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UREN marriages 1851-1881 Victoria Australia

UREN marriages 1851-1881 Victoria Australia.

UREN (males)

John Ellis
married: 1861 Jane Susanah WALKER.

married: 1861 Mary Ann HADDEN.

married: 1864 Catherine CURRA.

married: 1864 Eliza MOXHAM.

married: 1866 Caroline Louisa GOYNE.

married: 1866 Mary Jane MADDISON.

Thomas Pascoe
married: 1868 Bridget FLANNARY.

married: 1870 Sarah Forester BUNN.

married: 1870 Maria HOSKIN.

married: 1870 Sarah BOWEN.

married: 1871 Sarah Jane MARTIN.

John Grenfell
married: 1874 Elizabeth GUY.

John Henry
married: 1877 Isabella CARBIS.

William Henry
married: 1878 Mary Jane WILLIAMS.

married: 1878 Mary OPPY.

married: 1878 Thirza JURY.

married: 1881 Jane Anna DONALD.

UREN (females)

married: 1851 Thomas SAUNDERS.

married: 1853 Thomas PLEDGE.

married: 1853 Thomas SMITH.

married: 1857 Richard DAVEY.

married: 1859 Thomas LOCKLAND.

married: 1861 Philip KIERNAN.

married: 1864 William James HIGGANS.

Amy Pemberthy
married: 1867 Thomas Michael YOUENS.

married: 1868 Richard SEMMENS.

married: 1868 William GILES.

married: 1869 James SHERLOCK.

Grace Pascoe
married: 1869 William Henry SLEEP.

married: 1870 James BLACK.

Catherine Jane
married: 1871 Frederick Charles LITCHFIELD.

married: 1872 Richard CORNISH.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1873 Richard WHITFORD.

Amanda Alicia
married: 1876 Thomas MORCOM.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the UREN lines.

JN 33165

HOSKIN marriages 1851-1884 Victoria Australia

HOSKIN marriages 1851-1884 Victoria Australia.

HOSKIN (males)

married: 1851 Elizabeth ELLIS.

married: 1857 Tryphena Pearce WHITING.

married: 1859 Sarah Ann BROWN.

married: 1859 Mary CONNOLLY.

married: 1860 Amelia BROWN.

married: 1861 Mary PROSSER.

William Henry
married: 1861 Hannah Augusta Maria KENNEDY.

married: 1863 Margaret SHUNNIN.

married: 1863 Sarah Sophia ROBINSON.

married: 1866 Mary COX.

married: 1869 Julia CASHRIM.

married: 1869 Jane ANSTEY.

Edward Pearce
married: 1870 Mahala FULCHER.

married: 1872 Annie ALMOND.

married: 1873 Emma THOMAS.

married: 1875 Mary Ann MILLS.

married: 1881 Emily STEPHEN.

William John
married: 1883 Mary Lister BROOKE.

HOSKIN (females)

married: 1863 George GRAY.

Margaret Ann
married: 1868 Richard GERRANS.

married: 1869 George BAKER.

married: 1870 Samuel UREN.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1873 James CLOSE.

married: 1877 William Henry JACKSON.

Mary Jane
married: 1878 William Beautyman NESBET.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1879 William Henry EDWARD.

married: 1879 Thomas HANDLEY.

married: 1881 John BRAY.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1883 William Thomas ROBINSON.

married: 1883 Jabez JACOB.

married: 1883 John UNDERWOOD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HOSKIN lines.

JN 33161

YARDLEY Edwin married Mary BEDFORD 1860

Information & Research Journal.

Edwin George YARDLEY and Mary Ann Eliza BEDFORD were married in Victoria in 1860.

Edwin's death not located.

Possible death for Mary is 1907 in Carlton, Victoria, aged 74 years. Parents recorded as James BEDFORD and Sarah JOSEPH.

Eight children located Victorian records for Edwin and Mary.


Sarah Ann Eliza YARDLEY.
Born: 1861 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: 1947 Royal Park, Victoria, aged 85 years.
Married: unknown JOHNSON.


Born: 1862 Collingwood, Victoria.
Died: 1946 Carlton, Victoria, aged 84 years.
Married: George James JENKINS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.


George Joseph YARDLEY.
Born: 1865 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: 1946 Parkville, Victoria, aged 81 years.
Married: Carolena BAUM.
Year: 1905.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1867 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Northcote, Victoria, aged 82 years.
Married: James MCCLEMENTS.
Year: 1890.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1868 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -


Richard YARDLEY.
Born: 1871 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1872 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1875 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: 1967 Malvern, Victoria, aged 91 years.
Married: George KEEDLE.
Year: 1896.
Place: Victoria.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

YARDLEY William married Clara FORD 1856.

