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SPOKES marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

SPOKES marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

SPOKES (males)

Robert Henry
married: 1921 Margaret Spence EDNIE.

Lawrence Stephen
married: 1924 Rose KELLY.

Norman abel
married: 1926 Ella Margaret YEOMAN.

Alan Rawson
married: 1927 Phyllis Grant TURNER.

Wilfred Ernest
married: 1928 Ada Isabel SCANLON.

married: 1928 Laura Frances Mary CAIN.

married: 1929 Mary NOONAN.

Francis Walter
married: 1929 Florence Maida CUMMINS.

William Harold
married: 1929 Ellen NEVETT.

John Stephen
married: 1931 Edith Ellen MCDONALD.

married: 1935 Eileen WILKINSON.

William Ambrose
married: 1935 Dorothy Jean WARREN.

Ronald Alexander Joseph
married: 1937 Muriel RILEY.

married: 1938 Mary Louisa SPOKES.

Colin Henry
married: 1939 Emma Jane LAWRENCE.

Arthur Harold
married: 1941 Alice Crowley SWEETEN.

Allen James
married: 1941 Thelma Martha MURPHY.

William John Henry
married: 1941 Jessie Katherine EDEN.

Raymond Harold
married: 1942 Phyllis Alma STANDERING.

Keith Manifold Sunray
married: 1942 Florence Maude SMITH.

Abel James
married: 1942 Gweneth Margaret MCKENZIE.

Clarence Joseph
married: 1942 Gladys POTTS.

Leonard George
married: 1942 Hilda Myrtle FRY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOKES lines.

JN 60504

SPOKES marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

SPOKES marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

SPOKES (females)

Florence Edna
married: 1922 John Alexander MCDONALD.

Linda Ethel
married: 1925 Dalhousie Bruce RAMSAY.

Nellie Louisa
married: 1926 Thomas William Greenwell STEWART.

Rosina Elsie
married: 1926 Sydney Reed HUGGINS.

married: 1926 George Hugh EMMITT.

Dorothy Quinn
married: 1927 Eylau Stanley NELSON.

married: 1928 Claude MCCARTHY.

Hilda Mary
married: 1929 Harold Edward LEE.

Sibbella Marjory
married: 1930 George TAYLOR.

married: 1930 William PAGE.

Liln Rubee
married: 1931 William John PHILLIPS.

Florence Winchester
married: 1933 George Thomas REEVE.

Nancy Lillie
married: 1934 John HUMPHREY.

Ada Jean
married: 1934 Raymond George JAMES.

Constance Loretta
married: 1934 Allan Roy WALDRON.

Hazel Jean
married: 1936 Walter Stewart MILNE.

Alvie Jean
married: 1937 Barney James REYNOLDS.

Hilda Boyd
married: 1937 William Rowan PEARCE.

Ellen May
married: 1937 Albert Edney Leonard CARR.

Mary Louisa
married: 1938 Archibald SPOKES.

Edna May
married: 1938 Kenneth Henry HUTCHINS.

Beryl Doreen
married: 1938 Stanley Percy SPEARING.

married: 1939 John Edward MCCORKELL.

Daisy Merle
married: 1939 Lindsay Gordon STEPHENS.

married: 1940 Charles Andrew WILSON.

Margaret Rita
married: 1941 Leslie George PARKER.

Margaret Elsie
married: 1942 Nathan CLARK.

Isabella Jean
married: 1942 Allan Stuart JACKSON.

Thelma Ann
married: 1942 Lindsay Joseph FRYERS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPOKES lines.

JN 60501

TYACK marriages 1901-1923 Victoria Australia

TYACK marriages 1901-1923 Victoria Australia.

TYACK (males)

married: 1902 Jessie Jane PRICE.

married: 1904 Ellen Mary PRICE.

married: 1915 Hazel ZANONI.

married: 1916 Irene Agnes KENNEDY.

married: 1918 Violetta Maud SHEVLIN.

Arthur Leslie
married: 1919 Evelyn Liln Harriet SPOWART.

Ernest James Victor
married: 1919 Maude Mary JOHNSTON.

Thomas Albert
married: 1919 Adelaide MOORE.

Percival Lamprell
married: 1922 Elizabeth Ann NEWTON.

Albert Robert
married: 1922 Ellen Ada LAWRENCE.

married: 1922 Mary OHALLORAN.

George Terence
married: 1923 Ethel May JONES.

