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SINCOCK marriages 1855-1941 Victoria Australia

SINCOCK marriages 1855-1941 Victoria Australia.

SINCOCK (males)

married: 1868 Jane JAMES.

married: 1871 Emma WATERS.

married: 1871 Mary Martha BARNES.

married: 1875 Emma WHITTAKER.

married: 1884 Martha MARRIOTT.

Francis Jenkyns
married: 1885 Emilie EGAN.

married: 1886 Agnes EYNON.

John William
married: 1888 Hellen Fisher HARKNESS.

George Henry
married: 1902 Eleanor PERRY.

married: 1904 Elizabeth Lillian BEARD.

married: 1904 Elizabeth Margaret HARRIS.

William Henry
married: 1904 Alice Maude May PRYOR.

Thomas Edward
married: 1924 Frances Keith Doreen OBREE.

Harold Richard
married: 1925 Lillian HOGG.

Albert Edward
married: 1925 Annie Kate OSHEA.

married: 1926 Ruth Mary HEATON.

William Henry Branwell
married: 1931 Myrtle Elizabeth Annie ELLIS.

Harold Walter Norman
married: 1933 Ethel Lois PAYNE.

married: 1936 Ellen Porter MORRIS.

Plevna Thomas
married: 1937 Edna Harriet COLLINS.

Raymond Percy
married: 1940 Evelyn HANNAFORD.

SINCOCK (females)

married: 1855 Richard HAM.

Mary Ann
married: 1857 Simeon TONKIN.

married: 1857 Thomas PEARCE.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1872 Thomas DONEY.

married: 1874 Henry HARRIS.

Mary Ann
married: 1875 James COLEMAN.

married: 1878 Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH.

married: 1881 John Henry KRUSS.

Mary May
married: 1883 William DAW.

Margaret Ross
married: 1894 William EGAN.

Ethel May
married: 1898 Isaac Richard REYNOLDS.

Margaret Matilda
married: 1903 William Edward BENTLEY.

Martha Maria
married: 1904 Charles DANN.

Louisa Ellen
married: 1905 William Henry PRIDER.

Olive Rose
married: 1906 John Henry Charles BENTLEY.

married: 1908 Hector ROSS.

Doris Ada
married: 1910 Albert Sydney PEARCE.

married: 1922 Arthur Balshaw JONES.

Stella May
married: 1927 Albert FRIEE.

Gladys May
married: 1928 James George HORWILL.

married: 1930 William Thomas KING.

Phoebe Jane
married: 1932 Donald Malcolm MCONNELL.

Alice Lilian
married: 1933 Sydney Frederick FORD.

Florence Ethel Mary
married: 1934 Samuel KERR.

Flora Violet May
married: 1939 Albert Arthur LAUGHTON.

Ruby Hazel
married: 1941 Frederick William HUXTABLE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SINCOCK lines.

JN 36723

CAVANAGH marriages (males) 1849-1880 Victoria Australia

CAVANAGH marriages (males) 1849-1880 Victoria Australia.

CAVANAGH (males)

married: 1849 Catherine COMER.

married: 1849 Catherine GRIFFIN.

married: 1854 Mary BASSETT.

married: 1858 Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM.

married: 1858 Rosanna OGRADY.

married: 1859 Sarah Isabella CONNELL.

married: 1859 Margaret MCNAMARA.

married: 1860 Johannah SHANNON.

married: 1860 Mary CARROLL.

married: 1863 Catherine FLYNN.

married: 1864 Bridget MILEY.

married: 1864 Martha ALLMARK.

married: 1868 Margaret WILSON.

John William
married: 1868 Rhoda Harriett TUPPER.

married: 1868 Annie MCDONALD.

married: 1868 Margaret COURTENY.

married: 1871 Elizabeth BLAY.

Stephen Joseph
married: 1871 Margaret GILBERT.

married: 1872 Charlotte Ann ISBEL.

married: 1872 Mary TYNAN.

married: 1872 Ellen DOWN.

married: 1873 Mary Anne BROWNE.

married: 1879 Anne DOHERTY.

married: 1880 Mary Scott DAVIDSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAVANAGH lines.

JN 36722

BURR marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia

BURR marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia.

BURR (males)

William Lambert
married: 1852 Susannah BATTAN.

married: 1857 Isabella GILLIS.

John Henry
married: 1858 Helen Hannah MCTURK.

Alexander Lorimer
married: 1860 Margaret CRAWFORD.

married: 1866 Ann SPENCE.

