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ARMOUR marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia

ARMOUR marriages 1852-1900 Victoria Australia.

ARMOUR (males)

married: 1874 Jeanie RODGER.

John Ewing
married: 1877 Margaret WRIGHT.

married: 1879 Hannah Amelia SPINKS.

James Boyle
married: 1880 Catherine WELSH.

William Harper
married: 1881 Isabella Younger IRVINE.

married: 1886 Maria Elizabeth RANSOM.

married: 1889 Barbara SOMERVILLE.

Stuart Murray Steven
married: 1894 Emma WREN.

married: 1895 Christina BURKE.

Thomas Hamilton
married: 1897 Elizabeth HOWARD.

ARMOUR (females)

married: 1852 Joseph BARBER.

married: 1856 James HENDERSON.

Carol Maria
married: 1883 Reginald Wilberforce TRIBE.

Agnes Hopkins
married: 1883 Donald MCRAE.

married: 1884 Malcolm MCDONALD.

Annie Caskie
married: 1892 John James MUNRO.

married: 1892 Thomas Joseph ORIELLY.

Maud Calderwood
married: 1893 Neil NICHOLSON.

married: 1893 George William ROGAN.

Mary Hopkins
married: 1895 John Hector MCKENZIE.

married: 1896 John Francis MEAGHER.

Christina Boyd
married: 1899 John Belshaw PATERSON.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1900 David JONES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ARMOUR lines.

JN 39157

COPLEY marriages 1853-1900 Victoria Australia

COPLEY marriages 1853-1900 Victoria Australia.

COPLEY (males)

married: 1854 Ellen DONOVAN.

married: 1855 Ann Elizabeth SPOONER.

married: 1867 Hannah BROWN.

married: 1875 Annie SCHAFER.

married: 1882 Mary MCGEE.

Alfred Wright
married: 1883 Ellen Jane ONEIL.

married: 1885 Sarah Margaret DUNN.

Walter William
married: 1887 Alice Victoria DAVEY.

Edmund Richard
married: 1888 Nancy Elizabeth Hannah GRIFFITHS.

married: 1893 Rachel Ellen BURNSIDE.

married: 1895 Esther KITCHEN.

Charles Herbert
married: 1899 Mary HAYWARD.

COPLEY (females)

Margaret Caroline
married: 1853 William NICHOLSON.

married: 1866 William JONES.

Jane Louisa
married: 1867 William Harrison FULLER.

married: 1869 Johann Piligg WEIGMANN.

Elizabeth Margaret
married: 1871 William John KERR.

Anne Elizabeth
married: 1876 Edmund MACE.

Clara Ellen
married: 1876 Nathaniel Thomas HILLMAN.

married: 1879 Thomas GREEN.

married: 1880 William SMITH.

Ada Louisa
married: 1892 Harold Adrian NEUMAN.

Ethel Grace
married: 1900 Edward George TYSON.

Hannah Amelia
married: 1900 Henry John GOULD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the COPLEY lines.

JN 39154

DICKER marriages (males) 1855-1911 Victoria Australia

DICKER marriages (males) 1855-1911 Victoria Australia.

DICKER (males)

married: 1855 Jane WORTHINGTON.

married: 1858 Mary Jane TAYLOR.

Francis Manly
married: 1858 Martha Cuthbert MITCHEL.

William Hensly
married: 1859 Margaret DOUGLAS.

married: 1861 Maria SHERIDAN.

Charles Day
married: 1875 Annie Elizabeth SANDERS.

married: 1875 Mary Ann KEEN.

Charles George
married: 1878 Elizabeth BLAND.

Allan Mozzeen
married: 1878 Mary Kate ELLIOTT.

William Hensby
married: 1880 Henrietta BOWDEN.

Thomas Harry
married: 1883 Louisa Jane GILL.

William Douglas
married: 1884 Florence Mary NIGHTINGALE.

Alfred Henry
married: 1884 Charlotte FIELD.

Francis Charles
married: 1887 Fanny Rebecca WEST.

married: 1888 Catherine DARLING.

married: 1889 Mary Ann HELLENS.

married: 1892 Emily PECK.

Henry Thomas Palmer
married: 1895 Alice Christian HOW.

Henry Oscar
married: 1899 Lillian Mary FOSTER.

married: 1899 Edith Carol REID.

Frederick James
married: 1903 Catherine Ann DARLING.

George Frederick
married: 1905 Marguerite Blair HENDERSON.

married: 1908 Annie FULLARTON.

married: 1910 Margaret THOMPSON.

William Douglas Cyril
married: 1910 Elizabeth Anne BLIGHT.

married: 1911 Grace Elizabeth VINECOMBE.

Henry Ernest Campbell
married: 1911 Elsie May SHEPPARD.

Paul Frederick William
married: 1911 Lily Selina Maud MILL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DICKER lines.

JN 39153

ROBOTTOM marriages 1855-1940 Victoria Australia

ROBOTTOM marriages 1855-1940 Victoria Australia.