TYACK (females)

Annie Eliza
married: 1901 James MAHON.

Rose Elizabeth Clara
married: 1902 John MAHON.

Sarah Jane
married: 1902 John COWAN.

Frances Ann
married: 1905 Christian THOMSON.

married: 1909 Frederick Joseph BURGOINE.

married: 1910 William BROWN.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1912 Reuben Frank PUNCH.

Patience Wilhemia
married: 1912 Henry John HALL.

Henrietta May
married: 1913 Arthur ISHERWOOD.

Florence Irene
married: 1916 John Sinclair CHALMERS.

married: 1916 Frederick Wilhelm OELSNIK.

married: 1917 Thomas MOLOUGHNEY.

Elsie Harriet
married: 1919 Leslie Arthur PLANT.

Mary Elizabeth West
married: 1920 William James MOORE.

Mary Ruby Liln
married: 1920 William Charles BRUSH.

Holly Marguerite
married: 1921 Charles John PARKER.

Olive Gladys
married: 1922 George Thomas INGLEFINGER.

Mary Shepherd
married: 1922 William Robert HIGGINS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TYACK lines.

JN 60494

NIMMO marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

NIMMO marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.

NIMMO (males)

Charles Hay
married: 1856 Mary CARNEY.

married: 1883 Jane KENNEDY.

married: 1883 Emma Margaret ROBERTSON.

married: 1887 Harriet GAYLARD.

Robert Owen
married: 1887 Elizabeth COLETT.

married: 1891 Alice Maud Mary GOODREM.

married: 1896 Florence GOODREM.

William John
married: 1897 Jessie Agnes RIELLY.

married: 1907 Violet Frances Talbot PARKS.

John James
married: 1907 Grace MANN.

George William
married: 1913 Constance Eliza Gatty THOMSON.

Angus Donald
married: 1915 Alice Harriet MCCLYMONT.

married: 1915 Frances Olive HERING.

Robert George Thomas
married: 1916 Honora Elizabeth Annie Josephine SWEENEY.

Thomas Smith Shearer
married: 1918 Ruby Elizabeth Ivy CLAYTON.

married: 1919 Emily Teresa CARTER.

William George Robert
married: 1920 Venita Isabel JACKSON.

NIMMO (females)

Joanna Smart
married: 1854 Hugh May WILSON.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1868 Samuel HOLMES.

Janet Blair
married: 1872 Frederick DEPPELER.

married: 1879 Thomas TICKNER.

married: 1882 Neil MCLEOD.

married: 1885 Thomas Sheldon ORAM.

married: 1889 Thomas Frederick GAYLARD.

married: 1907 Harry CLEE.

Janet Susan Elizabeth Beatrice
married: 1911 George Abner CARTLEDGE.

Kathleen Margery
married: 1911 William Denis MURPHY.

Alice Mabel
married: 1912 William James SMITH.

Amy Lilian
married: 1912 John Nightingale PEET.

married: 1916 William Henry Martin CLUNE.

Gertrude Mary Jane
married: 1917 Algie Ernest SHEPPARD.

Isabella Rita
married: 1917 Robert BOOLEY.

Maud Emma
married: 1918 Arthur BOOLEY.

Elizabeth Isabella
married: 1919 Robert Bruce MCDONALD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the NIMMO lines.

JN 60491

HAZELDINE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

HAZELDINE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


Vincent John
married: 1924 Liln Elizabeth KEILY.

Harry Roger McDonald
married: 1925 Jessie Barrie MCKENZIE.

George Albert
married: 1929 Ella ARLOW.

Benjamin James
married: 1929 Ellen Fergie ALEXANDER.

Frederick Percy
married: 1930 Alice May WYNNE.

Arthur Gordon
married: 1931 Elizabeth Rowell JENKINS.

married: 1933 Phyllis Thompson MARTIN.

Neville Joseph
married: 1933 Harriet Frances WOOLLARD.

married: 1933 Minnie Mona HILL.

married: 1938 Ellen KINNEALY.

Reginald Arthur
married: 1938 Phyllis Joyce Davenport JONES.

Arthur Douglas
married: 1940 Alice Marjory LEYDEN.

Ronald Roy
married: 1941 Doris Lillian HAW.

Joseph Lewis
married: 1942 Doris Emily TREMBATH.

Jack Joseph
married: 1942 Daisy Elizabeth HALL.

HAZELDINE (females)

Frances Jane
married: 1924 David BREWSTER.

