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SMART marriages 1852-1864 Victoria Australia

SMART marriages 1852-1864 Victoria Australia.

SMART (males)

married: 1853 Elizabeth BATTESHAM.

Isaachar Veckery
married: 1856 Catherine DONOVAN.

Alfred William
married: 1857 Mary Ann GEORGE.

James Percy
married: 1857 Mary Ann MATHESON.

married: 1859 Louisa MARTIN.

married: 1859 Catherine REILLY.

married: 1859 Elizabeth KNIBBS.

married: 1860 Margaret FOGARTY.

married: 1862 Frances Allan AUCHINLECK.

married: 1864 Jane FERGUSON.

SMART (females)

married: 1852 John HEWLETT.

married: 1853 John FERRIS.

married: 1853 Charles James Stratt CECIL.

married: 1853 Joseph GREENMAN.

married: 1854 Peter HIGGIE.

married: 1855 John DEMPSTER.

married: 1856 Isaac HODGES.

Susan Davis
married: 1856 Frederick BOSWORTH.

married: 1857 Clement HODGKINSON.

married: 1859 Philip EDMUNDS.

married: 1861 Edmund JOHNSON.

married: 1862 Frederick George LATHAM.

Mary Ann
married: 1862 Samuel BAZELEY.

Mary Ann
married: 1862 Robert Waugh DODDS.

married: 1862 William LOCKWOOD.

married: 1862 Frederick Francis LLEWALLYN.

married: 1862 Alexander OAG.

married: 1862 Charles BEAL.

Mary Ann
married: 1863 James Douglas ANDERSON.

Phillis Ann
married: 1864 Richard WRIGHT.

married: 1864 Alexander WATT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SMART lines.

JN 29260

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KETTLE marriages 1842-1880 Victoria Australia

KETTLE marriages 1842-1880 Victoria Australia.

KETTLE (males)

married: Louisa NOWER 1842.

Walter Edward
married: Jane WEATHERSILL 1857.

William Frederick
married: Annie OCONNELL 1858.

married: Margaret CRAIG 1860.

married: Susan WORTHEY 1862.

Edwin George
married: Eliza Ann HARRIS 1863.

married: Mary HAIR 1868.

married: Ellen KEATING 1868.

married: Ann PATTERSON 1869.

Edward Joseph
married: Annie TURNBULL 1871.

married: Margaret KENNEDY 1880.

KETTLE (females)

married: George Jeffries STOKES 1843.

married: John SCOULLER 1859.

married: James MCGILCHRIST 1860.

married: Alexander DUNLOP 1862.

married: Robert ODELL 1865.

married: Archy MCDONALD 1868.

Isabella Frances
married: William HOSKING 1872.

married: William Stewart LEAK 1872.

Martha Anne
married: James GEMMELL 1874.

married: Charles SMITH 1874.

Malvina Kate
married: Thomas SWAN 1877.

married: John REID 1877.

married: Thomas Henry GRIFFITHS 1879.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KETTLE lines.

JN 29259

EYRE marriages 1841-1880 Victoria Australia

EYRE marriages 1841-1880 Victoria Australia.

EYRE (males)

Alfred John
married: 1841 Robina WILSON.

married: 1855 Mary MILLS.

married: 1856 Ellen REGAN.

married: 1857 Elizabeth HOLLONDS.

married: 1857 Catherine COULTER.

William James
married: 1859 Elizabeth Ann BLAKE.

married: 1862 Elizabeth BUTLER.

married: 1864 Rosanna BOLAND.

married: 1865 Sarah ALLEN.

William Thomas
married: 1866 Sarah STORY.

married: 1866 Elizabeth LEWIS.

Ausustine Lewis
married: 1870 Anne Maria AUSTIN.

married: 1874 Sarah Georgina THURMAN.

married: 1874 Sarah Agnes OAKLEY.

married: 1875 Elizabeth HODGSON.

married: 1879 Florence TRINNICK.

married: 1880 Emy SMYTH.

EYRE (females)

Maria Louisa
married: 1850 Abraham George JACKA.

Henrietta Mary
married: 1853 William HODNETT.

married: 1866 Bendix Johannes HANSEN.

married: 1871 Christopher BROMBY.

Mary Jane
married: 1874 Mark LAKE.

Sarah Jane
married: 1875 Edward French EWIN.

Isabella Maryane
married: 1877 George Edward PERRY.

Annie Louisa
married: 1879 Alexander GALVIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the EYRE lines.

JN 29258

JACKA marriages 1850-1887 Victoria Australia

JACKA marriages 1850-1887 Victoria Australia.

JACKA (males)

Abraham George
married: 1850 Maria Louisa EYRE.

married: 1855 Jane Grylls STEVENS.

William Knight
married: 1861 Emily HENDY.

married: 1864 Bridget OCONNELL.

married: 1869 Rebecca BENNETTS.

married: 1879 Mary EDMONDS.

married: 1880 Mary Ann STANLEY.

Frederick George
married: 1881 Mary FITZGERALD.

married: 1885 Elizabeth KETTLE.

married: 1887 Elizabeth SMART.

