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My Great, Great Grandfather

My great, great Grandfather, George Stephen League, is very important to me. All I know is that I have the photocopy of the marriage license. He married Mary Catherine Etherton,in Green County, Kentucky, in 1835. On a couple of census records the birthplace is listed as Virginia, born in 1806 or 1810. That we have red hair in our family, and that there is a chance that we originate from Ireland and Scotland. There is a story that George Stephen League was an orphan at some point in time; that his father was Thomas League from California.
Because I have always known the Leagues more than other line of the family, information about George Stephen League is very important to me. I wouldn't mind knowing as much as possible about the Ethertons also, but especially George Stephen League. I know that George Stephen League was a Methodist minister and I would love to hear anything about the church he preached at also. He and his family and in-laws; William Etherton and wife moved to Illinois in 1850. I love photocopies of legitimate records, newspaper articles, books, photographs of the gravestones of my ancestors. Any information would truly be appreciated, but I hope that there are records to back up the information. Still stories can lead to clues. I know George Stephen League was buried in Red Oaks, Iowa.

The George Stephen League Family History

Hi, My name is Donna C. Matthews and I am researching the George Stephen League family tree. We have a very proud family history. My grandfather~Floyd Forrest League was a lay minister in Nebraska,and married Nellie Ovenden. I visited every summer as a child, and he had a big bust of Abraham Lincoln about his staircase on a shelve. Every summer he had a great big vegetable garden and we always ate garden vegetables when we visited. He was the most kind man I have ever met. My great grandfather Reuben Mixem League fought on the Union side of the Civil war along with every single one of his brothers. He was a farmer and converted to the United Brethren Church and married Celestia Maria Emmaretta Austin whose father was a minister, evangelist of the United Brethren church, an abolitionist and who started The United Brethren Church in Nebraska.
My Great, great Grandfather George Stephen League was a Methodist minister, abolitionist and the father of 13 children. He also was a farmer. He was born in Virginia either in 1806 or 1810, one or the other, but I have not located a county or a city, village or hamlet. He died in Red Oak, Iowa, but the 1850's he lived in Illinois. He married Catherine Etherton in 1835 in Green County, Kentucky. Any information on where George Stephen League was born will be greatly appreciated. The picture below is of Reuben League. George Stephen Leagues father is Thomas League who was born in California in 1780 and at some point in time, moved to Virginia where George Stephen League was born. Thomas League must have died while George Stephen League was still a child because the story is that George Stephen League was an orphan.