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TIMEWELL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

TIMEWELL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.

TIMEWELL (males)

married: 1854 Jane Anne BRITTEN.

William Henry
married: 1891 Edith Laura DAVIDSON.

James Rayford
married: 1893 Jessie WATSON.

Thomas Conroy
married: 1901 Jane Veronica ROGAN.

married: 1906 Elsie Mary SUTTON.

Henry Thomas
married: 1909 Charlotte Isabella BLISE.

Stephen George
married: 1909 Frances Magdalena KANE.

William Harold
married: 1916 Frederica Louisa BEISE.

Joseph Leslie
married: 1920 Eileen MAY.

James Edward
married: 1920 Myrtle Mary Elliott KING.

TIMEWELL (females)

married: 1854 Harold PENNINGTON.

married: 1855 John PARRY.

married: 1863 John ROWE.

Louisa Jane Farley
married: 1869 George RIGG.

married: 1869 William CHANDLER.

Sarah Ann
married: 1882 Joseph BANBROOK.

married: 1886 John COOMBS.

married: 1886 John BATCHELOR.

married: 1890 Thomas SEAMER.

Alice Louisa Frances
married: 1893 Thomas William BLUNDY.

Elizabeth Katie
married: 1900 Edward Samuel REEVE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TIMEWELL lines.

JN 39063

TRIBE marriages 1868-1900 Victoria Australia

TRIBE marriages 1868-1900 Victoria Australia.

TRIBE (males)

married: 1868 Julia DRAKE.

Frank James
married: 1874 Agnes WALKER.

Eustace Thomas
married: 1876 Emma Persis STUB.

James George
married: 1881 Elizabeth BROWN.

married: 1882 Abegail ELTON.

Edward Cooper
married: 1883 Minnie Amelia WALKER.

Reginald Wilberforce
married: 1883 Carol Maria ARMOUR.

Edward George Beazle
married: 1887 Lillian Harriet STOBO.

married: 1889 Levinia MAYER.

married: 1897 Louisa Evelyn WILLIAMS.

TRIBE (females)

married: 1878 Robert Alexander RAE.

Katherine Harriette
married: 1882 Edwin COX.

Martha Matilda David
married: 1883 Thomas Smith COOKE.

Emma Persis
married: 1886 Arthur William ATTENBROW.

married: 1887 Albert Joseph GROOM.

Eleanor Frances
married: 1887 Harry SMITH.

married: 1888 Joshua BAKER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TRIBE lines.

JN 39062

ARMOUR John married Hannah SPINKS 1871

Information Journal.

Groom: John ARMOUR.
Birth place: Given as Geelong.

Bride: Hannah Amelia SPINKS.
Birth place: Given as Moolap.

Year married: 1871.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Possible death for John is 1926 in Bunyip, Victoria.
Age: 75 years.
Father named as John ARMOUR. Mother unknown.

Birth note.
John was born 1854 in Ashby, Victoria.
Parents named as John ARMOUR and Elizabeth HARPER.
See Post: ARMOUR John and Elizabeth HARPER

Hannah died 1933 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as John SPINKS and Myra unknown.

Birth note.
Hannah was born 1856 in Moolap, Victoria.
Parents named as James SPINKS and Myra NIXON.
See Post: SPINKS James and Miriam NIXON.

Six children located Victorian records for John and Hannah but there may be more.


Myra Elizabeth ARMOUR.
Born: 1879 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: -


Stuart Murray Stephen ARMOUR.
Born: 1881 St Arnaud, Victoria.
Died: 1930 Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Age: 47 years.

Married: Mary HARRIS.
Year: 1907.
Place: Victoria.

Mary died 1958 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Thomas HARRIS and Elizabeth WELSFORD.


Margaret Calderwood ARMOUR.
Born: 1884 Seymour, Victoria.
Died: 1894 Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 10 years.


Ruby Constance ARMOUR.
Born: 1886 Seymour, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.

Married: James MANGNALL.
Year: 1912.
Place: Victoria.


Ormond Stanley ARMOUR.
Born: circa 1890. (Birth not located)
Died: 1977 Glen Iris, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.


Myrtle Jean ARMOUR.
Born: circa 1893. (Birth not located)
Died: 1894 Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 11 months.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39060

BATT George married Mary CLEAL 1853

Information & Research Journal.

George BATT and Mary Ann CLEAL
were married in Victoria in 1853.

