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BADGER Herbert married Angelina NICHOLS 1888

Information Journal.

Groom: Herbert James BADGER.
Age: 22 years.
Status: Single.
Father: David BADGER.

Bride: Angelina NICHOLS.
Age: 20 years.
Status: Single.
Father: William NICHOLS.

Date married: 27 August 1888.
Place: Residence of W STEWART, Aberdeen, South Australia.

Herbert died 15 February 1947, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 79 years.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.
Status: Married.

Birth note.
Herbert was born 21 December 1867, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
Parents named as David BADGER and Emily HAMLYN.
See Post: BADGER David married Emily HAMLYN 1858

Angelina died 12 November 1961, Myrtle Bank, South Australia.
Age: 93 years.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.
Status: Widow.

Ten children located South Australian records for Herbert and Angelina.
Angelina also recorded as Lena in the birth records.


Irene Louie Myra BADGER.
Born: 01 July 1889, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: 04 May 1892, Petersburg, South Australia.
Age: 02 years 10 months.


Gertrude Muriel BADGER.
Born: 05 January 1891, Dawson, South Australia.
Died: 22 April 1892, Petersburg, South Australia.
Age: 15 months.


Miriam Doris Stewart BADGER.
Born: 24 January 1894, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: 30 January 1964, Mitcham, South Australia.
Age: 70 years.
Residence: Mitcham, South Australia.
Status: Married.

Married: Hardman Lewis Shakespeare LEICESTER.
Date: 06 March 1920.
Place: Baptist Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

Birth note.
Hardman was born 03 May 1891 in Norwood, South Australia.
Parents: Richard William John LEICESTER and Susannah SHAKESPEARE.


David Gibson Jude BADGER.
Born: 19 April 1896, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: 21 August 1916, France.
Age: 20 years.
Status: Single.
Residence: North Adelaide, South Australia.

WW1 Australian Imperial Force Embarkation Roll.
Name: David Gibson Jude BADGER.
Service number: 1880.
Rank: Acting Corporal.
Roll title: 27th Infantry Battalion 1 to 8 Reinforcements.
Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918.
Date of embarkation: 26 August 1915.
Place of embarkation: Adelaide.
Ship embarked on: RMS Morea.

WW1 Roll of Honour.
Name: David Gibson Jude BADGER.
Service number: 1880 B.
Rank: Sergeant.
Unit: 10th Australian Infantry Battalion.
Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918.
Date of death: 21 August 1916.
Place of death: France.
Cause of death: Killed in action.
Age at death: 20 years.
Place of association: Petersborough, South Australia.
Next of kin: Mrs. Angelina BADGER. (Mother)
Address: Main Street, Petersborough, South Australia.

Cemetery or Memorial details:
Villiers-Bretonneux Memorial, Villiers-Bretonneux, Picardie, France.

Please note.
David's service record contains a lot of information and also includes a photo
of David in uniform with the Sergeants Stripes.


Magnus Rupert BADGER.
Born: 29 October 1898, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Martha Rowley LANG.
Date: 19 December 1923.
Place: Methodist Church, Malvern, South Australia.

Birth note.
Martha was born 17 September 1902 in Narridy, South Australia.
Parents: William Rowley LANG and Catherine DIXON.


Mary Victoria Jean BADGER.
Born: 06 May 1901, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Hugh HIGGINS.
Date: 12 October 1927.
Place: Baptist Church, St Peters, South Australia.


Ian Hugh Herbert BADGER.
Born: 01 December 1906, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: 11 December 1970, Fullarton Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 67 years.
Residence: Fullarton, South Australia.
Status: Divorced.


Robert Colin Henry BADGER.
Born: 04 December 1906, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Adelaide Estella SLADE.
Date: 09 November 1929.
Place: Residence of Rev. J PAYNTER, New Parkside, South Australia.

Birth note.
Adelaide was born 18 April 1905 in Rose Park, South Australia.
Parents: Harry SLADE and Adelaide Helena Goss PELLEN.


Ronald Haddington Nichols BADGER.
Born: 07 June 1909, Petersburg, South Australia.
Died: -


Lena Jessie BADGER.
Born: 15 May 1912, Petersburgh, South Australia.
Died: 04 March 1949, Kingswood, South Australia.
Age: 36 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Kingswood, South Australia.

Married: Ernest George JANSEN.
Date: -
Place: -

Petersburgh, South Australia.
The name was changed to Peterborough in 1918.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.
WW1 Embarkation & Honour Rolls.
AWM145 Roll of Honour Cards, 1914-1918 War, Army.

JN 64296

BADGER William married Mary HOCART 1876

Information Journal.

Groom: William BADGER.
Age: 24 years.
Status: Single.
Father: David BADGER.

Bride: Mary Jane HOCART.
Age: 20 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Thomas HOCART.

Date married: 08 March 1876.
Place: Residence of T HOCART, Adelaide, South Australia.

William died 1914 in Sandringham, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.
Parents named as David BADGER and Ann GIBSON.

Birth note.
William was born 23 September 1851, Stepney, South Australia.
Parents named as David BADGER and Ann GIBSON.

Mary died 1942 in Croydon, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Parents named as Thomas HOCART and Caroline unknown.

Birth note.
Mary was born 08 July 1855, aboard the Madawaska.
Parents named as Thomas HOCART and Caroline BAYS.

Eight children located South Australian and Victorian records for William and Mary.


Elsie Rosa May BADGER.
Born: 09 February 1877, not recorded, South Australia.
Died: 1889 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
Age: 12 years.


Hocart Wilkinson BADGER.
Born: 31 May 1878, Red Hill, South Australia.
Died: 1952 Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.

Married: Eugene Ethel May RICKETTS.
Year: 1904.
Place: Victoria.

Eugene died 1950 in Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.
Parents named as William Thomas RICKETTS and Mary GORDON.

Birth note.
Eugene was born 1880 in Richmond, Victoria.
Parents named as William Thomas RICKETTS and Margery May GORDON.


Lilian Beatrice
Born: 17 May 1880, Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Thomas Francis ANDERSON.
Year: 1901.
Place: Victoria.


Ernest William BADGER
Born 08 September 1882, Lancelot, South Australia.
Died: 1960 Parkdale, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.

