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GEORGE Arthur married Lucy TONKIN 1893

Information Journal.

Groom: Arthur Charles GEORGE.
Age: 30 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Obadia GEORGE.

Bride: Lucy Mary TONKIN.
Age: 21 years. (Lucy lowered her age a few years)
Status: Single.
Father: James TONKIN.

Date married: 14 June 1893.
Place: Residence of James TONKIN, Harcourt, South Australia.

Arthur died 22 May 1924 in Crystal Brook, South Australia.
Age: 61 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Crystal Brook, South Australia.
Wife named as L M GEORGE.

Birth note.
Arthur was born 16 March 1863 in Saddleworth, South Australia.
Parents named as Obadiah GEORGE and Harriet HANCOCK.

Lucy died 19 July 1942, Port Pirie Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 73 years.
Status: Widow.
Residence: Crystal Brook, South Australia.
Deceased husband named as Arthur Charles GEORGE.

Birth note.
Lucy was born 06 April 1867 in Woodside, South Australia.
Parents named as James TONKIN and Elizabeth TONKIN.

Five children located South Australian records for Arthur and Lucy.


Arthur Harrold GEORGE.
Born: 16 March 1894, Bendleby, South Australia.
Died: 26 June 1972, Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 78 years.
Status: Widower.
Residence: Prospect, South Australia.
Wife named as Minnie Mabel Blanche GEORGE.

Married: Minnie Mabel Blanche PALMER.
Date: -
Place: -

Minnie died 15 August 1967, Prospect, South Australia.
Age: 71 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Prospect, South Australia.
Husband named as Arthur Harold GEORGE.

Birth note.
Minnie was born 10 January 1896 in Baroota, South Australia.
Parents named as Charles PALMER and Annie Jane BARNES.


Born: 12 February 1898, Bendleby, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Archie BEYER.
Date: 04 October 1922.
Place: Methodist Church, Mambray Creek, South Australia.


Victor Charles GEORGE.
Born: 06 December 1899, Carrieton, South Australia.
Died: 20 December 1968, Port Pirie Hospital, South Australia.
Age: 69 years.
Status: Married.
Residence: Port Pirie, South Australia.
Wife named as Bridget Emma GEORGE.

Married: Bridget Emma unknown.
Date: -
Place: -


Frank Beavis GEORGE.
Born: 29 March 1901, Carrieton, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Alice Edith TURNER.
Date: 11 March 1925.
Place: Baptist Church, Telowie, South Australia.


Ivy Mary GEORGE.
Born: 03 September 1906, Orroroo, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Oliver Joseph WOOLFORD.
Date: 16 November 1935.
Place: Methodist Church, Solomontown, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

JN 35549

CULLEY George married Mary TONKIN 1882

Information Journal.

Groom: George David CULLEY.
Age: 26 years.
Status: Single.
Father: John Ralph CULLEY.

Bride: Mary TONKIN.
Age: 25 years.
Status: Single.
Father: John TONKIN.

Date married: 07 June 1882.
Place: Residence of John TONKIN, North Adelaide, South Australia.

George died 23 January 1892 in Norwood, South Australia.
Age: 36 years.
Status: Not recorded.
Residence: Norwood, South Australia.

Birth note.
George was born 03 January 1856 in Adelaide, South Australia.
Parents named as John Ralph CULLEY and Adelaide ROBINSON.

Mary died 30 March 1919 in Unley, South Australia.
Age: 60 years.
Status: Widow.
Residence: Unley, South Australia.
Deceased husband named as George David CULLEY.

Birth note.
Mary was born 04 June 1857 in Nairne, South Australia.
Parents named as John TONKIN and Rebecca BUTCHER.

Four children located South Australian records for George and Mary.


Albert Victor George CULLEY.
Born: 07 April 1883, Norwood, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Edith Gertrude GOODIER.
Date: 11 May 1909.
Place: Christian Chapel, Adelaide, South Australia.


Myrtle Gwendoline CULLEY.
Born: 12 September 1884, Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: 10 July 1917 Unley, South Australia.
Age: 32 years.


