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JOHNS Edward married Ellen PITT 1893

Information & Research Journal.

Marriage details for Edward and Ellen.

Groom: Edward JOHNS.
Age: 24 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Bennett JOHNS.

Bride: Ellen Emily PITT.
Age: 22 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Ebenezer PITT.

Date married: 28 March 1893.
Place married: Residence of bride's parents, Marden, South Australia.

Three children located South Australian records for Edward and Ellen.


Edward William Bennett JOHNS.
Born: 17 June 1894, Port Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: -
Married: Mabel Frances OTHAMS.
Date: 17 April 1920.
Place: St Mark Church, Marylands, South Australia.


Frederick Allen JOHNS.
Born: 27 June 1905, St Peters, South Australia.
Died: -


Alfred Ernest JOHNS.
Born: 26 December 1908, East Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: -


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

PITT Arthur married Annie GOME 1889

Information & Research Journal.

Marriage details for Arthur and Annie.

Groom: Arthur Joseph PITT.
Age: 19 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Charles PITT.

Bride: Annie Alice GOME.
Age: 23 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Harry Bryant GOME.

Date married: 01 January 1889.
Place married: Residence of Rev. E G DAY, Adelaide, South Australia.

Arthur died 07 April 1905 in Payneham, South Australia, aged 35 years.

Annie died 04 November 1916 Parkside, South Australia, aged 50 years.

Five children located South Australian records for Arthur and Annie.


Annie Ada Myrtle PITT.
Born: 04 September 1889, Payneham, South Australia.
Died: 16 July 1890, Payneham, aged 10 months.


Florence Ada Lydia PITT.
Born: 09 June 1891 Payneham, South Australia.
Died: -
Married: William Ernest John WOOLIGE.
Date: 26 September 1914.
Place: Registry Office, Norwood, South Australia.


Lottie Hilda May PITT.
Born: 25 April 1894, Payneham, South Australia.
Died: 18 April, 1916, Payneham, aged 21 years.
Married: Albert PHILLIPS.
Date: 07 August 1915.
Place: Registry OFFice, Norwood, South Australia.


Percival Arthur William PITT.
Born: 29 December 1896, Payneham, South Australia.
Died: -
Married: Elsie BAKER.
Date: 16 March 1918.
Place: Registry Office, Norwood, South Australia.


Gertrude Ruby Lilian PITT.
Born: 31 Octeber 1889, Newton, South Australia.
Died: 15 October 1962, Kensington, South Australia, aged 62 years.
Married: Sydney Joseph MCCULLOCK.
Date: 17 November 1933.
Place: Lutheran Manse, Hectorville, South Australia.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

PORTBURY marriages 1841-1920 Victoria Australia

PORTBURY marriages 1841-1920 Victoria Australia.

PORTBURY (males)

married: 1842 Elizabeth JONES.

married: 1863 Theresa Sarah GLOVER.

William James
married: 1863 Susan RUTHVEN.

Mark Branton
married: 1869 Euphemia MATHERS.

William James
married: 1892 Margaret Elizabeth MABBETT.

married: 1897 Emily MARSHALL.

Walter Tate
married: 1900 Harriet Emma KNIGHT.

Kiram George
married: 1907 Agnes MARQUIS.

Mark Branton
married: 1907 Edith Estelle LAST.

Percy Branton
married: 1907 Ruby Grace PHILLIPS.

Peter Rutheven
married: 1910 Henrietta Maud ADAMS.

Percy Branton
married: 1917 Lillian MONAR.

PORTBURY (females)

married: 1860 Francis HILDERBRAND.

Thursa Louisa
married: 1865 Robert TAIT.

Rebecca Jones
married: 1869 William Edwin JONES.

Margaret Hannah Baird
married: 1887 James HORSBURGH.

Charlotte Helen
married: 1888 George BURNETT.

married: 1893 Arthur Martin WOODRUFF.

Elizabeth Branton
married: 1895 James Peter CRICHTON.

Edith Jean
married: 1902 Hugh Archibald FRASER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PORTBURY lines.

JN 35368

WOODRUFF marriages 1841-1900 Victoria Australia

WOODRUFF marriages 1841-1900 Victoria Australia.

WOODRUFF (males)

married: 1841 Mary Ann CLEMENTS.

married: 1858 Catherine DUFFEY.

married: 1871 Minnie THOMPSON.

William John Mackay
married: 1884 Helen THATCHER.

married: 1886 Annie WITHERS.

