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JUBB marriages 1853-1942 Victoria Australia

JUBB marriages 1853-1942 Victoria Australia.

JUBB (males)

married: 1853 Margaret LESTER.

married: 1853 Ann PETRIE.

Henry William
married: 1862 Elizabeth CORR.

married: 1886 Catherine JOHNSTONE.

John Henry
married: 1888 Mary Magdaline WILSON.

Thomas William
married: 1897 Minnie SHINNERS.

James Patrick
married: 1916 Katherine Margaret FERGUSON.

George Brodie Francis
married: 1919 Marion Lizzy HENDERSON.

married: 1924 Mary FINLAYSON.

married: 1930 Martha CASTANELLI.

Peter Lawrence
married: 1940 Edna Catherine MILLOY.

JUBB (females)

Elizabeth Isabella
married: 1876 Henry PICKLES.

married: 1878 James ARMSTRONG.

married: 1883 James WINDOVER.

Sarah Ann
married: 1883 John BARCLAY.

married: 1886 Francis MCKAY.

married: 1889 Joseph THACKRAY.

married: 1891 Alexander George Turner SMITH.

married: 1891 Joseph BLAIR.

Mary Ann
married: 1902 John Palmer BLAIR.

married: 1913 John MCMAHON.

Sarah Annie Florence
married: 1926 Henry Edwin SMITH.

Margurite Joan Griffiths
married: 1929 Charles Redvers HUSTLER.

Norma Adelaide
married: 1937 Frederick William GRAHAM.

Elsie May
married: 1942 William Henry ELLIS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JUBB lines.

JN 59993

HERCUS marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

HERCUS marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.

HERCUS (males)

married: 1856 Margaret BURNS.

married: 1867 Jane BRUCE.

John Calder
mnarried: 1888 Drusilla Virginia BOYCE.

Francis Grant
married: 1895 Catherine JOHNSON.

Thomas Barkly
married: 1898 Margaret BARNET.

married: 1898 Jane MOYLE.

Bruce William
married: 1910 Elizabeth Maud HARE.

Archibald Tait
married: 1922 Sylvia Letitia Howard NICHOLS.

James Johnson
married: 1922 Marguerite PICKLES.

Francis Grant
married: 1930 Annie Ethel WRIGHT.

David Wilson
married: 1932 Clarice Emma GRONOW.

married: 1933 Rose GASKELL.

Clive William
married: 1939 Eveline Audrey MILLER.

Eric Bruce
married: 1940 Florence Amelia HOLT.

married: 1942 Elizabeth Johnston CHEYNE.

Allan Thomas
married: 1942 Mabel Ella Matthews MITCHELL.

HERCUS (females)

married: 1869 Archibald TAIT.

Dulcie Mary
married: 1938 Joseph Henry Daman MILLER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HERCUS lines.

JN 59986

BURGOYNE marriages (males) 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

BURGOYNE marriages (males) 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.

BURGOYNE (males)

George Frederick
married: 1854 Elizabeth DORVELL.

William Henry
married: 1855 Jane Roberts ODGERS.

married: 1856 Eliza FISHER.

married: 1857 Emma MORRITT.

married: 1859 Susan Jane ROYCROFT.

married: 1859 Mary Ann KING.

George Hector
married: 1863 Mary FISHER.

Frederick William
married: 1871 Elizabeth YATES.

George Hector
married: 1879 Rebecca FISHER.

George Richard
married: 1880 Jane KIDDELL.

John James Thomas Neville
married: 1886 Sarah Jane BENSON.

Alfred McIntyre
married: 1889 Moselle MYERS.

married: 1891 Madeline Kate COLLINS.

George Mill
married: 1895 Louisa EDWARDS.

Thomas Edward
married: 1900 Mary Margaret MCMICHAEL.

Alfred William
married: 1901 Susan Violet MACMICHAEL.

Charles Edward
married: 1901 Ruth ANDREWS.

Arthur Ernest Albert Victor
married: 1905 Bertha May MARWOOD.

Frederick William
married: 1906 Florence Adelaide MATHEWS.

married: 1906 Annie Elizabeth ADAMS.

