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QUAIFE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

QUAIFE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

QUAIFE (males)

Cecil Royal
married: 1923 Ivy Myrtle WISDOM.

Norman Alfred
married: 1930 Gertrude England GROSE.

Robert Vincent
married: 1933 Emily May RAVENHALL.

William Christopher
married: 1934 Gladys Grace PARRIS.

married: 1934 Edith Ellen CASSON.

Frederick Walter
married: 1939 Ethel Margaret CLARKE.

Albert John
married: 1940 Emily Mary PARKER.

Arthur George David
married: 1940 Annie Christina CHRISTIE.

Allan Edward
married: 1941 Betty Irene CARLOS.

Ronald Edward
married: 1941 Edna Lilian PARKER.

Francis William
married: 1942 Mary Gwendoline ASHTON.

QUAIFE (females)

Harriet Cecilia Josephine
married: 1922 Arthur George SHOWLER.

Ethel May
married: 1929 John Henry SYMONS.

Mary Liln
married: 1930 Albert FORD.

Annie Veronica
married: 1931 Joseph DERRICK.

Gladys Irene
married: 1932 Lewis ASHER.

Daphne Caroline
married: 1932 Leslie Raymond CORKE.

married: 1936 Willie Harold HEATH.

Florence Charlotte Adela
married: 1937 Harry REID.

Alice Reid
married: 1937 Walter Gerald WILTSHIRE.

Dorothy Vera
married: 1939 Dennis FLETCHER.

Mavis Alma
married: 1939 George Robert William HARRIS.

Elva Constance
married: 1939 John Wallace MCKEEGAN.

Frances May
married: 1940 Alfred William COOKESLEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the QUAIFE lines.

JN 63194

FORTY marriages 1854-1940 Victoria Australia

FORTY marriages 1854-1940 Victoria Australia.

FORTY (males)

John George
married: 1866 Ann COULSON.

George Henry
married: 1893 Lily STAPLETON.

married: 1900 Lucy POLLOCK.

Ernest Henry
married: 1922 Ivy GILL.

Cecil George
married: 1923 Ethel Margaret MOREY.

George Henry
married: 1923 Minnie FOWKES.

William Albert
married: 1938 Dorothy Ann BROWN.

Norman Francis
married: 1940 Hazel Iona WOLFF.

FORTY (females)

married: 1854 Robert HOSEASON.

Mary Jane
married: 1854 Charles ROLLASON.

married: 1892 Alfred John BOTT.

Octavia Jane
married: 1899 Ernest Alfred COOKESLEY.

Dorothy Madeline
married: 1908 William Alexander CHEEL.
CHEEL indexed as CHECK.

married: 1915 William WITHERS.

Winifred Brice
married: 1920 Alfred William VALENTINE.

Liln Lucy Mabel
married: 1934 John William COLEMAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the FORTY lines.

JN 63192

BOTT marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

BOTT marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

BOTT (males)

married: 1901 Elizabeth BAWDEN.

William Alfred
married: 1903 Mary Elizabeth CARTLEDGE.

William Joseph
married: 1903 Minnie May BOUCHER.

married: 1905 Emily Ada FORGE.

Levi Thomas
married: 1905 Eliza Jane LARKING.

William Alfred
married: 1906 Isabella MYHILL.

Charles Amos
married: 1909 Annie Elizabeth BROADHURST.

Thomas Edward
married: 1909 Lucy DELALANDE.

Walter Leonard
married: 1909 Margaret Sophia Catherine COLLINS.

Archie John
married: 1910 Stella Margaret MCLAREN.

James Ernest
married: 1910 Mabel DENNIS.

married: 1912 Maria Frances EARLY.

Herbert Decimus married: 1912 Catherine HUTCHINSON.

married: 1912 Annie Jane WOOD.

married: 1913 Muriel Victoria MCLEOD.

married: 1913 Elsie Jane WILKINSON.

Leslie Douglas John
married: 1914 Annie Eileen MAYFIELD.

Peter James
married: 1915 Helena COOPER.

Walter James
married: 1915 Annie Amelia FORRESTER.

married: 1917 Mary GIBSON.

Percy Edward William
married: 1920 Dory Blanche SHEPHERD.