Information & Research Journal.

William YARDLEY and Clara Matilda FORD were married in Victoria in 1856.

William's death not located.

Possible death for Clara is 1908 in Northcote, Victoria, aged 73 years. Parents recorded as John FORD and Maria Ann STEELE.

Nine children located Victorian records for William and Clara.


Amy Matilda YARDLEY.
Born: 1857 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1937 Caulfield, Victoria, aged 77 years.
Married: unknown BENJAMIN.
Year: -
Place: -


Vincent Alfred YARDLEY.
Born: 1859 Essendon, Victoria.
Died: 1940 Elwood, Victoria, aged 80 years.
Married: Minnie Bertha BEEDELL.
Year: 1883.
Place: Victoria.


William George YARDLEY.
Born: 1861 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Caulfield, Victoria, aged 70 years.
Married: Margaret BARCLAY.
Year: 1888.
Place: Victoria.


Charles Herbert YARDLEY.
Born: 1864 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: 1944 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, aged 80 years.
Married: Margaret Kemp HILL.
Year: 1889.
Place: Victoria.


Sydney Russell YARDLEY.
Born: 1867 The Loddon, Victoria.
Died: 1868 not recorded, Victoria, aged 1 year.


Ernest Henry YARDLEY.
Born: 1869 Taradale, Victoria.
Died: 1932 Wonthaggi, Victoria, aged 62 years.
Married: Alice WOODS.
Year: 1895.
Place: Victoria.


Percy John YARDLEY.
Born: 1872 Taradale, Victoria.
Died: 1873 not recorded, Victoria, aged 7 months.


Percy Fitzroy YARDLEY.
Born: 1874 North Fitzroy, Victoria.
Died: 1873 not recorded, Victoria, aged 6 months.


Sydney Bowditch YARDLEY.
Born: 1878 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: 1880 not recorded, Victoria, aged 2 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

YARDLEY marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia

YARDLEY marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Index to assist others researching the YARDLEY lines.

YARDLEY (males)

William - married Clara Matilda FORD 1856.

Edwin George - married Mary Ann Eliza BEDFORD 1856.

Vincent Albert - married Minnie Bertha BEEDELL 1883.

William George - married Margaret BARCLAY 1888.

Charles Herbert - married Margaret Kemp HILL 1889.

Ernest - married Alice WOODS 1895.

Thomas - married Francis SEEBER 1900.

YARDLEY (females)

Eliza - married Joseph BARWICK 1859.

Elizabeth Ann - married Thomas WILLMORE 1870.

Elizabeth - married Charles JOHNSON 1882.

Louisa - married George James JENKINS 1886.

Emily - married Eugene William EAGLES 1888.

Alice - married George KEEDLE 1896.

Sybil - married James MCCLEMENTS 1890.

PENBERTHY Thomas married Honor PATTEN 1773

Information Journal.

Groom: Thomas PENBERTHY.
Bride: Honor PATTEN.

Date married: 14 November 1773.
Place: Sithney, Cornwall, England.

Witness 1: John PATTEN.
Witness 2: William PASCOE.

Possible death for Thomas is 1810 in Helston, Cornwall.
Age: 66 years.

Buried: Helston, Cornwall.
Date: 18 November 1810.

Possible death for Honor is 1821 in Helston, Cornwall.
Age: 72 years.

Buried: Helston, Cornwall.
Date: 21 January 1821.

Eight children located Cornwall Baptism Records for Thomas and Honor.


Baptised: 20 September 1774, Sithney, Cornwall.
Died: -

Married: Thomas BROKENSHIRE.
Date: 12 April 1803.
Place: Helston, Cornwall.

See Post: BROKENSHIRE Thomas married Ann PENBERTHY 1803


Baptised: 05 February 1776, Sithney, Cornwall.
Died: -


Baptised: 09 March 1777, Sithney, Cornwall.
Died: -


Elizabeth PENBERTHY.
Baptised: 08 January 1781, Wendron, Cornwall.
Died: 1786 Helston, Cornwall.
Age: 05 years.

Buried: Helston, Cornwall.
Date: 05 October 1786.


Baptised: 30 January 1784, Helston, Cornwall.
Died: -


Elizabeth PENBERTHY.
Baptised: 25 January 1790, Helston, Cornwall.
Died: -


Baptised: 19 January 1790, Wendron, Cornwall.
Died: -


Baptised: 04 August 1793, Helston, Cornwall.
Died: -

Cornwall OPC Database.

