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WARDLAW marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

WARDLAW marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

WARDLAW (males)

married: 1924 Florence Margaret BANNISTER.

Arthur Edward
married: 1924 Linda Grace HARBOUR.

Richard Norman
married: 1925 Dorothy Jean FORREST.

married: 1929 Ellen BRADY.

Douglas Maclaren Searel
married: 1930 Catherine Doreen WALKER.

James Ramsay
married: 1933 Winifred Agnes WIGLEY.

Robert James
married: 1935 Myrtle Jean ROSS.

married: 1936 May MILLS.

William Harold
married: 1939 Clarice Gwendoline HARVEY.

married: 1939 Annie Isabella CARTER.

married: 1942 Jean Agnes SNEDDON.

WARDLAW (females)

Winifred Mary
married: 1921 Norman Stanley Phillips SCOTT.

married: 1924 Ormond Thomas Stephen WEBB.

Ivy Jean
married: 1925 Charles George NORTH.

Marjorie Jean
married: 1926 George Hogarth NAPIER.

Stella May
married: 1926 Arthur Raymond BOURCHIER.

married: 1927 Ernest TAYLOR.

Florence Margaret
married: 1929 Percy Alfred HARMAN.

married: 1930 Herbert Arthur BOARDMAN.

Annie Isabel
married: 1931 Harry TAYLOR.

Rita Gertrude
married: 1933 John Horace EGGLETON.

Bertha Grace
married: 1934 John Reed COGHLAN.

married: 1936 Ernest Stanley MCNICOL.

Jean Martha
married: 1938 John Leonard JOSEPH.

Elizabeth Liln
married: 1940 Allan Eric OMEROD.

married: 1942 Ronald Kenneth ISELIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WARDLAW lines.

JN 62637

HENRY marriages (males) 1876-1887 Victoria Australia

HENRY marriages (males) 1876-1887 Victoria Australia.

HENRY (males)

John Richard
married: 1876 Catherine ROBINSON.

married: 1876 Emily Jennings COCHRANE.

married: 1876 Winifred SHEAHAN.

married: 1877 Sarah MORONEY.

George Tracy
married: 1877 Bridget ALLWOOD.

James Stevenson Falls
married: 1877 Hannah JACKSON.

married: 1877 Ann MCINERNEY. (Registered 1878)

married: 1878 Levinia Ellen FORREST.

married: 1879 Mary Leon PEGG.

married: 1879 Elizabeth HOLMES.

Frederick George
married: 1879 Ellen Louisa CURTIS.

married: 1879 Catherine Delia ARMITAGE.

married: 1880 Mary Ann MCMILLAN.

married: 1880 Frances Ann NEVINSON.

married: 1881 Mary Ann DAVIDSON.

married: 1881 Eliza CONDELL.

married: 1882 Elizabeth HARDING.

Charles Alexander Joseph
married: 1882 Isabella SAUNDERS.

Charles McGregor Reid
married: 1882 Katherine Edgar MORRISON.

married: 1883 Margaret LANE.

Edward Henry
married: 1883 Mary OGGE.

married: 1883 Sophia ADAIR.

married: 1883 Bridget BARRON.

married: 1883 Janet WATT.

married: 1884 Lily TRINDER.

married: 1884 Annie LAWRENCEN.

married: 1884 Carol FELSTEAD.

William Robert
married: 1884 Alice MONSBOURGH.

married: 1884 Mary Ann PAYNE.

married: 1885 Bridget Mary DONOHUE.

married: 1885 Annie BRAYBROOK.

John Robert
married: 1886 Margaret Sarah CROWTHER.

married: 1887 Alice MOSS.

married: 1887 Esther MUIR.

married: 1887 Lucy Jane MACK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HENRY lines.

JN 62633

HENRY marriages (females) 1881-1888 Victoria Australia

HENRY marriages (females) 1881-1888 Victoria Australia.

HENRY (females)

married: 1881 Richard HOVELL.

Hermina Isabel Hirsch
married: 1881 Douglas Edward STEWART.

married: 1881 Adam HALLYBURTON.

married: 1881 George William Richard ARMITAGE.

married: 1882 Joseph CAXON.

married: 1883 Frederick GROVES.

married: 1883 John Joseph PALMER. (Registered 1886)

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1883 William Henry PERRY.