Married: Esther Kemp MOSS.
Year: 1904.
Place: Victoria.

Esther died 1956 in Ringwood, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.
Parents named as John MOSS and Elizabeth PLUMBRIDGE.

Birth note.
Esther was born 1887 in Northcote, Victoria.
Parents named as John MOSS and Maria Elizabeth PLUMRIDGE.


Walter Stuart Lindsay BADGER.
Born: 1885 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1968 Portland, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.

Married: Ada PHILLIPS.
Year: 1912.
Place: Victoria.

Ada died 1974 in Murrumbeena, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents named as James PHILLIPS and Sarah Anne HALL.

Birth note.
Ada was born 1890 The Leigh, Victoria.
Parents named as James PHILLIPS and Sarah Ann HALL.


Jessie Edith Bays BADGER.
Born: 1888 Williamstown, Victoria.
Died: 1959 Preston, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.

Married: Albert David JACKSON.
Year: 1909.
Place: Victoria.

Albert died 1966 in Armadale, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.
Parents named as James JACKSON and Catherine HOCART.

Birth note.
Alfred was born 1886 in Lilydale, Victoria.
Parents named as James Stephen JACKSON and Catherine IRVINE.


Gibson Henry George BADGER.
Born: 1890 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
Died: 1953 Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 63 years.

Married: Martha FLEGG.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.


Alice Adelaide May BADGER.
Born: 1893 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: 1974 Donald, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Married: Alfred John MILNE.
Year: 1916.
Place: Victoria.

Alfred died 1943 in Croydon, Victoria.
Age: 53 years.
Parents named as Ernest Alfred MILNE and Frances MASTERS.

Birth note.
Alfred was born 1889 in South Melbourne, Victoria.
Parents named as Ernest Alfred MILNE and Frances MASTERS.

Registry of Births and Marriages, South Australia.
Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 64295

BADGER marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia

BADGER marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia.

BADGER (males)

George Alfred
Married: Jane Amelia ARMSON 1862.
Three Issues located.
1. William Alfred, born 1863, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Arthur Edwin, born 1865, Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Ernest Samuel, born 1866, Melbourne, Victoria.

Daniel George
Married: Maria Jane ELDRIDGE 1901.
No Issues located.

Ernest William
Married: Esther Kemp MOSS 1904.
Eight Issues located.
1. Lillian Elsie May, born 1904, Northcote, Victoria.
2. Thomas William, born 1905, Northcote, Victoria.
3. Harold Lindsay, born 1907, Northcote, Victoria.
4. Clarence Alfred, born 1910, Northcote, Victoria.
5. Phyllis Alma, born 1912, Northcote, Victoria.
6. Eric Wilkinson, born 1914, Northcote, Victoria.
7. Ronald Ernest, born 1917, Box Hill, Victoria.
8. Lorna Winifred, born 1920, Richmond, Victoria.

Hocart Wilkinson
Married: Eugene Ethel May RICKETTS 1904.
No Issues located.

Walter Stuart Lindsay
Married: Ada PHILLIPS 1912.
Two Issues located.
1. Lindsay James, born 1915, Ringwood, Victoria.
2. Beryl, born 1917, Ringwood, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth May TYNAN 1918.
No Issues located.

Cecil William
Married: Millicent RYAN 1919.
No Issues located.

Allan Monteith
Married: Emma Elizabeth PEARCE 1925.

Gibson Henry George
Married: Martha FLEGG 1927.

George Hamer
Married: Elinor Mary ARCHER 1928.

William Thomas
Married: Ivy Mary ROWLANDS 1931.

Vincent John
Married: Enid Catherine Elsie GILBERT 1934.

Ian Herbert Hugh
Married: Jean Annie WRIGHT 1936.

Clarence Alfred
Married: Olive Marjory TOINTON 1937.

Lindsay James
Married: Veronica Alice MADDEN 1939.

Ronald Ernest
Married: Jean Beatrice Anne PRESTON 1941.

BADGER (females)

Married: William CATON 1855.
No Issues located.

Married: Thomas MORRELL 1864.
No Issues located.

Married: William Henry MARTIN 1877.
No Issues located.

Eva Alexandra
Married: Patrick Joseph HOARE 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Thomas, born 1892, Carlton, Victoria.
2. William Edward Badger, born 1896, Melbourne West, Victoria.

Lillian Beatrice
Married: Thomas Francis ANDERSON 1901.
Three Issues located.
1. Thomas William Edward, born 1902, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Rosina Elsie May, born 1904, Northcote, Victoria.
3. Marian Ruby, born 1910, Lilydale, Victoria.

Alice Mary
Married: Arthur Metcalfe NEWLAND 1909.
Two Issues located.
1. Edith Mary, born 1905, Carlton, Victoria.
2. David Henry, born 1910, Hawthorn, Victoria.

... Edith's birth registered 1923.

Jessie Edith Bays
Married: Albert David JACKSON 1909.
Six Issues located.
1. Gilbert Rupert, born 1910, Lilydale, Victoria.
2. Laurence Dudley, born 1911, Croydon, Victoria.
3. Irvine Hocart, born 1912, Lilydale, Victoria.
4. Violet Dafney, born 1914, Croydon, Victoria.
5. Elsie Gladys, born 1917, Richmond, Victoria.
6. Bertram Albert, born 1919, Ringwood, Victoria.

Alice Adelaide May
Married: Alfred John MILNE 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Meryl Grace, born 1917, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Raymond Alfred, born 1919, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: George Knightly GODDARD 1919.

Lillian Elsie May
Married: George Murdoch BUCHAN 1925.

Married: Archibald Mctaggart LEYS 1925.

Married: Cecil Sydney JAMES 1926.

Phyllis Alma
Married: Lionel George Thomas HOBBINS 1938.

Olive Marjorie
Married: Edward Dermot CUSKELLY 1940.

Married: Alan Wilfred JOHNSON 1940.

Lorna Winifred
Married: Lyell Benjamin TREVERTON 1941.

Married: William James HARRISON 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist
others researching the BADGER lines.

JN 64291

KELLOW marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia

KELLOW marriages 1921-1941 Victoria Australia.