JN 33143

KERBY marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

KERBY marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.

KERBY (males)

married: Catherine OGORMAN 1863.

married: Bridget KIRBY 1864.

married: Catherine SHERRY 1868.

married: Mary Ann HEBBARD 1876.

married: Ann MAHER 1881.

James Macklam
married: Margaret Ann BRENNAN 1885.

Thomas James
married: Alice Madire DAVIS 1886.

Edwin Joseph
married: 1894 Alice Amelia DANS.

married: 1896 Alice Evan BOWEN.

Thomas Henry
married: 1902 Elizabeth Maud KINGDOM.

married: 1904 Florence MCDONALD.

Macklam James Martin
married: 1910 Annie Matilda MICHELL.

Edwin Thomas
married: 1911 Rosina May PRISK.

John Rawling
married: 1912 sarah Emily WEST.

KERBY (females)

married: Thomas MILES 1854.

Elizabeth Sarah
married: Amos Thomas BEAUMONT 1862.

married: Michael KIRBY 1864.

married: Martin COLLINS 1879.

married: James CARNEGIE 1887.

married: 1889 Thomas Melville Anderson STEWART.

married: 1891 John LENNON.

married: 1896 William James OBRIEN.

married: 1901 John Foster Pascoe POLGLASE.

married: 1916 Harold John CUTHBERT.

Sarah Emily
married: 1918 Patrick John QUINLAN.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1920 Thomas HARTLEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KERBY lines.

JN 33112

CANNON marriages (males) 1872-1895 Victoria Australia

CANNON marriages (males) 1872-1895 Victoria Australia.

CANNON (males)

married: 1872 Emma HIPGRAVE.

married: 1872 Margaret FARMER.

married: 1880 Mary HAYDEN.

married: 1881 Hannah CANTLON.

married: 1881 Jane JOHNSON.

married: 1883 Sarah CANSDELL.

married: 1884 Margaret Cecilia LARKIN.

Martin Matthew
married: 1884 Elizabeth FARROW.

Edmund William
married: 1884 Louisa Jane JOHNS.

James Clarke
married: 1885 Bridget Marion MCGUINESS.

married: 1887 Esther Ellen DALY.

William Newton
married: 1888 Charlotte Christina LONG.

married: 1889 Mary Frances OSHEA.

George Alfred
married: 1892 Lavina TRELOAR.

married: 1892 Mary Ann DEVLIN.

Benjamin Joseph
married: 1893 Sarah Elizabeth BRIDGEMAN.

married: 1893 Mary WHITE.

James Cornelias
married: 1893 Bridget DELANEY.

John George
married: 1893 Ellen BURKE.

William Henry
Married: 1894 Smollett Sarah CHRISTIE.

David Henry
married: 1898 Emma Carol COWAN.

married: 1898 Sarah ALLWOOD.

Joseph Edgar
married: 1898 Mimmie Maria CHRISTIE.
Mimmie. Correct spelling is Minnie.

Michael Henry
married: 1898 Eliza DOHERTY.

Peter Andrew
married: 1899 Madeline MACDONALD.

married: 1900 Sophia SCHEELE.

Francis Hulbert
married: 1902 Dorcas Elizabeth Ann GLENN.

Thomas Francis
married: 1904 Isabella MCLEAN.

Michael Patrick
married: 1905 Becky Isabella MURDOCH.

James Henry
married: 1906 Catherine Sinclair SUTHERLAND.

Thomas George
married: 1906 Christina BUCKLAND.

married: 1906 Jinnie MORRISON.
Jinnie. Correct spelling is Jennie.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CANNON lines.

JN 33111

JUDGE James and Emma HOLLIS

Information Journal.

James JUDGE and Emma HOLLIS.

Marriage details: Not located.

James died 1875 in Victoria.
Death place not recorded.
Birth place given as Hampshire.
Age: 44 years.
Parents named as Thomas JUDGE and Mary DEAN.

Emma died 1889 in Cootamunda, New South Wales.
Death recorded as Emma S OLDFIELD.
Parents named as Mark and Sarah.

Emma remarried 1880 in Victoria to Joshua OLDFIELD.
Emma's birth place given as Middlesex.

Eleven children located Victorian records for James and Emma.


Clara (Hollis) JUDGE.
Born: 1856 Magpie, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Annandale, New South Wales.

Year: 1885.
Place: Albury, New South Wales.


Annie Sarah JUDGE.
Born: 1858 Magpie, Victoria.
Died: 1919 Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
Parents named as James and Isabel.

