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VAIL marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia

VAIL marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia.

VAIL (males)

Herbert Harold
married: 1902 Mary Brennan Fotheringham FULTON.

Leslie Arthur
married: 1904 Rachel FINLAY.

Edwin Luke Knight
married: 1907 Lucy Mary SHEEHAN.

married: 1908 Delia Mabel ABBOTT.

married: 1908 Jane Mowat DAWSON.

Edwin Luke Knight
married: 1909 Teresa Agnes SHEEHAN.

Bert Luke Knight
married: 1912 Grace Ann CARRUTHERS.

William Edward
married: 1912 Francis May MIDDLEBOROUGH.

Leslie Albert
married: 1913 Nellie Irene OLDIS.

Joseph Francis
married: 1915 Ada CLIFTON.

William Knight
married: 1915 Gerte Alice TUGNETT.

Herbert Eugene
married: 1921 Adelaide Veronica DIAMOND.

Leslie Ernest
married: 1925 Muriel Hilary Vera Burdett YEOMANS.

Arthur Henry
married: 1939 Minnie COYLE.

George William
married: 1942 Phyllis Dorothy WOODFORD.

Maurice Hector
married: 1942 Dorothy Margurite BEET.

VAIL (females)

Mabel Hope
married: 1902 Arthur William PRIDMORE.

Frances Margaret
married: 1907 William Gordon RUSSELL.

Edith Matilda
married: 1909 Cecil Henry HOBBS.

Elizabeth Alice Knight
married: 1912 Frank WELLINGTON.

Bernice Eliza
married: 1917 John CARDWELL.

Amy Rubina Knight
married: 1918 Wilmot Charles STAMPS.

Grace Ann
married: 1919 Norman Roy CLEMENTS.

married: 1919 Frederick David Henry COCKFIELD.

Ellen Isabel
married: 1925 Arthur Edward JACKMAN.

married: 1927 Thomas COUSINS.

Freda Lesley
married: 1930 Henry Pearce DAVEY.

Beryl Irene
married: 1932 Harold Ernest ROBINSON.

Olivia Dartnell
married: 1936 John Keith OSMOND.

May Violet North
married: 1938 Jack Arthington JOWETT.

Dorothy Louisa
married: 1938 Albert Henry LLOYD.

Jean Melva
married: 1940 Alfred Edward ORCHARD.

Melva Isabel
married: 1940 Albert Charles WILLIAMS.

Alice Mary Powys
married: 1942 Leonard Edgar ALLAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the VAIL lines.

JN 58327

JUKES marriages (males) 1901-1932 Victoria Australia

JUKES marriages (males) 1901-1932 Victoria Australia.

JUKES (males)

Alfred Ernest
married: 1902 Edith BATCHELOR.

Albert Giles
married: 1904 Annie THOMAS.

married: 1905 Mary Jane YOUNG.

Charles Frederick William
married: 1907 Lucy Dora HILL.

Alfred Ernest
married: 1908 Mary Jane CREE.

John Arthur
married: 1908 Margaret Lena BROWN.

Henry James
married: 1910 Elizabeth BRODERICK.

Albert Thomas
married: 1911 Florence Edith TRALLOPE.

Edward James
married: 1913 Dorothy May CHAPMAN.

Horace Christopher
married: 1913 Annie DUCKWORTH.

William Henry
married: 1913 Ann Ambrose PATULLO.

James Fraser
married: 1914 Bertha DUNCAN.

Walter Cromwell
maried: 1914 Mabel Ethel SMYTH.

married: 1915 Flororence Gladys BOYLE.

married: 1917 Elizabeth DUNN.

William Henry
married: 1917 Dora Margaret BOOTH.

Ernest Leslie
married: 1918 Bertha HALL.

Albert Leopold
married: 1920 Dulcie May PORTER.

Eric John
married: 1920 Catherine THOMAS.

married: 1920 Irene Matilda JONES.

Charles Allen
married: 1921 Hazel Alice Terrill DAY.

Roy Cleveland
married: 1924 Rosalind Mary KENNEDY.

Albert Giles
married: 1924 Isabella HAWORTH.

Edward Tyson
married: 1925 Bell BOYD.