ROBOTTOM (males)

married: 1855 Sarah SMITH.

Alfred Thomas
married: 1863 Mary Ann SPOONER.

married: 1868 Euta HAMSTEAD.

Samuel George
married: 1879 Mary MEEHAN.

Walter Arthur
married: 1882 Mary Annie MILLMAN.

Percy Edwin
married: 1895 Amelia SCALES.

married: 1915 Florence Emily BROADBENT.

Edward James
married: 1916 Olive QUIRK.

married: 1920 Florence Amy HALLETT.

George lefroy
married: 1921 Elsie May BAIRD.

Samuel Eowland
married: 1929 Edna Jean EVANS.

Stuart Roydon
married: 1940 Helen Muriel BRAMSTEDT.

ROBOTTOM (females)

Ann Elizabeth
married: 1861 Hyman DINTE.

married: 1873 Alexander ANDERSON.

Mary Ann
married: 1873 William BOGGIS.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1876 Henry Daw NOTT.

Jane Amy
married: 1884 John George LAWSON.

Henrietta Mary
married: 1887 Richard Thomas DOWTHWAITE.

married: 1893 Joseph STEWART.

married: 1897 James GAYNOR.

Amy Mildred
married: 1900 Cecil George CUMBERLAND.

Alice May
married: 1910 John Alfred NICHOLSON.

married: 1912 Charles Henry PORT.

married: 1918 Alfred George SIMPSON.

Eva Eleanor
married: 1920 Richard Eli WINDLEY.

Iona Fraser
married: 1920 Theodore Harry Randell FROST.

Constance Glazbrook
married: 1921 John Richard HARTLEY.

Alice May
married: 1922 John Marshall MCCREERY.

Minnie Mary Amelia
married: 1923 Les Isaac SIMPSON.

Mascott Vallie
married: 1927 Albert Edward SCHRAMM.

Zela Mavis
married: 1935 William Angus HUNTER.

Thelma Mavis
married: 1936 Walter James THOMPSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROBOTTOM lines.

JN 39152

CLAYTON marriages (females) 1871-1882 Victoria Australia

CLAYTON marriages (females) 1871-1882 Victoria Australia.

CLAYTON (females)

married: 1871 Thomas CLARILE.

married: 1871 Thomas DIXON.

married: 1871 Henry PALMER.

married: 1872 Ben CHANDLER.

Mary Selina
married: 1873 Thomas SCANLAN.

married: 1875 John William ELLIOTT.

married: 1875 Henry William HILL.

married: 1875 Thomas FACEY.

married: 1876 Thomas WILLIAMS.

Louisa Catherine
married: 1876 Edward Layng MAJOR.

married: 1878 Arthur CRANFIELD.

married: 1880 Frederick Hamilton STONEHAM.

Sarah Ann
married: 1881 Henry STUBBS.

Annette Elizabeth Adel
married: 1881 George Henry CARTER.

married: 1882 James Henry LEFTLEY.

Sarah Ann
married: 1882 Benjamin POWELL.

Eliza Jane
married: 1882 David GEMMELL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CLAYTON lines.

JN 39151

CLAYTON Samuel married Mary MALLINSON 1868

Information & Research Journal.

Samuel CLAYTON and Mary Jane MALLISON were married in Victoria in 1868.

Samuel died 1904 in Cheltenham, Victoria, aged 61 years. Parents recorded as Samuel CLAYTON and Ann PEARSON.

Mary died 1917 in Cheltenham, Victoria, aged 78 years. Parents recorded as John MALLINSON and Mary unknown.

Nine children located Victorian records for Samuel and Mary.


Born: 1869 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1869 not recorded, Victoria, aged 1 week.


John Horace Spurr CLAYTON.
Born: 1871 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1937 Bentleigh, Victoria, aged 66 years.


Hilda Victoria CLAYTON.
Born: 1873 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1876 not recorded, Victoria, aged 2 years.


Edward Arthur CLAYTON.
Born: 1875 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1876 not recorded, Victoria, aged 34 weeks.


William Henry CLAYTON.
Born: 1877 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1947 Middle Brighton, Victoria, aged 70 years.
Married: Mabel Estella WILKINS.
Year: 1905.
Place: Victoria.


Florence Annie CLAYTON.
Born: 1879 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1849 Welshpool, Victoria, aged 69 years.
Married: William Frank DAFF.
Year: 1904.
Place: Victoria.


Frederick Aubrey CLAYTON.
Born: 1882 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Lilydale, Victoria, aged 64 years.
Married: Grace Gundry REYNOLDS.
Year: 1915.
Place: Victoria.


Evelyn Martha CLAYTON.
Born: 1885 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1971 Welshpool, Victoria, aged 64 years.
Married: unknown HAYDON.


Lawrence Albert CLAYTON.
Born: 1888 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Melbourne, Victoria, aged 68 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

CLAYTON John married Ann JUDSON 1884

Information & Research Journal.

John Charles CLAYTON and Ann Eliza JUDSON were married in Victoria in 1884.

John and Ann's deaths not located.