William George
married: 1920 Jane ALLEN.

BOTT (females)

Alice Annie Payne
married: 1904 Thomas Albert CHANDLER.

married: 1909 Edward Arthur Tulford WALKER.

Charlotte Elizabeth
married: 1910 James Barron CONNELLY.

Amelia Ford
married: 1911 Karl Frederick Emil RECHENBERG.

married: 1912 August Benjamin MENZEL.

Minnie May
married: 1913 Francis Thomas WAGSTAFF.

Gertrude Lenora
married: 1914 Norman Hamilton SHEPHERD.

Jessie Matilda Sarah
married: 1914 John Cameron ARMSTRONG.

Phoebe Victoria Florence
married: 1915 Joseph William CURWOOD.

Mabel Charlotte
married: 1916 Albert Ernest RAY.

Charlotte Matilda
married: 1918 Arthur PULLEN.

Alice Annie Harris
married: 1920 Reginald John Collins ALLEN.

Clara Louisa
married: 1920 William Albert PARSONS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BOTT lines.

JN 63191

KIMPTON marriages 1891-1906 Victoria Australia

KIMPTON marriages 1891-1906 Victoria Australia.

KIMPTON (males)

George Fuller
married: 1892 Alice TURNER.

married: 1894 Violante Pelligrena PASSALAQUA.

Edward Fuller
married: 1894 Mary HIBBERD.

Edward John
married: 1896 Margaret HAIR.

George Edmund
married: 1896 Honora Matilda WILLIAMS.

married: 1896 Famie Eliza ANDREWS.

Alfred Fuller
married: 1897 Agnes CORRIE.

William Welch
married: 1897 Ann Fitchie BOWDEN.

Frederick William
married: 1899 Ellen Josephine COLE.

Frederick George
married: 1901 Leila Lexie DAW.

Henry Edmond
married: 1901 Julia Harriet PURDEY.

Thomas Ernest
married: 1901 Ruth TURNER.

Alfred Fuller
married: 1902 Esther Hazel DEVLIN.

Frederick Herbert
married: 1902 Mabel Gertrude ATKIN.

Ernest Edward
married: 1904 Kay AMSDEN.

Charles Henry
married: 1905 Margaret Hilda BARNARD.

Harold Stanley
married: 1905 Amelia Elizabeth REDDALL.

KIMPTON (females)

Ada Jane
married: 1892 Edward Cornelius Joseph MCCANN.

Carol Lavinia
married: 1894 William John MITCHELL.

Margaret Jane
married: 1894 Matthew Brims GRAHAM.

Alice Maude
married: 1895 James GOYNE.

married: 1895 John JACKSON.

Adelaide Grace
married: 1900 Alfred Thomas DEANE.

Emily Jane
married: 1900 James Henry JACKMAN.

Emily Maria
married: 1901 Thomas HARRISON.

married: 1901 Robert Washington TURNER.

married: 1902 Henry HASTINGS.

Alice Maude
married: 1902 Clive Lamont MACARTNEY.

married: 1903 Charles Edward ANDREWS.

Lucy Mabel
married: 1905 Henry Lindsay HALL.

married: 1906 John CUFFE.

married: 1906 Alfred DENHAM.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KIMPTON lines.

JN 63175

ALSOP marriages 1912-1924 Victoria Australia

ALSOP marriages 1912-1924 Victoria Australia.

ALSOP (males)

Rodney Howard
married: 1912 Dorothy Hope LOCKYER.

Ambrose Alfred
married: 1913 Amy DORMAN.

George Frederick
married: 1914 Mary Ellen Veronica LOWE.

married: 1914 Winifred Grace CAIRNS.

William Ambrose
married: 1914 Constance Margaret OBRAYAN.

Arthur Leslie
married: 1915 Anastasia HANRAHAN.

John Sidney
married: 1918 Violet May BENNETT.

Joseph James
married: 1918 Doris BIRCH.

Francis Charles
married: 1921 Adelaide Eliza DIXON.

married: 1922 Ida Louisa HALLAM.

Ernest Albert
married: 1922 Audrey Vivienne WALTON.