Possible death for George is 1898 in the Ballarat Hospital, Victoria, aged 81 years.
Parents not recorded.

Mary died 1902 in Buninyong, Victoria, aged 73 years.
Parents named as John CLEALL and Elizabeth unknown.

Ten children located Victorian records for George and Mary.


William Henry BATT.
Born: 1854 Gardiners Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1854 not recorded, Victoria, aged 18 days.


Caroline Ann BATT.
Born: 1855 Prahran, Victoria.
Died: 1918 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 61 years.

Married: Charles William REAKES.
Year: 1884.
Place: Victoria.


John Thomas BATT.
Born: 1858 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1866 not recorded, Victoria, aged 8 years.


William George BATT.
Born: 1860 Mount Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 75 years.

Married: Lillian Elizabeth WATSON.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.


Georgena BATT.
Born: 1862 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1937 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 75 years.

Married: John Patrick DAVIS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.


Henry BATT.
Born: 1864 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1864 not recorded, Victoria, aged 7 weeks.


Ellen BATT.
Born: 1865 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: -


Mary Elizabeth BATT.
Born: 1868 Buninyong, Victoria.


Charles BATT.
Born: 1871 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1871 not recorded, Victoria, aged 5 months.


Alfred BATT.
Born: 1872 Buninyong, Victoria.
Died: 1948 Ballarat, Victoria, aged 76 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

BATT Charles married Catherine REID 1875

Information & Research Journal.

Charles George BATT and Catherine REID
were married in Victoria in 1875.

Possible death for John is 1885 in Victoria, aged 62 years.
Parents named as Charles BATT and unknown BURRELL.

Catherine's death not located.

Six children located Victorian records for Charles and Catherine.


Charles James BATT.
Born: 1876 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: 1922 Melbourne East, Victoria, aged 47 years.
Married: Sarah SMITH.
Year: 1895.
Place: Victoria.


Thomas Frederick BATT.
Born: 1878 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: -


Elizabeth Catherine BATT.
Born: 1880 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: 1882 not recorded, Victoria, aged 2 years.


Ruby Ida BATT.
Born: 1881 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: -


William Gordon BATT.
Born: 1883 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: -


Percival Reid BATT.
Born: 1885 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: 1885 not recorded, Victoria, aged 2 months.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

MAY Stephen married Anne FARRELL 1840

Information & Research Journal.

Stephen MAY and Anne FARRELL were married in Victoria in 1840

Possible death for Stephen is 1877 in Victoria, aged 77 years. Parents recorded as Samuel MAY and Mary unknown.

Possible death for Anne is 1876 in Victoria, aged 54 years. Parents recorded as Martin FARRELL and Maru unknown.

Eight children located Victorian records for Samuel and Mary.


Samuel MAY.
Born: 1841 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: -


Mary Anne MAY.
Born: 1843 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: -


Stephen MAY.
Born: 1845 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1870 not recorded, Victoria, aged 24 years.


Thomas MAY.
Born: 1847 Corio, Victoria.
Died: -


Elizabeth May.
Born: 1849 Corio, Victoria.
Died: -


William James MAY.
Born: 1851 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1888 Winchelsea, Victoria, aged 37 years.


Alice MAY.
Born: 1854 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: -


Sarah Han MAY.
Born: circa 1857. Birth not located.
Died: 1880 not recorded, Victoria, aged 23 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

PENNINGTON marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia

PENNINGTON marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia.


John Davidson
married: 1852 Helen BATLEY.

married: 1853 Jessie KENNEDY.

married: 1854 Anne TIMEWELL.

married: 1858 Ellen CREAMER.

married: 1870 Jane PRIDEAUX.

John Noble
married: 1873 Harriet MISSING.

married: 1874 Mary Brown Thomson MCCUAIG.

married: 1879 Lucy Ann WOOD.

married: 1880 May STEWART.

married: 1881 Amelia WHITE.

married: 1885 Elizabeth Mary HILL.

married: 1885 Sarah MCMINN.

married: 1886 Annie Sophia TURNER.

married: 1889 Martha NIGHTINGALE.

Richard Ernest
married: 1889 Frances Maria BROOKS.

married: 1900 Margaret STEWART.

PENNINGTON (females)

married: 1856 Peter DUNN.

married: 1858 Edward CREAMER.

married: 1872 James BUDD.

married: 1874 Charles STRELEIN.