Howard Francis Ralph CULLEY.
Born: 10 February 1886, North Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: -


Elsie May CULLEY.
Born: 27 October 1891, Norwood, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Walter James MATHEWS.
Date: 10 September 1921.
Place: Christian Chapel, Unley, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

JN 35546

HOSKING Sampson married Grace COLES 1868

Information & Research Journal.

Marriage details for Sampson and Grace.

Groom: Sampson HOSKING.
Age: 27 years.
Status: Single.
Father: Sampson HOSKING.

Bride: Grace COLES.
Age: 23 years.
Status: Single.
Father: John COLES.

Date married: 15 September 1868.
Place: Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

Sampson died 15 August 1926 in Chiltern, South Australia, aged 85 years. Status recorded as married.

Grace died 01 December 1928 in Cheltenham, South Australia, aged 83 years. Status recorded as widow.

Seven children located South Australian records for Sampson and Grace.


Mary Edith Jane HOSKING.
Born: 15 July 1869, Armargh, South Australia.
Died: 07 August 1946, Cheltenham, South Australia, aged 77 years.
Married: Robert Frederick HOEPNER.
Date: 15 April 1903.
Place: Methodist Church, Alberton, South Australia.


Elizabeth Ada Uren HOSKING.
Born: 16 September 1870, Armagh, South Australia.
Died: 02 February 1875, Armagh, aged 4 years 6 months.


John Albert HOSKING.
Born: 15 October 1872, Armagh, South Australia.
Died: -


Grace Evelyn HOSKING.
Born: 28 November 1875, Armagh, South Australia.
Died: 09 April 1940, Alberton, South Australia, aged 64 years.
Married: Joseph BAILS.
Date: 16 August 1899.
Place: Wesleyan Church, Alberton, South Australia.


Thomas Edgar HOSKING.
Born: 26 September 1878, Armagh, South Australia.
Died: 08 June 1909, Yalta, South Australia, aged 30 years.
Married: Hilda Elizabeth CHANNON.
Date: 24 June 1902.
Place: Residence of bride's parents, Queenstown, South Australia.


Annie Emily Ethel HOSKING.
Born: 26 April 1881, Armagh, South Australia.


Alice Beatrice HOSKING.
Born: 11 April 1885, Glanville, South Australia.
Died: 17 September 1895, Alberton, South Australia, aged 14 years.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

HOSKING William married Mary COLES 1872

Information Journal.

Groom: William HOSKING.
Age: 30 years.
Status: Single.
Father: John HOSKING.

Bride: Mary COLES.
Age: 22 years.
Status: Single.
Father: John COLES.

Date married: 22 February 1872.
Place: St John Church, Auburn, South Australia.

William died 12 March 1930 in Clare, South Australia.
Age: 89 years.
Status: Married.

Mary died 12 September 1935 in Clare, South Australia.
Age: 86 years.
Status: Widow.

Six children located South Australian records for William and Mary.


Mary Emily HOSKING.
Born: 01 January 1873, Clare, South Australia.
Died: 15 May 1922, Clare, South Australia.
Age: 49 years.

Married: George Henry HARMER.
Date: 05 September 1900.
Place: Methodist Church, Clare, South Australia.


William Leslie HOSKING.
Born: 15 September 1875, Clare, South Australia.
Died: -


Annie Mabel HOSKING.
Born: 29 October 1878, Clare, South Australia.
Died: -

Married: Frederick Thomas HORDNER.
Date: 16 February 1920.
Place: Residence of W. HOSKING, Clare, South Australia.


Lilian Elizabeth HOSKING.
Born: 26 December 1882, Clare, South Australia.
Died: 20 April 1949, North Adelaide, South Australia.
Age: 65 years.

Married: Thomas Henry BAGSHAW.
Date: 14 September 1934.
Place: Port Noarlunga South, South Australia.


Ada Clare HOSKING.
Born: 21 August 1885, Clare, South Australia.
Died: 02 August 1932, Clare, South Australia.
Age: 46 years.

Married: Percy Tobias BREBNER.
Date: 16 April 1913.
Place: Residence of W. HOSKING, Clare, South Australia.


Charles Clifton HOSKING.
Born: 02 June 1893, Clare, South Australia.
Died: 10 May 1968 Daw Park, South Australia.
Age: 74 years.

Married: Olive Sulphide SINCOCK.
Date: 12 January 1924.
Place: Residence of John Gribble SINCOCK, Adelaide, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, South Australia.