William Allen
married: 1922 Ivy Sylvia Gladys MOLLOY.

married: 1923 Christina Ann MCROBERTS.

Bernard Michael
married: 1924 Hilma MATHISON.

ALSOP (females)

Gladys Florence
married: 1912 William Edward OWEN.

Grace Helen
married: 1912 William Henry TREGEAR.

Olive Evelyn
married: 1913 Peter Paul KEENAN.

married: 1914 Felix Meyers FARQUHARSON.

Ethel Blanche
married: 1916 Henry William HITT.

Ethel May
married: 1917 Robert John STEPHENSON.

married: 1918 Harold Eardley HAYTON.

Mabel Jane
married: 1919 John Buchanan MCCURDY.

married: 1921 Phillip QUINN.

Gertrude Emily
married: 1922 Angus ROBERTSON.

Florence Elizabeth
married: 1922 William Foster DORMAN.

Muriel Catherine
married: 1922 Robert GILDER.

married: 1923 Robert David Elliott WILLMOTT.

Helen Bruce
married: 1923 Alan Montague BEATER.

Lorraine Marion
married: 1923 Ronald Farquharson LE SOUEF.

Helen Cora
married: 1923 Nebinson Willoughby FAULKNER.

Minnie Magdalene
married: 1924 Clarence HICKMAN.

Rita Mary
married: 1924 George Lawrence ROSEWALL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ALSOP lines.

JN 63168

BYERS marriages (males) 1859-1911 Victoria Australia

BYERS marriages (males) 1859-1911 Victoria Australia.

BYERS (males)

married: 1859 Mary ALSTON.

married: 1861 Ann BEAUMONT.

married: 1863 Grace Harriet FENTON.

married: 1864 Hannah BARNFATHER.
married: 1864 Louisa Julia KENWORTHY.

married: 1865 Ann GARDINER.

Robert Hobson
married: 1868 Annie Elizabeth ABRAMS.

married: 1868 Alice IBBETSON.

married: 1871 Eliza BYERS.

married: 1871 Annie Jane TOPPIN.

married: 1871 Minnie Teresa BRIEN.

Henry Hobson
married: 1872 Anne Jane GUTHRIDGE.

married: 1878 Mary BURDEN.

married: 1880 Marian Elizabeth DREDGE.

Robert Howard
married: 1880 Annie TODD.

married: 1881 Harriet Elizabeth MARTIN.

Robert James
married: 1882 Margaret WATSON.

William Herbert
married: 1883 Constance Louisa REYNELL.

married: 1885 Mary HARDING.

James Melville
married: 1885 Mary Ann WESTON.

Thomas Alston
married: 1886 Elizabeth Barbara MCLEAN.

Harry Hobson
married: 1890 Ellen Elizabeth PHILBRICK.

married: 1893 Ellen McClure JONES.

Frederick Rennick
married: 1897 Elizabeth Ann RAMAGE.

Frederick Roff
married: 1998 Sophia POWNE.

John William
married: 1898 Elizabeth Jane GRIBBLE.

Thomas Isaiah
married: 1898 Alice Gertrude CASE.

married: 1899 Theodora TINELTI.

Edwin Arthur
married: 1900 Theodoria Clare JENNINGS.

Charles Frederick
married: 1904 Phoebe Jane KING.

Robert James
married: 1904 Jane Catherine MANN.

Robert James
married: 1906 Catherine Mary RAISBECK.

David John
married: 1908 Violet Jane WRAITH.

William Arthur
married: 1908 Marian Susan SHELLY.

William Francis
married: 1909 Gertrude Eveleen SHEPHERDSON.

Edward Leonard
married: 1910 Agnes Marion TULLOCH.

married: 1910 Margaret NOLEN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BYERS lines.

JN 63153

BYERS marriages (females) 1858-1911 Victoria Australia

BYERS marriages (females) 1858-1911 Victoria Australia.

BYERS (females)

married: 1858 Myles BARROWCLOUGH.

married: 1860 James SHAW.

married: 1860 James Johnson SMITH.

married: 1861 William CARTER.

Jane Crawford
married: 1902 William SUNDERLAND.

married: 1862 John STEWART.

