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Tracing vague Salter family history from Mississipi to NY to Detroit

Fortunately, I had three great-granparents who lived long, and healty lives until I was in my mid-twenties. From them, I was able to obtain- however sketchy in the somtimes dusty memories of the very old- a satisfying account of my ancestors to a time which predates the French Revolution. However, my Mother's side of the family does not have a history in the US prior to 1954.

The family that gave my my namesake "William A Salter," is almost entirely a mystery to me. I am told they came from Mississippi- Hattiesburg, and Meridian perhaps. I know a portion moved to Manhattan, where my Grandfather William August Salter was born (1920's). He married Catherine Souci after World War II in Detroit, MI. Oh, and we had an Aunt Bea in Mississippi, who is no longer with us, and whom I never met.
Other than that I know nothing. I came across the name often in my travels to England, and the southern United States- street names, hotels, company, but very little people with the last name.

Anyhelp is appreciated.

William Andrew Salter