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TELFER marriages (females) 1921-1939 Victoria Australia

TELFER marriages (females) 1921-1939 Victoria Australia.

TELFER (females)

Alma Edith
married: 1922 James SMEDLEY.

Ada Murl
married: 1924 Harold Barnett STOCKS.

Ada Maud
married: 1924 Alexander Kerr CANNARD.

married: 1924 Alexander THOMPSON.

married: 1924 Alexander THOMAS.

married: 1925 Arthur James RUDGE.

Doris Gladys
married: 1925 John William George HUNT.

Katherine Rita
married: 1925 Richard Ernest BOYD.

married: 1926 John BOYD.

Katherine Mitchell
married: 1927 Eugene Emile SCHUBIGER.

Irene Constance
married: 1928 Clamar SUDHOLZ.

Margaret Turner
married: 1929 Daniel MAIN.

married: 1933 Arthur George STEPHENS.

Myrtle Mary
married: 1934 Allan John IRWIN.

Marjory Thelma Johnston
married: 1934 Keith Alexander George EASTMAN.

Edna May
married: 1938 William Thomas Keith HUTCHINSON.

Marion Agnes
married: 1938 Lindsay Gordon RITCHIE.

married: 1938 Leslie DAWSON.

Esma May
married: 1938 Alfred Lewis HOPEWELL.

married: 1938 Kelvin Clyde MAYALL.

married: 1939 Robert William SHAW.

married: 1939 Raymond George RODDA.

* Same marriage indexed twice with different names for bride and groom.
Registration #2778.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TELFER lines.

JN 61320

DRIVER marriages (males) 1843-1916 Victoria Australia

DRIVER marriages (males) 1843-1916 Victoria Australia.

DRIVER (males)

married: 1843 Ellen RAYCRAFT.

married: 1846 Elizabeth WRATTEN.

Albert John
married: 1860 Margaret Wright BELL.

John Haywood
married: 1861 Amelia POWELL.

married: 1862 Amelia BONE.

married: 1864 Margaret QUINLAN.

John Jacob
married: 1865 Rosetta GRAY.

married: 1868 Mary Ann OAKLEY.

married: 1875 Louisa BOWMAN.

George Henry
married: 1876 Annie Eliza THORNE.

married: 1876 Catherine Alice HINCHCLIFFE.

married: 1877 Mary TAYLOR.

married: 1882 Margaret Ann GRAHAM.

Joe Walter Lewis
married: 1884 Mary Harriet DUNCAN.

married: 1885 Elizabeth Jane GOSS.

married: 1887 Clara Elizabeth HEWET.

married: 1888 Mary Josephine MADIGAN.

William Henry
married: 1888 Catherine LANGSTON.

Cgarles Byron
married: 1890 Jean Elizabeth FRASER.

William John
married: 1890 Eliza BLACKBURN.

George Otto
married: 1898 Alice CLOKE.

Arthur Reginald
married: 1902 Florence Mary MERCHANT.

married: 1902 Clarissa Catherine LEACH.

Stanley Vivian
married: 1903 Jessie Napier MCKELLAR.

Edmond Richard
married: 1905 Florence Ada COOK.

John Jacob
married: 1905 Florence Isabel MORTON.

William Henry
married: 1907 Ada Elizabeth CHAPPELL.

Frank David
married: 1910 Eleanor KIRKBRIDE.

Robert Howard
married: 1911 Annie May SKETCHLEY.

married: 1913 Emily Adelaide BREW.

Anthony Charles Frederick
married: 1913 Clarenda HEARD.

married: 1913 Margaret FITZGERALD.

Albert George
married: 1915 Alice STEWART.

married: 1915 Jessie COLEMAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRIVER lines.

JN 61310

DRIVER marriages (females) 1852-1910 Victoria Australia

DRIVER marriages (females) 1852-1910 Victoria Australia.

DRIVER (females)

married: 1852 William Walter CLEAVE.

married: 1954 Henry SPRUCE.

married: 1858 John Lishman POTTER.

married: 1869 Thomas NORTH.

married: 1873 Thomas CARTER.

married: 1882 William HUMPHRIES.

married: 1883 Alfred Charles HEMLEY.

