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CHURCHLEY Peter married Evelyn FLYGER 1898

Information Journal.

Groom: Peter Charles CHURCHLEY.
Birth place: Given as Essex.

Bride: Evelyn Isabel FLYGER.
Birth place: Given as Wellington.

Year married: 1898.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Peter's death not located at time of posting.

Evelyn died 1926 Leeton, New South Wales.
Parents named as John J and Amey A.

Birth note.
Evelyn was born 1876 in New Zealand.
Parents named as John and Anne Lindsay.
Parents John FLYGER and Amy FLYGER married 1868 in New Zealand.

Four children located Victorian records for Peter and Evelyn.


Mavis Evelyn CHURCHLEY.
Born: 1898 Melbourne South, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Colvin L WEBB.
Year: 1926.
Place: Queanbeyan, New South Wales.


Edith Amy Lindsay CHURCHLEY.
Born: 1904 South Yarra, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: William S KEENAN.
Year: 1926.
Place: Queanbeyan, New South Wales.


Frank Charles CHURCHLEY.
Born: 1907 Armadale, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Ninon E ROUCHON.
Year: 1929.
Place: Ballina, New South Wales.


Ronald Percie Blatch CHURCHLEY.
Born: 1910 Burwood, Victoris.
Died: -

Married: Elena Edith Susan BINNS.
Year: 1938.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births and Marriages, Victoria.
Registry of Deaths and Marriages, New South Wales.
Registry of Births and Marriages, New Zealand.

This family record compiled to assist shihazel seeking descendants of John and Amy FLYGER.

JN 63860

TROTTER marriages 1875-1895 Victoria Australia

TROTTER marriages 1875-1895 Victoria Australia.

TROTTER (males)

Married: Anne BYERS 1875. (Registered 1877)

George William
Married: Essie BRYNE 1875.

William Henry
Married: Fannie MORRIS 1877.

John Charles Sibbald
Married: Sarah Jane WOODBURN 1882.

George Thomas
Married: Mary BROOKMAN 1882.

Robert John
Married: Fanny LANGDON 1883.

William John
Married: Mary Ellen WILSON 1883.

Albert Thomas
Married: Ann ELLIS 1885.

Frederick Hardy
Married: Isabella Mary MOORHEAD 1887.

Married: Annie CORLETT 1887.

Married: Eliza Jane CROUCH 1894.

Married: Rose DALY 1894.

Edward David
Married: Bertha FUNCKE 1895.

Ernest Alfred Joseph
Married: Isabella DIMSEY 1895.

TROTTER (females)

Ellen Charlotte
Married: Charles Alfred TURNER 1875.

Julia Dandridge
Married: George HOPWOOD 1875.

Elizabeth Ann
Married: Francis KELLY 1875.

Alice Elizabeth
Married: Thomas AULD 1877.

Mary Ann
Married: Charles MARTIN 1878.

Mary Wakenshaw
Married: John MCCONNELL 1880.

Married: John Thomas KEARNEY 1881.

Married: Edward Richard ROGERS 1881.

Sarah Ellen
Married: John Henry WATSON 1882.

Married: Edward TWINING 1883.

Married: John BAGG 1884.

Married: John Tudor VAUGHAN 1885.

Married: George GOWERS 1885.

Married: Robert COLLIS 1886.

Margaret Black Sibbald
Married: James GRANT 1887.

Married: John BAWDEN 1887.

Married: Thomas ROSS 1888.

Married: Carl John HANSEN 1888.

Grace Eliza
Married: John Brambley FENNELL 1889.

Married: William CUNNINGTON 1890.

Elizabeth Maud
Married: Thomas CASLEY 1890.

Married: Jacob CLARKE 1890.

Sarah Ann
Married: Alfred HILL 1891.

Married: John MCLEOD 1892.

Married: Emmanual TEICHELMANN 1892.

Margaret Bertha
Married: Stephen Francis HAYES 1894.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TROTTER lines.

JN 63858

DWAN marriages (females) 1863-1938 Victoria Australia

DWAN marriages (females) 1863-1938 Victoria Australia.