JN 35544

EAMES marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia

EAMES marriages 1856-1900 Victoria Australia.

EAMES (males)

married: 1857 Ann Eliza ELDRIDGE.

married: 1862 Elizabeth EVANS.

married: 1865 Betsy PURCHASE.

married: 1866 Catherine HAYES.

married: 1869 Elizabeth GLYDE.

married: 1873 Elizabeth RIDING.

married: 1877 Mary Jane ELVY.

married: 1885 Blanch Isabella BARNES.

married: 1886 Bridget TOUHEY.

married: 1889 Henrietta CRAIG.

John Robert
married: 1891 Florence Sarah ATKINSON.

George James
married: 1895 Eliza STUBBS.

married: 1897 Ruth Emily BELL.

Thomas Henry
married: 1900 Harriet MUNZEL.

EAMES (females)

Jane Anne
married: 1856 John INGLIS.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1857 John Plunket CHAPMAN.

married: 1857 William WILLIS.

married: 1859 Michael HANLEY.

married: 1864 Arbaham OPIE.

married: 1869 John PICKUP.

married: 1873 Alexander BELL.

Mary Irvine
married: 1875 George HENDERSON.

Martha Margaret
married: 1876 William HENDERSON.

married: 1884 Joseph Thomas BAWDEN.

married: 1891 Solomon WEISSER.

married: 1893 Andrew TRABINGER.

married: 1895 Daniel Francis KELLY.

Elizabeth Maud
married: 1896 Joseph FRAVENA.

Alice Mary
married: 1898 Thomas MULDER.

Emma Jana
married: 1899 Thomas CARRIE.

Sarah Jane Amelia
married: 1899 James BROWN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the EAMES lines.

JN 35543

DRAKE marriages (males) 1852-1890 Victoria Australia

DRAKE marriages (males) 1852-1890 Victoria Australia.

DRAKES (males)

Married: 1852 Harriet MATTHEWS.
No Issues located.

Married: 1854 Eliza LINDON.
Six Issues located.
1. Eliza Ann, born 1857, Maryborough, Victoria.
2. James, born 1855, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Frederick, born 1858, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Emily, born 1861, Ballarat West, Victoria.
5. Clifford, born 1863, Ballarat, Victoria.
6. Alice, born 1865, Ballarat, Victoria.

William Francis
Married: 1855 Martha HEWETT.
No Issues located.

William Francis
Married: 1857 Ann JOHNSON.
Four Issues located.
1. William Francis, born 1858, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Thomas Johnston, born 1858, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Elizabeth, born 1861, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Sarah Ann, born 1863, Geelong, Victoria.

... JOHNSON also recorded as JOHNSTON.

Married: 1857 Annie GILL.
Four Issues located.
1. Frederick David, born 1857, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Annie Frances, born 1859, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Eliza Blanch, born 1861, Richmond, Victoria.
4. Rebecca Alice, born 1874, Boroondara, Victoria.

Married: 1857 Anne CRAIG.
No Issues located.

Married: 1859 Mary MULCONROY.
Five Issues located.
1. Eliza, born 1863, Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. John, born 1865, Axedale, Victoria.
3. Edward, born 1868, White Hill, Victoria.
4. Anna Maria, born 1869, Axedale, Victoria.
5. Margaret Catherine, born 1874, Axedale, Victoria.

Married: 1860 Sophia Eliza CHILCOTT.
No Issues located.

Frederick Lee
Married: 1860 Emily REID.
Four Issues located.
1. Emily Blanche, born 1861, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Arthur Hammett, born 1864, Moonambel, Victoria.
3. William Francis Reid, born 1865, Moonambel, Victoria.
4. Sophia Maud, born 1873, Malakoff, Victoria.

Married: 1860 Elizabeth PERKINS.
Five Issues located.
1. Jane, born 1864, Allandford, Victoria.
2. Hugh, born 1865, Allansford, Victoria.
3. Isabella Margaret, born 1871, Terang, Victoria.
4. Joseph, born 1874, Allansford, Victoria.
5. Margaret Elizabeth, born 1879, Allansford, Victoria.

Married: 1861 Ann Elizabeth NEAVES.
No Issues located.

