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ANDERSON John married Adeline SMITH 1909

Information & Research Journal.

John ANDERSON and Adeline Jessie SMITH
were married in Victoria in 1909.

John's death not located.

Adeline died 1951 in Hopetoun, Victoria, aged 64 years.
Parents named as William Henry SMITH and Charlotte Ann GOLDING.

Five children located Victorian records for John and Adeline.


Clifford Harfull ANDERSON.
Born: 1910 Sea Lake, Victoria.
Died: 1975 Hopetoun, Victoria, aged 64 years.


Emma Charlotte ANDERSON.
Born: 1912 Sea Lake, Victoria.
Died: -


John William ANDERSON.
Born: 1914 Sea Lake, Victoria.
Died: -


Arthur James Justin ANDERSON.
Born: 1917 Sea Lake, Victoria.
Died: -


Laura Jean ANDERSON.
Born: 1918 Sea Lake, Victoria.
Died: 1968 portland, Victoria, aged 49 years.
Married: unknown LIEBELT.
Year: -
Place: -


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

GOLDING marriages 1849-1869 Victoria Australia.

GOLDING marriages 1849-1869 Victoria Australia.

GOLDING (males)

James Summer
married: 1850 Mary ONEIL.

married: 1854 Ellen WILLIAMS.

married: 1856 Eliza RODDA.

married: 1859 Janet MCGREGOR.

William King
married: 1860 Louisa Frances THOMSON.

married: 1860 Sarah KNOWLES.

married: 1863 Eliza CARTY.

William John
married: 1865 Ellen CURTIN.

married: 1865 Ann BOYES.

married: 1868 Ellen OROURKE.

married: 1869 Sarah BRAYBROOK.

GOLDING (females)

married: 1849 Alexander BISHOP.

married: 1856 Frederick Richard GWYNNE.

married: 1856 Henry PRIMMER.

married: 1857 Charles MOODY.

married: 1863 William SMITH.

married: 1865 John BAKER.

Mary Ann
married: 1869 Alexander HASTINGS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GOLDING lines.

JN 29581

GOLDING George married Bridget OBRIEN 1856

Information Journal.

Groom: George John GOLDING.

Bride: Bridget Mary OBRIEN.

Date married: 23 April 1856.
Place: Catholic Church, Westbury, Tasmania.

George died 1903 in Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents recorded as John GOLDING and Charlotte CASSIDY.

Bridget died 1932 in Goroke, Victoria.
Age: 91 years.
Father recorded as unknown OBRIEN. Mother unknown.

Seven children located Victorian records for George and Bridget.


Catherine GOLDING.
Born: circa 1860, Tasmania.(Birth not located)
Died: 1934 Manangatang, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.

Married: John WEBSTER.
Year: 1882.
Place: Victoria.

See Post: WEBSTER John married Catherine GOLDING 1882


Harriett GOLDING.
Born: circa 1865, Tasmania. (Birth not located)
Died: 1929 Garoke, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.


Born: circa 1868, Tasmania. (Birth not located)
Died: 1932 Woomalang, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.

Married: unknown JONES.
Year: -
Place: -


John Francis GOLDING.
Born: 1873 Casterton, Victoria.
Birth recorded as John Flurrence GOLDING.
Died: 1949 Ouyen, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Married: Sarah Ann Banner MCCONKEY.
Year: 1900.
Place: Victoria.


George Garton GOLDING.
Born: 1875 Casterton, Victoria.
Died: -


Charles Justine GOLDING.
Born: circa 1877. (Birth not located)
Died: 1958 Manangatang, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.


Herbert Henry GOLDING.
Born: 1883 Chetwynd, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Horsham, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.
Death recorded as Harold Herbert GOLDING.

Another possible child for George and Bridget is Charlotte, married to William Henry SMITH in 1879.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

My thanks to familytreecircle member 'Lynniegirl' for the marriage details for George and Bridget appearing in red script.

Updated 05 December 2011.

JN 29580

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SMITH William married Charlotte GOLDING 1879

Information & Research Journal.

William Henry SMITH (born Heywood) and Charlotte GOLDING (born Tasmania)
were married in Victoria in 1879.

Eight children located Victoria and New South Wales records for William and Charlotte.


Albert SMITH.
Born: 1880 Chetwynd, Victoria.
Died: -


William Henry SMITH.
Born: 1882 Chetwynd, Victoria.
Died: -


Charlotte Ann SMITH.
Born: 1884 Chetwynd, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Sea Lake, Victoria, aged 47 years.
Married: unknown WINDERLICK.
Year: -
Place: -


Adeline Jessie SMITH.
Born: 1886 Chetwynd, Victoria.
Died: 1951 Hopetoun, Victoria, aged 64 years.
Married: John ANDERSON.
Year: 1909.
Place: Victoria.
See Post: John ANDERSON married Adeline SMITH 1909.


