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JENNINGS - England

JENNINGS My Jennings line begins with Joseph Jennings, who was actually Joseph Henry White!
Joseph was born in 1858 in London and was a wire worker, as a family listed as JENNINGS were living at 10 Goldsmith Buildings, Haggerston, London in 1901.
Joseph appears to have had two wives. The first being Harriett Martin, and the second Annie unknown, possible this is where the Jennings came from.
Joseph and Harriett had 8 children (that I can find): Elizabeth Harriett, Joseph F. S., Albert E. M., Arthur E., Annie E. A., Jessie H., Alice J. & George H. These childrens births were registered as White, but the family name changed between 1891 and 1901.
My line decends from Albert Edwin Martin Jennings, born 21 March 1884, Hertfordshire. I would like to find out what happened to the rest of these children, but also to find out more about Joseph and his wives.

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MACEY - From Southampton, Hampshire, England

MACEY My Macey line cam from Southampton. Isaac Macey was born in 1852, and his fathers name was Charles. I know nothing else about Charles or Isaacs mothers name, but would like to find out.
Isaac married Rebecca Randell-Major on June 6th, 1875. They had 10 children to my knowledge all born in Southampton. The youngest son was Albert Richard Macey, who was my great grandfather. He came to Australia with his wife Florence Minnie Holloway in 1925, but I believe all of Alberts brothers and sister remained in England.
I would like to trace their family lines too, they were: Charles William Macey (b:1877), Mary Georgina Macey (b:1878), Frederick George Macey (b:1880), Annie L. Macey (b:1882), Margaret Jane Macey (b:1885), Isaac H. Macey (b:1887), George Macey (b:1889), James Ellis Macey (b:1890), John Macey (b:1893), Albert Richard Macey (1895 1976). I do know that Mary married a Frederick J. Flood.

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Meaning of the surname CHRISP

CHRISP - The English surname Chrisp is of nickname origin, deriving from a personal characteristic of one particular individual, thus affording him a suitable means on identity in his local community. In this instance we have a variant form of the name Crisp, from the Old English Crisp, or Cryps, and in the Latin Crispus, meaning curly haired, or curled.

RANDELL & RANDELL-MAJOR - from Southampton, England

RANDELL OR RANDELL-MAJOR I believe this was a hyphenated surname, but often the second half was left off.
My line begins with George Randell, who married Mary, I have no birth or death dates for this couple at all. They had five children between them, but I believe George died whilst the children were still young. The children were: Jane Randell (b:1848), Rebecca Randell (b:1853), Thomas Randell (b:1855), Ellis Randell (b:1858), Georgina Randell (b:1864). Rebecca is my ancestor, but I would like to determine what happened to her brothers and sisters, as well finding out more about her parents/grandparents.


My Reams line starts with John Reams.
He was born in 1817, in Boston Lincolnshire. His wife was Betsey Ann Burman (Borman). John has at least 10 children, George born in 1853 was thew eldest. Lavinia born in 1854, then John born in 1856, Elizabeth Ann born in 1859, Martha born in 1860, William born in 1861, Walter Allen born in 1864, Sarah Ann born in 1867, Fred born in 1870/71 and Harry (Henry) born in 1872.
My line in from Walter Allen Reams, who married Alice Parr-Chapple. They only had three children, on of whom died as a baby. Florence Mary Reams was born in 1885 and Alfred Reams was born in 1888.
Alfred went on to marry Annie Elizabeth Shaw, and they had 6 children.
If you are desecnded from any of these people, I would love to hear form you. We do know a little about some of Walter's brothers and sisters, but I would love to find out more.

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REAMS Local of Rheims the surname has crossed over from Norfolk to Lincoln. The spelling is much corrupted.
Hugo de Reymes co of Norf. 1773. A. Victor de Reymes, 34 Hen 111 FF viii 143.
William de Reymes co. Suff. Edw. I. R.
1653 married William Reymes and Dorothy Fowle : St David Backchurch, MDB co. Linc.

From the English and Welsh Surname Dictionary as shown at Ancestry.com.


REAMS ASSOCIATED INFORMATION FROM www.familyhistoryonline.net

Elizabeth Reams died 1592, buried Rotherham
Esther Reams married 1761, Somerset
Sarah Reams died 1812, buried Lincolnshire
Arthur Reams died 1821, buried Lincolnshire
Maria Reams died 1823, buried Lincolnshire
Harriot Reams died 1824, buried Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Reams died 1828, buried Lincolnshire
Ellen Reams died 1832, buried City of York
Stephen Reams died 1835, buried Gloucestershire
William Reams died 1836, buried City of York
Peter Reams died 1839, buried Lincolnshire
Ann Reams died 1849, buried Lincolnshire
Martha Reams died 1854, buried Lincolnshire
Francis Reams died 1873, buried Lincolnshire
George William Reams 1876, buried Lincolnshire
Edith Reams died 1878, buried Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Ann Reams died 1880, buried Lincolnshire
John Reams died 1881, buried Lincolnshire
Ann Hillyard Reams died 1888, buried Huntingdonshire
William Reams died 1899, buried Lincolnshire
Fred Allen Reams died 1900, buried Lincolnshire
Walter Reams died 1900, buried Lincolnshire
Constance Mabel Sharpe died 1905, buried Lincolnshire
Frank Leslie Reams died 1908, buried Lincolnshire
George Reams died 1934, buried Lincolnshire



