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Poor image quality of scanned records--Can they be improved using Photoshop?

I recently purchased 2 CD-ROMS of 1890 Union Veterans' Census records--Bradford Co., PA, and Ontario Co., NY. I was very disappointed in the poor resolution of the pdf images; most of them are nearly illegible. Apparently I neglected to read the fine print before buying--oh, well. However, I am determined to salvage something from the discs, and I figure Photoshop could be used to improve the image quality, but I have NO IDEA how to do it. It seems so easy on all the cop shows, doesn't it??? If any of you have any experience with this, I'd appreciate the help.--treenut

Resources for genealogy of Dr. John STEWART in Scotland

I've traced my Stewart roots back to Dr. John Stewart (1667-1704), which is as far as I can reliably go. I believe he arrived in America around 1672, because records have him marrying Elizabeth ALBERTI or ALBERTUS (1669-1706)around 1690. I filled in the rest of my family tree according to information I gleaned from, but there are some major discrepancies in dates in some places, and major connections to Scottish royalty--which would be fantastic if true, but are currently viewed dubiously. Any books or documents that I could review would be very much appreciated.

Looking for help with Amish genealogy in Berks Co., PA

My great-great grandfather Percival SEAMAN (b.1849) married Emma BURKHOLDER (b.1852), who we believe to have come from an Amish family. At some point after 1880 (last appearance in census), Emma was said to have passed away, and her two children--Wallace (b.1876) and Mary Emily (b.1878)--sent to live with her Amish family. There is a picture of Wallace wearing clothing that my family said was Amish, but looks more "Dutch" than "Deutsch" to me. The strongest evidence of this is that Wallace was said to have spoken Pennsylvania German on his deathbed, which no one could understand. Also, I have been unable to find early census records for Emma Burkholder, who was born in Germany; I found out that the Amish don't participate in the U.S. census. As for cemetery records, I know the early Seamans attended St. Michael's in Berks county, but I can't find graves for Percival or Emma. I also checked in Ontario county, New York, because Wallace and his wife, Mary (POTTER), worked at the Ontario County Children's Home. Likewise with Wallace and Mary--no cemetery records. Any help you could provide would be vastly appreciated!

Researching the STEWARTS of North Carolina & Tennessee, as well as the FITZWATERS, SEAMANS, and BURKHOLDERS/BURKHALTERS of Pennsylvania and New York

Newbie here--Fortunately I have some published information about several branches of my family, but there's always something juicy left out. My great-grandfather, Wallace SEAMAN (b.1876) and his sisters Mary Emily and Ella supposedly lived with Amish members of their mother's family after her death (The Seamans were Lutherans.) I've only got a birthdate for Emma BURKHOLDER (Wallace's mother-b.1852), and am trying to figure out how to get Amish genealogical information. Looks like I've got quite a journey ahead of me!--treenut