Alexander Lorimer
married: 1869 Margaret FRASER.

married: 1870 Hannah WILLIAMS.

married: 1870 Ellen MCLAREN.

Novello Nettelingham
married: 1879 Georgina CANT.

Arthur Gillet
married: 1880 Ellen Eliza PRICE.

married: 1885 Annie FOSTER.

Henry Gordon
married: 1888 Elizabeth Mary FERGUSON.

married: 1889 Annie DUNCAN.

married: 1891 Janet DOUGLASS.

Robert William
married: 1892 Bessie DURNIN.

William Henry
married: 1893 Mary Ann WALSH.

Charles Robert
married: 1894 Letitia MCGLASHAN.

Charles Wheatley
married: 1895 Marion HAMILTON.

married: 1899 Elizabeth Sophia MEADOWS.

BURR (females)

Jane Ann
married: 1857 Frederick SINNETT.

Frances Isabel
married: 1861 Henry Woodthorpe SILVESTER.

married: 1865 Alfred Thomas HAPPERFIELD.

married: 1879 Charles Thomas STEWART.

married: 1882 Dominick ROHEN.

married: 1883 William Joseph BATES.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1886 Walter John CHISHOLM.

Helen Speirs
married: 1886 Allan James QUINN.

married: 1887 James KETTLE.

Elizabeth Bell
married: 1887 Edwin Thomas FROST.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1889 George WARREN.

married: 1890 John Frederick HOOD.

married: 1890 Francis WHITE.

married: 1891 James Henry HARLEY.

married: 1895 Edward William BRITTER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BURR lines.

JN 36721

CAVENAGH marriages 1841-1900 Victoria Australia

CAVENAGH marriages 1841-1900 Victoria Australia.

CAVENAGH (males)

married: 1850 Mary SCOTT.

married: 1852 Mary FRUIN.

married: 1856 Susannah Baker SWEETTEN.

married: 1856 Honora HAYES.

married: 1856 Emma WRIGHT.

married: 1862 Maria Loader STODART.

John William
married 1894 Ethel Marguerite BELL.

married: 1895 Cordelia WRIGHT.

Leslie George
married: 1896 Maude Ellen KNIGHT.

married: 1896 Annie ROSE.

Frank Elvey
married: 1898 Agnes Agatha WILLIAMSON.

CAVENAGH (females)

married: 1841 John BARRY.

Ann Maria
married: 1850 Daniel NICHOLS.

married: 1852 James MCCABE.

married: 1856 Damment WHIGHT.

Elizabeth Letitia
married: 1856 Charles Henry HALL.

married: 1857 George STARBUCK.

married: 1858 Lawrence STANLEY.

married: 1860 Patrick CUNNINGHAM.

married: 1862 Thomas QUINLIVAN.

married: 1863 John FITZGERALD.

married: 1866 Horace WALKER.

Agnes Caroline
married: 1866 Robert KER.

Catherine Annie
married: 1873 Charles Edward KER.

married: 1875 Andrew LEES.

married: 1879 Owen REYNOLDS.

married: 1888 Percy Thomas HOLLICK.

married: 1892 James Prior KENNISON.

married: 1897 Charles HOLYHEAD.

Rose Amelia
married: 1898 William COOK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CAVENAGH lines.

JN 36716

BUTTERS John married Margaret FOLEY 1859

Information Journal.

John Stewart BUTTERS and Margaret FOLEY.

Year married: 1859.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

John died 1888 in Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.
Parents named as Daniel BUTTERS and Ellen TAGGART.

Margaret died 1920 in Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Parents named as John FOLEY and Mary BARRETT.

Eight children located Victorian records for John and Margaret.


Henry (aka Harry) Stewart BUTTERS.
Born: 1861 Ashby, Victoria.
Died: 1950 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.

Married: Annie Constance HOLDEN.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.


Mary Ellen BUTTERS.
Born: 1865 Ashby, Victoria.
Died: 1934 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.


Margaret Mary BUTTERS.
Born: 1867 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.


Archibald John BUTTERS.
Born: 1869 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1876 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 06 years.


Teresa Ann BUTTERS.
Born: 1871 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.

Married: Thomas SLATTERY.
Year: 1915.
Place: Victoria.


John Alexander BUTTERS.
Born: 1873 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1875 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.


Agnes Jane BUTTERS.
Born: 1876 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1941 Geelong West, Victoria.
Age: 66 years.


William Richard BUTTERS.
Born: 1878 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1894 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: Recorded as 46 years.
46 years. Wrong age recorded. William would have been about 16 years.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 36649

HARE marriages (males) 1852-1887 Victoria Australia

HARE marriages (males) 1852-1887 Victoria Australia.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HARE lines.

