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SMITH Richard marriages 1850-1880 Victoria Australia

Richard SMITH marriages 1850-1880 Victoria Australia.

Richard SMITH
married: Sarah OMEARA in 1850

Richard SMITH
married: Mary Cole COLE in 1852

Richard SMITH
married: Ann ELMS in 1853

Richard SMITH
married: Jane MCKENZIE in 1853

Richard SMITH
married: Bathia LAING in 1854

Richard SMITH
married: Mary Ann PULMAN in 1858

Richard SMITH
married: Sarah BUTT in 1858

Richard SMITH
married: Eliza PARKER in 1861

Richard Tamplin SMITH
married: Adelaide HIRT in 1862

Richard SMITH
married: Frances MURRY in 1866

Richard SMITH
married: Jane REYNOLDS in 1868

Richard Hocking SMITH
married: Nanny ROBERTS in 1869

Richard SMITH
married: Catherine CANTY in 1870

Richard Henry SMITH
married: Isabella CHRISTOSON in 1871

Augustus Richard SMITH
married: Emily Maria TAYLOR in 1872

Richard SMITH
married: Lucy GARNER in 1876

Richard Benjamin SMITH
married: Susan MULINS in 1877

Richard SMITH
married: Annie KIRBY in 1878

Henry Richard SMITH
married: Mary Louisa Grace HARRISON in 1880

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the the SMITH lines.

JN 23126

SMITH Robert marriages 1844-1870 Victoria Australia

Robert Smith marriages 1844-1870 Victoria Australia.

Robert SMITH
married: Margaret CRAIGMILE in 1844

Robert SMITH
married: Maria LILLY in 1844

Robert SMITH
married: Agnes BURKE in 1847

Robert SMITH
married: Catherine HONAN in 1850

Robert SMITH
married: Susannah NOBLETT in 1854

Robert SMITH
married: Sophia CARKEEK in 1854

Robert SMITH
married: Mary Ann BROWN in 1855

Robert SMITH
married: Honora WATERS in 1855

Robert Barr SMITH
married: Joanna Lang ELDER in 1856

Robert SMITH
married: Emma NOLEN in 1858

Robert Murray SMITH
married: Jane Carmichael STRACHAN in 1858

Robert SMITH
married: Charlotte DONALD in 1859

Robert Ogilvie SMITH
married: Elisabeth SCOTT in 1860

Robert SMITH
married: Charlotte TAIT in 1860

Robert SMITH
married: Helen NEILL in 1861

Robert SMITH
married: Margaret NICHOL in 1863

Robert SMITH
married: Mary Ann BAILEY in 1863

Robert Robertson SMITH
married: Maria SWAIN in 1863

Robert Henry SMITH
married: Sarah SMITH in 1863

John Robert SMITH
married: Ellen Caroline BIGNELL in 1863

Robert SMITH
married: Ann Elizabeth WILLIAMS in 1864

Robert SMITH
married: Elizabeth NORRIS in 1864

Robert Heathorn SMITH
married: Amelia DAVIS in 1866

Robert SMITH
married: Ann MARTIN in 1866

Robert Haden SMITH
married: Frances Emily CLAY in 1867

Robert SMITH
married: Eliza KNELL in 1868

Robert SMITH
married: Margaret SMITH in 1868

Robert Pollock SMITH
married: Margaret LOW in 1869

Robert George SMITH
married: Frances Emma PRESTON in 1869

Charles Robert SMITH
married: Laura Maria Wright COLLIER in 1869

Robert SMITH
married: Catherine Elizabeth BEGG in 1869

Robert Johnson SMITH
married: Cherry PENNEFATHER in 1869

Robert SMITH
married: Eliza PHILLIPS in 1869

Edward Robert SMITH
married: Mary Ann EDWARDS in 1870

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others looking for a marriage of Robert SMITH in this time frame.

JN 34122

SMITH Thomas married Harriett DUDLEY 1851

Information & Research Journal.