DWAN (females)

Married: John KEOGH 1863.
Nine Issues located.
1. Mary, born 1864, Woods Point, Victoria.
2. Johannah, born 1866, Gaffney's Creekm Victoria.
3. Thomas, born 1867, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
4. Honora Alice, born 1869, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
5. Katherine, born 1871, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
6. Annie, born 1873, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
7. Ellen, born 1875, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
8. Margaret, born 1876, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.
9. Julia, born 1878, Gaffney's Creek, Victoria.


Married: Patrick MADDOCK 1864.
No Issues located.

Married: William BISHOP 1870.
Two Issue located.
1. William Walter, born 1871, Inglewood, Victoria.
2. Henry Hayden, born 1873, Mount Pleasant, Victoria.

Married: Thomas HOWE 1870.
No Issues located.

Married: James MONICO 1888.
Eight Issues located.
1. Caroline Mary, born 1889, Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Charles Louis, born 1890, Daylesford, Victoria.
3. John Batista, born 1892, Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Mary Ellen, born 1895, Daylesford, Victoria.
5. Louis, born 1897, Daylesford, Victoria.
6. William, born 1899, Daylesford, Victoria.
7. Catherine, born 1901, Daylesford, Victoria.
8. Maria, born 1903, Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: George Alfred Donald FOWLE 1890.
Two Issue located.
1. Marie Louise, born 1891, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Doris Mabel, born 1897, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Edward BREDMEYER 1900.
Two Issues located.
1. Edward Leslie, born 1901, Kensington, Hill, Victoria.
2. Edna May, born 1905, Melbourne West, Victoria.

Married: Thomas OCALLAGHAN 1905.
Two Issues located.
1. Kathleen May, born 1906, Hotham, Victoria.
2. William Joseph, born 1907, West Melbourne, Victoria.

Winifred Veronica
Married: Bert HOCKING 1924.

Married: Victor Albert CLARKE 1924.

Thelma Gladys Ann
Married: Charles John STEED 127.

Sarah Eulalie
Married: Thomas Alexander WHITELEY 1927.

Linda Kathleen
Married: John Gerard BERGIN 1928.

Married: Phillip Leo DUNN 1928.

Married: Frank MITCHELL 1928.

Margaret Gertrude
Married: Anthony Thomas HOOGEN 1928.

Married: John Charles KEEHAN 1929.

Frances Agnes
Married: James Joseph OBRIEN 1929.

Married: Jeremiah Joseph QUINLAN 1931.

Married: Daniel Hastings MCSHANAG 1932.

Eileen Hellanore
Married: Harold Bernhard CAMPBELL 1932.

Annie Geraldine
Married: William KIDNEY 1935.

Elva Alice
Married: John Clayton WALTON 1938.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DWAN lines.

JN 63857

DWAN marriages (males) 1857-1936 Victoria Australia

DWAN marriages (males) 1857-1936 Victoria Australia.

DWAN (males)

Married: Mary REID 1857.
Four Issues located.
1. Margaret, born 1858, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Mary, born 1860, Richmond, Victoria.
3. John, born 1861, Richmond, Victoria.
4. Mary Ann, born 1864, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Eliza SWEET 1865.
Eight Issues located.
1. James, born 1866, Blackwood, Victoria.
2. John, born 1868, Blackwood, Victoria.
3. Mary, born 1870, Blackwood, Victoria.
4. William, born 1872, Blackwood, Victoria.
5. Edward, born 1874, Blackwood, Victoria.
6. Thomas, born 1877, Blackwood, Victoria.
7. Hannah, born 1879, Blackwood, Victoria.
8. Stephen, born 1881, Blackwood, Victoria.

Married: Johanna RYAN 1867.
No Issues located.

Married: Eliza MURTA 1868.
Two Issues located.
1. Patrick, born 1869, South Yarra, Victoria.
2. William, born 1871, Malvern, Victoria.

MURTA also recorded as MURTAY and MURTAH.

Married: Mary CUMMINGS 1871.
No Issues located.

Married: Mary OCONNOR 1874.
No Issues located.

Married: Catherine KELLY 1875.
No Issues located.