JACKA (females)

married: 1869 William Pool CHIRGWIN.

married: 1871 John William DENNIS.

married: 1872 Elias MARSHALL.

Mary Jane
married: 1881 James Guthrie MCCRAW.

married: 1884 Hugh MATTHEWS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JACKA lines.

JN 29257

LEGGO Edward married Elizabeth HOSKIN 1816

Information & Research Journal.

Edward LEGGO and Elizabeth HOSKIN

Date married: 22 October 1816.
Place: St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.

Witness 1: Madden LEGGO.
Witness 2: Thomas TREGEAR.

Seven children located St Just baptism records for Edward and Elizabeth.


Edward LEGGO.
Bapt. 1817 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Bapt. 1820 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died. 1891 Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia.
Married: Nanny ELLIS.
Year: 1848.
Place: Penzance, Cornwall.
See Post: John LEGGO married Nanny ELLIS 1848.


Madden LEGGO.
Bapt. 1822 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Elizabeth LEGGO.
Bapt. 1825 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Henry LEGGO.
Bapt. 1828 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Richard LEGGOE.
Bapt. 1831 St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: 1887 Flemington, Victoria, aged 50 years. *


William LEGGOE.
Bapt. 1834 St Just in Penwith.
Died: 1879 not recorded, Victoria, Australia, aged 44 years.
Married: Elizabeth Jane ROWE.
Date: 03 December 1854.
Place: Pendeen, Cornwall.
See Post: William LEGGO married Elizabeth ROWE 1854.

* Age is a few years out.


OPC Database.

Registry of Deaths, Victoria.

ROWE Richard and Ann ROBERTS

Information & Research Journal.

Richard ROWE and Ann ROBERTS

Date married: 12 November 1825.
Place: St just in Penwith, Cornwall.

Witness 1: John TREGEAR.
Witness 2: James TREMBATH.

Eight children located Cornwall records for Richard and Ann,
but there may be more.

The baptism records gave Richard's occupation as Miner.


Nanny ROWE.
Baptised: 26 March 1826, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Richard ROWE.
Baptised: 03 November 1828, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


John ROWE.
Baptised: 14 July 1833, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


James ROWE.
Baptised: 25 October 1835, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Elizabeth Jane ROWE.
Baptised: 07 January 1838, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died. 1915 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
Married: William LEGGO.
Date: 03 December 1854.
Place: Pendeen, Cornwall.
See Post: William LEGGO married Elizabeth ROWE 1854.


William ROWE.
Baptised 12 February 1840, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Henry ROWE.
Baptised: 07 November 1841, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


Mary Ann ROWE.
Baptised: 24 September 1843, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
Died: -


OPC Database.

Registry of Deaths, Victoria.

LEGGO John and Nanny ELLIS

Information & Research Journal.

John LEGGO and Nanny ELLIS were married in Penzance, Cornwall in 1848.

Not long after they boarded the Duke of Bedford and set sail for South Australia. They landed at Port Adelaide on the 3 December 1848 and took up residence in Adalaide. We can see from the birth of their third child, Martha, they were living in Victoria by 1854.

John died 1891 in Sandhurst, Victoria, aged 70 years.
Parents named as Edward LEGGO and Elizabeth unknown.

Nanny died 1908 in Long Gully, Victoria, aged 83 years.
Father named as Ellis LEGGO (sic). Mother unknown.

Nine children located in the South Australia and Victorian records for John and Nanny.


John Edward LEGGO.
Born: circa 1849 South Australia. Birth not located.
Died: 1863 not recorded, Victoria, aged 14 years.


Elizabeth Ann LEGGO.
Born: 1851 not recorded, South Australia.
Died: 1939 Castlemaine, Victoria, aged 88 years.
Married: John THOMAS.
Year: 1873.
Place: Victoria.


Martha LEGGO.
Born: 1854 Campbells Creek, Victoria.
Died: -


William Maddron LEGGO.
Born: 1856 Campbells Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Long Gully, Victoria, aged 57 years.


James Henry LEGGO.
Born: 1857 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: 1863 Fryers Town, Victoria, aged 6 years.


Christopher LEGGO.
Born: 1859 Fryers Town, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Bendigo, Victoria, aged 76 years.


Joseph LEGGO.
Born: 1860 Fryers Town, Victoria.
Died: 1952 East St Kilda, Victoria, aged 92 years.


Unnamed Male LEGGO.
Born: 1862 Fryers Town, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1865 Fryers Town, Victoria.
Died: -


OPC Database.

Registry of Births, South Australia.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

LEGGO William married Elizabeth ROWE 1854

Information & research Journal.

Marriage details for William and Elizabeth.

Groom: William LEGGO.
Age: 21 years.
Status: Bachelor.
Occupation: Miner.
Father: Edward LEGGO.

Bride: Elizabeth Jane ROWE.
Age: 17 years.
Status: Spinster.
Father: Richard ROWE.

Date married: 03 December 1854.
Place: Pendeen, Cornwall.

Witness 1: Richard ROWE.
Witness 2: James ROWE.

