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BEAVIS marriages (males) 1889-1920 Victoria Australia

BEAVIS marriages (males) 1889-1920 Victoria Australia.

BEAVIS (males)

married: 1889 Clara May PETERS.

married: 1890 Catherine GLARE.

married: 1893 Rebecca MCKINNON.

married: 1894 Ann OOLL.

married: 1894 Elizabeth Ann BASTIN.

married: 1894 Anna FUHRMANN.

Charles Robert
married: 1895 Mary Elizabeth ROGERS.

Stewart Stanford
married: 1898 Sarah SMITH.

married: 1900 Annie Louise GROUX.

married: 1901 Jessie Isabel MILLAR.

married: 1902 Mary ANDERSON.

married: 1905 Lucy BLACKBORNE.

Edward Alfred
married: 1906 Mary Elizabeth SCHULZ.

married: 1906 Therza May BUCK.

William Charles
married: 1906 Eliza DRIVER.

married: 1907 Margaret MONK.

Allan Douglas
married: 1909 Elsie Margaret Luciana STAFFORD.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1909 Ellen Grace FLANAGAN.

George Henry
married: 1909 Rebecca NEWTON.

married: 1911 Annie KEATING.

married: 1911 Elizabeth ATKINS.

George Callum
married: 1912 Mary Ann JOLLY.

married: 1912 Emma Alice HOLMES.

William Henry
married: 1912 Lena MOORE.

Leonard Victor
married: 1913 Louisa HONEYSETT.

married: 1914 Fanny RALLS.

Richard Otto
married: 1915 Evelyn Bertha JACKSON.

married: 1916 Eva Emma Jane GRIFFIN.

married: 1917 Bridget MURPHY.

married: 1918 Agnes HOGGAN.

William Walter
married: 1918 Mary HUNTER.

Gordon Campbell
married: 1919 Elsie Erika GUNDERSON.

Frank Lewis
married: 1920 Alma Louisa MCNICOL.

George Clarence
married: 1920 Harriet May PEVITT.

Reginald Charles
married: 1920 Emily Agnes CHAPMAN.

Walter John
married: 1920 Mary HOLIAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEAVIS lines.

JN 60094

BEAVIS marriages (females) 1889-1920 Victoria Australia

BEAVIS marriages (females) 1889-1920 Victoria Australia.

BEAVIS (females)

married: 1889 Alexander BEVERIDGE.

married: 1890 William TREWWEN.

Phoebe Francescia
married: 1890 Charles BREAR.

married: 1891 William Hamilton HEAD.

married: 1892 Peter WILKINSON.

Carol Annie
married: 1893 John William ROGERS.

married: 1894 William VERDON.

Frances Jane
married: 1894 George Edward BOTTOMLEY.

Ada Louisa
married: 1896 Walter James HEATH.

Amelia Elizabeth Millett
married: 1899 William John HICKS.

Charlotte Elizabeth
married: 1901 Francis Wilson BEST.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1901 Charles Robert BROWNLAW.

married: 1901 William Christopher RIDDLE.

married: 1903 Herbert Charles PLUMMER.

Ellen Elizabeth
married: 1905 Anthony William BARNS.

Alice May
married: 1906 John HUTCHINS.

Julia Ann
married: 1908 William Michael THOMAS.

Edith May
married: 1909 Frederick Gordon WILLOUGHBY.

Ellen Jane
married: 1909 Richard Henry BOWDEN.

married: 1909 Frank WILLIS.

Isabella Louisa
married: 1910 Philip Augustus GREENAWAY.

Louisa Rachel Trevoniar
married: 1910 Albert James Bowden JONES.

Ella Mary
married: 1913 John Northcart WALSH.

married: 1914 Peter REILLY.

married: 1915 Ernest George UPTON.

Mary Maud
married: 1917 Thomas COWLAND.

Charlotte Marion
married: 1918 William George COWLAND.

married: 1919 Charles Luke Vail BOLTON.

Charlotte Elizabeth
married: 1920 Norman Arthur John DUSTING.

married: 1920 Ernest Joshua SMITH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEAVIS lines.

JN 60090

KEAST marriages 1910-1929 Victoria Australia

KEAST marriages 1910-1929 Victoria Australia.

KEAST (males)

Harold Harcourt
married: 1915 Carol Alberta MARSHALL.

Eustace Edgar
married: 1917 Elsie May BECK.

Hector Melbourne
married: 1918 Elsie Emma WEAVELL.

Thomas Walter
married: 1919 Annie Myrtle BROOKER.

William Stanley
married: 1919 Madge COHEN.

Edwin Somerville
married: 1922 Alice Jane PENNA.

