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OLLEY John married Emmeline EVANS 1875

Information Journal.

Groom: John OLLEY.
Age: 22 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Samuel OLLEY.

Bride: Emmeline Malvina EVANS.
Age: 23 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Henry EVANS.

Date married: 14 October 1875.
Place: Residence of Mr. EVANS, Adelaide, South Australia.

John died 1937 in Warrnambool, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.
Parents named as Samuel OLLEY and Eliza MILLARD.

Birth note.
John was born 20 June 1852 in Gawler Plains, South Australia.
Birth recorded as Samuel John OLLEY.
Parents named as Samuel OLLEY and Eliza MILLARD.

Emmeline died 1939 in Warrnambool, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.
Parents named as Henry EVANS and Alice LEGGETT.

Eleven children located South Australian records for John and Emmeline.


Albert Harry John OLLEY.
Born: 14 April 1877, Tothills Belt, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: 1 Lydia JOHNSON.
Year: 1907.
Place: Victoria.

Married 2: Lydia Johnson OLLEY.
Year: 1915.
Place: Victoria.

Albert and Lydia appear to have married twice.
Possibly divorced and remarried.


Myrtle Clara OLLEY.
Born: 26 December 1878, Tothills Belt, South Australia.
Died: -


Arthur Evans OLLEY.
Born: 16 August 1880, Riverton, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Elizabeth MCKAY.
Date: 17 June 1907.
Place: Baptist Church, Adelaide, South Australia.


Esther May OLLEY.
Born: 28 February 1883, near Riverton, South Australia.
Died: 1944 Malvern, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.

Married: William Rudolph IVEY.
Date: 02 January 1907.
Place: St Mary Magdalene Church, Adelaide, South Australia.


Edwin Walter OLLEY.
Born: 26 January 1885, near Riverton, South Australia.
Died: 1959 Auburn district, New South Wales.


Daisy Emmeline OLLEY.
Born: 13 July 1886, near Riverton, South Australia.
Died: 1975 Malvern, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.

Married: William Laureston HART.
Year: 1913.
Place: Victoria.


Laura Ruth OLLEY.
Born: 13 September 1888, near Riverton, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Elver Thomas BLACKWELL.
Date: 05 April 1911.
Place: Residence of Rev. T J GORE, New Parkside, South Australia.


Hartley Bernard OLLEY.
Born: 07 August 1890, Riverton, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Linda L HORDERN.
Year: 1915.
Place: Canterbury district, New South Wales.


Jessamine Gertrude OLLEY.
Born: 04 January 1893, Tothills Belt, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Francis Stanley CANDELIN.
Year: 1931.
Place: Victoria.


Marguerite Beatrix OLLEY.
Born: 29 October 1894, Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: 1970 Ashwood, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Married: unknown LAMB.
Year: -
Place: -


Douglas Millard OLLEY.
Born: 06 October 1896, Tothills Belt, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Lena WYLE.
Year: 1919.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.
Registry of Deaths and Marriages, Victoria.
Registry of Deaths and Marriages, New South Wales.

This family record compiled to assist docsmrs
seeking children of John OLLEY and Emmeline EVANS in South Australia.

JN 62655

UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia

UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia.


Arthur Joseph
married: 1905 Ann Neil DOWDELL.

James Samuel
married: 1905 Annie Florence HOARE.

Philip Thomas
married: 1905 Elizabeth Augusta EDLICH.

married: 1905 Annie Edington BOOTH.

Charlie Berkinshire
married: 1906 Florence Jane Lesmore IRVING.

John William
married: 1906 Florence RAGOMAN.

Percival Gilbert
married: 1906 Matilda Elenor PEARL.

married: 1906 Isabella Janet HAMILTON.

Walter Albert
married: 1907 Amelia Mary MATTHEWS.

Claude Herbert
married: 1908 Dorothy Treherne HEARING.

Richard Henry
married: 1908 Lucia Susan BOYD.

Albert James Bentinck
married: 1909 Maud Jane Elizabeth ATTENBOROUGH.

Francis George
married: 1909 Kate May MILLARD.

John Thomas
married: 1909 Emily Jane SMITH.

William Slocum
married: 1909 Amelia Augusta HANSEN.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1910 Elsie Louise MILLER.

Francis Henry Burland
married: 1911 Jane Jones.

married: 1911 Lydia Trottman SMITH.

Francis Joshua
married: 1912 Mary RAE.

James Thomas
married: 1912 Maria Cottie DICKINSON.

Frank Harold
married: 1914 Kathleen Ellen Grace BRITT.

George David
married: 1914 Annie NASH.

James Augustine
married: 1914 Anetta Pauline SUMNER.

