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SPINKS William and Susanna WEBSTER

Information Journal.

William SPINKS and Susanna WEBSTER.

Marriage details not located at time of posting.

Possible death for William is 1913 in Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents not recorded.

Susanna died 1903 in Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Father recorded as Robert WEBSTER. Mother unknown.

Ten children located Victorian records for William and Susanna.


Edward SPINKS.
Born: 1854 Kildare, Victoria.
Died: 1921 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 67 years.


Robert William SPINKS.
Born: 1855 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1856 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 03 months.


Joseph SPINKS.
Born: 1858 Moolap, Victoria.
Died: 1937 Springvale, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: Carol TAYLOR.
Year: 1902.
Place: Victoria.


Cornelius SPINKS.
Born: 1861 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Ivanhoe, Victoria.
Age: 88 years.

Married: Sarah MCFEETERS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.


Mary Ann SPINKS.
Born: 1863 Indented Head, Victoria.
Died: 1945 Frankston, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Married: James Emmanuel RIDOUT.
Year: 1885.
Place: Victoria.


Rebecca SPINKS.
Born: 1866 Indented Head, Victoria.
Died: 1950 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.


Arthur William SPINKS.
Born: circa 1870. (Birth not located)
Died: 1942 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.


Frances Ann SPINKS.
Born: 1871 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.

Married: William PECK.
Year: 1901.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1873 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1873 Bellarine, Victoria.
Age: 17 days.


William Henry SPINKS.
Born: 1875 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1971 Wangaratta, Victoria.
Age: 96 years.

Married: Alice Zillah CROUCHER.
Year: 1905.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39043

SPINKS James and Miriam NIXON

Information Research Journal.

James SPINKS and Miriam NIXON.

Marriage details not located at time of posting.

James died 1915 in Leopold, Victoria.
Age: 93 years.
Parents named as Edward SPINKS and Hannah unknown.

Miriam (aka Myra) died 1901 in Kensington, Victoria,
Age: 77 years.
Father recorded as John NIXON. Mother unknown.

Eight children located Victorian records for James and Miriam.


Born: circa 1855 Norfolk.
Died: 1941 Geelong West, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.

Married: James Gordon YEOMAN.
Year: 1872.
Place: Victoria.


Hannah Amelia SPINKS.
Born: 1856 Moolap, Victoria.
Died: 1933 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Married: John ARMOUR.
Year: 1879.
Place: Victoria.

See Post: ARMOUR John married Hannah SPINKS 1879


Born: 1858 Moolap, Victoria.
Died: 1938 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Married: John Edward BRADY.
Year: 1891.
Place: Victoria.


Eliza Jane SPINKS.
Born: 1859 Moolap, Victoria.
Died 1946 Geelong West, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.

Married: Thomas ARMSTRONG.
Year: 1881.
Place: Victoria.


Ann Maria SPINKS.
Born: 1862 Kensington, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Colac, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.

Married: Charles Robert WILCOX.
Year: 1885.
Place: Victoria.


Miriam SPINKS.
Born: 1864 Moolap, Victoria.
Died: 1945 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Married: Henry Lorenzo DE LONGVILLE.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.

Henry died 1934 in Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as Lorenzo DE LONGVILLE and Sarah BAKER.


Rose Ann SPINKS. *
Born: 1867 Kensington, Victoria.
Died: 1943 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.


James Edward SPINKS. *
Born: 1867 Kensington, Victoria.
Died: 1943 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Married: Martha WILLIAMS.
Year: 1900.
Place: Victoria.

* Rose and James were twins.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39041

SPINKS William and Jane SCOULLER

Information Journal.

William SPINKS and Jane SCOULLER.

Marriage details not located at time of posting.

Jane died 1912 in Drouin, Victoria.
Age: 66 years.
Parents named as John SCOULLAR and Mary Ann GORDON.

Five children located Victorian records for William and Jane but there may be more.


Walter Charles SPINKS.
Born: 1882 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: -


Henry James SPINKS.
Born: 1884 Warrnambool, Victoria.
Died: 1891 Richmond, Victoria.
Aged: 07 years.


Emma Mary SPINKS.
Born: 1886 Warrnambool, Victoria.
Died: 1954 Macclesfield, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.