Harold Leo
married: 1927 Ida May ORFORD.

John Leslie
married: 1927 Helena SMALL.

Frederick John
married: 1927 Myrtle Hazel Irene SKEEN.

John Ralph
married: 1927 Edith Irene MCQUALTER.

William Reginald
married: 1930 Violet irene WATSON.

Henry James
married: 1931 Doris Cecelia Alice May ASHLEY.

Cyril Thomas
married: 1931 Florence Evelyn SMALL.

Frank Richard
married: 1932 Julia FAHEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JUKES lines.

JN 58324

SKEGGS marriages 1864-1942 Victoria Australia

SKEGGS marriages 1864-1942 Victoria Australia.

SKEGGS (males)

Charles Edward
married: 1891 Susan McBride HENSTRIDGE.

William Richard
married: 1891 Ada Susannah CAIN.

married: 1899 Mary Selina MITCHELL.

Thomas Henry
married: 1902 Luisetta Herrera SMITH.

William Henry
married: 1904 Lillian BARNES.

married: 1907 Phebe Maria EVANS.

Francis Norman
married: 1920 Julia Annie Eileen NUTTALL.

Richard Henry
married: 1920 Gladys Ivy SCHINCK.

William Thomas
married: 1920 Doris Irene LANE.

Albert Edward
married: 1926 May Adeline MARTIN.

Thomas Rupert
married: 1935 Eileen Mary GAHAN.

SKEGGS (females)

married: 1864 Patrick CAIN.

Elizabeth Mary Ann
married: 1877 frederick William DAY.

married: 1886 William COOPER.

Sarah Ann
married: 1888 Robert BARBER.

Clara Jane
married: 1888 Robert James THUSTAIN.

Ada Emma
married: 1889 William PETERSON.

Emma Sarah
married: 1891 Samuel Salter HUXHAM.

married: 1894 James CLARK.

married: 1896 Charles Nathan TURNOR.

married: 1899 Edmund Albert WORRALL.

Edith Catherine
married: 1914 Harold Dundas SPEEDIE.

Ethel Elizabeth
married: 1914 Charles William LIND.

married: 1919 Joseph LEONARD.

Eileen Amelba
married: 1921 Charles HAMMOND.

married: 1928 Ernest MOLONEY.

married: 1932 John OBEIRNE.

Rose Merle
married: 1932 Edward John STRAHAN.

Liln Alice
married: 1934 Frederick Augustus FARRAR.

Cara Elizabeth
married: 1937 Arthur Leslie WILSON.

Ida Emily
married: 1941 Albert Leonard WORCESTER.

Eileen May
married: 1941 George Williams LONG.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SKEGGS lines.

JN 58323

WORRALL marriages (females) 1901-1926 Victoria Australia

WORRALL marriages (females) 1901-1926 Victoria Australia.

WORRALL (females)

Mabel Annie
married: 1901 George Lyle BUNSTON.

Bertha Maud
married: 1904 Walter Murray MATHERS.

Mabel Carol
married: 1904 Albert Henry HEAVENS.

Alfreda Florence
married: 1905 Hilson Thomas GILES.

Effie Lavinia
married: 1906 George Bengrey DENTON.

Ethel Rosalie
married: 1906 Edwin McLeod HARRISON.

married: 1906 Alfred John Victor GROVES.

Maria Elizabeth
married: 1906 Francis James OLIVER.

Minnie Irene
married: 1907 George Henry HASTINGS.

Mary Hannah
married: 1910 Johann Nicholas Wilhelm SCHACK.

Nellie Athelia
married: 1910 Albert George LOWE.

Ruby Brooker
married: 1913 Norman MCHUTCHISON.

Laura Maud Hazelwood
married: 1914 Richard Ernest BUNCE.

Florence Maira
married: 1915 Alexander Fraser BROWN.
Maira. Also recorded as Myra.

Gladys Eveline
married: 1915 William Edward HARDY.

Mary Anne
married: 1918 Patrick BROCK.

Annie Alberta
married: 1919 Franklin George MORROW.

Emmeline Mabel
married: 1919 Albert Edward TAYLOR.

married: 1920 David William BINCH.

married: 1920 Albert Frederick GOULDSMITH.

Violet May
married: 1920 William George SEARLE.