Edna Grace
married: 1926 Grosvenor BREWSTER.

Hilda May
married: 1927 Duncan Leslie GILLIES.

Ethel Muriel
married: 1927 William David TRENEAR.

Elizabeth Alice
married: 1932 Charles Edmund GREENWOOD.

Margaret Ross
married: 1936 Leslie Horatio FORDEN.

Nellie Alice
married: 1936 Francis Ernest WATSON.

Joyce St Clair Gardiner
married: 1936 Bertram Aylmer LLOYD.

married: 1940 Robert Percy JONES.

Alice Violet Mary
married: 1940 Henry William FAY.

Audrey Myrtle
married: 1941 William Neil MATTHEWS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HAZELDINE lines.

JN 60484

STOTT marriages 1901-1914 Victoria Australia

STOTT marriages 1901-1914 Victoria Australia.

STOTT (males)

John St Auburn Killigrew
married: 1901 Clara Georgina SIMONDS.

James Miller
married: 1902 Winifred Lilian WALSH.

Frederick Thomas
married: 1904 Harriet May BIRTLES.

Horace Charles
married: 1904 Edith Charlotte Carol MAYNARD.

Albert Victor
married: 1906 Florence Eveline WORLE.

George Davidson
married: 1907 Mary BURROWS.

James John
married: 1908 Louisa GOULD.

Sydney Alexander
married: 1909 Agnes Constance CLARKE.

Walter Henry
married: 1909 Minnie CUNNINGHAM.

Robert Drummond
married: 1910 Alice Louisa Marion BEEVER.

Cyril Ernest
married: 1911 Ruby Albina QUINN.

Hugh McKenzie
married: 1911 Ellen MCCLUSKEY.

Walter James
married: 1911 Margaret Ann MORRIS.

Edward Robert
married: 1912 Annie WILSON.

married: 1912 Ethel May GRINSTEN.

Frederick Walter
married: 1913 Bessie Lena WATT.

Walter Goldford
married: 1913 Maude WESTAWAY.

Herbert Thomas
married: 1914 Gertrude GIBBARD.

married: 1914 Elizabeth TRETHEWEY.

married: 1914 Clara Rebecca BEVIS.

Walter Vivian
married: 1914 Elsie Daisy May STOTT.

William Roy
married: 1914 Clarice SMITH.

STOTT (females)

married: 1901 Herbert Charles COOPER.

Florence Victoria Maud
married: 1901 Arthur LOVER.

Catherine Josephine
married: 1902 William Horace HOCKEY.

married: 1902 James Joseph WINKLE.

married: 1903 David BERLOWITZ.

Olive Theresa
married: 1904 William James DENT.

married: 1905 Walter BULLEN.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1905 William Obrien BROCKWELL.

married: 1906 Lionel Dewhurst NORMAN.

Amy Leonora
married: 1907 Charles William CHANDLER.

Edie Alice Martha
married: 1907 William John MCINTOSH.

Elsie Maud
married: 1910 Joseph HARRINGTON.

Eliza May
married: 1911 Frederick James PEARCE.

married: 1911 Thomas Alexander CHALMERS.

married: 1911 Henry Sproule MORRISON.

Elsie Daisy Emma
married: 1914 Walter Vivian STOTT.

Evelyn Maude
married: 1914 Alfred Edwin MILLYARD.

Jane Cameron
married: 1914 William DAWSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the STOTT lines.

JN 60479

LUCAS marriages (males) 1880-1885 Victoria Australia

LUCAS marriages (males) 1880-1885 Victoria Australia.

LUCAS (males)

John Nathaniel
married: 1880 Annie Maria MURTON.

John Hector
married: 1880 Kate Winter GILBERT.

Andrew Francis
married: 1880 Norah ARMSTRONG.

John Foster
married: 1880 Mary Elizabeth BURTON.

married: 1880 Honoria KEOGH.

married: 1880 Mary Ann TOMLINSON.

married: 1881 Catherine Mary CHILD.

married: 1881 Laura Isabell THOMAS.

married: 1881 Sarah Jane SMITH.

married: 1881 Fanny Down NEWMAN.

married: 1881 Tamar GIBSON.

John Henry
married: 1881 Janet DRUMMOND.

married: 1882 Sarah Jane HIBBS.

married: 1882 Jane PRICHARD.

George Henry James
married: 1883 Annie Avis KNIGHT.

married: 1883 Elizabeth Evelyn BUCKINGHAM.

married: 1883 Emma SHERWOOD.

