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Dally from Corwell and Sumerset

Looking for Dally's of Cornwell and Sumerset England. Mainly from Mevagissey in Cornwell and then Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

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Taylor of Ayrshire Scotland

I am looking for the Taylor's of Ayrshire Scotland, there lived mainly in Saltcoats. The other places where they lived are Glasgow,Saddell and Skipness, Leith, Aberdeen,Breconshire Wales,Cheshire England, Ballart West Victoria Australia,London England,South Africa,Forest Gate London England.

My Family trees, Taylor, van Wyk, Dickason, Dally, van Niekerk, Neethling, Pienaar

I am hoping to find others that are searching the same people as I am. It all started for me with the van Wyk's of South Africa and then branched off to the Taylor's which led me to Scotland. To Ayrshire and Saltcoats were most of my Taylor's came from. I learned that a lot of the Taylor's were seamen in the Merchant Navy and sailed all over the world. Visiting Australia, America, Canada and closer to home Ireland.
As I got deeper involved with the past I started to follow my great grand parents line namely the van Niekerk's and Neethling. Most of them of cause are in South Africa but were did they originate? The Neethlings I found in France which also went under the name of Northling. The van Niekerk's form Netherlands and the van Wyk's also spelt van Wijk or van Wijck from the Netherlands.
Now my great grandparents on the other side were Dickason's and Rogers my great grandmother Dickason ancestors came to South Africa it looks like Ireland well at least that's were the party they had joined came from. They were members of the 1820 British Settlers that came to the Cape Colony. My great grandmother met her husband in the Cape Colony or South Africa, and thats how the Rogers got onto my tree.

Now the more indirect lines, the Dally's, this tree started because of my cousin who saw what I was doing and he wanted to know about his ancestors, so I ended up researching them. My search took me to England and to Cornwell were the first Dally's of my cousin ancestry starts. But the information was and is very limited. I also found someone else researching the same Dally line, she too had difficulty in get much info about the first Cornwell Dally's. With her help I was able to find the line following one Dally man all the way to Sumerset England and it is from him that the Dally's in South Africa came from.

The other indirect line is the Pienaar's which is my cousins wife's line. At first I did not really want to do it since I had so much to do already. But I ended up going ahead, at first I could not connect her family to any of the Pienaar's so I left it for awhile. I need a clue and I finial got one! like the van Wyk's, van Niekerk's, the Pienaar,s are a very large family in South Africa and to find the right ancestor is not easy. As the Pienaar tree grew I found a connection to my van Wyk's and found out that my cousins wife is my cousin a few times removed.