Edward John
married: 1890 Blanche DRAKE.

Arthur Martin
married: 1893 Euphemia PORTBURY.

married: 1899 Margaret COONEY.

married: 1900 Mary HEALEY.

WOODRUFF (females)

Emma Sarah
married: 1868 Norman TAYLOR.

married: 1869 Joseph WILLIAMS.

Susannah Eliza
married: 1870 Edward Nichols STAFF.

Sarah Ann
married: 1871 John SHURAEN.

married: 1881 William frederick MIETZCKE.

married: 1883 William BALL.

Mary Ann
married: 1894 John Alfred MARCHMENT.

married: 1899 Harry Sewell JOYCE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WOODRUFF lines.

JN 35358

GOSS marriages (males) 1853-1899 Victoria Australia

GOSS marriages (males) 1853-1899 Victoria Australia.

GOSS (males)

married: 1853 Belinda HOEY.

married: 1854 Anne QUIN.

William Albert
married: 1860 Mary COLE.

married: 1860 Ellen RYAN.

William Henry
married: 1860 Annie BLAKEMORE.

married: 1860 Catherine LILLIS.

married: 1861 Mary TRINNICK.

married: 1864 Mary Ann DILLEY.

married: 1868 Georgina Caroline MASKELL.

married: 1875 Sophia Agnes TRINICK.

Frederick Henry
married: 1876 Jane Harriet COOKE.

married: 1880 Catherine Mary CLEARY.

married: 1882 Annie Josephine BUTLER.

married: 1883 Emily KITTELY.

married: 1884 Louisa NICHOLES.

married: 1885 Sarah Jane NICHOLS.

Joseph Albert
married: 1887 Mary GOSS.

married: 1888 Amanda CORNISH.

William Henry
married: 1888 Emilie MCEWIN.

married: 1888 Emily Ann EDWARDS.

George Albert
married: 1890 Sarah Ann GREENWOOD.

married: 1891 Sarah Jane WILLIAMSON.

John Charles Victor
married: 1892 Matilda Jane JACKSON.

married: 1892 Annie DUNNE.

Alfred Herbert
married: 1894 Mary Louisa FALLU.

James Edward
married: 1898 Sarah BAKER.

married: 1898 Elsie Ada HAWKINS.

married: 1898 Edith MALCOLM.

married: 1899 Sarah CHICK.

married: 1899 Frances Helena LAURIE.

married: 1899 Catherine Elizabeth HEWLETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GOSS lines.

JN 35284

PITT marriages (males) 1851-1885 Victoria Australia

PITT marriages (males) 1851-1885 Victoria Australia.

PITT (males)

married: 1851 Mary Ann RAYMENT.

James William
married: 1852 Katherine Louisa RUSSELL.

married: 1853 Lois STANLEY.

married: 1853 Ellen GREEN.

married: 1858 Caroline Lucy PERCY.

married: 1856 Jemima GREY.

Robert George
married: 1859 Winifred Mary MOLONY.

Edward James
married: 1859 Margaret WOODS.

married: 1860 Emma SMITH.

married: 1861 Isabella MCPHERSON.

Mark Augustine
married: 1863 Kate Mary GIBSON.

Samuel Bulgin
married: 1864 Caroline WILSON.

married: 1870 Jane SIMMONS.

married: 1870 Jane Elizabeth URWIN.

married: 1871 Susan MARTIN.

Robert George
married: 1871 Sarah CARRUTHERS.

Henry James
married: Mary Charlotte WRIGHT.

married: 1873 Caroline HOLDEN.

married: 1874 Eliza CHRISTMAS.

married: 1874 Ellen JONES.

Victor William
married: 1874 Margaret Maria MARTIN.

married: 1875 Mary Ann FROST.

married: 1878 Elizabeth Martha STEVENS.

Albert Andrew
married: 1880 Ellen LOFTUS.

John Graham
married: 1880 Jane ADAMSON.

Thomas Henry
married: 1881 Mary VICTORINE.

Francis Zavier
married: 1883 Margaret BIRMINGHAM.

married: 1884 Katherine Sarah BROWN.

married: 1885 Agnes SALTER.

Joseph Wilson
married: 1885 Flora WILSON.

Ellison James
married: 1885 Amelia HAMILTON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PITT lines.

JN 35283

HAMILTON David married Jessie MCQUISTAN 1855

Information Journal.

Groom: David Glen HAMILTON.
Bride: Jessie MCQUISTAN.

