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TYRRELL marriages (females) 1850-1886 Victoria Australia

TYRRELL marriages (females) 1850-1886 Victoria Australia.

TYRRELL (females)

married: 1850 Patrick HICKEY.

married: 1854 Frederick TAYLOR.

married: 1855 Thomas CARRICK.

married: 1857 James MARKS.

married: 1858 George HEMPENSTALL.

married: 1858 Robert TELFORD.

married: 1858 Frederick TEMPANY.

married: 1858 Patrick BERIGAN.

married: 1860 Robert PETER.

married: 1863 Charles KLEIN.

Emma Ellen
married: 1864 George KITTLEY.

Sarah Jane
married: 1865 James ROBERTS.

Alathea Scholastica
married: 1866 Charles JENNINGS.

married: 1867 Owen MUTTAGH.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1870 James THOMAS.

married: 1870 William Thompson MUIR.

married: 1871 Charles TIMMS.

Ellen Maria
married: 1872 Richard Andrew DICKINSON.

married: 1872 James WHITTY.

married: 1873 Peter CUSACK.

married: 1876 Richard Henry WIGLEY.

Cecilia Julia
married: 1876 John Bunn DENNY.

Isabella Coutts
married: 1877 Arthur LITTLEPAGE.

married: 1878 Edward SIMMONDS.

Mary Ann
married: 1879 James BOWDREN.

married: 1879 Timothy NIALL.

Jane Annie
married: 1880 Robert A VEITCH.

married: 1881 John STAFFORD.

Mary Ann
married: 1881 James DARCY.

married: 1882 William Cole ROBERTS.

married: 1882 Frank THOMPSON.

Charlotte Christy
married: 1884 Mark HALSALL.

Alice Mary
married: 1885 Charles Herbert DAWSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1886 Willey KILBY.

Emily Helena
married: 1886 Lawrence MCGRATH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TYRRELL lines.

JN 63046

KIMPTON marriages 1855-1890 Victoria Australia

KIMPTON marriages 1855-1890 Victoria Australia.

KIMPTON (males)

William Stephen
married: 1855 Margaret MASON.

married: 1856 Jane COMBS.

married: 1856 Christina GOVAN.

married: 1857 Ann Maria WEBB.

William Stephen
married: 1859 Isabella MASON.

married: 1859 Jane EDWARDS.

Thomas Robinson
married: 1862 Ann Eleanor ANDERSON.

married: 1874 Mary Jane HARRY.

married: 1878 Charlotte Parker CHAMPMAN.

Thomas John
married: 1880 Susan KEIR.

married: 1880 Frances Amelia ANDREWS.

James Abraham
married: 1880 Cecilia REYNOLDS.

Edward Fuller
married: 1881 Ellen HOLLAWAY.

Edward John
married: 1883 Mary Ann MCPHERSON.

Charles Augustus
married: 1884 Ellen Mary TULLOCH.

married: 1885 Margaret ANDERSON.

Charles Augustus
married: 1888 Fanny Louisa HUQUENIN.

married: 1888 Emily Martha HAROLD.

William Fuller
married: 1888 Rose Hannah Carol COX.

Edward John
married: 1889 Christina Margaret CAMPBELL.

married: 1889 Annie CRICHTON.

Frederick Charles
married: 1890 Margaret MCLENNAN.

Richard James
married: 1890 Sarah DAVIES.

married: 1890 Florence Hannah Georgina MILNE.

William Thomas
married: 1890 Mary Grace WALLIS.

KIMPTON (females)

married: 1859 Alfred JENKIN.

married: 1863 Joseph WATSON.

Mary Eleanor
married: 1878 Henry Thomas TYRRELL.

Annie Maria
married: 1878 Alfred Henry SAWYER.

Emily Jane
married: 1878 George Henry VARCOE.

Julia Hannah
married: 1880 Arthur James MAWDSLEY.

Emily Sophia
married: 1882 Walter Courier LAWRY.

married: 1887 Alan SELMAN.

married: 1890 William Bailey HARVEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KIMPTON lines.

JN 63036

GINN marriages 1855-1941 Victoria Australia

GINN marriages 1855-1941 Victoria Australia.

GINN (males)

Thomas Lewis Wood
married: 1855 Emily Clemmens (Clemens) CRUMP.

married: 1865 Mary Ann WELLS.

married: 1880 Margaret FARRELL.

Charles Stewart
married: 1881 Elizabeth COOKE.