KELLOW (males)

Thomas Patterson
Married: Elizabeth Dorothy SCRIVEN 1921.

Norman Henry
Married: Daisy Victoria SUTHERLAND 1923.

Joseph Burgoine
Married: Florence HOPE 1923.

John Widdicombe
Married: Caroline Odell FAWCETT 1924.

Thomas Roy
Married: May Catherine Estelle DENDLE 1924.

Calvin Stanley
Married: Doris Elizabeth PRICE 1925.

Charles Brown
Married: Lucy Maude Sommaines COLES 1926.

Douglas John
Married: Clarice Grace HANDLEY 1927.

Married: Daisy Alma BURTON 1937.

Edward Francis
Married: Elizabeth Lily BARNETT 1937.

Married: Betty Milne Rossow MACHAR 1938.

John Patterson
Married: Lynette Moira SALATHIEL 1939.

Ralph Samuel
Married: Kathleen Marion BRODERCK 1940.

Morris John
Married: Nellie May LOWRIE 1940.

Colin Edward
Married: Ann Norah BOYLE 1941.

KELLOW (females)

Laura Elizabeth
Married: David William HORSBURGH 1921.

Ethel Winifred
Married: William Alan MAYBURY 1923.

Grace Florence
Married: Peter Rainie LESLIE 1924.

Flora Matilda
Married: Arthur PELLOW 1924.

Gwendoline Margaret
Married: Julio Douglas MCMILLAN 1924.

Lavinia Helen Elizabeth
Married: Harold William MCCOY 1925.

Linley Kate Johnson
Married: Charles Frederick ALLMAN 1925.

Edith Maud
Married: Robert Isaac ROFF 1927.

Married: Cecil William POLL 1928.

Emily Elizabeth
Married: William Henry THWAITES 1928.

Winnie May
Married: George William Claude EASTBURN 1930.

Amy Violet
Married: Walter Earl KENNEDY 1930.

Married: Joseph SENINI 1930.

Hazel Jane
Married: George Albert CLYNE 1930.

Married: Thomas MOREY 1931.

Married: Charles Roy DAY 1931.

Alice Margaret
Married: Linden Robert Werter AUSTIN 1931.

Clarice Grace
Married: Louis David DORR 1934.

Ivy May
Married: Reginald Ernest WRIGHT 1934.

Beryl Garlick
Married: John Albert BECHARZ 1934.

Linda Emma
Married: Laurie Eric HYDER 1935.

Esther Pearl
Married: Maurice Desmond CASEY 1937.

Bridie Mary
Married: Alfred William HUNTER 1939.

Margaret Christina Florence
Married: Arthur Henry CLOTHER 1939.

Florence Jessie
Married: Oswald Forrest YOUNG 1940.

Myrtle Nellie
Married: John Hoysted COURTENAY 1940.

Dorothy May
Married: Horace Llewellyn Clyde MARTYR 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the KELLOW lines.

JN 64289

KELLOW marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

KELLOW marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

KELLOW (males)

Charles Francis
Married: Alice May HOWARD 1901.
Five Issues located.
1. Norman Henry, born 1902, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Lavinia Helen Elizabeth, born 1904, Hawthorn, Victoria.
3. Hazel Jane, born 1907, Hawthorn, Victoria.
4. Alice Margaret, born 1909, Hawthorn, Victoria.
5. George Frederick, born 1918, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Frederick William
Married: Lovina ESPIE 1904.
One Issue located.
1. Charles, born 1905, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Joseph Henry
Married: Janie REIMER 1904.
Two Issues located.
1. Emily Elizabeth, born 1904, Richmond, Victoria.

... Mother indexed as RYMER.
2. Amy Violet, born 1909, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Jammie DENECREAS 1907.
One Issue located.
1. Frances, born 1909, Fitzroy South, Victoria.

... Mother named as Frances DENEREAZ.

Frederick William
Married: Maud Ella GARLICK 1909.
Five Issues located.
1. Ruby, born 1910, Yea, Victoria.
2. Beryl Garlick, born 1913, Yea, Victoria.
3. Richard John, born 1915, Trafalgar, Victoria.
4. Annie Maria, born 1917, Walhalla, Victoria.
5. Leslie Francis, born 1918, Trafalgar, Victoria.

Married: Ruby DRISCOLL 1909.
One Issue located.
1. John Paterson, born 1910, Carlton, Victoria.

John Frank
Married: Maud Louisa SANDS 1910.
No Issues located.

William Charles
Married: Mary Ann SUTHERLAND 1912.
Three Issues located.
1. Morris John, born 1913, Shepparton, Victoria.
2. Ivy May, born 1915, Shepparton, Victoria.
3. Florence Jessie, born 1918, Shepparton, Victoria.

Arthur Leslie
Married: Robertina Rosanna GOLDIN 1917.
No Issues located.

William James
Married: Elsie MARTIN 1919.
One Issue located.
1. Frederick Vernon, born 1920, Armadale, Victoria.

William John
Married: Isabella FLYNN 1919.
One Issue located.
1. William Henry, born 1920, Sale, Victoria.

John Henry
Married: Annie BAKER 1920.
No Issues located.

KELLOW (females)

Married: David MURPHY 1901.
Three Issues located.
1. Harold Gordon, born 1902, Albert Park, Victoria.
2. Frederick David, born 1906, Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. David, born 1906, Melbourne South, Victoria.

Married: John THORBURN 1901.
Five Issues located.
1. Hector Kellow, born 1902, Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Isabella Edna, born 1904, Bendigo, Victoria.
3. Linley Grace, born 1907, Bendigo, Victoria.
4. John Norman, born 1909, Bendigo, Victoria.
5. Charles Clive, born 1912, Bendigo, Victoria.

Married: George Ernest CONSTABLE 1904.
No Issues located.

Mary Mabel
Married: Christopher George KING 1909.
Two Issues located.
1. Christopher Frank, born 1910, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Grace Florence, born 1913, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Beulah Beatrice Victoria
Married: John Alfred KIRCHHOFER 1911.
Three Issues located.
1. Beulah Irene, born 1914, Echuca, Victoria.
2. Gladys Christina, born 1918, Echuca, Victoria.
3. Lorna Annie, born 1920, Echuca, Victoria.