Married: Carol MONICO 1893.
Seven Issues located.
1. Mary Emily, born 1895, Eganstown, Victoria.
2. John, born 1896, Musk Vale, Victoria.
3. Carol, born 1897, Musk Vale, Victoria.
4. William, born 1900, Musk Vale, Victoria.
5. Veronica Winifred, born 1902, Musk Vale, Victoria.
6. Carmen Monico, born 1907, Musk Vale, Victoria.
7. James Monico, born 1909, Musk Vale, Victoria.

Married: Annie Maria GROGAN 1895.
Twelve Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Frances, born 1896, Devenish, Victoria.
2. Mary Teresa, born 1897, Devenish, Victoria.
3. Patrick Alphonsus, born 1899, Devenish, Victoria.
4. Catherine, born 1901, Benalla, Victoria.
5. John James, born 1902, Benella, Victoria.
6. Margaret Gertrude, boen 1903, Devenish, Victoria.
7. Annie Geraldine, born 1905, Devenish, Victoria.
8. Martin Francis, born 1906, Devenish, Victoria.
9. Denis William, born 1907, Devenish, Victoria.
10. Frances Bridget, born 1909, Benella, Victoria.
11. Agnes Veronica, born 1910, Devenish, Victoria.
12. William Anthony, born 1912, Tungamah, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ellen CORKERON 1896.
Two Issues located.
1. Mary Pauline, born 1899, Brunswick East, Victoria.
2. Frances Agnes, born 1902, Fitzroy North, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Ann MOUNSEY 1896.
Four Issues located.
1. Reginald William John, born 1896, Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. Glagys Amy Thelma, born 1899, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Thomas George, born 1903, Carlton, Victoria.
4. Arthur Edward Mounsey, born 1907, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Eva RODDY 1902.
Three Issues located.
1. Clarence, born 1904, Kensington Hill, Victoria.
2. Linda Kathleen, born 1906, Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Lionel, born 1914, Armadale, Victoria.

Married: Mary TENNANT 1902.
Three Issues located.
1. Sarah Eulalie, born 1903, Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Elva Alice, born 1912, Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Harry Peter, born 1918, Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: Mildred Mary CARRUTHERS 1903.
Four Issues located.
1. Marjorie Doris, born 1904, Richmond, Victoria.
2. William Robert, born 1908, Richmond, Victoria.
3. Beryl Catherine, born 1911, Richmond, Victoria.
4. Henry George, born 1915, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Margaret Mackay HANNAH 1912.
No Issues located.

Married: Annie Louisa Alice GUNN 1917.
One Issue located.
1. Leslie Alexander Frederick, born 1918, Footscray, Victoria.

Married: Vera Dorothy BLAKE 1924.

Thomas George
Married: Eunice JACKSON 1927.

Cyril Patrick
Married: Violet May MCKEOWN 1930.

Patrick Alphonsus
Married: Mary Ellen GILDAY 1934.

Lionel John
Married: Lorna Jean RODDIS 1936.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DWAN lines.

JN 63856

COOKSON marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia

COOKSON marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia.

COOKSON (males)

Married: Hannah MURPHY 1858.

Married: Emma Jane JENKINS 1858.

Frederick Nesfield
Married: Ellen BARRY 1866.

George Henry
Married: Elizabeth POWELL 1875.

Married: Margaret READ 1881.

George Arthur
Married: Mary Jane Eliza RICE 1883.

Charles Edward
Married: Alice CONLY 1884.

Married: Mary Ellen GOLDSMITH 1887.

Married: Martha Moffat WILSON 1888.

Married: Sybella Ormsby CHAPMAN 1888.

Married: Elizabeth Ann DOUGLAS 1891.

Brian William
Married: Laura HOLMAN 1892.

Married: Mary HALL 1892.

Arthur Edward Fawcett
Married: Ann Harriet BEAMENT 1894.

Married: Emma Louisa FORD 1896.

Married: Elizabeth BORTHWICK 1898.

Charles Edward
Married: Agnes Maud HUMPHRIES 1900.

COOKSON (females)

Emma Jane
Married: Louis CALEFENT 1865.

Married: Henry PEGG 1866.

Elizabeth Jane
Married: John HISEE 1867.

Sarah Ann Rebecca
Married: Raymond Alexander BOLGER 1870.