Ethel Isabel
married: 1921 James REID.

Doris Pretoria
married: 1921 Harold Andrew GAMBLE.

Jane Ethel Mary
married: 1922 Guiseppe LOCANTRO.

Josephine Shaw
married: 1922 Ernest Victor LEECH.

Florence Rosa Ann
married: 1923 henry Peterson BLACKWELL.

Doris Hannah
married: 1924 Albert Francis GIBB.

Dorothy Langham
married: 1924 Norman Thomas MCDONNELL.

married: 1924 William George PEARSON.

Mary Ann Elizabeth
married: 1926 Edward James CASS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WORRALL lines.

JN 58321

WORRALL marriages (males) 1908-1930 Victoria Australia

WORRALL marriages (males) 1908-1930 Victoria Australia.

WORRALL (males)

Ernest Edward
married: 1908 Amelia GARDINER.

Albert Victor
married: 1911 Alice Elizabeth MORRISON.

Godfrey Theodore
married: 1912 Lottie Victoria JONES.

Nicholas Thomas
married: 1912 Harriet Maud EWIN.

married: 1912 Ada Harris BIRCH.

Ernest Edward
married: 1913 Violet May SODERINGTON.

Joseph James
married: 1913 May MARTYN.

Harold Algernon
married: 1914 Lilian Mary HILLYER.

Norman Rewa
married: 1914 Isabel WRIGHT.

Stanley George Edward
married: 1914 Annie Elizabeth MEADE.

Edward Leslie
married: 1915 Charlotte FRASER.

Seth Hazelwood
married: 1915 Ella May TAPP.

John Joseph William
married: 1917 Ruby May JACKA.

Norman Francis
married: 1917 Ruby Estella MCLAUGHLIN.

married: 1919 Kathleen Dorothy WILKES.

Henry Gibbs
married: 1920 Alice RAY.

Vivian Reynolds
married: 1921 Elva Bessie SNELL.

Percy Theophilous
married: 1921 Gladys Ivy Myria HIGGINBOTTOM.

Edward William
married: 1922 Sadie Violet Jane PRITCHARD.

Edward John
married: 1922 Clarice Mary TOY.

Benjamin Leonard
married: 1922 Ethel May HENDERSON.

William James
married: 1922 Vera Evaline Gordon LOUDEN.

John Raymond
married: 1923 Eileen Emma COOK.

Nicholas Richard
married: 1923 Gladys Sophia LEASK.

Roland Theodore
married: 1924 Doris ida SCOTT.

Charles Stanley
married: 1926 Elsie May WRIGHT.

Arthur Ronald
married: 1928 Ethel Alice PASK.

John Louis
married: 1929 Maud Mary BETTERIDGE.

Stanley Seth
married: 1929 Clive Edith KERR.

David Thomas
married: 1929 Kathleen Zoe NORRIS.

William George
married: 1929 Lily Victoria CALDWELL.

John Horace
married: 1929 Elsie Irene WEST.

married: 1930 Madge SWEENEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WORRALL lines.

JN 58320

FRENCH marriages (females) 1866-1884 Victoria Australia

FRENCH marriages (females) 1866-1884 Victoria Australia.

FRENCH (females)

married: 1866 Samuel James RAIL.

Matilda Sarah Ann
married: 1866 John MILES.

married: 1867 Carl Hinerisch BRENT.

married: 1868 William HOLL.

Mary Sophia
married: 1870 George Ralph BLACKFORD.

married: 1870 Frederic John BRITTEN.

Sarah Ann
married: 1871 Alexander MILNE.

Annie Harriett
married: 1871 George MCDONALD.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1871 Samuel ROLPH.

Louisa Christina
married: 1873 John Stafford GUNN.

married: 1875 John ANDREW.

married: 1876 William JOSE.

Mary Jane
married: 1876 William FULLER.

Mary Jane
married: 1876 Robert CHALMERS.

Fanny Clara
married: 1876 Ranald CAMPBELL.

married: 1876 John James FOTHERGILL.

Helen Catherine
married: 1877 Edward ROWELL.

Mary Ann
married: 1880 Thomas GRANT.

Mary Ann
married: 1881 Edward WILLIAMSON.