Wilhelmina Dodds
married: 1866 John SUNDERLAND.

married: 1868 George Henry ABRAMS.

married: 1870 John DALTON.

married: 1871 William BYERS.

married: 1874 William ROBINSON.

married: 1875 Charles Morell HOLMES.

married: 1877 Alexander TROTTER.

married: 1878 William WILLIAMSON.

Sarah Jane
married: 1882 William John GRIFFITHS.

married: 1882 William KERR.

married: 1885 Frederick William Secket BUSFIELD.

married: 1887 Albert William Emery NORRIS. (Registered 1889)

Emily Maud
married: 1888 Nehemiah Waugh GUTHRIDGE.

married: 1890 Joseph David COLES.

married: 1890 George James DAVIDSON.

Catherine Bridget
married: 1891 Harry Rawlings BRAIDWOOD.

Elizabeth Ada
married: 1894 Frederick William MINERS.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1896 Robert Henningsley PEARCE.

Isabella Annie
married: 1897 Philip SMART.

married: 1898 George Alexander SUTHERLAND.

Mary Ellen
married: 1898 John Alexander LEITCH.

Annie Maud
married: 1900 George Kenneth MATHESON.

Ethel Grace
married: 1903 Albert Edward TURNER.

married: 1903 Duncan STEWART.

married: 1905 Edward BROWN.

Catherine Agnes
married: 1906 James Robert Patterson HELMORE.

Margaret Essie
married: 1906 Donald Edward MCLEOD.

married: 1909 Albert DEAN.

Mary Ann
married: 1911 James Charles Roves WHITEHOUSE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BYERS lines.

JN 63144

CLUTTERBUCK marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

CLUTTERBUCK marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


Arthur Albert
married: 1924 Ellen Margaret RILEY.

Eric Ernest
married: 1924 Ethel LUSK.

Stanley Edward
married: 1925 Lily Pearl MARRINER.

Esmond Ashmead
married: 1925 Ethel Mary WRAY.

Wolfrey Henry
married: 1925 Edith Algoe ANDREW.

Thomas Henry
married: 1925 Amelia Edith HANSFORD.

married: 1927 Alice STANLEY.

married: 1928 Ella Alice ELLIS.

James Arthur
married: 1929 Dorothy May RIVETT.

Henry Trevor
married: 1936 Nancy Marjorie IKENGA.

Roy Almond Norgrove
married: 1938 Ruby Doris WATT.

Rayford John
married: 1940 Dorothy Marsden May INNES.

Walter James
married: 1940 Mona Violet DALTON.


Enid Maud
married: 1921 James WILCOX.

married: 1921 Garnet MARTIN.

married: 1921 Allan Twirrell THOMSON.

Annie Eliza
married: 1921 Victor George WALLACE.

Emile Field Norgrove
married: 1922 Norvel DANE.

Viola Lucilla Norgrove
married: 1923 Ernest Paul GUYETT.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1923 Edward Reginald BLACKNEY.

Bertha Rhoda
married: 1926 John Henry LUKE.

Olive Evelyn
married: 1926 Charles Seymour COWLEY.

married: 1927 Bertie HANN.

Eileen Agnes
married: 1927 Kenneth Daniel Varney JONES.

Doris Amy
married: 1928 Alfred Victor KERBY.

Winifred Rose
married: 1929 Eric Harvey LOCK.

Alice May
married: 1929 Claude Thomas HARRISON.

Amy Grace
married: 1930 Duncan John STALKER.

Phyllis Mildred
married: 1934 Lindsay Gordon DAISH.

Marian Ida
married: 1934 Allan Roy PAISLEY.

married: 1936 Kenneth Charles MCCOMBE.

married: 1937 Edward ALLEN.

Daphne Stella Bowden
married: 1938 Ernest Edgar ALEXANDER.

Edna May
married: 1939 Kenneth Allen LUGG.

Phyllis June
married: 1940 Daryl William HAYLES.

Florence Jean
married: 1940 Almora Reedy SHARROCK.

Phyllis Joyce
married: 1940 Frederick DODD.

Dorothy Isobel
married: 1940 Cecil Henry BUNTING.

Lucy Joyce
married: 1942 Lindsay Francis MASON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CLUTTERBUCK lines.