Mary Emma
married: 1883 George William STEWART.

married: 1883 James PARSONS.

married: 1883 Frederick BUSCH.

married: 1884 John CHEGDWIDDEN.

married: 1884 Malcolm Pratt WEBSTER.

married: 1885 Norman Louis MCINNES.

Wilhelmina Marie Regina
married: 1885 Roland Thompson LEECH.

married: 1885 Joseph Samuel OLIVER.

married: 1886 John Joseph PALMER.

married: 1886 Joseph Ernest MUMMERY.

married: 1887 James Mealmaker IRONS.

married: 1887 John Henry BLACKNEY.

Margaret Julia Long
married: 1887 James WARE.

Catherine Elizabeth
married: 1887 Frederick Joseph BROOKS.

married: 1887 William LAWREY.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1887 Henry William KIRWAN.

Margaret Maria
married: 1887 Edmund BOURKE.

married: 1887 James SLEVEN.

Margaret Emma
married: 1887 Frederick FRICKE.

married: 1888 Allen DUCKWORTH.

Elizabeth Margaret
married: 1888 Thomas William GARRETT.

married: 1888 Henry Ponting HALE.

married: 1888 William Downing MARTIN.

Kate Josephine
married: 1888 Laurence PEGAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HENRY lines.

JN 62623

REDPATH marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

REDPATH marriages (females) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

REDPATH (females)

Vera Gladys
married: 1921 Gordon FRASER.

Hazel Eileen Veach
married: 1921 Thomas WALSH.

Ada Annie Lucy
married: 1921 William Walter LITTLE.

Edna Ethel
married: 1922 William Robert James GLEDHILL.

married: 1924 Percy Daniel TRICKEY.

married: 1924 Thomas HELLINGS.

Jean Morton
married: 1925 Hugh William CAMPION.

Isabel Veitch
married: 1925 Hugh BUCHANAN.

Dulcie Belle
married: 1927 John Andrew William HENDERSON.

Edith Isabel
married: 1929 Norman Thomas MCDONALD.

Mycie Elizabeth Mary Gay
married: 1929 Charles francis QUIGLEY.

Nita Laura
married: 1936 Leslie Thomas BANNER.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1936 Claude Bertram HARRISON.

Edna Liln
married: 1936 Albert Charles MILES.

married: 1936 John Thomas RAYNES.

Margaret Watt
married: 1937 Alexander Blanche CLARK.

Birdie Blanche
married: 1937 John DICKSON.

Ruby Annie
married: 1937 Alan Hugh CANNON.

Enid Beryl
married: 1937 Alfred Francis QUILTY.

Phyllis Muriel Jean
married: 1938 Lachlan James FORBES.

Irene May
married: 1938 John William Frederick BLAIR.

Nancy Irvine
married: 1939 Thomas McKnight Hamilton LANGTREE.

Janet Marion
married: 1940 Keith Walker BUTLER.

Hilda Joyce
married: 1940 Robert William MUNDY.

Dorothy Winifred
married: 1940 James Austin BASTON.

Eunice Meryle
married: 1941 William Jeottingham MAY.

Elvie Mavis
married: 1941 George Edward GARDNER.

Charlotte Annie
married: 1942 Ernest Joseph George STREETER.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the REDPATH lines.

JN 62617

REDPATH marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

REDPATH marriages (males) 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

REDPATH (males)

married: 1921 Olive Ruth JOHNSON.

married: 1923 Myrtle BOURKE.

Leslie Edward
married: 1923 Nellie Liln TREWIN.

David Alexander
married: 1924 Lily Isabel BRESLIN.

Claude Cyril
married: 1924 Olive Jeanne BROMLEY.

William Ritchie
married: 1924 Catherine Mary CAMERON.

Ernest Edward
married: 1924 Violet Myrtle COLEMAN.

George Graham
married: 1929 Florence Myrtle TAIT.

Alexander John
married: 1930 Amy Liln BROOKE.

Rupert George
married: 1931 Jessie Muriel HAMMOND.

Edward Henderson
married: 1932 Gladys Annie EDWARDS.

Norman William
married: 1933 Alice Ward EDDIE.

Stanley George
married: 1934 Jessie Edith WEBSTER.

Lionel Coulson
married: 1936 Ida Grace MANSFIELD.

married: 1936 Alice Mary BURTON.