Alfred Thomas
married: 1883 Louisa Ellen WILLIAMS.

William Edward Hurst
married: 1904 Alice May STEPHENSON.

Victor Lewis James
married: 1909 Linda GLEESON.

Herbert Stanley
married: 1911 Isabella Annie HALLIHAN.

Charles Henry James
married: 1912 Evelyn Ruth STEPHENSON.

Laurence Percival
married: 1915 Daisy MIDGLEY.

Albert George
married: 1918 Ivy Gladys WOOD.

Sydney Charles Joseph
married: 1918 Violet Hilda SAXTON.

Norman Lewis
married: 1920 Mabel EDWARDS.

Stewart Leslie James
married: 1923 Florence TUNKS.

Leonard George
married: 1924 Inez Alma JORDAN.

John William
married: 1927 Victoria MCKAY.

William Edward Hurst
married: 1934 Adelaide Victoria STEPHENSON.

Edward William Harold
married: 1934 Olvie Elva JOHNSON.

Charles Edward
married: 1937 Margaret Elizabeth May MORGAN.

Victor Alfred Lewis
married: 1939 Elsie Jean NISBET.

GINN (females)

Mary Ann
married: 1865 Thomas WELLS.

Emily Clemmans (Clemens)
married: 1865 Thomas OCONNOR.

Sarah Ellen
married: 1893 Victor Ernest ROWLES.

Katrena (Katrina)
married: 1901 Thomas Hooking ELMS.

Amy Martha
married: 1902 John Charles WARD.

Victoria May Lillian
married: 1906 William Richard WILSON.

Alice Maud Elizabeth Emily
married: 1917 Robert Harlock KIMPTON.

Rose Mary
married: 1925 Albert KELSALL.

Alice Lilian Florence
married: 1927 Alfred Edward BERKELEY.

married: 1928 Edward WILSON.

Vera Emily Ellen
married: 1929 Roy Alexander JOHNSON.

Ellen Martha
married: 1929 Henry HOWE.

Ethel Alice
married: 1932 Adrian Alick (Alec) TROUNSON.

Elizabeth May
married: 1933 Henry JOHNSTONE.

Adela Vera Louisa Coulson
married: 1934 Joseph Richard BOOTH.

Carmen Isabel Maud
married: 1935 Douglas Frederick Bruce WILSON.

Dorothy Winifred
married: 1938 Raymond Charles NICHOLLS.

Mary Victoria
married: 1938 Foress Leslie BROWN.

Florence Eileen
married: 1940 Horace Geoffrey HAMMERTON.

Beryl Ruth
married: 1941 Harold Percival BROWN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GINN lines.

JN 63028

SAXTON marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

SAXTON marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.

SAXTON (males)

married: 1856 Sarah Ann Taylor VALE.

married: 1862 Jane NAPLES.

married: 1865 Agnes GRAY.

William Vale
married: 1886 Elizabeth PARKER.

John Thomas
married: 1894 Adeline Maud SMITH.

Alfred Thomas
married: 1895 Marion Gladwish WILLIAMS.

married: 1899 Alexander WEBSTER.

Edwin Arthur
married: 1902 Edith Annie Clark HICKIE.

Henry Nevitt
married: 1902 Alice Eliza FORSTER.

John George
married: 1905 Mary WALKER.

married: 1906 Euphemia Marcella SUTCLIFFE.

married: 1906 Annie DODDS.

Wallace Gordon
married: 1917 Rose Amelia SUE.

Richard Olive
married: 1922 Edith May Florence USHER.

Samuel Edward
married: 1928 Muriel MONSON.

John Godfrey
married: 1935 Marion HAUXWELL.

Alfred Bentley
married: 1936 Dory CHEQUER.

Samjel Eric
married: 1937 Isabella Campbell BLAKE.

Wilbur Grenville
married: 1938 Janie Christina KING.

Gordon Alan
married: 1939 Norma Olive OBREE.

SAXTON (females)

married: 1889 Richard RYLAND.

married: 1892 Horace Albert MOGER.

married: 1895 John PATERSON.

married: 1913 Charles Robert SWEET.

married: 1917 John Weir MURDOCH.

Violet Hilda
married: 1918 Sydney Charles Joseph GINN.

Nancy Adeline
married: 1927 Alan Edmund BURKE.

Agnes Gray
married: 1931 Ernest Whitford Croft PATRICK.