Married: John FERGUSON 1880.

Married: Francis Eastgate TIMMS.

Married: James LAWLESS 1882.

Married: Frederick HAMMOND 1885.

Married: Patrick MCDONNELL 1885.

Married: Malcolm SHARPE 1885.

Married: Thomas CHATTERTON 1890.

Married: Allan MCINTYRE 1893.

Martha Mary
Married: Matthew GOLDSMITH 1893.

Mary Ellen
Married: John DWAN 1896.

Married: George FRESHWATER 1898.

Alice Maud
Married: Evelyn Ashton LANCASTER 1900.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the COOKSON lines.

JN 63855

TAIT marriages (males) 1871-1888 Victoria Australia

TAIT marriages (males) 1871-1888 Victoria Australia.

TAIT (males)

Married: Elizabeth CAMERON 1871.

Married: Mary SHAW 1871.

Married: Emma Maria MATTHIAS 1873.

Married: Mary Ellen SCULLEN 1875.

William Thomas
Married: Mary Jane CLARKE 1875.

John Aitkin
Married: Alice HOSKING 1876.

Married: Elizabeth CRAWFORD 1876.

George Hotson
Married: Isabel Ann Stewart SCOTT 1877.

Married: Agnes ALLAN 1877.

John Taylor
Married: Sarah Annie ELLIOTT 1877.

Married: Jane PENHALL 1878.

Married: Dorothea Albertina Maria KLIMDER 1878.

Married: Jessie GILLESPIE 1878.

Married: Wilhelmina KERR 1879.

Married: Emma BEDDELL 1879.

William Angus
Married: Margaret Brown CUNNINGHAM 1880.

Married: Eliza CLARKSON 1880.

John Livingstone
Married: Alice Elizabeth Ross HUNTER 1881.

Robert Thomas
Married: Helen Bertha Hutchison STEWART 1882.

John Wilson
Married: Mary INGHAM 1883.

George John
Married: Ellen GRIEVES 1883.

Married: Albin MCLEAN 1883.

Andrew Smellie
Kate Eleanor ELLIS 1883.

Married: Jane Ann BATES 1883.

Charles Thomas
Married: Annie MCRAE 1883.

Married: Thurza BONNER 1884.

Married: Rose AINSWORTH 1884.

Robert James
Married: Mina Elizabeth ELDER 1884.

Married: Johanna EMERY 1884.

Married: Margaret Agnes THOMSON 1885.

Charles Frederick
Married: Laura HAYES 1887.

Married: Mary Colquhoun TAIT 1887.

Married: Mary Jane BLAIR 1887.

Married: Sarah RALSTON 1888.

Married: Rebecca Catherine WHITE 1888.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TAIT lines.

JN 63854

TAIT marriages (females) 1855-1874 Victoria Australia

TAIT marriages (females) 1855-1874 Victoria Australia.

TAIT (females)

Married: Henry STEWARTSON 1855.

Married: William WHITE 1855.

Elizabeth Williams
Married: John PEARCE 1855.

Married: William Shadrick JONES 1855.

Jane Amelia
Married: Archibald MCPHERSON 1856.

Married: Michael MILLIONOES 1856.

Married: John NEILL 1857.

Married: Alexander William STEWART 1857.

Married: Andrew KIRWAN 1859.

Married: Ewing BLYTH 1859.

Married: James MCARTHUR 1860.

Ann Maria
Married: William SLADE 1860.

Married: Robert SMITH 1860.

Married: Moses WHITE 1860.

Married: Frances Robert Muter WILSON 1861.

Married: William SUTHERLAND 1862.

Married: John ALLITT 1862.

Married: Thomas EYLES 1862.

Jessie Macgregor
Married: John MILLER 1863.

Married: George ROGERS 1863.

Married: John BLACKWOOD 1864.

Married: James BLAIN 1865.

Married: John George DICKSON 1865.

Married: John MCNEIL 1865.

Married: Francis Delmar LEDGARD 1866.

Eliza Elizabeth
Married: Enoch Alexander BAILEY 1867.

Married: Robert SYME 1867.

Married: Matthew MCFADZEAN 1868.

Married: Alexander STRUTH 1869.