Stanley Sydney Randolph
married: 1914 Alice Maud KICK.

John James
married: 1915 Ethel Maud RICHARDS.

married: 1916 Myra Pearl Margaret MARTIN.

married: 1916 Grace Elizabeth Blanche BONNET.

Oscar George
married: 1916 Ruby Adelaide PRATT.

married: 1917 Elizabeth WATT.

George William Henry
married: 1917 Nellie Ada JONES.

married: 1918 Marjorie Adeline EDGECOMBE.

Leslie James
married: 1918 Florence May PARKHOUSE.

married: 1918 Catherine CLARKE.

married: 1919 Julia ADAMS.

Harry Victor
married: 1919 Thyrza Maude HETHERINGTON.

married: 1919 Gertrude Ellen SULLIVAN.

Alan Victor
married: 1920 May Eileen ONEILL.

Edward Alfred
married: 1920 Hilda Amy MURRAY.

George Lawrence
married: 1920 Hilda Maude HANSEN.

married: 1920 Alice Maude NINHAM.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the UNDERWOOD lines.

JN 62589

UNDERWOOD marriages (females) 1912-1924 Victoria Australia

UNDERWOOD marriages (females) 1912-1924 Victoria Australia.

UNDERWOOD (females)

Cecilia Harriet
married: 1912 Allan Buchanan JOHNSON.

Jessie Ellen
married: 1912 Isaac DAVIS.

Beatrice Alice
married: 1913 Edward John GLASEODINE.

Ethel Sarah
married: 1913 David ARMSTRONG.

Kathleen Beatrice
married: 1913 Horace MCALISTER.

Dorothy Eunice
married: 1914 John Harold BURDEN.

married: 1914 Charles Francis Fitzgerald MOORE.

Mabel Rose
married: 1914 Herbert Stuart FRANKLIN.

Elsie May
married: 1915 Frank George FLENLEY.

Lillian Adelaide
married: 1915 Walter Owen COLES.

Maud Eulalie
married: 1915 Andrew Boyd HATTY.

Nellie Ward
married: 1915 Benjamin Edgar GROVES.

Gladys May Perth
married: 1916 Richard Hemsley GREIG.

Violet Frances
married: 1916 William David ENRIGHT.

Winifred Emma Susan
married: 1916 James CUNNINGHAM.

Lexy Avenel
married: 1918 Charles LEE.

married: 1919 Ralph LEEMING.

married: 1919 John Leslie CHRISTENSEN.

Adelaide Mary
married: 1920 William Reynolds LUDEY.

Brice Annie
married: 1920 Alfred Alexander TAYLOR.

married: 1920 William Ernest FOREMAN.

Gertrude Irene
married: 1920 Thomas Hume HANCOK.

Louisa Rae
married: 1920 Frederick James ONEILL.

married: 1920 Christopher MOORFOOT.

Thyrza Maude
married: 1920 Percy Francis MCLEAN.

Hilda Ada
married: 1921 John Cyril MORGAN.

Catherine Annie
married: 1921 Lennox Charles HAWKRIDGE.

Gladys May
married: 1921 James Hepburn BLACK.

Violet Mary
married: 1921 James Joshua POWELL.

Olive Frances
married: 1922 James William CATMULL.

Marie Elizabeth
married: 1922 Frederick James THOMAS.

Florence Beatrice
married: 1922 William Henry John MERTON.

Kate Marie
married: 1923 Harry GORDON.

Gertrude May
married: 1923 John Thomas EWING.

Lydia Smith
married: 1923 Jeremiah FEHILY.

Louise Sarah
married: 1924 James BINGHAM.

Dulcie Emmeline
married: 1924 James Nelson STEWART.

Ella Victoria
married: 1924 James SHORE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the UNDERWOOD lines.

JN 62578

BEER marriages (males) 1921-1932 Victoria Australia

BEER marriages (males) 1921-1932 Victoria Australia.

BEER (males)

married: 1921 Elsie May FLATTOW.

Arthur William
married: 1921 Gladys Sybil HALL.

Edmund Alwin
married: 1921 Ella Lena MARTIN.

married: 1921 Catherine Maude DONOVAN.

married: 1921 May HARRIS.

Louis William
married: 1921 Florence Isabella JONASSON.

Leonta Horace
married: 1922 Isabella Ivy BROWN.

Harold James Chalker
married: 1922 Irene Grace LANGFORD.

Edric Stanley
married: 1923 Eunice Elsie WOLLEY.

Frederick Allan
married: 1923 Alice Frances CANN.

Albert Edward
married: 1923 Bertha Louisa Sophie HOENSCH.