Year married: 1855.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

David died 1901 in Rutherglen, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as David HAMILTON and Isabella GLEN.

Jessie died 1896 in Rutherglen, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.
Parents named as James MCQUISTEN and Jessie MCCADDEN.

Eight children located Victorian records for David and Jessie.


Born: 1856 St Kilda, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.

Married: Hariette WHITLOCK.
Year: 1890.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1858 St Kilda, Victoria.
Died: 1918 Albury, New South Wales.

Married: Hugh Edgar DOWNES.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.


Isabella Glen HAMILTON.
Born: 1859 Beechworth, Victoria.
Died: 1939 Mont Albert, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.

Married 1: John Stevenson MCNEILL.
Year: 1891.
Place: Victoria.

Married 2: unknown HEADDEY.
Year: -
Place: -


Born: 1861 Beechworth, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: James MCKAY.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1863 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: -


William James HAMILTON.
Born: 1867 Wahgunyah, Victoria.
Died: 1908 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Age: 40 years.

Married: Maude Mary CONISBEE.
Year: 1896.
Place: Victoria.


Alice Maud HAMILTON.
Born: 1869 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: 1870 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Age: 22 weeks.


Born: 1870 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Birth recorded as unnamed Female HAMILTON.
Died: 1870 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Death recorded as Jane HAMILTON.
Age: 03 days.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 35282

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DOWNES Hugh married Jessie HAMILTON 1887

Information Journal.

Groom: Hugh Edgar DOWNES.
Birth place: Given as Sandhurst. (Bendigo)

Bride: Jessie HAMILTON.
Birth place: Given as Rutherglen.

Year married: 1887.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Birth note.
Hugh was born 1860 in Bendigo, Victoria.
BIRTH recorded under DOWNS
Parents named as James DOWNS and Janet REVERIDGE
See Post: DOWNES James and Janet BEVERIDGE

Three children located Victorian records for Hugh and Jessie.


Jessie Elsie Hamilton DOWNES.
Born: 1889 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: 1978 Elsternwick, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.

Married: Bertie Lewis ARMSTRONG.
Year: 1920.
Place: Victoria.


Alexander Clyde DOWNES.
Born: 1890 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 42 years.


Edith Lila DOWNES.
Born: 1893 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: 1983 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.

Married: Walter WELLINGTON.
Year: 1921.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 35281


Information Journal.


Marriage details not located at time of posting.

James died 1911 in Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents named as Hugh DOWNES and Margaret MARTIN.

Buried: Bendigo Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: MON D2.
Grave number: 9573.
Service date: 27 April 1911.

Janet died 1885 in Hotham West, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.
Parents named as James BEVERIDGE and Jane MACKIE.

Buried: Bendigo Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: MON D2.
Grave number: 9573.
Service date: 11 August 1885.

Six children located South Australia and Victorian records for James and Janet.
Please note.
Births of children were recorded under DOWNS.
Please keep this in mind when searching for the births below.


Jane McKay DOWNES.
Born: 1855 Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: 1913 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.

Buried: Bendigo Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: MON D2.
Grave number: 9573.
Service date: 02 November 1913.

Burial Note.
Recorded as Jean McKay DOWNES in the cemetery records.


Sarah Ann DOWNES.
Born: 1857 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1946 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.


Hugh Edgar DOWNES.
Born: 1860 Bendigo, Victoria.
Mother indexed as Janet RAVERIDGE.
Died: -

Married: Jessie HAMILTON.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.

See Post: DOWNES Hugh married Jessie HAMILTON 1887


Born: 1861 Bendigo, Victoria.
Died: 1944 Edenhope, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.


Robert DOWNES.
Born: 1864 Bendigo, Victoria.
Died: 1912 Bendigo, Victoria.
Death recorded as Robert Orr DOWNES.
Age: 48 years.

Buried: Bendigo Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: MON C2.
Grave number: 21464.
Service date: 13 March 1912.


Alexander Rae DOWNES.
Born: 1867 White Hills, Victoria.
Died: 1943 Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.

Married: Muriel Rosalind JORDAN.
Year: 1920.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Bendigo Cemetery Trust, Victoria.

JN 35280

SAVORY marriages 1852-1941 Victoria Australia

SAVORY marriages 1852-1941 Victoria Australia.

SAVORY (males)

Married: 1852 Martha ALDERTON.
Three Issues located.
1. Frances Charlotte, born 1855, Glenrlg, Victoria.
2. James Alexander, born 1857, Glenelg, Victoria.
3. Coulsy, born 1859, Geelong, Victoria.