Raymond Fairbairn
married: 1925 Amy Louise KING.

Henry Wherm
married: 1927 Isabela MCCAMISH.

Albert Ernest
married: 1928 Edith Ann Elizabeth WAIGHT.

James Alfred
married: 1928 Catherine Jane MIDDLING.

married: 1929 Evelyn Millicent MILLS.

KEAST (females)

Celia Mabel
married: 1910 Alfred Ernest PHILLIPS.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1910 Andrew WILLIAMS.

Alice Clara
married: 1913 Alfred Gardiner SUMMERFIELD.

Mary Pearl
married: 1913 Alfred George BATH.

Eva Catherine
married: 1915 Thomas ELLIS.

Lillian Ruth
married: 1915 Charles Challenger BANES.

married: 1917 Richard Wilibald BERTUCK.

Elsie Victoria
married: 1918 Herbert ABRAHAMS.

Eliza May
married: 1919 John Bradbury SPARKES.

Florence Maud
married: 1919 Thomas Henry SHEPHERD.

Kathleen Mary
married: 1919 Craig Roy CROSBIE.

Liln Maude
married: 1920 Sydney CLELAND.

Victoria Jane
married: 1920 Sidney Buckton SYKES.

Elsie Edith
married: 1921 Robert Howlison BARON.

Elsie Mavis
married: 1922 Arthur Norman TONG.

Eva Catherine
married: 1924 Louis Frederick PONSFORD.

Mary Catherine
married: 1925 Joseph OKELLY.

Louise Agnes
married: 1925 John Arthur TOBIN.

Jessie Mabel
married: 1926 Allan BALLANTYNE.

Sylvia Carol
married: 1926 Gordon Albert FOOTE.

Dorothy Irene
married: 1927 Les Clement PEARSE.

Ivy Theresa
married: 1927 Neville Alphonson Kenneth OKEEFFE.

Alice Lillian
married: 1927 William Henry FAULKHEAD.

married: 1928 Donald CRAWFORD.

Vera May
married: 1929 Harry ROBERTS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KEAST lines.

JN 60083

GRENFELL marriages (males) 1851-1900 Victoria Australia

GRENFELL marriages (males) 1851-1900 Victoria Australia.

GRENFELL (males)

married: 1851 Sarah BUSH.

married: 1855 Annie E LANDER.

married: 1855 Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

married: 1858 Elizabeth Ann HYLTON.

Thomas Pascoe
married: 1863 Georgina STEVENS.

married: 1864 Bridget LYNCH.

William Henry
married: 1868 Kate RYAN.

married: 1868 Mary Ann BENNETTS.

married: 1868 Christiana WILLIAMS.

William Henry
married: 1868 Mary Jane ENGLISH.

Thomas Henry
married: 1871 Marianne Elizabeth HOOPER. (Registered 1872)

married: 1876 Theresa Mary BOOTH.

Hugh Bennetts
married: 1877 Emily JAMES.

married: 1878 Charlotte Annie PASCOE.

William Henry
married: 1878 Eliza PARKS.

married: 1878 Elizabeth Ann MERCER.

married: 1880 Catherine NEWTON.

married: 1880 Mary Jane BOLITHO.

married: 1880 Maria THRESHER.

married: 1883 Martha Jane MILL.

Thomas Richards
married: 1883 Julia CLANCY.

William White
married: 1883 Rebecca GROSE.

married: 1885 Janie BLUETT.

married: 1886 Caroline DAVEY.

married: 1886 Jane VISSER.

married: 1887 Mary Ann PARKES.

married: 1888 Matilda Emma WEBB.

William Thomas
married: 1891 Emily KEEN.

Alfred William
married: 1895 Rhoda Nowl TROTMAN.

James Henry
married: 1896 Philemena BETTIE.

Joseph Robert Martin
married: 1897 ada Mary Ellen GALLAGHER.

Raymond Frederick
married: 1898 Mary Ann Pearse CADDY.

Ernest William
married: 1898 Ethel Helena WOOD.

married: 1898 Nanney GUY.

Thomas Pascoe
married: 1898 Alice Maud WALKER.

John Thomas
married: 1899 Catherine MOWATT.

Thomas Henry
married: 1900 Emelie Jane ADAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GRENFELL linbes.

JN 60077

GRENFELL marriages (females) 1852-1900 Victoria Australia

GRENFELL marriages (females) 1852-1900 Victoria Australia.

GRENFELL (females)

married: 1852 John VINECOMBE.

married: 1863 Richard RUSSELL.

married: 1863 Thomas BONDS.

married: 1863 William THOMAS.