Frederick William
married: 1907 Amelia Jane PRINCE.

William Henry
married: 1908 Ruth HICKS.

James John
married: 1910 Lilian Gertrude TEYCHENNE.

Thomas Levi
married: 1910 Ada Carol FERGUSON.

Herbert Lionel
married: 1911 Ida Ethel SMITH.

John Neville
married: 1912 Ethel May WEST.

Edward Meade
married: 1914 Alice Maude WHITBOURNE.

James Michael Head
married: 1914 Dorothy May STOWERS.

Harry Curtis
married: 1915 Maud CRIPPS.

William Head
married: 1915 Maud Alice BENALLACK.

Waldo Emmerson
married: 1920 Elsie Louise RIDDELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BURGOYNE lines.

JN 59985

BURGOYNE marriages (females) 1854-1942 Victoria Australia

BURGOYNE marriages (females) 1854-1942 Victoria Australia.

BURGOYNE (females)

married: 1854 Thomas HUNNIFORD.

Charlotte Caroline
married: 1857 Charles ROBERTS.

married: 1859 James Henry FERGUSON.

Susan Jane
married: 1871 John ROYCRAFT.

married: 1881 Henry Gillespie HUTCHISON.

Catherine Rose
married: 1881 John GRAHAM.

Alice Maude
married: 1885 John KIDDELL.

Jessie Martha
married: 1892 William Francis TEYCHENNE.

married: 1892 Harry BEGBIE.

Mary Jane
married: 1892 Patrick OREILLY.

married: 1906 William Fulton BUCHAN.

Bertha May
married: 1910 Albert Victor Nelson NICHOLLS.

Florence Avenel
married: 1911 Thomas Hunter Thomas ROYCRAFT.

Frances Muriel
married: 1911 Ernest Edgar STEVENS.

Hazel Annie
married: 1912 Ernest Mack LUKEY.

Gladys Agnes
married: 1922 Demetrius POLITES.

Elma Dorothea
married: 1925 George Frederick PAGE.

married: 1925 Felix William Bowden HARDING.

married: 1927 William Francis CLEMENS.

Mary Margaret
married: 1928 George James Colin RICHARDSON.

Alice Maud
married: 1930 John CLYMO.

Dory Edna May
married: 1934 George William BUCKLEY.

Ida Mary Edna
married: 1935 Kenneth Edwin WILLMAN.

Clara Adelle Eliza
married: 1935 Ernest Robert WILLIAMS.

Marjory Mona Eileen
married: 1936 Geoffrey Adrian BRUNT.

Edith Olive
married: 1936 Stanley BUTT.

Lena Amelia
married: 1937 Goulburn SAGGERS.

Mary Frances
married: 1938 Reginald John SQUIRES.

Ethel Caroline
married: 1940 Bruce Robert BAKER.

Doris Irene
married: 1940 Edward Stephen BERNICKE.

Daphne May
married: 1940 Claude WOOLLEY.

Gloria Elizabeth
married: 1941 Terence Webster SMITH.

Ivy Pearl Kathleen
married: 1952 Harold Ernest REID.

Joan Lillian
married: 1942 Patrick William REID.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BURGOYNE lines.

JN 59983

BENALLACK marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia

BENALLACK marriages 1855-19432 Victoria Australia.


Stephen Stanton
married: 1855 Mary Ann ROCK.

John Francis
married: 1858 Elizabeth Ann HAYNES.

John Rock
married: 1877 Nancy Jane WILSON.

married: 1887 Rebecca CHAPMAN.

married: 1888 Minnie FIELD.

married: 1890 Jane TAINSH.

married: 1899 Isabella TAINSH.

Percy Haynes
married: 1900 Kate ANDREWS.

married: 1918 Mary HILL.

Rupert Clarence
married: 1925 Florrie Eliza MCSTOKER.

Reginald Stephen
married: 1927 Daisy Constance AINLEY.

Eric James
married: 1929 Theresa May ATHORN.

Andrew Leonard
married: 1931 Esther Louie CROOKS.

married: 1932 Freda Blanche GILL.

married: 1937 Ann WILKINS.