Horace William Reams M: 1941 Rose Eliza Jennings
Born: 1921 UK UK Born: 1923 UK
Died: 2002, Victoria
Children: 1. Barry Reams
2. David Reams
3. Linda Reams
4. Anthony Reams
5. Dawn Reams

Thomas Reams M: 1867 Elizabeth Fullington (Nee McGifford)
Born: 1834, Virginia, USA Born: 1834, Belfast, Ireland
Mother: Peggy Parents:
Immigrated to Victoria on Ship: Neckar March 1859 Had 4 children to first husband
Occupation: Miner, owner of Kaffir mine. Died: 1896, Kew Asylum, Alcoholism
Was married in America before coming to Australia. Left wife and 8 children behind. Wife died in 1867.
Died: 1889, Foster VIC Died:
Children: 1. James Reams 1871
2. Albert Reams 1873
Albert Reams M: Elizabeth Robert Hall
Born: 1873, Foster VIC Born:
Raised by his grand mother Margaret Hall Williamson. Parents: Margaret Hall Williamson
Children: 1. Elizabeth Reams (married Mr Ferguson) 1901
2. William Reams 1903
3. Herbert Williamson Reams 1905 - 1988
Herbert Williamson Reams M: 1928, Vic. Mavis Charlotte Salter
Born: 15 March 1905, Boulder City WA. Born: 1907
Died: 1983, Ballarat Died: 1984, Ballarat
Army Service No: VX41046 Parents: John Sev Salter & Agnes Rebecca
Children: 1. Ronald Herbert Reams
2. Lois Reams (married Mr McKay)
3. Janice Claire Reams
4. Barry John Reams
Janice Claire Reams M: Thomas John Grills
Children: 1. Allanah Joy Grills born 1964 died 1964, Park
Barry John Reams M: Noelene Judith
Children: 1. Nicole Simone Reams
2. Mary Anthony Reams

William Reams
Born: 1810
Died: 1842, Melbourne
Religion: Church of England

Henry M. Reams M: 1917 Mary Creasy
Born: Rockdale Born:
Died: Died: 1941, Goulburn
Parents: Jack Creasy
Children: 1. Reginald Reams died: 1922 Sydney

Urma Frances Reams
Born: 1927
Died: 1993, Camden Nursing Home, NSW

James Reams M: Martha
Occupation: Miner Occupation: Home Duties
Address: In 1903 Iron Duke Lease, Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie.


John William Ream
Born: 1871
Died: 1935, Kew

Mary Ream M: John Robinson
Children: 1. John William Robinson born 1885 died 1957, Tongalla
2. Arthur Ream Robinson born 1891 died 1974, Heidelberg


William Henry Ream M: 15 Dec 1885 Fanny Louisa White
Born: 1861 Launceston Born: 1860


RICKETTS This Ricketts family begins so far with Thomas & Sarah who had a son Richard, born in 1838 in Worcestor, England. I would like to find out more about Richards parents if possible and any siblings he had. I would also like to know anything I can about Richards children.
Richard married Elizabeth Ann Ivell, who was born in 1842 in Middlesex, London. Richard & Elizabeth had nine children who were mostly born in the Birmingham area. The children were: Benjamin Ricketts (b: 1864), Mary Ricketts (b: 1867), Richard W. H. Ricketts (b: 1871), Lillian I. Ricketts (b: 1872), Herbert J. Ricketts (b: 1876), Charles Ricketts (b: 1878), Gertrude P. Ricketts (b: 1880), Kate A. Ricketts (b: 1881) & Annie Ricketts (b: 1883).


SHARP The Sharp family I am researching originates so far from Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England. The line begins with Thomas Sharp who was born in 1836. I believe his fathers name was also Thomas, but know nothing more.
Thomas married Rachel Ann Brown in 1870 at Lofthouse, Northumberland. They had eight children before Rachel died in 1886. Thomas then remarried to Elizabeth Ann Harris and they had another two sons.
Thomass children were: Charles E. Sharp (b: 1865), Ann Elizabeth Sharp (b: 1866), Edward Thomas Sharp (b: 1872), Frances J. Sharp (b: 1874), Florence M. Sharp (b: 1876 twin), John Sharp (b: 1876-twin), Clara M. L. Sharp (b: 1877), William R. Sharp (b: 1887) & Frederick Thomas Sharp (b: 1889).
I would like to find out what happened to all of these children, and identify who Thomas parents were.
Edward Thomas Sharp married Kathleen Rose Gibbons, and they moved to Australia with their children.