HARE (males)

Daniel -
married: 1852 Emily COUSINS.

John -
married: 1854 Martha Emma CROUCH.

John -
married: 1855 Lucy Ann BULL.

David -
married: 1856 Sarah QUIN.

John -
married: 1856 Bridget SLATTER.

Michael -
married: 1856 Mary MALONE.

George -
married: 1856 Maria WALSH.

Patrick -
married: 1856 Bridget BOURKE.

Michael -
married: 1858 Mary LARKIN.

Abraham -
married: 1860 Mary Ann STRAKER.

William -
married: 1862 Catherine LARKIN.

Walter Maldon -
married: 1863 Frances Jane CLAPP.

George -
married: 1863 Frances DUFFY.

John -
married: 1864 Bridget MCCORMICK.

Daniel -
married: 1869 Isabella BUTTON.

Thomas Sulcliff -
married: 1873 Mary OBRIEN.

George Knill -
married: 1874 Frances Adelaide BAKER.

William John -
married: 1874 Jemima WOLLANDS.

John -
married: 1875 Margaret Dickson MORHAM.

Walter William -
married; 1877 Louisa Josephine PACKWOOD.

William John -
married; 1877 Sophia Louisa CAMPION.

William -
married: 1878 Agnes PATON.

Arthur -
married: 1882 Ellen HOCKIN.

James Henry -
married: 1882 Annie FERGUSON.

Francis Henry -
married: 1883 Sarah LUDER.

Thomas -
married: 1884 Mary AYRES.

William -
married: 1884 Mary Ann PHILLBROOKS.

BRAITHWAITE marriages (males) 1854-1905 Victoria Australia

BRAITHWAITE marriages (males) 1854-1905 Victoria Australia.


married: 1854 Matilda HUNT.

married: 1857 Mary Ann CLARKE.

Charles John
married: 1857 Mary Ann Agnes CARTWRIGHT.

John Ripley
married: 1859 Sarah Ann BATCHEN.

married: 1859 Ann FITZPATRICK.

married: 1861 Flora MCINNES.

married: 1868 Ellen KESTERSON.

married: 1868 Mary Caroline Sarah SCHUYLER.

married: 1869 Julia Jane BOLWELL.

married: 1869 Jessie MUNRO.

married: 1871 Margaret PENDERGAST.

married: 1873 Maria Theresa PENNEFITHER.

Frank R
married: 1885 Annie E MCCONVILL.

Henry Wharton
married: 1886 Sophia GREEN.

married: 1886 Mary TOOHEY.

married: 1887 Louisa PATTERSON.

Alfred Gordon
married: 1888 Mary Elizabeth WEST.

married: 1888 Lucinda DUNSTAN.

Christopher Jackson
married: 1899 Eleanor Penelope SYERS.

Edward James
married: 1890 Maria BLACK.

married: 1890 Lydia RASHLEIGH.

married: 1891 Katherine Emma BROOKHOUSE.

married: 1891 Margaret SHIELS.

married: 1893 Mary Elizabeth KEATING.

William Gordon
married: 1893 Josephine JONES.

Charles William
married: 1897 Agnes MCGREGOR.

Henry Wharton
married: 1897 Ellen Augusta BLANTON.

married: 1901 Margaret MUNRO.

married: 1901 Margaret Frances MURPHY.

married: 1902 Minnie Myrtle BELL.

married: 1904 Emma Catherine GOGGEN.

John Munro
married: 1904 Margaret SMITH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BRAITHEWAITE lines.

JN 36647

SCOTT George married Emma HUON 1896

Information Journal.

Groom: George Frederick SCOTT.
Birth place: Given as Geelong.

Bride: Emma Adeline HUON.
Birth place: Given as Wodonga.

Year married: 1896.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

George's death not located at time of posting.

Emma died 1955 in Henty, New South Wales.
Parents recorded as Henry Charles and Emily Sarah.

Birth note.
Emma was born 1874 in Wodonga, Victoria.
Parents named as Henry HUON and Emily Sarah STUCKEY.
See Post: HUON Henry married Emily STUCKEY 1865

Six children located Victorian records for George and Emma.


Charlotte Emily SCOTT.
Born: 1897 Wodonga, Victoria.
Died: 1979 not recorded, New South Wales.


Adeline Emma SCOTT.
Born: 1899 Chiltern, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Frank MCDONALD.
Year: 1919.
Place: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.