Mary Jane
married: 1881 Arthur Alfred LESTER.

Mary Ann
married: 1882 James Thomas PASCOE.

married: 1882 Henry GIBBINS.

Susan Edna
married: 1883 Benjamin FALL.

Alice Ann
married: 1883 Ralph Herbert William TAYLOR.

Mary Ann
married: 1883 William MCINTYRE.

married: 1883 William PRIDEAUX.

Florence Alice
married: 1883 Frederick William FANKHAUSER.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1884 Cyrus BURLEY. (Registered 1886)

married: 1884 Ernest GARLEPP.

married: 1884 James Walbanke PAYNE.

married: 1884 William Henry WHITELY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the FRENCH lines.

JN 58318

FRENCH marriages (males) 1866-1884 Victoria Australia

FRENCH marriages (males) 1866-1884 Victoria Australia.

FRENCH (males)

married: 1866 Helen RAE.

married: 1866 Margaret WALSH.

married: 1866 Sarah DIXON.

Joseph Braddel
married: 1866 Hannah SHONEY.

married: 1867 Janet CALLANDER.

married: 1869 Mary Ann KENNY.

married: 1869 Lucy BAILEY.

married: 1871 Georgiana Sarah BAKER.

married: 1872 Jane KYLE.

married: 1874 Margaret J OCALLAGHAN.

William Thomas
married: 1876 Elizabeth Jane BARRENGER.

married: 1876 Isabella BASTICK.

married: 1877 Eliza Jane BRYSON.

married: 1877 Mary WOODS.

George Edwin
married: 1877 Elizabeth RAPESEY.

William Alfred
married: 1877 Ellen Susan WEST.

Michael Henry
married: 1877 Annie LEMIS.

James Henry
married: 1878 Mary Ann CHARLESWORTH.

Henry William
married: 1879 Eliza Wright POLLOCK.

Frederick Edward
married: 1879 Sarah MITCHELL.

Edwin John
married: 1881 Ellen GRIFFITHS.

married: 1881 Ellen OSULLIVAN.

married: 1881 Joseph RAPSEY.

William Perkins
married: 1882 Jessie Foster Anderson WYLES.

married: 1882 Charlotte Sabina HARPER.

Henry Reginald
married: 1882 Ellen MASON.

Benjamin Matthew
married: 1882 Frances Maria LANE.

married: 1883 Sarah Ann MATHER.

Thomas Henry
married: 1883 Elizabeth Ann BANNERMAN.

Edward Person
married: 1884 Frances Amelia Silve PHILLIPS.

married: 1884 Mary Ann LODDINGTON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the FRENCH lines.

JN 58316

HOBAN marriages 1855-1897 Victoria Australia

HOBAN marriages 1855-1897 Victoria Australia.

HOBAN (males)

married: 1855 Catherine BUTLER.

married: 1863 Catherine CAHILL.

married: 1863 Margaret BYRNE.

married: 1869 Margaret MCDONALD.

married: 1869 Bridget ROUGHAN. (Registered 1891)

married: 1871 Mary Jane HOWARD.

Patrick Joseph
married: 1878 Sarah DARCY.

Joseph Michael
married: 1888 Mary Ann BAWDEN.

Michael Lawrence
married: 1888 Martha Frances FORDE.

Samuel John
married: 1892 Martha Annie YOUNG.

married: 1896 Elizabeth MOORE.

Thomas Andrew
married: 1896 Theresa Mary MULLAVEY.

HOBAN (females)

married: 1858 Henry Charles Warre EKINS.

married: 1859 Thomas ORKNEY.

married: 1860 Daniel DONELLY.

married: 1863 John FALVY.

Mary Ann
married: 1864 Robert DUNCAN.

married: 1871 Patrick SULLIVAN.

married: 1877 Thomas Segars MANNING.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1882 Edward WALSH.

Mary Ann
married: 1883 Eli Cuttance LUKEIS.

Emma Jane
married: 1885 Alfred Herbert GURNER.

married: 1888 Donald MCNEIL.

married: 1890 Patrick MOORE.

Alice Mary
married: 1891 Robert Owen COLLINS.

married: 1891 James BENTON.

married: 1892 Thomas RYAN.

married: 1896 Joseph UNTHANK.