Married: Alfred POUNCEBY.
Year: 1879.
Place: Albury, New South Wales.
POUNCEBY recorded as POUNCELY N.S.W. marriage records.


James Hollis JUDGE.
Born: 1860 Italian Gully, Victoria.
Died: 1934 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.

Married: Martha CAMPBELL.
Year: 1888.
Place: Victoria.

James married as James Horace JUDGE, and was also recorded as James Horace JUDGE in the birth registrations for his first four children as indicated below. His death was recorded by his birth name of James Hollis JUDGE.

Martha died 1951 in Moorabbin, Victoria.
Age: 88 years.
Parents named as Robert CAMPBELL and Jean LINDSAY.

Birth note.
Martha was born 1863 in Pyal, Victoria.
Parents named as Robert CAMPBELL and Jane LAIDSAY.

Seven children located for James and Martha.

Jassie Emma Jane JUDGE
Born: 1890 Lang Lang, Victoria.
Father recorded as James Horace JUDGE.
Died: 1977 Malvern, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.
Death recorded under JOHNSTON.

Lindsay Robert George JUDGE
Born: 1891 Woodend, Victoria.
Father recorded as James Horace JUDGE.
Died: 1975 Blackburn, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Death recorded as Robert Lindsay JUDGE.

Married: Hasene Mary BECK.
Year: 1914.
Place: Victoria.
Lindsay married as Robert Lindsay JUDGE.

Hasene, recorded as Hanseen, died 1967 in Chadstone, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Hans Christian BECK and Mary Jane PAYTON.
PAYTON appears to be an error and should be PAYNTON.

Miriam Clara May JUDGE
Born: 1895 Broadford, Victoria.
Father recorded as James Horace JUDGE.
Died: -

Married: Harold Ernest LUCAS.
Year: 1933.
Place: Voctoria.

Winifred Alice Maud JUDGE
Born: 1897 St Kilda, Victoria.
Father recorded as James Horace JUDGE.
Died: -

Married: Alfred ROBINSON.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.

Violet Alma Isabella JUDGE

Born: 1903 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: 1906 Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.

Doris Jean Linda JUDGE
Born: 1905 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Bertie Roy ATHERTON.
Year: 1935.
Place: Victoria.

James Frederick Allan JUDGE
Born: 1908 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Nellie Dory LAMB.
Year: 1936.
Place: Victoria.


Sarah JUDGE.
Born: 1862 Smythes Dale, Victoria.
Died: -


Lizzie JUDGE.
Born: 1863 Staffordshire Reef, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Edwin Charles EDMONDS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.
Edwin's birth place given as Bathurst.


Thomas JUDGE.
Born: 1865 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: 1865 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 05 weeks.


Ellen Mary JUDGE.
Born: 1867 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: -


Louisa (Hollis) JUDGE.
Born: 1869 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: 1954 Newcastle, New South Wales.

Married: David S TICKLE.
Year: 1904.
Place: Newcastle, New South Wales.


Martha Jane JUDGE.
Born: 1871 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: 1872 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 09 months.


Arthur Joseph JUDGE.
Born: 1873 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: 1948, Burwood, New South Wales.
Death recorded as Arthur Joseph Hollis JUDGE.

Married: Martha J SUTTON.
Year: 1903.
Place: Sydney district, New South Wales.

Possible death for Martha is 1974 in New South Wales.
Death recorded as Martha Jane JUDGE.
Parents named as Anthony Richard and Martha.


Linda Jane JUDGE.
Born: 1875 Barnedown, Victoria.
Died: -

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Registry of Deaths and Marriages, New South Wales.

Updated 16 November 2013.

JN 33110

JUDGE John married Jane MITCHELL 1879

Information & Research Journal.

John Henry JUDGE and Jane MITCHELL were married in Victoria in 1879.

John's death not located.

Possible death for Jane is 1929 in Ararat, Victoria, aged 75 years. Father recorded as Robert MITCHELL. Mother unknown.

Five children located Victorian records for John and Jane but there may be more.


William Ernest Leslie JUDGE.
Born: 1880 Spring Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1903 Berringa, Victoria, aged 23 years.


Lilia Constance JUDGE.
Born: 1882 Spring Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1917 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 36 years.
Married: George TAYLOR.
Year: 1903.
Place: Victoria.


Earl Clifford JUDGE.
Born: 1884 Spring Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1962 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 75 years.


Vivian Harold JUDGE.
Born: 1886 Dereel, Victoria.
Died: 1965 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 76 years.


Rubin Allean JUDGE.
Born: circa 1892. Birth not located.
Died: 1916 Lockwood, Victoria, aged 24 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.