Married: Albert Ernest HERMAN.
Year: 1908.
Place: Victoria.


Joseph David SPINKS.
Born: 1888 Warrnambool, Victoria.
Died: 1900 Fitzroy South, Victoria.
Age: 12 years.


Arthur Brownrigg SPINKS.
Born: 1890 Collingwood, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Elwood, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.

Married: Arthur Joseph FOSTER.
Year: 1921.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39020

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SPINKS Albert married Mary PENNINGTON 1889

Information Journal.

Groom: Albert SPINKS.
Birth place: Given as Melbourne.

Bride: Mary Jane PENNINGTON.
Birth place: Given as Northcote.

Year married: 1889.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Albert died 1941 in Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as James SPINKS and Kate LENEAN.

Birth note.
Albert was born 1862 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Parents named as James SPINKS and Kate LENEAN.

Mary died 1946 in Malvern, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.
Parents named as James PENNINGTON and Elizabeth OCONNOR.

Birth note.
Mary was born 1860 in Northcote, Victoria.
Parents named as Edward PENNINGTON and Elizabeth OCONNOR.

Four children located Victorian records for Albert and Mary.


Albert James SPINKS.
Born: 1890 Carlton, Victopria.
Died: 1973 Mooroopna, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.


Elizabeth Mary SPINKS.
Born: 1892 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -


Gertrude Veronica SPINKS.
Born: 1895 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: William Newman MURPHY.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.


Leonard Joseph SPINKS.
Born: 1904 Carlton North, Victoria.
Died: 1982 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.

Married: Jessie Emily GIBSON.
Year: 1936.
Place: Victoria.

Jessie died 1973 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.
Parents named as Henry GIBSON and Jessie CHILD.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Mariages Victoria.

JN 39019

SPINKS Frederick married Helen ADAMSON 1869

Information Journal.

Groom: Frederick John SPINKS.
Bride: Helen Isabella ADAMSON.

Year married: 1869.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Frederick died 1890 in Heathcote, Victoria.
Age: 57 years.
Parents named as William SPINKS and Anna Matilda INGHAM.

Helen died 1892 in Heathcote, Victoria.
Age: 47 years.
Parents named as Walter ADAMSON and Helen DUNLOP.

Seven children located Victorian records for Frederick and Helen.


Helen Dunlop SPINKS.
Born: 1870 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1961 Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 90 years.

Married: Robert Ernest DAWSON.
Year: 1900.
Place: Victoria.


Mabel Isabel SPINKS.
Born: 1872 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1922 Frankston, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.


Ella Louisa SPINKS.
Born: 1873 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1954 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.


Frances Mary SPINKS.
Born: 1874 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1957 Brighton, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.


Charles Frederick SPINKS.
Born: 1875 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1960 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.

Married: Rose Helen ALGER.
Year: 1912.
Place: Victoria.

Rose died 1951 in Lismore, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Theodore ALGER and Rose Ann KEYS.


Walter Cyril SPINKS.
Born: 1877 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1881 Heathcote, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.


Arthur Ingham SPINKS.
Born: 1878 Heathcote, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Frankston, Victoria.
Age: 55 years.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39018

SPINKS William married Elizabeth BRADY 1889

Information Journal.

Groom: William Henry SPRINKS.
Birth place: Given as Windsor.

Bride: Elizabeth Margaret BRADY.
Birth place: Given as Rutherglen.

Year married: 1889.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

William's death not located at time of posting.

Elizabeth died 1958 in Hampton, Victoria.
Age: 95 years.
Parents recorded as Thomas W BRADY and Margaret CHAMBERLAIN.

Birth note.
Elizabeth was born 1863 in Rutherglen, Victoria.
Parents named as Thomas William BRADY and Margaret CHAMBERLAIN.

Six children located Victorian records for William and Elizabeth.


William SPINKS.
Born: 1890 Caulfield, Victoria.
Died: 1890 Caulfield, Victoria.
Age: 06 days.


Winifred Constance SPINKS.
Born: 1891 Elsternwick, Victoria.
Died: 1975 Rosebud, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.

Married: Sydney Thomas DOVEY.
Year: 1916.
Place: Victoria.