Phyllis Janet
married: 1933 Albert Edward CROZIER.

Maud Beatrice
married: 1939 Ian Conrad HEINZ.

Jessie Elizabeth
married: 1940 Francis Leslie HEYWOOD.

Georgina Annie
married: 1942 Leslie Lewis EVANS.

EAMES marriages 1901-1916 Victoria Australia

EAMES marriages 1901-1916 Victoria Australia.

EAMES (males)

Charles Frederick
married: 1901 Violet Elizabeth Blight DOWN.

Ernest Charles
married: 1901 Wilhelmina Augustine ROSEN.

Richard Joseph
married: 1901 Marianne Ester PERRIN.

Ernest Joseph Francis
married: 1902 Agnes Ada Ellen LAINSON.

Edward Thomas Philip
married: 1903 Alexandra May Ethelwyn CAMPBELL.

Robert Clyde
married: 1904 Clara FARMER.

Thomas Edward
married: 1905 Mary Jane CURTIS.

Albert Edwin
married: 1906 Minnie ASHLEY.

Alfred William
married: 1908 Elizabeth Catherine HARBOUR.

William Joseph
married: 1908 Elizabeth Staple RUMBLE.

married: 1910 Violet ARKENSTALL.

John William
married: 1912 Julia Frances MORGAN.

Percy Trabinger
married: 1912 Margaret Josephine COUSENS.

George Joseph
married: 1913 Elizabeth Mary SCOLES.

John Alexander
married: 1914 Edith Mary GEDDES.

Arthur Edmund
married: 1916 Florence Lillian WEBSTER.

EAMES (females)

Florence Maud
married: 1903 William Saxby CHURCH.

married: 1904 George James MCEWAN.

married: 1906 Samuel James LOWN.

Martha Mary
married: 1907 Patrick DALY.

married: 1907 Michael KETTY.

Alice Clara
married: 1911 James Albert WONG.

Mary Martha
married: 1911 William Henry WOODYARD.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1914 John Joseph SHELTON.

Catherine Amelia
married: 1914 Ewan MCNAUGHTON.

Blanche Muriel Lees
married: 1916 Guy Rollo ADCOCK.

married: 1916 Richard WALKER.

Martha Gertrude
married: 1916 Arthur Bolton BARBOUR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the EAMES lines.

JN 62992

SPROTT marriages 1859-1940 Victoria Australia

SPROTT marriages 1859-1940 Victoria Australia.

SPROTT (males)

married: 1867 Marion EDWARDS.

John Cecil
married: 1902 Emily SMALL.

married: 1904 Frances Emily Louisa FILER.

William Albert Edward
married: 1926 Clarice MOLLARD.

Norman Gordon Edward
married: 1932 Jean RENFREE.

Gordon Harrington
married: 1937 Ruby Isabel FRONCISCO.

David Alexander
married: 1940 Hazel Emma SMITH.

SPROTT (females)

married: 1859 Thomas RUTLEDGE.

married: 1868 Thomas DIXON.

married: 1909 Charles Elliott Ormsby VANDELEUR.

Henrietta Mary
married: 1915 William Newton FISHER.

Ruby Henrietta
married: 1918 Victor George COOK.

Florence Mignonetta
married: 1921 James TARNOWSKI.

married: 1936 George Edward WARNER.

Daisy Frances Marion
married: 1940 Vernon Frederick CRABB.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPROTT lines.

JN 62976

SCARLETT marriages 1849-1890 Victoria Australia

SCARLETT marriages 1849-1890 Victoria Australia.

SCARLETT (males)

married: 1849 Mary MURPHY.

married: 1853 Lily Anne BARBOUR.

married: 1854 Lucy SCOTT.

Thomas Clifford
married: 1865 Alice MACMIN.

Thomas Charles
married: 1866 Anna Maria HILL.

married: 1866 Ellen KEATING.

married: 1869 Eliza Elvina F W COLLINGS.

married: 1870 Katherine PITTMAN.

married: 1875 Sarah Ethel CAVE.

married: 1878 Elizabeth Ellen BERRYMAN.

Thomas Clifford
married: 1878 Mary Ann PRICE.

married: 1888 Ellen DICKSON.

married: 1889 Emily Anne OLARENSHAW.

William Austin
married: 1890 Harriet Jane HYDE.

SCARLETT (females)

married: 1853 Samuel THOMPSON.

married: 1861 Charles Edward JORDAN.

married: 1862 Walter PHILPOT.

married: 1863 James MILROY.