Elizabeth Annie Gertrude
Married: Charles Algar LUKEY 1911.
No Issues located.

Ruby Isabella
Married: Charles MUSTEY 1912.
Five Issues located.
1. Beulah Beatrice, born 1912, Rochester, Victoria.
2. Ruby Isabella, born 1914, Rochester, Victoria.
3. Edith Muriel, born 1915, Rochester, Victoria.
4. Thelma Annie, born 1918, Rochester, Victoria.
5. Lorna Elsie, born 1920, Rochester, Victoria.

Alice Dorothy Grace
Married: Richard Percival McEwan HILL 1914.
One Issue located.
1. Kellow Earle McEwan, born 1919, Brighton, Victoria.

Lottie Emily
Married: Hans Ernest HANSEN 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Stella Lottie, born 1917, Fitzroy, Victoria.
2. Ronald Stewart, born 1919, Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Molly Jane
Married: Alfred Henry LEE 1918.
Two Issues located.
1. Rubin James Seymour, born 1918, Omeo, Victoria.
2. Lurlean, born 1920, Omeo, Victoria.

... Mother recorded as Mary Jane KELLOW.

Ethel Mary Evelyn
Married: Harold James HOSKING 1920.
One Issue located.
1. Ethel Jean, born 1920, Brighton, Victoria.

... Birth indexed under HOSKINS.

Sylvia Muriel Johnston
Married: Stewart Henry JONES 1920.
No Issues located.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the KELLOW lines.

JN 64285

ILLINGWORTH marriages (males) 1860-1920 Victoria Australia

ILLINGWORTH marriages (males) 1860-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Sarah PRICE 1860.
Two Issues located.
1. Catherine, born 1867, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. William George, born 1869, Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: Julia SIMCOCK 1864.
One Issue located.
1. Margaret Julia, born 1865, Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: Sarah CULLIFORD 1867.
Seven Issues located.
1. George Robert, born 1868, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Alice Annie, born 1868, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Margaret Ada, born 1870, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Ida Culliford, born 1872, Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Arthur Herbert, born 1874, Ballarat, Victoria.
6. John, born 1879, Ballarat, Victoria.
7. Harrie, born 1879, Ballarat, Victoria.

... George and Alice were twins.
... John and Harrie were twins.

Married: Elizabeth TARRY 1867.
Two Issues located.
1. Arthur Ebenezer, born 1868, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Alice Rose Eliza, born 1870, Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Harriet KING 1870.
One Issue located.
1. Charles, born 1871, Nerring, Victoria.

Jackin Gordon
Married: Jane Ann DEMPSTER 1871.
Four Issues located.
1. Ann, born 1872, Sebastopol, Victoria.
2. Margaret, born 1876, Spring Bank, Victoria.
3. Ellen, born 1879, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Helen, born 1882, Sebastopol, Victoria.

Joseph Johnson
Married: Anne TURBITT 1871.
No Issues located.

John Tawse
Married: Mary Ann CHARLTON nee IRWIN 1883.
One Issue located.
1. Isabella Tawse, born 1884, Raywood, Victoria.

Married: Eliza RUSSELL 1884.
Three Issues located.
1. George William, born 1873, Chiltern, Victoria.
2. Walter Russell, born 1875, Wangaratta, Victoria.
3. John Henry, born 1875, Wangaratta, Victoria.

... Walter and John were twins.

Francis William
Married: Julianne Fredericka MUNKER 1885.
No Issues located.

Arthur William
Married: Eliza GOULD 1886.
Two Issues located.
1. Violet, born 1887, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Ethel, born 1889, Richmond, Victoria.

William George
Married: Ann CLARK 1888.
Two Issues located.
1. Emily, born 1890. Hotham East, Victoria.
2. May Sarah Ann, born 1891, Hotham East, Victoria.

John Charles
Married: Lucy MAHER 1890.
No Issues located.

Arthur Ebenezer
Married: Florence Newall MACGOWAN 1891.
One Issue located.
1. Harold Thorburn, born 1897, Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth MCCOLE 1894.
Four Issues located.
1. Florence Louisa, born 1894, Bairnsdale, Victoria.
2. John Joseph, born 1896, Bairnsdale, Victoria.
3. Harriet Emily, born 1900, Bairnsdale, Victoria.
4. Ethel Lena Elizabeth, born 1910, Castlemaine, Victoria.

William Arthur
Married: Mary Ann TULLO 1896.
One Issue located.
1. Ivy Irene, born 1896, Carlton, Victoria.

Ernest Allan
Married: Lena MCKENZIE 1901.
Three Issues located.
1. Sylvia Jean, born 1905, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Ernest Alfred Allan, born 1907, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Doris Christina, born 1902, Ballarat, Victoria.

William Thomas
Married: Elizabeth Harriet LACEY 1902.
One Issue located.
1. Ada May, born 1908, Melbourne South, Victoria.

Married: Fanny Sarah PALMER 1904.
One Issue located.
1. Joan Keturah, born 1912, Fitzroy South, Victoria.

Married: Mary RAY 1905.
Eight Issues located.
1. Gladys carol, born 1906, Coburg, Victoria.
2. Florence Irene, born 1908, Coburg, Victoria.
3. Charles Raymond, born 1909, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
4. John, born 1911, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
5. Arthur William, born 1912, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
6. Reginald, born 1913, Hotham West, Victoria.
7. Lindsay Douglas, born 1915, Kew, Victoria.
8. Marion Jean, born 1917, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Arthur Herbert
Married: Lillian Jane FROST 1906.
Three Issues located.
1. Lancelot Arthur, born 1907, Creswick, Victoria.
2. Maxwell John, born 1910, Casterton, Victoria.
3. Lillian Merle, born 1913, Casterton, Victoria.

Married: Catherine EVANS 1917.
Two Issues located.
1. John Stanley, born 1918, Casterton, Victoria.
2. Elva, born 1920, Casterton, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ILLINGWORTH lines.

JN 64282

ILLINGWORTH marriages (females) 1861-1920 Victoria Australia

ILLINGWORTH marriages (females) 1861-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Christian Thomson MILLER 1861.
One Issue located.
1. Jonas Christian Thomson, born 1864, Loddon, Victoria.