Thomas SMITH and Harriett DUDLEY were married in St Peter's Church in Melbourne in 1851. They decided to get married after having four children.

Death for Thomas not located.

Harriett died 1887 in Preston, Victoria, aged 65 years. Parents recorded as John DUDLEY and Sarah HURRALL.

Nine children located Victorian records for Thomas and Harriett.


Christopher SMITH.
Born: 1839 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Fanny SMITH.
Born: 1841 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Mary Ann SMITH.
Born: 1843 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Elizabeth SMITH.
Born: 1847 Melbourne, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1853 Collongwood, Victoria.
Died: -


Unnamed Male SMITH.
Born: 1855 Merri-Merri Creek, Victoria.
Died: -


Walter SMITH.
Born: 1858 Merri-Merri Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1860 Preston, Victoria, aged 19 months.


Harriett SMITH.
Born: 1860 Preston, Victoria.
Died: -


Arthur SMITH.
Born: 1862 Preston, Victoria.
Died: -


Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Corrections and further details to help complete this family record would be appreciated. Thank you.

There were 300 odd Thomas SMITHs married in Victoria between 1836 and 1900. Glad I'm not a Thomas SMITH researcher.

CROCKETT David married Emma MCLURE 1875

Information Journal.

Groom: David CROCKETT.
Birth place: Given as Ireland.

Bride: Emma Able White MCLURE.
Birth place: Not recorded.

Year married: 1875.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

David died 1882 in Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 38 years.
Parents named as James CROCKETT and Catherine PAUL.

Emma died 1928 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents named as Samuel MACLURE and Ann CUNNINGHAM.

Four children located Victorian records for David and Emma.


Born: 1876 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Ascot Vale, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Married 1: Johanna MURPHY.
Year: 1902.
Place: Victoria.

Married 2: Lizzy JENKIN.
Year: 1910.
Place: Victoria.


Elliot Foster Leslie CROCKETT.
Born: 1877 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1940 Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 62 years.


Edward Francis Ernest CROCKETT.
Born: 1879 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Violet Annie HOCKEY.
Year: 1908.
Place: Victoria.


Albert Casper CROCKETT.
Born: 1881 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: -

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 34091

CROCKETT Andrew married Catherine MCINTOSH 1851

Information Journal.

Groom: Andrew CROCKETT.
Bride: Catherine MCINTOSH.

Year married: 1851.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Possible death for Andrew is 1888 in Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.
Parents named as John CROCKETT and Nancy PAUL.

Catherine died 1898 in Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents named as Daniel MCINTOSH and Catherine MCGREGOR.

Catherine's mother was Margaret, and not Catherine.
See comments section below from

Six children located Victorian records for Andrew and Catherine.


Agnes Margaret CROCKETT.
Born: 1852 Mount Battery, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: Stephen HAWKER.
Year: 1875.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1857 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1893 Stanley, Victoria.
Age: 35 years.

Married: George MAXWELL.
Year: 1882.
Place: Victoria.


Elizabeth Jane CROCKETT.
Born: 1860 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1896 Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 37 years.

Married: Frederick BARKER.
Year: 1891.
Place: Victoria.


Mary Teresa CROCKETT.
Born: 1862 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1896 Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 34 years.


Beatrice Blanche CROCKETT.
Born: 1865 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1899 Bonnie Doon, Victoria.
Age: 33 years.

Married: John King COCHRANE.
Year: 1892.
Place: Victoria.


Catherine CROCKETT.
Born: 1870 Mansfield, Victoria.
Died: 1910 Mansfield, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.

Married: John WITHERS.
Year: 1890.
Place: Victoria.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

JN 34089

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CROCKETT marriages (males) 1850-1886 Victoria Australia

CROCKETT marriages (males) 1850-1886 Victoria Australia.