JN 63138

SCARLETT marriages 1891-1910 Victoria Australia

SCARLETT marriages 1891-1910 Victoria Australia.

SCARLETT (males)

William Rigby
married: 1891 Harriet Jane KENNER.

married: 1892 Margaret Joanna SMITH.

married: 1893 Ellen KEYS.

married: 1893 Margaret SULLIVAN.

Edwin John Radcliffe
married: 1897 Alice May UPSTON.

married: 1897 Catherine BARKER.

Robert Clifford
married: 1900 Maria FINN.

Robert Dasher
married: 1900 Rachel CUNNINGHAM.

Arthur Robert
married: 1901 Florence Evelyn SAYERS.

James Thomas
married: 1901 Elizabeth Ann CUNNINGHAM.

Robert Clifford William
married: 1901 Ethel May THOMAS.

John Ashley Frederick
married: 1903 Henrietta NEWELL.

married: 1904 Mary MCPHERSON.

Frederick Harold
married: 1905 Alice Annie SPINK.

Herbert Croxton
married: 1907 Mary Ellen ROBINSON.

William George
married: 1910 Ada Florence DOLLMAN.

SCARLETT (females)

Annie Maria
married: 1892 Edward Oswald BENNETT.

married: 1894 James WILSON.

Ada Lavinia
married: 1896 Henry VEITCH.

Kate Ann
married: 1896 William James PRESTON.

married: 1897 Adam Loftus OGILVY.

Rosa May
married: 1897 Albert James MCCLUSKEY.

married: 1898 John BALLANTYNE.

married: 1898 John TOZER.

married: 1900 Daniel REILLY.

Ada Harriet
married: 1904 George Mitchell HALL.

Emily Suzette
married: 1905 George James SMITH.

married: 1905 Ernest Hynes PERKINS.

Emily Amelia
married: 1907 William James ROWE.

married: 1907 Arthur VINCENT.

Teresa Eileen
married: 1907 Joseph Albert DEVLIN.

Alice Maude
married: 1908 Albert BOWTELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SCARLETT lines.

JN 63130

WHITEHOUSE marriages 1858-1911 Victoria Australia

WHITEHOUSE marriages 1858-1911 Victoria Australia.


married: 1858 Catherine Jane LAWRENCE.

married: 1862 Jane REID.

married: 1862 Mary ODONOGHUE.

William Harrison
married: 1873 Hannah CREIGHTON.

William James
married: 1875 Jane GALE.

Richard Chaddick
married: 1877 Mary Agnes NEWTON.

William Francis
married: 1887 Margaret SWADESIR.

married: 1890 Sarah DUNSTAN.

Arthur Edward
married: 1892 Lillias Alice HARRISON.

Edwin James
married: 1897 Jane SULLIVAN.

John William
married: 1898 Annie CARPENTER.

married: 1899 John PAYNE.

married: 1904 Jessie Margaret SIM.

William Harrison
married: 1908 Mignonette BENNETT.

married: 1911 Elizabeth Mary CADDY.

Joseph Charles
married: 1911 Mary Ann BYERS.

WHITEHOUSE (females)

married: 1859 Frederick LEE.

married: 1859 William DEECOX.

married: 1860 James WILKINSON.

married: 1867 Joshua PROUD.

Mary Ann
married: 1873 George Thomas Down SELLICK.

married: 1877 Samuel SIVTER.

Helen Jordan
married: 1884 William MARTINDALE.

Sarah Farmer
married: 1884 William George ADAMS.

married: 1886 Stephen ADAMS.

married: 1889 Thomas STEPHENS.

married: 1889 John Henry COOPER.

married: 1892 Thomas RANDALL.

Eliza Jane
married: 1894 John Thomas CLINDENING.

married: 1895 Frederick Samuel MARTIN.

Emma Elizabeth
married: 1897 Martin SMITH.

married: 1897 George Walter TICKNER.

married: 1898 Robert Henry MCCAMISH.

Rose Ada
married: 1904 Isaac Percival ABBOTT.

Hilda May
married: 1908 Henry Horatio TIDSWELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WHITEHOUSE lines.

JN 63122