Warburton Stanley
married: 1937 Celia Lucy SABIN.

William Andrew
married: 1937 Amy Liln COOPER.

Albert Frank
married: 1938 Annie Florence GOLLOP.

Graham Ritchie
married: 1938 Eunice Isabel HEDLEY.

George Leon
married: 1938 Annie SANE.

James Stark
married: 1942 Marie Constance PAEZ.

Edward Keith
married: 1942 Lorna DORAN.

John Thomas George Leon
married: 1942 Myrtle Jean BURNETT.

Bruce Rowcliffe
married: 1942 Evelyn May PRITCHARD.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the REDPATH lines.

JN 62598

UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia

UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia.


Arthur Joseph
married: 1905 Ann Neil DOWDELL.

James Samuel
married: 1905 Annie Florence HOARE.

Philip Thomas
married: 1905 Elizabeth Augusta EDLICH.

married: 1905 Annie Edington BOOTH.

Charlie Berkinshire
married: 1906 Florence Jane Lesmore IRVING.

John William
married: 1906 Florence RAGOMAN.

Percival Gilbert
married: 1906 Matilda Elenor PEARL.

married: 1906 Isabella Janet HAMILTON.

Walter Albert
married: 1907 Amelia Mary MATTHEWS.

Claude Herbert
married: 1908 Dorothy Treherne HEARING.

Richard Henry
married: 1908 Lucia Susan BOYD.

Albert James Bentinck
married: 1909 Maud Jane Elizabeth ATTENBOROUGH.

Francis George
married: 1909 Kate May MILLARD.

John Thomas
married: 1909 Emily Jane SMITH.

William Slocum
married: 1909 Amelia Augusta HANSEN.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1910 Elsie Louise MILLER.

Francis Henry Burland
married: 1911 Jane Jones.

married: 1911 Lydia Trottman SMITH.

Francis Joshua
married: 1912 Mary RAE.

James Thomas
married: 1912 Maria Cottie DICKINSON.

Frank Harold
married: 1914 Kathleen Ellen Grace BRITT.

George David
married: 1914 Annie NASH.

James Augustine
married: 1914 Anetta Pauline SUMNER.

Stanley Sydney Randolph
married: 1914 Alice Maud KICK.

John James
married: 1915 Ethel Maud RICHARDS.

married: 1916 Myra Pearl Margaret MARTIN.

married: 1916 Grace Elizabeth Blanche BONNET.

Oscar George
married: 1916 Ruby Adelaide PRATT.

married: 1917 Elizabeth WATT.

George William Henry
married: 1917 Nellie Ada JONES.

married: 1918 Marjorie Adeline EDGECOMBE.

Leslie James
married: 1918 Florence May PARKHOUSE.

married: 1918 Catherine CLARKE.

married: 1919 Julia ADAMS.

Harry Victor
married: 1919 Thyrza Maude HETHERINGTON.

married: 1919 Gertrude Ellen SULLIVAN.

Alan Victor
married: 1920 May Eileen ONEILL.

Edward Alfred
married: 1920 Hilda Amy MURRAY.

George Lawrence
married: 1920 Hilda Maude HANSEN.

married: 1920 Alice Maude NINHAM.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the UNDERWOOD lines.

JN 62589

UNDERWOOD marriages (females) 1912-1924 Victoria Australia

UNDERWOOD marriages (females) 1912-1924 Victoria Australia.

UNDERWOOD (females)

Cecilia Harriet
married: 1912 Allan Buchanan JOHNSON.

Jessie Ellen
married: 1912 Isaac DAVIS.

Beatrice Alice
married: 1913 Edward John GLASEODINE.

Ethel Sarah
married: 1913 David ARMSTRONG.

Kathleen Beatrice
married: 1913 Horace MCALISTER.

Dorothy Eunice
married: 1914 John Harold BURDEN.

married: 1914 Charles Francis Fitzgerald MOORE.

Mabel Rose
married: 1914 Herbert Stuart FRANKLIN.

Elsie May
married: 1915 Frank George FLENLEY.

Lillian Adelaide
married: 1915 Walter Owen COLES.

Maud Eulalie
married: 1915 Andrew Boyd HATTY.

Nellie Ward
married: 1915 Benjamin Edgar GROVES.

Gladys May Perth
married: 1916 Richard Hemsley GREIG.