Harold Reginald
married: 1924 Jessie HOUSE.

Norman James
married: 1924 Matilda Ann KERR.

Frederick Walker
married: 1924 Agnes Christina MUNSON.

Albert Henry
married: 1925 Gladys HOOD.

David Leslie
married: 1925 Ethel Jane HENDRA.

James Davies
married: 1925 Shirley Veronica GOLDSTEIN.

Victor Roy
married: 1925 Margaret Ann SOTHERN.

George Duckworth
married: 1925 Muriel PHILLIPS.

Augustus Ludwig
married: 1926 Gladys May JENKINS.

Joseph Clement
married: 1926 Alice May MUNSON.

John Thomas Tusket
married: 1926 Mary Ann MUSTON.

Frederick Albert
married: 1927 Hazel Marguerite HAM.

Augustus William
married: 1927 Alice Maud TUCKER.

Karl Ludwig
married: 1927 Norah Teresa MCNAMARA.

Frank Garfield
married: 1927 Ruth Helen PLEYDELL.

John William
married: 1928 Blanche Olive GREENWOOD.

Allen Ephraim
married: 1929 Florence Emma BRANCHFLOWER.

Alfred Forbes
married: 1929 Daphne Grace KERR.

William Henry
married: 1931 May GILLINGHAM.

Daniel Adams
married: 1931 Lena May PENNA.

Frank Mason
married: 1931 Lela Basset REYNOLDS.

Alan Norman
married: 1932 Evelyn MCDONALD.

Walter Eustace
married: 1932 Adra Clark EDWARDS.

Rupert Eustace
married: 1932 Finis Roberta GEAR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEER lines.

JN 62563

BEER marriages (females) 1921-1936 Victoria Australia

BEER marriages (females) 1921-1936 Victoria Australia.

BEER (females)

married: 1921 Thomas Henry DILLON.

Ellen Mary Ann
married: 1921 Walter BUXTON.

Elsie Maud
married: 1922 George Lawrence ANDREWS.

Emily Rose
married: 1922 John Frederick REEVES.

Clara May
married: 1922 Sydney Russell BAKER.

Dora Adeline
married: 1923 Edward GORMON.

Ivy Alice
married: 1924 William Gordon GARDEN.

Doris Mary
married: 1924 Spencer Leslie KEATH.

married: 1925 Robert SUNDBLOM.

Hazel Victoria
married: 1925 Allan Ralph HAY.

Ruby Edith Myrtle
married: 1926 George Irwin SMITH.

Ivy Mabel
married: 1926 Frank STOKES.

Alice May
married: 1926 Edward David WILLIAMS.

Dorothy Letitia
married: 1926 William Henry Thomas POLLARD.

Violet Pearl
married: 1926 James Albert FRASER.

Daisy May
married: 1927 Charles ROGERS.

Liln Vera May
married: 1927 Charles Henry DAW.

Elizabeth Amelia
married: 1928 David Gillespie SMITH.

Marjory Deborah
married: 1929 Colin LETHEBY.

Freda Mfranziske Herminia
married: 1929 Eric John COX.

Annie Ellenor
married: 1929 William James PETTIGREW.

Lucia Florence
married: 1930 Cecil James NEWELL.

married: 1930 James MORPHETT.

married: 1931 Stanley James Allan LOVE.

Bonnie Linda
married: 1932 Keith Lithgow CAIRNCROSS.

Janet Isabel
married: 1932 Richard Henry DUNSTAN.

Hildegarde Thelma
married: 1932 Henry JAGER.

married: 1932 William Patrick PATON.

Jessie Victoria
married: 1932 Gilbert Arthur BANHAM.

Carmen Sylvia
married: 1933 Lauchlan Frederick WRIGHT.

married: 1934 William RIGBY.

Effie Alberta
married: 1934 Henry KILLALEA.

married: 1935 Mordoche ISRAEL.

Mary Dora Addison
married: 1935 Harcourt Ernest DE LANE.

Liln Maude
married: 1936 Frederick Herbert HAINS.

Norma Elizabeth
married: 1936 Hector Roy Henry SANDERS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEER lines.

JN 62551

TOZER marriages 1889-1907 Victoria Australia

TOZER marriages 1889-1907 Victoria Australia.

TOZER (males)

Frederick George
married: 1889 Phoebe Harriet GLASSBOROW.

Charles Wesley
married: 1892 Mary May HOCKING.

Ernest Edward
married: 1893 Margaret Victoria GRAHAM.

married: 1894 Mary Jane RICHARDS.

Frank Cowley
married: 1895 Augustus Charles SALSBURY.

married: 1895 Mary Woon DUNSTAN.