William Wentworth
married: 1883 Mary Louise FORD.

married: 1883 Annie MCKENZIE.

George Richard
married: 1883 Mary KENYON.

Alfred James
married: 1883 Ella Georgina RULE.

married: 1883 Laura DRINKWATER.

married: 1884 Florence NUNN.

married: 1884 Annie MURRAY.

Edward William
married: 1884 Emily Jane STOW.

married: 1884 Ellen NOLAN.

Arthur Stephen
married: 1884 Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON.

married: 1885 Isabell HULM.

married: 1885 Mary Anne BALDWIN.

Joseph James
married: 1885 Catherine Anne Louis BENSON.

George Thomas
married: 1885 Theresa Emily GRANT.

married: 1885 Clara WAIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LUCAS lines.

JN 60478

LUCAS marriages (females) 1868-1879 Victoria Australia

LUCAS marriages (females) 1868-1879 Victoria Australia.

LUCAS (females)

married: 1868 Samuel CARTER.

married: 1868 William PUTTICK.

married: 1868 Cornelius Newmarsh Albert LEE.

Frances Louisa
married: 1869 George BRADFORD.

married: 1870 James ICKERINGILL.

married: 1871 George SYDENHAM.

married: 1871 David BATEMAN.

Hannah Jane
married: 1871 William PARKS.

married: 1871 Edmund Thomas WALSH.

Mary Caroline
married: 1871 William Henry BRAY.

married: 1871 Nathan GRIMSTER.

Lucy Emily Nixon
married: 1872 Walter Seaton SYNNOT.

Emma Olivia
married: 1872 Louis James RANNARD.

married: 1872 George WALSH.

Mary Ann
married: 1872 John WALLS.

Mary Ann
married: 1872 Antonio CALIGARI.

married: 1873 Henry CARTER.

married: 1873 Henry CARTER.

married: 1873 Henry James WILSON.

Milinda Ann
married: 1875 Jorgen PEDERSEN.

married: 1875 Edwin DAVIS.

Ellen Parker
married: 1876 Walter Henry SAXE.

Hannah Agnes
married: 1876 Albert BOLLEMAN.

Elizabeth Emma
married: 1876 Henry Blott NEWTON.

married: 1876 James ROBBINS.

married: 1876 Joseph MCKENRY.

married: 1877 George GROSSLAND.

Edith Emily
married: 1878 John James DAVIES.

Margaret Sidney
married: 1878 George GLANVILLE.

married: 1878 Edward MCPHEE.

Sophia Ann
married: 1878 William GREENWOOD.

married: 1879 Arthur CUNNINGHAM.

Selina Jane
married: 1879 Frederick OAKLEY.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LUCAS lines.

JN 60476

CUTHBERTSON marriages 1933-1942 Victoria Australia

CUTHBERTSON marriages 1933-1942 Victoria Australia.


married: 1933 Edna May MCLEAN.

Alexander Edmonds
married: 1934 Grace Hetty POUT.

Charles William
married: 1934 Grace Drucilla TAYLOR.

John Henry Charles
married: 1935 Hazel Jean POPE.

Eric Stanley
married: 1936 Marjory RICKARD.

William Fraser
married: 1936 Annie Cowan CUTHBERTSON.

Malcolm Henry
married: 1936 Vivian COLSON.

Percy James Robert
married: 1937 Sylvia Lillian HANCOCK.

Geoffrey Ernest
married: 1937 Loraine Daphne TIMMS.

Maxwell Humphreys
married: 1938 Edna Euphemia HOBSON.

Charles William
married: 1940 Phyllis Doreen SINCLAIR.

James Lindsay
married: 1940 Marjory Agnes MCKENZIE.

Percival Ralph
married: 1941 Joan Anderson SCOTT.

Eric Robert
married: 1941 Mary Ellen TREVILLIAN.

Colin Campbell
married: 1941 Jean Winifred BOYD.

George Charles
married: 1941 Isabel Lillian MORWELL.

Allan Edward
married: 1942 Nancy Elizabeth TOPP.

Donald Douglas
married: 1942 Elsie Jean WATKINS.

William Allan Fraser
married: 1942 Lois Enid HYLAND.

James Stewart
married: 1942 Pearl MADDEN.


Evelyn Mary Alexandra
married: 1933 James STUBBERFIELD.

Ila Avery
married: 1935 Norman James BLACK.