Married: 1862 Ellen MCKENZIE.
Seven Issues located.
1. George, born 1862, Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. Mary Ann Pickering, born 1864, Forest Creek, Victoria.
3. Charles McKenzie, born 1865, The Loddon, Victoria.
4. Esther Ellen, born 1867, The Loddon, Victoria.
5. Agnes Marian, born 1869, Melbourne, Victoria.
6. John, born 1871, Melbourne, Victoria.
7. James Andrew, born 1872, Melbourne, Victoria.

John Hawkins
Married: 1864 Hannah MITCHELL.
Three Issues located.
1. Rowena, born 1865, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
2. Henry David, born 1866, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
3. Achilles, born 1871, Emerald Hill, Victoria.

Francis Henry
Married: 1867 Annie ARMSTRONG.
Five Issues located.
1. Francis Henry, born 1869, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Mary Holmes, born 1871, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Charles, born 1873, Geelong, Victoria.
4. Beatrice Annie, born 1875, Geelong, Victoria.
5. Clara Elizabeth, born 1878, Geelong, Victoria.

Married: 1869 Maria MCDOWELL.
Eight Issues located.
1. Anne Jane, born 1869, Allansford, Victoria.
2. Andrew, born 1871, Allansford, Victoria.
3. Martha, born 1873, Allansford, Victoria.
4. Florinda, born 1876, Allansford, Victoria.
5. Thomas Hugh, born 1881, Allansford, Victoria.
6. John James, born 1885, Allansford, Victoria.
7. Mary, born 1888, Allansford, Victoria.
8. William Frederick, born 1891, Allansford, Victoria.

... MCDOWELL also recorded as MCDOWALL.

George Thomas
Married: 1869 Mary Ann COBB.
No Issues located.

Married: 1874 Margaret PARKER.
No Issues located.

Theodore Henry
Married: 1876 Lydia Agnes MACPHERSON.
Four Issues located.
1. Theodore Levi, born 1877, Sandridge, Victoria.
2. Francis Henry, born 1878, Sandridge, Victoria.
3. Ethel Macpherson, born 1880, Sandridge, Victoria.
4. Albert Arthur, born 1882, Sandridge, Victoria.

Francis Gully
Married: 1877 Blakely Florence CRAWFORD.
One Issue located.
1. Florence Millicent, born 1878, Hawthorn, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: 1878 Sarah Coulsen MILES.
No Issues located.

Married: 1879 Agnes RAINEY.
Eight Issues located.
1. Ann Jane, born 1881, Allansford, Victoria.
2. Isabella, born 1882, Allansford, Victoria.
3. Hugh, born 1884, Allansford, Victoria.
4. James, born 1885, Allansford, Victoria.
5. Albert George, born 1888, Allansford, Victoria.
6. Sarah, born 1891, Allansford, Victoria.
7. Francis Henry, born 1894, Allansford, Victoria.
8. William Alfred, born 1896, Allansford, Victoria.

Married: 1880 Catherine Mary DELNOY.
Two Issues located.
1. George Patrick, born 1881, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Gertrude Ann, born 1884, Carlton, Victoria.

Robert Charles
Married: 1880 Mary Emily HARRIS.
Four Issues located.
1. Florence Emma Mary, born 1881, Kensington, Victoria.
2. Minnie Sarah, born 1882, Kensington, Victoria.
3. Robert Francis, born 1883, Kensington, Victoria.
4. Emily Catherine, born 1886, Kensington, Victoria.

William Alexander
Married: 1881 Norah WHITE.
No Issues located.

Married: 1882 Florinda MCDOWELL.
Nine Issues located.
1. Ann Jane, born 1883, Allansford, Victoria.
2. Arthur Ernest, born 1885, Allansford, Victoria.
3. Thomas Henry, born 1886, Allansford, Victoria.
4. Albert Hugh, born 1887, Allansford, Victoria.
5. Louisa Martha, born 1889, Allansford, Victoria.
6. Robina Florence, born 1891, Allansford, Victoria.
7. Alfred Lewis, born 1892, Allansford, Victoria.
8. Herbert Francis, born 1893, Allansford, Victoria.
9. Ada Myrtle, born 1896, Allansford, Victoria.