Married: William THOMAS 1865.
One Issue located.
1. Elizabeth Hannah, born 1869, Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: Joseph BLUMFIELD 1869.
Two Issues located.
1. Joseph Alfred Ernest, born 1871, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Florence Amelia, born 1874, Melbourne North, Victoria.

Married: John BROWN 1881.
Three Issues located.
1. Isabella Alice, born 1881, Bairnsdale, Victoria.
2. William Forbes Benton, born 1884, Bairnsdale, Victoria.
3. John, born 1887, Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Alice Annie
Married: Arthur Flemons WHITE 1890.
One Issue located.
1. Eric Illingworth, born 1891, Yarrum, Victoria.

Married: William Logan MCMASTER 1894.
No Issues located.

Ada Elsie Ellen
Married: John Frederick CHAMBERS 1895.
No Issues located.

Married: Reuben UNDERWOOD 1897
No Issues located.

Married: Dugald MCRAE 1898.
Five Issues located.
1. Eva Jean, born 1899, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. John Gordon, born 1901, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Alan Douglas, born 1907, Berringa, Victoria.
4. Donald George, born 1911, Scarsdale, Victoria.
5. Flora Janet, born 1913, Sunshine, Victoria.

Clara Louisa
Married: Walter Precious SHERRATT 1898.
No Issues located.

Jane Ann
Married: James WALLACE 1901.
No Issues located.

Married: John Basendine RICHARDS 1901.
Four Issues located.
1. Bazandine Allan, born 1902, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Jack Keith Illingworth, born 1904, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Margaret Eunice, born 1905, Maidstone, Victoria.
4. Jean Marion, born 1912, Sunshine, Victoria.

Married: Henry James PARSONS 1904.
Four Issues located.
1. Henry Gordon, born 1904, Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. Muriel Florence, born 1907, Ballarat East, Victoria.
3. Ivy May, born 1910, Ballarat East, Victoria.
4. Myrtle, born 1912, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Married: Louis Ralph WILLIAMS 1905.
Two Issues located.
1. Greta Evelyn, born 1908, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Audrey, born 1913, Camberwell, Victoria.

Isabella Tawse
Married: Norman Sydney DERAVIN 1912.
Three Issues located.
1. Hugh Jean, born 1913, Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Norman Tawse, born 1916, Bendigo, Victoria.
3. Isabel Louisa, born 1920, Bendigo, Victoria.

Vera Mary
Married: Harold Henry DOUGLAS 1918.
Two Issues located.
1. Reginald Henry, born 1918, Warburton, Victoria.
2. Hazel Jean, born 1919, Warburton, Victoria.

Alice Lillian
Married: Thornton Francis Edward ROCKLIFFE 1919.
No Issues located.

Doris Christina
Married: Arthur Redfus GRANLAND 1919.
One Issue located.
1. Alfred Charles, born 1919, Ballarat, Victoria.

Harriet Emily
Married: George William IRELAND 1919.
One Issue located.
1. Charles William, born 1920, Elmore, Victoria.

Madge Burris
Married: Joseph Holland WILLIAMS 1919.
No Issues located.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ILLINGWORTH lines.

JN 64278

BADGER marriages 1850-1934 South Australia

BADGER marriages 1850-1934 South Australia.

BADGER (males)

Married: Ann GIBSON 1850.
Two Issues located.
1. William, born 1851, Stepney, South Australia.
2. Gibson, born 1853, Norwood, South Australia.

Married: Emily HAMLYN 1858.
Twelve Issues located.
1. Alfred, born 1860, Melrose, South Australia.
2. Henry Arthur, born 1862, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
3. Herbert James, born 1866, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
4. Herbert James, born 1867, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
5. Rupert Hedley, born 1870, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
6. Irvine David, born 1872, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
7. Irvine Magnus, born 1874, Saddleworth, South Australia.
8. Cecil Samuel, born 1875, Georgetown, South Australia.
9. Edgar Monteith, born 1877, Laura, South Australia.
10. Edith Alice, born 1877, Laura, South Australia.
11. Allan Monteith, born 1880, Orroroo, South Australia.
12. Otto Hamlyn, born 1881, Orroroo, South Australia.

Married: Mary Jane HOCART 1876.
Four Issues located.
1. Elsie Rosa May, born 1877, not recorded, South Australia.
2. Hocart Wilkinson, born 1878, Red Hill, South Australia.
3. Lilian Beatrice, born 1880, Adelaide, South Australia.
4. Ernest William, born 1882, Lancelot, South Australia.

Married: Annie MCDOUGALL 1878.
Seven Issues located.
1. Annie Gibson, born 1879, Terowie, South Australia.
2. John McDougall, born 1880, Lancelot, South Australia.
3. Archie Maxwell, born 1882, Lancelot, South Australia.
4. Jessie Emmeline, born 1884, Belalie East, South Australia.
5. David Magnus, born 1886, Dawson, South Australia.
6. Effie Stewart, born 1887, Parkside, South Australia.
7. Gibson, born 1890, Renmark, South Australia.

Alfred Westcott (Alfred's first marriage)
Married: Lavinia Selina SELWAY 1882.
Three Issues located.
1. Ethelwyn Howard, born 1883, Adelaide, South Australia.
2. Hedley Gordon, born 1887, North Unley, South Australia.
3. Howard Mostyn, born 1893, Adelaide, South Australia.

Herbert James
Married: Angelina NICHOLS 1888.
Ten Issues located.
1. Irinie Louie Myra, born 1889, Petersburgh, South Australia.
2. Gertrude Muriel, born 1891, Dawson, South Australia.
3. Miriam Doris Stewart, born 1894, Petersburgh, Victoria.
4. David Gibson Jude, born 1896, Petersburgh, South Australia.
5. Magnus Rupert, born 1898, Petersburgh, South Australia.
6. Mary Victoria Jean, born 1901, Petersburgh, Victoria.
7. Ian Hugh Herbert, born 1903, Petersburgh, South Australia.
8. Robert Colin Henry, born 1906, South Australia.
9. Ronald Haddington Nichols, born 1909, Petersburgh, South Australia.
10. Lena Jessie, born 1912, Petersbugh, South Australia.