William John
married: 1896 Eliza Jane RILEY.

married: 1897 Ann ROGERS.

married: 1898 Hannah SCARLETT.

Adrian Joseph
married: 1900 Eleanor GRIMWOOD.

Ernest William
married: 1900 Beatrice Allynbowley HENDERSON.

Arthur Herbert
married: 1903 Clara WILLIAMS.

Ernest Edward
married: 1905 Elizabeth Ann CURDY.

Charles Edward
married: 1906 Violet Helna HIGGINS.

married: 1907 Eliza Jane CHAMPION.

William James
married: 1907 Jane Veronica MCGANN.

TOZER (females)

Clara Alice
married: 1891 Digory Pendray William John ROBERTS.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1993 Joseph COCK.

married: 1894 Alexander SINCLAIR.

married 1897 Thomas KEANE.

married: 1898 Alfred DENNIS.

married: 1898 John Albert GRIFFITHS.

Ethel May
married: 1901 Ernest Edward HUNT.

married: 1902 Herbert Dunbar ALDER.

Charlotte Ellen
married: 1903 Alfred William DESCHAMP.

married: 1903 James SIMERSALL.

Mary Jane
married: 1903 James SHELTON.

Blanch Eveline
married: 1904 John Wesley STONE.

Ida Grace
married: 1904 William John RAWE.

Ethel May
married: 1906 James Thomas ROSEWELL.

Lily Beatrice
married: 1907 William James PINCH.

Lucy Cherry
married: 1907 Alexander MCLEAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TOZER lines.

JN 62546

WADE marriages (females) 1845-1866 Victoria Australia

WADE marriages (females) 1845-1866 Victoria Australia.

WADE (females)

Sarah Anne
married: 1845 John JONAS.

married: 1851 William Robert BLAKE.

married: 1852 George MOODY.

Sarah Ann
married: 1852 Charles Francomb ROBERTS.

married: 1853 William YARNOLD.

married: 1853 James Smith LAUNDER.

married: 1855 Henry COX.

Mary Ann
married: 1855 Joseph ONSLAW.

Fanny Morris
married: 1855 James Harry ROGERS.

Lucy Louisa
married: 1855 William George GRAVE.

married: 1855 Richard Sims KINGHAM.

married: 1856 Edward HAGARTY.

married: 1857 Thomas Walker MORLEY.

married: 1857 George LOMAX.

married: 1858 James MULCAHY.

married: 1858 Guli RUMI.

married: 1859 Dennis KERRINS.

Harriet Reid
married: 1859 Thomas ANDREWS.

Sarah Jane
married: 1860 George CLIFTON.

Catherine Ann
married: 1860 George FAIRBROTHER.

married: 1860 Henry BURBURY.

married: 1862 Gustav KLEIN.

married: 1863 Patrick KELLY.

married: 1864 James BOWES.

married: 1864 Daniel GIBSON.

married: 1865 Christopher SLATTERY.

Eliza Officer
married: 1865 George Anthony TERRY.

married: 1865 Frank Leopold SCHUMACHER.

married: 1865 Patrick MCGRATH.

Mary Jane
married: 1866 William WARD.

Sarah Ann
married: 1866 Joseph ROUSE.

Emily Maria
married: 1866 William PEARDON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WADE lines.

JN 62513

PEGLER marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

PEGLER marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

PEGLER (males)

married: 1901 Ada Victoria HOOTON.

Herbert Marshall
married: 1903 Alice Maude DOBSON.

Albert Percy
married: 1910 Maud DUNCAN.

Weselworth Arthur
married: 1910 Phoebe Sarah BROWN.

Victor John George
married: 1914 Margaret Elenor HILL.

Cecil Isidore
married: 1915 Mary Catherine HURST.

Francis Nicholas
married: 1915 Ellen Matilda SODERSTORM.

George Henry
married: 1915 Edith Sarah QUICK.

Charles Joel
married: 1918 Edith Maud GISSING.

Edwin Howard
married: 1918 Mary Elizabeth MCMAHON.

Percival Absalom
married: 1918 Margaret Ellen SHARP.

Walter Lock
married: 1919 Ellen LIDGEWOOD.

William John
married: 1919 Jean Johnstone LOUTIT.

Augustus Elliott
married: 1920 Annie GRAY.

PEGLER (females)

married: 1906 Charles Edgar RIGBY.

married: 1906 Robert George KNEALE.

Isabella Mary
married: 1908 William Bruce DALTON.

married: 1913 John Gordon BRANAGAN.

Minnie Eliza
married: 1914 James Laurence MCGRATH.

Florence Annie
married: 1915 William Armstrong YULE.