Married: John LAURIE 1869.

Married: James ALCORN 1869.

Married: George BOSWELL 1870.

Married: Robert JAMIESON 1870.

Married: Robert SYME 1871.

Fanny Small
Married: John McGregor SUTHERLAND 1872.

Married: Thomas DAWSON 1873.

Married: John GARDNER 1873.

Married: Henry MUNN 1874.

Mary Ann
Married: William Core DILLINGER 1874.

Married: Bernard BRADLEY 1874.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TAIT lines.

JN 63852

PORTBURY marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

PORTBURY marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

PORTBURY (males)

Arthur George
married: 1921 Dorothy May TREWELLA.

Ernest Albert
married: 1924 Edith Harrison THOMAS.

Richard William
married: 1926 Eva Rose AINGER.

Mark Branton
married: 1928 Lillian Grace SMITH.

Charles Thomas
married: 1933 Feodore Mary MURRAY.

married: 1936 Jessie Elizabeth ROWE.

Horace William
married: 1937 Elsie May MILLIGAN.

Keith Ruthven
married: 1940 Linda Mavis EVANS.

George Hiram
married: 1940 Mabel Georgina MOORE.

Allan Peter
married: 1941 Ellen Hannah WILLIAMS.

married: 1941 Ivy Jean HUDDLESTON.

PORTBURY (females)

Euphemia Reid
married: 1927 Arthur Ernest Donald ELDRIDGE.

Alice May
married: 1927 Donald SINCLAIR.

Edith Elizabeth
married: 1929 Les Charles BLACK.

Doris Mary
married: 1931 Hugh Norman Alexander DOLMAN.

Emily Dora
married: 1931 John CARR.

Dory Monar
married: 1936 Harry WILSON.

Euphemia Mavis
married: 1942 William Gerald MCGUIRE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PORTBURY lines.

JN 63851

WINGATE marriages 1867-1940 Victoria Australia

WINGATE marriages 1867-1940 Victoria Australia.

WINGATE (males)

married: Annie HILLHOUSE 1867.
Three Issues located.
1. Annie Martha, born 1869, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. James, born 1871, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. William Benjamin, born 1874, Malmsbury, Victoria.

married: Jessie ALEXANDER 1867.
One Issue located.
1. Jessie Alexander, born 1869, Grant, Victoria.

married: Mary DALY 1869.
One Issue located.
1. John, born 1869, Ballarat, Victoria.

married: Anne JONES 1871.
No Issues located.

married: Ellen Eliza EAGER 1884.
No Issues located.

John William
married: Mary Ann LITTLE 1885.
No Issues located.

Robert Blackwood
married: Margaret Aitken BROWN 1895.
Four Issues located.
1. Robert, born 1896, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Gordon Blackwood, born 1899, Preston, Victoria.
3. Gladys May, born 1902, Preston, Victoria.
4. Walter James, born 1911 Kensington Hill, Victoria.

married: Bertha Louisa LAMPRELL 1897.
Three Issues located.
1. Robert Henry, born 1898, Kingston, Victoria.
2. William, born 1903, Allandale, Victoria.
3. Ruby Adelaide, born 1908, Kingston, Victoria.

Walter Frederick
married: Mabel WILSON 1914.
Two Issues located.
1. Marie Isabell, born 1914, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Gladys Ellen, born 1916, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Robert John
married: Mary Ellen ELLIGETT 1915.
One Issue located.
1. Marie Ellen, born 1919, Williamstown, Victoria.

William George
married: Jessie Ellen Jane CORNFORD 1916.
One Issue located.
1. Reginald William George, born 1918, Richmond, Victoria.

Frederick Charles
married: Agnes Edith Maria KIDD 1918.

Lawrence Stanford
married: Violet May RAMPLING 1921.

married: Alma Isabel REARDON 1922.

Robert Henry
married: Myrtle Ivy MCMILLAN 1924.

married: Ruth Eileen Ellen MCLAUGHLIN 1928.

married: Elizabeth Fanny HILL 1931.

William Frank
married: Elsie May HOLBERY 1938.

Reginald William George
married: Lillian Mavis BARKER 1939.