Four children located Victorian records for John and Ann.


Frederick Charles CLAYTON.
Born: 1885 Kerang, Victoria.
Died: 1893 Kerang, aged 8 years.


Samuel Peter CLAYTON.
Born: 1887 Kerang, Victoria.
Died: -


Charles CLAYTON.
Born: 1890 Kerang, Victoria.
Died: -


Isabella Ann CLAYTON.
Born: 1894 Kerang, Victoria.
Died: 1966 Cohuna, Victoria, aged 74 years.
Married: Francis Henry DAVIES.
Year: 1909.
Place: Victoria.
Married: unknown WHITELEY.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

CLAYTON William and Letitia HENDERSON

Information & Research Journal

Children of William CLAYTON and Letitia HENDERSON.

Marriage and death details for William and Letitia not located.

Eight children located Victoria records for William and Letitia but there may be more.


Francis CLAYTON.
Born: circa 1855 at sea.
Died: 1862 not recorded, Victoria, aged 7 years.


Born: circa 1857 Prahran, Victoria. Birth not located.
Died: 1862 not recorded, Victoria, aged 5 years.


Margaret CLAYTON.
Born: 1858 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1862 not recorded, Victoria, aged 3 years.


Isabella CLAYTON.
Born: 1860 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1862 not recorded, Victoria, aged 1 year.


William CLAYTON.
Born: 1862 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1933 Chelsea, Victoria, aged 71 years.


Born: 1865 Marong, Victoria.
Died: -


Letitia Victoria CLAYTON.
Born: 1868 Marong, Victoria.
Died: 1943 thornbury, Victoria, aged 75 years.
Married: Thomas MARR.
Year: 1890.
Place: Victoria.


Thomas Alfred CLAYTON.
Born: 1870 Marong, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Forest Hill, Victoria, aged 86 years.
Married: Gertrude JACKSON.
Year: 1894.
Place: Victoria.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

CLAYTON Thomas married Ellen ROWLAND 1858

Information & Research Journal.

Thomas CLAYTON and Ellen ROWLAND were married in Victoria in 1858.

Possible death for Thomas is 1881 in Hamilton, Victoria, aged 47 years. Father recorded as Thomas CLAYTON. Mother unknown.

Eight children located Victorian records for Thomas and Ellen.


Mary Ann CLAYTON. *
Born: 1859 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1859 not recorded, Victoria, aged 24 days.


William John CLAYTON. *
Born: 1859 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Casterton, Victoria, aged 72 years.
Married: Hannah SPURRELL.
Year: 1884.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1861 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1947 East Melvern, Victoria, aged 86 years.
Married: Christopher RADCLIFF.
Year: 1891.
Place: Victoria.


Edward Thomas CLAYTON.
Born: 1863 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1879 not recorded, Victoria, aged 15 years.


Margaret CLAYTON.
Born: 1865 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1952 Cgie(?), Victoria, aged 86 years.
Married: William Shan TURLEY.
Year: 1888.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1868 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1951 Hamilton, aged 82 years.


Nancy Ellen CLAYTON.
Born: 1872 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1950 South Melbourne, Victoria, aged 79 years.


Elizabeth Jessie CLAYTON.
Born: 1876 Hamilton, Victoria.
Died: 1957 Frankston, Victoria, aged 82 years.

* Twins.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record to assist other researchers would be appreciated. Thank you.

CLAYTON marriages 1842-1870 Victoria Australia

CLAYTON marriages 1842-1870 Victoria Australia.

CLAYTON (males)

John Joseph
married: 1842 Catherine ROBERTSON.

married: 1851 Mary MITCHEL.

married: 1853 Annette Elizabeth GILCHRIST.

George Francis
married: 1856 Mary Ann HEWET.

married: 1856 Ann FERGUSON.

married: 1856 Emma HUSSTFIELD.

married: 1857 Eliza DAY.

married: 1858 Ellen ROWLAND.

married: 1859 Mary MORAY.

married: 1860 Annie GAMON.

Alfred Helden
married: 1860 Annie Merina MAXWELL.

married: 1863 Caroline Louisa ADAMS.

Richard Pearson
married: 1864 Mary Hannah HOLGATE.

married: 1865 Mary BRANSFIELD.

married: 1868 Mary Ann BROUARD.

married: 1868 Mary Jane MALLINSON.

married: 1869 Bridget DORAN.

married: 1869 Mary STEBBINS.

CLAYTON (females)

married: 1852 Charles WILLIAMS.

married: 1854 John Webb BRACE.

Eliza Alice
married: 1855 James Achillies COOPER.

married: 1858 John GIBBS.

Annie Story
married: 1861 Henry WALKER.

Martha Ellen Louisa
married: 1864 James LOVE.

Sarah Jane
married: 1866 Charles DUNKLEY.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1867 Thomas CHANDLER.

married: 1868 John William JOHNSON.

married: 1869 Edward Henry NEWING.

married: 1869 William MOWAT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researchinbg the CLAYTON lines.

JN 39146