Elizabeth Sophia
married: 1885 Walter Watkins WADDLE.

married: 1887 Michael SANDOW.

married: 1888 James David SKETCHLEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1888 Lewis David JONES.

married: 1889 James JOHNSON.

Jane Rosetta
married: 1889 Robert Fulton ADAMS.

Louisa Fanny
married: 1891 Albert Edward LYONS.

Jessie Harriet
married: 1894 Frederick Thomas SWAINE.

married: 1895 Francis Joseph NICHOLSON.

Rebecca Ann
married: 1896 Alfred COLE.

married: 1897 Ernest John YOUDAN.

married: 1898 Arthur Lewis COMBES.

married: 1899 George Henry WALKER.

married: 1899 Sydney Gifford LOVE.

Amy Elizabeth
married: 1902 Reginald Robert PARK.

Elizabeth May
married: 1902 Arthur Robert HEATON.

married: 1903 Thomas Alexander BREW.

Edith Kate
married: 1904 Alexander George KINLOCH.

Mary Ann
married: 1904 William MCKAY.

married: 1906 William Charles BEAVIS.

married: 1906 Matthew Andrew HAMILTON.

married: 1907 Thomas BRESNAHAN.

Ada May
married: 1908 Horace George Thomas GREEN.

Evelyn Frances
married: 1908 John KEY.

married: 1910 William Hugh MCCONNELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRIVER lines.

JN 61296

BREW marriages 1909-1925 Victoria Australia

BREW marriages 1909-1925 Victoria Australia.

BREW (males)

Francis William Valentine
married: 1910 Florence STEVENS.

married: 1911 Tresa KING.

Henry Joseph
married: 1911 Catherine Isabel ROWLERSON.

married: 1913 Louisa CLARK.

married: 1916 Alvie Elizabeth BROOKS.

Alexander James
married: 1918 Daisy Jane JAMES.

Daniel George Joseph
married: 1919 Emily Johanna CASSADY.

John Edward Stanley
married: 1919 Ida Christine PEACK.

Victor Henry
married: 1919 Ethel PICKERING.

married: 1919 Thelia May HEWITT.

Charles Edward
married: 1920 Frances Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM.

married: 1921 Amy CHARMAN.

William Thomas
married: 1921 May Audrey DRUMMOND.

William Ernest
married: 1921 Eileen LEAR.

John George
married: 1922 Moya Honor LEITCH.

married: 1923 Rose Anne SHERIDAN.

married: 1923 Jane Irving SUMMERS.

BREW (females)

Mary Jane
married: 1909 Charles Henry GRANT.

Alberta Louisa Matilda
married: 1910 William MCDONALD.

Evaline Alice
married: 1910 Donald Reuben GORDON.

Esther Alice
married: 1911 Peter Francis PRUNTY.

Lillie Catherine Victoria
married: 1911 Charles MURRAY.

Emily Adelaide
married: 1913 Albert DRIVER.

married: 1913 John ROWLANDS.

married: 1915 Frederick John WILSON.

Olive Millie Amelia
married: 1919 Arthur HUDSON.

Annie Jane
married: 1921 James Arthur ROSS.

Mary Christina
married: 1923 Arthur Oswald SUPPLITT.

married: 1924
William John MURRISON.

married: 1925 John Joseph FORDAIR.

Elizabeth May
married: 1925 Price Norman WILLIAMS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BREW lines.

JN 61288

WILLOX marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

WILLOX marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

WILLOX (males)

Charles Edward
married: 1921 Catherine Hannah MAITLAND.

Frederick Albert
married: 1923 Dora May WADESON.

Clement Jack
married: 1924 Ruby Victoria ABBEY.

George Harrold
married: 1925 Letitia May PHELPS.

John Edwin
married: 1927 Hilda JACKSON.

Stanley Tasman
married: 1928 Annie Marie MEARS.

Leonard Royce
married: 1930 Lillian JONES.

Ivan Andrew
married: 1931 Erna Vallery Noonan MORAN.

Edgar William
married: 1931 Gladys Alma ROWAN.

Allan Edward
married: 1932 Elizabeth Nancy DARGAN.

Edward Charles
married: 1933 Isabel Florence ONEILL.

Colin Mcdonald
married: 1934 Vera Elsie BARKER.

Jack Vincent
married: 1937 Elspat Louise SMITH.

Norman Miles
married: 1940 Winifred GRAY.