Annie Louisa
married: 1877 William James FILDES.

married: 1880 Harrison HILL.

married: 1883 Alexander CROW.

married: 1885 William Ray SMITH.

married: 1889 William Young WITHERDEN.

Mary Jane
married: 1889 Albert SPINKS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENNINGTON lines.

JN 39046

YOUNGHUSBAND marriages 1857-1901 Victoria Australia

YOUNGHUSBAND marriages 1857-1901 Victoria Australia.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth Indexes to assist others researching the YOUNGHUSBAND lines.


married: 1861 Elizabeth MATTS.

married: 1861 Bridget OBRIEN.

married: 1869 Anne FLANAGAN.

married: 1871 Elizabeth AUSTIN.

married: 1872 Mary Annie COOK.

married: 1883 Annie Maria COCKBURN.

married: 1901 Mabel Ellen LEECH.


married: 1857 Ki Long AWING.

Jane Agnes
married: 1863 Samuel DUNSTAN.

Sarah Jane
married: 1865 James DUNSTAN.

married: 1881 George Arthur WILLIAMS.

Cecelia Maria
married: 1891 David Frederick METELMANN.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1898 Alfred Finlay WEATHERITT.

Sarah Jane
married: 1901 Thomas Ronald STEVENSON.

Birth records name Ki Long AWING as James KIE LUNG, James LUNG, James KIELUNG and James KY LONG.

SPINKS John and Alice JAMES 1891

Information Journal.

Groom: John SPINKS.
Birth place: Given as Victoria.

Bride: Alice JAMES.
Birth place: Given as Victoria.

Year married: 1891.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Deaths for John and Alice not located at time of posting.

Eight children located Victorian records for John and Alice.


Clarice Maud May SPINKS.
Born: 1892 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: 1958 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.

Married: John Arthur LINNETT.
Year: 1922.
Place: Victoria.


Talieson John SPINKS.
Born: 1894 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Charlotte Olivia ANKERSON.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.


Thomas Sydney SPINKS.
Born: 1897 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: 1974 Swan Hill, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.


Gwendoline Elizabeth SPINKS.
Born: 1899 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: 1900 Smeaton, Victoria.
Age: Months.


Edwin James SPINKS.
Born: 1901 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: 1979 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.


Gwendoline Alice Irene SPINKS.
Born: 1904 Smeaton, Victoria.
Died: 1978 Kerang, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.

Married: Henry Clifford LYNAS.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.


Ruby Catherine Hannah SPINKS.
Born: 1908 Swan Hill, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Alexander MCKENZIE.
Year: 1935.
Place: Victoria.


Gladys Una SPINKS.
Born: 1912 Swan Hill, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Arthur Richard MOODIE.
Year: 1932.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39044

SPINKS William and Susanna WEBSTER

Information Journal.

William SPINKS and Susanna WEBSTER.

Marriage details not located at time of posting.

Possible death for William is 1913 in Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents not recorded.

Susanna died 1903 in Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Father recorded as Robert WEBSTER. Mother unknown.

Ten children located Victorian records for William and Susanna.


Edward SPINKS.
Born: 1854 Kildare, Victoria.
Died: 1921 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 67 years.


Robert William SPINKS.
Born: 1855 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1856 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 03 months.


Joseph SPINKS.
Born: 1858 Moolap, Victoria.
Died: 1937 Springvale, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: Carol TAYLOR.
Year: 1902.
Place: Victoria.


Cornelius SPINKS.
Born: 1861 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Ivanhoe, Victoria.
Age: 88 years.

Married: Sarah MCFEETERS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.


Mary Ann SPINKS.
Born: 1863 Indented Head, Victoria.
Died: 1945 Frankston, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Married: James Emmanuel RIDOUT.
Year: 1885.
Place: Victoria.


Rebecca SPINKS.
Born: 1866 Indented Head, Victoria.
Died: 1950 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.


Arthur William SPINKS.
Born: circa 1870. (Birth not located)
Died: 1942 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.


Frances Ann SPINKS.
Born: 1871 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Benalla, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.

Married: William PECK.
Year: 1901.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1873 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1873 Bellarine, Victoria.
Age: 17 days.


William Henry SPINKS.
Born: 1875 Bellarine, Victoria.
Died: 1971 Wangaratta, Victoria.
Age: 96 years.

Married: Alice Zillah CROUCHER.
Year: 1905.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 39043