Married: 1854 Sophia Elizabeth YOUNG.
Five Issues located.
1. Harry, born 1857, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. George Norman, born 1858, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. John, born 1860, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Alfred, born 1863, Brighton, Victoria.
5. Frederick, born 1865, Sandringham, Victoria.

William Alfred
Married: 1879 Sarah Ann WATKINS.
No Issues located.

Married: 1883 Elizabeth BRYAN.
No Issues located.

Married: 1884 Sarah Maria GRASS.
Three Issues located.
1. Ernest Henry, born 1885, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Ruth May, born 1888, Ballarat East, Victoria.
3. Victor Leslie, born 1893, Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: 1886 Jessie ALEXANDER.
Six Issues located.
1. Sophia May, born 1886, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. William Bryson, born 1888, South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Margaret Anne, born 1889, South Yarra, Victoria.
4. Frederick Alexander, born 1892, Ballarat East, Victoria.
5. Agnes Davida, born 1897, Ballarat East, Victoria.
6. James Alfred George, born 1901, Ballarat East, Victoria.

James Alexander
Married: 1888 Elizabeth HART.
No Issues located.

Samuel Richard
Married: Ida Laura WITT 1891. (Registered 1896)
One Issue located.
1. Mabel Florence Lilian, born 1896, St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: Ellen ALEXANDER 1902.
No Issues located.

Harry John
Married: Elsie Victoria Constance CLARK 1910.
Five Issues located.
1. Frederick Alexander, born 1910, Northcote, Victoria.
2. Vera Anne, born 1914, Northcote, Victoria.
3. Esmay Leslie, born 1915, Northcote, Victoria.
4. Ruby Gladys, born 1917, Oakleigh, Victoria.
5. Henrietta Mavis, born 1919, Oakleigh, Victoria.

Married: Harriet LONG 1912.
No Issues located.

Frederick Royal
Married: Annie Ethel JOHNSON 1912.
Three Issues located.
1. John Alan, 1913, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Frederick Byron, born 1915, Yarra Junction, Victoria.
3. Mary Ellen, born 1916, Yarra Junction, Victoria.

Leslie Witt
Married: Edith NIXON 1913.
[n]Three Issues located.
1. Edna Edith, born 1914, Box Hill, Victoria.
2. Dulcie Mavis, born 1917, Box Hill, Victoria.
3. Cedric Leslie, born 1920, Box Hill, Victoria.

Frederick Alexander
Married: Vera Adeline LIEBERT 1922.

William Samuel Wilfred
Married: Edith May ROOKS 1922.

Married: Anna Maria WILSON 1932.

John Allan
Married: Alberta Joyce IRWIN 1936.

SAVORY (females)

Married: 1854 John BIGNELL.
No Issues located.

Married: 1862 Alfred Frederick ELLIS.
One Issue located.
1. Emily Amelia, born 1868, Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: 1864 Henry GAMBLE.
Two Issues located.
1. Henry Samuel, born 1864, Chewton, Victoria.
2. Mary Augusta, born 1867, Chewton, Victoria.

Mary Ann Alderton
married: 1870 Alfred Grove COWARD.
Four Issues located.
1. Alfred Peter, born 1871, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. James, born 1874, Durham Lead, Victoria.
3. Charles, born 1876, Sago Hill, Victoria.
4. James Gray, born 1879 Buninyong, Victoria.

Frances Charlotte
Married: 1875 Henry ELTON.
One Issue located.
1. James Alexander, born 1888, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Married: 1886 Joshua PEACOCK.
No Issues located.

Married: 1886 William CONSIDINE.
No Issues located.

Gertrude Mary
Married: John Lee HARPER 1908.
Three Issues located.
1. Maisie Violet, born 1908, Armadale, Victoria.
2. Doris Helen, born 1909, Armadale, Victoria.
3. Phyllis Gertrude, born 1915, Armadale, Victoria.

Agnes Davida
Married: Percy Charles LEE 1924.

Winifred Lilian
Married: Walter James TAYLOR 1926.

Ruby Gladys
Married: James Thomas HOWARD 1936.

Esmay Leslie
Married: John Robert MASON 1937.

Vera Ann
Married: Leonard Edwin MEREDITH 1938.

Edna Edith
Married: Ross Knoff FISHER 1939.

Lorna Joan
Married: Colin Robert FRY 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SAVORY lines.

JN 35224