CROCKETT (males)

married: Catherine MCINTOSH 1851.

married: Mary Jane CORIGAN 1853.

married: Anne CLARKE 1853.

married: Mary Jane CROCKETT 1861.

married: Catherine TREACY 1866.

married: Anne WILLIAMSON 1869.

married: Janet Glen MCINDOE 1870.

married: Frances SIMMONS 1871.

married: Matilda TOLLAND 1871.

married: Mary Ann QUINN 1874.

Edward John
married: Mary Jane METCALF 1874.

married: Emma Able White MCLURE 1875.

John Alfred
married: Matilda BARTER 1876.

Maiben Cunningham Motherwell
married: Annie GRANT 1876.

John Percy
married: Pamela BRANSON 1878.

married: Laura BARTER 1881.

David Robert
married: Ellen DWYER 1881.

married: Janet PATON 1881.

Andrew Madden
married: Agnes MCPHAIL 1883.

married: Mary Ann BAILEY 1884.

married: Catherine Elizabeth CROCKETT 1885.

married: Christina GRANT 1886.

Thomas William
married: Elizabeth Rebecca Jane BAXTER 1886.

William George
married: Florence Maud HARRIS 1886.

married: Edith Ann BILSON 1886.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROCKETT lines.

JN 34087

KNEEBONE marriages (females) 1858-1900 Victoria Australia

KNEEBONE marriages (females) 1858-1900 Victoria Australia.

KNEEBONE (females)

married: 1858 William Benjamin HAINES.

married: 1862 William BROCKMAN.

Mary Gertrude
married: 1869 David REA.

married: 1876 Thomas Crose HOLMAN.

married: 1876 John BROWN.

married: 1881 William DAVEY.

married: 1883 Robert BASEDEN.

married: 1887 John Henry COPE.

Eliza Ann White
married: 1888 James Edward OLIVER.

married: 1888 Alfred TIPPET.

married: 1889 Owen CLARK.

Mary Gertrude
married: 1889 John KNOX.

Eliza Jane
married: 1890 Stephen HARVEY.

married: 1890 Richard MORRIS.

married: 1892 David Clifford REA.

married: 1894 Francis James Charles SEWELL.

married: 1894 John FISHER.

Rosina Maude
married: 1898 Franz Henry Lois WOLLMEM.

Louisa Maria
married: 1900 William WALLACE.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KNEEBONE lines.

JN 34083

KNEEBONE marriages 1868-1915 South Australia

KNEEBONE marriages 1868-1915 South Australia.

KNEEBONE (males)

Groom: Joseph KNEEBONE.
Age: 23 years.
Bride: Mary Ann Elizabeth BYWATERS.
Age: 19 years.
Date married: 05 March 1868.
Place: Kapunda, South Australia.

Groom: Thomas KNEEBONE.
Age: 22 years.
Bride: Eliza Jane MARTIN.
Age: 17 years.
Date married: 30 July 1868.
Place: Wallaroo Mine, South Australia.

Groom: Henry KNEEBONE.
Age: 21 years.
Bride: Elizabeth Ann TONKIN.
Age: 22 years.
Date married: 17 September 1873.
Place: Moonta, South Australia.

Groom: Thomas Robinson KNEEBONE.
Age: 41 years.
Bride: Elizabeth SPARKS.
Age: 30 years.
Date married: 16 September 1880.
Place: Bowden, South Australia.

Groom: John Henry Stephen KNEEBONE.
Age: 33 years.
Bride: Mary Matilda LEMESSURIER.
Age: 25 years.
Date married: 22 May 1889.
Place: Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Groom: Joseph Henry KNEEBONE.
Age: 27 years.
Bride: Mary HAMPSHIRE.
Age: 21 years.
Date married: 14 January 1905.
Place: Maitland, South Australia.

Groom: William Oreana KNEEBONE.
Age: 22 years.
Bride: Martha Elizabeth PAGE.
Age: 21 years.
Date married: 28 October 1905.
Place: Moonta, South Australia.

Groom: Richard Thomas KNEEBONE.
Age: 24 years.
Bride: Annie Jane HOCKING.
Age: 23 years.
Date married: 05 March 1913.
Place: Moonta, South Australia.