John Lennox Siesel
married: 1940 Lucy Mary MORIESON.

Frederick Albert
married: 1941 Anna Elizabeth GLEESON.

Ivan Andrew
married: 1942 Marjory CLAXTON.

WILLOX (females)

Reta Emma
married: 1921 Frank RENNEY.

Doris Emilie
married: 1922 Clarence Peter CLOWE.

Marion Jane
married: 1922 Rubert Victor PHILPOTT.

Florence Maud
married: 1923 John HOPE.

Thelma Florence
married: 1925 William Marshall PATCHING.

Frances Marion
married: 1925 Vincent MURPHY.

Olive May
married: 1925 James WATTS.

Hazel Evelyn
married: 1926 John Stanley BARRY.

married: 1927 William Thomas THACKER.

Gladys Emily
married: 1928 William Edward JAMES.

Edna Hazel
married: 1930 George Saunders MILNE.

Marjory Jean
married: 1931 Frederick Raynor LANGSFORD.

Dulcie Alice
married: 1936 William DUNCOMBE.

Gwendolyn Frances
married: 1938 Ernest DUMAYNE.

Margaret Grace Hazel
married: 1940 Alfred John JEWELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WILLOX lines.

JN 61278

CANAVAN marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

CANAVAN marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

CANAVAN (females)

married: 1921 Herbert PURCELL.

married: 1922 William John WEBSTER.

Frances Mary
married: 1923 Percy Leonard BOUNDS.

Charlotte Donaldson Gibson
married: 1924 Alexander BARLOW.

married: 1924 Leslie LYNCH.

married: 1924 Harry BEILBY.

married: 1924 Ernest Alexander WATSON.

Florence Portia St Clair Cayle
married: 1926 Ernest FLOOD.

married: 1927 Les Harold HUGHES.

Kathleen Josephine
married: 1928 Allan Ramsay LEWIS.

Rosina Mary
married: 1928 Albert Edward STONEHAM.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1931 William GOODLEY.

married: 1932 Alfred ALWAY.

Alma Anne
married: 1932 Keith George COOK.

Mary Bernadette
married: 1933 Robert WILDING.

Esther Mary
married: 1935 Aubrey Albert DOUGLAS.

Veronica Mary
married: 1938 Harold Fenwick Rex TAIT.

married: 1938 Charles Arthur HEATH.

married: 1939 Arthur Kennett PYERS.

Myrtle Kercher
married: 1939 Arthur Vincent CRAY.

Thelma Emma Florence
married: 1939 James George ELLIS.

Ruby Ethel
married: 1940 Gordon Donald GALBRAITH.

married: 1941 John Francis GORE.

Melva Lucy
married: 1942 Raymond Ian HAMILTON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CANAVAN lines.

CANAVAN marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

CANAVAN marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

CANAVAN (males)

Robert William Clarence
married: 1924 Gladys Annie GIBBS.

Charles Peter
married: 1925 Julia POPPE.

Daniel Leslie
married: 1926 Sabina Ellen BRADLEY.

Daniel Leo
married: 1927 Mary Ellenor BOYLE.

Roy Patrick
married: 1927 Gertrude Alice NELTHORPE.

Albert Herbert Victor
married: 1928 Sylvia Doris BENNETT.

married: 1930 Lily THPMPSON.

Alfred James
married: 1930 Nellie HICKSON.

John Patrick
married: 1930 Amy LANG.

married: 1934 Sylvia BROWN.

Terence Andrew
married: 1934 Louisa Grace KAYLL.

John Joseph
married: 1935 Edith Louise BUNNETT.

married: 1935 Annie PENHALL.

Mark Francis
married: 1935 Bridget Catherine CASEY.

William Reginald
married: 1936 Elsie Sheila LAKER.

John Peter
married: 1936 Phyllis Marjory WITHEWCOMB.

John Herbert
married: 1937 Amber Helen SMITH.

married: 1937 Eva Marjory SMITH.

married: 1937 Flora Jamieson BRUCE.

John Treynor
married: 1937 Olive KNEALE.

Victor William
married: 1941 Eva Florence MAHONY.

Robert Curtis
married: 1941 Glenis Vivienne Mary BOYS.

Walter James
married: 1941 Irene Alice DACE.