Walter James
married: Cecily Eileen SARGEANT 1940.

WINGATE (females)

Jessie Wotherspoon
married: Henry Beresford DE LA POER 1868.
No Issues located.

married: James ANDERSON 1871.
Two Issues located.
1. Walter, born 1872, Pleasant Creek, Victoria.
2. James, born 1873, Pleasant Creek, Victoria.

Isabella Anderson
married: Stephen Richard NICHOLLS.
Three Issues located.
1. Jessie, born 1877, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Richard William Sutton, born 1886, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. John Wall Matson, born 1887, Ballarat, Victoria.

Margaret Gilmour
married: Charles DORTER 1890.
No Issues located.

married: James Adolphus Blue SCHOLFIELD 1908.
No Issues located.

Beatrice May
married: William Thomas GREEN 1910.
Three Issues located.
1. Lillian Ellen, born 1911, Camperdown, Victoria.
2. Beatrice Myrtle, born 1915, Malvern, Victoria.
3. Ivy May, born 1915, Malvern, Victoria.

... Beatrice and Ivy were twins.

married: Thomas ALCORN 1918.
One Issue located.
1. Ruth, born 1919, Kyabram, Victoria.

Gladys May
married: Victor Leo RANSON 1927.

Joyce Margaret
married: Tahu Ronald Pearce HOLE 1930.

Maree Isabel
married: John Henry ODEA 1934.

married: Alfred Bertram VENVILLE 1934.

Gladys Ellen
married: Edward Marshall MORLEY 1934.

Ivy Donaldson
married: Frederick James MOHR 1936.

married: Duncan Crichton FERGUSON 1938.

Ruby Adelaide
married: William Kevin STEPHENS 1938.

Agnes Edith
married: Henry Edward ALLEN 1939.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WINGATE lines.

JN 63850

WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia

WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia.

WINGATE (males)

Married: Catherine DAVEY.
Date: 25 November 1858.
Place: Wesleyan Church, Gawler River, South Australia.
Ten Issues located.
1. Catherine, born 12 October 1859, Port Gawler, South Australia.
2. John William, born 12 May 1861, Gawler River, South Australia.
3. James Thomas, born 12 July 1863, Munno Para West, South Australia.
4. Henry, born 26 October 1865, Gawler River, South Australia.
5. Herbert, born 03 Junr 1868, Gawler Plains, South Australia.
6. Cecilia Jane, born 25 December 1869, Gawler River, South Australia.
7. Sarah Ann, born 01 February 1872, Gawler River, South Australia.
8. Arthur George, born 01 June 1874, Gawler River, South Australia.
9. Robert Thomas, born 13 August 1876, Gawler River, South Australia.
10. Ida Louisa, born 19 August 1879, Gawler River, South Australia.

Married: Eliza RAYNER.
Date: 25 December 1862.
Place: Residence of Mr. Wingate, Gawler River, South Australia.
Eight Issues located.
1. Joseph Edward, born 23 August 1863, Gawler River, South Australia.
2. Frances Elezabeth, born 03 June 1865, Gawler River, South Australia.
3. Priscilla Ann, born 10 March 1870, Gawler River, South Australia.
4. Rosella, born 03 June 1872, Red Banks, South Australia.
5. Alice Alberta, born 07 May 1873, Gawler River, South Australia.
6. Edith Ellen, born 16 August 1875, Gawler Hills, South Australia.
7. Ethel Eliza Ruth, born 17 August 1883, Gawler River, South Australia.
8. Walter Leonard, born 14 April 1883, Boolcunda, South Australia.

Married: Mary Ann FOLLAND.
Date: 09 April 1863.
Place: Residence of Mr. Wingate, Gawler River, South Australia.
No Issues located.

James Thomas
Married: Kate RICE.
Date: 11 October 1890.
Place: Primitive Methodist Manse, Gawler, South Australia.
Four Issues located.
1.James Arthur Bertram, born 22 March 1892, Gawler, South Australia.
2. Mary Grace Melinda, born 29 December 1894, Gawler South, South Australia.
3. Florence Evelyn, born 11 December 1896, Gawler West, South Australia.
4. Nellie Gladys May, born 28 June 1895, Gawler South, South Australia.