Margaret Jane
married: 1869 Thomas DUNSTAN.

married: 1869 Thomas HOCKING.

married: 1876 William Henry RICHARDS.

Martrha Ann
married: 1876 Joseph HOCKING.

married: 1877 Matthew OSBORN.

Nancy Laura
married: 1878 John CHENEY.

Nanny Hattam
married: 1880 James Edward PAYNE.

married: 1881 William Henry ANDREWS.

married: 1881 Frederick BARRELL.

married: 1883 Thomas VEAL.

married: 1885 Jean Baptiste LENOIR.

married: 1885 Angus BETHUNE.

Mary Trezise
married: 1886 Edward Charles MCCARTHY.

married: 1887 William Henry SMITH.

Emily Jane
married: 1887 Archibald MCDONALD.

married: 1888 William Henry CHEGWIN.

married: 1890 James COYLE.

Charlotte Annie
married: 1890 Joseph Whitaker WATTERSON.

Jemima Valonia
married: 1890 Joseph ROBBINS.

Nellie Beaufort
married: 1893 Frederick William ZERCHO.

Theresa Patience
married: 1893 Henry REED.

married: 1895 Richard John BENNETTS.

Vida Amelia
married: 1895 Alexander William DUNKINSON.

Eliza Jane
married: 1897 Thomas John SKEWS.

Gina Eliza
married: 1897 Charles Thomas FISHER.

married: 1898 Ernest Albert YOUNG.

Agnes Constance
married: 1899 Charles Price WHITNEY.

Frances Ada Susan
married: 1899 John William Robert HATCHARD.

married: 1899 Thomas ELLIS.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1900 Albert Henry TURNER.

Edith Maria
married: 1900 Arthur SHAW.

married: 1900 William John RODDA.

Margaret Jane Sparks
married: 1900 William Francis ANSTIS.

married: 1900 Arthur William ARMSTRONG.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others resaerching the GRENFELL lines.

JN 60076

TURTON marriages 1854-1907 Victoria Australia

TURTON marriages 1854-1907 Victoria Australia.

TURTON (males)

married: 1859 Caroline KITSON.

married: 1862 Hanorah TULLY.

married: 1864 Margaret SKINNER.

married: 1866 Ann QUINBLAN.

William Botham
married: 1874 Lucy Elizabeth SMITH.

Stephen Benjamin
married: 1875 Sarah Ellen LAMPIER.

married: 1886 Susan QUICK.

Frederick William
married: 1888 Margaret Mary SCOTT.

Alfred George
married: 1890 Laura BARWICK.

married: 1893 Alexandra PEARSON.

Harry Thomas
married: 1894 Agnes Elizabeth THOMAS.

William Botham
married: 1897 Helena Gwendoline STANBROUGH.

Abel Heyde
married: 1902 Hannah Elizabeth RICHARDSON.

Charles William
married: 1902 Carol GRIBBLE.

George Harry William
married: 1903 Charlotte Matilda POTTLE.

George Henderson
married: 1906 Annie Blanche LUTTRELL.

Stephen William Frederick
married: 1907 Edith May ARCHER.

TURTON (females)

married: 1854 John Goodman SIMKINS.

married: 1855 John PICKLES.

married: 1866 Joseph ROBERTS.

Mary Jane
married: 1868 Samuel HORNBY.

married: 1868 Luke HARVEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1871 William John MITCHELL.

married: 1878 William ADAMSON.

married: 18798 Nathaniel DISMORR.

married: 1888 Alexander LEITCH.

married: 1888 Frederick Walter RICH.

married: 1889 William KILLINGBECK.

Sarah Maria
married: 1889 David CURRIE.

married: 1890 Richard ANDERSON.

Martha Annie
married: 1891 Walter Henry SMITH.

Margaret Eleanor
married: 1892 Edward Harold GRIFFITH.

Harriet Mary
married: 1893 John Thomas Hill GOODWIN.

married: 1896 Thomas Joseph CAHIR.

Sarah Louisa
married: 1898 Timy OLEARY.

Margaret Louisa
married: 1899 William RANKIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TURTON linrs.

JN 60059

CHEYNE marriages 1909-1942 Victoria Australia

CHEYNE marriages 1909-1942 Victortia Australia.

CHEYNE (males)

Daniel Joseph
married: 1913 Ethel May NIXON.

Andrew Jeremiah
married: 1915 Jane DOUGLAS.

married: 1921 Florence Chapion HALL.

Alexander Sydney
married: 1926 Julia Josephine PEARSON.

Edgar James
married: 1926 Lillie Margaret TAYLOR.

Athur Middleton
married: 1926 Marjorie Jean WALSH.

Cyril Alexander
married: 1927 Isbla Victoria COOK.