Catherine M SMITH.
Born: 1888 Hay, New South Wales.
Died: -


Sydney John SMITH.
Born: 1890 Hay, New South Wales.
Died: 1964 Stawell, Victoria, aged 74 years.


Justin Charles E SMITH.
Born: 1892 Hay, New South Wales.
Died: 1962 Bendigo, Victoria, aged 70 years.


Ashwell Arthur SMITH.
Born: 1894 Hay, New South Wales.
Died: 1973 Wangaratta, Victoria, aged 79 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Registry of Births, New South Wales.

WEBSTER John married Catherine GOLDING 1882

Information & Research Journal.

John Thomas WEBSTER (born London) and Catherine GOLDING (born Tasmania) were married in Victoria in 1882.

John died 1906, Sea Lake, Victoria, aged 60 years. Parents recorded as Henry Matthew WEBSTER and Manry Ann unknown.

Possible death for Catherine is 1934 in Manangatang, Victoria, aged 74 years. Parents recorded as George GOLDING and Mary Bridget OBRIEN.

Five children located Victorian records for John and Catherine.


Mary Jane WEBSTER.
Born: 1884 Natimuk, Victoria.
Died: 1960 Elwood, Victoria, aged 76 years.
Married: Charles Henry OBRYAN.
Year: 1907.
Place: Victoria.


Eleanor Esther WEBSTER.
Born: 1887 Natimuk, Victoria.
Died: 1958 Brunswick, Victoria, aged 71 years.


Alexander John Thomas WEBSTER.
Born: 1890 Natimuk, Victoria.
Died: -


Allen John Thomas WEBSTER. *
Born: circa 1892. Birth not located.
Died: 1968 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 76 years.


Jessie Ann WEBSTER.
Born: 1893 Hopetoun, Victoria.
Died: 1979 Dandenong, Victoria, aged 85 years.
Married: Victor James CAMPBELL
Year: 1914.
Place: Victoria.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

Updated 31 December 2011.

* John's third given name recorded at death was Thomas. This was not recorded in my first journal.

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LAWTON marriages 1842-1882 Victoria Australia

LAWTON marriages 1842-1882 Victoria Australia.

LAWTON (males)

married: 1842 Mary ANCRUM.

married: 1874 Anne MCCARTHY.

John Allen
married: 1851 Sarah HIGGINS.

John Joshua
married: 1854 Ann STIRLING.

married: 1860 Sarah GREENWAY.

married: 1865 Mary Ann BERIGAN.

married: 1865 Sarah MERRITT.

married: 1867 Annie MCLEAN.

married: 1869 Susan MARSHALL.

Jonathan Joshua
married: 1869 Elizabeth WARING.

Thomas Edward
married: 1869 Isabella HYSLOP.

married: 1872 Mary FOGARTY.

married: 1872 Mary Ann SMITH.

married: 1872 Mary Ann SMITH.

married: 1874 Catherine FINLAY.

married: 1876 Annie Elizabeth SOMES.

married: 1876 Susannah WHYTE.

married: 1878 Eva SILBERBERG.

LAWTON (females)

married: 1853 William OSBORNE.

married: 1858 James MALONEY.

married: 1866 James Young.

married: 1874 John PERRY.

married: 1875 Thomas Fitzarthur SMYTH.

married: 1878 John Makenzie BALDOCK.

married: 1878 Stephen Laundy INGHAM.

married: 1878 Thomas BALDOCK.

married: 1879 William LEVERETT.

Julia Florence
married: 1881 Israel Lizer KNOPP.

Emily Lucy
married: 1882 Edward Arthur IRELAND.

Almey Eliza
married: 1882 James CRAWFORD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LAWTON lines.

JN 29571

PRIEST marriages 1841-1868 Victoria Australia

PRIEST marriages 1841-1868 Victoria Australia.

PRIEST marriages from the Victorian Marriage Index.
Collected while researching the PRIEST lines in Victoria.

PRIEST (males)

Martin - married Esther WHELAN 1841.

Alfred Peter - married Edith Coleman 1862.

Charles Henry - married Julia Matilda POWEL 1863.

Patrick - married Mary MCGENNIS 1864.

David - married Mary ROBINSON 1866.

John William - married Annie MAPLE 1867.

PRIEST (females)

Esther - married George MARSH 1859.

Emma - married James SCULLION 1859.

Ann Margaret - married William HEAD 1861.

Alice - married John LAMBERT 1862.

Ellen - married Henry BOUCHIER 1862.

Catherine - married Antonio DA MOTTA BASTO 1863. *

Catherine - married Antonio Goncalve BASTO 1863. *

Ellen - married John FLACK 1863.

Martha Annie - married Edwin Walter HARRISON 1864.

Margaret - married John HURLEY 1866.

Sarah - married Charles Hitchcock EASTON 1868.