Elizabeth Amelia
married: 1868 Edwin CROSS.

married: 1869 Frederick William HAGEMANN.

Mary Ann
married: 1870 John Charles DODDS.

Mary Ann married: 1872 John Bartham BOWKER.

married: 1875 Samuel McDonald MADDOCKS.

married: 1875 Frederick DAWE.

Mary Ann
married: 1876 James GRANT.

Mary Jane
married: 1880 John MONTIFORD.

married: 1883 Frederick George GROOM.

Amelia Carol
married: 1884 James DUNCAN.

married: 1885 Alfred Raven DENNIS.

married: 1887 Benjamin Walter BENN.

Emily Amelia
married: 1888 Peter Joseph MURPHY.

married: 1889 Alexander REID.

married: 1889 William ENGLAND.

married: 1890 Peter HORRIDGE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SCARLETT lines.

JN 62969

CRABB marriages 1896-1942 Victoria Australia

CRABB marriages 1896-1942 Victoria Australia.

CRABB (males)

married: 1900 Mary Magdalene MILLER.

Frederick Manuel
married: 1900 Emma LEWIS.

Joseph Henry
married: 1900 Harriet Elizabeth MORGAN.

William John
married: 1909 Edith Grace GREAVES.

Cecil William
married: 1919 Ellen Elizabeth Rosehanna DAVIS.

Thomas Jenkins
married: 1919 Carlotta HAWKES.

Frederick John
married: 1922 Emma Meek DAVIES.

John William
married: 1922 Mary Ellen DOYLE.

Harry Benjamin
married: 1924 Helen JOHNSTON.

Percival Ferdinand
married: 1925 Jean MILLER.

Richard Martin
married: 1927 Tottie Ada ATLETT.

Les Whitefield
married: 1927 Phyllis Louisa PAYNE.

Frederick Lewis
married: 1928 Irene May FOOTIT.

David Robert
married: 1931 Marjory Violet PARKES.

Frank James
married: 1932 Alma Christina DANAHER.

Vernon Frederick
married: 1940 Daisy Frances Marion SPROTT.

Norman Geoffrey
married: 1942 Loris Geraldine SMITH.

CRABB (females)

Elsie Mary
married: 1896 John Gwiney LEE.

Amy Selina
married: 1900 Percy Herbert BOYSE.

Marina Jane
married: 1902 Percie Norman FLYGER.

Ada Lily
married: 1906 Harold Janeway PHILP.

married: 1907 George Edward GOULDING.

Nellie Frances
married: 1908 Frank Howard WATKIN.

Blanche Elizabeth
married: 1909 Peter Adolf BEYER.

Mabel Victoria
married: 1913 Frederick John SCARLETT.

Rebecca Maud
married: 1913 Walter PRATT.

Mary Margaret
married: 1916 Percy Arthur DAY.

Effie May
married: 1919 John Leslie DORRITY.

Ethel Ellen
married: 1921 William Arthur Vendy GUNN.

married: 1921 James Andrew Stanley INNES.

Edith Masie
married: 1926 Francis IRVING.

married: 1926 Frederick William WIGHTMAN.

Hilda Grace
married: 1927 Les Norman HILL.

Eunice Muriel
married: 1929 Charles Wallace STEPHENS.

Florence Ethel
married: 1935 Charles Walls Clifford Wesley JONES.

Phyllis Gertrude
married: 1937 Max OBERN.

Carol Gwenda
married: 1937 William Richard FROOMS.

Alice Mary
married: 1939 Eustace Vernon WADE.

Beatrice May
married: 1940 Bernard James GROOM.

Helen Joyce
married: 1941 Edgar Thomas MANN.

Muriel Edith
married: 1942 Leonard Charles NICOLL.

Doris Adeline
married: 1942 Hugh Kerr LUDON.

Mabel Halls
married: 1942 Gordon Easterbrook LYONS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CRABB lines.

JN 62960

BLENCOWE marriages 1911-1941 Victoria Australia

BLENCOWE marriages 1911-1941 Victoria Australia.

BLENCOWE (males)

Francis Thomas
married: 1913 Mary Ellen LYONS.

Louis Victor
married: 1914 Grace Margretta May COPAS.

married: 1915 Ann HARGREAVES.

Oscar Oliver
married: 1915 Jessica Winifred PERRIN.