Ernest Hugh
married: 1930 Ellen Lucy DERRICK.

Leslie Marcartney
married: 1931 Boreen Mary GRIST.

Daniel Herbert
married: 1937 Hilda Mary ROBERTS.

John William
married: 1939 Emilie Rita BRICE.

George Johnston
married: 1940 Jessie MORLEY.

Bruce Lionel
married: 1942 Joan Margaret HAIGH.

CHEYNE (females)

Elizabeth Aremore
married: 1909 William Hallet THOMAS.

Violet Barbara
married: 1909 Albert Edward OATEN.

Lillian Maud
married: 1912 Alexander Livingstone MCPHERSON.

Daisy Agnette
married: 1914 John Lincoln SHERMAN.

Ida Alice
married: 1914 James BLACKLEDGE.

married: 1919 Reginald Christopher BAULCH.

married: 1921 Murray WESTON.

Veronica Sarah
married: 1923 Lawrence WARSH.

Margaret Christina
married: 1923 Harry Linwood ROBERTS.

Janet Susan
married: 1925 Frederick Walter PICKLES.

Mary Alice
married: 1925 William Matthew Hector PICKLES.

Hilda Margaret
married: 1927 Norman Arthur JAMES.

Elsie May
married: 1930 Adam Gordon MUNDY.

Dorothy Joan Findlay
married: 1931 William BRYANT.

Isbla Hilda
married: 1935 James Henry BROAD.

Fotter May
married: 1936 Stanley Malcolm MCCANN.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1937 Alexander Oswald STEWART.

Elizabeth Johnston
married: 1942 John HERCUS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CHEYNE lines.

JN 60056

BARTRAM marriages 1856-1940 Victoria Australia

BARTRAM marriages 1856-1940 Victoria Australia.

BARTRAM (males)

married: 1869 Elizabeth Ann WHITE.

Cubitt Engall
married: 1878 Hannah Phoebe COLE.

George Andrew
married: 1878 Isabella SHANDS.

Haworth William
married: 1879 Edith Mary HOPE.

John George
married: 1884 Elizabeth Jane NESBITT.

married: 1890 Mary DOYLE.

Frederick Notley
married: 1892 Alice Maud Mary MULLINS.

Reginald Percy
married: 1905 Lucie Mary BOUGHTON.

Theopilus Charles Cubitt
married: 1907 Maria Victoria WALDRON.

Benjamin Edgar Engall
married: 1915 Marion Ethelwyn CATTERALL.

Cyril George
married: 1916 Eliza MacGregor MURRAY.

Roy Douglas
married: 1916 Dora LAVERS.

married: 1920 Eileen Cassie HUNTER.

married: 1921 Alice Henrietta BENNETT.

Cliff Nicholls
married: 1924 Floris Agnes BEAUMONT.

Cecil Edward
married: 1927 Robina Watson TAYLOR.

Ralph James
married: 1927 Ruby Ellis HOSKING.

James Rousley Oswald
married: 1930 Adelaide Beatrice JOHNSTON.

married: 1934 Pauline Ada Minnie MCMAHON.

BARTRAM (females)

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1856 William Thomas SYMONS.

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1862 John Price JONES.

married: 1862 Erasmus Pascoe LAMBRICK.

married: 1873 Andrew MILLER.

Eliza Jane
married: 1878 John KROUSE.

Eveline Elizabeth
married: 1897 Alfred Henry KELLS.

Bertha Emily
married: 1904 Albert LADE.

Melinda Beatrice
married: 1910 Walton Hood READ.

Evelyn Constance
married: 1914 William DINGEY.

Ivy Violet
married: 1916 William Errington DOUGLAS.

Rita Beryl
married: 1918 George Francis Earle HOSKING.

Dora Ada
married: 1919 Archibald HUSTLER.

Ruby Merle
married: 1922 Roy Nicholas SUTHERLAND.

Thelma Mavis
married: 1924 Stephen John MCLENNAN.

Ethel Muriel
married: 1924 John Lloyd WILLIAMS.

Clarice Edna
married: 1924 Jacob Bernard HOLLOLE.

Louisa Mary
married: 1930 Edward Llewellyn TROTT.

Gertrude Beatrice
married: 1931 William Malcolm CARTER.

Essie Jean
married: 1934 Geoffrey Edgar DOWTY.

Edith Grace
married: 1938 Wilfred Colwell WATKINS.

Doris Marion
married: 1938 Ronald MOORE.

Gwendoline May Davis
married: 1940 Stanley Wentworth STOUT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BARTRAM lines.