Francis Ian
married: 1940 Mary Louisa HAYES.

Francis Samuel
married: 1941 Thelma May ROSE.

BENALLACK (females)

Jane Frances
married: 1855 Christopher MERIFIELD.

Amy Frances
married: 1879 William Andrew MACINTIRE.

Amy Frances
married: 1886 Thomas William JOHNSTONE.

married: 1888 Theodore HAUSER.

married: 1889 Gilbert Eliott GRAHAM.

Maud Mary
married: 1893 John CRIBBES.

Nancy Jane
married: 1897 Lane BLUNT.

Margaret Steenson
married: 1899 Richard MORRISON.

Mary Ann Margaret
married: 1901 Alfred John DENNING.

Amy Frances
married: 1906 George Edward NORMAN.

married: 1910 George Herbert MILNER.

Bertha Doreen
married: 1914 Archie RICHARDSON.

Maud Alice
married: 1915 William Head BURGOYNE.

Amy Elizabeth
married: 1916 Leopold MEADE.

married: 1922 Walter Lawrence WESTWOOD.

married: 1923 John Robert RYAN.

married: 1924 Thomas BURKE.

Ivy Doris
married: 1925 Arthur Edwin STORER.

Ida Margaret
married: 1925 Milton Edgar THOMPF.

Leila Mary
married: 1928 Charles Henry MASON.

Hilda Fanny
married: 1933 John Hopetoun PROUDFOOT.

Edith Amy
married: 1936 James Lawrence KING.

Doreen Shiel
married: 1938 Leslie George TURNER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BENALLACK lines.

JN 59979

PICKLES marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia

PICKLES marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia.

PICKLES (males)

married: 1855 Elizabeth TURTON.

George Frederick
married: 1855 Jane Mackay PATTERSON.

married: 1857 Mary KARIGAN.

Thomas Green
married: 1871 Eliza Jane ROBSON.

married: 1876 Elizabeth Isabella JUBB.

George Mackay
married: 1880 Carol Julianne Amelia ROEDER.

Thomas Patterson
married: 1883 Parthenia Fidora RICHARDS.

married: 1884 Margaret Elizabeth COLLINS.

Joseph Henry
married: 1896 Mary Ann HUTCHINS.

Thomas Patterson
married: 1912 Pathenia Tridor RICHARDS.

married: 1913 Catherine MACKAY.

Joseph Gelders
married: 1915 Ella May ALFORD.

Percy George
married: 1916 Gladys May ROBINSON.

Robert Alexander
married: 1917 Frances Louisa Howard PORTER.

Clifford Levitt
married: 1918 Mary MURPHY.

married: 1920 Catherine Ellen LEWIS.

George William Henry Herbert
married: 1923 Gladys Frances Lilian RYAN.

married: 1924 Florence WILCOX.

married: 1924 Sarah Ellen SLEIGHT.

Frederick Walter
married: 1925 Janet Susan CHEYNE.

William Matthew Hector
married: 1925 Mary Alice CHEYNE.

Albert Victor
married: 1928 Elsie BARRY.

married: 1935 Jean Alice HATELY.

Thomas Edward
married: 1936 Gwenedith Jean JONES.

PICKLES (females

Carol May
married: 1908 William Courtaway THOMAS.

Mary Lillian
married: 1916 Ronald Hugh MCDONALD.

Gladys Foster
married: 1920 Harold CATTERALL.

married: 1922 James Johnson HERCUS.

Florence Ada
married: 1923 Herbert William HINE.

married: 1925 Ernets George Albert FORD.

married: 1934 Frederick Scott HARDY.

Margaret Joyce
married: 1941 Leslie Charles MILES.

Margaret Isabel
married: 1942 Albert Victor ROBERTS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PICKLES lines.

JN 59972

ALLAWAY marriages 1865-1942 Victoria Australia

ALLAWAY marriages 1865-1942 Victoria Australia.

ALLAWAY (males)

married: 1865 Frances Maria CREESE.

Thomas George
married: 1874 Marian CHAMBERLAIN.

William Mark Creese
married: 1894 Jessie Hay YOUNG.