Ethel May
married: 1916 Peter TUENA.

Myrtle Elizabeth
married: 1916 Ernest Stanley CREATON.

married: 1919 Ellen George WILLIAMSON.

married: 1919 William MAPPERSON.

married: 1919 William John MONEY.

Gladys Belle Stennett
married: 1920 John George Molesworth CROWE.

Ruby Agnes
married: 1920 Stanley George William STOKES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PEGLER lines.

JN 62520

STRAHAN marriages 1911-1928 Victoria Australia

STRAHAN marriages 1911-1928 Victoria Australia.

STRAHAN (males)

Andrew Henry
married: 1911 Violet Kanvevia ORD.

Hugh William
married: 1911 Dorothy Evangelina LYM.

Simon William
married 1912 May Date.

married: 1913 Elsie May ADAMS.

William George
married: 1913 Ethel Muriel BROADBRIDGE.

Shirley (Martin)
married: 1913 Mary CARBERY.

married: 1914 Margaret Eliza THOMAS.

married: 1914 Hilda Nellie BRIGGS.

married: 1914 Ella May MOORE.

married: 1915 Ethel Liln FREESTONE.

James George
married: 1919 Emily Maud DUDLEY.

married: 1919 Catherine Mary MILLARD.

married: 1920 Annie Brice CURRIE.

Andrew Henry
married: 1920 Susannah Mary TRASK.

married: 1921 Dorothy May KEEN.

Samuel Charles
married: 1921 Elizabeth Emily ARTHUR.

Thomas Henry
married: 1922 Harriet Louisa THOMSON.

George Ignatius
married: 1923 Alfreda KING.

married: 1923 Thelma Mary HARRIS.

Francis Herbert
married: 1924 Monica Lucy OLIVER.

married: 1924 Muriel Rosalia WYSOCKI.

Basil Elliott
married: 1925 Lilian Maud PEMBRIDGE.

Leslie Thomas
married: 1925 Alice Daisy Elinor TREBILCO.

Francis Anthony
married: 1927 Laura Louisa FLEMING.

married: 1927 Ellen CARMODY.

David Dalmahoy
married: 1928 Elsie Eva May HARDEN.

STRAHAN (females)

married: 1920 Balfour MAY.

Vera Lilian
married: 1921 Alexander David HUTCHINSON.

Kathleen Bridget
married: 1921 James MURPHY.

Una Grace
married: 1921 James MCLEOD.

married: 1923 John FLATLEY.

Winifred Jessie Louise
married: 1923 Harold Charles INGRAM.

Charlotte Violet
married: 1924 David Russell COUSIN.

Evelyn Mary
married: 1924 William Charles DOWELL.

married: 1925 Alexander HARRIS.

Agnes Brice
married: 1926 Kenneth Sutherland REID.

Ann Marion
married: 1927 Hector James FLETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the STRAHAN lines.

JN 62515

RANSOM marriages 1924-1942 Victoria Australia

RANSOM marriages 1924-1942 Victoria Australia.

RANSOM (males)

married: 1928 Vonda Marie BAYLEY.

Walter James
married: 1930 Pearl Beatrice Isabel HOLT.

married: 1930 Ruby Alice LATTA.

married: 1930 Phyllis Constance MOREY.

William John
married: 1932 Edna Florence FAHR.

married: 1934 Dorothy EVANS.

Claude Best
married: 1934 Pearl Mavis ROBINSON.

Edwin Andrew James
married: 1934 Edith Ellen BAILEY.

George Henry
married: 1938 Ada Jane HALLIGAN.

Ernest Edward
married: 1941 Madeline Christie STEVENSON.

Arthur Ernest
married: 1942 Ethel May CONNOR.

RANSOM (females)

married: 1924 George Frederick CORNWELL.

Rita May
married: 1925 Henry POWER.

Catherine Olive May
married: 1925 Francis James MCCARTIN.

Edna May
married: 1927 Colin Keith ANGUS.

married: 1927 John Henry COX.

married: 1928 Howard HARRIS.

Dorothy Miriam
married: 1931 Arthur Max DROSCHER.

Jean Julian
married: 1933 Ralph Adra LIZARS.

Plazzy Isabel
married: 1933 Roy Gordon LINDSAY.

Rose Irene
married: 1937 Leslie Reuben EVANS.

married: 1938 Stanley Gordon SHARP.

Mary Hillas
married: 1938 Robert Archibald ECKHARDT.

Marjory Maud
married: 1939 Clifford George REYNOLDS.

Jean Mary Lucy
married: 1940 George Eric MILLSOM.

Eunice Annie Lorraine
married: 1941 Cyril Robinson DRING.