Joseph Edward (Recorded as John Edward in the marriage records)
Married: Martha Jane HARCUM.
Date: 29 April 1891.
Place: Salvation Army Barracks, Quorn, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Silvanus Edward, born 05 June 1892, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Wilfred Oscar, born 06 February 1894, Willocha, South Australia.
3. Alfred Leslie, born 20 August 1898, Quorn, South Australia.
4. Edgar Britain, born 15 January 1906, Quorn, South Australia.
5. Martha Pearl, born 30 September 1910, Quorn, South Australia.

Married: Catherine BARRETT.
Date: 31 August 1891.
Place: Adelaide, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Olive Pearl, born 20 August 1892, Gawler, South Australia.
2. Daisy Byril, born 12 November 1894, Gawler, South Australia.
3. Dulcie Evanston, born 08 June 1897, Gawler South, South Australia.
4. Frank Henry, born 05 February 1903, Gawler South, South Australia.
5. Leonard Barrett, born 10 March 1910, Gawler South, South Australia.

Robert Thomas
Married: Rose Emily WALTON.
Date: 27 May 1903.
Place: Congregational Church, Gawler, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Irene May, born 20 May 1904, Gawler South, South Australia.
2. Alfred Wesley Thomas, born 10 October 1905, Gawler, South Australia.
3. Vera Daisy, born 20 June 1907, Kadina, South Australia.
4. Vivian Eric, born 15 February 1910, Gawler South, South Australia.
5. Corel Reta, born 18 December 1912, Willaston, South Australia.

John William
Married: Maude WALTON.
Date: 31 August 1904.
Place: Methodist Church, Gawler, South Australia.
Two Issues located.
1. Myrtle Jean, born 08 January 1905, Gawler South, South Australia.
2. Edgar John, born 17 April 1914, near Gawler, South Australia.

Silvanus Edward
Married: Martha Minna LIEBICH.
Date: 21 May 1914.
Place: Residence of B LIEBICH, Arden Vale, South Australia.
Seven Issues located.
1. Roy Bennett, born 10 December 1914, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Doris Dardanelle, born 09 January 1916, North Quorn, South Australia.
3. Ruby Vera, born 27 June 1917, Quorn, South Australia.
4. Walter Amos, born 13 November 1919, North Quorn, South Australia.
5. Hilda May, born 01 March 1921, North Quorn, South Australia.
6. Maurice Edward, born 12 January 1923, Quorn, South Australia.
7. Allan Alfred, born 24 November 1928, Quorn, South Australia.

Wilfred Oscar
Married: Elsie May HENEKER.
Date: 19 December 1917.
Place: Residence of G CHAPMAN, Hawker, South Australia.
Two Issues located.
1. Olive May, born 27 October 1919, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Beryl Pearl, born 04 May 1925, Hawker, South Australia.

James Arthur Bertram
Married: May WINTER.
Date: 21 February 1924.
Place: Methodist Church, Hamley Bridge, South Australia.
One Issue located.
1. Joan, born 18 November 1924, Solomontown, South Australia.

Frank Henry
Married: Edna Rita HEAVEN.
Date: 18 July 1925.
Place: Salvation Army Hall, Prospect, South Australia.
One Issue located.
1. Graham Edgar, born 06 January 1929, Medindie, South Australia.

Leonard Barrett
Married: Elva Margaret BURR.
Date: 24 March 1930.
Place: Salvation Army Citadel, Renmark, South Australia.

Edgar Britain
Married: Violet Grace EATON.
Date: 23 May 1931.
Place: Recreation Hall, Cook, South Australia.

Alfred Thomas Wesley
Married: Mary Ellen BUDARICK.
Date: 18 January 1932.
Place: Maughan Church Vestry, Adelaide, South Australia.

Vivian Eric
Married: Marion Priscilla DALSTENNE.
Date: 10 June 1933.
Place: Registry Office, Adelaide, South Australia.

Roy Bennett
Married: Irene Gladys MCLEAN.
Date: 31 March 1934.
Place: Residence of S E WINGATE, Quorn, South Australia.

Compiled from the South Australian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WINGATE lines.

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