.... Angelina also recorded as Lena in the birth records.

Married: Emma Henrietta HARDER 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Robert, born 1892, Clare, South Australia.
2. Magnus, born 1894, Clare, South Australia.

Alfred Westcott (Alfred's second marriage)
Married: Alice CUST 1898.
Two Issues located.
1. Howard Cuthbert, born 1899, Terowie, South Australia.
2. Leila Alice, born 1900, Terowie, South Australia.

Henry Arthur
Married: Mathilde Charlotte Dorothy KOENICKE 1901.
No Issues located.

Allan Monteith
Married: Gertrude Eleanor LININGTON 1906.
Four Issues located.
1. Gwenda Linnington, born 1907, Prospect, South Australia.
2. Roderick Maxwell, born 1909, North Unley, South Australia.
3. Maida Gertrude, born 1914, Kensington Gardens, South Australia.
4. Geoffrey David, born 1919, Kensington Gardens, South Australia.

Archie Maxwell
Married: Helen Haddy WOODROFFE 1913.
Two Issues located.
1. Nancy Maxwell, born 1914, Semaphore, South Australia.
2. Helen Maxwell, born 1915, Hyde Park, South Australia.

John McDougall
Married: Laura May BROOKER 1913.
Two Issues located.
1. Kathleen Woodford, born 1914, Port Augusta West, South Australia.
2. Geoffrey Malcolm, born 1916, Port Augusta, South Australia.

David Magnus
Married: Maggie Knox THOMSON 1914.
Three Issues located.
1. Donald Gibson, born 1915, Unley, South Australia.
2. David Lloyd, born 1916, Unley, South Australia.
3. Neil Thomson, born 1916, Unley, South Australia.

... David and Neil were twins.

Irvine Magnus
Married: Amy THOMAS 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Margaret Amy, born 1916, Malvern, South Australia.
2. Malcolm Irvine, born 1920, Malvern, South Australia.

Married: Doris Joy SANGSTER 1917.
One Issue located.
1. John Robert, born 1924, Toorak, South Australia.

Theodore Owen
Married: Harriet May DOWLING 1922.
One Issue located.
1. Gwendolyne, born 1924, Maylands, South Australia.

Married: Delia Esther STEVENS 1922.
One Issue located.
1. George Peter Magnus, born 1926, Tranmere, South Australia.

Magnus Rupert
Married: Martha Rowley LANG 1923.
No Issues located.

Harold Lindsay
Married: Frances Augusta NEWTON 1928.
No Issues located.

Colin Robert
Married: Adelaide Estella SLADE 1929.
No Issues located.

BADGER (females)

Married: Elisha GALE 1850.
Three Issues located.
1. Ann, born 1851, North Adelaide, South Australia.
2. Catherine, born 1853, Gawler Hills, South Australia.
3. Robert Moffat, born 1855, Norwood, South Australia.

Miriam Doris Stewart
Married: Hardman Lewis Shakespeare LEICESTER 1920.
Two Issues located.
1. Dorothy Joan, born 1921, Peterborugh, South Australia.
2. Lewis David, born 1923, Unley, South Australia.

Leila Alice
Married: Robert Maxwell WILSON 1923.
One Issue located.
1. Brian Robert, born 1925, Adelaide, South Australia.

Jessie Emmeline
Married: Charles Murray Stephen BURNSIDE 1924.
No Issues located.

Effie Stewart
Married: Charles Edmund Hamilton BROWN 1924.
One Issue located.
1. Dougal Hamilton, born 1925, Adelaide, South Australia.

May Victoria Jean
Married: Hugh HIGGINS 1927.
One Issue located.
1. John Martin, born 1928, Unley, South Australia.

Gwenda Linnington
Married: Charles Albert SHEFFIELD 1931.

Esmee Augusta
Married: Alfred William WASHINGTON 1932.

Edith Marion
Married: William Henry HEWETT 1934.

Compiled from the South Australian Birth and Marriage Indexes
to assist others researching the BADGER lines.

JN 64260

KELLOW marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia

KELLOW marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia.

KELLOW (males)

Married: Elizabeth PATTERSON 1856.
Ten Issues located.
1. James William, born 1857, Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. Ann, born 1859, Mount Alexander, Victoria.
3. Elizabeth, born 1860, Castlemaine, Victoria.
4. John, born 1862, Faraday, Victoria.
5. Margaret Isabella, born 1863, Sutton Grainge, Victoria.
6. Jane, born 1865, Chewton, Victoria.
7. John, born 1866, The Loddon, Victoria.
8. Joseph, born 1869, The Loddon, Victoria.
9. Mary, born 1870, Castlemaine, Victoria.
10. Henry Brown, born 1871, The Loddon, Victoria.

Married: Levinia Tretheway BULLEN 1859.
Eleven Issues located.
1. Ada, born 1859, Moonlight Flat, Victoria.
2. Ida, born 1861, Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Arthur, born 1862, Castlemaine, Victoria.
4. Emily, born 1864, Taradale, Victoria.
5. Ann, born 1865, Taradale, Victoria.
6. Theresa, born 1867, Blackwood, Victoria.
7. Jane, born 1869, Blackwood, Victoria.
8. Ellen, born 1879, Blackwood, Victoria.
9. Bessie, born 1872, Ballarat, Victoria.
10. Frederick William, born 1876, Barrabool Range, Victoria.
11. Charles Francis, born 1878, Barrabool Range, Victoria.

Thomas Sleep
Married: Agnes WILLIAMS nee TAYLOR 1864.
Five Issues located.
1. Sarah, born 1860, Wangarata, Victoria.
2. Rachel, born 1864, Wangaratta, Victoria.
3. Eliza, born 1866, Wangaratta, Victoria.
4. Charles, born 1869, Wangaratta, Victoria.
5. Alfred, born 1871, Wangaratta, Victoria.