Annie Cowan
married: 1936 William Fraser CUTHBERTSON.

Lorna Isabel
married: 1936 Robert Sydney James BUTT.

married: 1936 Percy Theo LORENZ.

Irene Elizabeth
married: 1937 Oscar Arthur WILLIAMS.

Joan Margaret
married: 1938 Hedley John CHARLES.

Verna Matilda
married: 1938 Colin DOWNES.

Moira Agnes
married: 1940 Robert Charles HUGHES.

Elma Victoria
married: 1941 Edgar Jack WILKINSON.

Ellen Jean
married: 1941 Edward Thomas Michael BAYNE.

Joyce Elizabeth
married: 1942 Wilfred FINCH.

Grace Drucilla
married: 1942 Stanley James HAY.

Iris Ena
married: 1942 Frederick John ULRICK.

married: 1942 Harold Clive LAMB.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CUTHBERTSON lines.

JN 60473

CHITTLEBOROUGH John married Emily TANSELL 1886

Information Journal.

Groom: John Miller CHITTLEBOROUGH.
Age: 26 years.
Status: Single.

Bride: Emily TANSELL.
Age: 22 years.
Status: Single.
Father: George TANSELL.

Date married: 04 February 1886.
Place: PM Church, Morphett Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

John died 14 September 1933, Northfield Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 74 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Cottonville, South Australia.

Birth note.
John was born 23 December 1858 in Hurtle Vale, South Australia.
Parents named as William CHITTLEBOROUGH and Ann PATTERSON.

Emily died 28 March 1948, Goodwood Park, South Australia.
Age: 84 years.
Status: Widow.
Residence: Goodwood Park, South Australia.
Deceased husband named as John Miller CHITTLEBOROUGH.

Birth note.
Emily was born 08 July 1863, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
Parents named as George TANSELL and Margaret Avis CAMERON.

Nine children located South Australian records for John and Emily.


Born: 12 November 1886, Mitcham, South Australia.
Died: 13 March 1939, Norwood Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 52 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Eastwood, South Australia.

Married:Alma Sarah COLWILL.
Date: 03 June 1914.
Place: St Cuthbert Church, Prospect, South Australia.


Born: 22 March 1888, Greens Plain, South Australia.
Died: 24 November 1888, Thomas Plain, South Australia.
Age: 08 months.


Born: 07 October 1889, Tyhomas Plain, South Australia.
Died: 26 October 1966, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 77 years.
Status: Widower.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.

Married: Eliza HURCOMBE.
Date: 24 March 1914.
Place: St Michael Church, Mitcham, South Australia.

Eliza died 27 February 1948, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 57 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.
Husband named as Hurtle Roy CHITTLEBOROUGH.


Born: 16 December 1892, Mitcham, South Australia.
Died: 14 August 1963, Daw Park Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 70 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.

Married: Laura Jane SATOW.
Date: 09 December 1918.
Place: St John Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

Laura died 29 December 1966, Torrens Park, South Australia.
Age: 73 years.
Status: Widow.
Residence: Torrens Park, South Australia.
Deceased husband named as Horace Leonard CHITTLEBOROUGH.


Born: 19 March 1894, Mitcham, South Australia.
Died: 05 September 1957, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 63 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Wayville West, South Australia.
Husband named as Herbert Thomas KEILY.

Married: Herbert Thomas KEILY.
Date: 29 April 1916.
Place: St Theodore Church, Rose Park, South Australia.


Born: 23 March 1896, Mitcham Blocks, South Australia.
Died: 19 January 1969, Everard Park, South Australia.
Age: 73 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Everard Park, South Australia.
Husband named as Edgar Lindley Garfield WILLISS.

Married: Edgar Lindley Garfield WILLISS.
Date: 20 April 1921.
Place: Church of Christ, Adelaide, South Australia.


Born: 09 January 1899, Lower Mitcham, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Leonard SHORT.
Date: 31 March 1920.
Place: Church of Christ, Unley, South Australia.

Leonard died 12 April 1969, Daw Park Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 75 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Lockleys, South Australia.
Wife named as Alvis Rita SHORT.


Born: 29 October 1900, Cottonville, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Richard Francis WHALLAND.
Date: 13 April 1927.
Place: Church of Christ, Hawthorn, South Australia.


Born: 24 December 1902, Lower Mitcham, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Ernest Sydney HORSELL.
Date: 01 June 1935.
Place: Methodist Church, Clarence Park, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

JN 60462