Dermid Patrick
married: 1942 Jeanne Margaret BURNS.

married: 1942 Edna KNIGHT.

Charles James Stewart
married: 1942 Dory Catherine Bessie STEVENS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CANAVAN lines.

JN 61259

TRICKEY marriages 1917-1925 Victoria Australia

TRICKEY marriages 1917-1925 Victoria Australia.

TRICKEY (males)

married: 1917 Agnes Catherine BUSWELL.

married: 1917 Mary Ann DIXON.

married: 1919 Henrietta Mary HANNIGAN.

Charles Edward
married: 1920 Annie Adelaide MINTON.

married: 1920 Maud Usher VERNON.

Herbert Lawrence
married: 1922 Annie Evelyn BEAGLEY.

married: 1922 Edna Melina PATTEN.

Joseph Lindsay
married: 1922 Bessie May CLOKE.

Stanley Robert
married: 1923 Gladys Nita WILLIAMSON.

Percy Daniel
married: 1924 Dorothy REDPATH.

married: 1924 Hazel Maria Hicks POLLARD.

Robert Laurence
married: 1924 Winifred BELLMAIN.

Joseph McKinley
married: 1925 Ruth Adelaide BARRETT.

married: 1925 Meyrl Ann KEARNEY.

George Roy
married: 1925 Daisy CHADWICK.

Charles Alfred Sydney
married: 1925 Lorna Sylvia TAIT.

TRICKEY (females)

married: 1917 Reuben FOWLER.

Mabel Amanda Agnes
married: 1917 James Edward BOYD.

married: 1918 Lindsay Gordon PRICE.

Rita Celia
married: 1918 Harold Francis BIDEY.

Maude Alice
married: 1919 Claude Finley HAMMON.

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1919 Erle James PATTEN.

Isbla May
married: 1920 Kenneth George Robert MITCHELL.

Olive Medic Mary
married: 1921 Charles Lawrence MORRISON.

married: 1921 Charles Andrew MANN.

Lillian Florence
married: 1922 Cornelius FITZGERALD.

Doris Elizabeth
married: 1923 Morris JACKSON.

Ellen Adelaide
married: 1924 Percival Louis DAVEY.

Alma Agnes
married: 1924 John BROAD.

Louisa Julia
married: 1924 Harry Frederick HARRISON.

married: 1925 David Francis LITTLE.

Victoria Maisie
married: 1925 James Thomas HOWAT.

married: 1925 Francis FEEHAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TRICKEY lines.

JN 61252

HANNAFORD Elliott married Catherine KELLY 1876

Information Journal.

Groom: Elliott HANNAFORD.
Age: 20 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Frederick HANNAFORD.

Bride: Catherine Isabella KELLY.
Age: 21 years.
Status: Single.
Father: William KELLY.

Date married: 22 June 1876.
Place: Residence of W KELLY, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Elliott died 02 July 1934 in Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Age: 78 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Status appears to be wrong. No second marriage located.

Birth note.
Elliott was born 09 June 1856 in Riverton, South Australia.
Parents named as Fredrick HANNAFORD and Elizabeth SANDERS.

Catherine died 23 August 1921, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Age: 66 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Husband named as Elliott HANNAFORD.

Birth note.
Catherine was born 016 June 1955 in Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Parents named as William KELLY and Jane CALEY.
See Post: KELLY William and Jane Caley

Eight children located South Australia for Elliott and Catherine.


Frederick William HANNAFORD.
Born: 03 November 1877, Head of Wallaway Orroroo, South Australia.
Died: 28 April 1878, Wallaway, South Australia.
Age: 06 months.


Born: 29 November 1878, Wallaway, South Australia.
Died: -


Born: 17 October 1880, Wallaway, South Australia.
Birth recorded under HANAFORD.
Died: 11 August 1962, Unley, South Australia.
Age: 81 years.
Status: Widow.
Residence: Unley, South Australia.
Deceased husband named as Daniel Lace CLARKE.

Married: Daniel Lace CLARKE.
Date: 01 March 1911.
Place: Methodist Church, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Daniel died 06 December 1954 in Malvern, South Australia.
Age: 77 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Malvern, South Australia.

Birth note.
Daniel was born 20 March 1877 in Tarlee, South Australia.
Birth recorded as Danile Lace Charles CLARKE.
Parents named as Robert CLARKE and Fanny STANLEY.