Charles John
Married: Mary THOMPSON 1877.
Seven Issues located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1879, Eaglehawk, Victoria.
2. William Charles, born 1881, Rushworth, Victoeia.
3. Henry Thompson, born 1883, Beechworth, Victoria.
4. Charles Daniel, born 1886, Rushworth, Victoria.
5. Arthur Sidney, born 1888, Rushworth, Victoria.
6. John Widdicombe, born 1891, Rushworth, Victoria.
7. Calvin Stanley, born 1899, Shepparton, Victoria.

James William
Married: Annie BURGOINE 1880.
Seven Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Annie Gertrude, born 1883, Chewton, Victoria.
2. Beulah Beatrice, born 1885, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
3. Ruby Isabella, born 1887, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
4. Joseph Burgoine, born 1889, North Carlton, Victoria.
5. James William, born 1891, Carlton North, Victoria.
6. Thomas Patterson, born 1893, Melbourne, Victoria.
7. Edith Maud, born 1896, Carlton North, Victoria.

Arthur Charles
Married: Eleanor NUNN 1889.
Seven Issues located.
1. William James, born 1889, Box Hill, Victoria.
2. Arthur Leslie, born 1891, Box Hill, Victoria.
3. Lavinia Eleanor, born 1894, Surrey Hills, Victoria.
4. Frederick Charles, born 1896, Surrey Hills, Victoria.
5. Thomas Roy, born 1900, Richmond, Victoria.
6. Esther Pearl, born 1904, Richmond, Victoria.
7. Frank, born 1907, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Kate (Catherine) MADDOX 1889.
One Issue located.
1. Florence Maud Isabella, born 1895, Bendigo, Victoria.

Married: Emily Jane WOOLCOCK 1893.
Four Issues located.
1. Lottie Emily, born 1894, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Leslie Joseph Edward, born 1896, Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Douglas John, born 1898, Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Federal William, born 1901, Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: Sarah JOHNSTON 1895.
Two Issues located.
1. Sylvia Mariel Johnston, born 1896, Essendon, Victoria.
... Mother indexed as Sadie JOHNSTONE.
2. Linley Kate Johnston, born 1903, East Melbourne, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: Emma Louisa SCHOBER 1897.
Two Issues located.
1. Ivy May, born 1898, East Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Linda Emma, born 1900, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: Bridget May GALLIVAN 1898.
Three Issues located.
1. Bridget Mary, born 1892, Cobram, Victoria.
2. Edmond, born 1894, Toonbabbie, Victora.
3. Ann Mary Josephine, born 1896, Benalla, Victoria.

... GALLIVAN also recorded as GALLAVAN, GALAVAN and GALVIN.
... Marriage year 1898 may be index error.

Henry Brown
Married: Flora McRae COLES 1898.
Four Issues located.
1. Gwendoline Margaret, born 1899, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Winifred Elizabeth, born 1902, Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Jean Flora Charline, born 1907, Elsternwick, Victoria.
4. Florence Hope, born 1909, Elsternwick, Victoria.

KELLOW (females)

Catherine Mably
Married: John BROAD 1859.
Seven Issues located.
1. William, born 1861, Elphinstone, Victoria.
2. Catherine, born 1863, Taradale, Victoria.
3. John Henry, born 1865, Taradale, Victoria.
4. Robert, born 1867, Taradale, Victoria.
5. Phillipa Jane, born 1868, Taradale, Victoria.
6. Emily Louisa, born 1878, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
7. Arthur Albert, born 1881, Sutton Grange, Victoria.

Married: James RAE 1882.
Five Issues located.
1. Frederick James, born 1883, Barrabool Range, Victoria.
2. Arthur John, born 1885, Barrabool Range, Victoria.
3. Levenia, born 1887, Barrabool, Range, Victoria.
4. Ellen, born 1890, Box Hill, Victoria.
5. William Francis, born 1895, Yea, Victoria.

Margaret Isabella
Married: Moses SALATHIEL 1884.
Six Issues located.
1. Joseph Albert, born 1885, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Moses, born 1887, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Olive Bessie, born 1888, Carlton North, Victoria.
4. Ivy Muriel Isabella, born 1890, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
5. Daisy Melinda, born 1892, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
6. Irene Myrtle, born 1894, Bendigo, Victoria.

Married: Alexander MCLENNAN 1886.
No Issues located.

Married: William Henry SKINNER 1887.
Five Issues located.
1. Bessie May, born 1888, Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Thomas Henry, born 1889, Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Emily, born 1890, Brunswick East, Victoria.
4. Emeline Lavinia, born 1893, Brunswick, Victoria.
5. Ida Munro, born 1894, Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Married: William Thomas PILCHER 1888.
Nine Issues located.
1. Thomas Joseph Stephen, born 1891, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
2. Annie Florence Lyal, born 1893, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
3. William Albert, born 1895, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
4. Stanley Ambrose, born 1897, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
5. Walter Frederick Lyal, born 1898, Sutton Grange, Victoria.
6. Clara Hilda, born 1901, Strathfieldsaye, Victoria.
7. Bertha Isabella, born 1904, Strathfieldsaye, Victoria.
8. Lillian Adeline, born 1906, Strathfieldsaye, Victoria.
9. Ernest Leslie, born 1910, Straithfieldsaye, Victoria.

Married: John HUTCHINSON 1888.
Eight Issues located.
1. Andrew Charles, born 1890. Lauriston, Victoria.
2. Levinia May, born 1892, Lauriston, Victoria.
3. John, born 1894, Laureston, Victoria.
4. Bessie, born 1896, Lauriston, Victoria.
5. Ellen, born 1899, Lauriston, Victoria.
6. Arthur, born 1901, Lauriston, Victoria.
7. Mabel Dorothy, born 1903, Lauriston, Victoria.
8. George Albert, born 1907, Lauriston, Victoria.

Married: William Herbert MILLER 1889.
No Issues located.

Emily Blanche
Married: William Alexander CARRUTHERS 1890.
Two Issues located
a. Gertrude Anna Elizabeth, born 1891, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Edith Jean, born 1893, Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: John Alexander GOOK 1891.
Five Issues located.
1. Lavinia Ida Lillian, born 1892, Box Hill, Victoria.
2. John Frederick George, born 1897, Bridgewater, Victoria.
3. Myrtle Ellen May, born 1898, Bridgewater, Victoria.
4. Gladys Emma, born 1901, Yea, Victoria.
5. Levinia Emily, born 1909, Yea, Victoria.