William died 1879 in Victoria aged 44 years.
Death place not recorded.
Parents named as Edward LEGGO and Elizabeth unknown.
Note. William's mother was Elizabeth HOSKIN.

Elizabeth died 1915 in Bendigo, Victoria, aged 77 years.
Parents recorded as Richard ROWE and Ann ROBERTS.

Five children located Victorian records for William and Elizabeth.


Richard LEGGO.
Born: circa 1856. Birth not located.
Died: 1918 Yarrawonga, Victoria, aged 62 years.


Elizabeth Ann Roberts LEGGO.
Born: 1857 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1936 Caulfield, Victoria, aged 79 years.
Married: unknown GALLOP.


Unnamed Male LEGGO. *
Born: 1858 Long Gully, Victoria.
Died: -


William Edward LEGGO. *
Born: circa 1858. Birth not located.
Died: 1915 Bendigo, Victoria, aged 57 years.


Edward Hedley LEGGO.
Born: 1866 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: -

* The unnamed male and William may be the same person.


OPC Database.

Registry of Births and Deaths, Victoria.

Updated 28 March 2012.

LEGGO marriages 1886-1904 Victoria Australia

LEGGO marriages 1886-1904 Victoria Australia.

LEGGO (males)

married: 1889 Catherine CAMERON.

Edward Hedley
married: 1889 Margaret Jane BAWDEN.

married: 1889 Annie GIBB.

Henry Madren
married: 1890 Edith Susan EDWARDS.

married: 1892 Isabella Mary LITHGOW.

James Rowe
married: 1892 Georgina LEGGO.

married: 1893 Edith May PRITCHARD.

married: 1895 Susan Carson SMYTH.

married: 1897 Janet HASWELL.

married: 1899 Annie Bassett WRIGHT.

William John
married: 1900 Florence Mary CROKER.

William Henry Bennetts
married: 1901 Lizzie WILLIAM.

George Randolph
married: 1902 Mary Champion BRAY.

married: 1902 Elizabeth Jean BROWN.

William Edward
married: 1902 Henrietta Walroud HINRICKS.

Frederick James
married: 1903 Ellen Charlotte STUBBS.

Richard Sydney
married: 1903 maria Emily BILLMAN.

Sydney Victoria Rowe
married: 1903 Alice MORGAN.

James Henry
married: 1904 Therza Constance MILLER.

LEGGO (females)

married: 1892 James Rowe LEGGO.

Laura Murton
married: 1893 John Alexander MICKLE.

married: 1894 Arthur William QUARRY.

married: 1894 Edward PHILLIPS.

Henrietta Eliza
married: 1894 Charles WEST.

married: 1894 Joseph SMITH.

Alice Margaret
married: 1895 Robert LANE.

Mary Jane
married: 1896 Charles Edward ROGERS.

Charlotte Roberts
married: 1899 George Leggo JOHNS.

married: 1899 Alfred John BEASLEY.

married: 1901 Richard DAVENPORT.

Amelia Grace
married: 1903 Henry Alexander MILLER.

married: 1903 James GORDON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LEGGO lines.

JN 29250

LEGGO Maddron married Elizabeth ROWE 1869

Information & Research Journal.

Maddron LEGGO and Elizabeth Jane ROWE were married in Victoria in 1869.

Maddron died 1899 in Daylesford, Victoria, aged 58 years.
Parents named as Richard LEGGO and Amelia WEARNE.
Birth place given as Cornwall.

Elizabeth died 1926 in Daylesford aged 82 years.
Parents named as Ezekiel ROWE and Jane STOTTEN.
Birth place given as Cornwall.

Ten children located Victorian records for Maddron and Elizabeth.


Henry LEGGO.
Born: 1870 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: -


William LEGGO.
Born: 1871 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Geelong, Victoria, aged 58 years.


Annie LEGGO.
Born: 1872 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1873 Daylesford, aged 43 weeks.


Maddron LEGGO.
Born: 1874 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1962 Daylesford, aged 88 years.
Married: Elizabeth Jean BROWN.
Year: 1902.
Place: Victoria.


Annie Louisa LEGGO.
Born: 1876 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1941 Daylesford, aged 64 years.
Married: William John WILLIAMS.
Year: 1906.
Place: Victoria.


Frederick James LEGGO.
Born: 1877 daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1960 Essendon, Victoria, aged 82 years.
Married: Ellen Charlotte STUBBS.
Year: 1903.
Place: Victoria.


Edwin Ernest LEGGO.
Born: 1879 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Kew, Victoria, aged 76 years.


Reginald Charles LEGGO.
Born: 1881 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1882 Daylesford, aged 11 months.


John Herbert LEGGO.
Born: 1882 Daylesford, Vitoria.
Died: 1883 Daylesford, aged 44 weeks.


Eliza Maud Alice LEGGO.
Born: 1884 Daylesford, Victoria.
Died: 1964 Box Hill, Victoria, aged 80 years.
Married: Henry Josiah SHEPHERD.
Year: 1911.
Place: Victoria.


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.