* Same marriage registered a second time.

BALDOCK marriages 1852-1879 Victoria Australia

BALDOCK marriages 1852-1879 Victoria Australia.

BALDOCK (males)

married: Sarah FROST 1852.

William Henry
married: Sarah Jane PITT 1864.

married: Emma CORBY 1871.

Walliam Carey
married: Catherine BROWN 1872.

Christopher Godfray
married: Louisa Adelaide LOWES 1875.

Thomas William
married: Emily Jane THORNTON 1878.

John Mackenzie
married: Elizabeth LAWTON 1878.

married: Oreannah LAWTON 1878.

married: Jessie SORRINSON 1879.

BALDOCK (females)

married: Richard Stevenson CRAIG 1867.

married: George MORGAN 1872.

married: Friedrich WEBER 1875.

Charlotte Elizabeth Ryan
married: Samuel Walter HEYWOOD 1875.

Mary Ann
married: James Maxwell THOMPSON 1876.

Rose Ann
married: Thomas PRIEST 1878.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BALDOCK lines.

JN 29569

GARRARD marriages 1853-1920 Victoria Australia

GARRARD marriages 1853-1920 Victoria Australia.

GARRARD (males)

married: 1853 Harriet MANNING.

Hatrell Mellersh
married: 1854 Sophia PRESTON.

married: 1868 Ann Eliza OMULLANE.

married: 1869 Susannah ELLIS.

Charles Frederick
married: 1877 Jane SHERWEN.

Arthur George
married: 1881 Alice SHERREFF.

Walter Henry
married: 1885 Annie Violet ROBINSON.

married: 1887 Christina DUTHIE.

Charles Mellersh
married: 1889 Emily Millicent HAYES.

Albert Finchett
married: 1894 Oriana Mary Bracebridge WILSON.

George Frederick
married: 1899 Miriam PARKER.

John Alfred
married: 1900 Ellen Wilson WEIR.

Clifford Edgar
married: 1905 Lilian May NIXON.
NIXON also indexed under NISCON.

Stanley Charles
married: 1907 Enid Myra Merlyn ATKYUS.

married: 1908 Elizabeth LYONS.

John Alfred
married: 1911 Olive Charlotte TOLPUTT.

GARRARD (females)

married: 1858 Frederick CARTER.

married: 1864 Henry WHEELER.

married: 1866 John HUMPHREYS.

married: 1868 William EDWARDS.

married: 1881 Isaac George COOK.

Mary Ann Emma
married: 1883 George Alfred HARRISON.

Harriett Maude
married: 1887 George GOODFELLOW.

Mary Gertrude
married: 1895 Marshall FOX.

Lily Marion
married: 1897 John Henry BENNETT.

married: 1898 David TAYLOR.

married: 1909 Ernest Arthur BRUCE.

Harriet Alice
married: 1911 Charles MARFLEET.

Edith May
married: 1919 Thomas Gladstone DOWSLEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GARRARD lines.

JN 29525

MURRELL marriages 1853-1885 Victoria Australia

MURRELL marriages 1853-1885 Victoria Australia.

MURRELL (males)

William Lee
married: 1853 Mary Ann HUME.

married: 1855 Mary MAY.

married: 1857 Laura PATON.

married: 1861 Rosetta WILKS.

married: 1865 Jemima BALLS.

married: 1868 Ada Hannah SCOTT.

married: 1869 Mary RAMAGE.

married: 1872 Elizabeth REID.

married: 1874 Ann Rosamond NORTHILL.

married: 1875 Ann TAIT.

married: 1876 Rosetta WALKER.

married: 1877 Winifred COX.

William John
married: 1878 Hannah Ann JOHNSON.

John Barrett
married: 1879 Louisa Belton LANE.

married: 1882 Jane CARKEEK.

married: 1883 Alice Ann CARKEEK.

married: 1884 Laura HAWES.

Joseph William
married: 1885 Elizabeth GIBSON.

MURRELL (females)

Mary Ann Eliza
married: 1853 Thomas SYMES.

married: 1854 Henry SOLLY.

Margaret Ann
married: 1854 John HILES.

Sarah Ann
married: 1854 William SMITH.

Amelia Susannah
married: 1855 Frederick SPICER.

married: 1855 Andrew LEITCH.

married: 1867 Samuel TONKIN.

married: 1868 John BURNESS.

married: 1872 Abraham CHAPMAN.

married: 1873 Henry Thomas TICKNER.

married: 1874 William Henry Herbert EVANS.

married: 1875 Richard EAGLES.

Mary Ann
married: 1877 George LEWIS.

married: 1879 William Coggin CATO.

Sarah Jane
married: 1879 Alfred LANCASTER.

married: 1879 John Farrar HILES.

Mary Ann
married: 1884 John EASTLAKE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MURRELL lines.

JN 29523

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