Married: Frederick Richard FOX 1894.
One Issue located.
1. Ivy Murchison, born 1897, Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Amy Louisa
Married: William James JONES 1898.
Two Issues located.
1. Ed Charles Bell, born 1900, Heidelburg, Victoria.
2. Nina Blanche Bell, born 1902, Heidelberg, Victoria.

Married: Charles Stewart HEAZLEWOOD 1898.
No Issues located.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the KELLOW lines.

JN 64257

JARVIE marriages (males) 1862-1942 Victoria Australia

JARVIE marriages (males) 1862-1942 Victoria Australia.

JARVIE (males)

Married: Janet JARVIE 1862.
No Issues located.

Married: Mary Jane REID 1866.
Two Issues located.
1. William, born 1865, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Walter, born 1867, Buninyong, Victoria.

Married: Anne GRAINGER 1868.
One Issue located.
1. Martha, born 1877, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Married: Mary WEIR 1868.
Eight Issues located.
1. Jane, born 1868, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Janet, born 1870, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Mary, born 1870, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Grace, born 1874, Ballarat East, Victoria.
5. Elizabeth, born 1876, Ballarat, Victoria.
6. Jessie, born 1878, Ballarat, Victoria.
7. Janet, born 1880, Ballarat, Victoria.
8. David Weir, born 1884, Carlton, Victoria.

... Janet and Mary were twins.

Married: Isabella HAYWOOD 1873.
Seven Issues located.
1. Alexander, born 1874, Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. William John, born 1877, Flinders, Victoria.
3. Peter Arthur, born 1879, Tyab, Victoria.
4. Isabella, born 1882, Flinders, Victoria.
5. Edwin Haywood, born 1884, Ballarat, Victoria.
6. Agnes Isabella, born 1887, Hexham, Victoria.
7. John Robert, born 1889, Clunes, Victoria.

Married: Susan KEALEY 1874.
No Issues located.

Married: Rachel SHORNTON 1874.
Three Issues located.
1. Sarah, born 1875, Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Thomas Walter, born 1877, Sandridge, Victoria.
3. George, born 1881, Sandridge, Victoria.

Married: Mary Hannah PEART 1878.
One Issue located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1879, Barr,? Victoria.

Married: Margaret ALLAN 1881.
No Issues located.

Married: Annie SCOTT 1884.
Two Issues located.
1. Ethel, born 1884, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Annie, born 1887, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ellen COMER 1888.
One Issue located.
1. Jean, born 1889, Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Mary ENGLEMAN 1889.
Four Issues located.
1. Elsie Florence Ruby, born 1890, Northcote, Victoria.
2. Walter James, born 1892, Northcote, Victoria.
3. Doris Elizabeth Margery, born 1898, Carlton, North, Victoria.
4. Charles Allan Leon Engleman, born 1909, Carlton, North, Victoria.

Married: Emily Elizabeth MANSELL 1889.
Three Issues located.
1. William Walter, born 1890, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Leslie Reid, born 1895, Richmond, Victoria.
3. Sadie Myrtle, born 1904, Coburg, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Alice MITCHELL 1895.
Two Issues located.
1. Walter Henry, born 1897, Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. Mavis Margaret, born 1900, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Anastasia CLEARY 1899.
Three Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Margaret Jean, born 1899, Brunswick East, Victoria.
2. Teresa Mabel, born 1900, Fitzroy North, Victoria.
3. William Walter James, born 1903, North Fitzroy, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Mary QUICK 1900.
Three Issues located.
1. Jane Isabella, born 1901, Little Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Frances Edna, born 1904, Bungaree, Victoria.
3. Bessie Edith, born 1919, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Peter James
Married: Ellen Maud DRAYTON 1905.
Six Issues located.
1. Robert James, born 1905, Morwell, Victoria.
2. David John, born 1907, Morwell, Victoria.
3. Albert Alfred, born 1908, Morwell, Victoria.
4. Peter Keith, born 1911, Morwell, Victoria.
5. Mary Maud, born 1912, Morwell, Victoria.
6. George Duncan, born 1914, Traralgon, Victoria.

Married: Sarah Jane HAWKINS 1906.
Four Issues located.
1. Eric Francis, born 1908, Fitzroy North, Victoria.
2. Ivy Rose, born 1013, Northcote, Victoria.
3. Raymond Leslie, born 1916, Northcote, Victoria.
4. Ronald Edwin, born 1919, Northcote, Victoria.

Edwin Haywood
Married: Lavinia CHAPMAN 1913.
One Issue located.
1. Laurel, born 1917, Essendon, Victoria.

David Weir
Married: Louisa Jane HIPWELL 1914.
No Issues located.

Robert Ewing
Married: Ellen Maud FLINN 1916.
One Issue located.
1. Phillis May Hannah, born 1916, Foster, Victoria.

Married: Mabel TIMMS 1917.
Two Issues located.
1. Jean Wallace, born 1918, Newport, Victoria.
2. Thomas George, born 1919, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Nellie Millicent STEPHENS 1919.
No Issues located.

Howard Spence
Married: Winifred May SIMMONS 1923.

Thomas Walter
Married: Emma Amelia ORCHARD 1923.

Married: Isabella MCKINNON 1924.

Walter Keith
Married: Marion Henry GALLETLY 1924.

Kenneth Richard
Married: Blanche MURPHY 1926.

John Robert
Married: Annie Narvena NYLANDER 1929.

Married: Chloris Margaret THOMPSON 1929.

Alexander Sinclair
Married: Olive JUGGERS 1929.

David John
Married: Clara SUNDERLAND 1930.

Robert James
Married: Rhoda Marguerite STAINER 1933.

James Alexander
Married: Thelma Jean BROWN 1938.

Kenneth Hugh
Married: Phoebe Frances MCKENZIE 1940.

Eric Francis
Married: Nance Gertrude DOREIN 1941.

Raymond Leslie
Married: Olive Eileen WAIZEL 1942.

Ronald Edwin
Married: Jean CORNELL 1942.

See: JARVIE marriages (females) 1862-1942 Victoria Australia

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist
others researching the JARVIE lines.

JN 64250