Violet Frances
married: 1916 William David ENRIGHT.

Winifred Emma Susan
married: 1916 James CUNNINGHAM.

Lexy Avenel
married: 1918 Charles LEE.

married: 1919 Ralph LEEMING.

married: 1919 John Leslie CHRISTENSEN.

Adelaide Mary
married: 1920 William Reynolds LUDEY.

Brice Annie
married: 1920 Alfred Alexander TAYLOR.

married: 1920 William Ernest FOREMAN.

Gertrude Irene
married: 1920 Thomas Hume HANCOK.

Louisa Rae
married: 1920 Frederick James ONEILL.

married: 1920 Christopher MOORFOOT.

Thyrza Maude
married: 1920 Percy Francis MCLEAN.

Hilda Ada
married: 1921 John Cyril MORGAN.

Catherine Annie
married: 1921 Lennox Charles HAWKRIDGE.

Gladys May
married: 1921 James Hepburn BLACK.

Violet Mary
married: 1921 James Joshua POWELL.

Olive Frances
married: 1922 James William CATMULL.

Marie Elizabeth
married: 1922 Frederick James THOMAS.

Florence Beatrice
married: 1922 William Henry John MERTON.

Kate Marie
married: 1923 Harry GORDON.

Gertrude May
married: 1923 John Thomas EWING.

Lydia Smith
married: 1923 Jeremiah FEHILY.

Louise Sarah
married: 1924 James BINGHAM.

Dulcie Emmeline
married: 1924 James Nelson STEWART.

Ella Victoria
married: 1924 James SHORE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the UNDERWOOD lines.

JN 62578

BEER marriages (males) 1921-1932 Victoria Australia

BEER marriages (males) 1921-1932 Victoria Australia.

BEER (males)

married: 1921 Elsie May FLATTOW.

Arthur William
married: 1921 Gladys Sybil HALL.

Edmund Alwin
married: 1921 Ella Lena MARTIN.

married: 1921 Catherine Maude DONOVAN.

married: 1921 May HARRIS.

Louis William
married: 1921 Florence Isabella JONASSON.

Leonta Horace
married: 1922 Isabella Ivy BROWN.

Harold James Chalker
married: 1922 Irene Grace LANGFORD.

Edric Stanley
married: 1923 Eunice Elsie WOLLEY.

Frederick Allan
married: 1923 Alice Frances CANN.

Albert Edward
married: 1923 Bertha Louisa Sophie HOENSCH.

Harold Reginald
married: 1924 Jessie HOUSE.

Norman James
married: 1924 Matilda Ann KERR.

Frederick Walker
married: 1924 Agnes Christina MUNSON.

Albert Henry
married: 1925 Gladys HOOD.

David Leslie
married: 1925 Ethel Jane HENDRA.

James Davies
married: 1925 Shirley Veronica GOLDSTEIN.

Victor Roy
married: 1925 Margaret Ann SOTHERN.

George Duckworth
married: 1925 Muriel PHILLIPS.

Augustus Ludwig
married: 1926 Gladys May JENKINS.

Joseph Clement
married: 1926 Alice May MUNSON.

John Thomas Tusket
married: 1926 Mary Ann MUSTON.

Frederick Albert
married: 1927 Hazel Marguerite HAM.

Augustus William
married: 1927 Alice Maud TUCKER.

Karl Ludwig
married: 1927 Norah Teresa MCNAMARA.

Frank Garfield
married: 1927 Ruth Helen PLEYDELL.

John William
married: 1928 Blanche Olive GREENWOOD.

Allen Ephraim
married: 1929 Florence Emma BRANCHFLOWER.

Alfred Forbes
married: 1929 Daphne Grace KERR.

William Henry
married: 1931 May GILLINGHAM.

Daniel Adams
married: 1931 Lena May PENNA.

Frank Mason
married: 1931 Lela Basset REYNOLDS.

Alan Norman
married: 1932 Evelyn MCDONALD.

Walter Eustace
married: 1932 Adra Clark EDWARDS.

Rupert Eustace
married: 1932 Finis Roberta GEAR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEER lines.

JN 62563

BEER marriages (females) 1921-1936 Victoria Australia

BEER marriages (females) 1921-1936 Victoria Australia.

BEER (females)

married: 1921 Thomas Henry DILLON.