Percival Stewart
married: 1915 Liln Mary Agnes TAYLOR.

Albert John
married: 1920 Flossie TIPPET.

Sydney Stanley
married: 1921 Eileen Mary MCNEIL.

Alfred George
married: 1931 Grace Lillian EVANS.

Lindsay Gordon
married: 1933 Rita Ellen OTTREY.

Ernest George
married: 1938 Ellen Liln ROBINSON.

William Patrick
married: 1939 Liln Josephine MCGONIGAL.

Keith Cusworth
married: 1940 Stella Irene DRISCOLL.

married: 1941 Shirley HUME.

BLENCOWE (females)

Gertrude May
married: 1911 Algernon James TAYLOR.

Jean Hope
married: 1911 William Hargrave MORIARTY.

Ada May
married: 1912 Thomas Herbert SEYMOUR.

Amy Ethelwynne
married: 1915 Sydney Bertram FERGUSON.

married: 1916 George Henry WEEKS.

Grace Marguerite
married: 1918 Benjamin Francis PELLETT.

Coral Mabel
married: 1919 Alfred William DAWSON.

married: 1919 William OCONNELL.

married: 1919 Charles MCFARLANE.

Rhoda Annie
married: 1919 Albert William SCOWN.

married: 1924 Thomas Linden HARPER.

married: 1927 Herbert Victor BATTY.

Myra Doreen
married: 1927 Francis Seymour OMALLEY.

Clarice Christina
married: 1932 Eric Charles WESTMORE.

Doris May
married: 1935 William Clifford MCLAGGAN.

married: 1938 William GREENWELL.

married: 1939 William George STAFFORD.

Coral Mabel
married: 1940 Charles Frederick LOCKWOOD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BLENCOWE lines.

JN 62948

CROSBIE marriages 1921-1930 Victoria Australia

CROSBIE marriages 1921-1930 Victoria Australia.

CROSBIE (males)

John Thomas
married: 1921 Catherine CALLAHAN.

Clive Joseph
married: 1921 Gertrude Mary BEHAN.

William Matthew Tupper
married: 1921 Florence Emily Jane HADDON.

Harold Norman Frederick
married: 1922 Mary Helen MATTHEWS.

Matthew Robert
married: 1922 Minnie Beatrice BASS.

William Matthew
married: 1922 Annie Hutchinson MOODIE.

Thomas Francis
married: 1922 Isobel Ida MORGAN.

David Young
married: 1923 Liln Maud MILIANI.

Frederick George
married: 1923 Marion Ethel Elizabeth WHITE.

George Mcissac
married: 1925 Gladys Stella SEDGMAN.

Martin James
married: 1926 Mary Catherine TEHAN.

Alfred John
married: 1926 Lillian BATSON.

William Daniel
married: 1927 Ruth Vera Victoria CARPENTER.

Finlay John
married: 1927 Grace Isabel WILSON.

William Charles
married: 1928 Margaret DAVEY.

Wallace Irvine
married: 1928 Edna Lillian BOULTON.

Frank Robert
married: 1929 Marjorie TRANTER.

Norman Walter
married: 1929 Winifred Josephine TURNBULL.

Walter Birmingham
married: 1929 Muriel Foord BRETT.

Albert George
married: 1930 Lindsay Mary BOOLEY.

Walter Eric
married: 1930 Elsie Susan PORTER.

CROSBIE (females)

married: 1921 Albert HARRIS.

Laura Emily
married: 1921 William Charles WARDEN.

Annie Josephine
married: 1921 Robert Gazely POLLARD.

married: 1921 James POLLACK.

Agnes Jean
married: 1921 William George STONEHOUSE.

married: 1922 Ernest FOORD.

Hilda Irene
married: 1922 Robert Walter STUBLEY.

Liln Marston
married: 1923 Hector Audrey GEORGE.

Margery Katherine
married: 1924 Arthur Ernest HEATH.

Elizabeth Amy
married: 1924 Claude Robert BRYANT.

Lola Quinton
married: 1926 Herbert Julius MAILER.

Mary McPherson
married: 1927 Walter George WILLIAMS.

Ethel Wilhelmina
married: 1927 Nicholas John MARONEY.

married: 1927 Albert Joseph BUTTERFIELD.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1927 Percival Albert YOUNG.

Myra Bessie
married: 1929 Bertie BAMFORD.

Alice Janet
married: 1930 George Clifford BAYNE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROSBIE lines.

JN 62940