Lillian Maud SCOTT.
Born: 1901 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Ernest R. JEFFREE.
Year: 1918.
Place: Moree, New South Wales.


Leslie George SCOTT.
Born: 1903 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Coral A. MCCUAIG.
Year: 1924.
Place: Newcastle, New South Wales.


Reginald SCOTT.
Born: 1907 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Redfern, New South Wales.


Della SCOTT.
Born: 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: John H. MCMILLAN.
Year: 1934.
Place: Henty, New South Wales.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Registry of Marriages and Deaths, New South Wales.

JN 36643

HUON Henry married Sarah TATNELL 1897

Information Journal.

Groom: Henry Ernest HUON.
Birth place: Given as Wodonga.

Bride: Sarah Ann TATNELL.
Birth place: Given as Wangaratta.

Year married: 1897.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Henry died 1950 in Yarraville, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents named as Henry HUON and Sarah Emily STUCKLEY.

Birth note.
Henry was born 1867 in Belvoir, Victoria.
Parents named as Henry HUON and Emily Sarah STUCKLEY.
See Post: HUON Henry married Emily STUCKEY 1865

Sarah died 1958 in Parkville, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Parents named as Daniel TATNELL and Margaret Ann MAITLAND.

Birth note.
Sarah was born 1876 in Wangaratta, Victoria.
Parents named as Daniel TATNELL and Margaret Amy MAITLAND.
See Post: TATNELL Daniel married Margaret MAITLAND 1861

One child located for Henry and Sarah.


William Henry Edward HUON.
Born: 1898 Albury, New South Wales.
Died: 1981 Sunshine, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.

Married 1: Ethel May BROWN.
Year: 1923.
Place: Victoria.

Ethel died 1923 in Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 19 years.
Parents named as Hugh Patrick BROWN and Clara JONES.

Married 2: Freda HARRIS.
Year: 1929.
Place: Victoria.

Freda died 1979 in Bundoora, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as William HARRIS and Mary Eleanor WITSCHKE.

Birth note.
I have a feeling Freda was born 1904 in Footscray, Victoria, by the name of
Alice May HARRIS to parents William HARRIS and Mary Eleanor WITSCHKE.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Registry of Births, New South Wales.

JN 36642

HUON William married Emma STRUCKEY 1851

Information Journal.

Groom: William HUON.
Bride: Emma STRUCKEY.

Year married: 1851.
Place: Church of England, Albury, New South Wales.

William died 1907 in Wodonga, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Parents recorded as Paul HUON and Sarah HOUSE.

Baptism note.
William was baptised 1825 in New South Wales.
Parents named as Paul and Sarah.
See comments section below from Roser1923 regarding William's birth date.

Emma died 1874, not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 40 years.
Parents named as Peter STRUCKEY and Ann HOUSE.

Baptism note.
Emma was baptised 1832 in New South Wales.
Parents named as Peter and Ann.

Eight children located New South Wales and Victorian records for William and Emma.


William HUON.
Born: circa 1852. (Birth not located)
Died: 1912 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.


Louis HUON.
Born: circa 1852. (Birth not located)
Died: 1915 Rochester, Victoria.
Age: 63 years.

Married: Florence Jane Lindsay DOUGHARTY.
Year: 1881.
Place: Victoria.

Florence died 1929 in Elsternwick, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.
Parents named as John George DOUGARTY and Matilda Louisa BROWN.


Paul HUON. *
Born: 1855 Wodonga, Victoria.
Died: -


Amelia HUON. *
Born: 1855 Wodonga, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Frederick William HUME.
Year: 1876.
Place: Victoria.


George HUON.
Born: 1857 Beechworth, Victoria.
Died: -


Amy Augustus HUON.
Born: 1859 Wodonga, Victoria.
Died: -


Henry Gould HUON.
Born: 1863 Belvoir, Victoria.
Died: 1916 Wodonga, Victoria.
Age: 53 years.

Married: Hannah Tarling MOULDER.
Year: 1900.
Place: Victoria.

Hannah died 1956 in Wodonga, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.
Parents named as William MOULDER and Thyzra BARBER.


Walter HUON.
Born: 1864 Belvoir, Victoria.
Died: -


Sarah Jeannette HUON.
Born: 1868 Belvoir, Victoria.
Died: Not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 07 years.

* Paul and Amelia were twins.
Their births were registered in Victoria and New South Wales in 1855.

Registry of Births and Marriages, New South Wales.
Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

With my thanks to Roser1923 for William's birth date appearing in the comments section below.

JN 36628

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