Ellen Mary Ann
married: 1921 Walter BUXTON.

Elsie Maud
married: 1922 George Lawrence ANDREWS.

Emily Rose
married: 1922 John Frederick REEVES.

Clara May
married: 1922 Sydney Russell BAKER.

Dora Adeline
married: 1923 Edward GORMON.

Ivy Alice
married: 1924 William Gordon GARDEN.

Doris Mary
married: 1924 Spencer Leslie KEATH.

married: 1925 Robert SUNDBLOM.

Hazel Victoria
married: 1925 Allan Ralph HAY.

Ruby Edith Myrtle
married: 1926 George Irwin SMITH.

Ivy Mabel
married: 1926 Frank STOKES.

Alice May
married: 1926 Edward David WILLIAMS.

Dorothy Letitia
married: 1926 William Henry Thomas POLLARD.

Violet Pearl
married: 1926 James Albert FRASER.

Daisy May
married: 1927 Charles ROGERS.

Liln Vera May
married: 1927 Charles Henry DAW.

Elizabeth Amelia
married: 1928 David Gillespie SMITH.

Marjory Deborah
married: 1929 Colin LETHEBY.

Freda Mfranziske Herminia
married: 1929 Eric John COX.

Annie Ellenor
married: 1929 William James PETTIGREW.

Lucia Florence
married: 1930 Cecil James NEWELL.

married: 1930 James MORPHETT.

married: 1931 Stanley James Allan LOVE.

Bonnie Linda
married: 1932 Keith Lithgow CAIRNCROSS.

Janet Isabel
married: 1932 Richard Henry DUNSTAN.

Hildegarde Thelma
married: 1932 Henry JAGER.

married: 1932 William Patrick PATON.

Jessie Victoria
married: 1932 Gilbert Arthur BANHAM.

Carmen Sylvia
married: 1933 Lauchlan Frederick WRIGHT.

married: 1934 William RIGBY.

Effie Alberta
married: 1934 Henry KILLALEA.

married: 1935 Mordoche ISRAEL.

Mary Dora Addison
married: 1935 Harcourt Ernest DE LANE.

Liln Maude
married: 1936 Frederick Herbert HAINS.

Norma Elizabeth
married: 1936 Hector Roy Henry SANDERS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEER lines.

JN 62551

TOZER marriages 1889-1907 Victoria Australia

TOZER marriages 1889-1907 Victoria Australia.

TOZER (males)

Frederick George
married: 1889 Phoebe Harriet GLASSBOROW.

Charles Wesley
married: 1892 Mary May HOCKING.

Ernest Edward
married: 1893 Margaret Victoria GRAHAM.

married: 1894 Mary Jane RICHARDS.

Frank Cowley
married: 1895 Augustus Charles SALSBURY.

married: 1895 Mary Woon DUNSTAN.

William John
married: 1896 Eliza Jane RILEY.

married: 1897 Ann ROGERS.

married: 1898 Hannah SCARLETT.

Adrian Joseph
married: 1900 Eleanor GRIMWOOD.

Ernest William
married: 1900 Beatrice Allynbowley HENDERSON.

Arthur Herbert
married: 1903 Clara WILLIAMS.

Ernest Edward
married: 1905 Elizabeth Ann CURDY.

Charles Edward
married: 1906 Violet Helna HIGGINS.

married: 1907 Eliza Jane CHAMPION.

William James
married: 1907 Jane Veronica MCGANN.

TOZER (females)

Clara Alice
married: 1891 Digory Pendray William John ROBERTS.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1993 Joseph COCK.

married: 1894 Alexander SINCLAIR.

married 1897 Thomas KEANE.

married: 1898 Alfred DENNIS.

married: 1898 John Albert GRIFFITHS.

Ethel May
married: 1901 Ernest Edward HUNT.

married: 1902 Herbert Dunbar ALDER.

Charlotte Ellen
married: 1903 Alfred William DESCHAMP.

married: 1903 James SIMERSALL.

Mary Jane
married: 1903 James SHELTON.

Blanch Eveline
married: 1904 John Wesley STONE.

Ida Grace
married: 1904 William John RAWE.

Ethel May
married: 1906 James Thomas ROSEWELL.

Lily Beatrice
married: 1907 William James PINCH.

Lucy Cherry
married: 1907 Alexander MCLEAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TOZER lines.

JN 62546