Catherine Christina
married: 1897 John Joseph BINCHAM.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HOBAN lines.

JN 58307

WORRALL marriages (females) 1855-1900 Victoria Australia

WORRALL marriages (females) 1855-1900 Victoria Australia.

WORRALL (females)

married: 1855 Arbut BROWN.

Mary Anne
married: 1862 John BENNETT.

Eliza Jane
married: 1867 Alfred RIPPER.

married: 1873 William WILLIAMS.

married: 1874 John Middleton CAMPBELL.

Mary Sleigh
married: 1874 Robert TEEK.

Mary Jane
married: 1875 Archibald KIRK.

Julia Ann
married: 1879 John JAMES.

Marion Amelia
married: 1879 Francis Charles Watson WOOD.

Laura Sarah Sleigh
married: 1882 John HALL.

Amy Clara Hazelwood
married: 1882 William HALL.

Genneffer Edwards
married: 1883 Jacob WOOD.

Catherine Emma Sethina
married: 1884 Thomas Richards ANDREWS.

married: 1884 Patrick Henry WALSH.

married: 1887 John HALL.

Carol Hannah
married: 1887 Thomas Birks HORNBY.

Hannah Elizabeth
married: 1888 Samson JULIAN.

Kate Maud
married: 1889 James Henry HALL.

married: 1890 Walter John ANDREWS.

Frances Alice
married: 1891 John Thomas RICKARD.

Amelia Ann
married: 1892 Thomas Ebenazer CASTLES.

Ada Sophia
married: 1894 Ernest Percival HALLAM.

Lillian May
married: 1894 William Henry GUEST.

married: 1895 Robert William DUNN.

married: 1896 James Robert WILLIAMS.

married: 1896 John Cecil BAKER.

Mary Ann
married: 1897 John Percy JONES.

Mary Anne Carol
married: 1897 John BULL.

married: 1898 Marius Auguste RIVIERE.

married: 1898 Francis Brown ROCHE.

Edith Adeline Australia
married: 1900 William Valdis RAYMOND.

Fanny Maria
married: 1900 Arthur Edward BIDDELL.

married: 1900 William FROST.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WORRALL lines.

JN 58306

JURY marriages (females) 1860-1918 Victoria Australia

JURY marriages (females) 1860-1918 Victoria Australia.

JURY (females)

Mary Jane
married: 1860 Alfred JAMES.

Mina Elizabeth
married: 1872 Alfred MEYER.

Annie Jane
married: 1878 Henry Richard Thompson BURNS.

married: 1878 Henry UREN.

Emily Louisa
married: 1880 Charles Moss ROBERTS.

married: 1880 Charles Herbert DAWE.

Sarah Jane
married: 1880 John HIBBERT.

Cordelia Mary Adelaide
married: 1881 James MOYLAN.

Sarah Louisa
married: 1881 Nigle George RYE.

married: 1881 Harry BERTRAM.

married: 1884 Samuel ROWE.

married: 1884 Charles GOLD.

married: 1885 Thomas ORSBAN.

Fanny Matilda
married: 1887 Thomas SPENCE.

married: 1893 James JOHNSON.

married: 1895 Daniel REDFERN.

Mary Ann
married: 1895 James Heyworth POOLEY.

married: 1896 Peter MCINDOE.

married: 1898 Joseph Shield JAMIESON.

Martha Edith
married: 1900 Thomas Edward SMITH.

married: 1901 Louis Charles FINK.

Annie Louisa
married: 1905 Joseph Coulverhouse KNIGHT.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1905 Thomas Henry JONES.

Estella Daisy
married: 1911 Harock James PIRANI.

Florence Devina
married: 1912 Henry Frederick Neil MCLEOD.

Mary Emily
married: 1912 Sydney Gordon CRACKEN.

Elsie May
married: 1913 Alfred William James THORNTON.

Lily Amelia
married: 1913 Alfred James BANNISTER.

Vera Liln
married: 1914 Walter Stephen FINN.

Eileen Gerte
married: 1918 Douglas MIDGLEY.

Ivy May
married: 1918 Robert BROWN.

Stella Irene Elizabeth
married: 1918 James William CHANDLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the JURY lines.

JN 58304