... MCDOWELL also recorded as MCDOWALL.

Married: 1882 Annie CHURCHMAN.
Five Issues located.
1. Annie Florence, born 1882, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Christopher James Bernard, born 1889, Carlton, Victoria.
3. William Patrick, born 1898, Carlton, Victoria.
4. Rita, born 1901, Carlton, Victoria.
5. George Frederick, born 1904, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: 1883 Mary Ann MANT.
No Issues located.

John Humphrey
Married: 1883 Sarah Emma TRETHOWAN.
Eight Issues located.
1. Ruby Christable, born 1886, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Norman Avery, born 1888, Bellarine, Victoria.
3. Francis Cyril, born 1890, Bellarine, Victoria.
4. Ruth Vivian, born 1892, Bellarine, Victoria.
5. Ivy Myrtle, born 1894, Bellarine, Victoria.
6. Claude Victor, born 1895, Bellarine, Victoria.
7. Queenie Valentine, born 1906, Bellarine, Victoria.
8. Carl Dudley, born 1906, Bellarine, Victoria.

... Queenie and Carl were twins.

Thomas James
Married: 1884 Mary HUTCHESON.
No Issues located.

Married: 1887 Martha MOODY.
Five Issues located.
1. Ada Rowena, born 1888, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Thomas David Clarence, born 1890, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Vera May Jane, born 1893, Melbourne, Victoria.
4. James Achilles, born 1895, Melbourne South, Victoria.
5. Harold Henry George, born 1910, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: 1888 Mary Jane AUSTIN.
Four Issues located.
1. Robert George Lionel, born 1888, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Stanley, born 1893, Footscray, Victoria.
3. Alice, born 1898, Footscray, Victoria.
4. James Valentine, born 1898, Footscray, Victoria.

Married: 1889 Jean ROBINSON.
No Issues located.

married: 1890 Harriet Emily BOLDEN.
Six Issues located.
1. Unnamed Female, born 1892, Wirrimbirchip, Victoria.
2. Herbert William, born 1897, Wirrimbirchip, Victoria.
3. Ephraim Hugh, born 1898, Warragul, Victoria.
4. Arthur Joseph, born 1900, Warragul, Victoria.
5. Francis Robert, born 1901, Warragul, Victoria.
6. Leslie James, born 1902, Warragul, Victoria.

James Joseph
Married: 1890 Elizabeth Catherine MORIARTY.
Seven Issues located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1891, Longwarry, Victoria.
2. James Patrick, born 1895, Longwarry, Victoria.
3. Edward Mulconroy, born 1897, Bunyip South, Victoria.
4. Margaret Columba, born 1899, Bunyip South, Victoria.
5. John Edward, born 1901, Garfield, Victoria.
6. Michael Joseph, born 1903, Longwarry, Victoria.
7. Bernard Cyril, born 1909, Bunyip, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRAKE lines.

JN 35478

TREWHELLA marriages 1860-1900 Victoria Australia

TREWHELLA marriages 1860-1900 Victoria Australia.


married: 1860 Elizabeth KEARNEY.

married: 1864 Ann DOLPHIN.

married: 1865 Elizabeth Jane EDDY.

married 1882 Alicia Jane FLEMMING.

Annie Berriman
married: 1882 John MCALLISTER.

married: 1882 Annie Hocking THOMAS.

married: 1885 Sarah HOSKING.

married: 1888 Alice Amelia BURT.

married: 1890 Margaret LANDRIGAN.

Alfred Charles
married: 1891 Louisa Marion CAMBRY.

Charles Henry
married: 1892 Alice HORRELL.

married: 1893 Annie BROWN.

married: 1893 Elizabeth Annie PASK.

William John
married: 1897 Ann Fisher MENZIES.

TREWHELL (females)

married: 1862 Richard PERRY.

married: 1877 Peter DRUMMOND.

Annie Berriman

married: 1884 Ernest Edward SHUTTLEWOTH.

Annie Jane
married: 1885 John Robert DOWSEY.

Agnes Morrison
married: 1886 William MORRIS.

married: 1889 James STEPHENS.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1896 Walter BEZZANT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TWEWHELLA lines.