Lilian SPINKS.
Born: 1893 Elsternwick, Victoria.
Died: 1974 Hampton, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Married: Frederick William FISHER.
Year: 1916.
Place: Victoria.


Dorothy Beatrice SPINKS.
Born: 1894 Elsternwick, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: James Mason UPTON.
Year: 1918.
Place: Victoria.


Ruby Eleanor SPINKS.
Born: 1896 Elsternwick, Victoria.
Died: -


Eileen Ethel SPINKS.
Born: 1898 St Kilda, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Hoation GREENAWAY.
Year: 1921.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39006

KELSEY marriages 1861-1920 Victoria Australia

KELSEY marriages 1861-1920 Victoria Australia.

KELSEY (males)

married: 1863 Ellen GADFIELD.

married: 1868 Mary WELSH.

married: 1872 Anne MCLEOD.

married: 1876 Lucy Eliza TROTT.

married: 1881 Clara WILLIAMS.

Thomas Arthur
married: 1885 Ellen Gainey SLOMAN.

married: 1885 Harriet Priscilla WOODCOCK.

married: 1889 Flora Jane SHEPHERD.

married: 1889 Edith Ellen SCHUTT.

married: 1892 Agnes Mary WILSON.

married: 1895 Mary Ann GAY.

William Joseph
married: 1897 Ethel Agnes MIDDLETON.

married: 1901 Catherine SCHWARER.

John Arthur
married: 1902 Rachel MCRINDLE.

Albert John
married: 1904 Madge CHARLES.

married: 1905 Dulcie Maud Euphemia WILSON.

Walter Scott
married: 1906 Florence WILSON.

Arthur Frederick Woodwood
married: 1909 Jane FRASER.

Eustace Arthur
married: 1917 Nellie Elsie MCKAY.

George Leslie
married: 1918 Ann Roberts MORRIS.

Edward Boyd Wilson
married: 1920 Levella May HOGAN.

Paul Ernest
married: 1920 Lorna Winifred Lovat FRASER.

KELSEY (females)

married: 1861 William edward LONGUEHAYE.

married: 1878 William NEAL.

married: 1887 James Joseph NUGENT.

married: 1890 John TURNER.

married: 1900 Paul CROWE.

married: 1904 William MCGHEE.

Sarah Jane
married: 1904 Alonzo George Barkly BOARDMAN.

Lillian Alice Hannah
married: 1905 Alexander Lorie MILTON.

Mary Ann
married: 1912 William Peter JONES.

Gertrude Muriel
married: 1920 Claude Eustrace Collyer ROLFE.

Magdalen Clare Collwyn
married: 1920 Frederick Alexander SINGLETON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KELSEY lines.

JN 38989

MOBBS marriages 1849-1942 Victoria Australia

MOBBS marriages 1849-1942 Victoria Australia.

MOBBS (males)

married: 1849 Elizabeth BEAUMONT.

James Lincoln
married: 1863 Jane COCHRANE.

married: 1880 Clara Emily FEGEN.

William Thomas
married: 1888 Helen BRETTELL.

John Cochrane
married: 1892 Anna VOLKMAR.

Daniel James
married: 1894 Roseannah RICHARDS.

Frederick Horace
married: 1914 Ada Beulah ISON.

Arthur Henry
married: 1915 Eileen BANKS.

Daniel James Lincoln
married: 1917 Gladys Irene PALMER.

William Joseph
married: 1930 Jean Elizabeth GOODMAN.

Alfred Charles
married: 1933 Elvie NEGRI.

married: 1940 Jean HENDERSON.

Thomas Lincoln
married: 1931 Myrtle Joyce HOLMES.

William Thomas
married: 1942 Margaret Mary MURPHY.

Arthur James
married: 1942 Gwen Isabel WHITLEY.

Delma (aka Delmar)
married: 1942 Ella Joan SHAPRAD.

MOBBS (females)

married: 1860 William Jasper DE LA HANT.

married: 1873 David WILLIAMS.

married: 1875 Leonard GRAVOLIN.

married: 1883 Donald MCKENZIE.

married: 1886 Carl August OSANDER.

married: 1888 Thomas Peter THOMPSEN.

married: 1906 Richard DUNCAN.

Elsie Mable
married: 1920 John Edward James DICKENSON.

