsh
married: 1939 Nettie May ELDERFIELD.

Frederick Herbert
married: 1940 Doreen Annie MINNS.

married: 1940 Annie Agnes BOYD.

James Frederick
married: 1941 Verdun Frances Elizabeth HUMPHRIES.

William Francis
married: 1941 Mary Olive GAY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BURGOYNE lines.

JN 60123

OSHANASSY marriages 1901-1941 Victoria Australia

OSHANASSY marriages 1901-1941 Victoria Australia.


married: 1902 Amelia HICKS.

married: 1910 maria HEADLAND.

Albert Joseph
married: 1920 Jessie MCFADYEN.

Thomas Edward
married: 1924 Annie Margaret WILSON.

Patrick Kos
married: 1936 Sheila May CARLON.

Martin Joseph
married: 1936 Florence Mary DUNCAN.

Clifford William Vincent
married: 1936 Valerie Elsa WAGENKNECHT.

George Elser
married: 1936 Margaret Catherine KEITH.

married: 1939 Edna May HARRISON.

Francis Joseph
married: 1939 Phyllis May CRAVEN.

Thomas Patrick
married: 1939 Sheila Theresa OCONNOR.

Bernard Robert
married: 1939 Eileen EVANS.

Thomas Joseph
married: 1939 Kathleen Josephine MCCARTY.

Stanley Edward
married: 1940 Vera Elizabeth HACKING.

Bernard Alphonsus
married: 1941 Edith Patricia WILSON.

married: 1941 Esther TURKINGTON.

OSHANASSY (females)

married: 1901 John Alexander WILSON.

married: 1901 William Patrick MCCARTY.

Mabel Hilda
married: 1901 Alexander James HUDDLESTON.

married: 1912 David BARRY.

married: 1916 Howard PETERSON.

married: 1922 Ernest CARTER.

Clarice Patricia
married: 1924 John Joseph CAHILL.

married: 1929 Leo MCLAUGHLIN.

Myra Norene
married: 1939 William Michael MCCRAE.

Carmen Mary
married: 1940 Edward Noel EGAN.

Also see OSHANNASY marriages.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the OSHANASSY lines.

JN 60120