Groom: Henry KNEEBONE.
Age: 54 years.
Bride: Ellen Teresa JOHNSTONE nee GOULDING.
Age: 35 years.
Date married: 13 October 1913.
Place: Adelaide, South Australia.

KNEEBONE (females)

Bride: Elizabeth Jane KNEEBONE.
Age: 30 years.
Groom: Frederick HARRIS.
Age: 28 years.
Date married: 06 June 1896.
Place: Kadina, South Australia.

Bride: Minnie Ellen KNEEBONE.
Age: 27 years.
Groom: Robert LESLIE.
Age: 31 years.
Date married: 20 September 1900.
Place: East Adelaide, Aouth Australia.

Bride: Mary Ann KNEEBONE.
Age: 27 years.
Groom: Ernest DUNSTAN.
Age: 28 years.
Date married: 26 August 1905.
Place: Moonta, South Australia.

Compiled from the South Australian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KNEEBONE lines.

JN 34082

KNEEBONE marriages (males) 1856-1900 Victoria Australia

KNEEBONE marriages (males) 1856-1900 Victoria Australia.

KNEEBONE (males)

married: 1856 Ann JACKSON.

George Frederick
married: 1860 Ethalina Ellen MOORE.

married: 1860 Elizabeth NAYLEN.

George Frederick
married: 1865 Lavinia BROWN.

Edwin James
married: 1865 Johanna MCNAMARA.

William Hosking
married: 1866 Elizabeth TRAPLIN.

married: 1869 Bridget TANY.

married: 1873 Annie GIBSON.

married: 1873 Rosina Reckord SIMPSON.

John Alfred
married: 1876 Nanny Jane ROWE.

John Trengove
married: 1878 Elizabeth Fletcher CHITTOCK.

married: 1880 Elizabeth MILDREN.

married: 1881 Louisa EDWARDS.

married: 1888 Helen SMITH.

married: 1889 Theresa Maria GRIFFITHS.

married: 1890 Constance Browning MASON.

William Henry
married: 1890 Emily PROSSER.

married: 1892 Mary Ann FRENCH.

married: 1894 Sarah Jane RICHARDS.

married: 1896 Minnie DALTON.

John Edwin
married: 1896 Maria MCILROY.

married: 1898 Emmaline REA.

married: 1899 Arabella HAMILTON.

William Francis
married: 1899 Honora PAUL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KNEEBONE lines.

JN 34080

SMITH marriages (males) 1839-1846 Victoria Australia

SMITH marriages (males) 1839-1846 Victoria Australia.

SMITH (males)

John Thomas
married: 1839 Ellen PENDER.

married: 1839 Mary CARRICK.

married: 1840 Sophia WEBB.

married: 1840 Mary COOPER.

John Pridham
married: 1840 Eleanor FERGUSON.

married: 1841 Isabella MCPHERSON.

married: 1841 Ellen LANDERS.

married: 1841 Ellen GAYNOR.

married: 1841 Ann MILLS.

married: 1841 Christian STEWART.

married: 1841 Catherine REARDON.

married: 1842 Margaret BANCO.

married: 1842 Bridget SEXTON.

married: 1842 Fances MILLER.

married: 1842 Jane ARTHUR.

married: 1842 Eliza LITTLE.

married: 1843 Mary LARKIN.

married: 1843 Eliza CONDRICK.

married: 1843 Alice RYAN.

married: 1843 Elizabeth BAREFOOT.

married: 1844 Mary SULLIVAN.

married: 1844 Bridget BEGLY.

married: 1844 Margaret CRAIGMILE.

married: 1844 Maria LILLY.

married: 1844 Mary TARBOTTOM.

married: 1844 Mary HATTON.

married: 1846 Grace BOWDEN.

married: 1846 Ann WEAVER.

married: 1846 Jane GADDIP.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SMITH lines

JN 34077