William died 1946 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as William ALLAWAY and Frances CREESE.

Jessie died 1930 in Hotham East, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.
Parenets named as James Hay YOUNG and Mary LEIGHTON.

Francis John
married: 1902 Amy Margaret WILSON.

William Charles
married: 1907 Charlotte Susan COWLAND.

Albert George
married: 1912 Beatrice Mary SLEAP.

Beatrice died 1962 in Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Joseph H SLEAP and Mary Kate GOODHEN.

Francis Edgar
married: 1913 Ada FIRTH.

James Henry
married: 1916 Emily Frances HORTON. (Indexed VMI as HORTIN)

Emily died 1958 in Braybrook, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.
Parents named as George HORTON and Emily Frances GASE.

James Edwin
married: 1916 Irene Viola Ernestine MORRISON.

Stanley Arthur
married: 1917 Hannah Rudd SCOTT.

Hannah died 1971 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents named as William SCOTT and Elizabeth TWYFORD.

Henry James
married: 1920 Minnie CLARKE.

Henry George
married: 1923 Martha Maney PRESTON.

Francis Thomas William
married: 1926 Jessie Isobel FORBES.

married: 1927 Annie LYNCH.

William Charles
married: 1929 Rita May ASHLEY.

George Albert
married: 1932 Violet LUBECK.

Francis Ernest
married: 1934 Dory Alma Grace ELLIS.

George Albert
married: 1935 May Frances BATLEY.

Arthur Goodfry
married: 1936 Olga Amelia WHATELEY.

Alan Leighton
married: 1937 Mollie Elizabeth Roma TEESE.

Albert Henry
married: 1938 Coral Evelyn Grace LAPSLEY.

Norman Frederick
married: 1939 Dorothy Ivy OBRIEN.

Ernest Henry
married: 1942 Marie Rose CINNINGHAM.

James Stanley
married: 1942 Grace Florence SAUNDERS.

ALLAWAY (females)

married: 1867 Henry Lavender HOLMES.

Elizabeth died 1933 in Ballarat East, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.
Parents named as John ALLAWAY and Elizabeth GLEMISTER.

Jane Elizabeth
married: 1867 William FEARY.

Alice Maud
married: 1891 Alfred Ernest MCCROMBIE.

Sylvia Mary
married: 1920 John Joseph OHEHIR.

Trilby Annie
married: 1920 Robert Samuel PETTS.

Trilby died 1951 in Royal Park, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.
Parents named as Henry ALLAWAY and Annie TOWHILL.

married: 1924 James Colin YOUNG.

Marian died 1957 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as Thomas ALLAWAY and Marian CHAMBERLAIN.

Edith Goodwin
married: 1927 Fergus Joan Stanford YOUNGS.

Doris Edith
married: 1930 William Charles WATTS.

Phyllis Natrass
married: 1933 John Sydney Ormond FORREST.

Emily Frances
married: 1933 Charles Alfred NICHOLLS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage & Death Indexes to assist others researching the ALLAWAY lines.

JN 59970

BUZZA marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia

BUZZA marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia.

BUZZA (males)

married: 1859 Jane Victoria BAKER.

married: 1862 Margery JAMES.

Thomas James
married: 1865 Ellen CHARLES.

John Francis
married: 1867 Pertheneya Lean RALPH.

married: 1867 Emily RAINSDON.

married: 1869 Elizabeth TOZER.

married: 1871 Mary Ann CONROY.

married: 1872 Mary RALPH.

married: 1882 Elizabeth PURNELL.

William Charles
married: 1887 Rebecca Jane CANDY.
CANDY. Correct spelling appears to be CAUDRY.

married: 1894 Frances Genevieve LANE.

married: 1895 Ada MITCHELL.

Percy Arthur Victor
married: 1897 Emily JACOBS.

John Henry
married: 1899 Jessie WEARNE.

William James
married: 1899 Ada Mary TRELOAR.

BUZZA (females)

married: 2858 Joseph WATERS.

Mary Ann
married: 1860 James TREWHEELA.