JN 60051

SPOONER marriages 1889-1910 Victoria Australia

SPOONER marriages 1889-1910 Victoria Australia.

SPOONER (males)

married: 1889 Emma Whittacker STANNARD.

William Leonard
married: 1890 Mary Isabella MORTON.

Benjamin Aldridge
married: 1891 Carol WITTINGSLOW.

Charles Joseph
married: 1891 Hannah Isabel COX.

married: 1891 Mary Jane NICHOLAN.

James Samuel
married: 1892 Annie DAWSON.

married: 1893 Sarah DOHERTY.

Matthew Robert
married: 1895 Mary Jane WATSON.

Henry George
married: 1897 Annie MCNULTY.

married: 1897 Jessie LEWIS.

Thomas Hampton
married: 1898 Annie Marion FOSTER.

Arthur Murray
married: 1900 Josephine REVIE.

Charles Henry
married: 1902 Emily Blanche BENNET.

Arthur Richard
married: 1903 Florence EDWARDS.

married: 1903 Jean Chandler PITKETHLY.

married: 1903 Mary CRAWLEY.

John Henry
married: 1904 Annie RUNDELL.

Arthur Robert
married: 1905 Mary Rose TURNER.

married: 1908 Mary Louisa ABRAHAM.

John Alfred
married: 1908 Lucy BLACKMAN.

married: 1908 Sarah Cecilia JOHANSEN.

William Virgo Joseph
married: 1908 Annie BRAY.

Lucius William Harold
married: 1909 Olvette Amy DEERING.

SPOONER (females)

married: 1889 Howard Arthur LAKEMAN.

married: 1890 Francis Melville TULLOCH.

married: 1890 Charles Joseph MONK.

married: 1891 Christian SCEGER.

married: 1894 James WOOTTON.

Blanche Edmonds
married: 1896 Alexander Todd BAYNE.

Susannah Elliott
married: 1898 Frederick John CANNING.

Harriet ada
married: 1900 Henry Allen FLITTON.

Amelia Elizabeth Beatrice
married: 1903 Charles George KENSHOLE.

married: 1905 Octavius Meredyth BOYS.

married: 1908 James Russell PARTRIDGE.

Mary Martinnel
married: 1908 John Leslie NIELD.

Eleane Skottowe Barbara
married: 1909 David John STERN.

Julia Isabel
married: 1909 Richard Owen OWENS.

May russell
married: 1909 Walter Edwin ANDERSON.

Hilda Blanche
married: 1910 Ernest Norman Basil BELLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOONER lines.

JN 60042

WILLSON marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia

WILLSON marriages 1901-1942 Victoria Australia.

WILLSON (males)

Arthur Hamilton
married: 1901 Charlotte Putt COURT.

Percival John
married: 1902 Annie Elizabeth VAUGHAN.

Edgar Bertram
married: 1908 Mary HOLLAND.

Frank Clement
married: 1911 Winifred Ethel CHIGWIDDEN.

Arthur Charles
married: 1912 Pearl Florence Violet ROGERS.

Wilfred Edmund
married: 1914 Sylvia Blanche HODGENS.

Harold Leonard
married: 1915 Violet MANNING.

married: 1916 Margery Vallack GRAY.

William Henry John
married: 1917 Melinda Agnes CROWE.

Clifton John
married: 1920 Winifred Jessie MILLER.

married: 1920 Violet Ivy NORTON.

Albert Everest
married: 1921 Janet Ada Eliza FRENCH.

Arthur Kellog
married: 1926 Sarah Jane Hayes CLEGG.

Clarence Adolphus
married: 1926 Thelma Robina SPIDEN.

Stanley Fletcher
married: 1936 Alice Mary CONLAN.

Edgar Bertram
married: 1940 Doris May MULCAHY.

married: 1942 Carmel CONWAY.

WILLSON (females)

Ethel Maude
married: 1904 Austin Charles RIMINGTON.

Wilamina Waugh
married: 1905 John BROWN.

Helen Termot
married: 1909 Donald FERGUSON.

Winifred Agnes
married: 1916 Albert William Baird FAWCETT.

Myrtle Iris
married: 1920 Cecil Vincent GOUGH.

Muriel Gwen
married: 1929 William David MAIR.

Dorothy Ada
married: 1934 Kenneth Liddle KING.

Gleniris Ada
married: 1934 Norman George NICOL.

Ruby Edna
married: 1934 Francis James KING.

Lois Loveday
married: 1936 Edward Spencer MONTGOMERY.

married: 1939 Norman William HARROP.

Olga Daphne
married: 1940 Horace WARD.

Silby Isabel
married: 1941 Ian Arnold MCLACHLAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WILLSON lines.

JN 60036