JN 35477

BIRMINGHAM marriages (males) 1853-1900 Victoria Australia

BIRMINGHAM marriages (males) 1853-1900 Victoria Australia.


married: 1853 Mary SHEERAN.

married: 1865 Jane AHERN.

married: 1859 Anne MCCANN.

married: 1861 Mary GREEN.

Francis Charles
married: 1863 maria FLANNIGAN.

married: 1871 Ellen SHIELS.

married: 1880 Catherine DWYER 1880.

married: 1880 Sarah DAVIS.

married: 1881 Susannah TATT.

Patrick Aloysius
married: 1884 Jane Mary KELLY.

married: 1886 Mary Jane CLARKE.

William Vincent
married: 1890 Ellen MCCORMICK.

married: 1892 Margaret ONEILL.

married: 1897 Abina HADDEN.

Walter James
married: 1899 Katherine DOWN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BIRMINGHAM lines.

JN 35476

GIBSON marriages (males) 1849-1856 Victoria Australia

GIBSON marriages (males) 1849-1856 Victoria Australia.

GIBSON (males)

married: 1849 Catherine GABBOT.

John Walker
married: 1850 Agnes GIBB.

married: 1850 Fanny BURNS.

Joseph G T
married: 1851 Ellen MORONEY.

married: 1851 Bridget WATSON.

married: 1851 Sarah PAYNE.

married: 1852 Mary Ann DAVIS.

James Henry
married: 1852 Jane NICHOLSON.

married: 1852 Jessie Ann TAYLOR.

married: 1852 Kate YOUNG.

John Walker
married: 1853 Margaret MOYLEN.

married: 1854 Elizabeth Anne WALLACE.

married: 1854 Ellen DOUGLAS.

married: 1854 Agnes BEVERIDGE.

married: 1854 Barbara MARSHALL.

Charles Henry George
married: 1854 Elizabeth OLDHAM.

James R
married: 1855 Elizabeth THOMPSON.

married: 1855 Mary KELLY.

Hugh Hamilton
married: 1855 Lavinia FEATHERSTONE.

married: 1855 Elizabeth CLARK.

married: 1855 Janet BUCHANAN.

married: 1856 Emma Parker CLINTON.

married: 1856 Sarah Ann TAYLOR.

married: 1856 Margaret Crawford RAMSAY.

married: 1856 Margery ROGERS.

married: 1856 Charlotte ROBERTSON.

married: 1856 Margaret Cameron MACLEAN.

married: 1856 Emily Duncan MASTERTOWN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GIBSON lines.

JN 35475

MCPHERSON marriages (males) 1844-1859 Victoria Australia

MCPHERSON marriages (males) 1844-1859 Victoria Australia.


married: 1844 Anne MCKILLOP.

married: 1849 Elizabeth TULLOCH.

married: 1850 Ann POWER.

married: 1852 Helen Campbell JENKINSON.

married: 1852 Mary Elizabeth OCOCK.

married: 1852 Mary Jane JEFFRIES.

married: 1854 Susan LANNIN.

married: 1854 Eliza MCCLOUD.

married: 1855 Bridget MURRAY.

married: 1855 Sarah MCLEAN.

Daniel Field
married: 1855 Jane HUGHES.

married: 1856 Margaret SUTHERLAND.

married: 1856 Jane Emilie TAIT.

married: 1856 Mary MCDONALD.

married: 1856 Hellen MCPHERSON.

married: 1856 Sarah PATTER.

married: 1856 Mary CROSS.

married: 1856 Rachel NICHOLSON.

married: 1856 Anne GRANT.

married: 1857 Mary MCDONALD.

married: 1857 Jane BRADLEY.

married: 1857 Mary MUNRO.

married: 1858 Priscilla Jane MITCHELL.

John Alexander
married: 1858 Louisa Elizabeth FETHERSTONHAUGH.

married: 1858 Janet JAMIESON.

John Norman
married: 1858 Martha BALMER.

married: 1858 Catherine MUNRO.

married: 1858 Margaret CURRIE.

Henry Pollock
married: 1859 Amelia BARRETT.

married: 1859 Christine MCLEOD.

married: 1859 Agnes JAMIESON.

married: 1859 Jane PATTERSON.

married: 1859 Mary MCINNES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MCPHERSON lines.

JN 35474