Florence Matilda
married: 1922 George Bernard LAWRENCE.

Ida Helen
married: 1923 Herbert FARLEY.

Ida Brettell
married: 1938 Frederick Royds RATCLIFFE.

Grace Caroline
married: 1941 Rudolph William RATCLIFFE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MOBBS lines.

JN 38987

HODGES marriages (males) 1853-1875 Victoria Australia

HODGES marriages (males) 1853-1875 Victoria Australia.

HODGES (males)

married: 1853 Rachel RICHARD.

married: 1853 Frances WARREN.

John Joseph
married: 1853 Sarah ROCHE.

Thomas Twisden
married: 1854 Rosa Wilson NOTT.

married: 1856 Bridget ODONNELL.

married: 1856 Isabel SMOART.

married: 1856 Margaret NEWTON.

Charles Powell
married: 1856 Marion DICK.

married: 1860 Eliza Ann PHILLIPS.

married: 1860 Elizabeth GLASCOT.

Charles Henry
married: 1861 Mary FOWLER.

married: 1862 Mary Ann GRAY.

married: 1864 Jane ROBERTS.

married: 1865 Bridget Katherine LEVI.

Frank James
married: 1865 Maryann PUMMEROY.

married: 1866 Sarah Ann HAMILTON.

Frederick William
married: 1867 Rebecca HODGES.

married: 1867 Mary CROWAN.

married: 1868 Elizabeth ARGLES.

married: 1869 Emily NIELD.

married: 1870 Mary Ann HANSON.

married: 1871 Ellen RING.

married: 1873 Matilda Elizabeth CLARK.

married: 1874 Bridget WALSH.

married: 1875 Elizabeth Rachel NEAL.

Charles Keene
married: 1875 Jane Mcconnal POLLOCK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HODGES lines.

JN 38986

KELSALL marriages 1855-1920 Victoria Australia

KELSALL marriages 1855-1920 Victoria Australia.

KELSALL (males)

married: 1855 Christian FRASER.

John Walker
married: 1861 Ellen Elizabeth JONES.

married: 1864 Amelia Pickering BARNFIELD.

Joseph James
married: 1868 Annie MCPHERSON.

Joseph Edward
married: 1869 Frances Louisa APLEYARD.

married: 1874 Louisa Sabina SMITH.

William Robert
married: 1878 Mary Ann Marion COMINS.

married: 1878 Martha HASTIE.

Edward Russell
married: 1882 Clara APPLEYARD.

Joseph James
married: 1884 Jean Moir WALKER.

Charles Proctor
married: 1885 Elizabeth Jane HARRIS.

married: 1886 Sarah GREENWOOD.

married: 1888 Annie Sophia FRANZ.

Joseph James
married: 1893 Carol Elsie GIBBS.

Joseph William
married: 1896 Annette Lydia HARMAN.

married: 1896 Jane FENNER.

Edward Russell
married: 1897 Roseanna KEATING.

Walter Frederick
married: 1899 Catherine Mary Josephine ROONEY.

Albert Chris
married: 1902 Frances Maud BOYD.

John Colvin
married: 1902 Edith Florence MILNER.

Claude Tickell
married: 1908 Lily ANDERSON.

Edgar Ernest
married: 1912 Rita CROW.

married: 1914 Violet Catherine May FIELD.

Thomas Hastie
married: 1914 Frances Dorothy MCCRAW.

Cuthbert Gordon
married: 1919 Elsie Grace DAVIES.

Robert Henry
married: 1919 Mary Elizabeth ONEIL.

KENSALL (females)

Margaret Elizabeth
married: 1858 Henry Herve WOOLHOUSE.

married: 1865 Charles DUNELL.

married: 1873 Edward STINTEN.

married: 1885 Charles Frederick HOWE.

Mary Jane
married: 1886 Alfred William VERNON.

married: 1886 John HILL.

married: 1898 Denis CLOHESY.

Mabel Otway Fisher
married: 1902 Ralph Francis LOWE.

Florence Emily
married: 1906 Frank Henry TRETHEWEY.

Margaret Hilda
married: 1912 Timothy William APLEYARD.

Irene Ethel
married: 1914 Alfred Edward BURGESS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KELSALL lines.

JN 38985