Born: 05 June 1882, Wallaway, South Australia.
Died: 29 April 1952, Riverton, South Australia.
Age: 69 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Riverton, South Australia.
Husband named as Robert John JAMES.

Married: Robert John JAMES.
Date: 08 April 1908.
Place: Methodist Church, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Birth note.
Robert was born 24 March 1878 in Mount Torrens, South Australia.
Parents named as Richard JAMES and Christina Emma SMITH.


Born: 02 July 1884, near Chain of Ponds, South Australia.
Died: 29 July 1884, Norwood, South Australia.
Age: 04 weeks.
Residence: Chain of Ponds, South Australia.


Jean Isabel HANNAFORD.
Born: 11 August 1888, Riverside, near Chain of Ponds, South Australia.
Died: 28 July 1960, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Age: 72 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Cudlee Creek, South Australia.
Husband named as Gilbert Joseph James WARD.

Married: Gilbert Joseph James WARD.
Date: 27 May 1916.
Place: Residence of Elliott HANNAFORD, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Gilbert died 23 December 1965, Penola, South Australia.
Age: 83 years.
Status: Widower.
Residence: Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Birth note.
Gilbert was born 09 April 1882 in Kersbrook, South Australia.
Parents named as James WARD and Cordelia DAY.


Ruby Elizabeth HANNAFORD.
Born: 19 January 1891, near Chain of Ponds, South Australia.
Died: 16 July 1954, Enfield Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 63 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Riverton, South Australia.
Husband named as Fletcher Bowman JAMES.

Married: Fletcher Bowman JAMES.
Date: 20 January 1915.
Place: Methodist Church, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Fletcher died 10 June 1970, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 84 years.
Status: Married. (May have remarried)
Residence: Prospect Estate, South Australia.

Birth note.
Fletcher was born 14 June 1885 in Maitland, South Australia.
Parents named as William Wearne JAMES and Thurza Christina BOWMAN.


Born: 08 February 1894, Chain of Ponds, South Australia.
Birth also recorded as Jannie HANNAFORD.
Died: -

Married: Kenneth Percival DU RIED.
Date: 07 October 1925.
Place: Methodist Church, Cudlee Creek, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

JN 61246

RINGIN marriages 1873-1937 Victoria Australia

RINGIN marriages 1873-1937 Victoria Australia.

RINGIN (males)

married: 1873 Eliza SMYTH.

married: 1892 Carol CORBETT.

James William
married: 1899 Isabella KENNEDY.

married: 1899 Sarah GRAY.

married: 1920 Emily PRESTON.

married: 1921 Doris Ethel GLOVER.

Leslie John
married: 1924 Lily Alice GREENBANK.

Thomas Andrew
married: 1924 Ethel Eirene DEAN.

Ernest James
married: 1927 Hazel Francis TIPPETT.

Donald Alexander William
married: 1927 Gladys May WILLS.

married: 1927 Annie Irene CHEESEMAN.

James Smyth
married: 1929 Isabel Violet WILSON.

Walter Harold
married: 1937 Jessie KERR.

Ernest James
married: 1937 Sarah Eliza GREENBANK.

RINGIN (females)

married: 1885 William Thomas HAYWARD.

Elizabeth Watt
married: 1887 Dougald MCKERRAL.

Mary Ann
married: 1892 Joseph MCDONALD.

Elizabeth Robinson Elspeth
married: 1896 William Henry HICK.

married: 1902 Hope PAMBERTON.

married: 1907 Robert KENNEDY.

married: 1920 Arthur BURRIDGE.

Eliza Olive
married: 1921 Clifford Oliver JOHNSON.

Janet Elsie
married: 1922 William Godfrey BENNETT.

married: 1923 Andrew CORBETT.

Janet Isbla
married: 1926 George HOULT.

Elsie Vera
married: 1931 Richard Francis MORCOMBE.

Florence May
married: 1931 Albert Keig ALLISON.

Mabel May
married: 1934 Bert William ANDERSON.

Harriet Marjory
married: 1935 Edward HYNES.

Please note.
The first RINGIN marriage recorded in Victoria was in 1873.
There were no marriages recorded between 1938 to 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the RINGIN lines.

JN 61237