Mary Jane
married: 1865 Simon BOLITHO.

married: 1869 Joseph Palmer PEARCE.

married: 1873 John POLLARD.

married: 1886 Robert Frederick CAMMEL.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1888 John FROST.

married: 1889 George John COMPTON.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1890 Thomas SIMPSON.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1891 Gavin Wilson KERR.

married: 1891 John Ahrendt Godfried RASMUSSEN.

Amelia Agnes
married: 1892 James WILKINSON.

married: 1893 George LANCE.

Mary Hannah
married: 1893 James Albert WILSON.

married: 1894 John DEEBLE.

Annie Clemens Pierce
married: 1898 Menzies BALDWIN.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1898 Joseph Thomas BOLITHO.

Elizabeth Woods
married: 1899 James SMITH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BUZZA lines.

JN 59963

BEARUP marriages 1858-1928 Victoria Australia

BEARUP marriages 1858-1928 Victoria Australia.

BEARUP (males)

married: 1858 Margaret Henders CRUM.

married: 1864 Hellen DENHOLM.

married: 1867 Sarah Ann SCOTTEN.

married: 1885 Charlotte Jane CONGLE.

married: 1888 Margaret MOODIE.

Robert crum
married: 1891 Dorothea Isabella BOWMAN.

married: 1894 Esther BONWICK.

Edgar Robert
married: 1921 Laura PIZZEY.

Herbert Andrew
married: 1925 Frieda Florence NEELD.

married: 1927 Vera May CROSBY.

BEARUP (females)

married: 1891 Harry Ernest HEMPEL.

Charlotte Louisa
married: 1893 William Henry CATTERALL.

Jane Aird
married: 1902 Edward YOUNG.

Ellen May
married: 1914 John Knowles ATHERTON.

Florence May
married: 1925 Roderick George HOWARD.

Helen Margaret
married: 1926 Hector Stanley TOWNSEND.

Dorothy Eleneor
married: 1928 Frank WILSON.

Please note.
No BEARUP marriages located Victoria 1929-1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEARUP lines.

JN 59961

CATTERALL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

CATTERALL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.


married: 1854 Isdabella MCLEOD.

married: 1857 Alice Coatman GOODSIR.

married: 1860 Mary Hannah PRESTON.

married: 1876 Annie Maria JOHNSTON.

Charles Wallace
married: 1883 Carol WILSON.

married: 1883 Rose Ann DEAN.

Arthur Ernest
married: 1884 Annie Jane HALL.

Edward Henry
married: 1885 Emily Elizabeth BAKER.

Frederick George
married: 1891 Amelia Isabella LAIDLAW.

William Henry
married: 1893 Charlotte Louisa BEARUP.

Frederick Robert
married: 1895 Ann Jane TOWNSEND.

John Milburn
married: 1899 Ethel May GRAHAM.

Joseph Benson
married: 1899 Mary RICHARDS.

married: 1900 Martha HALL.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1906 Margaret OKANE.

Charles Wallace
married: 1906 Bessie May DANDY.

Herbert Wilson
married: 1910 Ellen May STEPHENS.

Harry Frankland
married: 1913 Emily Alice GOVE.

Leslie Howard
married: 1914 Edith NICHOLLS.

Alfred Leyland
married: 1916 Gladys Irene Augusta SPOONER.

married: 1920 Gladys Foster PICKLES.

Harry Frankland
married: 1920 Francis Alice MCEWAN.

CATTERALL (females)

Alice Rishton
married: 1879 Frederick Andrew LANG.

Louisa Jane
married: 1879 Alfred Benjamin PEARCE.

Selina Flexney
married: 1886 Henry RUSS.

married: 1891 James William HALL.

Amy Beatrice
married: 1899 Arthur Horace Lindsay LOWE.

married: 1910 John Oxley WAUD.

married: 1912 James Arthur Theodore THOROGOOD.

Emma Mabel
married: 1913 John Thomas CLIMPSON.

Marion Ethelwyn
married: 1915 Percy Edgar Engall BARTRAM.

married: 1916 Frederick CROSLING.

Selina Ann
married: 1919 Albert Edwin PARKES.

Dory Baker
married: 1920 Vernon Roderick ROBERTSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CATTERALL lines.

JN 59953